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one thing i do know enough to say on those terms what's happened there we're still waiting for more information regarding the shooter his motive the weapons a use the guns the magazines the weapons the modifications that apparently have taken place to those weapons are involved here i don't need to wait another minute let alone an hour to take common sense steps or save the lives in the future and urge my colleagues in the house and senate to act we can ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in this country once again i got that done when i was a senator it passed it was a law for the longest time and brought down these mass killings we should do it again we can close the loopholes in our background check system couldn't the charleston loophole that's one of the best tools we have right now to prevent gun violence. the senate should immediately pass and he said again the united states
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senate i hope summer listeners should immediately pass the 2 house passed bill the close loopholes in the background check system these are bills they receive votes of both republicans and democrats in the house this is not it should not be a partisan issue this is american issue it will save lives american lives and we have to act we should also ban assault weapons in the process. i have much more to say as we learn more but i want to be clear those poor folks who died left behind families and lives in a big hole in their hearts. and and we can save lives increase in the background checks surge are supposed to occur and lemonade assault weapons in the size of magazines not all the detail yet on that. but i'll
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be talking more later today or next couple days but what else we know may god bless you all and those families who are mourning today because the gun violence in colorado and georgia all across the country we have to act so there's not more of you if she were of you as time goes on thank you so much. we have to act says u.s. president joe biden speaking about the latest shooting that's happened in the united states and boulder colorado following of course what we saw in atlanta georgia not long ago as well shootings which appeared to target asian americans there it is a little off to 1700 hours g.m.t. 1 pm on the u.s. east coast on canal santa maria welcome to al-jazeera will continue with the story now with kimberly how could i want house correspondent kelly before we go into more about how president biden will try to deal with this one in texas and what we do
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and don't know about the actual shooting in colorado. right as you point out the latest shooting in less than a week this time 10 people dead including a 1st responder it happened at a community grocery store in the area of boulder colorado and the police there are saying that they have called in the help of the federal f.b.i. as well as other agencies to try and determine what the motive for this shooting was we do know that there is a 21 year old suspect in custody but again the police and law enforcement being very tight lipped with respect to why they think this occurred only stating that it happened as people will going about their daily activities buying things like staples like milk and cheese and eggs when their lives were cut short so you heard there the u.s. president acting as the consoler in chief for
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a nation that is morning another mass shooting at the 2nd in less than a week following on the heels of that atlanta shooting mass shooting that killed 8 people there and so inevitably the conversation turns to gun control it always does kimberly apparently the shooter had not just a handgun but an assault weapon and that's what presidents by president biden is saying pos some reform do it now and ban assault rifles. you know it's interesting because already in the house of representatives 2 different measures have been passed but of course those measures need to be passed in the upper chamber of the u.s. congress the u.s. senate and that's where it's expected to run into some trouble it would need at least 10 republicans to side with democrats in order for that to be achieved and so that is why you heard u.s. president joe biden there urging the senate to pass what he calls common sense gun
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reforms not just background checks but also to to broaden things even further to buy back weapons from those who have them in the united states this what he called a government buyback program or other measures that he believes will reduce gun violence and we should note there is historical precedent for this in the united states there was landmark legislation passed in 1984 that did ban some forms of these assault weapons but 10 years later it expired and since then the argument being from joe biden something he pledged to do something about on the campaign trail is there has been a rise in mass shootings that have really affected a generation of americans young people in this country growing up being subjected in many times to school shootings so this is something that he has pledged to take care of and it says he will do so with some urgency given the fact that the flags are wets again flying at half staff in the united states as
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a result of this latest shooting in colorado and correct me if i'm wrong kimberly but when joe biden was vice president wasn't he handed dealing with the issue of gun violence by president obama then off to sandy hook this is something which is it's been a constant throughout his political career. there's no question that he's passionate about this issue and it's one that has been repeatedly tackled or attempted to be tackled in the united states by democrats and some conservatives but as we've often talked about there are also historical precedent in terms 2 of hanging on to guns in the united states it is worth reminding that it is part of the u.s. constitution the right to bear arms nor does the 2nd amendment and many americans hold onto that very dearly conservatives for the most part in the united states say that why in acting these reforms gun control measures that they would be taking
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weapons out of the hands of law abiding citizens and punishing them and giving them no way to defend themselves against criminals so 2 this is the argument that is being pushed back on it as a result there has been very little change in a generation in terms of any sort of gun control measure so the feeling is of the white house and of democrats on capitol hill is that the time is now just again in this last week there have been more than 18 people killed as a result of mass shootings and so they feel that they may have the ability of the political will as well as the public will to support change ok thank you for all of that kimberly how could the white house. the main story today of course the israeli elections just hours away now from the polls closing in yet another parliamentary vote the 4th in 2 years if you keeping count but this time the sitting prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing 3 corruption trials the opposition meanwhile
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more fractured than ever all of it pointing to yet more deadlock and then the inevitable scramble to form a workable coalition we'll speak to our correspondents in a moment 1st this report from going to. is really as have been going through a 2 year cycle of election government formation collapse and repeat in this sport cycle there is little suspense prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his little cooed party are expected to get the most votes even though more than half of israelis recently polled want him out we are not looking for your ideology you are voting against someone so it's very hard to to get to a country like this you know you cannot vote because you don't want someone you have to vote because you want something happen and that the problem. netanyahu needs to get 61 seats in the knesset to form a government no one ever has so the question is who would be form a coalition government with he's alienated former allies and is facing stiff
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competition from within the right i think he's been a wonderful politician for israel in the past he's been in power way too long and he has too many issues surrounding him at this point i'd really like to see a change and it surprises me that the whole country isn't behind that idea. janet melzer is a liberal voter who like many others believes israelis have a 50 election on the horizon really concerned with the direction the country is going very well as a lack of respect for the other total lack of respect for the year they were oh no no understanding of civil rights or democracy voter participation in the previous election was 71 percent. sent posters predict a lower turnout for now is released vote and wait to see if their country can move past this unprecedented political limbo natasha canape does iraq west jerusalem that's how it is now in tel aviv and we'll be catching up with her in
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a moment at the party headquarters one of the main challenges starting with harry falls that though it could party h.q. in west jerusalem i mean perry well basically following the same script again no way it's fairly likely that the likud party and benjamin netanyahu will get the most votes but nowhere near the majority needed. well he says nothing says that he is near the majority of the needs that's the message that he's trying to put out in the final hours of this campaign what he needs after the election is for his likud and enough of his potential right wing allies to have 61 seats a simple majority of 120 seats in israeli parliament the knesset and for the last couple of days he's been holding up 2 fingers saying we need 2 more seats now even if he doesn't get that figure or more than it there's also the chance because one
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of his new rivals get on sarra a former likud ally who set up his own party there's the prospect potentially of netanyahu poaching wanted to members from a party like that people ideologically pretty similar to netanyahu but running in a different party so he has a couple of alternatives he's been arguing throughout the campaign that he's the one who has brought the vaccines to this country he's put a smile back on the face of the country he wanted to see gratitude for that in terms of votes coming to him the polls haven't shown a huge traction of that message so he's also been talking about his potential for economic stewardship and being able to lead israel in the post pandemic recovery and what we're seeing so far today has been a downturn in the number of votes across the nation about 5 percentage points down as of 4 pm which is when we last had figures which is just over 3 hours ago so all of the parties there it is like kind of are almost like bad improv all of them
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trying to look as panic stricken as they can saying we're down we're down you all need to get out and vote for various reasons trying to get just enough votes scraped together to cross the line carry forth that they're at and they could party headquarters talking about a lot of confidence coming out from prime minister netanyahu and going to him at yes at the headquarters in tel aviv confidence there. well it depends on who you ask no doubt about it that guy is the chairman of yes he is the man to watch he is the contender in terms of the contending with netanyahu in this or the election cycle it's worth noting that yes it's something that it's sure now that pete is a former journalist he is a former finance minister and he was had formed with 3 military generals the blue and white party you heard harry talk about the blue and white party and benny gantz
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who were part of a coalition government with netanyahu that just collapsed so that is what has splintered the right and he is part of pete has emerged again from the ashes of some might say of the right to critical to give that some guys who are vying for his money in the polls are showing right now that while look who is expected to snap up about $30.00 to $30.00 seats yes it's he'd about 18 possibly. and again that perhaps number for israeli politics is 61 seats which form a government you need 60 or so in the country ok natasha i'm going to i'm going to interrupt sorry natasha only because we're having some problems with your already oh so hopefully we can sew it up the next time we speak to you natasha going to intel of a. nato chief u.n. stoltenberg is welcoming renew to gauge what the united states after holding talks
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with the secretary said antony blinken in brussels blinken warns the alliance is at a pivotal moment with threats around the world and also from climate change promise to share any plans for withdrawing u.s. troops from afghanistan as well. will work with russia wanted advances our interests and one of those is strategic stability and we've always demonstrated that with the extension of the the new start agreement on the other hand we will stand resolutely against russian aggression and other actions the try to undermine our alliance and i think that that approach is exactly where we're nato is as well and similarly we have to and we will i believe make sure that nato is also focused on some of the challenges the china poses to the rules based international law international order that is part of the 2030 vision as well. when the news ahead congo congress of its president gets so is on the 3rd trip winning
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a 4th consecutive term. how very much a game of 2 have seen terms of the weather across the middle east at the moment it's fine and dry warm and sunny across southern parts of the region but plenty of cloud and plenty of snow too across northern parts we see temperatures in anchorage struggling to get to 3 degrees celsius something like a 10 degree drop of the sort of values that we saw earlier on in the week has some blustery showers to moving in across the eastern side of the mediterranean sweeping across cyprus into lebanon see some of that western weather just easing across into northern parts of saudi arabia and that's going to get pushed over towards the gulf as we go on through thursday temperatures here in doha falling back around 5
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degrees to hive around 29 celsius by thursday but at least it should be lossy dry and sunny old lifted just a sad always a possibility south of that fire and dried also hazy sunshine the hazy sunshine stretches down across the whole of africa where it is generally set fair for somalia for we got a few showers there just around the valley of cool so showers pushing up towards the gulf of guinea for south africa is generally fine and try cape town by the high 30. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic model failure is that a fair assessment you could be catastrophic. to weiss valuable backseat informed opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story.
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with al-jazeera and these are the top stories u.s. president joe biden is calling for gun control measures after a mass shooting in colorado police have charged a 21 year old with 10 counts of murder accused of going on a shooting spree at a supermarket in polder. israelis are voting and therefore for the action in 2 years why they say is a referendum on prime minister benjamin netanyahu the campaign's been dominated by his corruption cases and so the economy and the pentagon and head of nato young stoltenberg is welcoming renewed occasionally but the united states after holding
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talks with sector say anthony blinken the nato headquarters in busts. astra zeneca has promised to share its most up to date clinical data with the u.s. agency overseeing vaccine trials this is after that group the d.s.p. the data and safety board expressed concern that clinical trial results published on monday may be based on out of date information astra zeneca said the findings which show an efficacy rate of 79 percent are based on data up to the 17th of february the white house's top health official says the vaccine is still likely fine just concerned about how the company presented the data the fact is this is very likely a very good vaccine in this kind of thing does as you say do nothing but really care some doubts about the vaccines and maybe contribute to the hesitancy it was
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not necessary if you look at the data really are quite good but when they put it into the press release it wasn't completely accurate so we have to keep essentially trying as hard as we can to get people to understand that there are safeguards in place and i think that data and safety monitoring board picking up this discrepancy was an example of the safeguard is more from barbara in london this is dr doesn't want to alarm people again about the astra zeneca vaccine. he was saying that this seems to be a procedural matter stressing that there is no question mark really over the safety of the astra zeneca vaccine but he's admitting that there could be potential if they don't get the message out there clearly to the public what's happened here in in the in europe has been more damaging because we've seen european union governments actually briefly holt's the use of the astra zeneca vaccine before the e m a the e.u.'s own agency reiterated that it was safe that said that has caused reputational
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damage and there has been a survey which shows over 50 percent of the public in some countries like germany and france who think that it's not safe but back to back to the astra zeneca topic will britain was one of the 1st to authorize its use america has yet to do so but in the last few hours as you said we've been marking here a year since the 1st lockdown the 1st covering 1000 patients in the capital arrived here in february of 2020 within weeks this place was overwhelmed and now the nation is taking stock of the the toll in terms of the numbers of people who have died from cough it officially over 125000 but also in terms of the ongoing affects of long covered and of course on the economy as people wonder when life will begin to get back to normal. now according to state television the republic of congo
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president dennis sussman gesso has been re-elected extending his 36 years in power this vote marred by concerns over transparency with some candidates boycotting the polls or being jailed marcum webs and brands of the following developments for us what are the numbers look like malcolm. well according to the electoral commission it's a sweeping victory for journey south and grettir with more than 88 percent of the votes just spoken to officials from the leading opposition party you've already said that this result is incorrect their candidate it frees parfait color died on late monday or late sunday or early monday reportedly from tobit so one of the things they are saying that should have been invoked is a constitutional requirement if a candidate dies to cancel the election and have a rerun they're saying that their demand for that constitutional requirement to be
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applied was ignored and the result went ahead anyway as you said some opposition candidates were in jail 2 were sentenced to 40 years forced labor accused of trying to launch an armed insurrection that was after they challenged the results of the last election a lot of rights activists say this is no freedom of speech and there was no chance of having any democratic process in the 1st place ok thanks mark him for the update malcolm web following the elections in republic of congo if europeans prime minister has confirmed for the 1st time that eritrean troops did enter the northern to greater region during the recent conflict abbey ahmed said the soldiers entered out of fear they would be attacked by to korean forces he added eritrea had promised to leave the area when ethiopian forces were able to control the border the soldiers that have been accused of atrocities by rights groups. the united nations says at least 15 people have been killed and 400 missing this is after the
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fire at a ranger camp in bangladesh on monday it swept through the book ali camp in cox's bazaar television reports from dhaka. flames and panic in the largest refugee camp in the world more than a 1000000 drawing are refugees from myanmar leaving cox's bazaar their shelters are flimsy and closely packed the fire started on monday afternoon and spread fast. when your brother i don't have any idea where my wife and children are or la where my wife and children i'm alone now i was unable to salvage anything from my home thousands of shelters were reportedly destroyed in the blaze at least 20000 people fled their lives as black smoke billowed over had people scramble to save their belongings and gather their families. i can't find my children are even my husband
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the name of one child these men mourn and are not in there and my husband i knew 90 it's not known what started the blaze one witnesses told a news agency agents france press that the fire spread faster after gas can sisters used for cooking exploded. you know that maybe more the 1000 shelters have burnt down many people have died elderly people were unable to get out of the shelters. firefighters worked into the night but mostly they are. here over here have been dying to put the fire out we are trying to extinguish the many burning gas cylinders most of the rohingya arrived in the camp in 2017 during a crackdown by the me and mark government that the un's call textbook ethnic cleansing they're going to have suffered persecution and been denied citizenship by governments in myanmar for decades. there are some called the world's largest group
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of stateless people. this fire in the place they're fled to for safety is a reminder of how difficult their lives are and how tenuous their survival can often be done to george 3 dhaka 1000000 miles military has accused the country's ousted leader of accepting bribes while in office an army spokesman made those allegations against son suchi during a televised media briefings she was of course detained after being deposed in the military coup last month fronts louise our reporter in kuala lumpur following developments the spokesman one of the 1st in the few talked about was that the military expressed regret and they were sorry for the loss of lives and he said about 164 protesters had been killed during the protests and it's worth pointing out that this number is much smaller than the number given by an advocacy group that's been tracking deaths and intentions since the coup the assistance
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association for political prisoners says 260 more than 200 at least 261 people have been killed and more than 2300 people have been detained since the coup on the 1st of february now and then the myanmar military also went on to say in a way to try and shore up support for their case against their democratically elected leader aung san suu kyi and if you remember she was charged with breaching import export laws by possessing an illegal walkie talkies and then after that she was subsequently charged with breaking covert 19 laws and gatherings and then about 10 days ago the military said she was guilty of corruption and now at this press conference they've shown video testimony by a former yangon chief minister saying that he had visited her and given her cash whenever needed and also accusing her of aseptic gifts of gold bars and silk. scotland's 1st minister nicola sturgeon has survived a vote of no confidence just
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a day after an independent inquiry cleared her of knowingly misleading parliament about an investigation into her predecessor examined 5 lawmakers voted to support her just 31 voted against. to australia now where authorities are warning they may need to order more people to evacuate as they have a rains continue across the east coast of the country thousands of people in the state of new south wales have already been told to leave hundreds more have had to be rescued as flooding is the worst in decades natural disasters have to be declared in several areas a reporter nick of the gauges sent this report from pitts town west of sydney unrelenting rain hits already flooded regions in australia's east some towns in the state of new south wales now resemble islands caught off by rising flood waters and surrounded by debris those who didn't leave the stranded with no way out including
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in peat town western sydney pulls them out left in time but has been watching as floodwaters rise around his home fencing tools and cars already lost he really is it's an absolute disaster i'm not kidding i don't have for the. next door is a building company underwater its owner already counting the costs. of the 2nd year bit of feel pretty upset for yourselves and everybody else i suppose. the scale of this unfolding crisis is enormous thousands of paypal have been forced to leave their homes may be rescued by boat helicopter and areas declared natural disaster zones. need largest dam will likely spill over for days threatening highly populated areas. people are using boats and kayaks to rescue
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animals and salvage anything they can from the floodwaters the cleanup will be immense and the damage bill is expected to tip into the billions of dollars watch now the focus is on ensuring people and animals a safe ryan is forecast to ease in the coming days but the flood threat is expected to remain in the strong warning when he paid for his place continued to be patient because we envisage that even when the rain stops in some of these coastal communities the rivers will keep rising people living in lawyer lying areas of new south wales are no strangers to floods but this one many say is unlike anything they've seen gauge al-jazeera town. on the thousands of people travel to witness an erupting volcano in iceland just 30 kilometers from the capital reykjavik started erupting on friday which is the 1st in that region in about 900
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years some people even saying crying hot dogs and marshmallows the smoldering embers of the volcano any more news for you online you know when you get it al jazeera dot com. how fast they are on al-jazeera and these are the top stories u.s. president joe biden calling for gun control measures after a mass shooting in colorado police have charged a 21 year old with 10 counts of murder and he is accused of going on a shooting spree supermarket in the town of boulder victims include a police officer who was a 1st responder to the sea the united states senate hope summer list issued immediately passed.


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