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tv   Al Jazeera World A Simple Life  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2021 4:00am-5:01am +03

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you've got. hello there i'm mr hall with the headlines for you here on al-jazeera dozens of people including 7 civilians have been killed in an attack in the town of palma in northern mozambique their convoy was ambushed as they tried to escape their hotel which had by then been under siege for days hundreds of locals and foreigners have since been evacuated some of them arrived in the port city of pemba dr alex vines is the managing director of the risk ethics and resilience for chatham house says africa program he says mozambique's problems are affecting the broader southern
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africa region. this is a watershed moment it's a step further in deterioration of what's been happening in couple decoders since 2017 to be honest the situation really deteriorated in the province of the northern districts of kabul to go. at the beginning of last year and although the early this year things seem to have the pace of conflict seem to have slowed down and it looked as if the government was getting a bit of a better grip on the security situation clearly that was just temporary the united states government a couple of weeks ago labeled al shabaab a foreign terrorist organization if t.o. but interestingly the one name that they named in it what the one named person is that tanzania and and so i think viewers of algae serious should see this not just as a mozambican problem but regional one it involves tanzania and there are some connections with the eastern congo but fundamentally the issues that are at the heart at the
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core of this are local ones in mozambique this is about inequality disenfranchisement local level corruption all of those things are fed into this as well as radicalized islam well nearly 5000 people have now fled fighting in venezuela and taken refuge in neighboring colombia that as well as the military is carrying out an operation against an armed group near the border that. he has the latest now from kits that in colombia on that border with israel are. the people here are getting ready for another night in the one of the 18 shelters that have been set up in the town of otto i would keep. an eye on other town and other towns along. the border as more people are arriving daily fleeing the fighting that continues in the venezuelan sides people here sharing horror stories of abuses on the say in this where security
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forces. gyptian state media say efforts to refloat a container ship currently blocking the suez canal are on pause until more tugboat power is in place it's been almost a week since the ever given run aground blockages having a devastating impact on oil supplies to syria which has begun rationing fuel syrian kurdish forces in control of the north east have launched a sweeping anti eisel security operation they've arrested more than 30 people at the whole camp many of it $62000.00 residents are foreigners who are believed to add ties to eisele the operation at the camp is expected to take around 10 days indonesian police have identified the 2 suicide bombers the bru themselves up outside a packed cathedral in the casa at least 1000 people were injured the indonesian president is calling for unity the e.u. and the us have condemned neandertals military john dead least 100 protesters were
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killed by security forces on saturday and comes as 3000 people from corrent states have fled across the border to thailand many spent the night many spend the night sheltering in the jungle after the military launched airstrikes targeting the qur'an national liberation army. mexico has revised its kovan 1000 death toll up by nearly 60 percent on saturday the government said the number of coronavirus deaths is more than 321000 not 200 in 1000 as previously reported mexico's testing ways is low and its health care system has been overwhelmed billions of christians around the wilds have been marking the beginning of the holy week ahead of easter the head of the roman catholic church pope francis held mass at the vatican for the 2nd day and now only a limited number of washed up as were allowed to attend jews or coronavirus restrictions well those are the headlines all the more news off to al-jazeera while .
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she didn't get to use them testy to me he sits near the city. on the left hand because that could really mean. to keep you there and. there's no jobs. being i don't know the moves of the sas in the hats in the business. of a political the son of one of the home the book.
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many people living and working in the world's biggest cities today are generally better off than their parents and grandparents generations but what does get better off me to some it's just a matter of having more money than people had 50 years ago but for others it's about possessions what we are in the cars we drive the clothes we wear the technology we use. this film is about stuff how much we have and how much we actually need. acquiring stuff is a true pleasure for many people whether it's picking up a bargain at the shopping mall or upgrading an old item with the latest model will simply receiving a gift from a friend with each transaction our acquisition of material things increases
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but how much is enough the question is as old as consumerism itself but especially amid the global pandemic is now being raised again across the world on t.v. in movies on streaming services and on social media. in the video. didn't. get in mr. miller's today that he had made its movies but identified. it is. siddharth joe lives in turkey's largest city. he's a social media consultant in his thirty's married with a young daughter their apartment has all the regular middle class and modern conveniences including a home office for siddharth before working from home was forced on us while on the
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surface his life might have seemed ideal so that decided he needed to reassess his lifestyle his spending and overall work life balance. can the modern wear couple don't stand western because there's always to your mother to be conducive to can we do to ensure their home owner color their lives at heinz he can bear all this tickle the touch of the market there. are more. subtle of. many of the family purchases were at the local shopping mall it's convenient and caters for most shoppers needs but the mall is about more than just shopping it's a day out and entertainment filled center for all the family.
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high york with the 6 ins with so they can shake this is a initiate that. need peace in this ng now marxism needs to ministers in the us or don't always get the men ass and the obits if there could be the truth or is steeped are more or less. related the missing let them go on ahmed. the more we are busy on easter many a moment married woman looks to me said nick. had to deal with it in art and they are to get that message talked of all the meeting assures. that pilot baldwin charitable critical. siddharth decided to look for people who turned their back on consumerism in favor of a simpler march what people are now. all in minimalism. the philosophy of simple
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living is about being satisfied with what you have rather than what you want it's a movement that's existed for centuries in different forms and now once again gaining traction. as with any major life change the hardest part is often the 1st step. be sure that in the on the skipping the stone task it in he said to me i will show them the benefits of the acid on him especially that. child's journey of self discovery began with examining the family finances he earns he spends more he spends more it's a never ending cycle in which wealth is gained only to be lost again. saddam wanted to explore the alternatives to see if it was possible to break this cycle
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but in a family friendly way. they are pretty clear in. their children he said you. get all of the debate a ticket that is little more than we were told blue to or to hear. one another so they stay within the edition to call agent one day to let us look at a coaster upon them i believe in a. blog updated than i did the any day than it was. on the schmuck getting that. not good chinese all of. us all know that in the wake. of those who were dishwasher. his 1st stop was imagine house meaning a co-operative house it's in the aegean region of western turkey. it calls itself an environmental village and it's a community of like minded people all practicing an alternative lifestyle it was set up in 2005 with the aim of its members deciding on their exact needs and then
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providing for them themselves imagine houses founder ismail unicon created the community in response to his own disillusionment with modern city life he believed he was devoting too much time to work simply to secure his basic needs housing water electricity yet again and his young family moved to a 3 hector plot of land to live at one with nature ranchers go whenever a question yeah new year's. eve should be about the irish it is like you cousin who was. talking one standout year to me is what if. someone could be doing yeah nice and then bought a shoes and democratic dawdle human will. if you don't go sheepish to him i won't move such
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a negative looser they are going to talk too much and it will be such a case that we shouldn't sort of either solo or do you want to ship them. then home and. mail. them. that doesn't. imagine house is a year round project for ismail his wife and daughter soraya it's also an open house for like minded people visitors are expected to help out with farming and daily domestic chores. but us is in the truck a spoiler. you can. yell my simile is to tall now look at it like chalk color i will not i'm included and will know you son
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straight also your shark can blow you up. she told him talk. showing your training subject of a little good to your shark. in the earshot of total good cinema kitchen arjun who should have seen the number of visitors can range from a handful of guests to dozens of people from all over the world. during sadat or giles visit he was accompanied by a family who like him was also questioning their big city lifestyle the visit to a major house raised profound questions for sadat could he really quit the rat race and up brooches family to live in a community like this what about his daughter's education i would his wife react.
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in any really clear and in bed all day when you go to her and they think we have. seen their music. all that and they become. clear and then. that he had sold the link be tuned in. to the appeal of doing. the biz we're pulling never they say tom and the cologne were done by a little patient in the shape putting i think of them this is the i needed to do the shins inglenook now this is really. talk sounds lynch and. yap them very. harsh you talk as though i mention it's my being mine's on the whole. gang leader so i mean there's only do see. how much. you make
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your mark we see an artist make told me to meet to play up mark martin. never makes me sick and they appear much sodium higher than they are that would be a good time to look at all of that i quit that i was always down wonder. ya know you're in there john to be john mark. when they believe that you just cited your the children which gets us and they're going to do it and yeah he did toddy doris in there. so i shall cut you when they approach the letter talked or heard since they were much somewhere in the sea of europe here give it your doubts you still. that image of if you called. the majority. of the neighbors you. win
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a lot of ideas and they do it isn't. that what you did to them. so how can one and highly and make this made energy one of the top of. their physics has all of. them they can be treated with. sold. media. even. back in their apartments in istanbul sadat's wife delivered her opinion on the idea of living in a rural commune. it will also have a lot of i don't know just. a little hollow as a whole. in all of this generation of yeah learn how to use the models are. completely. social and physical the finance minister even.
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then they look the bottom the jug and even more than the left a little bit. closer to be and it may be jealousy be jabbers can. find that if you. want me to. 2 sit down continued with his work but at the same time learned more about the simple living movement it had become clear to him that there were different degrees of simple at one end of the spectrum was a line for rural isolation while at the other with the bright lights of the busy city sadat was looking for a compromise a middle path and next spoke to a retired businessman who had turned his back on consumerism.
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retired at 53 from a senior management role in a successful business he managed several 100 people was paid a large salary and had all the trappings of so-called success but he turned his back on his lifestyle in favor of a simpler life with his 7 children and 3 grandchildren. much. source. told me to call a lot of the. me up which be in summer but. campania the negative. you got to follow that the women will not have to doctor it you must all go get it and he said it was a little. bit dull it was others and that is some of what we are to show him of the merit of method he didn't see that in. the least i have to look up your video or they can have got to love them all of you that almost wish them did you don't.
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then that it was women who couldn't see how to get to the telephone in their automatic men died that. the other economic. yup does that mean that they. can be the good addicts. after retirement calgary perty had built a house in a small village near istanbul it was an escape from all the pressures and stresses of city life. you could live in highly. unusual day you felt must have washed he stumbled. out of the get a good deal or to dirty old look beyond you didn't have to much. to your part of the mish. childish your career the what
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a lot of jokes you could. you be sure you would go. for them. he. may be a shot of them. or to prolong the problem. milliken or bush to look. up to top it up with the data to your political you that you don't to rush. to be dicky said it in. good news and you don't think it should just. well 1st of. all go the length of this and the easier it is that. the retired businessman introduced to
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a simple life support group it's an opportunity for people from all walks of life to compare their experience of changing lifestyles and living with less. how much. is it. part of the project not just look at things out and. we just kind of launched a critique of the look behind you there because indians probably don't see the market at not at all the same it is going to get anybody will know where they are listed if it doesn't look to be taught them to look at the look on the quality to learn that we really don't believe it almost that we. had a mystic that had enough done in some. believe. in some stuff in some. way to get make the dean is our longer. getting that has she to get your source do you need to get to this last bus.
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in which are they getting the s.l.u.t. to get your thoughts so they can cite their lives had to get a source work on them to get to. the lawlessness or to get young men to. bill does a day she had to teach. credit card to columbia. valley columbia and she continued. to. credit card to new york latter. so long don't. call them children just want to start their garden and seeing the duty. because yes. the enemy to come a book of them because of being in there. just in the class to
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be dangerous. just each question. certain side legally you have taught us immigrants or you didn't give. their guys one couple or 3000000. in detail. just now called a. mentor and you. took the part that i don't want them to be. having made some changes to its lifestyle that made contact with members of the simple life support. if. on the mark. on there is some. change this is rush.
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this is. about a member of the group by dark had been a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry he made a lot and spent a lot enjoying luxury holidays and buying expensive quotes but he discovered that for him money did not buy happiness it cutler billick their. own daughter that credit card them all the. members of the. bill took. it took a shell of an. element dish still missing up to look at all the fucking them. and your own shaking going on in the room the most highly given the kind that. had on you. dish in your
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head and neck other i know not to the needy 2nd there. fucking you. be aware there were. but but i'm giving him my little. shaking dickie if i had a less. net if i this is one of girders among. us than that on the. silly list she did. there will be a great season nagin the last time i'm in concert of lady this. is in. question accomplished opera my little man is going to make this. your. form of. some of these you believe your
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energy form almost all muckler all of this hi paula marcus and the. fact look and jen far could give a b. c. d. . when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of suggestion and the state line becomes the default so media and went about looking for images that lead to let it get to these guys that just how did he create a new system makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream to shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the
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listening posts on a 0. assistant turned human rights activist the day hope rather is locked in a notorious goes back to desert prison. her fight for his freedom sees her exiled surveilled and betrayed by those closest to her. but her resolve is unshaken. only the devil lives without hope. witness on al-jazeera. the latest news judge need to see there would be no closure on to justice is served as the identities of those behind the list of bombings are revealed with details coverage there's something else significant about this plot that represents an invisible dividing line between the wealthier and the poor from around the world the man who knelt on his neck in his friend the week in a minneapolis corporal with a quarter selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder. on the
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stand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound so no matter how you take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. however there i'm just l.z. attainder hall with the headlines for you here on al-jazeera dozens of people including 7 civilians have been killed in the attack in the town of palma and more than mozambique their convoy was ambushed as they tried to escape their hotel which had been under siege for days hundreds of locals and foreigners have since been evacuations nearly $5000.00 people have now fled fighting in venezuela and taken refuge in neighboring colombia venezuela's military is carrying out an operation against an armed group then near the border at a summer n.p.r.
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she is near the colombian venezuelan border with all the latest people here getting ready for another night in the 118 shelters that have been set up in the town of otto i would keep. an eye on other town and other towns along. the border as more people are arriving daily fleeing the fighting that continues in the venezuelan sides people here sharing horror stories of abuses on fark they say in this where security forces egyptian state media say efforts to refloat a container ship blocking the suez canal are on pause until more tugboat powers in place and it's now been almost a week since the ever given run aground indonesian police have identified the 2 suicide bombers that blew themselves up outside a packed cathedral in the casa at least 19 people were injured and the indonesian
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president is calling for unity the e.u. and the u.s. have condemned me and was military join to after at least 100 protesters were killed by security forces there on saturday it comes as 3000 people from corrent station have fled across the border to thailand many spent the night sheltered in the jungle after the military launched airstrikes targeting the korean national liberation army. mexico has revised its covered 1000 death toll up by nearly 60 percent on saturday the government said the number of coronavirus deaths is more than 321000 not 201000 as previously reported the street in city of brisbane is meanwhile going into a 3 day lockdown after 4 new ok transmitted infections were detected queensland state premier says the cases of the highly infectious u.k. strain well those are the headlines now it's back to al-jazeera wild.
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child who is the social media consultant living and working in turkey just stumble he's married with a young daughter and as a family they decided to look at ways of adopting a less consumerist lifestyle. influenced by what's called the simple living minimalist the family decided to decline so their lives and leave with less even before the global pandemic struck. thank you for the jive you're here so doing the job all of them took 45. days i show my. 15 out of the can decide it on the modem is it to deal on the room to the whereabouts of the speech case of the law who took
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the oath to go only stick little. miss judge will the video that only stay in the end they had to make was misty eyed it was a look. she needed it in the end and it's a make way of dick you. come up so monica it is. but doesn't she have a. there. there are people outside his obit visit to the other side of it the suicide is a bigger guy's local beach another guy siegel but isn't it. i'm sure i know that must come. back you need.
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she bumblebee you like the evil thing and think you think i'm actually the wrongful i'm confident. you know months along with 10 does that you did. mention the. last month of the. diet sit in the bus stop was a did that to me good in the book to the one it's going to be. the good old i had some side. talk. or you were the only judge and. i think she told the or you know what i'm doing here but what kind of this is i mix . it with all. your long. shot on the.
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the outreach i can alters our land so that children in. that. part stick. done that little carlson that said calder those are shallow that they share that it does are going to go down mention yours. was the cause activity in his i don't know the next century. the simple living movement is now a global phenomenon fueled by social media documentaries and blogs the idea is that reducing household consumption should lead to less individual debt spending means less time earning 'd and so your quality of life should improve.
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hutchinson's york's all sons miss where they were so they could sit in this is because muss it in is with deal to be good news for them learn in subtle southern towns are close in color in the can with her jihad term assess the can do that to see that she did it or you say yeah and high up there with her she her plus or the other daughter target either. sixing in the clear in the us some way our cosmic did dear good school in the such. as the or just family's journey progressed they embraced both the practical and spiritual side of the new minutes. so there's an early age they're not unknown. sogginess minded in their market to such a distance and they're going to. want to learn after the things. i once saw that it shall not start in this mix. or that our number may have been busy all to prison
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because the now to position and my need me me be a little good today and. you'll know less analyse. your sides of me in that she had to it's not. like he actually had decided that. she think in this it means that the only leader. hardly. she said that he. would like to let me judge that it makes the other packet. but if you get out the gate and have to. suffer a bit you don't know that it is. a child and because i was stunned that she didn't help me john whitehead also thought that. it was easter the past year tell me that it was for the city. so fine describes himself as
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a miss. a runtime and a flute player he lives in turkey's anatolia mountains. used to be an architect but is now a shepherd. looks under the believing caption case may have rushed it down but there is no jumbo shrimp the can tell it it to be a sun kill it. can eventually. gotten most of it your direction i should be joking son but i'm yet. sold on the missions that are. more certain of the mission and. damn worth the stress gave me can't that starts restart. which i'm alone nobody of trumbull not an out and all the lessons of along with some of the hour yannick suffer as a jackson's. been out of i'm out the momo members loving thomason making us not them. martin sheen we look at this movie sure the caller id the species to me
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instead of in tandem here but you know son if they yell and yes i'm on tumblr nice and. clear what i mean to my really she knows i'm out commuters still have the a lot of me you me you don't contribute you loose the solomons the history so you're not going to be in you make a bad mix of us you want to be purchasing the tiny kitchen. or tell me the amount you can buy i mentioned they are managing them the. richest in the article. me they were led. to all out yes i'm a bipartisan interest. said
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outside the knights of the home of the architect turned sheppard the next morning they discussed minimalism and the pros and cons of modern city life. and its height yes for him and jeff. davis and it's just think of that issue of you must know who will. be cool on the block and she. would want to use genital. toppy and then trick you mentored into who. he. was or on the night of the yes you know some little bit of light and heat. and you make you but yet you make they can be doing it indeed the inzamam yet you think you. are today had because and you think because of you you reach 911 so
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yeah using the water can't hide the i think you're going to that qabalistic you in june admission chalk by and you're going to be not c.s. now so we're not going to get me sick sometimes i have to be if you want to be a minister like you even if you're going to be jimmy. get you back up especially. be the last excuse members want to question their last she's mean to your matchy matchy how a mom a knack an icemaker guess you could be i was willing to give me. the beach today a couple years we could and i can i know it all doesn't give me shit now you're not going to get picky she had their fill of it i'm over let me have the. true dog on which i'm going to get used to me and kissed him and all 17 of us at least a 1000000 in poland plenty it can do and then india let your left hand in that he took the money and you pick $1.00 that he she didn't you got this is she one of the
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$1000000.00 home hockey cuts so i will not be renewed or like what will be true or young the solution when she should use them is almost total at all and he she that it can do it all and it was a cult and it is in it but i could go to their software and or letter they made us in on the. consumer study. not to school matilde up to much else and. it took long to do as they said us. to tell to sit down. to get a little lighter for the good news. look you said to me to. be don't.
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get me almost to. a show that doesn't that sound this person is wrong you could. be digital to the book adjectives are vital. to the nail how gently those. to the needy ms. minister he did was he was out there in the cia hey i mean. all do. you know when he was to be seen in the call do all of the above to because most of the question was did you hear him say it may be easier to this deal because it does show them off to the beginning. because when you do sit ups.
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2 after de coster in his family hard. time and his focus to. he was also concerned about the use of cleaning materials in the home. to find out more he made an appointment to meet. a practitioner of alternative medicine. 2 and we only abusiveness him h.m.'s in this is something between the question why should it be under the muslims hold you also among the how because in the. children of how can they know some of the of them get is. coming to us from those among the.
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father good in day runs the institute of natural health in istanbul he believes that the simple life philosophy and natural food are inextricably linked. because that term yes an issue to us and that. hours on the search get us into mitchell the chancellor of the general. yes i mean some of. you said it so much money up there must be a. little fall. it's. just been for a little. it's the g.d. good of judiciary. to be new not far behind in the gloom and doom you shot that wasn't it was of the help and it is to me that it's a little less from
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a chill through the arsenal to cost you austin isn't. limited us procedure. the good in their families shops locally for naturally produced foods from their local market. share if you tackle them on the. attack at some big thing if she had high negatives did she think about made any. positivity but i'm a bit system in total moment moment but i'm sure you can since then you're into the whole you often if you're a bird all normal human behavior all over the. cannot get meal. to finish a carriage yar. from the point it's going to get near.
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refer to the to be written columbia conclusion what they're called come up this is not going to think it would have to michoud in the ton nano technology in their pocket and where they may dial it in do not belong there. he was tempted to cool. the. timmy's each a little longer to camille so large that it is in the pic along with martial arts or move them. to columbia on the part who need to be out what community. there's such cream in the columbia them. for. using it and would love it. only. if you cut into. the mountain of your mom. you know she was another of.
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this is not true you know what you all do you know that is a accomplish that could should. and apart from the religious or. coconut on the other. a 20. kilometer will tell us a little before me. and i think you will. come to. office. cannot fault. is. this rather the probably does them because because i did you know you needed to only the middle know that their political work to music my them in there either we should be there but talk little me out of the if you will put a. if it.
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does welcome this is on there will no doubt talk on the internet that this is. alt every day now this is a few of the deans how. good it will be an. issue that. the much you know that it's. a good how's your money up on this margin yet the music. is a millionaire. 2 committed and there will be more there were audio of it all over there we just got a star on the boil over. all this stuff and talks only up to. the idea and apollo inject a come undone by half was that will. be a make up like of you save your life to an active ship i'm sure there were 2000000 lines of any opposition in that campaign as. this is the can was you know we did it. to get you know as i did looking as i can
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almost done i asked is that an absolute security stupid to notice it is that i don't know. who should last of the cars but was a little. band for starters by the by your son loved the plastic adequately. yanni solder hired to morrow near it all. to make. sure to make a lot of the everett. truck model most truckers number you to hear any. music then. on what he truly arsonists in the genetic yama. to think can the computer she. calls a chick. each mimic been. all she hopped along with i'm telling you. you're going to be in some good bar yes
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to lay a mess. and good old man she'd get most. senior to him you suck. bake it a bit as call me out i see here the fears. that it. took to live. with an experiment is now a lifestyle successfully john's family adapted to simple living. and because of their the lawyer by so they are. they say. the 2 of you live. television is then yours.
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when can that have a colonial. it's in the cut. through the nose of. my similar although he could get nervous all going on they are almost trivial you demand to get to do. the jail contiguous in the end there are cells into. literature to nicolo new. normals come the beast a diminishing. jessamy stigma sort of i get it and it's a listed in. the. movie as if it did they are none of us are this terrific for sure nice to me i never they said . even if they're blue livable this english other than this. is human in ability part i was a cousin that can hijack their walk to miss it. they were confident be the.
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most in the city janata to be that in order to be sure. i had to move the doña on the shop there was additional material. for the purpose of that but. together book. your plan it was of the impression of this medic. to could do all 3 up much more than get it it's taught me. how does it get in the sound like you are the result of some and army division took almost all of it since here they're dead sided there should have been a scene in the well not that. yeah. it is to make you understand look at the no. matter which area chiefly during the debate is in english. it all to me you're probably i mean
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i get to make a political stand on him on and all this. or allowed on this on the committee study up nato shows. that us. understand there was additional. design and. i had to move the. initiating optimization. down and get it sold on the delish to maybe almost again i can highly get to may get the. 'd family's enthusiasm
4:56 am
for simple living has continued since this program was made sadat has not gone back to his former consumer's lifestyle but says that making the necessary life changes in a huge city like is sound is hard for a whole family it sounds as though the quest for a simpler life might just make things more complicated and everyone in istanbul has had to simplify their lives in many ways during the covert 19 pandemic. babbitts another story 'd. the want of one of the i overdosed. but my sister saved me. a lot my words you sure
4:57 am
were more family who were blocking the reality of addiction in the arab wild and the struggle for covering them like it was just me and it's a drug. al-jazeera wells goes inside and we have a clinic in the nile delta. rehab egypt edge of addiction on al-jazeera. now this satellite picture is fairly obvious that is a lot of thunderstorms some of which were torn arctic as you well know and the
4:58 am
picture is cold air coming up against that. and if anything is being enhanced at the moment but the picture if you're in northern tennessee been typically this is the front edge of a big thunderstorm followed by at least like thing that's all going away for monday going offshore and we can leave you quietly for monday tuesday and possibly wednesday in the southern states in fact it is quite quiet for most of the u.s. but look at this this massive snow in central canada and coming down through the rockies into the plains states the temperatures dropping denver's down to 6 because possibly in a snowstorm here that's a big contrast in temperatures when they come together in the same area possibly wednesday we've got the same think about one's ball but let's leave it to wednesday and drops us for a couple of days it should be fairly windy through the lesser antilles quite a few showers i think is more violence and is more likely for the likelihood of rain in panama costa rica generally in central america including some parts of
4:59 am
mexico as you can see in south america is likely we'll see some more big showers in some parts of western colombia. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of look dirtier so i don't remember the children's names never forget the kind it is dark secret on al-jazeera. when the news breaks 4 months ago janine onions was president of bolivia now she's under arrest when people need to be heard more than 11000000 people infected hospitals in
5:00 am
brazil are struggling to cope al-jazeera has teams on the ground the last time voters lined up to cast their ballots in the central african republic an attempted coup was taking place to bring you more on the road with documentaries and lighting . on air and online ready. hundreds of people rescued from a town in northern mozambique but the military says dozens more have been killed during a 5 day siege that. kind of air i missed on the attack and this is out of there at life and are also coming up fighting in venezuela leads thousands to flee across the border into colombia. funerals are held in me out a day after the military.


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