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will interact. with. the. hundreds of people are rescued from a town in northern mozambique but the military says dozens more have been killed during a 5 day siege that. hello there i missed on the attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fighting in venezuela leads thousands to flee across the border into colombia. suicide bombers target a cathedral in indonesia worshippers but attending
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a service to mark the start of the easter week. and a full moon and high tide raised hopes but efforts to dislodge the ship blocking the suez canal are on hold until another tugboats arrives on monday. now a 5 day siege on a town in northern mozambique has left dozens dead according to the military that among the victims are 7 civilians who were ambushed as they tried to escape the hotel by road the attacks began on wednesday hours after the french energy company to tao announced that it would resume work at its natural gas project near the town of palma foreigners are among those caught up in the violence there are metasearch reports. survivors from the siege in parma arrived in the port city of pinback just along the coast but many others weren't as fortunate defense officials say dozens of others were killed trying to escape the fighting and some of them were ambushed
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as they tried to leave by road in a convoy one of the current song. the defense and security forces regret this loss of human lives and a drive that they continue to develop at this moment concerted actions of pursuit with the aim of eliminating some pockets of resistance. since wednesday when an armed group lost its attack on parma communications have been down and many families are still waiting to hear what's happened to be loved ones i'm going to go to my theory it's the situation of losing someone it's hard he don't know where this person is he can't reach them or know what condition they're in this is horrible and it's destabilize humanity it's really not fair. this is the only footage that has emerged from inside the hotel where up to 200 people have reportedly taken refuge hundreds of others have attempted to flee the town running into forests and nearby villages. we don't know how we will get out of here if we
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can get to the sea or if we will be rescued by their helicopters flying over the hotel they checking to see if we can reach the beach to get a boat out but as you can hear we don't know if it's possible the situation is critical we have no food just water we're in god's hands no. gun battles have been going on for days between the armed group that calls itself and government forces trying to take back control of the coastal town. there's been fighting in northern missouri and beak mainly in kabul delgado province since 2017 this is a region major gas discoveries have been made in recent years but the town of parma has been relatively safe for foreigners working on africa's largest liquefied natural gas project until this week. the french in the g. giant hotel has now evacuated $1000.00 of its workers at suspended its operations
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it was due to restart a $20000000000.00 project after stopping work in january because of security concerns that's now on hold. on. we're. trying to. project. more than 2500 people have been killed and half a 1000000 forced to leave their homes during years of fighting in the province it's really a toxic mix of various issues is progress the northernmost province or is marginalized people feel you're frustrated they have been people who don't know if they like. mining activities they will be mines specifically amnesty international blame several parties for war crimes it has accused armed groups and a government backed private south african military firm are being responsible for
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the deaths of hundreds of civilians it also says government troops have made arrests without reason tortured detainees and carried out extrajudicial killings security forces say fighting is still ongoing with army officials are trying to eliminate pockets of resistance humanitarian workers say it could be days before the actual number of dead is known and they warn they'll be even more internal displacement as people try to escape the fighting. out either. well dr alex vines as the managing director of risk ethics and resilience for chatham house africa program he says mozambique's problems are affecting the widest southern africa region this is a watershed moment it's a step further in deterioration of what's been happening in a couple decoders since 2017 to be honest the situation really deteriorated in the province of the northern districts of kabul to go. at the beginning of last year
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and although early this year things seem to have the pace of conflict seem to have slowed down and it looked as if the government was getting a bit of a better grip on the security situation clearly that was just temporary the united states government a couple of weeks ago labeled al shabaab a foreign terrorist organization if t.o. but interestingly the one name that they named in it want the one named person is attends a nian and so i think viewers of algae serious should see this not just as a mozambican problem but regional one it involves tanzania and there are some connections with the eastern congo but fundamentally the issues that are at the heart at the core of this are local ones in mozambique this is about inequality disenfranchisement local level corruption all of those things that fit into this as well as radicalized islam when nearly 5000 people have now fled fighting in
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venezuela and taken refuge in neighboring colombia now the past 6 days locals say it's become overcrowded the supplies there are running low some of them have accuse the venezuelan military of abuses including extrajudicial killings they say the military is targeting members of the disbanded fock rebel group which has previous think it's an armed conflict with the colombian government out of hunger m.p.'s he has the latest from our up in colombia on the border with venezuela. people here are getting ready for another night in the 18 shelters that have been set up in the town of out i would keep an eye on other town and other towns along. the border as more people is arriving daily fleeing the fighting that continues and even a swell inside people here sharing horror stories of users on parts they say. security forces in part to kill or at least in one case also extrajudicial killings
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a family of farmers people are telling us here now we haven't been able to confirm that but what's clear is that people are clearly afraid of going back or afraid that what i have happened that they were totally surprised by. the violence that they saw happening in their towns this is on on precedented operation inside of venezuela stories that are similar to what used to happen here in colombia during their many decades of internal conflict but something that is completely unheard of or was unheard of until now inside. venezuela and it shows like the government there that has longer tolerate the presence of legal colombian armed groups. deciding to fight go after them especially some of these
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new groups that have appeared after the signing of the peace deal in 2006 in colombia. at least 19 people were injured off to tear suicide bombers bury themselves up outside a packed cathedral and neisha people there were attending a palm sunday mass on the island athena westie the president is urging everyone to work together to fight what he called terrorism just to washington reports now from jakarta. right. at the beginning of easter week on indonesia's soon away sea island catholics in the city of mock assad gathered to mark palm sunday on a winter 2 bombers were waiting the pair tried to enter the cathedral through the main gate but it was stopped. for the attacker was trying to enter our church and one of our staff soared and got suspicious he then stood by the gate and that's when the bomb exploded police cordoned off the area to drive the fire so far all police units are here including the forensic team and also the police chief the
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president said all people in indonesia have the right to worship in peace so. i strongly condemn this act of terrorism and i have given instructions to the police chief to investigate the networks of the perpetrators to take down that network to the root in the early 2000 bomb attacks in engineers are more frequent and killed many people but in recent years authorities have increased a big crackdown on our network us experts say the threat has decreased but not disappeared yet. the security apparatus actually created maximum deterrence but we know that these terror groups are always finding new ways to avoid security. in recent months police have made more arrests and authorities are investigating whether the attack might have been a retaliation against their operations just to washington al-jazeera jakarta judith jacob as a southeast asia security and political risk on
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a list and she says candace time groups in indonesia have repeatedly targeted churches in recent. there has been no immediate claim of responsibility and i guess we're going to have to wait for a definite answer however the churches are routinely targeted by numerous militant islamist groups indonesia for example in 20183 churches were attacked by supporters of the gym on charge down a j.d. a group that was formed by a radical preacher called him and rahman generally security forces and local security guards outside of religious of those facilities are aware of the threat posed by militant islamists to religious facilities. it is usually quite robust unfortunately the determination of the attack is persists i think the government and the security force in indonesia generally by and large do a good job you see that in february about 20 suspected jadi members from across
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itself were arrested. and the police have been quite vigilant throughout 2020 even with the pandemic raging i think they've arrested about 200 or so suspected militants throughout the country so they all doing what is required of them but there will always be individuals given that these are clandestine organizations that operate in diffuse cells. always ones that will slip through the cracks unfortunately. the e.u. and the u.s. have condemned me on laws military genter for at least 100 protesters were killed by security forces there on saturday and comes as 3000 people from corrent state have fled across the border to thailand many spent the night sheltered in the jungle after the military launched airstrikes targeting the qur'an national liberation army the on definite group is one of dozens fighting men last central government well there have also been dozens of funerals and myanmar for those killed in what has become the bloodiest day since figure his military coup u.s.
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president joe biden labeled sunday's violence as absolutely outrageous tony chen ports now from bangkok. a day after the killings and the funerals begin the coffin of 13 year old sayen draped in the flag of the national league for democracy or n l d on sunday although there were no protest where he lived in yangon the security forces still open fire on people as buddhist monks lead the funeral rites friends and family express their grief. was why are you leaving me behind crisis mother inconsolable can't you hear me she says how can i live without you my son. was in iraq and the protesters continue to march here in the city of daraa way in southern myanmar people took to the streets with the now familiar chance for the
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military to step down. and there is no doubt now about the reception that awaits them the security services fought with no restraint on saturday rubber bullets and live rounds from automatic rifles the pretense of protecting life and liberty has been stripped away and despite condemnation from around the globe little to make myanmar military pull your override any other steps in the world but they need to take these steps and all the condemnation is not going to matter very much the people of mean more if they can't see the wall standing up and acting as well as speaking you know when we have. attitudes a hardening among the protesters today and mandalay they took air rifles to the barricades on saturday hardly a match for the weapons of war they face but now they know this is a fight to the death and more destruction after a fire raged in p.g.
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dogon township overnight people living there but kept away by security forces returned to find 60 homes burned to the ground now well they can do is pick through the ashes trying to save anything from the military's policy of scorched tony chang al jazeera. gyptian state media say efforts to refloat a container ship that's currently blocking the suez canal are on pause until more tugboat powers in place an attempt had been planned for sunday in a bid to try to take advantage of the unusually high spring tide the blockage is having a devastating effect on an already oil strapped syria which has begun rationing fuel to ensure that hospitals bakeries and essential businesses can continue to operate in run calm reports. 6 days on the fair is that the ever given is blocking the su is canal will lead to global shortages of all gas and goods and it's not just what's on the vessel itself although that's significant given it's one of the
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largest container ships in the world but it's what's on the other $300.00 or so vessels treading water at the entrance and exits of the canal as well as those stuck in the middle syria's already feeling the pinch the authorities announced fuel rationing as supplies from iran are stuck the news is coming out of syria is deeply deeply worrying the country was already heating crisis point with economic collapse heating syria and the daily lives of syrians and now these delays to fuel shipments will make an really bad situation worse. and his tankers q oil prices are rising the blockage is another blow to global trade already disrupted by cope with 19 around about 70 percent of the world's oil trade goes through the suez canal and it can't any any ship has the choice of taking the longer route round the south of africa takes around 2 weeks longer obviously cost
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more because the additional i'm shipping cost so ships are having to make their decision do they white are in that queue of $300.00 or do they take need a longer trip there are 2 main strategies in place to dislodge the ever given they are currently using tugboats to push and widen the canal by using diggers on land at the stern end of the vessel that seems to be working the 2nd is lightening the load by removing containers that's seen as time consuming dangerous and untested either way this has never happened in the history of shipping before and rank on our desire. still ahead here on al-jazeera. i'm john hendren in minneapolis where opening arguments begin in the trial of derek chauvet the man accused of killing george florence. and reclaiming their future we hear from one young farmer in some way to change land reform to help the next
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generation the that. it's time for the perfect gentleman the winter storm suit point qatar airways now activity in northern china can sometimes be pretty vicious this is another sound storm that went through beijing that unwinding frontal system was the reason but it's all gone through now and the sound is dropping the wind is dropping and the system is going off into the western pacific so having taken rain through japan these now you can sunshine behind which is true all about through northern china for the sounds more or less the yangtze valleys science words we are seeing rain develop this is very science the spring round i think and the orange tops here was suggest it's turning heavy it's not everywhere but you can see for less where it is sure to hung it as yet has not affected south korea you are of course enjoying the
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cherry blossom in the warm sunshine now further south east and we have still got 2 hours a significant sherry rain develop in the fossils in philippines and maybe sort of way sea and once again sumatra and the and above nicobar as in the south of the bay of bengal that other area this one here is just disappearing probably won't see in advance of those shows i think they'll disappear once again because it's generally a time of rising heat throughout the indian plane and good news for new delhi your equity should improve as the wind picks up. sponsored poll qatar airways. meets the minimalists attempt this couple and their daughter decide to quit the rock craze looking to the time with us. let's just throw everything away outers or world expose the simple living movement aimed at reducing personal consumption credit and
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clock times i hope to be happier as a result. a simple life on al-jazeera. her . and again i must and that's money about top stories this hour dozens of people have been killed in an attack in the town of palma and northern mozambique following a 5 day siege among the victims are 7 civilians who were ambushed while fleeing our town. really 5000 people have now fled fighting in venezuela and taken refuge in neighboring colombia venezuela as military is carrying out an operation against an armed group near the border that. the gypsum state media say efforts to refurbish
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a container ship blocking suez canal our own oil until more tugboat power is in place it's been almost a week now since the ever given lodged itself and that washed away. now opening arguments in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd will begin on monday derek 7 could face decades in prison if he's convicted that case will center around the question of what led to floyd's death john hendren has more now from minneapolis and a warning they are strong images in this report. george floyd's death reignited the u.s. civil rights movement and set off a racial revolution in american streets. energize the black lives matter movement in harden the country's racial divide now the trial of the police officer accused of floyd's murder could either close a bitter chapter in american history. or rekindle the arson fueled riots of the
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summer of 2020 across the united states another will be similar to what took place when this happened you know we felt it all the way in chicago. you know people angry. but to their frustrations will say they know how the murder trial of fired police officer derek children is perhaps the most intense repeated civil rights case here in the u.s. in the 21st so. it will mark a test case of racial justice in 2021 in the case of a black man who died beneath the knee of a white police officer who held him there for 8 minutes in 46 seconds. that jury will see show than in this disturbing video as floyd cries out for his life at the bridge. these are the images we don't take anything for granted we have to keep our eyes on the prize to make sure that he doesn't get away with murder as so many other police officers have done to people of color in america not since the
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racially charged trial of the white police officers charged in the 1991 beating of rodney king has one legal case so captured a moment in american racial history. when a largely white suburban jury found the defendants not guilty the streets of los angeles a rock did in violent fury in black america police are now often seen in the darkest light now people are not viewing the police as a welcome. rather as an unwelcome presence as it's been referred to over the years an occupying force. as minneapolis anxiously boards up for new demonstrations many fear what could happen if show ven is allowed to walk free people gonna be outraged because it again has proven that the system is not protected and so i think people gonna be upset and down while. we have 15
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this time a racially diverse jury of $12.00 and $3.00 alternates 9 white 4 black into mixed race will decide the fate of another white police officer. and that could set the direction of the american civil rights movement for years to come john hendren el jazeera minneapolis. scientists based in cattle have identified a mutation that could result in a coded $1000.00 test returning a false negative those findings have been published in the journal of clinical microbiology that study calls for testing centers around the world to monitor mutations in the virus and ensure the testing methods are up to date well dr patrick tongue is the division chief of microbiology at sidra medicine and he says the findings of the study will help ensure that could be 1000 testing technology remains effective. this is a reminder of 2 things one is that the virus is constantly mutating so every time
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we give the virus a chance to enter a new host there's a chance for it to mutate and it also is a reminder that our diagnostic systems are very robust in most parts of the world that we're able to pick up. and characterize them find out what the mutation is and then publish it in the scientific literature so that all the other scientists and doctors around the world are also alerted to that to these possibilities what is he a random and is sort of somewhat blocked and that somebody here that came to our hospital had this mutation several people have this new patient and this mutation is probably circulating in many different parts of the world but because we don't have the capacity to do a lot of genome sequencing of the virus in many parts of the world probably missed
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this so what would be more concern and have many of these mutations develop side of the with out knowing about that after we published this many of my colleagues in north america also reached out to us throughout find out more about this mutation and as well as the company that produces this commercial test for the virus so so this that this is definitely a way of starting that dialogue and make sure everybody has it robust tests that work over 90. meanwhile mexico has revised its carbon 1000 death toll up by nearly 60 percent on saturday the government said the number of coroner virus deaths is above 321000 not 201000 as previously reported mexico's testing rages low and its health care system has been overwhelmed that means many people dying at home without getting tested all those revised figures put mexico now above brazil as want to have reports from very generic. official numbers
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were too low that's because they're slow at counting also the health care system was overwhelmed so many people died at home so what they did was they reviewed the what the. deaths that had happened and they counted what were what is called the excess deaths they compared to. last year's deaths with this year's would be expected deaths and tried to figure out why there were so many and those words tributed to code. so now. that some are whole after the united states in the whole world and brazil which has a population almost double the amount of mexico's has 3 111000 deaths whereas mexico has 321000. on employment in zimbabwe makes it hard for young people to find work there some of
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becoming farmers to anna living dead leasing land or using farms that their parents acquired during the governments around reform program more than 20 years after land was seized from whites several farms are still not being fully utilized young farmers like terence one person say that needs to change my name is stood as mobile as a. pretty 9 years old and i'm a farmer. the journey to becoming a farmer. it came after a realisation that. i needed a lasting solution to my personal financial program. is difficult it's almost impossible to get employment after college or after a teen even all of our cities get on a level suggested by this issue has been and it's going to create
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employment especially nowadays right now i mean a small village you can see it's a small small village i don't only lend you these small spaces for my mum so if my mum to want to decide which is me i mean that means i'm lentulus. i believe the length of the reform program now should be targeted at the youth because we are the future and the figures now so for us to secure the future for the united nations to come we need to give the youth the length maybe the government would need to take a lead audit maybe then see those who are utilizing it positively and those who are not and those who are not they should be. taken of them and be given to the use was showing signs of potential to utilise the in positive. to be honest i see is subgroups in my business coincidental way
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way in how i started in tweed i am right now in a managing to take care of my family to care for myself and even to expand more so for me something positive and i'm living it and i believe in dickens' to come. support is an ordinal position at that is the breadbasket of africa off southern africa i believe because the us are not taking a step. i know that this is al jazeera i mean the headlines dozens of people have been killed in an attack in the town of palma and more than mozambique following a 5 day siege among the victims 7 civilians who ambushed a fleeing a hotel hundreds of locals and foreigners have been evacuated and some of them arrived in the port city of pemba nearly 5000 people have now fled fighting in
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venezuela and taken refuge in neighboring colombia venezuela's military is carrying out an operation against an armed group near the border that a somber m.p. .


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