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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations Spy Merchants  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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much higher than advertised researches say the huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of coronavirus it appears want it than anyone ready. here you top stories on al-jazeera is being seen as a referendum on israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu this all heading to the polls for the 4th time in 2 years to decide who they want to lead the country the question now is whether netanyahu will be able to secure a majority in parliament to all be at the mercy of a coalition that could lead to more political instability and sasha going to aim has more from outside a polling station in west jerusalem prime minister netanyahu is expected to
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garner the most votes even though more than half of israelis recently polled say they want him out one of the things we're hearing from voters is that they recognize that netanyahu is a masterful politician but for those who do not want him to remain they say he's been in office too long this is his 2nd term this one has began in 2009 and they're concerned about the 3 corruption trials he faces one of them has been postponed or is will resume next month voter participation in the last election was 71 percent veteran pollsters predict it will be much lower so for now voters go to the polls and wait to see if what happens today will help this country move past this unprecedented political limbo. myanmar's military has accused the country's ousted leader accepting bribes while in office an army spokesman made the allegations
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against one son suchi during a televised media briefing she was detained after being deposed in a military coup last month florence is following developments from kuala lumpur the spokesman one of the 1st and few talked about was that the military expressed regret and they were sorry for the loss of lives and he said about 164 protesters had been killed during the protests and it's worth pointing out that this number is much smaller than the number given by an advocacy group that's been tracking deaths and attentions since the coup the assistance association for political prisoners says 260 more than 200 at least 261 people have been killed and more than 2300 people have been detained since the coup on the 1st of february now and then the myanmar military also went on to. in a way trying to shore up support for their case against their democratically elected leader aung sun suu kyi if you remember she was charged with breaching
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import export laws by possessing an illegal walkie talkies and then after that she was subsequently charged with breaking covert 19 laws on gatherings and then about 10 days ago the military said she was guilty of corruption and now at this press conference they've shown video testimony by a former yangon chief minister saying that he had visited her and given her cash whenever needed and also accusing her of aseptic gifts of gold bars and silk. the agency overseeing vaccine trials in the united states has voiced concerns over data provided by astra zeneca the company announced trials showing its job was 79 percent effective the u.s. data and safety monitoring board said it may have released outdated information yesterday that it has shot has not yet been approved for use in the u.s. off to doubts over its safety the e.u. medicines regulator ruled last week it is safe effective coronavirus cases
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a surging again in india for the 1st time in 5 months account trees recorded more than 40000 new infections in the last 24 hours in many states rules on social distancing and wearing masks are being ignored the health ministry is warning that large crowds gathering for a hindu festival could lead to further rise in cases at least 15 people have been killed and thousands left homeless after a major fire at a ring a refugee camp in bangladesh hundreds of tents were burned down leaving south of people without shelter health centers and other facilities have also been destroyed . authorities in australia are warning they may need to order more people to evacuate as heavy rain sweeps the east coast thousands have already been told to leave their homes and hundreds have been rescued in the state of new south wales as you have allies news continues here on out is there.
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inside the secret world of the surveillance industry. you can intercept dish all your goods sans freak show messages. out on the cover up or to expose is the spine merchants willing to sell powerful eavesdropping equipment to anyone willing to pay. to go on. that because they're tied to all of those could put community europe's most
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implants producers of spy way explain how by circumvent international sanctions with these 1st we are ok 'd with that but of course it's subject to export restrictions but this is something that we can but we hear of the damage that surveillance technology can do to democracy. with the suspense i mean that's going to be so it was just that much fun to watch that distinctive feature. and we expose the methods used to cover their tracks. and tell the us government you know they were after. a while but if they were indeed old books even used to fade. away he says this quote is good it's a great. these are the deals putting our privacy at risk. i find it unacceptable i would like to see
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transparency in this very very dark and dangerous market. to safeguard protecting our private lives of disappearing. believe play weapons of the 21st century the surveillance state is the asset that out of accuracy for was there inside the spy way again. big money dirty tricks and a legal structure and able to control who is spying on you. edward snowden the defense contractor who leaked information about u.s. surveillance methods he had shot in the u.s. courts with espionage test and conversion of government property edward snowden blew the whistle on a secret program of mass surveillance carried out by the united states government and its allies you ultimately have to make a choice about what do you have
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a greater commitment to the law or to justice al-jazeera is investigative unit and says this hidden world where companies make and sell equipment to intelligence and law enforcement agencies talk of russian hacking of democratic party e-mails released by wiki leaks tended to interfere with the u.s. election process in which it's a global multi-million dollar industry whose products can capture your life on your phone tablet and computer one operates with few controls and little political oversight. even as a politician who is responsible for human rights foreign policy specifically export controls it is difficult for me to know how big this market is these companies operate in the dark when these technologies end up in the wrong hands they end up with agencies which have a very trees in. and bloody history of oppression and human rights that is for many
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companies the high tech arena they will sell their surveillance wares to anybody who wants to buy them it doesn't matter what the morality or the ethics are i have a service i have to serve elites i can sell it to our highest bidder it doesn't matter. who cares. we wanted to find out how easy it is to break the rules intended to control the sale of spyware it's a world closed outside is where manufacturers mingle with intelligence offices and arms dealers. so we found an insider a man prepared to approach spyware companies he's worked with for years. using that
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trust to get to the truth. we agree to protect his identity and referred to him simply as james. i think people would be really shocked to see all some of these surveillance companies operate for some of them their only concern is money. they really have no interest in how this group is used. that's what i'm doing i just. want people to be able to see that world my work. posing as a middleman james plan to take 3 deals to the market for clients that shouldn't be able to buy mass surveillance equipment. the 1st client we would propose is the government of south sudan. accused by international organizations of human rights abuses the sale of surveillance technology to this client but acquire specific export licenses. and raise moral questions. the 2nd client would be the
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security services of the islamic republic of iran currently under the european union sanctions the sale of surveillance equipment to iran is prohibited by law. last could james obtain restricted surveillance equipment without telling the company who the client was. any company going to this dale wouldn't know if he was buying on behalf of a criminal gang or a terrorist organization. and. the 1st product james would try to buy for his clients is an interception device called an ins he catches.
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some of the most intrusive tools new surveillance industries are small and mobile. going to. the names he has a portable surveillance that can be driven to anywhere the target it's some are smaller stooges you can be set at home drinking coffee only new people. and as soon as the mc culture is turned off to trick your phone and potentially all the other phones of the area into walking out of that system. once that's done you have a little contract movement intercepted messages and phone calls or even send you fake messages from friends. these are not designed to be the simple bugs that you stick under the table to record a conversation these are powerful devices. which can intercept record and otherwise
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interfere with people's communications. but where could up on the cover report to find such a device he began his search in mexico at a conference for the world surveillance industry. james used his contacts to set up a meeting with marco bresciano lee senior vice president of the italian surveillance firm area a big player with several government contracts. would he sell us into catches for use in south sudan. how does it work with the m 6. a for there's a lot of free market activity. throughout . india that. we're going to get to. but.
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what about your intuition or are these your own products. to work with. great let's go grab some lunch. while they've walked marco bragged about having a close relationship with the italian government he said helps move the export process. is very real. i can ask you for. our part if before we. waste money at least it is above the problem not. so fast we don't tell. us a whisper. well. we're.
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at the port. in that. market to sell the easy catch illegally he needs a government with the right export license and in any jews a city for a good showing where the technology is headed. marco explained that when it's a sensitive destination like south sudan the industry sometimes sense the equipment via another country. so how can i sell a solution your solution to salsa dance for example. if from now. you pay. them for. the i think. this is. something i
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can put all of that. heard this many times this is common that you work with us. not my. suggestion for how to get around the regulations and marco was interested in dealing with our south sudan clients. a month later james was invited to areas headquarters for a demonstration of the catch up. with the players you. believe presenting what can be presented to the customer when they come. to the right as the case size is different since this is one in the direction of them. you. intercepts communication your goods or even control people new age
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meaning that you can't stand the message just after the demonstration the sales manager luca the museo wanted to talk business he explained that officially selling him if he catches to a country like south sudan from italy could be a low process going to know you can ask for south indian at least here 1st get more trees that you can apply for an extra glasses you know have a new watch. that's a big big problem it is that's why i mention your disease is the problem here for us but our undercover reporter suggested an alternative use a 3rd country to avoid the italian export process what was there in the. week and you know who all. are. and
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there is the and. it will. all come on. while we waited for areas james moved on to our next client iran and our 2nd product. this equipment could monitor the internet traffic of an entire country. in industry this technology is known as an ip intercept system because it only monitors the data being sent over the unit it can record who was visiting certain websites who is using certain keywords you can gather all of your internet history. but it's a huge project in order to capture the data you must physically insert monitoring devices into the telecommunications infrastructure points the system is complete an entire nation's internet traffic can be monitored analyzed. so would any company be willing to say. a system like this to our 2nd client iran despite the
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european union sanctions. are ramani is the chief executive officer of italian company y.p.s. he explained that supplying point intercept systems covertly is difficult that it is not the ideal decision is not the reason that. it was. the right way. but that's a requirement to get to your deputy. it was a long break at the time did you hear anything at. this point these warnings when james raised the prospect of a deal to sell can to set systems to iran fabio seemed tempted to write this letter that you're not going. to be over here are you serious.
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book and can you confirm this for me please. i know money talks in this industry but i was surprised to hear him say they'll consider a deal in iraq. there are still sanctions in place and i can't think of a way they're going to be able to get this deal done legally. they knows about iran's surveillance regime his involvement in student protests during elections in 2009 brought him to the attention of the then government of mahmoud ahmadinejad's he was targeted as someone to watch. what. any best of us he said on. it as intended i'm between us
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an e-mail at the you made up for the. telephone i. want money to finance the father said aw shit you'll talk a little between us and wish will come. about when i read lord of. his communications is evidence the iranian authorities arrested a bass. you were told that she called you a sheet all the what you want i had just a ball a ball or. some out of what you are told was street above us a little south of a monocle tags that more still i get to see a paltry. one anyone who has looked at the rock the young population can understand the enormous pressure and fear that they live under in
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a country where survey ends and restrictions and monitoring are not only systematic but the consequences of being caught speaking your mind can be dense. james was invited to the only p.s. headquarters near rome. the. sales manager who goes until i was there to meet him. first as there is a group through we are. with either the folks there is for review. cut trees and beauty customs. but google appears to know that intercept systems
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cannot currently be legally sold to iran from italy we're talking about ip interception for ok now we are talking about so in that it is crossing right ok. so in this way of course it's subject to expert critique but this is talking that we can manage trape we have a system up and. we can read it cool i mean at the end of the day we have to buy just to show up work for its old software. by using i.p.s. sister company racey who could describe the product as a simple traffic management system on the export paperwork. that avoids strict surveillance equipment regulations and circumvent international sanctions on iran. raising doubts or software for a really big so statistics tool traffic could just recently secure the c.b.d.
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you know something pretty big. they are going to use the same that software it will begin to be free if. basically through receipt down the road of civil hardware and software we can basically sell anywhere is this correct but this must be very very. strong stronger relation when it comes. to go said that they had done this before with all the things that we have at least a few quick christian or so far. because we have a very it's a conservative and predict the wreckage of this. there are huge rewards for a contract of this size. something that can cost up to quite a comedian. are you talking you're a loser who works do you. go for roads for women they had this they would have this
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running right. with the agreement in place he suggested that all communication should be very discreet everything. would be in the way. i mean all the documents that we would go into it of course would be and we took the boat that we used to live see the words well worth it but be clear there would be no robo. cop and he would be called the supplier and the cuts would be because. we could even use a fake or that he really did we threw everything into this which i don't know but. yes. as we left. the chief executive officer of i.p.s. offered his reassurances that the company knew how to handle deals like this. well
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you know with a. very good very good i think we made a massive step forward and there will be a meeting with. them be awarded avoid the export like the one with. the p. uni when. your house will not be. so we could get. footage that i've just seen confirms my concern about the actual practices that are going on better not in line with how you regulations function today some suppliers won't respect restrictions but this is among the most blatant and explicit references to circumventing the law and i think that that is disturbing to cope and that's why. we're so only we have. come. he won't get a license to ship to russia. succumbing to deregulation for trades and while he was
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. they will be subject to your nation of money laundering because they smith cry they make a profit. only more fun than us. james had agreed our 1st deal and the legal plan to sell him my piece into said system to run up to 20000000 euros. we asked i.p.s. and racy for a response to the evidence that they were prepared to break the law by shipping to iran in this way. the racy group said that they fought for it with full respect of the regulations they also stated that they had been aware of the identity of out his ear is on the cover of porter they had only met him because they believed he might be working for a competitor. the added we had no intention of completing display any deal with the individual post office met with. any deal that we may have discussed with him would
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have been dependent on obtaining full legal authorization from the authorities. in paul 2 under cover of paul to delve deeper into the world of illegal surveillance. lewisville those prepared to sell to war zones in partnership with their intelligence service did you check with the authorities and did your. story for nothing. who was there from turkey. is. this. those who don't care if they sell powerful spyware to criminals or a terrorist organization. that. it doesn't matter what the morality or the ethics are a law i don't get caught i'll sell it there's simply a demand we can supply the demand it's simple economics.
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a sister turned human rights activist the day her brother is locked in a notorious supposed back desert prison. perfect for his freedom she's had exiled surveilled and betrayed by those closest to her. but her resolve is unshaken. onita devil lives without her. witness an al-jazeera. told an untold stories from asia and the pacific on al-jazeera. welcome to down from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy the perfect break in your journey.
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and when you leave with a smile we know our day's work is done qataris welcome to our home. site here are your top stories on al-jazeera as raise a voting in the 4th election in 2 years it's widely seen as a referendum on prime minister benjamin netanyahu the campaign has been dominated by his corruption cases the economy and the pandemic that's going to aim has more from western islam. the voters we've been speaking to fall into 2 camps they either support prime minister benjamin netanyahu or they oppose him and among those who oppose him we've heard concerns people saying they are worried about the course
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this country is on the other thing they feel helpless and hopeless prime minister netanyahu is expected to garner the most votes even though more than half of israelis recently polled say they want him out me and most ministries accuse the country's ousted leader of accepting bribes while in office an army spokesman made the accusations during a televised media briefing she was detained after being deposed in a coup last month they didn't see overseeing vaccine trials and the u.s. has voiced concerns over data provided by astra zeneca on the efficacy of its covert 19 vaccine on monday the pharmaceutical company said as trials showed that it was 79 percent effective coronavirus cases is again in india for the 1st time in 5 months the countries recorded more than 40000 new infections in the
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last 24 hours in many states rules on social distancing and wearing mosques being ignored the health ministry is warning that large crowds gathering for a hindu festival could lead to further rises in cases. at least 15 people have been killed and thousands left homeless solved a major fires are running a refugee camp in bangladesh hundreds of tents were burned down leaving thousands of people without shelter health centers and other facilities have also been destroyed. doherty's in australia warning they may need to order more people to have accurate is heavy rain sweep the east coast thousands have already been told to leave their homes and hundreds have been rescued and the state of new south wales is the worst flooding in decades with several places declared natural disaster areas they say you had lunch news continues after their investigations.
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the health of humanity is its stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to lose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and a vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.-h. on making the healthy a world for you. to everyone. al-jazeera
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is investigative unit was used in salida to infiltrate the secret world of the surveillance industry exposing the deals that are putting out for the communications with risk. james has already negotiated a deal to buy sophisticated monitoring equipment for a wrong with you go to antelope from pete s. it's a deal that would breach international sanctions going to because it would be. good for loads full payment there within the system some suppliers won't respect restrictions but this is among the most blatant and explicit references to circumventing the law and i think that that is disturbing. later undercover reporter reveals the company willing to sell sophisticated surveillance equipment to anyone leaving to sell to yourself when you don't feel good use to do
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so. yeah but you don't need an export certificate for no more you know because nobody really lost it is the construction is it is a well there was a. first james follows up on proposing to supply surveillance equipment to south sudan he traveled to rome to meet again with the area vice president marco bresciano. that. he was aware of the reputation of quite p.s. and their sales manager who goes until. this is not the. year. we me. that nickname of warnings across the road. would be a big. if you notice. i'm trying. yes you look great. that's all.
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you but the group going to france. with the list of lies it's too dark for bush. so and going to get them quick or good could not. have. been sold to the ground would be easy enough. to where. you please reach the big screen. but in the surveillance world it's not just any p.s. that may have profited from deals with dictators. arab spring uprising has demonstrated the power of public protest it has been since the gold rush for the surveillance industry the region's leaders race to crackdown on the
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protest organizers. i found that activists students journalists opposition figures in north africa the middle east were targeted and sometimes imprisoned as a result of these systems coming from europe and i found that unacceptable then i find it unacceptable today we had actual victims coming from libya from syria who had survived torture in detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest they wouldn't have identified me they wouldn't have tortured me if they hadn't been able to monitor my company cations. aware of growing dissent bashar al assad the syrian president sought to improve his country sabaidee his capabilities in 2009. he was our townie in company area that stepped in to help. buy low and i project you
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see it. was at the bottom system of the in touch at the 2 you want to get with a circle be a little buy that. this man was employed by area to work on the contract. he'd been told the 13000000 euros system was a civil project to assist in criminal investigations but on a trip to damascus you realize that the targets of the surveillance technology assets political opponents. have all. shown chasey it all the way look at what a lot eat the life of a sauna. that the east sent its intended just to see.
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it when the other one lawsuit i mean could be saw in your pickup yet she put it on the way select a lot of effort at it all from each other chaotic but he saw at the end of the many balls they want to be a bit she met. a queen bee suspense i mean they're going to be so you know she's their mother can also be separate to a lot if you mean ali one of the last big city people he should. command that on friday. because they look at what she meant a lot to like when i get to study chanda even then we go for she let me tell your daughter took us a call but i mean that if it end. he informed the area's management but he says he was told the company wasn't responsible for how the system would be used. in s.s. or bundle just their money quest the janitor at home boy beside it giving a little sense our initial not initial i just want to use they are there.
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he took his evidence to the media public protest followed an area withdrew from the project. at the time the company claimed that they had a valid export license to supply syria and that they had no desire to be accomplices to repression. throughout history corporations and individuals have profited from war the surveillance industry is really just carrying on a tradition there. in december 2016 areas activities in syria caught up with them italian authorities raided their mailing headquarters. company executives were accused to falsifying the export documents relating to the syrian deal. and the 8000000 euros that the company had received from the syrian authorities was seized . when james next met areas vice president marco braccio only to discuss past
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south sudan deal he appeared untroubled body ongoing investigation all. right so they are in this all the other. spot they should have supported in the last phase so we just go for those idea that we but. he believed that the investigation would expose other companies as well as area. but if you go back to the 5 years i will be. well it's. this is really. what's. although willing to supply our south sudan client marco want that obtaining an italian export license could now take time but he had
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a solution james could buy the catches directly from their manufacturer in turkey he even made the introductions out of it is well go through my yeah. sounds out. he believed the turkish export my sins would be obtained more quickly. so. for me to manage these things for legally so. you tell me. that. since 2013 tribal and political conflict in south sudan has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians. the government has been accused of human rights atrocities
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. violence and resulted in the european union sanctions and cool international arms embargo. began a moment fled the country after being targeted by surveillance equipment bought by the government. in 2013 he was a senior member of the leadership before disagreements with the president led to him being arrested and falsely accused of plotting a coup. the government one day total get at me told me that they have recordings so my telephone conversations that would. innate me that they were going to charge me was treason punishable by death of not beneath it. but i was in a shop. again fears the impact that the further supply of surveillance equipment will have on his country dig up a man was was that sort of winans has it was used the political list based citizens
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will speak. dry it all fluffy don't want the speeches be cut tailed even to speak in fact. a few weeks later output to some found of turkish company b t t agreed to meet a reporter in milan. it would finally conclude the deal to supply south sudan's military with indie catches. how are you. i don't know if you've ever done business with the south sudanese between us they're military people intelligence people. i've been going to use in the country or they want to use it on the borders against the neighborhood those are the
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scenarios that we have to. export you mentioned it's not a problem but did you check with the authorities did they give you the green light early the thing. was that from turkey you might call central consists. of though he claimed to have permission from turkish intelligence appeared king to disguise the true nature of the mc catch up. and the thing which is considered to be doing this which is because my 216 lived to accomplish i don't want to mention the sort. excellence the birds. can make calls from. work don't you want to mention software and so on what's the problem done then i need to go see. this is true.
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and most of. the flips the look of this thing. says that it's the done. but. for my clients that aren't things this is this is how i do it. it was the same strategy that we had seen in all of the deal in this industry. the software and the real purpose of the product and you can circumvent the surveillance export regulations. for complying with turkey's export procedure was to slow. the. growth of those. phones to the alba claimed that his plan would have the equipment delivered to our client more quickly how long would it take to get the images. for us i find it absolutely unacceptable that there are people willing to sell to 2 countries where the human rights violations are obvious south sudan could be on the brink of
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a massive finance to conduct this sort of violence in violation of the law this is absolutely right it didn't this and they it becomes fully with ones of mass destruction i do believe that every individual no matter who their employer is should really look themselves in the mirror and wonder what am i doing these are the things that states that want to get ahead in their security capabilities that pay big money for these are the nuclear weapons of the 21st century. we approached b t t with our evidence they failed to provide a response. we also asked area about to behave. of the staff and whether they represented the ethics of the company area worked with the relevant governments to ensure the proper export and legal use of our equipment he added that they wouldn't be able to comment further until they had seen the evidence. be very rarely
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actually seen this clear evidence of how companies attempt to go around regulations and seek to go around regulations if that is happening on a massive scale that is hugely concerning. we're not talking about regulation about an export control we're talking about criminal qualification saying that these commercial agreements. crimes. the 3rd and final deal that james hope to seal was even more brazen. catches without revealing the name of. the sale of this type of equipment he's highly restricted. using this ploy james could be fined the spyware for anyone corporations willing to spy on business rivals criminal gangs or terrorist
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organizations it doesn't matter what the morality or the other acts are caught i'll sell it. and we can supply simple economics scandals in south africa and in india where. the telephone calls of politicians were. published. we contacted a business called simply. a multi-million dollar company based in china. they do a deal without an export license or. knowing who the client would be. we arranged a meeting and i reporters hotel. so
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they ate a face. and. he explained they produced different models of the mc and the configuration capabilities would be tailored to our client's requirements. this is very important we have a clear understanding about us. talking about 10 units who are. going to look if. we have a plumbing or were no work for certificate can be provided. you mean this is not the government. he was hesitant 1st aware of how such spyware can be misused if you ends up in the wrong hands yeah but the key point is that it was.
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what we what we abolished that it was that was that the terrorists. of course it's not an arduous to sell to any terrorist organizations. overuse a service in this lawsuit it did that. but in this industry money talks. and with our other deals he would lie on the paperwork to avoid the export restrictions hundreds of millions of quitman. and tell the government a year and your good business and was a joke but you don't get it exports are to secure for that. because but what if you lost. because it is a well there was a. just a price for the military government that is its goal. just out of. basically you falsify the documents the shipping documents did you say this is not an easy target or yesterday you don't know this. what's it like this well so what.
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i write about. with the prospect of a multi-million dollar deal he invited his boss to join the discussions. when it was. finally. consenting co-founder frank funk arrived he had no desire to know who the clients would be. what would be the suggestion how can we sell that to private users terms of movies books almost a little smoked pot of coffee just a cool. distance results and this is a. fish out of the steel so if you will
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these are the problems of the whole the service sector you can do the research with us up the books and you'll be. ok so we can do it through a shell company basically saying to me you'll be done that before. with the sirens. were. going on among his friends to sleep. before they would also remove any reference to their company from d.m.z. catch up. on hot and sunny. well there are no. you know what you see when. the plan agreed the conversation turns to the payment what's the price for you don't like this. one just all the tools we have just all it.
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is going to want to. see here i have some rights so. it's truly remarkable when you consider what the implications of this might be for many of these companies all they care about is what the cash is green they don't seem to care at all and that's what's really concerning his going to be using as are they going to be criminals are they going to be. private businessman to spy on his opponents it's shows that these companies and this business has developed into little secrecy above the law above any kind of regulation and this is a very frightening and problematic. we are simply and 1st points to our findings but they have not replied. the 4 months posing as
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a middleman in the surveillance industry james appeared to have found companies willing to supply both the clients we proposed as well as one set of not caring where the equipment ends up for the 1st time we have revealed how companies in the secretive industry ignore regulations. anyone with enough money is able to buy these highly sophisticated systems which could proliferate all over the world. i would like to see more accountability and transparency in this very very dark dangerous market. once the genie is out of the bottle i think there will be sort of a school a sure that the bad guys have this device now the police force must have this device and i think the. loser will be the general public. top worked in and around the industry long enough to know that there will always be some companies paired bridge groups. you can tie in legislation here they'll find a loophole there. things get too difficult to operate out of europe they'll just
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move somewhere else for me controlling the spread of this technology is almost impossible. the surveillance state is the acid that eats out dr z. for that if we can find a way to bring surveillance and the practice of surveillance within the rule of law it's going to have huge effects for democracy. to anything you do could be monitored analyzed collector stored by people you don't know about and entities that you do not aware of when you sell a time can say to a government in central africa you don't have to worry about the tax rolling through the streets of ours this stays in africa. but this spying technology has
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a way of coming back. you are dealing with very powerful people people in influential positions in government where we know there were elements within the police complete lemons that were getting scared that twee were getting too close to some people higher up the line to get. it into something. that is essentially the perfect crime you have a diplomatic bag that caught the accomplice such al-jazeera investigates the poaches pipeline.
3:58 pm
it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored plan qatar airways. how i once again welcome to another look at the international full conversation pretty lively showers popping off across northern parts of brazil recently picked clutch of showers a rumbling away here some heavy and thundery downpours then some while the shop shot was tearing to the southeast of brazil in between some shows that the power of why pushing across to northern parts of bolivia but a plate then we fought to drive out of service $27.00 celsius some of the temperature as we go through wednesday hope for little geraci was the southeast of brazil by this day's show was never really too far away present sunshine there for rio and we follow the showers up across a good part of the northern sections of south america they will face some showers
3:59 pm
there into northern areas of venezuela and in parts of colombia panama seeing a few showers on juristic regular and costa rica as well so what's the weather to central parts of the caribbean sea haiti could see some big downpours from time to time more the way of sunshine than showers for the eastern islands and chance of one of 2 showers there for to make up for a time it brightens up nicely as we go on into wednesday mexico on the other hand is fine a dry and settled that dry weather pushes up across the western side of the u.s. but for central parts more severe storms moving east. qatar airways jump into the story there is a lot going on in this show and julian and global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we don't want to feed than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land
4:00 pm
we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear the new and 18th be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is the era. this is al-jazeera. and i welcome my money this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes israelis votes for the 4th time in 2 years with prime minister netanyahu hoping a successful vaccine rollouts will win him another time despite corruption charges . another attempt to discredit sound suchi me out.


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