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migrated to eastern cuba every now and again but basically to drive pictures on the walls to places like mexico and el salvador with the breeze becoming a little lighter than the wednesday. the us leads a joint western drive to impose sanctions on china for human rights abuses prompting fury from beijing. hello there i am how i'm here dean and this is al jazeera mine from doha also coming out. the rebels in yemen dismissed the cease fire plan by saudi arabia aimed at ending the 6 year war. this trail is hit by some of the worst flooding in
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decades mass evacuations are ordered across the state of new south wales. crisis on the border lake falso show the crowded conditions in a u.s. government shelter holding child migrants in texas. the united states the european union and several other countries have launched a coordinated set of sanctions over human rights abuses in china they're targeting for chinese officials for their role in the abuse of weaker muslims it's the 1st time the e.u. and the united kingdom have targeted beijing for human rights abuses u.s. secretary of state anthony byrne can accuse china of genocide and called on beijing to end the rip. pression of the weaker is china's already announced retaliatory
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sanctions against 10 european individuals including politicians for severely harming its sovereignty and spreading lies and disinformation astraea and new zealand are the latest countries to add their support for the sanctions stating there is clear evidence of such severe human rights violations the e.u.'s foreign policy chief also said they wanted china to engage in dialogue not to continue being confrontational rather than changes policies and address our legitimate concern and china is against a blind eye and these measures are read to will and acts unacceptable there will be no change in the european union determination to defend human rights and to respond to serious for you later than abuses as he said irrespective of
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where they are committed well let's go live now to beijing where katrina you is standing by could see to just how is china reacting to this wave of coordinated sanctions which have been endorsed in the last hour or so by a stray or answer new zealand's. well there furious we saw a statement issued very quickly after these you sanctions were put in place condemning these actions from china they say that they're based on incorrect information that they interfering in china's internal affairs and they also say that it reflects a double standard when it comes to human rights in europe itself and china quickly acted by imposing its own reciprocal sanctions on a number of individuals in the e.u. parliament as well as a number of a democracy and human rights research organizations and think tanks as well now this will have huge ramifications for the relationship between china and the e.u.
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china overtook the u.s. as it use largest trading partner last year and it is also being in the middle of finalizing a comprehensive investment trade agreement one that was hard won and discussed over many years it's yet to be ratified by the e.u. and that was the next step ahead so it really does through that into question and this is the 1st time we've seen this kind of sanction from the e.u. on china since 989 in those sanctions were imposed as a result of the chenin crackdown that happened in beijing now beijing says it reserves the right to to take further action if the e.u. does not stand down on their so we're yet to see what measures that might take it could mean an impact on trade or something along those lines and obviously we've also had that more recent charming in the end approval from new zealand and australia australia itself as a ready been the target of what some has some of called economic coercion from
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china taking a few actions condemning china for its handling of the current $1000.00 response for example so we're certainly looking ahead to see whether china responds to those other countries which have also approved and say that they may take their own actions as well some the 2 these sanctions going forward ok you could really use their brain as the losers from beijing katrina frank you. well let's get reaction from the united states. is in washington d.c. in the past 4 years under former president donald trump as we all know he took a much more unilateral stance when it came to anything related to china he often shunned traditional e.u. or european allies well that is now all apparently changing under president joe biden this clearly was a coordinated effort in some way shape or form because it was the e.u. the made the announcement earlier on monday about these are sanctions against these
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4 chinese officials both travel bans and freezing on assets and then it was later on monday that the u.s. britain and canada came out among others with a coordinated now it's been as well about more sanctions so this is basically a message from the west if you will to beijing that when it comes to human rights now that it will be more of a coordinated effort and more of a multilateral effort a change from what they've seen the past 4 years. the european union has also announced sanctions on 11 military officials in myanmar including the leader over the military giunta it's in response to the coup 7 weeks ago when the crackdown on the mass process that have been taking place there ever since let's watch a butler has more. hundreds of people protested in the coastal city of die away in
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myanmar as demonstrations continued in parts of the country against the fabric and the joint is increasingly brutal crackdown the demonstrations came as the e.u. foreign ministers in brussels announced sanctions on 11 military officials in myanmar linked to the coup and ongoing violence in the country among them gentle leader men. all direct financial. support from our development system through the government reform programs is great held some rights campaigners said the impact of the sanctions would be limited it cannot make a difference for simple reasons that the you know 11 or so generals and individuals that have been to single out for a targeted sanctions they keep their assets in places like china or singable banks in you know in southeast asia and you know so therefore if we really want to have any impact on the military and its behavior the
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e.u. should seriously look at you know the recognize the military attash age across as european union countries. the sanctions against the military officials in myanmar clearly won't be enough to end the violence but after weeks of only condemning the coup and calling for democracy the ease decision to finally act since a powerful message especially popular al-jazeera paris. so do you arabia is proposing a nationwide cease fire in yemen 6 years after its military intervention began the plan would include a resumption of political talks to end the war which has resulted in the world's worst humanitarian crisis sean the ballasts reports. and i limit here from riyadh and saudi arabia's political and military elite came a proposal they want to end the war in yemen and they had some carrots for the who thinks we will do all we can to put the necessary pressure on the fees to accept
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and to come to the negotiating table and to lay down arms because we believe that a stop to the fighting and a focus on a political solution is the only way forward. this is her day to pause held by the who theses but under blockade by the saudi coalition meaning most fuel and food imports are not getting through. this is santa international airport how by the who thinks but has not seen regular commercial flights since 2015 the saudi government is proposing to ease the blockade on her data port and allow some flights to resume at sana airport add to that new political negotiations and a nationwide un supervised cease fire. the romberg who thesis quickly rejected the proposal stating the opening of ports and airports is a humanitarian right and not a bargaining chip and. what is demanded is 1st to lift the blockade and allow the
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entry of oil derivatives and that is when we will begin to talk about a cease fire we are ready for that we have offered several initiatives to stop the war aggression and sending drones or ballistic missiles to saudi arabia these are demands. u.s. president joe biden has rescinded support for saadi arabia in yemen and reversed a decision to label the who thinks as terrorists he pointed to the leader king as a special envoy to yemen who renewed. talks with stakeholders the u.s. proposed a ceasefire last week which they heard these rejected saying riyadh must 1st lift it see any a blockade of american will to end the conflict is high and yet it seems the prospect of peace may be fueling the war we have seen in c.d.'s the illusions on the who decide are also going to be us so if those us that it seems not bought walkers are weird i've been coming here might be coming to an end. they are trying
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to. have the upper hand on the ground in order to have negotiations but. no 6 years into the war neither side wants to lose and yet as they fight to win yemenis are dying every day succumbing to war to disease to famine shelob ellice al-jazeera and the us several people have been killed at a shooting in a colorado supermarkets police in boulder say a suspect is now in custody but has been injured a police officer was also killed in the attack at the king soopers grocery store witnesses say they heard multiple gunshots at the shop around 3 pm local time. we were. ergo it was. part of the car when i you prefer it would. look like.
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we were listening in there. and then there was the break like. running. germany is sent c. answer a 5 day long sign over easter in a bid to curb a rising number of corona virus infections there are concerns that hospitals will be overstretched and less restrictions are brought back in on the essential shops will be allowed to open and there will be strict limits on gatherings the locks are and will be in place from april 1st. so ahead so on al jazeera devastation that's a rink a refugee camp in bangladesh several are killed thousands of homes destroyed by the far and hundreds of thousands of people have fled farmers in mozambique where there are fears some could become radicalized by isong.
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it's time for the perfect jenny the weather sponsored point qatar airways the spring blossom the cherry blossom in china has been out not disturbed by the breeze the most part and enjoyed i think you've been a bit blown around recently home should talk out over the sun's back with you in the temperatures slowly rising 16 to 20 in tokyo for example not far off not in beijing air quality in beijing which have been improved by a bit of a frontal system going through a couple days ago is deteriorating once more unfortunately largely dry picture throughout china that rain just curving out of the southeast might affect taiwan and there's a bit more building further west but not much really in the immediate forecast there is for vietnam the breeze still coming in from the north east is picking up
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or creating showers which hit vietnam fairly regularly fairly frequently every day so those troops the philippines the biggest ones such as tom stimulation into these are more malaysia and indonesia i think with the son of course now further north and still we have a significant westley disturbance yet another one running out of afghanistan into the north of pakistan the hindu kush the far north of india the rest of india is looking fine and dry there are a few showers in sri lanka the forecast for new delhi is pleasing if you want better equality because the wind picks up off the thunderstorms on thursday. sponsored power qatar airways. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after so off i don't remember the children's
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names but i'll never forget the cards counted as dark secret on al-jazeera. my. this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories this hour the u.s. and the e.u. and several other countries of impose coordinated sanctions on chinese officials for human rights abuses against the weaker minority china immediately hit back with sanctions on 10 europeans and that in over to sions the european union has also announced sanctions on 11 military officials in myanmar including the leader of the military jointer it's in response to the coup 7 weeks ago in
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a violent crackdown on the mass protests. and saudi arabia has offered up a plan for peace in yemen which has been devastated by 6 years of war the initiative included salacious white cease fire and the resumption of talks to end fighting with iraq will say the plan doesn't go far enough. more than $15000.00 migrant children are in u.s. custody a 3rd of them are being held under jail like conditions border patrol facilities they fled violence and poverty in central america and travelled to the u.s. without parents or guardians to seek asylum the surge at the u.s. southern border is on track to shatter previous records of arise ills i do joe castro has more on the by the administration's response. the u.s. government claims these are not detention centers but photos taken from inside u.s. border patrol facilities have stirred and out right thousands of teenagers and
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younger children crowded into pens and sleeping on floors held in these conditions for more than 5 days in violation of a court order requiring they be moved to more child friendly shelters within 72 hours but was at the national center so i guess they are. guarded by. officers the u.s. homeland security secretary and a contingent of senators toured a border patrol facility holding children friday media were barred from entering officials said due to covert concerns but we are safely processing the children who do come to our border we strongly urging the message is clear not to do so now under the trump administration thousands of migrant children who arrived at the u.s. border had been expelled to mexico without seeing an immigration judge president
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joe biden ended the practice calling it inhumane good night america but now immigration officials report more than 9000 unaccompanied children entering the u.s. in february and since then it's been an average of 500 more a day children presenting at our border who are fleeing violence or fleeing prosecution who are fleeing terrible situations is not a crisis. in an effort to expedite moving the miners to better conditions the biden administration has deployed fema the government agency that handles disasters to turn the dallas convention center into an emergency shelter for 2000 children 3 other temporary shelters are in operation or being planned they. their migrant children wait and nother 30 some days but with access to school and recreation until the government places them with a u.s.
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sponsor a process of waiting for oscar should be shortened you know more resources are going off along the way they should be put in place in care or non-profits and faith based organizations and i'm by no means whatever they have come up before this to the white house says it's sending messages to central american countries for their youth not to come that includes $17000.00 ads on the radio social media and television it's unclear how many children are listening in their home countries what's obvious is that their numbers at the u.s. border continue to grow hi joe castro al jazeera washington well let's get more now from ariel ruiz see joins us from sacramento california and is a policy analyst at the migration policy institute it's great to have you with us on the program we heard in that report by the administration is urging people on social media on the radio nots to come to america but given what these people are
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fleeing realistically are the american governments expecting this tactic to work. well thank you for having me the question about messaging has become more and more important in the last few weeks as we we haven't seen the numbers of children increase on the short term i think what the government is the u.s. government is trying to do is to make sure that the least amount of people come i think we're going to really stick to trying to get everybody to stop coming but what they're trying to set the measures messaging so the less of them will come of course as you suggested the conditions on the ground are so difficult for some families and specifically for some children that they really don't have another choice we've also been seeing the mexican government and other governments in the region trying to amplify that messaging but again there are struggling to be in conflict with other narratives and messaging from smugglers and others who are saying that this is a time to continue out of state and which is say that the bike and ministration it
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seems it's seen as a soft touch when it comes to immigration i mean do people in latin america think it will be easier to get to the u.s. now that the democrats are in power it's relative to the previous administration i think relative to the tribal ministration divina misfortune has been seen in an american special in central america as a possibility of hope for many people to come back to united states for them to be able to seek their asylum claims as opposed to the tribal ministrations a relatively speaking certainly it has to be or to some more humanitarian approach to immigration one that was encouraging protection of patients but we are seeing today one that was not ready to act to provide that protection as we've seen so far and we'll see what happens the next several months and several days. and just finally would you be able to put these numbers sense of perspective for us i mean 500 children turning up on the border a day it sounds like rather a lot is there space in the united states to take in this many people.
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well so let me let me break that question into 2 parts certainly 500 kids per day he said alarming number that we've seen at the borders specially when you consider that many of them are coming by themselves we definitely should be an alarming consequence for all of us in the united states but in terms of capacity i think here is where the the biggest issue lies the u.s. government at this point as you mentioned in your report mentioned doesn't have the system some place and infrastructure to allow an expedient transfer from the children after they're presented by border patrol officers to other haven't used a human health and human heavens or health and services and so what you're seen as far as today for example are new efforts by the government or the by an administration to provide more quickly a connection between those children to have a family member or parent in the united states that sort of that's how you sort of became begin to reduce the numbers in terms of the total flow that we are seeing but that we're beginning to see we're still at numbers that are below 2000 and pain
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as a whole but again the alarming trend here is that even though the numbers are still lower the numbers are increasing among children and they tend to be more more more and more learnable in the united states and it makes the question say ok i'm afraid i have to leave it there but ruiz great to get your thoughts thank you so much for joining us from california thank you. at least 5 people are feared to have died in a major fire and refugee camp in bangladesh the blaze at the camp and coaxes bazaar has destroyed hundreds of tents and left faces of people without shelter health sensors and other facilities have also been destroyed their charges and says the fire is under control but thousands of refugees now have nowhere to go . there is no government bill shelter par say with this record you can stay overnight the probably have to use the triple r.c. camp which is the camp office or they have to use probably some of the family
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places now lot of the danger comes from the cooking cylinder they use that which is called l.p.g. gas cylinder because each family gets one cylinder for cooking this is why cutting odes in the nearby forest have wide and varmint of destruction this is all supposing danger because many of times this fire started from this gas cylinder that highly combustible and also this flimsy hearts are made out of pain and bambos and toppling which is a clear danger to save the children say that at least in a statement just brought out today that at least 80000 people could be adversely affected by this fire in the area where they live in cali a lot of the children's learning center are damaged many of the googles that are temporary schools rather gary and the children are traumatized by this incident here how do you tackle this sort of situation in coming days the government has also shifted about 13000 refugees to an island remote island called passion charge
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they want to take about 100000 clearly to decongest the camp for security reasons as well as the condition region but safety concerning one of the lot of the largest camp in the wall and densely populated is a major issue hundreds of people have been rescued in science since. severe flooding. the streets the sense of new south wales is battling the worst floods in . some places declared natural disaster areas let's get more now from nickel a gate she joins us from pitt site of sydney nicholas just explain says what the situations like queer you are. yeah the scale of this sun folding disaster is quite extraordinary really entire regions underwater including horns and businesses and heavy rain continues to full
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across areas that simply can't take in any more water where i am the local town ship has been completely cut off by these flood waters there's debris and trucks and cars surrounding the town and some people are stuck in the town stranded on the able to leave so all 30 say that in many areas it is still a dangerous situation where you also have evacuations still continuing by rescue boats and helicopter the military have also been called in to help we are expecting rain conditions to ease in the coming days or 13th there is still chances that these waters could continue to rise after that because of water flows that are coming in from different areas so this really is a changing situation it's been challenging and very traumatic for many people who have lost businesses their homes are inundated but all thora he said telling people
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that they need to be heeding instruction making sure they stay out of these dangerous flood waters and evacuate when they're told to do so ok nicola gage bringing us the latest from a flood hits new south wales nicholas thank you. the people displaced by armed groups affiliated with eisel in mozambique could become radicalized if the international community and the governments don't intervene soon that's the warning from the un's refugee agency which has been missing some of the worst affected communities how much us are reports. the numbers keep going up in northern mozambique according to the un's refugee agency nearly 700000 people have been forced to flee their homes and more than 2000 have been killed we're lucky learner's village in the standard came under attack one night he fled with his wife children and grandchildren. they left because of the war that affected us it was
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a month so we fled into the bush we stayed for days in the bush looking for a way out and running away from the conflict mozambique's government says fighters affiliated to eisele operating in parts of kabul delgado the militant group stage is 1st attack in 2017 since then the attacks have been bigger in scale and frequency taking on the army and the times seizing entire towns humanitarian workers reports beheadings rape abductions and other human rights abuses i spoke to a grandmother. who's daughter was killed during the conflict and the father of the child was beheaded and the grandmother is now caring for that child another woman i met is caring for a stranger's child who is now orphaned so this is common in this community now where the women are caring for each other's children where the parents have been
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lost. the government has started moving people to resettlement sites where it's believed to be safer but conditions there are basic and more funding and planning is needed to cover food medicines and other necessities the call of a 1000 pandemic has made an already die economic and humanitarian crisis worse a lot of resources are needed we do not expect looking at this situation i would not expect the amount of people the number of people being displaced through the flood to stop unfortunately for the time being and therefore more assistance is needed the u.n. is warning poverty frustration and unemployment in this gas rich region is making it easy for armed groups to recruit the united states says its special forces will help train soldiers in mozambique to fight the insurgents portugal the country's former colonial power has also committed to changing the military for now people
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waiting for help to arrive say they feel abandoned by the country and the international community how to al-jazeera and finally a british missions or show home space junk can be removed from the our soldiers has blasted into the cosmos on board a russian rocket the soyuz rockets congo includes a satellites that captures sturbridge and another which will act as a dummy piece of junk if the experiments are successful and its hopes it could become a commercial salvage venture. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the us the e.u. and several other countries have imposed coordinated sanctions on chinese officials for human rights abuses against the weaker minority china i mean.


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