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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Salai Maung Taing San and Tom Andrews  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2021 7:30am-8:01am +03

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ellery's have. day notice he took we will never shut down even if there are no customers i want the world to know that we're fighting. even though he isn't making any sales he still orders new sculptures from local artists to keep the industry alive while they all wait for better days just in washington al-jazeera to counter . her again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the leader of myanmar's willing june to has promised to safeguard democracy and protect the people as the military put on a show of force in an annual parade the army warned anti-corporate testers who interrupted the event could be shot tony chang has more from bangkok we did see large numbers thousands and thousands of troops coming out. to parade on the square foot sort of organized marching we saw rocket launches as well cannon fire so it
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was really a very dramatic show as it always is it has to be said but to reinforce the fact that they are able to put this on will that they are still showing the strength minimized the senior general came and he said that the violent acts of protest on the streets were inappropriate u.s. politicians have been visiting border facilities in texas following a surge of migrants arriving in recent weeks democrats say they've inherited a broken system from the trumpet ministration while republicans accuse president biden of encouraging is i sign him seekers to make the journey and civil rights groups are suing the u.s. state of georgia after republican governor brian kemp signed sweeping new voting restrictions into law a democratic state representative was arrested i mean protests against the measures activists say they will suppress the voice of minority voters. a growing number of
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western retail giant sink looting h. and m. and nike of facing a boycott in china for voicing concern over the alleged use of wiggle forced labor to produce cotton inching john dozens of celebrities and e-commerce platforms are cutting ties with the brandts a residential building has collapsed in egypt's capital cairo it's unclear how many were in the multi-story building way it came down in the middle of the night local media say at least 3 people have been killed and 23 others were injured brazil has reported more than 3600 coronavirus deaths a new record for a single day queues have been growing for intensive care beds as infections sage the most populous states el pollo has extended its strong down until april 11th. those are the headlines as always more news on our web site al-jazeera dot com coming up next here talk to al-jazeera to stay with this. worked at al-jazeera
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english since it's law which is a principle present and as a correspondent with any breaking news story world to hear from those people who would normally not get the votes is heard on the international news channel well maybe it's all be very proud of you is when we covered the whole earth quake was $26.00 days a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be that to tell the people story was very important to the toilet. february the 1st it seemed like a normal morning in myanmar physical education teacher. i was recording one of the videos near a checkpoint leading to the parliament building just as she'd been doing for almost a year. she didn't realize her camera was about to capture the moment not just for the whole country
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a black vehicles driving up to the checkpoint. by the leaders of the. elected leader. and other senior officials were detained and the state. communication services was shut down but that didn't stop people taking to the streets. having lived under military rule. the democratic civilian government they gained. in the subsequent. international community has responded. to key figures in the efforts to bring international actions against military.
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a close aide to. escape. and dru's special on the situation of human rights in myanmar on this edition of talk to al-jazeera we connect with them to discuss what can be done to reestablish democratic rule. thank you for talking to. you. you to describe how you see right now the state of affairs in your country is a chaos and is desperate need immediate actions and it in no more words about its actions because the does they'd defense forces that should be protecting the people of myanmar are not against the people of myanmar would smoking guns so that 54000000 of people in myanmar are
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now under siege would smoking guns let me take you back to the election which took place in november you were the campaign manager for on sunset cheese party in the last election was the election free and fair or was weather problems as the military claim it wasn't a comment in the international observer included logo observable and the people of myanmar have spoken loud and clear that it was a free and fair and democratic the people of myanmar have spoken a loud and clear that no longer we don't need a military team the people of myanmar particularly in these new generations they don't want to leave under any sort of military control of the our freedom and these are realized that they have lost heavily to demote the tea party it was elected by the people of myanmar for the people of myanmar let me take you back to the last
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days of january there was lots of speculation that the military might try something in those last days of january how worried were you about the prospect of a coup they were all prepared and yes mobs. because they know that they lost totally lost the support of the people of myanmar at the known had they are having the people of myanmar with their anymore so they cannot see the a future and they cannot see india future power politics in the military that they have to end that way they have violated the constitution that they have visited by themself for themselves so if the very real that does it does right. to stalin's democracy in the freedom for us by stoning election with point but of course remember to be stupid enough to take this kind of military coup because it
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is not only bad for the calm through me it's a bad for them they will be trapped there themselves in the near future they will realize that they have make a huge mistake i think that this is really the region there are others know what you found about what is happening around the world it is 21st century they underestimate the people of myanmar they undermine the people of myanmar they can in the people in myanmar will be just ok that's ok you know ok we never said yes ok to stolen election results tell me about the day of the coup when did you 1st realize what was going on we wake up in the early morning of february and we realize that all our phones that we cannot make any coal. is there all televisions and every signal was that and i was surprised when i look from my
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window i saw all the military armaments surrounding us and those the parliamentarian members levy in the municipal building were surrounded. by those. forces on the parliament there are buildings all the pleasure of the place where the ministers were leaving and argued our society our state house of them had a presence or been surrounded by. something was wrong it was already a movie coup happened of course it was scary in the way because we don't know what's going to happen we don't know we are dying we don't know do you all kill us you know that they did to mind there was prepared to destry us completely you were someone who was likely to end up in the cabinet if there wasn't a coup so you must have been very concerned about your own safety tell us how you got out of the country but that horrible one of the president of his close aide to
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escape as soon as possible because i need to be the voice and the face of the people me emma and i was against taxi driver and you know it was tough it was tough i thought i would die of that situation because it was extreme situation after do we did 3 days and 3 nights. lead to free in a safe place and you are now in a secret location but your job is to try and alert the world and get international reaction to what has happened let's move to the international reaction so far 1st from the regional countries as seann are you happy with the way they have responded no is a very disappointing again and again and that our friends our producers is this we
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have their nations as. evil while we are then brothers sisters the leaving same to same family. but if one is behaving very bad. and keep it surance who should be protected by him or her killing it's 0 people committing crimes against humanity again and again in 1980 how's students with autos again to those same 3 happen to the 7 a lot of good is a month for slaughter and again $2.70. just loaded and about 1000000 people are pushed to see now again and again already in the kill mode and the people. this crime against humanity has to be happening under watches of us or leaders let us talk about the reaction here where i am the
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united nations will come to the security council in a moment but we had a dramatic moment here at the u.n. in the general assembly when myanmar's ambassador and many people thought he was going to start explaining the militias position but instead stood up to the military in the un general assembly what was your reaction to that speech we salute well ambassador. turned the people of myanmar best bet and salute the bravery of the people the bravery of our ambassador on the face of these military junta even any true diplomatic hooley president the people me among the counter myanmar to any bottom is a mess around the world must stand the people of myanmar not again read these elites into made illegal regions in
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a car days we have to fall you need the government in the government of a government for the people by the people i know you've written a letter because i got a copy of it to the united nations your calling for an arms embargo and designated sanctions from the u.n. security council you know that's unlikely to get through the u.n. security council because china and russia likely to be opposed to that do you have any other options to try and get sanctions on the generals yeah iraq 311 and 0 hour will be what has the response been to. we one u.n. security council to consider protecting the people. because the one who have the responsibility does the fence was it the myanmar are is possible to protect the people mi amor. but now they are killing the people of myanmar the 2nd point no country in the world soo said weapons again to deduce the promise of the military
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because each bullet that they sell is to cure our people it's each weapon they sell has to oppress us but what is becoming such as power as possible to this generals not only just even the one that they would do not now is the subsidy is the generals individuals. but we need all the companies then a country business yet again and while all them has to be suctioned the generals of course run your country for very many years they are used to international isolation in the past even if you get all the things that you want how are you going to get them to give up power what's different now know you mean you me aware that this so many army inside also da da like this is the 1st you know head from people who are who are into
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a team in this injustice. you know there is a half 1000000 army force i'm forces but in half 1000000 people armed forces in mema is only a few of them who are bad who are so bad so bad evils and they're the ones controlling it so if we can provide a better new different way internet beef puff they all will come to us so we don't need to have any war anymore we just need to create some internet eve strategy where all these armed forces who are abuse would be it would come to us can i ask you what information you have of your colleagues who are being detained and son suchi the president and others who are being detained right now what do you know of their condition and how they're being treated illegally detained by this.
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man is an acceptable to today we don't know what it can we don't know where they are we don't know if our state consular our society is eating world or her helt including our president even her own lawyer. allowed to see her. and this is an. this isn't an acceptable volition of human rights the rights of individuals you as you're going about your efforts trying to rally the international community your clearly watching the pictures that are coming out of your country and you're watching the young people and it is mainly young people who are on the streets for example lead was the protest who went by the english name angel who was wearing the t. shirt everything will be ok that was then she was then shot dead by the military tell me your view as you watch these pictures it's heartbreaking to see not just a heartbreaking just. to see a young girl standing on
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a bus then was shot that it is hard for me to understand this in human behavior of does the military junta yet there's no action there's no action no one is they get action another strong voice so myanmar is the un special rapporteur tom andrews he's an independent expert appointed by the un human rights council previously he was a u.s. congressman can i ask you whether what we're seeing in the country since the coup whether these amount to war crimes well listen i have made it very clear that there is mounting evidence that at the very least we're talking about crimes against humanity these attacks are very systematic they're very widespread it's very clear by the nature of these attacks that there is a central command that he has behind them. these are clear clearly noncombatants
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that are being attacked injured and killed so all of these factors make it clear to me and what i suggested to the united nations human rights council is that while this needs to be adjudicated of course in a court in my opinion looking at the facts as i've seen them these are these are. times against humanity and should be investigated and adjudicated as such let's go back to the election in the country in november last year the military say they have staged this coup because there was fraud not election is there any evidence of that you have see and if there isn't why do you think the military is really acting now look i don't know if there were irregularities or not in the election those who were observing the election very closely say that it was essentially a very fair election in terms of the process that was involved but what i do know is that having a complaint about the way an election was conducted is in no way
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a justification for committing an illegal coup d'etat it was clearly an excuse this is clearly something that they wanted to do not withstanding what happened or didn't happen in the election they violated their own rules they said they set the course and of course the constitution provided them with enormous power they control controlled key ministries they controlled 25 percent of the seats in the parliament which made it made sure that the parliament could not change the constitution they had enormous wealth because of the the enormous amount of wealth and power coming there into their pockets as a result of these business conglomerates that they control and they were basically unaccountable because of all of that those those resources flowing into their pockets so really it's an amazing thing to think that they would overturn a government that provided them with such advantages many were of course very
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critical of that and if they would violate their own rules it in committing this in this coup it's a violation of law and the law was written by themselves why do you think they opted. you know i think that's a good question james and for the life of me i don't know perhaps even the enormous amount of power that they have was just not enough they wanted complete and total power that they didn't want to have to deal with anyone asking questions or raising points of view other than what they want to hear i don't know don't a source told us that he felt the military had completely underestimated the people of myanmar particularly the young people tell us what you think when you watch these pictures that we're seeing every day all these very brave peaceful protests it is completely remarkable i'm in awe as i as i see the pictures as i
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watch the evidence of heroism great courage great tenacity great creativity as i see these young people. out onto the streets and engaging in tactics that are creative there's there's not just one thing that they're doing they're doing many things and so this generation z. as they're called the young people under 25 years of age they're clearly on the forefront of this but it's not just generations and generations all generations are involved in this people of all ages all professions i mean to see buddhist monks and and muslim clerics walking side by side bankers construction workers educators health care workers it is extraordinary to see the unity within this country these people being killed being attacked and increasing numbers of them being detained we have the democratically elected politicians we've got lots of protesters now in
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custody custody tell me what we know about the fate of those detainees i believe they're a top of torture. we don't know a lot because they are being detained in various locations this is very secretive and by the way this is very very widespread this net that has been. gilded here by the by the regime of course we know that the most famous leaders. when me and 10 others leaders of the country are in detention but there are people from all walks of life that are being terrorized arrested in the middle of the night taken places where their families don't know conditions they don't know charges they don't know you've been doing this job for about a year now but you know the country very very well the military used to run everything right away from 1962 to 2011 keeping the country in total isolation it seems they want to go back to total isolation do you think that's
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possible no it's not possible it's a fantasy don't get me wrong they going to do everything possible to make sure that the country becomes as isolated as it has ever been but you can't put the genie back in the bottle particularly young people who have had a taste of freedom who are very savvy with the tools of communication that we now have they're not going back i mean they they've they've told me they've heard the stories from their their parents by their from their grandparents and they will not go back to those days and they'll do everything possible to make sure that this coup this coup fails let's look at the international reaction now you are the special rapporteur of the united nations now that's an independent role you can criticize everyone if you want including the u.n. itself so let's start there the secretary general is issued statements normally he says he's concerned he's now saying he's appalled the security council's put out 2 statements condemning what's going on yet the killing continues is it time for much
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more than words now i think it is i think it is past time. for more than words and and there's a variety of options now the 1st option obviously would be for the security council of the united nations to to act they could create and organize and manage a unified set of sanctions tough sanctions targeted sanctions they could have an international arms embargo they could refer this atrocity to the international criminal court for investigation and prosecution that has not happened it may happen but it hasn't happened so what do we do in the meantime i think what we do is encourage individual nations to establish tough focused sanctions regimes cut off the revenue flow to the hunt to cut off their supply supplies of weapons to whatever extent that is possible and what i think is critical here is
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for those actions to be unified to be coordinated so that they have the greatest possible collective punch on on their resources and the capacity of the the junta to continue and we've seen some western nations who support the course of action but the regional grouping. and the regional powers china don't seem to support the idea of sanctions a tool that's a problem isn't it well it is obviously because of course in the case of china they have the generals have always hid behind the protection of china in the security council and china has traditionally been a source of weapons and and trade and investment but but here's the thing and you need to look carefully at the signals being sent from the region and from and from china and those signals well they're encouraging even though they're modest the fact that u.n. leaders are rejecting what's happened criticizing what's happened the fact that china could call for the release of political prisoners i mean these are critical
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comments that come from neighbors that traditionally are not critical. it is in their own interest to not have a conflagration going on right in their neighborhood a right in the midst of us eon right over the border from from china what about the argument that some people use that any sort of sanctions won't just harm the military they'll hum the people as well when i talk to people on the ground in even more and i and i explained how we are working very hard to make sure that that the impact on the people of myanmar is minimal they'll say look we're we're being greatly impacted right now by by conditions and listen we've we've gone for a long time with very very little we're fighting for our future and we're willing to to do what it takes to win this to win this ordeal and to make sure that our future in the children our children's life is much better than it would be under
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authoritarian rule so they're saying look we're willing to sacrifice we're willing to do what it takes but of course what we're very cognizant of is that there be minimum minimum harm minimum damage in any economic sanctions regime to the people of the country you know the size of the army in myanmar and you've already talked about the scale of corruption in the country if the economy begins to one assumes all of the corruption money doesn't just go to the top generals there is money going various levels throughout the military hierarchy do you think there's a possibility the military might start to split i would not be surprised if those that are being asked to to treat their fellow citizens with such brutality. would stop and question and and and not follow those orders i i certainly hope. and we have sent very clear messages that no matter where you are in the
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chain of command you are responsible for your actions and you will be held accountable for your actions so i hope. that at every level of the chain of command if you're asked to shoot innocent protesters innocent peaceful protesters that that you refused to do so among all of those detained of course one figure by far the best not an unsung suchi and i know you have known her a long time do you think there's less sympathy for her in the international community because of the events in recent years where she hasn't spoken out about the plight of the remaining i think the focus of the international community is really where it ought to be not on any one individual or political group for that matter but on the people of me and more and what this means for the people of myanmar and i think that's a very very important thing that we that we do that we keep that focus on on the
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public and understand and advocate on on their behalf and understand the implications for them and their and their children tom andrews un special rapporteur thank you for talking to it's my pleasure. thank you. i'm counting because rich countries and big pharma give developing countries the technology to speed up the roll out and back to. this thing in mental health could be good for mobile economic growth plus islamic finance doesn't cost the religious text counting the costs on al-jazeera. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where your cancer culture. the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and
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everything in between tech companies are the ones with the power what do we do what's the solution good organizers what are world leaders or governments missing talking about targets like 2014 or 20 targets we're now up front with me. on al-jazeera. or. at least 4 more protesters are killed in myanmar as a military puts on a show of strength on armed forces day. i'm fully back to watching al jazeera live from doha also ahead democrats and republicans visit the u.s. border with mexico the politicians painting starkly different pictures of the challenges there. china expands a boycott campaign targeting where.


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