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what's the solution. what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about targets like 2040 or 20 targets but now. with me. on al-jazeera. for the 2nd time in a week north korea fires more missiles off its coast adding pressure on the new bike an administration. this is out to 0 live from coming up hospitals in brazil are at breaking point as code 19 deaths past 300000 plus. my money. and refugee numbers are growing worse president. vice president to deal with your
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rivals on the other side situation here is growing desperate. the 4 month countdown to japan's delayed summer olympics finally begins the torch relay starts without spectators from fukushima. japan says north korea has fired 2 ballistic missiles they were launched from south young province into the sea near japan the u.s. pacific command has responded saying the launches show that people young is a threat to its neighbors joins us live now from the south korean capital seoul rob so yet another missile launch from north korea what more do we know at this stage. it is quite a significant development it happened the thursday morning was 1st detected by the japanese coast guard later confirmed by officials here in south korea as being 2
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projectiles flying some 450 kilometers and both japanese and u.s. officials are now saying that these were listed missiles now this is the 1st time in a year that north korea has launched one of these provocative type of tests for the past couple of years since the negotiations between north korea and the u.s. over denuclearization broke down it has returned to developing and testing its missiles and weapons systems but they have tended to be less provocative shorter range missiles and rockets being fired off its coast the kind of weapons that are not banned by u.n. resolutions and in fact only last weekend it was confirmed that they had fired off 2 cruise missiles the white house is largely ignored that u.s. president joe biden saying that that was no big deal that it was business as usual ballistic missiles are a lot harder to ignore we have also had this condemnation from the japanese prime
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minister. largely to. you know here you are it is a threat to our country and to regional security and it's also a violation of the united nations security council resolution will strictly protest and condemn their actions. i'm determined to closely cooperate with the united states south korea and other related nations to protect the lives of our people you know and rob the timing is significant isn't it with senior u.s. diplomats recently visiting asia to formulate policy on north korea. that's right we have a change in u.s. administration antony blinken the u.s. secretary of state was in northeast asia meeting with his counterparts in japan south korea just last week as they are formulating what their strategy will be towards north korea now the north koreans confirmed during that visit that they had received overtures from u.s. officials about we starting dialogue which they said they basically ignored and it
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but it was thought by other statements that they were would wait and see just what the policy was not carry out any kind of provocations while the u.s. comes up with whatever their strategy years it seems by this test that possibly north korea has had a change of heart it sees no point in waiting possibly it has nothing to lose by firing off these kind of missiles at this point and if anything it might add pressure and discomfort on the u.s. administration. in seoul rob thank you and pyongyang is missile launch came hours before the beginning of the olympic torch relay for tokyo 2020 games the flame has started its journey from focus which was devastated by a tsunami and earthquake 10 years ago and then traveled throughout the country before arriving in tokyo for the olympics in july spectators are barred from the start of the relay because of code 19 let's bring in michael penn is the president
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of the get sue news agency and joins us live via skype from tokyo michael great to have you with us so look japan's torch relay has finally got underway the organizers must be breathing a huge sigh of relief i mean they faced multiple delays the coronavirus pandemic and cost overruns have spiraled into billions of dollars. yes although if they are breathing sighs of relief it might be a little premature because they've got they still have many many challenges to face in the last 4 months including the possibility of yet another major wave of covert in the country and trying to figure out 1st of all how they're going to. divide the costs when they don't have foreign spectators coming from overseas to watch the games and one of the other very big policy decisions they have to make next month is whether or not they're going to allow japanese spectators to watch the games so they're very far from being out of the woods yet in spite of the fact
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that the torch is now starting to run from fukushima to tokyo and michael what do ordinary people in japan make of all listen our recent polls suggested that something like 80 percent of people think the game shouldn't go ahead but secondly because of the pandemic. yeah that's absolutely right that poll does reflect what public a pete is 80 percent think that the olympics should either be canceled altogether or they should be delayed until some future occasion and you know essentially that's where the public is that they're extremely and enthusiastic they're worried they think this could be something that that raef layers the pandemic in the country and that they think the government is kind of irresponsible for for hosting the olympics at this time but the government's view in the establishment's view is 100 percent opposite they are absolutely determined to hold these olympics no matter what no matter what the criticism they're going to push forward with
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everything they've got yeah you have the government the establishment and that's an interesting point you make michel because for japan i guess this is all about national pride isn't it they want to make sure the summer olympics is successful particularly as china will be hosting the winter olympics in less than a year's time and that's going to be a huge spectacle yeah pride in prestige is always a very big for for the japanese government you know it's something that a lot of their foreign policy is is focused on and this is well but also don't discount the fact that you know japan has sunk billions and billions of dollars into building facilities and preparing for almost a decade for this event and so they want to at least hold something that to show that it wasn't all for waste you know just a final point to you michael before you go i mean you touched on this japan recently announcing that foreign spectators will not be allowed to attend the games that's even after spending millions developing this track and trace that for
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foreign spectators is a huge waste of money and resources so while the organizers banking then on a surge in local support do you think. i think that they would like to salvage as much as they can but you know even now as we speak the tokyo metropolitan government the city government the tokyo and the national government are already starting to squabble over who's going to pay the bill because they know there's going to be huge deficits and they're trying to figure out which taxpayers sent and who has to pay that when everything is said and done michael paine very good to get your thoughts thank you very much indeed for talking to al-jazeera thank you michael thank you. now one in 4 people in the world who is dying of covered 19 is a brazilian more than 300000 people have now died best of the pandemic began 100000 of them in just over 2 months president has downplayed the threat of the virus but he caved in to mounting pressure but i think about reports from rio de janeiro. is
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brazil school the death toll keeps growing women across brazil have joined hands when brooder their grief and the names of all those who died from cold 19 this by november the map of america this panel has 2 and a half meters per presents only 0 point one percent of the number of victims we would need $1000.00 panels like this one for all the victims that's another 2 and a half kilometers of. pressure against presidential aide who has been mounting as infections and death continue to spiral out of control brazil's bar association has asked the attorney general to charge president. with criminally mishandling the pandemic $500.00 bankers economists and business men wrote a letter asking the government to stop boycotting measures aimed at controlling the new wave of infections and to start heaving to the advice of doctors and scientists . on tuesday night who went on television to say he was in favor of the vaccines he
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had criticised in the past and was slow to start finding raw brazil his words were greeted with poc banging protests with next year's presidential election in mind also national met wednesday with representatives from congress in the supreme court one year after couvade 19 struck brazil the government has finally announced a committee to deal with the pandemic on a national level. meanwhile in this square 19 year old in ways that castro embroider the names of her daughter in law and a friend she says she can deal with the sorrow but not with the anguish of watching nothing being done. meineke an i.q. of al-jazeera rio de janeiro. just like brazil chile is also seeing a rise in sections it's about to enter the world's toughest coronavirus lockdown cases are rising in other parts of latin america as the cinnamon reports now from
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santiago. frantic shoppers rush to south america's largest shopping mall their last chance before they and millions of other chileans go into lockdown. regus needed to buy a birthday present for her niece to get there after family my daughter works in a clinic and says the number of patients is out of control this is a necessary measure although many don't believe it. despite a massive occupation campaign the number of critical care patients is the highest since the pandemic began. and the new restrictions more stringent than ever before only 2 police permits per week to buy food and medicine and a total nationwide lockdown without permits on weekends the aim is to keep 75 percent of the population at home until after easter and reduce infections enough to allow national elections to take place in 2 weeks but there's no guarantee.
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south america is facing a fierce resurgence of the infections and deaths in neighboring peru relatives of 80 year old martin keyspace prepared to bury him he died at home because there were no beds left in hospitals is he one year old woman is one of the few lucky ones who's been able to get vaccinated but it won't get him that wiring many people are dying every day i lost 2 children one who was 48 years old and 150 recently from cave at 19. 1 year after people were literally dying on the streets from the virus in ecuador hospitals are again on the brink of collapse for their north in venezuela the government has ordered 2 week lockdown after having relaxed confinement measures because of the sudden spike in infections and severe shortages of critical care units. the volume of patients is increased in this new wave and there are more serious cases than last year even and why which until now was not
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regarded as a cold hotspot the government has tightened anti pandemic measures because of the sharp surging cases schools gyms and most public offices will be closed until april 12th the president however says he does not believe in lockdowns. you say the most we have refused and we continue to do so because it is more a matter of principle than a practice and fortunately our principles are especially in this case the ones we believe we have to apply to move the country forward. whatever the containment strategy the entire continent is struggling to obtain and distribute vaccinations with the exception of chile and even here it hasn't been fast enough to prevent a new deadly viral way to see in human al-jazeera something that will. cases in the u.s. have now passed $30000000.00 since the pandemic began public health experts though
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are cautiously optimistic 3 months into the vaccination rollout 70 percent of americans who are $65.00 and older have now received at least one dose of a vaccine with 1000 related deaths a drop below what the 1000 daily average for the 1st time since november. india says it detected what's being described as a double newton variant of the virus was found in 206 samples in the state of maharashtra and a further 9 in new delhi a double buton it is an entirely new variant but with the characteristics of 2 other previously identified types. time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back a waiting game in israel after the election prime minister benjamin netanyahu says fate could rest in the hands of a newly formed party and we'll bring you the latest on the investigation into the fire that ripped through the world's biggest refugee camp more and stay with us.
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we've got more very heavy rain pushing into southern parts of the u.s. you can see this impressive cold of cloud which runs all the way up across the appalachians through the midwest down across the northern plains which roaring that warm moist air from the gulf of mexico ahead of that severe 23 celsius there in d.c. cola behind minneapolis 9 cell she's just about is double figures there for kansas city and on the southern flank where we have got that moisture coming into that cooler where lots of very heavy rain because these c. 100 millimeters of rain and want to spots as we go on through thursday for many behind that it is fine and dry across a good part of the plains more snow coming in over the rockies for a time that will make its way a little further east with as we go through friday with regards to that heavier right gradually peter out across the florida panhandle up towards the mid atlantic states that heavy rain pushing right up into new england into the suicide of canada
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was snow for good measure on the northern flank but still warm in new york at 20 celsius and at 25 and they say so very spring like here some lovely weather coming through lovely weather too across a good part of the caribbean is slushy fine and dry sense to be looking at plenty of blue skies just the outside chance of the arch shalah. it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people and behind the deaths of many more exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organization telling the name to many as the blood alliance inside this in a low a cartel part 2 of a 2 part investigation people in power on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on al-jazeera japan says north korea has fired to the mystic missiles that were known from south i'm young province into the sea near japan. more than trying to 1000 people have now died in brazil since the start of the coronavirus and the mic president jackpot's naro who along downplayed the threat of the virus announced a committing to tackle the crisis and after a delay of more than a year the olympic torch relay ceremony for tokyo 2020 games has begun flame starting its journey from fukushima which was devastated by a tsunami and earthquake 10 years ago. now with most of the votes counted
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a day after israel's 4th election in just 2 years there's still no clear idea of who will end up in power and expected it's a small palestinian party which may hold the key are a force that reports for westerners and. for months so robust decided to split from the rest of the mainly palestinian israeli joint list alliance and campaign separately it was a big gamble that earned him plenty of blowback now with 5 seats near israeli parliament his united arab list in theory has the power to bestow either side a majority. vote so he can be kingmakers in the elections we need to succeed so we can establish our status and influence in politics for the future the next generation. of us is politics the religious and conservative right wing israeli politicians call him auntie's i honest left wingers criticize his stance on q. issues and yet his openness to engage with and potentially support either the bloc
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led by prime minister benjamin netanyahu all the one trying to remove netanyahu from power has shaken up israeli politics. during the campaign netanyahu ruled out the idea of allowing abbas into his coalition or even accepting his support from the outside. but that was before his bloc once again fell short of the 61 seats it needed and senior members of his party started openly discussing working with us for some even having such a conversation represents a political watershed the very engagement between the 2 particularly to the extent that it would be public is going to be a story and a transformative for israeli politics in from that point of view it could have results an outcome irrespective of whether it actually reaches a new coalition agreement. abbas isn't the only one celebrating the prospects of influence in the new parliament the far right religious sign is a movement also outperformed expectations and would be welcomed in an s. and yahoo coalition. a bus his party says it won't sit with racists the opposition
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leader also says a government relying on religious zionism would be dark and dangerous but marshalling his own coalition with support from our politicians would also be a difficult sell to the right wing is in the anti netanyahu look not every path to a government runs through months or a bust for instance that he could try to poach off a right wing politician or 2 from another party less likely could try to break off part of the lesson yahoo block and there's still a possibility of total failure and a 5th election to come but after 4 elections this is a very different type of political conversation with the palestinian israeli polity at its center are a force that al-jazeera westerners the united nations has confirmed reports that special who investigated the murder of the journalist. received what she perceived as a death threat from a top saudi official the guardian newspaper initially reported that the official
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threatened agnes kalamata saying she would be taken care of if she was not reined in. a senior military figure loyal to the libyan warlord ali for have to has been killed in benghazi our family or the special forces commander for have 2000 libyan national army he was wanted by the international criminal court for the killing of 33 people between 20162018 human rights watch says a militia under his command is responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of u.s. president joe biden has appointed harris to manage the steady arrival of refugees and migrants at the southern border vice president will lead u.s. efforts with mexico and central american countries to stem the flow of migration members of congress have been visiting emergency facilities that have been reopened recently it follows a growing outcry after images revealed over crowded and makeshift conditions at a center in texas. and so it's not like someone sits around. the
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table from one of the right amounts we're going to grill us you know everything we have to give you money and you know you really haven't taken our kids rushed to the border the mercury take for cross-tree recently there were no speak your language before. and one of the ways we learned is that. if you deal with the problems in your country it benefits. the people through 3 counties there. was a habitat seize on the u.s. side of the border in southern texas. laid out several steps which he said she would take but each and each announcement actually more questions were raised i mean the mere fact that joe biden seemed to be getting all nostalgic there about how he had undertaken the same role under president obama to deal with unaccompanied children at the border you know when obama was president suggested actually a biden didn't actually fix anything didn't actually get very far and one column
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went through the different steps she's going to take it sounded awfully familiar that she said that she would lead a diplomatic effort for immigration enforcement in mexico and central america what does that mean is i just mean pressuring mexico and central america to crack down on migration to increase its militarization give more money to the police and security forces to crack down on migrants up lead off into human rights abuses is that really the solution is that what they mean by that she said that she was going to engage the private sector engaging the private sector hasn't been a problem $55000000000.00 has been spent since 2008 to 2020 on what's called the border industrial complex mainly high tech militarization of the border contract is making it an almost fortune defense contract is a lot of them don't give in to the democratic party and also building shelters which often quite substandard because they're in for the profit motive in fact right now as the biden session looks from all shoulders there are real questions about whether some of the people who are being given the contracts have
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a very poor record on housing housing migrants and let's get the view from the other side of the border on your rapinoe as mona from tijuana in mexico. we are outside of. port of entry into the united states quite literally a stone's throw away from the us mexico border where you see behind us is a makeshift camp of migrants up popped up just a little over just a little or over a month ago we're told that the majority of people here are either migrants from central america countries like hunter s. and guatemala also many people here from southern mexico states like chiapas one huckabee truck gun as well as nationals from haiti cuba and other countries so we really have quite the mix of migrants here and it's estimated we believe there to be somewhere between a 101500 people that have been staying at this camp some for more than a month now others that are new arrivals with new migrants arriving almost almost every day now we heard from one gentleman from guatemala earlier today who said that in the more than one month that he's been out here at no point has he been
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approached by any government officials or anyone from the either the mexican side or the u.s. side to sort of give him an idea of what to do next and that seems to be a common theme among many of the people here they seem to be waiting but they don't seem to be knowing what they're waiting for and there is a lot of frustration a lot of confusion s.g. as as to what they're going to do next what they're hoping is that there will be some sort of visibility of their camp that u.s. officials will hear their voices have been holding many demonstrations out here so they're hoping that u.s. officials will hear their voices and give them an opportunity to to make their asylum cases be heard to border agents. now for the 1st time the u.s. senate has confirmed and openly transgender a federal official to a key post top pennsylvania health official rachel again will not be the nation's assistant secretary of health transgender rights activists have praised the beans appointment as a breakthrough with few trans people having held office at that level. but u.s.
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state of virginia has abolished the death penalty more than 1300 people have been executed since its founding as a colony 4 centuries ago the governor ralph northam says capital punishment has no place in the state the south or the nation around the country more than 170 people have been released from death row since 1973 due to evidence of their innocence. that is simply wrong we can't give out the ultimate punishment without being 100 percent sure that we're right. and we can't send its people to that automatic punishment knowing that the system doesn't work the same for everyone an investigation into a deadly fire at the world's biggest refugee camp is now under way a camp at cops as bizarre in bangladesh is home to more than
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a 1000000 rangar refugees from me and the official death toll countless stands at 15 but hundreds remain missing around the challenger reports from causes bizarre 26 yo mohammad job as a father died while trying to salvage belongings from his house fire ripped through the camp. i can't explain in words how i feel emotionally at this moment the loss of my father is devastating for me and my family my shop was also destroyed but it doesn't bother me. i saw my count them and their family lost everything including their home. after facing so much trouble and we fled to this place now it seems like we are refugees all over again some witnesses say the barbed wire fencing around the camp stopped people from scaping the fire the fire out of the spotlight back on the struggles the trauma and the tragedy on daily basis by everyone here it
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has been more than 3 and a half years since nearly a 1000000 man march into this distant corner of bangladesh trying to get into what is now the world's largest refugee camp camp community leaders are seriously concerned about the fire has it. it is about time that the rohingya volunteers are given training on fire safety by government and aid agencies it is very critical that the refugees learn and be aware of fire hazards and safety and they should be door to door public awareness on such hazards lives could be saved in the future. u.n.h.c.r. and other aid agencies along with government trying hard to provide shelter and assistance. the situation it's devastating this fire is such a huge scale it's like nothing we've ever seen before he's more than 45000 people. just completely gone and not only that but also had some to learning centers
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nutrition centers they're all gone so it's so important. with the other humanitarian work together to try to provide basic assistance but also psychological support for people who've been through trauma again and again. this tragedy is a reminder of the burner ability of refugees who are caught between the increasingly precarious situation in bangladesh and a new political reality off their homeland now ruled by the military government responsible for the genocide that forced them to flee $200.00 charge. cox's bizarre maritime authority in egypt have had to reopen old a section of the suez canal to divert traffic after one of the world's biggest cargo ships became stuck the 400 meter long 200000 ton ship was knocked off course by strong winds and tug boats are still struggling to dislodge it accidents created a backlog of traffic including tankers carrying saudi russian and american oil
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mount etna how many italians island of sicily has erupted sending lava rocks up to 900 meters into the air explosions could be heard in nearby towns and the airport in the city of kut tania has closed because of the ash it's 16th eruption. i took a check of the headlines here on al-jazeera japan says north korea has fired 2 ballistic missiles they were launched from south have young province into the scene in japan u.s. pacific command says it shows pyongyang as a threat to its neighbors right has more from salt it is quite a significant development it happened early thursday morning was 1st detected by the japanese coast guard later confirmed by officials here in south korea as being 2 projectiles flying some 450 kilometers and both japanese and u.s. officials are now saying that these were bilis stick missiles now.


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