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some people might even. imagine that to some. it is essentially the perfect you have a different ethnic bank that. al-jazeera investigates the poaches pipeline. egypt prepares to offload containers from a ship that's been stuck in the city's canal for days after efforts to refloat it fail. i'm about to sin this is all it is era live from doha also coming up and of asia's president condemns a suicide bombing outside a cathedral which injured 19 people celebrating easter mass. thousands cross the
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border from me and ma into thailand after an attack by the military the latest chapter in the junk his crackdown on dissent. a cry for help nearly 200 foreign workers are trapped in a hotel in northern mozambique after a remote town is attacked by an armed group. egypt's president has ordered port authorities to offload some of the cargo from the container ship which has blocked the su is canal for the 6 days there are huge delays to the global shipping network syria's been forced to ration fuel and has a tanker waiting in the traffic jam along with around 300 other vessels steps are being taken to guarantee supplies for hospitals and bakeries and water stations yemen and lebanon are considering rationing fuel suez canal authorities are waiting for more tug boats to help free the ship on saturday they said they successfully
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dug out the stern of the canal as one of the world's most important shipping lanes with trade valued at more than $9000000000.00 every day special welsh is the vice president of oil markets and dunn stream consulting at i.h.s. market he says the delays caused by the blockage are impacting multiple industries . this is around about 70 percent of the world's oil trade goes through the suez canal and it can't any any ship has the choice of taking the longer route round the south of africa takes around 2 weeks longer obviously cost more because the additional i'm shipping costs so ships are having to make their decision do they white in that queue of $300.00 or do they take need a longer trip from an oil perspective we think that it could be net which is goes from from europe and from russia heading to asia that could be the greatest
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challenge the greatest pinch point asia needs that nap the supply and uses it as feedstock to turn into plastics so if we take an oil refinery in the mediterranean who is using crude oil coming from the the middle east they at that refinery would typically keep around 7 days worth of spec route in a tank for for delays you know it's now estimated it could take 2 weeks to to clear the blockage in the series canal it's already taken almost a week the finalists 300 ships waiting in a queue means that there is a tightening of the of the world's freight markets and less available ships and therefore people who are wanting to charter ships another part of the world all of a sudden there is there are less available and fright rates go up. 2 suicide bombers have blown themselves up outside a packed cathedral in indonesia where people were celebrating an easter mass at
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least 19 people were injured in the attack on so the ways the island the president has called for calm and is arching everyone to work together to fight what he called terrorism jessica washington reports from jakarta. right. at the beginning of easter week on indonesia's soon away sea island catholics in the city of mock assad gathered to mark palm sunday on a winter 2 bombers were waiting the pair tried to enter the cathedral through the main gate but it was stopped. for the attacker was trying to enter our church and one of our staff soared and got suspicious he then stood by the gate and that's when the bomb exploded police cordoned off the area today for the 1st time that all police units are here including the forensic team and also the police chief the president said all people in indonesia have the right to worship in peace so. i strongly condemn this act of terrorism and i have given instructions to the police
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chief to investigate the networks of the perpetrators to take down that network to the root in the early 2000 bomb attacks in engineers that were more frequent and killed many people but in recent years authorities have increased their crackdown on active network us experts say the threat has decreased but not disappeared yeah bunch of guy going to. the security apparatus has actually created maximum deterrence but we know that these terror groups are always finding new ways to avoid security. in recent months police have made more arrests and authorities are investigating whether the attack might have been a retaliation against their operations just to washington jazeera jakarta. so you 1000 people from mere mascarin states have fled across the border to thailand many spent the night sheltered in the jungle after the military launched airstrikes targeting the qur'an the national liberation army the armed ethnic group is one of
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dozens fighting me and most central government earlier on saturday they said they'd overrun and seized a military outpost and that says dozens of funerals are being held in me and more for some of the 114 people killed on saturday it was the bloodiest day since the military seized power on february the 1st peaceful processions were held across the country but there are reports of security forces opening fire at one of the funerals in the town of bagel 30 chang's across the border in bangkok with more. and we've also seen in the last couple of weeks people fleeing the large urban centers in myanmar as these protests have intensified and the military crackdown and then many of them have moved back to these areas in the countryside close to the borders this however seems to have been sparked very specifically by the airstrikes last night occurred late in the evening on 5 targets. villages affiliated with the k n u k n l
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a. we understand 3 people were killed in those attacks but many fled quickly into the jungle spent the night there and have now moved across the border they've been trying to get the elderly the sick also children across the border 1st of course these are fluid borders there's been a tradition for many decades of people moving across to thailand to seek sanctuary it's something that the thais have been preparing for but i think as we see the deterioration of the situation inside myanmar this is something that neighbors are really very concerned about that that violence could spill across the borders and we could get a situation as we've seen in the past where you get tens of thousands of people seeking shelter and when this is happened in the past those people have remained particularly in thailand for decades afterwards charwoman is the executive director of burma human rights network and he says sanctions and an arms embargo will be
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effective in miramar because it will take the wealth from the military. regarding the use of military you know we we welcome that the u.s. u.k. and u.s. is now you know targeting their economic interests conglomerate and this is also affecting and significantly on their inside inside their nets inside their circles and we are asking the national community for arms about this and you see that yesterday also frequently we have seen that the military is using air power to bomb the civilian villages in towns and in in at me controlled area so we are asking so for no fly zone to impose in those areas we don't use un must prove that un is alive un is functioning in us un has a pure billet to protect the city when you combine with the action like the arms embargo no plays old economic sanctions these are going to affect and this will be you know. bring down the ruthless the regime because you see that this military
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regime is not as strong as as we have seen in the past in other part of the world that the you know that it take that of course china and russia backing them but china and russia will not risk what them everything is because china has a lot of interest in them which will not be secured by it by you know by supporting the the military the main aim of the controlling power is to obtaining went to controlling power that's the main goal for them once their wealth is going going taken away from them and they're not achieving their goals then this is a very effective move the french energy giant turtle has moved a 1000 of its workers out of palmer in mozambique after a time was attacked by an armed group on white in street fighting continues forcing about 200 people to shelter in a hotel so high that as the latest. this is the only thirty's that has emerged from inside the hotel where up to 200 people have reportedly taken refuge in the town of
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palma remains under siege for a 5th day by an armed group hundreds of people have attempted to flee the town running into forests in nearby villages or solemnly. we don't know how we will get out of here if we can get to the sea if we will be rescued by who they are helicopters flying over the hotel they checking to see if we can reach the beach to get a boat out but as you can hear we don't know if it's possible the situation is critical we have no food just water we're in god's hands no. gun battles have been ongoing for days between the armed group that calls itself and government forces trying to take back control of the coastal town fighting started in northern mozambique can 2017 by armed groups mainly in kabul province where most of the major gas discoveries have been made in recent years. the town of palma had been relatively safe for foreigners working on africa's largest liquefied natural gas
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project until this week. the french energy giant total is now evacuated a 1000 of its workers suspended its operations it was due to restart a $20000000000.00 project this week after stopping work in january because of security concerns is a fighting in capital gado has left more than 2500 people dead and forced more than half a 1000000 people to leave their homes. it's really a toxic mix of various issues it is a province of the northernmost province of mozambique that is marginalised people feel frustrated they have been people out of the land. of mining activities they ruby mines specifically and then we need was announced that the biggest increase made on the african continent these last few decades were going to come to cope with our god that's when almost the you know it exploded it
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amnesty international blame several parties for war crimes committed during the conflict it is accused of armed groups as well as a government backed private south africa military firm for the deaths of hundreds of civilians it also says government troops have arrested civilians without reason tortured detainees and carried out extrajudicial killings. there are reports of boats taking those escaping the fighting to the provincial capital pemba but as the conflict continues the knights of nations is warning of even more internal displacement. and. so had an al-jazeera scientists in qatar find a coronavirus mutation that could potentially return a false negative. and energy from the east alan ancient chinese martial art is finding its way into iran's public spaces.
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interactivity in northern china can sometimes be pretty vicious this is another sound storm that went through beijing that unwinding frontal system was the reason but it's all going through now and the sand is dropping the wind is dropping and the system is going off into the western pacific so having taken rain through japan is now leaving sunshine behind which is true all about through northern china further south more or less the yangtze valley southwards we are seeing rain develop this is early signs the spring round i think and the orange tops here was suggest it's turning heavy it's not everywhere but you can see for less where it is should do that too hung it as yet has not affected south korea you are of course enjoying the cherry blossom in the warm sunshine now further south east and we have still
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got 2 hours a significant sherry rain develop in the fast southern philippines and maybe sort of way sea and once again sumatra and the and above nicobar as in the south of the bay of bengal that other area this one here is just disappearing probably won't see in advance of those shows i think they'll disappear once again because it's generally a time of rising heat throughout the indian plane and good news for new delhi your air quality should improve as the wind picks up. welcome to down from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes . so you can relax and enjoy the perfect breaking news. and when you leave with a smile we know our day's work is done cats are always welcome to our home.
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georgiadis here a reminder of our top stories this hour egypt's president has ordered preparations to lighten the load of a ship that's blocked the sewage canal for 6 days more than $300.00 vessels are waiting to transit the waterway the delays have forced syria to russian feel. at least 19 people have been injured in a suicide bomb attack at a cathedral on indonesia's sort of way sea island police are investigating which armed group is responsible the president has called for calm. 3000 people from near moscow 10 states have fled across the border to thailand many spent the night in
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the jungle after the military launched airstrikes targeting an ethnic group. the u.n. special envoy to syria has told al-jazeera there are worrying signs eisel is trying to regroup in the desert a warning comes as the u.s. secretary of state and city blinken is set to meet other foreign ministers to discuss what washington calls the enduring defeat of the armed group our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations. they created their own diffract state carved out of parts of syria and iraq and ruled in a most brutal way justifying their actions with their own interpretation of islam. 2 years ago president trump declared eisele had been defeated that after a long military operation some of it human rights campaigners say also carried out in a brutal manner involving kurdish fighters the iraqi military american special forces
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and u.s. bombardment from the air. now their former capital racker lies in ruins but experts say eisel may be slowly rebuilding themselves in the deserts of syria and what we've witnessed in central syria in particular is a robust and growing isis campaign that is applying pressure on the military and oil infrastructure that is actually forcing the russians the regime and the iranians to respond and try to figure out how to stabilize the security situation is such talk alarmist not according to the u.n. special envoy for syria pederson you should or should be worried about what you see as increased garnish activity is in order and in certain areas in syria and i haven't appeared before us you know the members of the security council now we need a collaborative effort you fight the terrorists that are still active in syria and
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. iraq but i'm afraid to be. on top of this there's another problem related to isolate the world is not confronting there are thousands of prisoners some of them foreign fighters mainly women and children being held in camps in northeast syria in the largest camp i'll hold there are nearly 30000 children the conditions a grim they risk being alienated and further radicalized james pays 0 at the united nations the us secretary of state has condemned tit for tat sanctions by china against american officials actually being called the measures against to us commission us baseless he says. only add to international scrutiny of what's happening in the jang region where china is accused of committing genocide against the muslim leader minority beijing says the sanctions are in response to lies and
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this information about. sudan's transitional government has signed a deal with a major rebel group agreeing to a permanent ceasefire the government signed the juba peace agreement with the sudan people's liberation movement promising to work together and stop fighting it also opens the possibility of the rebel force being integrated into the national military the group was one of 2 that didn't sign up to a peace deal last year. scientists based in qatar have identified a mutation that could result in a covert 19 test returning a false negative the findings have been published in the journal of clinical microbiology study calls for testing centers around the world to monitor mutations in the virus and ensure the testing methods are up to date dr patrick tang is division chief of microbiology etc medicine he says the findings of the study will help ensure the covert 1000 testing technology remains effective. this is
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a reminder of 2 things one is that the virus is constantly mutating so every time we give the virus a chance to enter a new host there's a chance for it to mutate and it also is a reminder that our diagnostic systems are very robust in most parts of the world that we're able to pick up. and characterize them find out what the mutation is and then kubla shit in the scientific literature so that all the other scientists and doctors around the world are also alerted at u.t.s. possibilities what is need taishan is a random and is sort of some some whitelock and in that somebody here that came to our hospital at this mutation several people have this new patient and it is mutations probably circulating in many different parts of the world but because we don't have the capacity to do
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a lot of genome sequencing of the virus in many parts of the world we would probably miss this so what would be more concern and to have many of these mutations develop science be with out knowing about them after republish this many of my colleagues in north america also reached out to us throughout find out more about this mutation and as well as the company that produces this commercial test for the virus so so this that this is definitely a way of starting that dialogue and making sure everybody has that robust test that work over 90. 1 special committee is urging israel to fulfill its responsibility to ensure palestinians are vaccinated against coronavirus the group has expressed concern over reports that israel has been donating vaccines overseas while failing to protect the health of people in the occupied territory as israel to comply with its obligations under international law as well as the world's highest vaccination
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right. mexico has increased its official covered 1000 death toll by nearly 60 percent the government says the real number of coronavirus deaths is more than 321000 not 201000 as previously reported mexico's testing rate is low and its health care system is overwhelmed and that means many people are dying at home without being tested chile has launched its strictest coronavirus lockdown yet to cover rising cases there more than 80 percent of the population is under mandatory isolation the president says is necessary to ease pressure on the health care system about 40 percent of the population has been vaccinated that's more than in any other latin american nation even to take your level yet we have restricted transit through drop downs and cemetery controls today more than 16000000 countrymen are under quarantine we are fully aware of the
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difficulties and 2nd for us is that this major means to july and families but to protect health to protect the lives of all our citizens is definitely our 1st priority the leader of the venezuelan opposition hon quiet door says he's tested positive for covert 19 is announced on twitter saying he has mild symptoms and is in general isolation quite also said he was concerned by the number of infections in venezuela more than 155000 cases and over 1550 deaths have been reported in the us the numbers are still rising health officials fear with states having very much autonomy in dealing with a pandemic the country could face another surge florida's republican governor is facing criticism for refusing to shut down the economy all make it compulsory to wear masks now he says the state's economy is booming and his approach was right all along and agalloch are reports from miami. businesses shouted deserted streets
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in strict measures in tackling a global pandemic for most states in the u.s. these are familiar scenes but in florida it's a different picture there have been no statewide code restrictions for more than 6 months with restaurants and beaches open at full capacity republican governor ronda santa says his decisions which critics accuse of flying in the face of science based advice were right we actually have people opening new businesses here we actually have people hiring people our employment rates much less than the national average in way less than a lot of the walk down states like california new york today though we did we can build off this momentum that momentum is obvious in places like miami where tech finance companies and restaurants and relocating unemployment here is also lower than states like new york and california but encouraging people to come to florida has consequences 0 7. 4 the authorities in miami beach put
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a curfew in place after thousands of revelers many masculists flocked to beaches and bars the unusual move came after officials decided spring break crowds posed a serious risk to public health and security there has been gun play open brawling and other hazards and all that in the midst of a pandemic where mask usage and physical distancing seems like an afterthought if that so we've had to implement measures we would prefer not to deploy but must the real metric that matters here is the state's reaction to covert 19 death rate per capita in florida places it 24th in the nation or right in the middle of a 30000 people have died and variants of covert 900 still pose a serious threat gov decided to spoil the policies have been vindicated some think it's too soon to say tourists a still flocking to the state driven in part by loose restrictions cheap flights and covert fatigue but economists say it may be years before the true cause. asked
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is known we have. a leave lens that we were going to have people knew this is part of the reason why they did come to florida for great. and again you cannot really measure the economics until you figure out a what is it constant terms of lives what has the constant terms. and so on as the u.s. heads towards an uneasy return to normalcy challenges remain for the entire nation florida may have fared better than expected but the u.s. death rate remains among the highest in the world and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida gibraltar is lifting its requirement to wear masks outdoors after an ocular eating most of its adult population mosques are no longer required outside the city's main street and surroundings remain mandatory on public transport and in shops authorities in the british territory of also lifted a nighttime curfew allowing bars and restaurants to stay open until 2 am the number
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of new infections there has dropped significantly armenia's prime minister and the whole pasha in the un says he'll resign in april to allow for snap elections in june he's faced growing calls to step down since armenia was defeated and last year's war with us or by john they lost parts of the disputed not all know how to back territory which had to controlled for more than 25 years in february he accused our many as military of attempting a coup now for billions of christians around the world the holy week of the culminates on easter sunday is just beginning the head of the roman catholic church pope francis has held mass of the vatican only a limited number of worshippers could attend due to coronavirus restrictions on palm sunday christians celebrate the arrival of jesus in jerusalem they believe crowds of people greeted him as he rode in on a donkey by throwing down palm branches on to the road. and in occupied east jerusalem catholics gathered at the church of the holy sepulture
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a clergyman believers have held a procession a round of domed shrine built over the site where the body of jesus is said to have been laid after being removed from the cross and in manila celebrations to place outside the church because of coronavirus measures most of the population in the philippines is roman catholic on friday government officials eased a 2 week ban on religious gatherings due to pressure from the catholic community. the chinese martial art of touchy is gaining popularity in iran particularly among women those taking part in the sport say it's helping change views on gender segregation reports from taha. a well known chinese martial art the past few years has seen it growing popularity in iran especially among women. it's a way to release energy that's trapped in the body the sport requires a lot of patience usually women have more harmony and from the perspective of
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physical ability i think they deal better with the sport it's not common to see this kind of performance in public spaces in iran. in a country where women practicing sports is usually held behind closed doors tightly seems to be the exception it's also not segregated like other sporting activities. this couple met at a thai chief festival. straight out of the image of for the good we practice together outdoors at home whenever there's an opportunity the sport doesn't require a lot of space. to test if you have that impact of type she i can tell you it has reduced her periods of anger and maybe arguments and within a few minutes iran has a national team and an annual championship. i can tell you some 70 percent of people who engage in this activity in iran are women many people like it and practice it in many parts of the country in this competition those taking part were aged between 8 and 63 some have competed internationally man s.s.l.
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said. this is the 3rd year i'm attending the national championship last year i got a gold and 2 silvers and i received an invitation to the national team. but it's in public places like this that the sport is getting most attention inspiring others to join in while some simply appreciate the art form a side big al jazeera to her around. this is all it is either these are the top stories egypt's president has ordered preparations to lighten the load of a ship that's blocked the suez canal for 6 days more than 300 vessels are waiting to transit the waterway the delays have forced syria to ration fuel at least $1000.00 people have been injured in a suicide bombing at a cathedral in indonesia's center ways the island police are investigating which armed group could be responsible the president has called for calm. on the
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terrorism act at the entrance gate of the cathedral church in microsoft today.


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