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tv   Al Jazeera World A Simple Life  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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yes months should we be buying because ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera me on mars military has again turned on its own people killing at least 114 along civilians according to local media there's been international condemnation of the violence the u.s. ambassador to myanmar describing the bloodshed as horrifying tony reports. of a war there are more than you are. the inconsolable cry of a father his dead son in his arms the 13 year old boy was shot at his home in
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central myanmar as the security forces moved in. just city yangon looked and sounded like a battle zone the soldiers and police roam the streets burning barricades firing stun grenades and live rounds. and pain everyday lives and he said don't press the saying these are engineers these these are this a community leaders and this is a student this wounded man was dragged visibly bleeding into the road rather than help or provide 1st aid the soldiers beat him as he laid in a pool of his own blood. in the southern city of daraa way these 3 men on a motorcycle or shot at random as they passed police trucks to manage to get to their feet and flee a 3rd wounded trapped beneath his bike. and those wounded or killed dragged away
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unceremoniously to be bundled into army trucks. all of this on a day meant to celebrate myanmar's armed forces but celebrate they did outside the capital naypyidaw on an enormous parade ground and or inspiring display of military hardware and might the gentle leader in his address avoided the fact these soldiers are now fighting their own people and reinforced his statement that members of the army of the guardians democracy movement. the armed forces unavoidably assume the state responsibility by lawful means due to the unlawful acts of the n l d led government in the 2020 election after the accomplishment of the state of emergency provision a free and fair election will be rerun and the handover of state responsibility will be continued while the military has faced little opposition so far manned mars armed ethnic groups have been threatening to intervene if the violence continues
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how. they continue to shoot at protesters and bully the people i think all ethnic groups would not just stand by and do nothing. but it's civilians who now face the military's role 7 year old. was shot in the head inside his home in mandalay. warry everything will be ok but don't sleep say his parents as they try to treat his room. children are now facing the pull might be a must military machine tony chang. the delivery of vaccines to developing countries through the u.n. backed kovacs program could be pushed back by several weeks because of the slowdown of exports from a major indian producer the indian government has told international buyers it will now have to keep more of any available doses after a rise in factions india this week recorded its highest number of coronavirus cases
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in 5 months and the government says it must now prioritize local supply. china and iran have signed the landmark 25 year cooperation agreement in a challenge to the biden of ministration the deal which has been in the works since 2016 was signed by the chinese foreign minister one year and his a rainy and counterpart zarif china is expected to invest in key sectors of iran's economy as part of the deal including energy and infrastructure. a new attempts are being made to move the ship that's been blocking the suez canal in egypt for the past 5 days the dutch salvage far more king to free the evergreen says it could be successful by the start of next week the stern of the vessel is now free the $400.00 metre long container ship ran aground on tuesday al-jazeera world is next i'll have more news of half an hour.
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many people living and working in the world's biggest cities today are generally better off than their parents and grandparents generations but what does get better off me just some it's just a matter of having more money than people had 50 years ago but for others it's about possessions what we are in the cars we drive the clothes we wear the technology we use. this film is about stuff how much we have and how much we actually need. acquiring stuff is a true pleasure for many people whether it's picking up a bargain at the shopping mall or upgrading an old item with the latest model will simply receiving a gift from a friend with each transaction our acquisition of material things increases
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but how much is enough the question is as old as consumerism itself but especially amid the global pandemic is now being raised again across the world on t.v. in movies on streaming services and on social media. in the video. didn't. get in mr. miller's today that he had made it's maybe he's identified. it is. siddharth or joe lives in turkey's largest city is down bull he's a social media consultant in his thirty's married with a young daughter their apartment has all the regular middle class modern conveniences including a home office for siddharth before working from home was forced on us while on the
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surface is life might have seemed ideal so that decided he needed to reassess his lifestyle his spending and overall work life balance. in the modern way or cope with understand why stern because there's always to your model to be conducive to can we do it ensures there. are limited highness you can there tickle the heart of the market there. are more. many of the family purchases were at the local shopping mall it's convenient and caters for most shoppers needs but the mall is about more than just shopping it's a day out and entertainment filled center for all the family.
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of about there was on in terms of the military we all this with a need to give the image the e.p. it makes the d.m.z. admission they could make today no we are a mildew and would be us the look at your color sir bynum to get the most on them and musk a little from the. west a little from the lender to. build a mosque on the mall not a number they land on them they give you. money is to be liberal mish with. more done charter took it to mean you need be a good deal all do need if they do that would indeed be to end their work their mob it mob it all this with a smirk is that it with initiative to getting that what they're doing. d.n.a. into getting d.n.a. and then all muscle. to get winked at bhutto be. wooed the name good except for the kid on. the on the dean then she control the. they make that. trick in the
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book in the me our sins are major excellence yet as the checks and the high york with the 6 ins with so they could shake this is in the machine that. need peace in this now marxism needs to ministers in the us or don't always get the memo us and or bitch if there could be the truth or there is steeped our question we should really really be misled all muslims on ahmed around ideas are more me and he only has 10 men element marry a woman you only said merrick. had to deal with it in art and they are to get a candle up that mr talked of all the meeting assures. that pilot baldwin charitable critical or so. long. siddharth decided to look for people who turned their back on consumerism in favor of a simpler life or what people are now. all in minimalism. the philosophy of simple
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living is about being satisfied with what you have rather than what you want it's a movement that's existed for centuries in different forms and now once again gaining traction. as with any major life change the hardest part is often the 1st step. be she didn't know on the skipping the stern task it in he said to me i will show them the benefits of the acid on him especially that. child's journey of self discovery began with examining the family finances he earns he spends more he spends more it's a never ending cycle in which wealth is gained only to be lost again. siddhartha wanted to explore the alternatives to see if it was possible to break this cycle but in
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a family friendly way. yes well they are pretty clear in. their children he said you know that all of the. those little more than we were told luke 2 or 3 or. one another they still believe in the addition to that date into one day to let us look at a coaster upon them i believe in a. lot up there than i did the any day that now was. like getting that. not going to make. us all noted in the wake. of those who were deliciously. his 1st stop was imagine house meaning a co-operative house it's in the aegean region of western turkey. it calls itself an environmental village and it's a community of like minded people all practicing an alternative lifestyle it was set up in 2005 with the aim of its members deciding on their exact needs and then
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providing for them themselves imagine houses founder ismail unicorn created the community in response to his own disillusionment with modern city life he believed he was devoting too much time to work simply to secure his basic needs housing water electricity yet to go in and his young family moved to a 3 hector plot of land to live at one with nature ranchers go whenever a question yeah new year's. eve should be savored we are getting is like you cousin has learned that you should. talk more standout year to ms what eventually. someone could be doing you know nice and then bought a shares and democratic dawdle human will. if you don't go sheepish to him i won't move such
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a negative looser they are going to talk too much and it will be such a case that we shouldn't sort of either solo or do you want to ship them. then home and. mail. them. that. the magic house is a year round project for ismail his wife and daughter soraya it's also an open house for like minded people visitors are expected to help out with farming and daily domestic chores. but us is in the truck a spoiler. you can. yell my simile is skittle no luck with it big talk call i not only include them don't know you son just read
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also your shark and blew up the cover but she told him talk. to sardinia showing your training subject of a little good to your shark. in the earshot of can talk about it similar to cerberus and arjun who should have seen the number of visitors can range from a handful of guests to dozens of people from all over the world. during sadat or giles visit he was accompanied by a family who like him was also questioning their big city lifestyle the visit to a major house raised profound questions for sadat could he really quit the rat race and up brooches family to live in a community like this what about his daughter's education how would his wife react . to let reading in.
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me see artists make to make me to play up mark martin. i never made their p.r. much sodium higher than they are that would be a good time to judge when i had little dollar that i got that i was always down water color yarn or clothing on their exam to be jel much. when they were ready that you just said yeah but i did your the children which gets this and they're going to do it yeah he did toddy doris and they're. hungry so i start cut you when they approach the little chalkboard henson's them which is somewhere in the sea of europe here gives it if you're a student. the image of if you called. me today neighbors you. win
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a lot of ideas i didn't do it isn't. that what you did to them. so i can work and highly and they just made an engineer one of the top of. their physics says all of. them they can be treated. even. back in their apartments in istanbul so that's wife delivered her opinion on the idea of living in a rural commune. he will also have a lot of i don't know. who are those of holmes. or just yes yeah yeah let us use the models are. probably. chosen one principle the loss of confidence the
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question even. then there's the bottom the judge gannett even more then the next will be. brought to g.p. and it may be just as can be. said to find that a. 2 2 sedan continued with his work but at the same time learned more about the simple living movement it had become clear to him that there were different degrees of simple at one end of the spectrum was a line for rural isolation while at the other with the bright lights of the busy city sadat was looking for a compromise a middle path and next spoke to a retired businessman who had turned his back on consumerism.
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retired at 53 from a senior management role in a successful business he managed several 100 people was paid a large salary and had all the trappings of so-called success but he turned his back on his lifestyle in favor of a simpler life with his 7 children and 3 grandchildren. but they were. the last told me to call a lot of the. me up which be in summer but. companion in the negative. you got to follow that the women will not have to doctor it you must all go get it and he said it was a little. bit dull it was others and that is some of what we ought to show him of the merit of method he didn't see that in. the least looked up your videos all they can have got and love them all of you that almost wish them they did go on issues.
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that it was women who couldn't see how to get to the telephone in their automatic men died that. the other economic. yup but that meaning that they will deal old little community that get addicted. after retirement calgary patea built a house in a small village near istanbul it was an escape from all the pressures and stresses of city life. if you let a kid live. highly. unusual day we all felt must have washed he stumbled. out of a bigoted good deal or it's dirty old look me i didn't have to much. tell you what among the mish. childish you're clear the have
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a lot of jokes you could have. and you'd be sure you would go. home to get them and then you should have been maybe a shot of them. or to prolong the problem. as millikan or bush to look. up to top it up with the data to your political you they'd be able to rush. in to dicky said and be a political good no and you don't think it should just. well 1st of all for the loser. all. of this. is easier just over. the retired businessman introduced to
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a simple life support group it's an opportunity for people from all walks of life to compare their experience of changing lifestyles and living with less. how much. is it. part of the project just look at things out and. we just call them stuff critical to look behind you there because indians probably don't see the logic that at the least it is going to get even a well know where they are listed if it doesn't look to the top of the lipitor to look them up. be reasonable a little much that. had a mistake then had enough done in some. believe. in some stuff. to get make the dina's are longer in sunny between they say they are getting that has she to get your source do you
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need to get to this last bus come. in which are they getting d.s.l. live to get your thoughts so they can sell their lives had to get a source work and then took it to. the lawlessness or to get young men to. does it is. critical to columbus and i. saw that your body can did it 3 times a couple of the. critical items your quite a clock that. must resist and call them children chose for the start of their garden and seeing the duty. because yes. dodging the enemy to come a book of them because of being in there. just in the class to
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be dangerous. just each question. certain side out legally actually written so you didn't. kill. their guys want to do maybe you. just now call them. top of the i don't want them to be. having made some changes to his lifestyle that made contact with members of the simple life support. if. on the mark. on there is some. change this is
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a rush. this is. about a member of the group by the hour had been a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry he made a lot and spent a lot enjoying luxury holidays and buying expensive quotes but he discovered that for him money did not buy happiness it cutler billick their. own daughter or that credit card them all the. side of the. bill took. a shell of an. element dish still missing in. phuket. your going to the wrong. hardly given the kind of.
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dish in your head and neck other i know not to the needy 2nd there. folk in u. . build online build where there were. but what i'm doing in my little. shaking dickie if i dare let. net bill if i this is us will girders among. us that all under. normal will. leave it here it will be made which is needed in the time i'm in concert of lady this. musical question a couple from my little man is going to make this. your. form of the. some of these you believe
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energy form almost disciple muckler all of this hype all marketers and. look and gen to give a b. c. d. . april on out just cus d'amato to wave to the vaccine roll out we'll bring you the latest developments from around the world a year into the coronavirus pandemic $100.00 skeins rare behind the scenes access into the secretive world of japanese sumo. could president idriss deby secure a 6th time in power join us on april 11th for the chop election. the award winning our choice returns the stories of those striving to be juicer negative impact on
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the planet has president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on al-jazeera. a survivor of the genocide milieu there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to has dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. knowing them here is due to all. you know hope of finally laying the pos to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because we need to if i could just find a think about i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. played an important role in protecting human. face.
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revealing eco friendly solutions to comeback threats to our planet on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london with the top stories on our iraq mian mars military has again turned on its own people killing at least 114 unarmed civilians according to local media and. the there has been international condemnation of the violence the us ambassador to me and maher describing the bloodshed as horrifying and the u.n. says it's completely unacceptable and it must stop immediately at least 2 children are among the dead the delivery of vaccines to developing countries through the
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u.n. backed kovacs program could be pushed back by several weeks because of the slowdown of exports from a major indian producer the indian government has told international buyers it will now have to keep more of any available doses after a rise in new infections india this week reported its highest number of coronavirus cases and 5 months and the government says it must now prioritize local supply. temps are being made to move the ship that's been blocking the suez canal in egypt for the past 5 days but that salvage for more came to free the evergreen says it could be successful by the start of next week the stern of the vessel is now free and they're hoping that higher tides and the arrival of 2 more tug boats on sunday will help their operation the 400 meter long container ship ran aground on tuesday close to the south end of the canal after the crew lost visibility during
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a sandstorm. it is not often you it could have been a technical or human have that will be revealed through the investigation many different mistakes might be the reason but we cannot prove anything yet the only clear reason is that there was strong winds under some storm but they might not be the only reasons and you'll this will be revealed during the investigation you know china and iran have signed a landmark 25 year cooperation agreement and a challenge to the by didn't ministration the deal which has been in the works since 2016 was signed by chinese foreign minister one and his a rainy and counterpart zarif that china is expected to invest in the sector is of iran's economy as part of the deal including energy and infrastructure lengthy practice steroids 1st with a major world power al-jazeera world continues the next i'll have a news hour for you in half an hour see that.
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which of it is the social media consultant living and working in turkey. he stumbled he's married with a young daughter and as a family they decided to look at ways of adopting a less conspicuous. influence by what's called the simple living minimalist the family decided to de close of their lives and live with less even before the global pandemic struck. seattle hunky full to the jive duo he is sort of doing the demo level of interaction what he can. do is i show my. 15 yo to do to get it a little is it. little lamb i said the cook is petition the court of law.
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to go only stick. with the video that only stay in the end they get to because misty eyed him will do. it is in the end and it's a make they have to queue. for much the money that it is. but doesn't this is a. good you know what is that is a myth is it this is the size of it for suicidal behavior to go to the beach you know that's the siegel but i love it. i'm shining a light on the mess. that you need.
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she bumble you like that even though they're young and you think i'm the wrong for the country. you know months along with and as they did. mention that. they did a bust i was a kid there should be good in the bottom of the 100 go to. the good old. tom i thought you were the leader and. he's on the or you know what i'm going. to work a car this year i'm exposed. if you will. shun
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the. 3 johns like i mean can all the terms on land so that children he cried out on the buy bonds are. marked out i'll start it. he said calder the. share that it does are going to go and then when. the corps activity has a tunnel none the next century. the simple living movement is now a global phenomenon by social media documentaries and blogs the idea is that reducing household consumption should lead to less individual debt spending means less time earning 'd and so your quality of life should improve.
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hutchinson's york's all sons miss where they were so they could sit in the since peace must sit ins with deals that the good news for them learn insulin suddenly turns are close in they can bullet has she had term assess they can do that to see that she did it or you say yes or no high up there with her she her plus or the other daughter target either. sixing in the clear yes some way arsenic did dear good school in the such. as the or just family's journey progressed they embraced both the practical and spiritual side of the new minister. so there's no evidence they're not unknown to be sogginess minded in their market to such a distance and they're going to. miss one on one act of the things. i once saw that in charlotte outsiderness makes. that our number one we have been in business all
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tips and then busy now to position and minded me be a little good today and. you'll know less analyse. your sides of me in that she had to it's not. like he actually had decided that. she'd think in this it means that the only leader. hardly. she said that he. would like to let me just that it takes the other packet. but if you're out the gate and have to. suffer a bit you don't know that it is. a child and because i was stunned that she had a cowardly. take it was he said the past year tell me like it was for the sick. fine describes himself as
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a miss. a runtime and a flute player he lives in turkey's anatolia mountains. used to be an architect but is now a shepherd. looks under the believing caption kiss me a verse that. there is jumbo shrimp the can't there it it can be a sun kill it. can eventually surely have this amazing they had. gotten most of it cured of my shit which. sold on the little black missions that. was the mission we had. done where the 1st gave me can't that starts restart. which i'm alone nobody will trouble not an alt not all lessons mobile and some of the hour yannick softens a jackson's. not over i'm out the momo member thomason making us not them. martin
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sheen we look at this movie sure the caller id the species to me instead of in tandem here but you know son if they yell and yes i'm on tumblr nice and. what i've been to my really she knows i'm out commuters still have the a lot of me give me a little contributing you loose this almost into his soul you know they can they believe in you make a bad mix of us you want to be purchasing the tiny kitchen. or tell me the amount you can buy your mansion they are managing the. rich and out. of. me they were led. to all out yes i'm a bipartisan interest.
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said outside the knights of the home of the architect turned shepard the next morning they discussed minimalism and the pros and cons of modern city life. and its height yes for him and jeff. davis and it's just think of that issue of you must know who will. be cool on the block and she. was one of my nephews jeanette's who. tubby and then trick you mentored into who can. watch you sons. or i know this yes you know someone a bit of a deep. deep. truth and you make you but yet you make they can be doing it indeed the inzamam yet you think you. are today had because and you think because
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of you you. reach 911 so yeah using the water can't hurt the i think you're going to that couple if you dream to do it in june admission shot by and you're going to be not c.s. . kind of good music sometimes i have to be found to be a minister or like you even if you think i thought it would be jimmy to. get you back up especially. be the last it just means when question the last she's made you you're watching much of a mob a knack an icemaker guess you can see if you have issues and ideas because to get that long. you give me. a couple of question that. could be given us we could and i can i know it all doesn't give me. up you're not going to get picky she had their fill of it over then you have the. true dog on which i'm going to get used to me and kissed him and also i'm sure yes at least in poland plenty you can do in the net and go let your left hand there in that he left the
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top line and you pick one that he she didn't you got this is she one of the $1000000.00 hockey cuts someone i wouldn't at all like what will be or young the solution because she says the stimulus almost forgot all and he she that it can did all and it was a cult and it is in it but i could go to their software and indoor letter they made us in on the. consumer study. the soakers been out to school on the telly up to much listening. top line good use this address. to tell to see that you let it go to get there but little light or other good news. you said to me to. you let's.
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get mitchell more. than that saw this 1st it was wrong it could. be digital to the book adjectives or vital such as the date logically goes. to the needy ms. minister he did was he she that was out there in the cia hey i mean. paid out. all due to be organic you know when it was to be seen in that us all of the all do all of the above to cause a masonic which of course you didn't hear it may be a blues deal because it does though i'm off to the beginning which is just because we can do them selves.
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after de coster in his family hard. time and his focus to. he was also concerned about the use of cleaning materials and the hard. to find out more he made an appointment to meet. a practitioner of alternative medicine. 2 only on the abusiveness he made sure miss innocent in something new to the question why should it be under the muslims hold you also among the how because in the cannot. identify continuous from sam going on below them get is none in coming to us from those among.
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father goulden day runs the institute of natural health in istanbul he believes that the simple life philosophy and natural food are inextricably linked. that. an issue to us and that. high up cars on the surface get us into mitchell shots all of the job. yes i mean some of. it. is that it shows up there must be a. little of that follow. me it's. been for a little. it's the g.d. good. to be in i'm not far behind in the gloom and doom you assured i wasn't it when this was in the days to me that it's
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a little less ritual through the arsenal to post your boston isn't. limited bus to see. the good in their families shopped locally for naturally produced foods from their local market. share their monday edition of i'm here to take it some we need to get a sheet high negatives and think about made any. point at all. positively or i'm a bit system in total moment moment but i'm sure you can system you're in the if you're a bird all normal human behavior. you cannot get to be able. to finish a carriage yar. from the pool and it's going to get near.
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often rules are written columbia they're called commodity shooter nash guinea think they should play a little machine in the heart the nano technology in their pocket and then where they may die later not to longer. he was tempted to call. the. timmy's each a little longer to camille so large that it is in the take along with all new to this modern economy don't need to be out a community. such cream in the columbia them. for. using a good use of your. own you. turning. it into. the marginal your mom. you know she was another of those 1st movers. this is not true you are what you are living here
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and it is a accomplished it could. cushion. and apart from the religious thought is on the other. a 20. kilometer will tell us a little before me. but i think you will. office . cannot fault. is. this roger the probably does them because they are tell me because i get it only needed to only the 1000000 know that their political work the music my the end what took little me out of the wheel put a. if it.
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does welcome this is on the whole no doubt talk on the internet that this is there by the ottoman that every day now this is a few of the danes how. good it will be an. issue that. the much you know that it's. a good how germany up on this margin yet the music. is a millionaire. one more than over audio they're all over there we just got a star on the boil over. all this stuff and talks only up to. the idea and probably inject a come undone by half was that will the whole medium be a make up like of the savior that ignited ship i'm sure there were $2000000.00 of them in any opposition of that campaign as were a couple of issues. this is the can was you know we did it.
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as i did picking us up on the don't ask is that an absolutely this is your research new to see if that i don't know. who should last a close but was a little would make. this by the by your son loved the plastic adequately. yanni solder hired to morrow me it all. to make. the everett. truck more homeless truckers number you to hear any. music there mr low. on what he truly awesomeness in the genetic yama. to think can the computer she. calls a chick. each mimic been. mocking it all she hopped along with i'm telling you i'm. going to be in some good bar yes
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to lay a mess. and good old me i'm sure to get mass. to him you suck. does call me out i see here the fears. that it. took to. do. with an experiment is now a lifestyle successfully of your john's family adapted to simple living. and because of the lawyer by celia. this. album is not. only to deliberately take television is then there's. the catalog.
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then couldn't that have a colonial. it's in the cut called usually in the nose of. my similar although. all going on they are almost sure you didn't mean to get to do. the end there are cells into to. literature 2 of colonial. sort anomalous kind of these to diminish and. jessamy stigma sort of sort of get it and i think it's a listed in. the. movie as if it did they are none of us artistic for sure nice to me i never they said. even if they're blue movable this is only a shell that included on aging the inability part i was a cousin of can hijack their walk to miss it and move to motive or control and be
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the. most in the city to not to the be that an all to be sure. to move the do new on the shop there was additional material. for their purpose on the but are there but it does feel together but believe me share your kind of loss of the impression of this marriage. to a good daughter for me not much more than get it it's taught me. how does it get in the sound like you are the result of some and are ridiculous. almost all of it since here they're dead sided there shouldn't be a scene in the well not that. yeah. it is to make you understand look at the no. matter which area chiefly the division is in using. it all to do when you're pulled the idea is to
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make. a stand on him orlando is. allowed on this on the can let me study up nato shoes. with us. to understand there was additional. design and. i had to move the. optimisation. and get it sold on the delish to maybe almost again i can hardly get to may get to sit on the. 'd family's infusing and some
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for simple living has continued since this program was made so that has not gone back to his former consumer's lifestyle but says that making the necessary life changes in a huge city like is sound is hard for a whole family. it sounds as though the quest for a simpler life might just make things more complicated and everyone in istanbul has had to simplify their lives in many ways during the covert 19 pandemic. babbitts another story 'd. the want of one of the i overdosed. but my sister saved me. a lot my wishes are
11:57 pm
were more family or blood the reality of addiction in the arab wild and the struggle for covering. it was just me and it's a drug. al-jazeera wells goes inside and we have a clinic in the nile delta. rehab egypt edge of addiction on al-jazeera. welcome to down from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy the perfect breaking news. and when you leave with a smile we know our day's work is done cats are always welcome to our home.
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the weather has settled down quite dramatically in australia there are still frontal systems and then that coming through the bite and hitting tasmania rather than you where else for the most part is draw and find that includes new south wales in the immediate future there are showers up in the tropics no where else really is warm in person if anything it's getting warmer in this part of westminster is that he's 3 on monday this is something you may not want to see though the return of shows to new south wales exactly over the area which caused the flooding as to of course not entirely better so you may not want to see it and
11:59 pm
they shouldn't be significant but they're there all the same rains also the story in east asia more so japan than china but you can see the thing does trail off into china for at least the start of sunday significant rain for a time when the weather get knock of the cherry blossoms on its way out the following weather is always going to be fine dry and spring sunshine warm with rain then started to gather over the yangtze in the central part of china there's another westie disturbance. once again producing snow showers in the finals of pakistan and india and as it moves slowly east was it doesn't really affect most places in delhi in particular should produce power by tuesday and wednesday some pretty windy weather. system turned human rights activist the day her brother is locked in a notorious supposed back desert prison. perfect for his freedom exiled
12:00 am
surveilled and betrayed by those closest to her. but her resolve is unshaken. only to devil lives without her. witness on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes. more than 100 people killed in the worst day of violence since myanmar's military power 2 children are among the dead. why.


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