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tv   Al Jazeera World A Simple Life  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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the targets in like 24 to 21 were all targets but now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera. into hall here top stories on al-jazeera about 90 percent of the votes in israel's election have been counted and prime minister benjamin netanyahu is prospects for retaining a right wing coalition government on looking on sutton a small palestinian israeli policy has unexpectedly gone and some seats in parliament and could hold the balance of power our forces has the latest from west jerusalem. at its start benjamin netanyahu election campaign was all about bringing israel back to life through coded 1000 vaccines by the time it finished the message it boiled down to one phrase 2 more seats repeatedly telling his supporters he was
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within touching distance of the 61 needed for a majority coalition muslims up while the good. it's the largest gap between 2 leading parties in israel in the last dozen years there is a large majority within the people of israel and with this pejorative the knesset who believe in our principles if possible and needed to set up a stable government in israel a fairer government i reach out to all members of the knesset who believe in these principles i won't rule out anyone and i expect them to do the same. that tony bennett was styling himself as a netanyahu alternative the question now is whether his yamuna parties 7 or 8 seats will be enough to get netanyahu over the finish line. there's no reason why we should go to fit election. they must come to nothing and we want to be part of the government we accept the results of this round and form a right of center government that could aggressively pursue the opportunities we have ahead of us earlier election day itself had been hot and hazy a running tally of ballots cast suggesting the lowest turnout in years netanyahu
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crisscrossed the country to squeeze out every last vote winning his core voters that turnout was particularly bad in his likud strongholds i. think. but it was in palestinian israeli areas where the floor seemed most severe the mainly arab joint list with 15 seats in the previous parliament is projected now to have as few as 8 of the splitting into. meanwhile the far right religious zionist alliance promoted by netanyahu and featuring an advocate of removing disloyal arabs from the country outperformed expectations opposition leader yeah i love pete says relying on their seats would create a homophobic racist illiberal government and one that would shield netanyahu from his corruption trial i mean. i think we can have a good reason to be proud of the way we handled ourselves and even a bigger reason for the results were brought at the moment and you know who doesn't have 61 seat but the change bloc does the exit polls have already changed several
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times since the 1st release coronavirus voting and counting protocols could delay the official count until friday benjamin netanyahu has claimed victory before only to have it dashed away this time he does have some options perhaps a campaign to try to peel away defectors from other right wing parties israelis in 4 elections now have delivered almost identical verdicts and again it's over to the political dealmakers to try to find a way out of the gridlock. west jerusalem. the cells in bangladesh investigating what caused a massive fire at the wells lawn. refugee camp at least 15 people were killed and hundreds more are missing and coaxes bazaar monday's fine destroyed thousands of shelters the campout says more than a 1000000 refugees from myanmar you know its nation says nearly 45000 refugees have lost their homes the m.o state television says the military has released more than
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600 protesters arrested since last month's coup they were released from a prison in young gome rights groups say at least 2000 were arrested in hong kong a veteran journalist from the public broadcasters on trial often vesta gazing police misconduct about choi has pleaded not guilty she's accused of making false statements to get data she used in a documentary. brazil has recorded its highest daily number of coronavirus deaths since the beginning of the pandemic has been reporting the world's highest numbers for weeks doctors believe a local variant of the virus is causing the rise in infections and deaths as he had lines news continues on down to their world. org. board.
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she did announce kicked in a distant task to me to sit near the city. for the whole of the east end because that could mean it did indeed and it will change for for spent all of those lives it's a living i know that the little girl who's a massage in the handsome sneaky. toilet will do and say ah several quizzical the sun the one of the home of bork.
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many people living and working in the world's biggest cities today are generally better off than their parents and grandparents generations but what does get better off me just some it's just a matter of having more money than people had 50 years ago but for others it's about possessions what we are in the cars we drive the clothes we wear the technology we use. this film is about stuff how much we have and how much we actually need. acquiring stuff is a true pleasure for many people whether it's picking up a bargain at the shopping mall or upgrading an old item with the latest model will simply receiving a gift from a friend with each transaction our acquisition of material things increases but how much is enough the question is as old as consumerism itself but especially amid the global pandemic is now being raised again across the world on
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t.v. in movies on streaming services and on social media. in the video. didn't. get in mr. williams that he had made its movies but identified. it is. siddharth or joe lives in turkey's largest city istanbul he's a social media consultant in his thirty's married with a young daughter their apartment has all the regular middle class modern conveniences including a home office for siddharth before working from home was forced on us while on the surface his life might have seemed ideal so that decided he needed to reassess his lifestyle his spending and overall work life balance.
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in the modern where with understand western because there's always to your model to be conducive to can we do it in inches there. are a limited highness you can there all this said tickle the heart of the market there . is only. so. many of the family purchases were at the local shopping mall it's convenient and caters for most shoppers needs but the mall is about more than just shopping it's a day out and entertainment filled center for all the family. of about there was one in terms of the military led to all this with a need to give the image the e.p. it makes to the music minister they could make today now we are in mildew and would
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be us the work of your callers or bynum to get the most on them and musk a little from the. naysayers but a little from the lender to. build a mosque on the motor number they land on them they give you. a new set to show only stupid liberal miche with. 2 more done charge a ticket to min you need be a good deal all do need if they do it would indeed have to end there were the mob it mob it all this with a smirk is that it that are the shit initiative to get him get what they're doing. d.n.a. to get him d.n.a. and then all muscle. to get winked at. the name get a clue for the kid on. the on the d.n.c. control the school day yet they make death. to me our sins are major axels yet where's the checks and the how york with the 6 ins with so they can shake this is a initiate that. needs peace in this now marxism needs to ministers in the us or
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don't always get the men ass and the beach if there could be the truth or is steeped our more or less. related the miss a let them go on home where there are ideas of the more we are busy on the stem in a moment married woman looks to me said nick. had to deal with it in art and they are to get their message talked of all the meeting assures. that. pilots all doing charitable critical. siddharth decided to look for people who turned their back on consumerism in favor of a simpler mark for what people are now. calling minimalism. the philosophy of simple living is about being satisfied with what you have rather than what you want it's
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a movement that's existed for centuries in different forms and now once again gaining traction. as with any major life change the hardest part is often the 1st step. in the on the skipping the stone task it in he said to me i will show them the benefits of the acid on him especially that. journey of self discovery began with examining the family finances he earns he spends more he spends more it's a never ending cycle in which wealth is gained only to be lost again. saddam wanted to explore the alternatives to see if it was possible to break this cycle but in a family friendly way. they are politically in. their children he said you know that all of the. those little more than we were told luke
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2 or 3 or. one another they still believe in the addition and call agent one dish to. be upon them i believe in a. lot up there than i did the any day that now and they are not on the schmuck getting that. not good chinese all of. us all know that in the wake. of this all who are dishwasher. his 1st stop was imagine house meaning a co-operative house it's in the aegean region of western turkey. it calls itself an environmental village and it's a community of like minded people all practicing an alternative lifestyle it was set up in 2005 with the aim of its members deciding on their exact needs and then providing for them themselves imagine a house as founder ismail unicorn created the community in response to his own
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disillusionment with modern city life he believed he was devoting too much time to work simply to secure his basic needs housing water electricity yet to go in and his young family moved to a 3 heck terror plot of land to live at one with nature mantras go whenever a question yeah new year's. eve should be savored we are getting is like you cousin who was. talking one standout year to me what if. what. so on could you do you are you. sure just and democratic dawdle human will. if you don't go sheepish to him i won't move such a negative looser you are sure going to talk too much and it will be such a kick they'll be shooting it sort of either solo or do you want to ship them.
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then home and. mail them for your bags that are. the magic house is a year round project for ismail his wife and daughter soraya it's also an open house for like minded people visitors are expected to help out with farming and daily domestic chores. but us is in the truck a spoiler. you can. yell my simile is skittle no luck with it big talk call i not only include them don't know you son just read also your shark and. she told him talk. sure you train in subject of
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a little good to your shark. in the earshot of can you talk about it similar to cerberus and arjun who should have seen the number of visitors can range from a handful of guests to dozens of people from all over the world. during sadat or giles visit he was accompanied by a family who like him was also questioning their big city lifestyle the visit to a major house raised profound questions for sadat could he really quit the rat race and up brooches family to live in a community like this what about his daughter's education how would his wife react . in any really clear and in bed when you go to her and they think we have.
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seen their music. all that and maybe to. learn. that he had sold the to his idyllic denby tune didn't. really appeal. libby's we're pullin never they say tom and the whole lower than. a little patient in the show they put me i think of them this is the i needed to do with. this is. we took shots lynch and. yap them very. hard to talk as though i mentioned my being in mines i want to hold. gang leader so i mean it's in color i design. mozart and watch. you make the seal artists make told me to meet. martin. i never made their p.r.
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much sodium higher than their that would be a good time to quit and i had $1.00 that i got that i was always down water color ya know closure on their job to be joe mom. to me when they were little that you just said yeah but i did your the children decide which gets us and they're going to do it and yeah he did toddy doris in their. $100.00 so i start cut you when they approach the little chalkboard henson's them which some would executives say of european years that if you're a student. that image of an accident called. 30. neighbors you. win a lot of ideas and they do it isn't. that what you did to them. yes they. can and highly and make us mad and one
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on top of. the physics has a little bit of us can be treated with. yeah. that's old. media if you're going to. give us money. back in their apartments in istanbul sadat's wife delivered her opinion on the idea of living in a rural commune. he will also have a lot of i don't know. a little closer holmes. in all of this yes you have yeah learn how to use the models are. completely. social principle the finance minister even. then there's the bottom the judge gannett be there even more then the next will be. brought to g.p.
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and it made the judgment to be jabbers can. find that if. we don't. 2 sit down continued with his work but at the same time learned more about the simple living movement it had become clear to him that there were different degrees of simple at one end of the spectrum was a life for rural isolation while at the other with the bright lights of the busy city sadat was looking for a compromise a middle path and next spoke to a retired businessman who had turned his back on consumerism. retired at 53 from a senior management role in a successful business he manage several 100 people was paid a large salary and had all the trappings of so-called success but he turned his
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back on his lifestyle in favor of a simpler life with his 7 children and 3 grandchildren. much. source. told me to call a lot of the. me up which be in summer but. campania the negative. you got to follow that the women will not have. it you must all go get it and he said it was a little. bit dull it was others and that is some of what we are to show him of the merit of my said he didn't see that in. your video all they have got and love them all of you that much them they do go on issues. that it was. in their automatic men died
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that. the other economic. yup does that mean that they. can be the good it is. after retirement. built a house in a small village near istanbul it was an escape from all the precious and stresses of city life. you love it and you can even. little day we'll fuck must have washed he stumbled. out of bigoted give you little or it's dirty old look at me i didn't have to mush. tell you what i'm on the mish. childish you're clear the have a lot of jokes you could have. and you'd be sure you would go. home to get him and then michigan maybe
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a shot of them. or to prolong the problem. as millikan or bush to look. up to top it up with the data to your political you that you don't to rush. in to be dick he said it in. good news and you don't think it should just. well this from a friend who you. know the focus of this family is easier just over. the retired businessman introduced to a simple life support group it's an opportunity for people from all walks of life to compare their experience of changing lifestyles and living with less.
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how much. is it. part of the project just look at this is out and. we just call lunch the critic at the look behind you there because until probably don't see the market at that at least it is going to get a great will not hire they are listed it doesn't look to be chalked up to look at the look on the. be reasonable a little much that. had a mystic that had enough done in some. in some stuff in some. way to get make the dina's are longer. getting that has she to get your source do you need to get to the source but. they get a d.s.l. live to get your thoughts so they can see their lives had to get their source work
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on them to get to. the lawlessness and to get young men ticked. does it. teach. critical to columbus. that your body can do. the. critical item of your quest to conquer. so long. must resist and call them children chose for the start of their garden and seeing the duty. because yes. dodging the enemy to come a book of them because of being in there. just in the start. to be dangerous.
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just each question. certain sidel glaringly actually written for you didn't. clear up. clearly there guys want. to tell you. just now called a. mentor and you. took the part that i don't want them to be. having made some changes to his lifestyle that made contact with members of the simple life support. if. on the mark. on there is some. change this is rush. this is. about a member of the group by the hour had been
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a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry he made a lot and spent a lot enjoying luxury holidays and buying expensive quotes but he discovered that for him money did not buy happiness it cutler believe a problem on dot or that credit card them all the. side of the. bill took he said. he took a shell of an. element dish still missing in. phuket. and your own chicken they were going to roll. highly given the kind that. we all dish in your head and neck other i know not to the needy 2nd there.
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fucking you. middle liberia where there were. but i'm giving him my little. shaking dickie if i dare let congleton. net if i this is this little girl dinners among. us that all under. normal. it will be made which is needed in the time i'm in concert of lady this. is in. question a couple of my little man is going to make this. your. form of. some of these you believe your energy form almost disciple muckler all of this hi paula marcus and the.
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look and jen psaki b. c. d. . in russia mixed martial arts didn't just pull. if you bring fame fortune and how a fabulous one a $100.00 investigates on al-jazeera. welcome to doha from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy the perfect break in your journey.
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and when you leave with a smile we know law day's work is done qataris welcome to our home. decades ago manila was called the pearl of the orient the manila metropolitan theater was once a testament to the city's grandeur but decades later the theater has become a symbol of moneyless decay now the philippine government is changing their government buildings the universities and monasteries were just some of the many structures that were destroyed in the no lodger in world war 2. but rebuilding a life and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts say manila has never truly recovered. al-jazeera with every.
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i'm on the inside here top stories on al jazeera about 90 percent of the votes in israel's election have been counted prime minister benjamin netanyahu prospects for retaining a right wing coalition government a looking uncertain a small palestinian israeli policy has unexpectedly gained some seats in parliament and could hold the balance of power the good name has moved from west to east. in this election unlike previous elections instead of fermenting fear among his right support far right supporters about the arab vote this time netanyahu made overtures to the palestinian israelis and courted it this community represents 20 percent of
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the population and now we're in a situation where the palestinian israeli vote could be a factor when it comes to netanyahu forming a government israel's ambassador to the united nations has condemned the resolution calling for an arms embargo against his country the u.n. human rights council pulse of resolution 32 the to 6 with 8 abstentions the text says there's a clear risk to israel might be used to commit serious human rights abuses. bangladeshi officials investigating what caused a large fire at coaxes bazaar refugee camp at least 15 people are dead and hundreds more are missing since monday's fire thousands have lost their homes. state television says the military is release more than $600.00 protesters arrested since last month's coup they were released from a prison in young rights groups say at least 2000 have been arrested in total. in
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hong kong a veteran journalist from the public broadcaster is on trial after investigating police misconduct choi has pleaded not guilty she's accused of making false statements to get data she used in a documentary the case relates to allegations police were too slow to respond to an attack on pro-democracy protesters 2019. and brazil has recorded its highest daily number of coronavirus deaths since the beginning of the pandemic it's been reporting the world's highest numbers for weeks doctors believe a local variant of the virus is causing the rise in infections. up to date as your headlines news continues after their world.
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which of the is the social media consultant living and working in turkey sponsor c c stumble he's married with a young daughter and as a family they decided to look at ways of adopting a less conspicuous. influence by what's called the simple living minimalist and the family decided to de costa their minds and live with less even before the global pandemic struck. the scene of the hungry for the jive you hear so doing the demo and introduction what it. is i shall want. to do to get it all the little is it did. little lamb i said the cook is petition the court of law who took the oath to go only stick. with the video that
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only stay in the end they get to because misty eyed him will do. it is in the end and it's a make believe the kid. from up the money that it is. but doesn't this isn't. it. your life that is a myth is it is the size of it for suicidal behavior to tell you that you know that's the siegel but i love it. i'm sure i know that must come. in. she bumbling you like that even though they got into think i'm chasing the wrong people including. you know months along with tell us that you did. mention the.
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political. and they didn't buy stuff and then there would be good in the bottom of the one it's going to. be took that all the had. told the boy later on. he told her that or you know what i'm going. to work out of this environment. if you will. the other 2 johns like i mean you can order. so that children do your
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buy bonds are. marked out i started it because i've. done time living in the called of those issues. that it does are going to go and. the cause of activity is a tunnel none. the simple living movement is now a global phenomenon fueled by social media documentaries and blogs the idea is that reducing household consumption should lead to less individual debt spending means less time earning 'd and so your quality of life should improve. sons miss where they were so they could sit in this in this business it is with deal to have the good news they like and then learn insulin suddenly turns
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a clash way intel in they can bullet her jihad term assess they can do really that they see that she did it or you say yeah and high up there with her she her plus or the other daughter target either. sixing in the clubs in the us some way our cosmic did did a good school in the such. as the or just family's journey progress to be embraced both the practical and spiritual side of the new minimalist. certainly it's there not unknown to be sogginess minded in the market since neither are going to. struggle and act as if in this book on one side it's not so hard in this mix. that our number. are tips and then busy now to pursue not mind. be our living.
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on less analyse. your sides of me in that she. actually had decided that. she think in this it means that the only leader. hardly. she said was out to be. me just that it makes the other packet. but if you're out the gate and have to. suffer a bit you don't know that it is. a child and because i was stunned that she had that holy john the what. was he said the past year tell me like it was for the city. so fine describes himself as a myth. a runtime and a flute player he lives in turkey's anatolia mountains. used to be an architect but
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is now a shepherd. looks under the believing caption case may have rushed them but there is no jumbo shrimp the can they do it it can be a sun kill it. can eventually surely have. gotten most of it your direction i should be joking son but i. told him that a little bit of me says that the. most important is the cognition. more of the 1st gave me can't that be so out there. which i'm alone nobody of trumbull not an alt not all lessons along with some of the i'll yawning softens up the jacksons. and out of i'm out the momo member thomason making us not them. your congressman we sure the caller id the species to me instead of in tandem here but you know son if they yell and national with tom bitterly since. they are what i've been to my
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relief she knows i'm out commuters still have the a lot of me yet real good can they be the new loose this album is going to hit so you know they're going to be in you make a bad mix of us you want to be purchasing the tiny kitchen kit. or tell me the amount you can buy how much and b. are managing them the. rich and out to. be they were left. to all out yes i'm a bipartisan interest. said outside the knights of the home of the architect turned sheppard the next morning
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they discussed minimalism and the pros and cons of modern city life. and its height yes for him they. just think of that issue of you must. be cool on a block and she. would want. to. copy and then trick you into digital who can. watch you sounds. or i know this yes you know some little bit of i. did some good you and you make you but yet you make they can be doing it indeed the inzamam yet you think you. are today had because and you think because of you yeah we did 911 so yeah using the water can't hide the i think you're going to that qabalistic you in june admission shot by and you're going to be not c.s.
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now so we're not going to get me sick sometimes i have to be trying to be a minister like you even if you think i thought it would be jimmy to. get you back up especially. be the last it just means when question the last she's made you you're watching much you know a mom a knack an icemaker guess you could be i was willing to give me. the beach today a couple years we could and i can i know it all doesn't give me. up you're not going to get picky see if they have been over to let me have the. should all go on which i'm going to get used to me and kissed him and all 17 of us at least a 1000000 in poland plenty you can do and then india let your left hand the top one india pick one that she didn't who got this is she one of the $1000000.00 home hockey cuts someone i wouldn't at all like what will be true on the solution because she says the stimulus almost forgot all and he she that it can did all and
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it was a cult and it is in it but i could go to less of my indoor level they made us in on the. consumer study. not to school until the optimum arsenic levels. top line good use this address. to tell to see that your logical to give the but little i don't know the good news. you said to me to. you let's go. get mitchell more. than that you saw this 1st that it was wrong it could.
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be digital to the book adjectives or vital such a. large it goes. to the needy ms. minister he did was he was out there in the cia and in. all the organic you know going to be in the call do all of the above to because most of the question was that you didn't hear it maybe your brothers did or because it doubled i'm off to the beginning which is just because we can do sit ups. 2 after de coster in his family home.
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time and his focus to. he was also concerned about the use of cleaning materials and the hard. to find out more he made an appointment to meet. a practitioner of alternative medicine. 2 2 with me on the abusiveness for missing this is something new to the question why is it beyond all muslims hold you among the how because in the cannot. identify continuous from sam going on below them get is. also among. father goulden day runs the institute of natural health in istanbul he believes that the simple life philosophy and natural food are inextricably linked. that. an
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issue to us and that. cars on the surface get us into mitchell chancellors the job . yes i mean some of. it. is that it so much money up there must be a. little shy of that fall. so that. it's. been for a little. it's d. d. d. . d. to be in. the gloom and doom you assured that wasn't it when this was in the days to me that it's a little less for mitchell to the us not to post your last newsman turned them into buster see. the good in their families shopped locally for
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naturally produced fruits from their local market. share their monday edition of i'm here to take it some leaping initiate high negatives. think about made any you can she lean. positively or i'm a bit system in total moment moment. system you're in but the heart you offer is futile but all normal human behavior. cannot get to be able. to finish a carriage yar. from the point it's going to get near. often rules of the machine should be written columbia they're called come up this is. going to take the shield at a machine in the town or take machine there park it in and. immediately then do not
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belong there. he was tempted to call. the. timmy's each a little longer to camille so large that it is in the columbia the martial arts or move them. to columbia don't need to be out a community. such agreement of the columbia them. using a good use of your. own your. own . heart of the mountain of your mom. was another 5 emotions another. mood. this is not true you know what you are going to get it is a accomplish it could should. and apart from the
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religious or. quote on the other. a 20. kilometer will tell us a little before me. and i think it will. go completely. off. his own this ride to the probably the because i did it only needed to all in my the middle no that little queer mark him is it my them when they get there but took little me out of the wheel put a. if it. does welcome this is a halt on the war no doubt talk on the internet that this is. alt and every day now this is the ip of the dns how. good it will be.
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the much you know that it's an. aid that has your money up on. margin yet the music . is a millionaire. one more than over all you have it all over there we just got to sort out on the boil over the top all this stuff and talks only up to. the idea and probably inject a common done that will. be a make up like of you see if you're that in a good ship i'm sure there were 2000000 of them in any opposition of that campaign as. this is the can was you know we didn't. do it you know as i did looking as i could almost done nothing that i have similar little suggestive to notice it is that i don't know. who should last of the
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curse but was a little. bit for starters by the by your son loved the plastic adequately. yanni sod they're here to morrow me it all. to make that sort of carried out that everett. truck mom was truckers number you to hear any. music there. on what he truly there are some this indigenous chick yama. to think can the computer she. calls the chick. each mimic been eaten. or she hopped along your i'm telling you. you're going to be in some good bar yes to lay a mess. and good old man she'd get mass.
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to him you suck. bake it a bit does call me out i see here the fears. that it. took to live. with an experiment is now a lifestyle successfully family adapted to simple living. and because of the lawyer by celia this is. not. only true if you live. television is then there's. then can that have a colonial. it's in the cut. through the nose or to. my similar or the. organ. almost like the church where you demand
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to get into. the jail contiguous in the air. center to. literature to the. sort of normal this kind of beast a diminishing. jessamy stigma sort of so we get it and i think it's a listed in the. movie as if it did they are none of us are this terrific for sure nice to me i never they said. even if they're blue movable they see only a charlatan. is human inability was a cousin that can hijack their walk to miss it. they were called to be the. most in the city to the be that in order to be sure. to move the
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doña on the shop there was additional material. for their purpose on the but. together book. your plan it was of the impression of this medic. to could do all 3 up much more than get it it's taught me. how does it get in the sound like you are the result of some and our debate is. almost all of it since here they're dead sided there shouldn't be in the well looked at. it is to make you understand the. matter which here it chiefly is in using. it all to do when you're pulled to make. him oral and all this. or allowed on the stomach and then we study shows. that us.
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understand there was additional. line and. i had to move a little. and get it sold only to be made almost to get a can highly get to may get to sit on the. 'd family's enthusiasm for simple living has continued since this program was made sadat has not gone back to his former consumer's lifestyle but says that making the necessary life changes in a huge city like is sound is hard for
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a whole family. it sounds as though the quest for a simpler life might just make things more complicated and everyone in istanbul has had to simplify their lives in many ways during the covert 19 pandemic baths another story. latest news judge need to see there will be no closure 100 justices and the identities of those people i interviewed for the bombings revealed details contrary
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there's something out significant about this plot it represents any visible dividing line between the wealthier and the poor from the around the well to the man who knelt on his neck in his fans the week in a minneapolis courtroom where the court was selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point at ways however we're seeing some very heavy showers across northern parts of the city to see the little clutches storms around blowing away the south well the usual showers there in sioux that western side of brazil peru still seeing some lively showers i
3:58 pm
could go again on the time side want to see showers there into bolivia more sunshine than showers that's a similar picture that say into parikh why we have got some rather wet weather starting to brew up for northern parts of argentina though as we go on through thursday that wetter weather will just tuck in that will make its way towards the river plate brought the skies up towards where warm sunshine here actually temperatures touching 34 celsius on thursday afternoon sarce 2 up towards the fall north of the region i'm going to want to cross the caribbean a sense dislodge we find it right across a good part of the caribbean up in a few. just around the league was for a time but nothing too much to speak of you could see a shot would see coming into poll surekha still want to see shows across that western side of the region the corrupt costa rica with a chance of seeing some right but again more sunshine than showers so it does look pretty good over the next couple of days hard for some dry weather meanwhile pushing into the deep south of the us just notice for wednesday more very heavy
3:59 pm
rain it's louisiana and mississippi. at ways from the al-jazeera london broke out to people in thoughtful conversation. about race and racism. with no host and no limitation our society has structural racism built into it part one of the shaheen and adam brotherhood pay people tend to be migrant labor and disproportionately women in care whether he comes down supposed to. be unscripted on al-jazeera. our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of every time i travel band whether it's east or west africa people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate our coverage and our focus is not just on their suffering but also on the more appealing and inspiring stories people trust algeria to tell them what's happening
4:00 pm
in their communities and clear and i'm biased and have an african i couldn't be more proud to be automated. ready. 0. money and syeed this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a small palestinian israeli policy is in the spotlight as projections show both prime minister netanyahu and the opposition alliance failed to get a majority again. really. homeless one small we report on the plight of tens of thousands of her hanger refugees after a fire guts that camp in bangladesh. free.


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