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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you and 18 could be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is the era. 0. hello and welcome my money this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes israelis votes for the 4th time in 2 years with prime minister netanyahu hoping a successful vaccine rollout will win him another time despite corruption charges. another attempt to discredit. me on miles and accuses the else of leader of
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corruption saying she received bribes including cash and gold. more fallout faster zeneca a u.s. regulator says data from a trial showing the effectiveness of the vaccine may be outdated and incomplete. the u.n. rights body condemns shore lanka and says it will compile complaints of war crimes and atrocities against muslims. and school were just a day away from the start of the european qualification for the qatar 2022 world cup we'll be looking at how the koran a virus pandemic has been impact in the preparations of the team's. israeli verges of voting for the 4th time in 2 years with benjamin netanyahu hoping a successful vaccination program will finally win him a palm tree majority bhatti is the 1st sitting prime minister to be indicted and is
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facing 3 corruption trials natasha game reports from west jerusalem. is really as have been going through a 2 year cycle of election government formation collapse and repeat in the sports cycle there is little suspense prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his little crude party are expected to get the most votes even though more than half. if it's really as recently polled want him out. against someone so it's very hard to to get to this you know you can avoid because you don't want someone you have to hold because you want something happen and that the problem. netanyahu needs to get 61 seats in the knesset to form a government no one ever has so the question is who would he form a coalition government with he's alienated former allies and is facing stiff
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competition from within the right i think these men are wonderful politician for israel in the past he's been in power way too long and he has too many issues surrounding him at this point i'd really like to see a change and it surprises me that the whole country isn't behind that idea. janet melzer is a liberal voter who like many others believes israelis have a 5th election on the horizon really concerned with the direction the country is going for a lack of respect for the other total lack of respect for the there was no no no understanding of civil rights or democracy voter participation in the previous election was 71 percent pollsters predict a lower turnout for now is really his vote and wait to see if their country can move past this unprecedented political limbo a cycle of the main candidates in the fray netanyahu is head of the likud party but
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he's also on trial for corruption he is hoping his efforts to get people vaccinated quickly against the 19 on the normalization of ties with some arab countries will keep him in the late his former chief of staff naftali bennett and head of the right wing yemeni posse has criticised the prime minister's handling of the pandemic but he hasn't ruled out joining the could lead government after the election. another right wing challenger is gideon sala he's the leader of the new hope party which supports settlement construction in the occupied west bank and opposes the iran nuclear deal his political agenda is similar to nessun yahoo spot he's not interested in a coalition partnership and finally this t.v. host turned politician year he'd he heads the opposition centrist yes a tea party he is considered one of the strongest candidates and was once a coalition partner in a netanyahu led government back in 20. let's go to dalia who is
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a public opinion strategist she joins us from tel aviv many thanks for speaking to a study on. now prime minister benjamin netanyahu is hoping that the country's foster vaccine will push him into a stable majority but not everyone is convinced about how he's handled that corona virus pandemic all the way. no in fact the vaccination rollout as successful as it has been is only the most recent thing to happen in a year of his trying to manage the pandemic in ways that have drawn a lot of fire including from some of his own supporter constituencies but i have to say that for the most part it seems like the majority of voters are filtering their assessment of netanyahu is handling of the pandemic through their preexisting use of him as prime minister so there's plenty of criticism of him from those who want you know a government that does not include the ultra orthodox parties who support a more liberal approach to israeli society and they think that he has given in too
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much to the ultra orthodox communities in imposing sweeping lockdown measures presumably for political reasons even though the ultra orthodox community have much higher rates of infection rickover that is the main point of contention over his handling of the pandemic and those people have not changed their minds in being angry at him because of the vaccination rollout even though they give him credit for it naturally of course his supporters give him lots of credit for the vaccination rollout 'd but they were already supporting him indeed picking up on that point isn't one extraordinary that people's minds a subtle change when it comes to president prime minister netanyahu i mean it's it's remarkable he's he's on trial on charges of bribery fraud breach of trust but still he he remains where he is in terms of his popularity. his staying power is quite remarkable i've worked as a strategist on 8 national campaigns in israel and about 15 other countries and it
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is unusual to see an incumbent in power for 12 years consecutively a total of 15 years and his his standing in israeli society such as it is in the sense that about 25 to 29 percent of the voters have supported him in recent elections is really quite impressive as a political feat however. it's not terribly surprising because we've had 3 elections in very quick succession and all of the factors that we're talking about saving for the code that management which is a brand new issue they were all in place even ahead of the $21000.00 elections the investigations against a 10 year who were known it was clear that he would be indicted and in the course of $21020.00 he was indicted and his trial started but voters knew all of that even going into the april 2900 not that surprising that they haven't changed their minds one way or another about whether they support or oppose them but this time and i don't correctly point out a majority of really of israelis do prefer that he not continue being prime
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minister but because of our coalition system he may very well be a sorry to interrupt this time around he does face new challenges from right wing contenders as well how is that likely to play into any election result. well it does seem like he has lost votes if you look at the average of all the surveys 'd and the general trend in the many many many surveys israel israeli media have conducted during this campaign he has 36 seats in the outgoing parliament that is out of 120 making him the biggest party but in all surveys and in all averages of all 'd surveys he is not getting any higher than 32 but in most surveys he's reaching between $28.30 seats now there could be many reasons for that decline and we also might see additional support for likud on election day tonight when the polls come out when the exit polls come out which is something that's happened in the past but it doesn't look like he's going to be able to repeat $36.00 seats and
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so to some extent that is partly because of these right wing challengers but to be honest the right wing challengers haven't done all that well because he's still you know in top place by double digits post and both in terms of the number of seats he's getting in knesset in the parliament and leading in terms of the percentage of israelis who vote for him towering over those right wing challenger's each of them enough to have a bennett and you don't sar are barely getting between 8 and 10 percent of the vote and so they have sort of create an alternative but there is just a stalwart base of support recruit and it's a narrow and i think that you don't sorry looks like he's on the path that moshe cup one took just in the 2015 elections not that long ago also trying to create a likud breakaway also won 10 seats but then couldn't survive politically and his party no longer exists where the interesting to get your thought study action and public opinion stress just speaking to us from tel aviv where we contend talks are
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spot on natasha ghoneim who is live for us in tel aviv as well natasha you are out on the streets what is the mood out there. what kind of tennis and we sing. but we're in tel aviv as you mentioned and turnout is 10 percent lower than it was during the previous election cycle at this point in time if you look behind me there is a big sign here that says march 23rd all of us it's in our hands obviously an attempt to try to boost voter turnout for people who may have election fatigue after now having to been asked to vote for a 4th time in 2 years we spoke to voters in jerusalem earlier in the day and again this all boils down to a referendum on prime minister benjamin netanyahu for those who are supporting netanyahu they're probably in good spirits because it's expected that the status quo will remain at the end of the night and by that i mean that right now netanyahu
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is a likud party is still expected to be the largest vote getter not enough to reach the threshold of a $61.00 seat in the knesset which is the needed to form a government but still 2 enough that from there that you know who would be expected to do what he's attempted to do 3 previous times and that is to form a coalition government for those who oppose netanyahu who say he's been in office too long who have told us that they believe that the corruption trial that he is facing at resumes next month he is facing a fraud breach of trust and bribery charges they say that they feel very hopeless they feel that they don't understand why despite more than 50 percent of israelis who are recently who are recently polled saying they want netanyahu out why it seems like the political limbo will remain in israel nonetheless they did
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come out and vote and it'll be interesting to see if voter turnout is high a veteran pollster said that he did not expect voter turnout especially due to the pandemic and perhaps due to election fatigue to be as high as it was in the previous round of elections that was 71 percent. natasha for us in tel aviv many thanks the animal's military has accused the country's ousted leader accepting bribes while in office an army spokesman made the allegations against suchi jaring a televised media briefing she was detained after being deposed in a military coup last month are in serious following developments from kuala lumpur the spokesman one of the 1st and few talked about was but the military expressed regret and they were sorry for the loss of lives and he said about 164 protesters had been killed during the protests and it's worth pointing out that this number is
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much smaller than the number given by an advocacy group that's been tracking deaths and attentions since the coup the assistance association for political prisoners says 260 more than 200 at least 261 people have been killed and more than 2300 people have been detained since the coup on the 1st of february now and then the myanmar military also went on to. in a way trying to shore up support for their case against their democratically elected leader aung san suu kyi and if you remember she was charged with breaching import export laws by possessing an illegal walkie talkies and then after that she was subsequently charged with breaking covert 19 laws on gatherings and then about 10 days ago the military said she was guilty of corruption and now at this press conference they've shown video testimony by a former yangon chief minister saying that he had visited her and given her cash whenever needed and also accusing her of aseptic gifts of gold bars and silk.
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the resource hog is the founder and coordinates a. network of r.c. on organizations and individuals working to support human rights and democracy in myanmar she says the military press conference is a sign the foreign pressure on me animas leadership is working despite paying a lot millions of dollars to push back on sanctions and to sell their illegal and the illegal who they have it hasn't worked they are feeling the pressure they are feeling the pressure from the from the international community and they are trying to step back and and pretend that. the killings of young people in the streets of the country the turning of a place near entire neighborhoods in yangon and other cities into urban or zones is something that is x. a dental this was an intentional crime against humanity in order to take control of
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the country and we still cannot. despite all the charges though they might throw the book they might try a kitchen sink at also in order to prevent her from being involved in politics in order to close the n.o.b. the people of the country are still resisting and they're not going to forget that this is an illegal one that came to power through an illegal state of emergency 20 more ahead on the news hour including we'll have more on the foundations of people who've been made homeless after a fire ripped through a running a refugee camp in bangladesh. on crisis on the border leaked photos show the crowds of conditions in a u.s. government shelter holding child migrants in texas. and in sport the rockets relaunch this season basketball action coming up later on in the program.
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astra zeneca has promised to share its most up to date clinical data with the u.s. agency overseeing vaccine trials this is after the data and safety board expressed concern that clinical trial results published on monday may be based on out of date information astra zeneca said the findings showing an efficacy rate of 79 percent were based on data up to february the 17th the astra zeneca shots has not yet been approved for use in the united states go to our correspondent d.m. barbara who joins me now in london firstly bring us up to date with what's been happening today what exactly is astra zeneca response been to the us regulator. well molina they they are under some pressure now in the us on tuesday dr anthony fauci who's president biden's covered 19 medical advisor but also the director of
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the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases he has done an interview saying that the astra zeneca vaccine is likely a very good vaccine his words but he has confirmed that officials have expressed concerns over data on monday as you were saying the results of the interim results of a very large trial in the u.s. as well as in peru and chile gave a very high levels of efficacy for the astra zeneca vaccine and they said that there were no issues over blood clots are now on tuesday the institute has actually told us that a carrot may have provided outdated data on the efficacy of the vaccine now the company has actually responded by saying that they provided data with
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a cut off of the 17th of february and they are now working to provide in the next 48 hours further data to officials in the u.s. that so we know for now so this seems to be something that is a potential concern but right now they were thirty's in the u.s. saying that they believe this still will be a good vaccine to use it has not been approved in the u.s. are like other parts of the world a lot of stake in europe where a lot of the countries are using at this particular vaccine where exactly is europe when it comes to the rollout. well continental europe is trying to speed things up they are if you like playing catch up because they several governments in the european union paused the use of asters and it has a vaccine briefly over concerns over blood clots which have now been put to one
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side aids by the european regulator saying that it is safe and that the benefits greatly outweigh any potential risks so governments like the french government now saying that they're going to try to to ramp up their vaccine rollout so president macklemore has been saying on tuesday that it really is a matter of urgency he has been on the phone in the last 24 hours or so with britain's prime minister boris johnson as has chancellor merkel in germany now the reason for that is that on thursday there be an e.u. virtual summit where they'll be discussing an idea that was floated by the european commission president at the weekend the idea of a ban on exporting any vaccines from the e.u. to britain europe feels that it's not getting its fair share of those vaccines they're saying it's the company's fault for not honoring all of its concrete
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contractual obligations but they are looking at ways to make sure the vaccines stay within the block now britain doesn't want any kind of export ban of course survey are now talking about possibly cooperating on supplies at a dutch astra zeneca plant which has yet to come online that could be a way forward to be seen to be cooperating and to ensure that either side continue to get what they need britain of course far ahead with over 50 percent of its adult population now having received at least one dose the european governments under pressure to do likewise. our correspondent in london we can get more on this we're joined here in doha i don't to patrick pang he is a medical my. biologist and division chief of pathology sciences at sidra medical research center my thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera can you try and explain toss the mixed messages we are getting here on astra zeneca is this vaccine safe or
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not 1st thank you for having me i think the problem right now that there's many messages out there and the messages that are out there are open to misinterpretation so the simple statement of data and safety monitoring border in the u.s. was was simply a request for more up to date information and and that could just be a simple optative of the data that they submitted or could also combine some concern that maybe some of the real world data was not big in there so it's kind of unfortunate that something that would normally be a routine request for information is being kind of played out in real time in the media and being open to a lot of misinterpretation so who's to blame for this perceived lack of confidence around astra zeneca the vaccine is it the company or is it the politicians. well
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i think it is very complicated and you know hard it is the job of a company to control the communication and the media surrounding their products that serve it so that you it's not misinterpreted especially when when this vaccine as seen by most people is a very good vaccine so i think it's important that they. get a handle on all of these that different statements are going around in the media as well as social media so that you know it doesn't do you brianna like local efforts sébastien but perceptions are hard to change on day when you look at the mistrust that some people still feel against the polio vaccine for example are we saying something similar hey with the ak astra zeneca vaccine and if so how did how does it get rectified well normally for most vaccines that all of this isn't played out in real time and i'm sure the microscope of the media and everyone
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in the world so that he's normal back in or between the boards in the company are receding and it will be played out like this and and when there are these reports there are rare side effects that mean what's really reassuring is that they were caught and they were reported and now what needs to be done is that they need to be investigated no matter how rare they are they need to be investigated so that we find out. whether they were caused by the fact in the us so why are they being caused by the vaccine so it's i mean this is important to maintain the public's trust in the vaccine thanks for speaking to us stopped at patrick from cigarette medical center hey and death. germany set to enter a 5 day lock down over easter as new code 19 cases only essential shops will be
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allowed to open they'll be strict limits on gatherings for lockdown will be in place from april 1st. if europe is prime minister is confirmed for the 1st time the eritrean troops into the northern tier grey region during the conflict. said the soldiers entered out of fear they would be attacked by to ground forces he added eritrea had promised to leave the area when ethiopian forces were able to control the border the soldiers have been accused of human rights violations by rights groups. the us sex your state says america is ready to rebuild the transatlantic nato military alliance after years of friction under the presidency of donald trump antony blinken made the pledge on his 1st visit to nato headquarters in brussels he warned the alliance is a pivotal moment with threats around the world and also from climate change lincoln promised to share any plans for withdrawing u.s.
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troops from afghanistan will work with russia wanted advances our interests and one of those a strategic stability and we've always demonstrated that with the extension of the the new start agreement on the other hand we will stand resolutely against russian aggression and other actions the try to undermine our alliance and i think that our approach is exactly where we're nato is as well and similarly we have to and we will i believe make sure that nato is also focused on some of the challenges the china poses to the rules based international the international order that is part of the 2030 vision as well. i white house course one can help is there for us in washington d.c. kennedy the previous administration of course not a big fan of nato so what is by the biden administration's message today. the message is that there is a feeling here in the united states that there is some work to be done that there
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are some fences to mend that were perhaps broken down in many cases with respect to the defense relationship between the united states and its nato partners so as a result the concern is that there has been 4 years of a very different message than the one that biden ministration is wishing to send now in other words that there had been at one point labeling of obsolete given to the nato as sort of transatlantic alliance that came from donald trump that they have spent some time trying to undo and they're going to have to continue to do that so this is a pivotal moment in the words of the secretary of state he wants to revitalize the transatlantic alliance he wants to repair and mend those relationships he believes were broken and he feels that it could be a stronger relationship as a result but the bottom line is this is a message of reassurance that when it comes to defense strategy that the united
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states is taking an approach that it is stronger in terms of moving forward when it is working with its partners and allies what is the most pressing issue for the u.s. when it comes to nato. there's no question that afghanistan tops the list especially since we have that may 1st deadline that is looming so large and that the u.s. president has said they're not sure the united states will be able to meet in terms of withdrawing the remaining soldiers that are there so this is something that was the commander in chief wants to sort of do with the consultation of european partners you have to remember that here in the united states is not a lot of political appetite for soldiers to remain there on both the left and the right of the political spectrum so this is something that he believes that moving forward has to be done in consultation a concert but of course the other big looming concerns china's rise militarily and of course always russia and the concerns as well about turkey and where its
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commitment stands so these are all things that will be discussed as these 2 leaders sit down to chat and he thanks to the white house correspondent kelly holcomb speaking to us there from washington d.c. we can speak now to brant bergen who's the president of the global situation room which is a consultancy he joins us from alexandria in virginia many thanks for speaking to us and al-jazeera donald trump's presidency i think it's fair to say brought the u.s. relationship with nato and europe to near breaking point what do you think the u.s. has to do to repair that relationship. well hey bill what can really was saying you know there's. no race here in the western us that you can rebuild your friends after the cattle has already escaped and that really i fear is what we're seeing right now with the u.s. returning in trying to reassure its allies the power of nato was in detour
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our nato was in no way the united states was going to have to back our european allies and where they were under threat there was a tall order right now tony blinken and joe biden as they headed back into the alliance trying to not only reassure those allies but also say that your message to our active so what do you think his priority is going to be on this trip he's going to try and send a strong signal and to get if you will at the ball rolling in the right direction he's not going to be able to build back that confidence better on this trip but. generation goodwill if you generations asians that will be critical or by the time that i didn't stray she needs however one of the big questions is how big is the united states when you come back and i have to have
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a significant you priest you know national aids in defense spending who are our allies and just the amount of time that the president is able to spend overseas working on these and say that is it that is the question because i mean one of the issues with the previous u.s. administration was the sharing of military spending in the bed and and that the u.s. had on it compared to many of the european countries i mean is is that something the new u.s. administration is also going to be feeling quite strongly on. yeah this is a sore point because that president from relief bludgeoned our allies on the budget and said you've got to earn you know more money i think the buy to do ministry she certainly wants to see more funds coming from both europe as well as their asian allies but at the same time they have this delicate dance because they're trying to gain back that confidence so they can push too hard number last year is expectation
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here in washington and from the congress from both sides political aisle that allies are going to spend more in the days the united states underwriting this year any of your over how much pressure is the u.s. administration on that to make a decision on whether to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan by may the fuss this was of course a deadline imposed by the previous administration how badly will the europeans be putting pressure on them to give some kind of. well i think there is a lot of pressures even if you know a lot about it today but what you see going on is actually behind the biden news ration on several fronts afghanistan one of them to take advantage of some of the extreme positions that the trumpet ministration staked out into saying right we can negotiate back from there but keep the pressure both on the olive on as well as on the afghan government and i think that is what is it play right now i don't believe
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you're going to see a withdrawal as was promised under the trumpet ministration and that is some level of reassurance we're you're getting your arse many thanks for speaking to us brett byrne president of the global situation room which is a consultancy speaking to us that from virginia it is time for the weather now his habits and. well i once again we still have around 10000000 people affected by the flooding in new south wales we are seeing further heavy downpours here they are in the process of pulling out of the way this area of low pressure will slide down towards the bass strait $18000.00 people still evacuated from their homes at present we are still very concerned the largest dam in sydney has been overflowing for the last few days so the problem will remain in place for the next few days at the very least that western weather will come down towards victoria towards tasmania as you go on through wednesday and thursday and you can see it does dry up
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across a good part of new south wales so there will still be a few showers just around the blue mountain shadows too across the far north of australia but for a dry the least for the time being into new zealand temperatures getting up to 20 celsius a pleasant 20 celsius there in a wellington this is sort of temperature we can expect across parts of japan across northern parts of china cloud and rain moving out of the way here price guys coming back in behind tokyo at 20 then along with beijing we have got some showers just moving away from that eastern side of china they'll run across towards key issue for a time watch sky's come back in behind but it does turn increasingly wet there the honshu. still ahead on al-jazeera. i'm nicola gage in eastern australia which has been his by some of the worst floods in decades torture nonfat trials we speak to syrian refugees to describe the abuse they have suffered in lebanon on. and in sports one of the biggest stars of moto g.p.
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is set to miss the start of the new season sun is here with that story later on in the show. for afghans with ties to international organizations. the strait has never been greater. left exposed by the withdrawal of foreign troops. exile may be the only path to safety. but alienation makes home feel ever further away. bill part of the viewfinder is a series on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions that are on hold and on capitol hill international
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filmmakers the world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and every one of us in the responsibility to change it all thirsty explains it all on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera mind our top stories this hour israelis are voting in their 4th election in 2 years it's widely seen as a referendum on prime minister benjamin netanyahu the campaign has been dominated by his corruption cases the economy on the pandemic. be at most military is accuse the country's ousted leader except in bribes they showed video testimony of
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a former young gone official alleging that suchi received cash gold bars and silk while in office. astra zeneca has promised to share its most recent clinical data with the u.s. agency overseeing vaccine trials that's after the data and safety board expressed concern that clinical trial results released on monday were based on out of date information. the un human rights council has passed a resolution expressing serious concern over deteriorating human rights in sri lanka the proposal by burson germany and canada highlights increasing discrimination against tamil and muslim minorities and it also calls for further evidence gathering on war crimes carried out by sri lanka's military at the end of the civil war in 2009 sri lanka's government strongly opposes the resolution calling it politically motivated let's go to an elf amanda's who is live from colombo bring us up to date with the latest on this resolution.
4:37 pm
basically the u.n. human rights chief had been pushing for sort of talk of sanctions against senior figures in the long can have been strange and this resolution did not go that far it did however essentially allow full the collection and preserving of evidence of war crimes now that is well crimes obviously by both sides in the sri lankan conflict the allegations well what crimes against the armed forces and that against time of the tiger rebels who they were fighting so essentially that is pretty much the strongest part all of this resolution falling short of what the u.n. chief said but it also essential he takes note of the fact all walk needs to be done a long road ahead. not that it's almost 12 years since the end of the conflict and that us to counter those issues that remain on rizzoli and the resolution looking
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at sort of walking to justice and accountability for victims is hoping to achieve that of through basically finding out and ensuring that the mechanisms that was set out on her allowed to function be 5 don't forget that the human rights report was quite damning it was quite critical of the current situation he talks about the mudgee trends essentially all of sort of pointing to its recurrence of all the human rights abuses that there being an atmosphere that where human rights abuses that the government obviously come out fighting has rejected the human rights chief's report but also in terms of the visit lucia and they say that it's on water into unjustified it's unhelpful and divisive so that's why we're act off of his resignation has been passed right now thin and as life person can buy many thanks.
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at least 15 people have been killed and thousands left homeless solved a major fall at a rango refugee camp in bangladesh it swept through the baloch ali camp in coaxes bazaar 10 the child 3 reports now from dhaka. claims and panic in the largest refugee camp in the world more than a 1000000 drawing are refugees from myanmar live in cox's bazaar their shelters are flimsy and closely packed the fire started on monday afternoon and spread fast. and 100-0000 brother i don't have any idea where my wife and children are or la where my wife and children i'm alone now i was unable to salvage anything from my home thousands of shelters were reportedly destroyed in the blaze at least 20000 people fled their lives as black smoke billowed over had people scramble to save their belongings and gather their families. i can't find my children are even my husband
4:40 pm
the name of one child these mon morning and i'm not in there and my husband's name is on mine. it's not known what started the blaze one witnesses told a news agency agents france press that the fire spread faster after gas can sisters used for cooking exploded. you know that the more the 1000 shelters have burnt down many people have died elderly people were unable to get out of the shelters. firefighters worked into the night most of the. since we reached here via here have been trying to put the fire out we are trying to extinguish the many burning gas cylinders most of the rohingya arrived in the camp in 2017 during a crackdown by the me and marc government that the un's call textbook ethnic cleansing they were going to have suffered persecution and been denied citizenship by governments in myanmar for decades they're often called the world's largest
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group of stateless people in this fire in the place they're fled to for safety is a reminder of how difficult their lives are and how tenuous their survival can often be done to children dhaka. people in northwestern colombia cleaning up after heavy rains cause flooding across the region this was the scene in the town of debate some mudslides swept through on monday at least $195.00 homes and more than 50 businesses have been destroyed. authorities in australia are warning they may need to order more people to evacuate as heavy rains continue across the east coast thousands in the state of new south wales have already been told to leave and hundreds have been rescues the flooding is the worst in decades with natural disasters declared in several areas nicola gage sent this report from pitt town west of sydney. unrelenting rain hits already flooded regions
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in australia's east some towns in the state of new south wales now resemble islands caused by rising floodwaters and surrounded by debris those who didn't leave a stranded with no way out including in peat town western sydney pulls them it's left in time but has been watching as floodwaters rise around his harm fencing tools and cars already lost relays it's an absolute disaster i'm not kidding and i have. mixed or is a building company underwater its owner already counting the costs. of the stock and yet. feel pretty upset for asos and everybody else i suppose. the scale of this unfolding crisis is enormous thousands of paypal have been forced to leave their homes may be rescued by boat helicopter and areas declared natural
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disaster zones. need largest dam will likely spill over for days threatening highly populated areas people using boats and kayaks to rescue animals and salvage anything they can from the floodwaters the cleanup will be immense and the damage bill is expected to tip into the billions of dollars. right now the focus is on ensuring people and animals a safe ryan is forecast to ease in the coming days but the flood threat is expected to remain in the strong warning when he paypal his place continued to be patient because we envisage that even when the rain stops in some of these coastal communities the rivers will keep rising people living in lawyer lying areas of new south wales the no strangers to floods but this one many 30 is unlike anything they've seen gauge al-jazeera hit town. i'm
4:44 pm
a c international is accusing lebanese security authorities of violating international human rights laws in their treatment of detained syrian refugees the group says it has documented cruel and abusive treatment ranging from torture to unfair trials so color has more from beirut lebanon is home to more than a 1000000 syrians some live in refugee camps others have integrated in communities many are scared to speak in what they see as an unwelcoming country hundreds have been arbitrarily detained on terrorism related charges over the years and what rights groups call a violation of international law and we believe that the $26.00 cases we document represent why did that has affected hundreds of syrian refugees 2012 and history and refugees regardless may have committed are not treated should have access to trial and should not be subjected to torture during interrogation. the
4:45 pm
report documents violations described as cruel abusive and discriminatory detainees speak of beatings at times with metal sticks and electric cables torture during interrogation or detention that involved being hanged upside down 2 of the survivors were aged 15 and 16 years old at the time they also described harsh conditions like being forced to stand for 3 days handcuffed and blindfolded and having to beg to go to the toilet and for water 2 women were also mistreated and sexually harassed and verbally assaulted during the tension. amnesty international says the lebanese authorities have so far not responded to its findings but it's not the 1st time they've been accused of mistreating syrians. measures in place make it hard for refugees to move around and work it also makes them vulnerable and with more than 75 percent of you got refugees having. i trust the sick
4:46 pm
that puts them at risk of being interrogated by police for security by you know on religious officers that's what happened to many who complain about discrimination and harassment of us and in detention the military intelligence slapped me when he knew i was syrian while questioning me about my documents i feel the way they treat us is deliberate to force us to leave many live in fear and this is sort of the syrian refugee is exposed to all kinds of violations to the extent that if he is beaten he can't even report it the regime here is the same as the one in syria. those in power in lebanon are close to the authorities in the syrian capital damascus leading some to accuse them of being driven by political motives and treating refugees as a security threat senekal their beirut. at least 10 people have been killed in a shooting at a supermarket in the u.s.
4:47 pm
state of colorado police in boulder city say an injured suspect is now in custody an officer was among those killed well then 15000 migrant children on u.s. custody of held on jay like conditions and border patrol facilities that children who fled violence and poverty in central america and travelled to the u.s. to seek asylum without parents or guardians the u.s. southern border is now on track to shots of previous records of arrivals al-jazeera is hadija castro has more on the biden and ministrations response. the u.s. government claims these are not detention centers but photos taken from inside u.s. border patrol facilities have stirred and outcry thousands of teenagers and younger children crowded into pens and sleeping on floors held in these conditions for more than 5 days in violation of a court order requiring they be moved to more child friendly shelters within 72
4:48 pm
hours but was that things on center site they are are they are guarded by. officers the u.s. homeland security secretary and a contingent of senators toured a border patrol facility holding children friday media were barred from entering officials said due to covert concerns but we are safely processing the children who do come to our border we strongly urging the message is clear not to do so now under the trump administration thousands of migrant children who arrived at the u.s. border had been expelled to mexico without seeing an immigration judge president joe biden ended the practice calling it inhumane good night america but now immigration officials report more than 9000 unaccompanied children entering the u.s. in february and since then it's been an average of 500 more
4:49 pm
a day children presenting at our border who are fleeing violence or fleeing prosecution who are fleeing terrible situations is not a crisis. in an effort to expedite moving the miners to better conditions the biden administration has deployed fema the government agency that handles disasters to turn the dallas convention center into an emergency shelter for 2000 children 3 other temporary shelters are in operation or being planned their migrant children wait and nother 30 some days but with access to school and recreation until the government places them with the u.s. sponsor a process of waiting for sponsorship should be short and you know more resources are going off along the way they should be putting an ace in the air or non-profits
4:50 pm
and faith based organizations and i'm by no means whatever all these have come up before district the white house says it's sending messages to central american countries for their youth not to come that include $17000.00 ads on the radio social media and television it's unclear how many children are listening in their home countries what's obvious is that their numbers at the u.s. border continue to grow hi joe castro al-jazeera washington twice as c.e.o. jack dorsey has sold his 1st tweet from nearly $3000000.00 the 15 year old posts from when he was just setting up his twitter account was person off the digital auction dorsey says a pricey to be used to support families in africa have been financially impacted like have it like teen. still ahead on al-jazeera european side strides navigate the global pandemic as they gather up for well as cup qualification details coming
4:51 pm
up in just a moment. the
4:52 pm
in. the old. it's time for the sports here santa thank you very much a minority european conversation there for the 2022 world cup in qatar gets under way on wednesday preparations have been impacted by the virus pandemic belgium begin their campaign by hosting wales they were forced to sweat however over the availability over a cuckoo he saw forward a place for italian club into milan who recently suffered a covert 19 outbreak
4:53 pm
a tackle however tested negative and joined up with the belgian team mate a belgian team mates on monday other countries have also faced issues with a fee for having relaxed rules forced clubs to release plays in light of the pandemic or by munich had refused to release live and ask for poland's trip to england but it's been confirmed he won't need to quarantine for 2 weeks upon returning to germany so now he's allowed to go or portugal have moved their home game against azerbaijan to turn italy had it gone ahead in portugal some players including several from the english premier league would face quarantine issues upon their return and there was controversy in france the league had a bar the foreign players from qualifiers outside the e.u. but the government changed the rules and players are exempted from quarantine while we've been speaking to international football journalist gavin hamilton who explains that fisa and us are under huge pressure to make sure the qualifiers
4:54 pm
happen as scheduled. it's up to figure 2 to organize the qualifiers and up to the confederations to organize them in each region and they need to get them done on time in order to host the look up in in 2022 so there's a lot of pressure feature but there are international dates in place the calendar is in place and dates are set aside for the games but there are individual countries who having problems with players being released once it's clear that the countries in the individual federations are following procedures about testing. comes up portugal are moving going then there are ways around the problems and i think people are cooperating and i think clubs are right to to to to be concerned about their players they pay the pros wages their employees and they're concerned about their their their future safety so clubs are right to be concerned but i think the confederation's and the federal individual for their actions are acting properly as well i think those are used to you know that they didn't the international calendar takes place in
4:55 pm
a very short space of time within the the wider football kind of as a player they used to to to to to international travel and to tie travelling in tight sort of spaces and tight tight calendars suddenly pleasure to concerned and you know let's face it they do travel 1st class and travel in quite some luxury so i don't think it's a particular poem but obviously there are their problems are associated with international travel and international football. is possibly contributing to the transfer of the virus and that is a concern for everybody. and being now in the houston rockets have ended the 20 game losing streak with a win over the toronto raptors rockers hadn't won a game since early february but on monday all 5 houston starters that scored in double figures john warner scored a triple double to finish 19 points christian would also had 19 helping houston win it 117 to 99 used in a school that was tied for the 9th worst in n.b.a.
4:56 pm
history. and those angeles lakers also are. a has died at the age of $86.00 starting out and $958.00 he spent 14 seasons with the lakers and reached 8 n.b.a. finals his career scoring average of just over $27.00 points per game is the 3rd highest in n.b.a. history in the statement lakers own a she described him as the superstar of his era 6 out moto g.p. champion mark marquez will miss the 1st 2 races of the year as he recovers from injury the 28 year old has undergone 3 surgeries since breaking his arm in a crash at the start of last season doctors say he may be able to resume racing in mid april for the gone pretty in portugal the season starts in qatar on sunday the olympic torch relay is set to begin its journey over a year since the games were postponed due to the pandemic he taught today will
4:57 pm
begin in focus on thursday and will travel across the country for the next 4 months organizers say a cross will still be allowed to gather and watch the journey fresh from winning the players' championship but while number 2 justin thomas has set his sights on competing at the summer games the american is looking to keep the momentum rolling at the matchplay this week as he aims to book his ticket to tokyo. i'm ecstatic to have the opportunity to do so felix hope they happen and i hope i qualify because i think that would be one of the coolest honors that. that i've ever had it's something you don't have a secure to do too often and it's probably the only one of the only tournaments that i would brag about playing in there or qualifying for the fact that i would be able to play you know for team usa in the olympics so i would be honored too and i hope i get the opportunity. and that's as well for me for a smile have more for you later on but for now it's back to my little thanks and
4:58 pm
well that's it for me too for this new sound be back in a moment with more 3 days to you staying. jump into the story there is a lot going on in this. global community when i thought of all the misinformation i think we all want to feed that we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you and be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there. a young girl gonna be for most of us wendy popped up as an asian. when they have this opportunity the sky is the limit so the young girls go through secondary
4:59 pm
school with or to be able to stay employed but that's one person able to change. meet the women in going out or going places when it comes to education women make change on al-jazeera. said it is only a change because some people believe in a post that is bigger than their. rally well way to make a political the my city around the state representative they put themselves to make the changes something that we. should have taken this long to do than about women's got to learn we have a disco to slosh war to create new york areas we have to change this culture i am one of the fortunate ones who can leave an establishment outside but all the people and the majority of these legal research talk about just good hardworking people
5:00 pm
that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are going to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to myanmar. israelis head to the polls and another test for the leadership of prime minister netanyahu who's hoping to win another despite corruption charges. by money in sight this is al jazeera life and also coming up. more fallout faster seneca u.s. regulators says data from a trial showing the effectiveness of the vaccine may be outdated an incomplete.


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