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neglect the babies to death people in power investigate expose these and question the use and abuse of power around the going. on now to c.n.n. . this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes and the nation's president condemns a suspected suicide attack outside a cathedral which injured 19 people celebrating an easter mass. global condemnation of me a mars military a day off but $114.00 protesters were killed the u.s.
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says the shunters reign of terror must end. a cry for help nearly 200 foreign workers are trapped in a hotel in northern mozambique after of remote town is attacked by an on group. a dramatic provision of the coronavirus death toll in mexico reveals more than 320000 people have died as countries across latin america struggle to contain the violence . with the sporting shooting controversy in the world cup qualifier priscilla owen although is not happy off to being denied what looked like a clear goal for portugal actually coming up later this hour. 2 suicide bombers have blown themselves up outside a packed cathedral in the new show where people were celebrating an easter mass police say the attackers tried to enter the building in my. on the island of so the
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way see on motorbikes president joker would those condemned the violence describing it as an act of terrorism and saying everyone should be able to worship freely without fear. but it happened during the shift change of prayer the attacker was trying to enter a church and one of our stuff was suspicious when the attacker was trying to stand near the gate and later the bomb exploded. just jacobs's southeast asia security and political risk analyst he is joining us live by skype from singapore it's good to have you with us on jazeera it is of course just a few hours since this has happened any indication who night have carried out this attack there has been no immediate claim of responsibility and i guess we're going to have to wait for a definite answer however the catch is that routinely targeted by numerous militia is in the scripts then to maisha for example in 20183 churches were attacked by supporters of the. j.d.
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a group that was formed by a radical preacher called. it is important to note isn't it that these individuals on the motorbike actually were stopped at the gates and then exploded the device so the device was exploded had they actually got into the cathedral itself which seems to have been the intention things could have been much worse what does that tell us about the level of security that is around places of worship particularly at this time of year generally security forces and local security guards outside of religious to see this facility is aware of the threat at this by militant islamists to religious facilities. it is usually quite robust unfortunately the determination of the attack is persists. there is going to be of course an investigation into what has happened one would imagine that the government is going to be saying that it is doing everything it can to protect
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people but there are clearly still deep rooted underlying issues that need to be addressed to stop attacks like this i suppose so i think that the government and the security forces in indonesia generally by and large do a good job he'd see that in a february about 20 suspected j.t. members from self were arrested. and the police have been quite vigilant throughout 2020 even with the pandemic raging i think they've arrested about 200 or so suspected militants throughout the country so they are doing what is required of them but there will always be individuals given that these are clandestine organizations that operate in diffuse cells. always ones that will slip through the cracks unfortunately and yes you're right more to be done about the spread of extremist ideology in the country just jake and we appreciate you being with us
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a knowledge of thanks very much indeed for joining us thank you ok i want to bring in jessica washington she's joining us live now from jakarta jessica just bring us up to date with what we know about the attack itself. well what we've learned just in recent hours is that at least 19 people were injured in the attack both of the 2 bombers now deceased one male and one female we still do not know which specific network was responsible for this attack and we don't yet know the motivation for this attack authorities are looking into the prospect of whether this attack was retaliation in light of the recent arrests that have been made against some of these violent groups in indonesia and what we do know about the group that julian jacob just mentioned j. adey they do have a history of these attacks involving spouses involving families so this group in particular will be looked at but we do not yet know if they are responsible for
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this attack we heard recently from the president president djoko widow who called on every indonesian to work together to combat these violent attacks in indonesia police are still continuing their investigations into how this attack happened but as was mentioned earlier the security landscape in indonesia has really significantly changed it doesn't mean the threat has gone right down to 0 the threat does still exist but at a much lower level than in say the early 2000 that's why we see these more small scale attacks with lower number of casualties and in many cases the fatality is limited to the bombers themselves and that is really recognition of indonesia's progress but of course the individuals in that cathedral today must be traumatized and and really fearful of what they experienced today in the indonesian government says it is committed to protecting indonesians to protecting the freedom to worship in indonesia and will increase security around these places of worship in the
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coming days jessica those very much indeed those jurors are washington talking to us from jakarta. well one day after a brutal violence and me and mother killed 114 people protesters have turned out again across the country determined to continue their fight against the military coup earlier security forces fired on locals trying to put out a fire in mandalay at least 60 homes were destroyed in the blaze overnight military chiefs from the us and many of its allies were issued a rare joint statement denouncing nehemiah security forces saying they should be protecting and not harming the people dozens of funerals are being held across the country on sunday meanwhile demonstrators in taiwan a rally in to show their support for protesters hundreds have been gathering in taipei's liberty square for the past few sundays they pray for those who've been killed in the crackdown and they condemn the military coup well tony jenkins
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seizing tilley chang is across the border in bangkok he's joining us live so less than 24 hours since the most violent time since the the coup began and yet the protests are still going on. there and we've seen this again and again the military step up the severity of the cranks downs they start employing more brutal tactics more brutal weapons we see the death toll increase and yet the protesters still come out they are the day after day they aren't in it's many numbers today certainly they are keeping i think to the bank streets we've seen a new tactic of merging among the protesters to come out very early in the morning in the hope of avoiding meeting with the security services but they are making their presence felt and they're walking around and chanting the same chance they've been chanting since the military coup and that is that they want power to be returned to the people and they want their leaders their elected leaders to be
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released from detention this stage however that doesn't seem to be happening the military or the military in the police the security services still employing these tactics we understand there's been shooting on the streets of mandalay. as you mentioned earlier there was a fire overnight. local residents in the p.g. township area trying to extinguish their fire they were fired upon and couldn't get there until the blaze was so out of control of the burned down 60 houses today people have been trying to get supplies to that area where people have lost all their possessions they have no shelter in their food they need medical supplies but people haven't even been able to get there to deliver that because the security services have the area under control so i think we can see you know these 2 sides bussing heads again and again and i think this was the great concern that this was a situation was just which was just going to deteriorate and after the bloodletting
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of yesterday it seems that that situation just continues to freefall and we are seeing increasing international condemnation where we're talking about military troops in the u.s. and its allies condemning this the actions of miramar security forces this doesn't seem to have any impact does it on the military and the way that it's carrying out its actions on the streets of me or more. again i think this is the concern the beginning the we would be heading back into a period as we saw in the eighty's as research in the ninety's the early 2000. millet militants in acted with impunity and cast aside the condemnation that came from overseas we've seen sanctions in place before that has been really concerned that they have certain lifelines we saw yesterday the armed forces parade representation from important neighbors like tion and china india pakistan
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bangladesh. and also russia which send ministerial delegation the deputy defense minister and i think the feeling is amongst the armed forces that with these connections still strong they will be able to survive this is i think the other problem here is that this is a 0 sum game there the space for compromise on both sides has shrunk and shrunk and is we see the list of fatalities growing it appears to be even smaller and just speaking to people inside myanmar at the moment you can hear that sort of visceral hate crystallizing and people who i spoke to a few weeks ago who were saying they were looking for some kind of compromise they were looking for some kind of way or now they're just talking about hate and death and it's hardly surprising seeing the bloodletting that's happening on the streets
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tony chang bring us up to date from bangkok i want to bring in shore when he is the executive director of burma human rights network is joining us live by skype from london so it seems as though sanctions don't appear to me making much difference also this united condemnation from the u.s. military and its allies doesn't seem to make much of a dent with the the me and more military as well what do you think it's going to take for the military in miramar to stop killing people in the streets. well thanks for having me today here it is you see that yesterday scenario is not a crackdown is just a massacre and this is happening all everything happening in washington and un is you see seems to be a failure and fail again protect a failed ring of people in 2017 and now we have failed to protect the civilians in burma this is one of the main duty for u.n. to protect civilians in you know from this. regarding the military you know
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we we welcome that the u.s. u.k. and u.s. now you know getting the economic in 1st. and this is also affecting in significantly on the inside take the next inside the circle and we are asking international community what arms and body can you see that yesterday also frequently seen that the military is using air power to bomb the civilian villages in towns and in control area so we are asking for a no fly zone to impose in those areas we've got to use the u.n. must prove the u.n. is alive u.n. is functioning in u.s. u.n. has the capability to protect the city. you referred to bringing in an arms embargo and yet miramar as military if i understand it correctly is backed by russia is backed by china 2 of the there are others as well all of whom are selling weapons to mean more russia particularly it sounds as though calling for an arms embargo isn't actually going to make much of
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a difference if these countries continue to give me and mark the power that it needs in military terms. you see this is the action is not only we shouldn't look at it one angle well if you talk about the one angle only on arms embargo of course you may you know you may not be that effective but when you combine with the action like arms embargo no plays all economic sanctions these are the going to effect and this will be you know. bring down that route less the regime because you see that this military regime is not as strong as as we have seen in the past in other part of the world that you know the dictator of course china and russia backing them but china and russia will not risk what them everything used because china has a lot of interest in which we love music your bait but you know by supporting the. it's going to be concerning there was tony was mentioning that this has happened before it happened there only to thousands we've seen this before and as tony was
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was describing it the military essentially just cast aside whatever concerns the rest of the world had and carry out carry on doing what it was doing that doesn't really give the current situation a lot of hope you see that the regarding the sanction there are a lot of myths and there are a lot of assumptions but what we see from inside it is essential is war because the main aim of the controlling power if to to obtain well controlling power that's the main goal for them once they're well is going going taking away from them and they're not achieving their goal then this is a very effective. when we appreciate your joining us joe when is executive director of burma human rights network and we appreciate you being with us on jazeera thank you. thank you buddy more ahead on the news including get out and enjoy your freedom a bold call from the governor of the u.s. state where more than 13000 people have died from coronavirus. and signs of
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movement to the promise that a mega ship a block in one of the world's busiest waterways could be dislodged within days. and from refugee to heavyweight champion of the world that's coming sports with peter. the french energy giant to tal has halted operations in mozambique after an attack on the northern town of palma fighting's been going on there for 5 days nearly $200.00 people including foreign nationals are trapped in the hotel the reuters news agency is reporting some civilians who tried to escape have been killed fighting broke out in northern mozambique in 2017 since then hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced in capital godall province palma had been seen as a safe haven because it's near multi-billion dollar gas projects with heightened
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security as many as $70000.00 people fled from other areas to the town they've now been displaced again on wednesday on groups entered palma forcing many to take shelter in the hotel that includes foreigners who worked in the gas project owned by a french company to tell there are reports of boats coming into shore to rescue those escaping the fighting and taking them to the provincial capital pemba well how to assess joining us now from karachi in neighboring zimbabwe what more do we know about what's going on in palma. well communication in parma is still down so getting information that we can verify independently is still difficult but what we know so far from officials in the town is that this area tech happened wednesday off to noon armed groups into the town from different directions it seems like this was a coordinated attack they targeted a bank they targeted a business center and then they also went and targeted other areas within the
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actual town people in the town and in a nearby village slid into a bush in the area some people mainly mozambican v.i.p.'s and foreigners holed up in a hotel there we told that some of them have since been evacuated the attack happened literally hours after the french company to tell announced that is using gas operations there because things have been relatively quiet so there's a theory that the attack could have something to do with that but there's no other theory that suggests that because of being quiet for a while humanitarian workers were able to bring in food and medicines in to the area to help people who knew those services so there's a theory that maybe these armed groups maybe these insurgents were also targeting those supplies as well as movement mozambique having to deal with this on and so on or is it getting help from elsewhere. it's been getting help from what we've known for the past few months or so of these been calls from these dashing means you to try and assist mozambique what we know for example so that
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every cuban government is saying it's going to beef up staff in the embassy in the capital market they're saying that those people are going to try to evacuate south africans and i suppose other people who may be trapped in part of the united states has said states will forces will try and help train the mozambican army portugal the former colonial power has committed to change the mozambicans our report south africans are also training military officials in mozambique in terms of the region they've been meetings on and or virtually or in person or african leaders in southern africa have been meeting trying to help them be after every meeting saying there is a plan but they haven't said what that plan is going to be so i'm in a stake elating if it's going to be some kind of military intervention south africa the biggest economy in the region people assume it has the equipment could go in and some of the countries of the region grosso help south africa help mozambique the concern now for humanitarian workers is that any military intervention of
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course is going to affect the people on the ground the mozambican locals who are running for their lives some of that we've been told are trying to make it to pym by the provincial capital to join thousands of others who've been fleeing from other parts of northern missouri and week the place is getting crowded so government officials and humanitarian workers are trying to move some of those people from pinball so other parts of the country with relief to be safer thanks very much indeed how can we are talking to us from zimbabwe. well mexico has increased its official covert 1000 death toll by nearly 60 percent the government said on saturday the real number of coronavirus deaths is more than 321000 not 200 in $1000.00 as previously reported mexico's testing rate is low and its health care system is overwhelmed that means many people are dying at home without being tested. meanwhile chile has launched its
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strictest coronavirus lockdown yet to cover rising cases there more than 80 percent of the population is under mandatory isolation the president says is necessary to ease pressure on the health care system about 40 percent of the population has been vaccinated and that's more than any other latin american nation even t.q. anomaly that we have restricted transit through drop downs and cemetery controls today more than 16000000 countrymen around the core and train we are fully aware of the difficulties and 2nd for us is that this major means to july and families but to protect health to protect the lives of all our citizens is definitely our 1st priority the leader of the venezuelan opposition says he's tested positive for covert 19 united on twitter saying he has mild symptoms and is in isolation also said he was concerned by the number of infections in venezuela more than 155000 cases and over 1550 deaths have been reported in
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the us the numbers are still rising health officials fear with states having much autonomy in dealing with the pandemic the country could face another surge florida's republican governor has faced criticism for refusing to shut down the economy or make it compulsory to wear mosques now he says the state's economy is booming and his approach was right all along and he gallacher reports from miami. businesses shouted deserted streets and strict measures in tackling a global pandemic for most states in the u.s. these are familiar scenes but in florida it's a different picture there have been no statewide code restrictions for more than 6 months with restaurants and beaches open at full capacity republican governor ronda santa says his decisions which critics accuse of flying in the face of science based advice were right we actually have people opening new businesses here we
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actually have people hiring people our employment rates much less than the national average in way less than a lot of the walk down states like california new york today though we did we can build off this momentum that momentum is obvious in places like miami where tech finance companies and restaurants and relocating unemployment here is also lower than states like new york and california but encouraging people to come to florida has consequences oh. the authorities in miami beach put a curfew in place after thousands of revelers many masculists flocked to beaches and bars the unusual move came after officials decided spring break crowds posed a serious risk to public health and security there has been gun play opened brawling and other hazards and all that in the midst of a pandemic where mask usage and physical distance thing seems like an afterthought if that so we've had to implement measures we would prefer not to deploy but must the real metric that matters here is the state's reaction to covert 19 death rate
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per capita in florida places it 24th in the nation or right in the middle of a 30000 people have died and variants of covert 900 still pose a serious threat gov decided to spoil the policies have been vindicated some think it's too soon to say tourists a still flocking to the state driven in part by loose restrictions cheap flights and covert fatigue but economists say it may be years before the true cause. asked is known we have. a leave lens that we were going to have people knew this is part of the reason why they did come to florida from great. and again you cannot really measure the economics until you figure out a what is it constant terms of lives what has the constant terms of security. and so on as the u.s. heads towards an uneasy return to normalcy challenges remain for the entire nation
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florida may have fared better than expected but the u.s. death rate remains among the highest in the world and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida a un special committee is urging israel to fulfill its responsibility to ensure palestinians are vaccinated against coronavirus groups expressed concern over reports that israel has been donating vaccines overseas while failing to protect the health of people in the occupied territory and searching israel as an occupying power to comply with its obligations under international law israel has the world's highest rate of vaccinations ok let's go back to our story about mozambique in the conflict in the northern colorado god of province as a lovaza is a senior researcher at the institute for security studies in pretoria she's joining us from johannesburg by skype it's good to have you with us on al jazeera i was talking to an analyst yesterday about this and she was saying that there had been an over focus on the fact that these groups could be linked to i saw but actually
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this she was saying that that was an oversimplification and there were more local issues at play here can you talk us through what the issues are. yes i think so i agree we at the institute for security studies really have been following this for a couple of years now since the industry in the 17 and it seems very clear that. even the if. people of even recognize some of the attack as it's not. i think the thesis that this is a foreign terrorist organization you know it's really something that. we also have questioned in they are links with these let me state but in terms of the root causes of the insurgency at think from all the field research and studies that have been done in kabul don't guard it it's really
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a toxic mix of the reus issues it is a problem it's the northernmost brahmans of mozambique that is marginalised people feel frustrated they have been people of the land. of mining activities they have ruby mines specifically and then we need was announced that the biggest increase made on the african continent these last few decades were going to come to coverdell guarded that's when almost the you know it it exploded it. and so i don't know if you can still hear me i can yes what i want to limit i want to jump in because there was one point that the analysts made yesterday as well that her concern was also that these armed groups seemed to be getting guidance from as she put it experts in the other fighting that has turned the emphasis here like the chinese there is that the focus of of
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fighting. and has made it made them stronger and they seem to be more organized do you think that that is a reasonable concern and if that is the case how do you see this playing out. sorry what are you saying what is the reasonable come sent i was just asking you that what the analysts that i was speaking to yesterday had made the point that her concern was that this attack particularly seemed to be very well organized and her concern was that they that these armed groups were actually getting training and direction from experts as she put it in guerrilla fighting do you think that that's a correct assessment and if it is what are your concerns about how this could play out. it it was a very sophisticated well planned attack that is very true and the mozambican defense forces clearly were not up to predicting the citizens in palma and all the
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intelligence reports up to now were saying that. someone was almost surrounded these last couple of weeks and that so many attacks on villagers that it was expected but as i say intelligence from. here in south africa it seemed clear the film is in a very dangerous and vulnerable situation so going forward definitely the presence in palmer there from the peninsula are these gas projects are being threatened. they are more than a $1600.00 expect workers from south africa of course being close by. that to use the opportunity of job creation and you know it's a services infrastructure jason to the gas projects in that area i wrote an article last year at the end of last year where i spoke to. a business people saying you know we have a huge energy crisis the whole region we have an unemployment crisis here is an
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opportunity couple of months later i think that you know we can. not only rule out that opportunity but also for mozambicans and for most and we get self which is the one of the poorest countries on the continent to be able to really pin effect from this these gas projects that all well underway some of the aim and then different phases but some of them have now of course been put on hold but the total project which is worth about $20000000000.00 u.s. dollars have been going ahead and i think as you said in your report the total was going to. restart operations off to only a few weeks of it's going into stop and now again obviously after the spot my attack has now hole to operation game so. a lot of others are and we're going to have to leave it there because time is unfortunate is running away with us but we
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appreciate your being with us and i'll just say oh thank you very much indeed ok. still ahead on al-jazeera a national day of action protesters across the u.s. demand an end to prejudice and violence against asian americans. the cost of connectivity scientists sound the alarm over the soaring number of satellites being launched into orbit. and in sports with peter a stunning goal from qatar as they rack up another victory in europe. the smell of spring will be in the air even early summer i think for a good part of western and northern europe that has been there for a while now basically the air is coming in from the atlantic still it's still quite windy cloudy in for some wet but it's displacing must be rather stubborn culp to
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clean east now that at least some of that cold is still there from poland east was on monday and it's heading down towards turkey so not everyone will benefit from what is a clear rise in temperature a good part of the european plain and british isles will see temperatures rising above the average considerably yet may not last is a nice burst at least the forecast for london shows it 17 up to 21 the wind lies all the time in the sun in the sky and eventually yes it will push push across to poland was source code will be replaced by warsaw warms up to about 18 degrees the obvious 10 so we are exceeding the averages well to say won't last but we'll just enjoy it while it's there and it didn't hurt that the cold that's in eastern europe we pushed on across the black sea and once again turkey in pass at least we'll see temperatures drop a bit below where you might like them and that strong wind that comes down through the gene to the eastern side of the med will carry on blowing through egypt and pick up the sand in chad and the.
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a sister turned human rights activist the day hope rather is locked in a notorious suppose back in desert prison. for his freedom exiled surveilled and betrayed by those closest to her. but her resolve is unshaken. only the devil lives without. witness on al-jazeera. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish on the state line becomes the default media in any way devolved looking for images that lead to the negative to these guys that just how did he create a nuisance makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside
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the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a. who are. or . don't you know it is it a reminder of our top stories this hour 2 suicide bombers have blown themselves up outside a packed cathedral in indonesia where people were celebrating an easter mass at least 19 people were injured in the city of macassar on sort of basic. military chiefs from the u.s. and nearly a dozen other countries have issued a rare joint statement denouncing myanmar security forces saying they should protect citizens and not harm them that's after at least 114 people were killed on
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saturday. the french energy giant total has halted operations in mozambique this fighting rages for the 5th day in a town in the north and 200 people including foreign nationals are trapped in a hotel in home. protests against a rise in violence and discrimination against asian americans have been held across the u.s. the number of rallies has grown since a gunman killed 6 women of asian descent in atlanta and this month i did jocasta reports from washington d.c. . as burials for the victims of the georgia asian spa shootings continue people gathered in cities across the country for multi-day rallies against asian hate the crowd in the chinatown neighborhood of washington d.c. numbered about $100.00 among them was lille new when who left vietnam 8 years ago to study in the u.s. i didn't travel across the border to america to stay silent he says he had to speak
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up after the georgia mass shooting and after seeing a growing number of unprovoked attacks on asian americans this past year many of the victims have been elderly asian culture is we put our our our oldest our elder 1st to see the most horrible people in our community and also the most well respected people in our community being attacked. we're we're even young and in the young people we could take that personally and we partner fear has been growing in native american communities across the country many who had protested that they had never taken their voices to the streets before but were now pushed to action because of everything violent that i was on the street people were calling names out of nowhere and why why would you do that to the people of this kind of inherent racism there even as the protests continue more asians are being attacked one woman
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was punched in the face last weekend after attending a protest in new york with her daughter and near los angeles a man drove through a crosswalk during a stop asian hate rally yelling racist profanities asian americans are speaking out in a lot of white. black americans according to the a.p.a. for putting out the full force in this together the protesters blame former president donald trump for stoking racism against asians by linking them to the coronavirus they fear that opened a floodgate of hate that led to the killings and the attacks and they demand it ends castro al-jazeera washington. hundreds of people are blocking a major highway in bangladesh as part of a nationwide strike against a visit by indian prime minister narendra modi the strike was called after at least 9 people were killed during demonstrations on friday and saturday the protesters accused modi of stalking anti muslim hatred in india it was in bangladesh to
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celebrate its 50th anniversary of independence. no in terms of being made to move the huge container ship that's been blocking the suez canal in egypt since tuesday without solids from working to dislodge the ever given hopes it could be successful within days the torah gave them for ports. night time in the su is canal but work to free the giant container ship loki one of the world's most important shipping lanes doesn't stop the stern of the vessel is now free and the egyptian authorities say they're hoping high tides in the arrival of more tug boats on sunday will help their operation the 400 metre long evah given ran aground in high winds on cheese day close to the south end of the canal but bad weather may not be the main reason why the ship got stuck. at us and you could have been a technical or human ever that will be revealed through the investigation many
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different mistakes might be the reason but we cannot prove anything yet the only clear reason is that there was strong winds under some storm. 12 percent of global trade passes through the suez canal in egypt between the red sea and the mediterranean goods passing between europe and asia without having to round africa the ever given this mishap has temporarily closed a route that's used by 50 ships every day with the canal blocked more than 300 vessels are now waiting in maritime traffic jams that either and more than a dozen ships have live animals on board and his tank is q oil prices are rising the blockage another blow to global trade already disrupted by cave in 19 well this you know $89000000000.00 a day actually is quite small relative to the overall global economy obviously there are there are ripple effects and we're already seeing. it remains unclear when the ever given will be refloated the salvage firm hired to extract it says it
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could be free within days but some maritime experts are skeptical it's going to take. a month or perhaps longer they need to lighten the ship which is to remove various things the 1st and earliest ones and i'm surprised this hadn't begun before is to remove the bunker fuel oil used by the ship to propel itself. the machinery and then the water and. the hope is the combination of baits dredging and high tides will succeed in dislodging the ethical even if they date plan b. will involve lightning its load something that could take weeks and would be another setback for global trade victoria gates and be al jazeera china's capital shrouded in fic dust for the 2nd time in 2 weeks the sandstorm affecting beijing carries extremely high levels of hazardous particles china's made here
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a logical authorities say it originated in mongolia or warmer temperatures and less rainfall a creating the ideal conditions for sandstorms for millions of christians around the world the holy week that culminates on easter sunday is just beginning the head of the roman catholic church pope francis has held mass at the vatican only a limited number of worshippers could attend due to coronavirus restrictions on palm sunday christians celebrate jesus arrival in jerusalem they believe crowds of people greeted him as he rode in on a donkey by throwing down palm branches on to the road and in occupied east jerusalem catholics gathered at the church of the holy sefl kerr they're being led by the latin patriarch of jerusalem clergy and believers have held a procession around a don't shrine built over the site where the body of jesus is said to have been laid off to be removed cross and in manila celebrations took place outside the church because of coronavirus restrictions most of the population in the
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philippines is roman catholic government officials on friday easter 2 we ban on religious gatherings due to pressure from the catholic community. i an employment in zimbabwe makes it hard for young people to find work some becoming farmers to earn a living their leasing land or using farms their parents acquired during the government's land reform more than 20 years after land was seized from whites several farms are still not being fully utilized young farmers like terence moore force are saying that needs to change my name is dead as my boys are also known as the prince michael really 29 years old and i'm a farmer in zimbabwe the journey to becoming a farmer. it came after a realisation that. i need a lasting solution to my personal financial program. is
1:43 pm
difficult it's almost impossible to get employment after college or after 18 even cities get an 11 city get by this issue has been. going to create employment is special in our days right now i mean a small village you can see it's a small small village i don't only india these small spaces for my mom so if my mom to order decides which is me that means i'm lentulus. i believe the lead reform program now should be targeted at the youth because we are the future and the figures now so for us to secure the future for the united nations to come we need to give the youth the length. maybe the government would need to take a lead audit maybe and see what utilizing it positively and those who are not and those who are not they should be. taken off them and be given to the use was
1:44 pm
showing signs of potential to utilize the in positive. to be honest i see. growth in my business coincidentally way way in how i started in twitter i am right now in a managing to take care of my family to care for myself and even to expand more so for me something positive and i'm liking it and i believe in dick has to come. will be it support is an ordinal position at that is the breadbasket of africa off southern africa i believe it was the youth are now taking a step. to have an al-jazeera leaving it late we'll show you a dramatic finish in the n.b.a. that's coming all the sports with kids are. playing as. a survivor of the
1:45 pm
genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to has dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. or even curious to do. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just find to think about i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. the latest news judge need to see there would be no closure on to justice and so as the identities of those people finally least of bombings are revealed with detailed coverage there's something else to mitigate about this plot it represents and then the risible dividing line between the wealthier and the poor from around the world the man who knelt on his neck he has spent the week in a minneapolis corporal where the court was selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder.
1:46 pm
space x. is hoping to send tens of thousands of satellites into orbit over the coming decades as part of a global internet service launching later this year but experts fear you know musk's company could create more space debris and hinder scientific discoveries nicolas cage has the story from australia's capitol canberra. 60 satellites launch into space on a lawn mosques 3 usable rocket falcon 9 it's part of stalin a constellation of low orbit satellites from space 6 promising high speed internet
1:47 pm
connection to remote locations around the world about 1000 being deployed the goal is for that to grow to more than $40000.00 if you imagine the problems we have with space to brain space junk already that is just adding to it at a rate that we can't keep up we can't keep up with the risk that creates space x. now owns about one 3rd of all active satellites and more satellites means greater potential for collision millions of paces of so-called space junk or already in orbit some as small as a fleck of pite but type of damaging a spice croft pre want to have human exploration of the solar system we need to make sure we're looking after the the nearest environment before we start going towards other planets. the strelley in research is a developing software to manage traffic in space time to traducing the risk of collisions the reality is there's not
1:48 pm
a policeman up. space there's no traffic rules so at the moment it's a bit like a free for all customers are signing up to styling but initial consumer costs are expensive and similar projects have previously failed and the other issue is what the lower orbit satellites could mean for astronomers some warn they will fundamentally change the sky's appearance of the star gazers potentially limiting scientific discoveries orbiting closer to earth their brush or in more visible blocking astronomers views the problem space x. is trying to solve amazon and one web have similar satellite plans as well as china prompting calls for tighter regulation of spice the biggest challenge is how do we regulate to make sure that that commercial name doesn't outweigh how our out global interest in the global commons of space nearly half the world's population doesn't have access to the internet space x. is hoping its constellation of satellites will be part of the solution to
1:49 pm
connecting the globe nicola gage al-jazeera canberra it's time for the sport has peter thank you very much we'll start with world cup qualifying across taylor no there was left raging after controversially being denied a late winner for portugal against serbia portugal the european champions and looked to be cruising thanks to 2 goals from liverpool 0 jotter but they didn't kill the game all from c.v. a fall back to level 2 each city had a man same self and then the controversy. in the 3rd minute of stoppage time rinaldo thought he'd scored the winner for portugal but the great for resale no even though replays showed the ball crossed the line there was no video review as they level another was booked for it protests ripped off his captain's armband and tossed it onto the ground of the storming of the pitch to 2 the final score both teams have 4 points each at the top of group a. next up for portugal they face luxembourg to pull of
1:50 pm
a shock win over ireland in dublin guess on rodriguez's netting the only goal of the game with 5 minutes left ireland coach stephen kenny hasn't had a win yet 10 games in charge. of the world's top ranking belgian world where one will draw in the czech republic lucas probably home team ahead in prague and it was belgium's all time leading scorer romelu lukaku who rescued the point with his 59th international goal both teams were without several squad members of the german clubs refused to release players because of quarantine rules. $5000.00 fans were allowed in to watch the netherlands take on latvia in amsterdam of the testing negative for covert 90 it's part of an experiment which could pave the way for more fans to attend the euros stephen a better host with the pick of the goals as that that's one to no making up for the loss to turkey earlier in the week. speaking of the turks they made it 2 wins from
1:51 pm
2 in their campaign they easily be no way 3 nil worth of them 2 fans scoring 2 of their goals 'd including this effort in the 2nd half target of group g. on goal difference ahead of montenegro who have also won both their games so far. the world cup hosts carter made it 2 from 2 when they series of international friendlies. scar both goals as they fought from behind to beat azerbaijan 21 carter have been invited to play teams in european qualifying group a but the points don't count next that they face the struggling republic of ireland on tuesday. cameron's francis is the new u.f.c. heavyweight champion he knocked out american steep amy archie chu is widely considered the greatest u.f.c. heavyweight of all time and garner who left cameroon 12 years ago as a refugee and lived on the streets of paris before eventually finding a german way was allowed to train for free he now wants to take his world title
1:52 pm
belt home to africa. 2 we were going to find the place in the public place in a room and put it to the gun so kids can look on the and he is find him. there were understand that as a symbol to diminish you know like. somebody coming from where they are. to get that everything is possible for them. different views on belief in the indian or treat. big boxing news 2 heavyweight contained a deli and why to put himself right back near the front of the queue for a future title fight the briton knocked out alexander povetkin in the 4th round on saturday in. just a vengeance the defeat of the russian in august but white might have to wait a while for his title shot as anthony joshua and tyson fury are in talks of a back to back souths. the 1st race of the formula one season is just
1:53 pm
a few hours away max for stop and will start on pole for the bahrain grand prix the dutchman poster the fastest lap for his red bull team in qualifying at the safety of circus world champion lewis hamilton will start 2nd on the grid. all week so far i think the car has been working really well and just been really enjoyable to drive of course with the wind changing a lot around every session is not easy to set up the car got it all worked out perfectly in qualifying so yeah it was very happy with poor decision. for stop and also made sure driver turn commentator david coulthard celebrated his 50th birthday by having his cake and eating it. not too far away here in qatar italian rider francesco. secured pole for the 1st moto g.p. race of the season in his 1st qualifying session on ado carty he smashed the lab record at the le sale circuit riders fabio cannavaro and maverick vinnie ellis will start 2nd and 3rd respectively and valentino rossi was clearly delighted with these
1:54 pm
4th place on the grid the 9 time world champion is entering his 26th grand prix season and he's 1st on a patrol his bike. it's all to play for when the 3rd and final one day international between india and england in to name the home side got off to a great start off to england ask them to pat roberts sharma and shikhar dhawan putting on a century opening stand the english have made some breakthrough since then and india 256 for 5 at the moment. with the olympics list and for once away one of the main problems facing organizers is getting athletes qualifying for tokyo with so many global travel restrictions but some progress has been made in archery 6 places were awarded for the games at the america's continental qualification tournament in monterrey very mexico brazil canada and ecuador getting the 3 women's places and it was colombia chile and mexico you claimed the spots in the men's competition. the
1:55 pm
24th edition of the debate i world cup one of the world's richest races was won by american horse mystic guide and the jockey luis size who was riding in his 1st event for the 1st time mystic guide finished 3 and a quarter lengths clear of japanese trained to a wizard to win the $12000000.00 1st prize it's a 3rd straight win in this race for owners good often. and it's finish with an amazing finish in the n.b.a. the settlement of kings trail believin cavaliers by a point with less than 2 seconds left and then this happened $1.00 to go there was a lot of things that catches me by. i just in time harrison bonds hit a 3 point buzzer beater and that went for the kings by to say a 4th straight victory and proof it's never over till it's over. so those forces
1:56 pm
are now here again later with more rob peter thanks very much indeed now the chinese martial art of touchy is gaining popularity in iran particularly among women those taking part in the sport say it's helping change views. gender segregation also reports from to. a well known chinese martial art the past few years has seen it growing popularity in iran especially among women. told us it's a way to release energy that's trapped in the body the sport requires a lot of patience usually women have more harmony and from the perspective of physical ability i think they deal better with the sport it's not common to see this kind of performance in public spaces in iran. in a country where women practicing sports is usually held behind closed doors tightly seems to be the exception it's also not segregated like other sporting activities this couple met at a thai chief festival you guys are the image of for the good we practice together
1:57 pm
outdoors at home whenever there's an opportunity the sport doesn't require a lot of space neither tell you to test if you have that impact of tight she i can tell you it has reduced her periods of anger and maybe arguments and within a few minutes iran has a national team and an annual championship. i can tell you some 70 percent of people who engage in this activity in iran are women many people like it and practice it in many parts of the country in this competition those taking part were aged between 8 and 63 some have competed internationally man s.s.l. said. this is the 3rd year i'm attending the national championship last year i got a gold and 2 silvers and i received an invitation to the national team. but it's in public places like this that the sport is getting most attention inspiring others to join in while some simply appreciate the art form
1:58 pm
a side big al jazeera to her around. so how long it's going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories about this and buffet out. when the news breaks 4 months ago janine onions was president of bolivia now she's under arrest when people who need to be hugged more than 11000000 people infected hospitals in brazil are struggling to cope al-jazeera has teams on the ground the last time voters lined up to cast their ballots in the central african republic an attempted coup was taking place to bring you more award winning documentaries and
1:59 pm
life needs on ag and on line. this was wrong to teach children away from the appearance and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after ourselves i don't remember the children's names i'll never forget that kind of dark secret on al-jazeera. you were dealing with a very powerful people people in influential positions in government where we know there were elements within the police completely evidence that we're getting scared that we were getting too close to some people higher up the line. to the job itself. is essentially the perfect you have a diplomatic bag that the qantas search al-jazeera investigates the poachers
2:00 pm
pipeline. be the hero the world needs. washing. indonesia's president condemns a suspected suicide attack outside the cathedral which injured 19 people celebrating an easter mass. killers the rommany watching us their life my headquarters here in doha also coming up global condemnation of be about as military a day after 114 protesters were killed the u.s. says the gingers reign of terror must stand.


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