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result is unshaken. need to use without. witness an al-jazeera. al-jazeera. or whatever it is are a lie from headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes syria forced to ration its fuel supplies the knock on effect of a giant ship to remain stranded in the suez canal delaying the delivery of vital shipments dozens of people are evacuated from mozambique's coastal town of palma after an armed group launches attacks on to it
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a dramatic reversal of the coronavirus death toll in mexico reveals more than 320000 people have died as countries across latin america struggle to contain the fire risk sudan takes another step closer to finalizing a peace deal the government signed an agreement with a major rebel group. i'm gemma nash with the sports the new formula one season has begun with well champion a lewis hamilton pulling off a reigning drive to win the bahrain grand prix. welcome to the news hour egypt's president has ordered port authorities to prepare to offload some of the cargo from the container ship which has blocked the suez canal for 6 days now it's cause huge delays to the global shipping network syria has been forced to ration fuel has
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a tanker waiting in that traffic jam along with 300 other vessels steps are being taken to guarantee supplies for hospitals bakeries and water stations yemen and lebanon are considering. rationing fuel so as can all authorities are waiting for more tug boats to help free that ship on saturday they said they successfully dug out the stern beacon all as one of the world's most important shipping lanes with trade valued at more than $9000000000.00 every day iran khan reports. 6 days all in the fear is that you have the givens blocking this who is canal will lead to global shortages of all gas and goods and it's not just what's on the vessel itself although that's significant given it's one of the largest container ships in the world but it's what's on the other $300.00 or so vessels treading water at the entrance and exits of the canal as well as those stuck in the middle syria's already feeling the pinch the authorities announced fuel rationing as supplies from iran are stuck the news is coming out of syria is deeply deeply worrying the
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country was already heating crisis point with the economic collapse hitting syria and the daily lives of syrians and now these delays to fuel shipments will make an really bad situation worse. and his tankers q oil prices are rising the blockage is another blow to global trade already disrupted by cope with 19 around about 70 percent of the world's oil trade goes through the suez canal and it can't any any ship has the choice of taking the longer route round the south of africa takes around 2 weeks longer obviously cost more because of the additional i'm shipping cost so ships are having to make their decision do they whites are in that queue of $300.00 or do they take need a longer trip there are 2 main strategies in play to dislodge the ever given they are currently using tug boats to push and widen the canal by using diggers on land
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at the stern end of the vessel that seems to be working the 2nd is lightening the load by removing containers that's seen. it's time consuming dangerous and untested either way this has never happened in the history of shipping before imran khan was there let's discuss this with gerry northwood who's the chairman of the risk management and security company matthews joining us from me on stuff that's in hampshire in the u.k. thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera let's look at the method of lightning the load and that's what the egyptian president has reportedly ordered preparations for authorities to do what would such an operation involve but it's not a good idea i think to think of all contingencies and possibilities k.t. you need to get a fairly large truck crane down float it down on a barge i understand there may already been moves afoot to do that and then also if
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you have some facilities in place for taking the containers and removing them somewhere else so it's quite a big operation so what are the challenges associated with this operation i mean what do what do they need to do to minimize damage if any damage at all why i think of the brain think about here it's you know exactly where you want to get the containers off i mean if this is about lightning the the load around the bow area free that they may just be a relatively small section of the best that 'd needs to be cleared they may need to think about doing it on both sides it depends on the size of the crane that obviously one size one site. may not be or not. and then the 2nd thing is having the capacity to shift all the containers they're taking off to put them somewhere else whether that's back in one of the ports like what so eat or have an arrangement to stack them up on the bank now right and how long would this
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operation take. that's a very good question. you know that this is all about resource and and the amount they need to get off the cell was not a better idea but it could take some while ok now officials are saying that so far some progress has been made the rudder was released that also now there are about 14 tug boats joining the efforts to be able to dislodge that ship but. well of parties be continuing with this strategy or have they in your opinion given up on it and now they're looking to lighten the load i think what we're hearing is that they are they're hoping that the high water to night will 'd be another opportunity to get the best law so a continued program of dredging and using the tugs makes a great deal of the sense but that really hasn't worked yet it's had some some benefit and it's made it they've managed to create
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a stir and that's good but they do need to be thinking about the contingency and it will take time to get the appropriate you know machinery in place in terms of cranes symbology aids if they're going to have this if they're going to start removing the cargo in order to try and reduce the draft of the vessel have you ever seen anything like this before i mean how would you describe the situation and what's transpired over the past 6 days i think we'll find this is a resume unique situation i mean the canal has been closed in the past it's been close a very lengthy periods during the arab is ready wallace but 1st time for quite a long while we've had this kind of interruptions traffic so it's pretty having a very significant impact on on the supply chain across the across the globe and so the sooner we can get this resolved you know the better and people get back to normal business carrying or thank you so much for speaking to us from me on stone thank you thank you. syrian kurdish forces in control of the north east have
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launched a sweeping n.c.i. security operation they've arrested more than 30 people at the whole camp many if it 62000 residents are foreigners who are believed to have ties to ice so there have been dozens of murders and on the whole of the sear the operation at the camp is expected to take around 10 days. well the u.n. special envoy to syria has told al-jazeera there are worrying signs the group is trying to gather strength in the deserts the warning comes as the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken is set to meet other foreign ministers to discuss what washington calls the enduring defeat of the armed group our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations. they create their own defacto state. of parts of syria and iraq and in the most brutal way justifying their actions with their own interpretation of islam. 2 years ago
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president trump declared eisele had been defeated. after a long military operation some of it human rights campaigners say also carried out in a brutal manner involving kurdish fighters the iraqi military american special forces and u.s. bombardment from the air. now their former capital racker lies in ruins but experts say eisel may be slowly rebuilding themselves in the deserts of syria and what we've witnessed in central syria in particular is a robust and growing isis campaign that is applying pressure on the military and oil infrastructure that is actually forcing the russians the regime and the iranians to respond and try to figure out how to stabilize the security situation is such talk a lot missed not according to the u.n. special envoy for syria pederson you should or should be worried about what you see
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as increased the harsh activity is in the desert and in certain areas of syria and i have never before as you know members of the security council you need a collaborative effort you're fired the terrorists are still active in syria i mean . the americans are going to be. on top of this there's another problem related to isolate the world is not confronting there are thousands of prisoners some of them foreign fighters but mainly women and children being held in camps in northeast syria in the largest camp i'll hold there are nearly 30000 children the conditions a grim they risk being alienated and further radicalized james pays out his era at the united nations more want has had a policy analysis at their absence or for research and policy studies he says the armed groups will continue to be a threat until the underlying ideologies are addressed. it started as
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a war against al qaida and then against isis and probably in the coming years but going to see. a new organization with a different name all of these organizations actually have always been consistent in the sense that. the very the causes which have led to the images in the past this must be that way if we really want to defeat them once and for all and and as long as these what causes are not there to with i think we are going to keep seeing them coming back and time and again so now i'm really not surprised that isin is making a comeback in syria and in iraq we have seen a rise out where an increase in the activities of ice in india and what countries the united states as we all know has declared victory against isis in 2019 it has declared lifted it is a cut into i mean before that you really need to deal with the with the root causes
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which is leading in fact to that lies with ice and of al qaida and like minded organizations you need to deal with the ideology we need you need to deal actually which will with with the with the idea and with the circumstances which are leading i mean to these organizations coming back. a major operation is underway to rescue survivors of a deadly attack in palma in mozambique an armed group has been laying siege to the town since wednesday about 200 people took shelter in a hotel mozambique's defense and security spokesman says that 9 of them were killed in an ambush when they tried to leave sara hiero taz the latest. survivors from the siege in palma arrived in the port city of pemba just along the coast since wednesday when an armed group launched its attack kampala communications have been down and many families are still waiting to hear what's happened to their loved ones are you going to see it the situation of losing someone it's hard he
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don't know where this person is he can't reach them or do what condition they're in this is horrible and it's destabilize humanity it's really not fair. this is the only footage that has emerged from inside the hotel we're up to 200 people have reportedly taken refuge in the town of palma remains under siege for a 5th day by an armed group hundreds of people have attempted to flee the town running into forests in nearby villages and this was all new to me we don't know how we will get out of here if we can get to the see if we'll be rescued by who they are helicopters flying over the hotel they take you to see if we can reach the beach to get a boat out but as you can hear we don't know if it's possible the situation is critical we have no food just water with god's hands no. gun battles have been ongoing for days between the armed group the cause itself and government
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forces trying to take back control of the coastal town fighting started in northern mozambican 2017 by armed groups mainly in kabul province where most of the major gas discoveries have been made in recent. bonk the town of palmer had been relatively safe for foreigners working on africa's largest liquefied natural gas project until this week. the french energy giant total is now evacuated a 1000 of its workers and suspended its operations it was due to restart a $20000000000.00 project this week off to stopping work in january because of security concerns is a fighting in capital gado has left more than 2500 people dead and forced more than half a 1000000 people to leave their homes. it's really a toxic mix of issues is programmed the northernmost province of mozambique that is marginalized people feel frustrated they have been people
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they love. mining activities they ruby mines specifically amnesty international blame several parties for war crimes committed during the conflict it is accused of armed groups as well as a government backed private south africa military firm for the deaths of hundreds of civilians it also says government troops of arrested civilians without reason to which are detainees and carried out extrajudicial killings as the conflict continues the united nations is warning of even more internal displacement. and because an executive chairman of the african energy chamber he says mozambique needs extra no help. it was seen a well coordinated insurgency. they're properly finance and this is not something for mozambique alone mozambique i think country has already you've
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already been struggling to keep people emerged out of poverty into a middle class the ministry the military is strong but not very strong to really take on some of these insurgencies which out of busily am i doing guerrilla tactics to which would go into destroying or in back and put it happen because when ever you see what you see right here is that you're going to have service companies europeans americans italians and everybody that's walking around be a way to get out tact did you know you would get the right kind of attention and i was stuck but when you what you have to look beyond iraq is that yet tension that is being played this is terrorism and we have to as not just the energy and energy industry but that's a world community ph from that pension to be given wasn't big the necessary support that it needs to do right kind of troops the right kind of agreement the right kind
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infrastructural but also not from get don't underline problems there. plan tomorrow down the aisle just there in his hour including get out and enjoy your freedom a bold call from the governor a for us state where more than 30000 people have died from coronavirus. disorder on the border wife thousands are fleeing violence in venezuela to colombia despite the citing of a 2016 peace deal and in sport the world cup qualifiers continue and reigning champions for on time their 1st win of the campaign. the 1st indonesian police say they already know the identity of 2 suicide bombers who blew themselves up outside a cafe 19 people were killed in the blast on the island or so the west see the bombers are said to be part of a group which carried out previous attacks in indonesia and the philippines just to
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washington reports from jakarta. at the beginning of easter week on indonesia's soon away sea island catholics in the city of mecca side gathered to mark palm sunday on a whim to bomb. the pitch trying to enter the cathedral through the main gate but it was stopped. the attacker was trying to enter our church and one of our staff soared and got suspicious he then stood by the gate and that's when the bomb exploded police cordoned off the area today at the time that so far all police units are here including the forensic team and also the police chief. the president said all people in indonesia have the right to be in peace so. i strongly condemn this act of terrorism and i have given instructions to the police chief to investigate the networks of the perpetrators to take down that network to the root the only 2000 bomb attacks in tunisia were more frequent and killed many people but
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in recent years authorities have increased their crackdown on active network us experts say the threat has decreased but not disappeared. the security apparatus has actually created maximum deterrence but we know that these terror groups are always finding new ways to avoid security. in recent months police have made more arrests and authorities are investigating whether the attack might have been a retaliation against their operations just to washington al-jazeera jakarta judith jacobs a southeast asia security and political risk analyst she says clambers time groups in indonesia are repeatedly targeted churches in recent years. there has been no immediate claim of responsibility and i guess we're going to have to wait for a definite answer however the churches are routinely targeted by numerous militia is in this group's indonesia for example in 20183 churches were attacked by
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supporters of the jamal. j.d. a group that was formed by radical preacher called a man of drama generally security forces and local security guards outside of religious says the still a tease aware of the threat it posed by militant islamists to religious facilities . it is usually quite robust unfortunately the determination of the attack is persists i think that the government and the security forces indeed in indonesia generally by and large do a good job you'd see that in a february about 20 suspected j.t. members from across itself were arrested. and the police have been quite vigilant throughout 2020 even with the pandemic raging i think they've arrested about 200 or so suspected militants throughout the country so they are doing what is required of them but there will always be individuals given that these are
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clandestine organizations that operate in diffuse cells. always ones that will slip through the cracks unfortunately 3000 people from me in mars' corrent state have fled across the border to thailand many spent the night sheltered in the jungle after the military launched airstrikes targeting the qur'an national army the armed i think group is one of dozens fighting mean mars central government earlier said it had overrun and seized a military outpost meanwhile dozens of funerals are being held in myanmar for some of the 14114 people killed on saturday it was the bloodiest day since the military seized power in february tony chang reports from bangkok the day after the killings and the funerals begin the coffin of 13 year old son one year draped in the flag of the national league for democracy or an l d m something. well there were no protests way he lived in yangon the security
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forces still open fire on people as but as monks lead the funeral rites friends and family express their grief. was why are you leaving me behind crisis mother inconsolable can't you hear me she says how can i live without you my son. the world and the protesters continue to march here in the city of daraa way in southern myanmar people took to the streets with the now familiar chance for the military to step down. and there is no doubt now about the reception that awaits them the security services fought with no restraint on saturday rubber bullets and live rounds from automatic rifles the pretense of protecting life and liberty has been stripped away and despite condemnation from around the globe little to make myanmar as military. here of the writing of steps of the world but
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they need to take these steps and all the condemnation is not going to matter very much the people of mean more if they can't see the wall standing up and acting as well as speaking out and we have. attitudes a hardening among the protesters too and mandalay they took every rifles to the barricades on saturday hardly a match for the weapons of war they face but now they know this is a fight to the death and more destruction after a fire raged in p.g. dogon township overnight people living there but kept away by security forces returned to find 60 homes burned to the ground now well they can do is pick through the ashes trying to save anything from the military's policy of scorched tony chang al jazeera.
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mexico has revised its covert 1000 death toll up by nearly 60 percent on saturday the government said the number of coronavirus deaths is above 321000 not 201000 as previously reported mexico's testing rate is low and its health care system has been overwhelmed that means many people are dying at home without getting tested monica campus in rio de janeiro with more on the crisis across latin america. mexico with 321000 deaths has surpassed brazil and it would be the 2nd has the 2nd largest death toll after the united states which also has a much larger population than the mexican one and the reason that surge in numbers in mexico is because testing there is little testy some some people die at home and so what they do is they measure something called excess deaths where they compare
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deaths that happen in a determined period of time to the same period of time in the following year and see what the did with the excesses and since this has happened during a pandemic it's highly likely that these deaths were due to the pandemic so that is basically it now here in brazil the situation is that we still have the hospital cut prices we're still in lockdown in certain parts of the country and just so you have an idea of how serious it is like 4 out of 10 people that have been dying recently have been have not been able to get to a nice e.u. unit so they're basically dying in line. chiller has launched its strict coronavirus locked on yet to curb arising cases more than 80 percent of the population is under mandatory isolation the president says it's necessary to use pressure on the health care system about 40 percent of the population has been
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vaccinated more than in any other latin american nation. we have restricted transit through growth downs and symmetry controls today more than 16000000 countrymen around the corner we are fully aware of the difficulties and 2nd for us is the major means to july in families but to protect health to protect the lives of citizens is definitely our 1st priority. so had only just to reduce our. a reclaiming their future we hear from one young farmer in zimbabwe looking to change land reforms to help the next generation. and energy from the east talent ancient chinese martial art is finding its way into iran these public spaces and a one handed catch from india's captain helped the host push the one day series against england that's coming up with germany's for.
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the. wind is a feature of this time the year through to rabea and we have a very obvious when doing learned on the gulf what a strong northerly so temperatures have dropped in doha as one example by about 10 degrees the sand all the dust that came with it is falling out into the empty quarter really of of saudi arabia's not particularly dusty after all of the typical view is one of sunshine and increasing it's still only 16 on the levantine coast there's still quite a wind blowing down through egypt the suez canal included and the red sea and that's not going to change substantially of the next day or so in fact it might even strengthen as this show mile when that's when it's cold becomes a little lighter because the weather in turkey is turning briefly back to winter and that tends to enhance that wind with it i think we'll find quite dusty
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conditions in egypt but probably nowhere else now equally typical is time of year the wind direction does affect how it feels of places like cape town of port elizabeth that's not a particularly cold direction so you're still in the twenty's but it's not a time to find many showers there are few running into the suit to for example but the main rain band the seas no rain but is further north going on through angola and east was so enjoy the sunshine for example in jo'burg. from the al-jazeera london broadcast center to people in full full conversation generally whenever you talk about race or racism. with no host and no limitations our society has structural racism built into it part one of the shaheen and adam brotherhood low paid people tend to be migrant labor and disproportionately women
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in care what the ultimately comes down to prejudice studio b. unscripted on al-jazeera a unique endangered biodiversity lives in the heart of one of the produce tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the animals that we have here and now. becoming the boss of their self conservation in their communities al-jazeera journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist i'm tired teams efforts to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera.
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following on the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour egypt's president has ordered preparations to remove cargo from a ship that's blocked the suez canal for 6 days more than $300.00 vessels are waiting to transit the waterway. for syria to ration fuel an attack by an armed group on the tonopah mozambique has killed dozens of people and armed brutally siege on the town on wednesday some survivors were evacuated to the provincial capital. indonesian police say they know the identity of 2 suicide bombers who blew themselves up outside a cathedral they're believed to be part of a group which carried out previous attacks in indonesia and the philippines. saddam's transitional government has signed a peace deal with a major rubble group the sudan people's liberation movement was one of 2 groups that was yet to sign an agreement it's meant to pave the way for negotiations after months of deadlock have been morgan reports. after months of
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deadlock a resumption of talks between sudan's transitional government and the sudan people's liberation movement north led by apple as he said hello has led to this on sunday the 2 sides signed what's called the declaration of principles a blueprint for talks to reach a final peace agreement in the south sudanese capital juba and i'm about the signing of the declaration of principles is the true and actual start of a showing that the transitional government is keen on change but leads to a just and fair peace a peace that is satisfactory leads to a sudan that reflects on sudanese. people. the declaration of principles states that the army of the s.p.l. and will be integrated into the national army by the end of saddam's transitional period how that is implemented has been left to future negotiations it also includes clauses on the most controversial topic that's cost repeated breakdown in talks between the 2 sides the relationship between state and religion so that's
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been separated this agreement was present them behind have actually allowed the us to sign this declaration of principle on the declaration in principle is going to pave the way for the delegations to negotiate and to discuss the substantive issues political issues humanitarian issues security sector reform issues so this is a value of this agreement of today on the declaration of. the roots of fighting between sudan's government and the s.p.l. and go back to the 21 year civil war that began in $1083.00 between the north and south a short period of peace and it will fighting we need in 2011 mostly in the south kordofan and blue nile states hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and many more displaced over the past decade mediates is like the aid organization world food program see the declaration of principles will lead to stability. this
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is the final final building block for a foundation for peace for the future where you don't have peace you have hunger you have destabilization that allow us to be a reach people create sustainability and livelihoods so the one day that the world food program won't even need to be here that can happen without what happened today to see these leaders come together not just on paper but in the heart here in their words coming from the heart it's a new day it truly is an amazing day for sudan in cells. while many more rounds of talks lie ahead to reach a final deal many people are celebrating for them and the sites involved the signing of the declaration is the 1st significant step forward to end the conflict in the southern regions people morgan out of the. army house prime minister nick says he will resign an april to allow for snap elections in june his face growing
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calls to step down since armenia was defeated in last year's war with azerbaijan armenia lost parts of the disputed nagorno-karabakh territory which it had controlled for more than 25 years and february accuse the military of attempting a coup. nearly $5000.00 people have now fled fighting in venezuela and they've taken refuge in neighboring colombia in the past 6 days locals say it's become overcrowded and supplies are running low venezuela's military is carrying out an operation against an armed group the defense minister says 6 rebel camps have been destroyed and $39.00 fighters arrested near the border with colombia human rights watch says the armed group involved is the 10th front it's made up of dissidents of the revolutionary armed forces of colombia known by its spanish acronym far they cannot be in government on the fark signed a peace deal in 2016 ending 5 decades of war but since then the groups have been divided with some of its members taking up arms again let's cross over to in
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colombia that's on the border with venezuela he is joining us from a shelter for displaced venezuelans alessandro tell us what you're seeing and what's going on behind you. yes we are in 1000 shelters that have been set up around in the city or town of keith on the border with in this way where according to the latest count by the colombian government 4700 venezuelans have a ride looking for shelter fleeing the ongoing clashes between the venezuelan armed forces and illegal armed groups from colombia and all of the people here are telling us that they had to leave because the level. way in which forces have attacked the town of victoria on the other side of the river that
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device the 2 countries in this area many of them tell horror stories being drawn out of their houses and being accused of being part of a force of the far gravel of the rebels or supporting them they are saying they have nothing to do with them that the minister down forces came in and essentially pushed them out of their homes and now they fear going back so will they be able to go back home. well this is a this is a big question because this is a. humanitarian time bomb for the town. for this larger region one of the poorest in. and the reality is that probably they will not at least for the coming days since the clashes continue we heard the
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explosions earlier in the day on the other side of the river the colombian government is getting ready to keep these shelters open for at least the next 2 weeks. special command post was set up by the colombian government on sunday together with the u.n. refugee agency the international committee of the red cross and national international organization to deal with this humanitarian situation now the colombian government is also insisting that this has to do with the fact that they're in a swell government that has long tolerate the presence of colombian armed groups in their territory to move freely there even accusing parts of the venezuelan government colluding with. colombian rebel groups it's unclear what has happened in the last week that has now brought forward to the kind of violence and clashes
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that we have seen this is something that we expect to hear more from in the coming hours from the minister of defense the colombian minister of defense that will hold a security meeting in the city of the capital of the state of. the colombian all right ana sandra thank you so much for that update from colombia . well the leader of it as well as opposition why doe's says he's tested positive for covert 90 and he announced it on twitter saying he has mild symptoms and is currently in isolation why do also express concern with the number of infections in venezuela but as well as reported more than 155000 cases of corona virus and over 1500 deaths gibraltar as lifting its requirement to wear masks outdoors after inoculating most if its adult population masks are no longer required outside
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the city's main street in surroundings they'll remain mandatory on public transport and in shops or thor days in the british territory have also lifted a nighttime curfew allowing bars and restaurants to stay open until 2 am the number of new infections there has dropped significantly in the u.s. the numbers are still rising health officials fear with states having a lot of autonomy in dealing with the pandemic the country could face another surge florida's republican governor faced criticism for refusing to shut down the economy or make it compulsory to wear masks now he says the state's economy is booming and his approach was right all along and the gallagher reports from miami. businesses shouted deserted streets and strict measures in tackling a global pandemic for most states in the u.s. these are familiar scenes but in florida it's a different picture there have been no statewide code restrictions for more than 6
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months with restaurants and beaches open at full capacity republican governor ronda santa says his decisions which critics accuse of flying in the face of science based advice were right we actually have people opening new businesses here we actually have people hiring people our employment rates much less than the national average in way less than a lot of the walk down states like california new york today though we did we can build off this momentum that momentum is obvious in places like miami where tech finance companies and restaurants and relocating unemployment here is also lower than states like new york and california but encouraging people to come to florida has consequences 0 7. 4 the authorities in miami beach put a curfew in place after thousands of revelers many masculists flocked to beaches and bars the unusual move came after officials decided to spring break crowds posed a serious risk to public health and security there has been gun play opened
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brawling and other hazards and all that in the midst of a pandemic where mask usage and physical distance thing seems like an afterthought if that so we've had to implement measures we would prefer not to deploy but must the real metric that matters here is the state's reaction to covert 19 death rate per capita in florida places it 24th in the nation or right in the middle of a 30000 people have died and variants of covert 900 still pose a serious threat gov decided to spoil the policies have been vindicated some think it's too soon to say tourists a still flocking to the state driven in part by loose restrictions cheap flights and covert fatigue but economists say it may be years before the true cause. it's known we have. a lead then that we were going to. people knew this and this is part of the reason why they did come to florida from greek. and again you cannot
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really measure the economics of it until you figure out well what is a constant terms of lives what has the constant terms. and so on as the u.s. heads towards an uneasy return to normalcy challenges remain for the entire nation florida may have fared better than expected but the u.s. death rate remains among the highest in the world and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida climate activists in france defied a national lockdown in the capital to voice their anger against the government protesters say a new environment bill doesn't go far enough to combat the climate emergency thousands marched across paris calling on lawmakers to take stronger measures similar rallies took place in other french cities as well. high unemployment in zimbabwe makes it hard for young people to find work some are becoming farmers to earn a living and their leasing land or using farms their parents acquired during the government's land reform more than 20 years after land was seized from whites
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several farms are still not being fully utilized young farmers like terence are posts are say that needs to change my name is still as mobile as a also known as the prince much of it traditionally is over i'm a farmer zimbabwe the journey to becoming a farmer. it came off to a realisation that. i need. my personal financial. difficult it's almost impossible to get employment up to college or up to 18 even more liberal city of good will of us had to get by this issue. he has been and it's to going to create employment is special in our days right now i mean a small village you can see it's a small small village i don't only lend here this 4 spaces for my mom so if my mom
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to order decide to just knowing that means i'm lentulus. i believe the length of the reform program now should be targeted at the youth because we are the future and the figures now so for us to secure the future for the united nations to come we need to give the youth the length maybe the government would need to take a lead or did maybe then see those who are utilizing it positively and those who are not and those who are not they should be. taken of them and be given to the use was showing signs of potential to utilize the land positively. to be honest i see yes subgroups in my business coincidentally way way in how i started in i am right now in a i'm managing to take care of my family to care for myself and even to expand more
9:45 pm
so for me something positive and i'm liking it and i believe in dick has to come. is a pole is an ordinal position at that is the breadbasket of africa off southern africa i believe because of the us and are taking a step. well for billions of christians around the world the holy week that culminates on easter sunday is beginning they head of the roman catholic church pope francis held mass of the vatican only a limited number of worshippers were allowed to attend due to coronavirus restrictions on palm sunday christians celebrate their arrival of jesus in jerusalem and an occupied east jerusalem catholics gathered at the church of the holy. clergy in believers held a procession around the shrine built over the site where the body of jesus is set to have been laid after being removed from the cross. coming up in just a moment on the news hour lewis hamilton takes the 1st race when the new formula
9:46 pm
one season in bahrain the action in just over. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them to end their suffering but i didn't have the heart to has dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. here is to do. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because if i could just find a thing i could bury him. on al-jazeera. it's a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activities the escalating climate change and posing in next the stench of threat in the lead up to us to al-jazeera special documentary discussions and report exploring the consequences the ball actions and
9:47 pm
inactions and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the tide the season of programming exploring the climate crisis head of state on al-jazeera. space x. is hoping to send tens of thousands of satellites into orbit over the coming decades as part of a global internet service launching later this year but experts fear that iran musk's company could create more space that brienne hinder scientific discoveries like a gauge reports from australia's capital. 60 satellites launch
9:48 pm
into space on a lawn mosque's 3 usable rocket falcon 9 it's part of a constellation of low orbit satellites from space 6 promising high speed internet connection to remote locations around the world about 1000 being deployed the goal is for that to grow to more than $40000.00 if you imagine the problems we have with space to brain space junk already that is just adding to it at a rate that we can't keep up we can't keep up with the risk that creates space x. now owns about one 3rd of all active satellites and more satellites means greater potential for collision millions of paces of so-called space junk or already in orbit some as small as a fleck of pite but type of damaging a spice pre want to have human exploration of the solar system we need to make sure we're looking after the nearest environment before we start going towards other
9:49 pm
planets. the strelley in research is a developing software to manage traffic in space time to traducing the risk of collisions the reality is there's not a policeman up in spite. there's no traffic rules so it's a bit like a free for all customers all signing up to styling but initial consumer costs are expensive and similar projects have previously failed another issue is what a lower orbit satellites could mean for astronomy someone they will fundamentally change the skies appearance the stargazers potentially limiting scientific discoveries orbiting closer to earth their brush or in more visible blocking astronomers views the problem space x. is trying to solve amazon and one web have similar plans as well as china prompting calls for tighter regulation of spice the biggest challenge is how do we regulate
9:50 pm
to make sure that that commercial name doesn't outweigh how out and out global interest in the global commons of space nearly half the world's population doesn't have access to the internet space x. is hoping its constellation of satellites will be part of the solution to connecting the globe nicola gage al-jazeera canberra time for an update on the. thanks during the world champion lewis hamilton the house won the opening race of the new formula one season in bahrain they say it is driver overcame a strong challenge from red bulls max to stop and drag out your oscar has the action. for the last 7 seasons miss a.d.'s domination of formula one has gone largely unchallenged in both the constructors and drivers' championships but with max a step in starting from pole position in the season opening race in bahrain an upset look promising. both drivers got away cleanly from the start with
9:51 pm
a stop and staying out in front but an early pit stop from hamilton paid off and saw the world champion take the lead the stepan's chase was on and as hamilton's tires began to lose grip it appeared the dutchman had successfully overtaken his rival with 4 laps to go. but in the process he broken the rules by running his car off the track and had to hand the lead back to hamilton hamilton held on in an extraordinary finish to win a record extending 96th from prix with the stop and coming out 2nd best in a thrilling tussle between the 2. it's actually. more difficult race that was step definitely stopping early was going to we knew was going to be difficult but we had to cover. max they've had an amazing
9:52 pm
performance all weekend so we're going to take something pretty special and. we suffer that last stint and trying to find the right balance between not pushing too much and having ties and then the race is typical and max is all over me right at the end it's of course a shame but you also have to see the positives you know really putting the fires on to them and i think that's that's great to start the study or like that so it's advantage hamilton after the 1st race but it looks like the 7 time world champion may have plenty more challenges from a stop and to contend with this season joining us al-jazeera. the a thing race of the may say g.p.c. is in qatar wasn't short of drama either. started on paul or he let the race that was until. his mate is made with 8 laps to go and the spaniard hout off the chasing pack for his 2nd win it there's disappointment for our champion john mayer he looks
9:53 pm
out for a podium finish but he ran wide on the very final corner and was overtaken by the counties of jones r.k. and back my ear. qualifying of the next year's world cup in castle continues with the reigning champions france getting their 1st win of the campaign after touring with ukraine in that opening qualifier france of follow that up by beating kazakstan barcelona but them ahead that was his 1st goal for his country since 2018 before i don't go made it too you know killing them back they have the chance to get a 3rd for france but as penalty it was say. england to have maintained their 100 percent start with it so you know went away in albania captain harry kane returned to the starting line up and he headed england in front and mason scored their 2nd after the break and 2010 champions spain it needed a stoppage time when a to b. ga they were 10 down at the break a big shock on the cards but that was before found torres equalized and then the
9:54 pm
danny almost made it to one with just a couple of minutes remaining. and right now as last and even him of it is playing his 2nd match for sweden since coming out of international retirement his side are up against kosovo italy they will extend their unbeaten run to $24.00 games they're playing a bold area and 2014 world cup winners germany it's taking on romania those matches have just kicked off a few minutes ago and no goals so far india's cricketers have clinched the one day series against england after winning the 3rd and final match in pune a england were set to target $330.00 but india's captain avert totally pulled off a brilliant $100.00 catch to dismiss abdul rashid and reduce the tourists to $257.00 for 8 some current led england's charge of contributing at $95.00 runs but ultimately his efforts were in vain as england short by 7 runs in the end. with the
9:55 pm
olympics at less than 4 months away one of the main problems of facing organizes is getting athletes qualified to take it with so many global travel restrictions but some progress has been made in archery 6 prices were awarded for the games at the americas continental qualification tournament in monterrey mexico cameroon set of francis and ghana is the new u.f.c. heavyweight champion he knocked out american is steve hit she beat him back in 2018 and is widely considered the greatest you have see heavyweight of all time and go on the left come rain 12 years ago as a refugee and lived on the streets of paris. we were going to find a place in the public place in cameroon and put it to the ground so kids can look only on the east side and. they were understand that as a symbol of the diminishment you know like. somebody coming from where they are.
9:56 pm
to get that everything is possible for them. to focus on the belief in the indian dream from a finale back with more later ok i will see you later thank you so much for that update and before we go one final story because chinese the chinese martial art of tight she is gaining popularity in iran and particularly among women all those taking part in the sport say it's helping change views about gender segregation as a big reports from to her on. a well known chinese martial art the past few years has seen it growing popularity in iran especially among women. told us it's a way to release energy that's trapped in the body the sport requires a lot of patients usually women have more harmony and from the perspective of physical ability i think they deal better with the sport it's not common to see this kind of performance in public spaces in iran. in
9:57 pm
a country where women practicing sports is usually held behind closed doors tightly seems to be the exception it's also not segregated like other sporting activities. this couple met at a thai chief festival you guys are the image of for the good we practice together outdoors at home whenever there's an opportunity the sport doesn't require a lot of space neither in those heights it has to be here that has the impact of tight she i can tell you it has reduced the periods of anger and maybe arguments and within a few minutes iran has a national team and an annual championship. i can tell you some 70 percent of people who engage in this activity in iran are women many people like it and practice it in many parts of the country in this competition those taking part were aged between 8 and 63 some have competed internationally man s.s.l. said. this is the 3rd year i'm attending the national championship last year i got a gold and 2 syllabus and i received an invitation to the national team. but it's
9:58 pm
in public places like this that the sport is getting most attention inspiring others to join in while some simply appreciate the art form a side big al-jazeera the crown. that's it for myself and the team here and our holiday al-jazeera news our we had your 1st foreign teams in london barbara starr is with you in just a moment and saw much more of the day's news al-jazeera thanks for watching bye for now. vaccines a promising path out of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in
9:59 pm
history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap as the marriage between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start the boxing comes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the coronavirus pandemic are not just. talking to al jazeera. you tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sell the fence material any country during the conflict and yet we meet with the global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on syria you are dealing with very powerful people people in influential positions in government where we know there were elements within the police completely admits that we're getting scared that tweet we're getting too close to some people higher up the line
10:00 pm
if you're. doing the job itself. is essentially the perfect you have a diplomatic bag that part of congress should al-jazeera investigates the poachers pipeline. hundreds of people are finally rescued from a hotel in mozambique but the military says dozens more were killed in the sea. alone barbara sorry you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up the salvage operation continues to dislodge a container ship in the sewers canal as delays mount and there is concern about the impact on the global oil and gas.


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