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tv   Witness Casteless Collective  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2021 9:00am-10:01am +03

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it's a political impasse here's the conflict are we telling a good story. here i'm really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel as if you were there in russia not actually. didn't. if you bring the same food and. the next one when he did this take on al-jazeera. don't have the top stories here on al-jazeera israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's won a great victory in the nation's 4th election in just 2 years that's despite exit polls suggesting there's no clear winner show netanyahu says it could party as one between 31 and 33 seats are a force that reports from western. i did start benjamin netanyahu election campaign
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was all about bringing israel back to life through coded 1000 vaccines by the time it finished the message it boiled down to one phrase 2 more seats repeatedly telling his supporters he was within touching distance of the 61 needed for a majority coalition welcomes up well the good. it's the largest gap between 2 leading parties in israel in the last dozen years there is a large majority within the people of israel and with this but you already in the knesset who believe in our principles if possible and needed to set up a stable government in israel a fairer government i reach out to all members of the knesset who believe in these principles i won't rule out anyone i expect them to do the same. tony bennett was styling himself as a netanyahu alternative the question now is whether his yamuna parties 7 or 8 seats will be enough to get netanyahu over the finish line there's no reason why we should go to if it election. they must come to nothing and say we want to be. the
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government we accept the results of this. and form a right of center a government that could aggressively pursue the opportunities we have ahead of us earlier election day itself had been hot and hazy a running tally of ballots cast suggesting the lowest turnout in years netanyahu crisscrossed the country to squeeze out every last vote winning his core voters that turnout was particularly bad in his likud strongholds i. think. but it was in palestinian israeli areas where the floor seemed most severe the mainly arab joint list with 15 seats in the previous parliament is projected now to have as few as 8 of the splitting into the smaller group failing to get into the parliament at all. meanwhile the far right religious zionist alliance promoted by netanyahu and featuring an advocate of removing disloyal arabs from the country outperformed expectations opposition leader yeah i love pete says relying on their seats would create
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a homophobic racist illiberal government and one that would shield netanyahu from his corruption trial i mean. i think we can have a good reason to be proud of the way we handled ourselves and even a bigger reason for the result who brought at the moment that anyone who doesn't have 61 seat but the change bloc does the exit polls have already changed several times since the 1st release coronavirus voting and counting protocols could delay the official count until friday benjamin netanyahu has claimed victory before only to have it dashed away this time he does have some options perhaps a campaign to try to peel away defectors from other right wing parties israelis in 4 elections now have delivered almost identical verdicts and again it's over to the political dealmakers to try to find a way out of the gridlock that al-jazeera west jerusalem. there are reports that me and military has released hundreds of protesters arrested since last month they were released from a prison and young gone
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a local human rights group says at least 2000 people were arrested in a military crackdown since last month. a veteran hong kong journalist is on trial after investigating alleged police misconduct in 29 teen choice accused of making false statements to get data she used in a documentary she's pleaded not guilty brazil has recalled its highest daily number of coronavirus deaths since the beginning of the pandemic more than 3200 people died from cope with 1002 stay doctors believe a local variant of the virus is causing a rise in infections and deaths also in brazil the supreme court has ruled that former president luis inacio lula da silva was not treated impartially in a series of corruption investigations justice commonly see a reversed earlier position to tip the court's 5 judge panel in lula's favor. and marine traffic has come to a halt in one of the world's busiest trade routes a massive container ship has blocked the suez canal in both directions evergreen was traveling to rotterdam when it ran aground. so those are the headlines the news
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continues here in al-jazeera after witness statements of watching by the. you know. somebody. if you were gonna do thing that made it ok and i was on the market on the group in a meeting i climb let's welcome not less than i did.
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some time in those 70 and i'd say i think it was like end of november with phil make up out of the garden thoughts with denmark and they put this plan together to form the process collective. it was an audition all these people and put together this sort of ensemble of folk musicians and train them and you know
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the daunting task i thought was a great idea i thought was wow what an amazing idea but then the catch was you had 20 days to write 20 songs with 20 people you've never met in your life before and none of them have ever been in a band so 'd when you told me like i gotta do this they're not going is up to me and he's like. i gotta do this man you know put together this day and i'm like that's a great idea but how are you going to do this is going to go mad doing this is going to drive you insane initially we will do divided multiple groups but eventually people sort of like the only thing which united them was the music because all of them come from jamming turner sions gonna have popped
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in our condition and then come from jamming traditions so then we found something new to jam on so he went ahead and he did it and i was a nonbeliever i was like man but then on jan 6th they got on stage and when i saw the performance i was like wow it was. he pretty much took. it pretty much took an impossible task and made it. if like. suddenly you know good music blaring through the speakers then all the flash played some different colors and then they're sort of focusing on a particular path and suddenly i see something people guys are more in that 3 piece suits walking in there are a lot of i felt it was extraordinary that it was really clear that that is something new is going to happen.
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the most surprising thing was the prodigy of new orleans. i said quality of the audience meaning the audience came there with an open mind nobody knew what to expect they had no idea what these guys were to be doing but they still stuck around for the end show which is very unusual for an indian audience so i think every song that they heard kept them back for the next that was the that was the important thing because otherwise i know this audience they would have walked out on minute 5. if it didn't click with them they were gone.
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for the 1st performance. i was really surprised by each person. d.b. impressed me the most would say one look to any sign that. they signed that it's like wow this guy really and he became like almost like freddie mercury is like that day the spirit of the monkey to god and then when he became this anthemic rock singer. and then i didn't have any to any but all code on me. then you know one of the states and after them they. sat down sing and you're singing i was looking at the band and suddenly the song is going then she starts dancing went up and then a section comes and i was just like who are these have. this thing i'm working on the dancer singer and she was dancing through the sun and it was too
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good and everybody was just like emotionally like i was broken i was broken everybody was broken because more than. more than musicians or singers or. performers something we went on stage or something regarding stage or something. it was remarkable. for the band conses a video and different musical note for the. first is the god of singers. which includes. a young and a young and a young de yet. not any. better than any
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now in the cast that's going to. play it out again. in a baby so you want me. to get high i am going on with one of the. cast is going to do i am going about it and that one of. you. so this is the guy who then the percussionist a lot of thought to come in. my name is sort of. my name. on the morning hey hey hey. and then there's that op was hi my name is i think. for the cast this collect. and cast list. after this is that rock ensemble my name. is for the.
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hello my name is. even one year since we started the concerts kind of. we're all expecting and waiting for an event. event which is going on i'm. on as a community arts festival 1. 130 and 2nd is a dance. the day we have left the state of the stage is going to be a stage for minorities tribal people in the fans and us after that as the cast is going to have them lunch which i'm really excited about because going to be
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a real tense environment has 3 days of political conversations and conversations about social change is going to be really impact. in the. music easy order months and have a need for the music once you know easier on the disc and when they get their music i want to add. that back when it. came out of any.
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one. cast it is not. only him and the money i want to get at the money and i am one. of the psychological effect to create a fund on a music a bit on a farm and a meal and then you create kind of what are you going to. remember we're below that aren't going to get our cast. away but with this hobby we're people but the spirit of milo in the basement but on the end of the year but the air base and more are the put on the above market a bargain for a month on the partner or the bar they're about on the market at the new. a.
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a a s. i as a songwriter always believe that the songs which i have a should be in for me. and those so in debating so i feel i feel the responsibility that i sort of read a lot but right. we should not mislead the people. you false information and do all the songs to put
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all the people in the wrong way it's all a big this was sponsored need to be very cut for the song as we speak right. not made out of the other songs out of what custer scheme is and it's not basically because it's inequality. it's not only cus it's class it's a religion it's embody that it's a one off one among them discover or no longer unique well discussed but caste is the most recognised a form of most a lowered form of discrimination in india well it's there in everything it's there in the who are last to sit in my house if they come to my home who are a lot of us and he the other person would alternate expect it's there right there it's there in. the rituals of a temple it is there in the friends i make it is i've been to a college where you had people of different castes but i take a vigil on this one go to a college any college i go to classrooms and post
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a class just look at poor hangs out between. i'll put a wager that they discussed it and said and written nobody's overpolicing anything past history anybody necessarily but we don't hang out together. well we have got for certain things that are said because we don't have go and within those little crevices discussed. is the discriminative process but somehow i don't feel that you know i can do this dispersant they're not making. india is basically. a hindu land it's not because he was and they are my more than a developers need of the people in india in those in the ism is lake the. anough religion of india it's not declared as a national religion in india india is a secular country but the hindu. the indian rupee and the caste
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system which basically they were the people into forwardness in india i could tell you that many people are gauging your caste the moment they see you. they may not know you an exact cost because it's too complicated but the place you within the class blocks so when i see somebody all of the piece the person somewhere in the class block at least up the middle look if eligible to put 3 bad bits yet the person is placed immediately if you give me your address subconsciously i'm already working on where you could be from. it operated me in the book moment you see a name subconsciously you know if i have 2 names. and they are equally capable equally cheever's one of the work to call i mean it's very much like agenda question if you're a man and woman. or a man and woman and transgender with exactly the same dress you me in front of me
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which one will i pick i may think that i'm absolutely qal but which will i pick i pick the man i just do very naturally i wouldn't think. and he was ignored by just feel better for the job you do exactly the same thing a gust. if i have to raise you me one of her upper class name and one which me not being a procrastinator i will just speak this because i presume subconsciously even if i don't believe in castaway that. that somehow this person with this name will be more diligent will be more disciplined will not go out of the bounds will. who would have studied harder. all these things are already functioning in the recesses of my brain. that how deep cost
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discrimination is entrenched. they were not sustain their people born from their caste to do only the jobs of their class saw the brown mirage would only study the brown i should only. the only other access to their top places and the 2nd years are the kings the only rule the nation they are the worry of the waste no us will want to lead to the business they are the business people the should the us will work for these 3 there are some people called ponder once they are called our lives they are not in the were nice saw they are not added they are not considered as humans. they are not humans according to this this this framework this iraqi some people are not added in this they are left dollars. i come from that so that's why i fight for human dignity. and i have
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your heart. in the will to go on the end and i on the. bus to failure. over the years. and i'll be. a power over the. david in the going after what are the wounded in one area from somewhat of a gun about the. other gun about it. by. the and again. you know they end up in the little brain of the saudi 9 and indeed the italian amanda there in the desert and here. in mt which i will borrow
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a lot of printed out there are much even which if you don't borrow a lot of it there is a sudden unlearning it that it isn't a saturday and if i did an oversized no one getting a. 1000 you're not going to get an engineer and you need a yard of the public one of them to do the usada and. you know that. you see fundamental violence. is you know we wanna be seen a lot of. people and they really. only get a little. idea they give you one of those and. they're. gonna but i'm going to lose it he. either but the body other would be by day.
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and now nobody. ill not one now in the garden of one of them but on when they tell you what you put on there but in public i don't know my mother the endeavor to little billy idol your number on the dance one to the madonna on this 100 what i want what i'm going to base it on the. inducing the little bit of the day that you get down under going as i want to but i would wind only along one single low when i was. in the muddy. at the tunnel with. well what i seen one in a 1000 a day and. not a young living in this valley no need to go where i am you've got it indeed you know we know where low cost is. more of. people. excluding people. and it's book based. so you pressed the question for us is is there
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a possibility of an indian ever becoming a caste classless person. because from the birth an indian. who is classified as a hindu is bombarded with the idea of belonging to a particular cast so whether he are she can liberate ever talk about both privileged as well as underprivileged i think yes and i think generally any person me any indian who has been ingrained into this kind of system can shed this now here comes the tragedy there are friends there are indians who are boxers who are liberals who are progressive who say they are costless here comes a very interesting thing one has to be aware of probably even i may be prone to that i have to be consciously aware of that is conscious behavior that is unconscious behavior so in a conscious way i can say i am
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a costless person especially if they belong to a privileged group and then yet i do things in a way that i can happily continue production continue to uphold cost tendencies in a very unaware way. that's why it needs to be constantly fought and fought with everybody. this is not just a battle for only the ones who are being oppressed it's a bad thing for you press or. the press or has to remember the press relays your press even when you don't realize your press. that's the most difficult to grade hold you convince somebody who believes they're not to perceive that not all. there
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is an oppressive. mockup that has been boss down generations and generations and you're. going to learn. how do you agree with me i'm excited to bring in 2019 with. what is going to fund music with the people i love playing music with and. i'm just excited. to be on. this album that we have the planning to release and i've been working on it for a last one meal and 11 song which came out yesterday that i've got
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a really great response and really. hoping that i'm going to be the people like that. i want to get every article that was very. forgettable i don't want to launch my b.c. . you know made a killing it might not be easy. and i have. these. are not going to how do you know raping it again. i mean everything about it in the content let's join to get it out on us and that means. people have come to expect a lot from al-jazeera over the years it's the reporting the commitment to on the reporter place the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of
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challenging those in power if a politician comes on this channel they will be challenged and that's what people expect of us they want the questions oncet. that is what we've always sometimes but we will continue to do. al-jazeera as investigative unit takes you on for months on the cover because. you had actual victims who had survived torture in detention and feigning this was the cause of my arrest revealing the illegal dealings of the surveillance industry here in france they're. all your kids these are the nuclear weapons of the 21st century al jazeera investigations. from the al-jazeera london broke out to people in thoughtful conversation.
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with no host and no limitation our society has structural racism built into part one of the heene and adam brotherhood people tend to be migrant labor disproportionately women in care whether it comes down to prejudice studio unscripted on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan and with a quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu claims he's won a great victory in the nation's 4th election in just 2 years that's despite exit polls suggesting there's no clear winner they show netanyahu likud party has won between 31 and 33 seats. it's the largest gap between 2
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leading parties in israel in the last dozen years you're coming out of a covert war and israel is the champion in vaccinations there is a large majority within the people of israel and with this bridge already in the knesset who believe in our principles if possible and needed to set up a stable government in israel a fairer government i reach out to all members of the knesset who believe in these principles i won't rule out anyone and i expect them to do the same there are reports that me and mas military has released hundreds of protesters arrested since last month's coup they were released from a prison and young gone a local rights group says at least 2000 people arrested in the crackdown since last month brazil has recalled its highest daily number of coronavirus deaths since the beginning of the pandemic more than 3000 people died from kobe $1000.00 on tuesday doctors believe a local variant is causing a rise in infections and deaths hospitals are pushed to breaking point and supplies of oxygen are running out. also in brazil the supreme court has ruled that former
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president luis naseer lula da silva was not treated impartially in a series of corruption investigations justice comment reversed to early opposition to tip the court's 5 judge panel in lewis' favor a veteran hong kong journalist is on trial for investigating alleged police misconduct in 2019 choi's accused of making false statements to get data she used in a documentary she's pleaded not guilty. senate democrats in the u.s. are planning a vote on expanded gun control measures following the 2nd mass shooting in a week president joe biden has called for bipartisan action on gun control but republicans are pushing back on monday 10 people including a police officer shot dead in boulder colorado. on marine traffic has come to a halt in one of the world's busiest trade routes a container ship among the largest in the world has blocked the suez canal in both directions in the evergreen a panama flagged container ship was traveling to rotterdam when it ran aground
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those were the headlines the news continues here now jazeera after witness statement that sort of black enough. he where are you what do. you want to. be in. the morning. on. my. part. or to put on. this going to put the to go and give it to. the music playing someone that symbol of music and some of the what i want to say that sort of that but what i notice is that the one on it's a boy in the music good a lot of what i've been
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a bit of d.c. made it what idea let me one is in the music up into the modern under the can money next. to. every form of music is also now divided by cost so that the classical music is meant only for the leddy upper class people the full knows it is meant only for the people of the religious. like the gun on music has now become like the music of the slaves like what the blacks who still have as the blues give them and even though there's so much beauty in all of this music each one of these groups actually rejects the other music only because it's not part of that cost system.
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yeah. yeah. yeah. the old is no gone out was b. is only among the fish band communities because it's tied up for all the region which is not but last which is where all these guys actually come from and much later on gonna became a tradition to do with. paying tribute to the date which is what it is to be so the 2 days. people who actually sing and fields.
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and it's really starts off as a kind of lamenting which in the india parts of the model is a that they have a different. version of this which is called a party which is a busy. a proper traditional folk way of paying tribute to the dead. where there would be a down choir that would actually come in and sing praises of the dead was and why pull the night so gonna was the improvised word in all of this which exists on the course to been and more slowly in the us. and very heavily in the north of us.
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i. am betting i don't. wonder that no one did it now but. now and then to netherland them on either now and then they'd lie down on death as gallagher didn't and then emerging on the down again. i've done it i don't have a dog or whatever. like them i don't. pretty on the not alone the single video the. one that will be in the. media. got it.
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music a ticket to get didn't make one most of the. local news of the week because. of the studio the other people. in the party putting on the gel but let's go into calling. him a little male in the mall or to get. people into him with a little to be able to. give. in the still under the. main. level a little bit ago. but some of it is going to go away from the. multiple of that he is. going to because.
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it was so. isolated we're not afraid of the true connection loving. what about the funding. that it isn't there as of yet. all of the 3. 0000. 00. what. about all these are going. to provide.
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a lover like. some manager from the little. he was. killed in a mobile phone. and there. was a low tech. for them the most of the.
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not to notice and no more. limited. though. to get him into now. but the bed was in the down there but then our dollar caught it and. i think tommy got some meal and. he got a machete about on the world but they were going to let out of it she was already more than about 3 and a going to out of it did it up and i wasn't farming enough at the bottom but i do you know. when i'm a bunny i get on i've been too rigid they're not gone abroad when they are there on the bottom alone and out on the 2 up and i was $10000.00 in with all solid london the 1000 that there was on the lot of another long island a dance along than saddam of the bad guys around by half a mile or so long what 38 hours. the idea wrong and then i'm up on our
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plan i was the best no one no more. how good are they is i been very good. and i was still don't really look on the war no i.b.o. single mother rose 'd cashless culligan or bandoneon and i'm sure this is a woman a wonderful lot more line on the ship than i told. her. i got but all model. what are they when they're solo they don't model solve it louder solo with the modern are. with on the. last hour of the rising water. rising at last and those on another understand those
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are going to. go together more the are bernadotte accustom out of the now under $1.00 i've been in a lock the door the ladder that i don't know what it is. under not the limits on the market or other. near end of the bear and the downs out on the end of the. doesn't matter at all none of the. guys let's go to the not on the list and then they do but on our own it just lets go you want to ban let it go the more about. there not that i wasn't you know not going to the one i see going. on and get it about them on the.
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sunday. morning but. i'm. never. going. to.
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get all excited about is the good you can just. go damon says about me. you had like one controversial song in between all of these things. but they were the songs are going to be at the point it's interpreted as i am sorry are you. it's women's empowerment. against male patriarchy. now and they just mess kind of. man up money to get. the one down about the not many here so many of us be that we have any idea. that. it is all going to go to family money while i'm in a dream and i dream of wonderful love for the middle no matter. where you live sports to my left and a female let alone let alone. one
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i don't need i got a lot of it all. come out of room where oh i'm the only thing on line a day me alone and johnny up with all the mighty sam out here. that i want to run out of it by you know what. now you're posting really got a long goodbye and i must might have made a line to get on the road for somebody. to . make. its monthly payments and i mean it's to celebrate menstruation. and i think the hate is making. identity here start sad but it's bloody impurity starts
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at this menstruation period element which people like. not not of malays that vote. i think it's to see this end of it the fact that it's an ongoing thing it's a human thing. it's a political event. chief minister i've got less coming in to morrow. and it's coming in so he's going to speak. things have been going to before. so let's assume that and there were no you would argue what are the odds over and are they would. give it up goes on the verge of going to be a big deal when it will get on. the record which is going to. be done on the internet you know but if you really did it was only a little bit better on sunday you're going to need to make it
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a little better. on the bottom and. he said what is the most special $181.00 costs to make it so. you're going to see any negative look into nevada. you see. i am saudi. very love on your. bio god the advair good bye bye to your god. not that 7 big out of bed here but on the mahdi for the number. one and it. didn't spend belford only on the gun non-man one day very funny. now sunday i doubt bet on the gun on man and there's so many. single dead out and i know 6 i need to get a more developed all over the troop i didn't go well you know you indicated that
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they're dating in those spots out fungal positive n.c.l. are safe now and then don't put both sides end up going to the fire zone i am so. far. even though it's a good. the little i listen to process happening in the women's body that's your menstruation but in india it's come to that it's a taboo. the menstruation blood discounted or there simply are that's one of the main reasons respecting the men to mto. for you sanctum of the temple. no no. i'm not going to cut off a tempest in a bell and i'm here to celebrate the manhood. that this one
9:50 am
a man says yes celebrating this every good just. as women as gold is as mother was and we do love to celebrate this with. diligence so. it's a stake in the marital loving kind of resonates with young wives with white specially with dogs and their lips which has been boiled down law is all very much fall a little too old even as we're just being have putting all of our cattle love the 2 of them in the sun the good of god and window which enjoyed the 1st style you. breaking all the horns and the descriptions and that was a guy who loved by being called on his way being recreated once again through.
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god on anyone be not me i wonder if you sort of want to but now i'm going to get on a lot and i'm not a pedophile gonna didn't stop are going to now and any not any better than anyone you know out of band are not only older that a lot of conservatives on that so not a format for debate are going to not i didn't sign up for an audition want to talk about it in atlanta and if they want to know about a pit in the name. and i'm the boss of me not about the what's on i let you know when they're not you know if i'm going to dig in and i've you know said no you're not gonna sing about in the building to give us a limited time to even to look i'm going to add all of authentic action at my pocket i'm going to fog fog on it then want to look for it to. buy don't this electronic. reading limited but it will keep on going i'm going to. be to listen don't just bend down gonna be left on the. gun and i will call you don't seem to get it on the news and you know in the future that befalls stanek i
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think obama wanted to know than the ethical marketing i think of it has gone on on a whim and i can see the funny dude who just about to be put on something other than that on the my algorithm works on one i'm going to visit other than a model i'll not be able to define with thoughts of the night economy be done on a muppet and i read a little thanks but no but what i need and i do i can on the annual use any one of the kind you know this is just us they might be just wonderful to understand god just didn't want them. to have and then not been able to put enough on me to keep getting them out of a plane by some to do and the support from the i don't regret that london outside the ground like it or not based on just about anything not based on anything along included i was nice enough to vote no name to my b.s. one and i mean so many that i see the many cast this kind of things and it seems that it's obvious to them he said. it in a novel and then then because it's been a little more you know where to go pick them up and in that way and then there's been almost a little bit almost a little political and i'm gonna need it would have been many bog me not you
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nothing the commies and some flew down. and i've been to saturn. and i had a bad astounded that i had been offended and got out of it and i'm now the i'm thousands still in the not easy to let on that i decided i should become and i was going to do it knowledge of a good day to go to be out of. oh my god my god i know d.d. i'm on the bottom and the local. doing what you tell them to do. to complete. the list are displayed and let me do it justice let's. not let it slip up on the mountain alone so when we get a little you got that. but you're not going to. go to bed not going to have been now pretty limited and i didn't. want to put up on the bottom i don't
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mean not offended but if you. are not well you know by now you. know. that even though i didn't. go to be honest when it comes on the men i am trying to find all of them good and i'm. proud of this. and deciding the monkee don't think i think up. number good because a lot of those little children are up looking to me and. i want to know. what it. was. that it.
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i don't know what i want to. play music on and i want to get out of the keyboard. but it gonna be fun you know what. i don't know what if i don't know what other colleagues. are the at the other time on the and out i'm not going out faster got i mean i think i made a couple of that on when they're gonna go on a lot of. humanitarian.
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and they're gonna. make a list of cost it's not. all and they process. i don't really do that you can be on the way like miley it may take you in generations of me to go 100 years. the catalan. extent we can. and we will give this got on to the next generation. so i don't know when the kind of listen i've got to have been completely from this nation not completely from the main but but the wife from. her so that's what we're .
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a sister turned human rights activist the day hope brother is locked in the notorious supposed back desert prison. fight for his freedom exiled surveilled and betrayed by those closest to her. but her resolve is unshaken. only to devil lives without a. witness on al-jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do you and your roaming correspondent i am constantly on the go covering topic from politics the conflict is often by mental issues of this town it's like nothing you've ever seen. but we want to know how do these things that people we revisit places stay even when there are no
9:58 am
international headlines. al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. but . how very much a game of 2 hobson terms of the weather across the middle east at the moment it's 5 enjoy a warm and sunny across southern parts of the region but plenty of cloud and plenty of snow too across northern parts with say temperatures in ankara struggling to get to 3 degrees celsius something like a 10 degree drop on the sort of values that we saw earlier on in the week has some blustery showers to moving in across the eastern side of the mediterranean sweeping across cyprus into lebanon see some of that west weather just easing across into northern parts of syria and increasingly turning to snow in the process quite a brisk wind into southern areas of iraq northern parts of saudi arabia and that's going to get pushed over towards the gulf as we go on through thursday temperatures here in doha falling back around 5 degrees to high for around 29 celsius by
9:59 am
thursday but at least it should be lossy dry and sunny old lifted just a sad always a possibility south of that fire and dry also hazy sunshine the hazy sunshine stretches down across the whole of africa where it is generally set for somalia for we got a few showers there just around the valley of cool so showers pushing up towards the gulf of guinea for south africa is generally fine in try kept some of the high 30. frank assessments should we be buying big court ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story. discover a world of difference. determination i'm talking about with the we are moving.
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freedom we'll climb the skids child soldiers in the 16 people that corruption. and compassion. just 0 the world a selection of the best films from across our network of tunnels. the israeli prime minister claims victory in the fall's election in 2 years but a parliamentary majority may still be out of his reach. of the romany watching officer life my headquarters here and also coming up international condemnation grows at near mars military releases hundreds of anti
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kook protesters also. while.


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