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in brazil the struggle to cope al-jazeera has teams on the ground the last time voters long duk to cast their ballots in the central african republic an attempt was taking place to bring the old documentaries and light needs on air and online. hundreds of people are rescued from a town in northern mozambique but the military says dozens more have been killed during a 5 day siege that. hello there i missed on the italian this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fighting in venezuela leads thousands to flee across the border into colombia. funerals are held in myanmar a day after the military killed more than $100.00 anti crew protesters. a full moon
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and high tide raised hopes but efforts to dislodge the ship blocking the suez canal are on hold until another tugboat arrives on monday. now a 5 day siege at a town in northern mozambique has left dozens dead according to the military among the victims are 7 civilians who were ambushed as they tried to escape the hotel by road the attacks began on wednesday just hours after the french energy company to tell announced it would resume work at its natural gas project near the town of palma foreigners are among those caught up in the violence having the tacit reports . survivors from the siege in parma arrived in the port city of pinback just along the coast but many others weren't as fortunate defense officials say dozens of others were killed trying to escape the fighting and some of them were ambushed as
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it tried to leave by road in a convoy one of the courtesy of. the defense and security forces regret this loss of human lives and a drive that they continue to develop at this moment concerted actions of pursuit with the aim of eliminating some pockets of resistance. since wednesday when an armed group lost its attack on parma communications have been down and many families are still waiting to hear what happened to their loved ones are you going to meet 3 it's been the situation of losing someone it's hard he don't know where this person is he can't reach them or know what condition they're in this is horrible and it's destabilize humanity it's really not fair. this is the only footage that has emerged from inside the hotel where up to 200 people have reportedly taken refuge hundreds of others have attempted to flee the town running into forests and nearby villages mostly. we don't know how we will get out of here
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if we can get to the sea or if we will be rescued by whom there are helicopters flying over the hotel they checking to see if we can reach the beach to get a boat out but as you can hear we don't know if it's possible the situation is critical we have no food just water we're in god's hands no. gun battles have been going on for days between the armed group that calls itself al-shabaab and government forces trying to take back control of the coastal town. there's been fighting in northern missouri and beak mainly in kabul gado province since 2017 this is a region major gas discoveries have been made in recent years but the town of parma has been relatively safe for foreigners working on africa's largest liquefied natural gas project until this week the french in the g. giant hotel has now evacuated $1000.00 of its workers at
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a suspended its operations it was due to restart a 20000000000 dollar project after stopping work in january because of security concerns that's now on hold. on. we're. trying to. project the. region more than 2500 people have been killed and half a 1000000 forced to leave their homes during years of fighting in the province it's really a toxic mix of various issues it is programmed the northernmost province or is marginalized people feel frustrated they have been people who are of the land. mining activities they ruby mines specifically amnesty international blame several parties for war crimes it has accused armed groups and the government backed
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private south african military firm of being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of civilians it also says government troops have made arrests without reason tortured detainees and carried out extrajudicial killings security forces say fighting is still ongoing with army officials are trying to eliminate pockets of resistance humanitarian workers say it could be days before the actual number of dead is known and they warn they'll be even more internal displacement as people try to escape the fighting. out either. well let's bring in amelia colombo she is a senior associate in the africa program at the center for strategic and international studies she joins us now from california ms colombo i've got to say what a terrible situation upon this went on for days it looks like a series of security failures on the part of the mozambique government the military security contractors so i have to stop by asking you how is this allowed to happen . i think i think the government and
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perhaps the international community in general has really struggled to come to terms with the nature of this group with its capacity i think it's interesting that this attack occurs after 2 months of the government claiming that they had made significant progress in improving security in the province actually advising civilians that they could potentially return to their homes. this attack also comes after 2 months of sporadic reporting that the insurgency was suffering from logistical shortfalls food insecurity that they had actually released some hoss just because they could no longer sustain it support them sustain them something some of these factors also feed into sort of missing the signs that this was coming i want to talk a little more about the timing of this town had it really truly returned to its compound near palm on wednesday to resume construction of the gas plant that doesn't appear to have been a coincidence especially given that these attacks also appear to target the hotels
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where international staff for being put up. and so this attack based on its complexity the current level of coronation required to pull it off it does seem like something that had been planned for a while. which will lend itself to the theory that this was a coincidence and i think the one thing we don't know is it possible that the insurgents received some sort of indication if not inside information did they see some movement in the city that led them to believe that resumption of the activity would resume shortly and perhaps that drew some of the timing of the attack think it's also important to remember that hama had just been resupplied by see again going back to the reports that the insurgency was suffering from some shortages it's possible that i was also a factor in the timing to take advantage of these new supplies will let's talk
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about the main group therapy even though they're not linked to the about group in somalia just to be clear they've been fighting in this province for years it does feel though like their motivation has really shifted since this began and there are now these reports of foreign light skinned fighters amongst these insurgents what do you make of that. since the insurgency began in 2017 we've seen reports of foreign fighters among their ranks mostly tanzanians there have been the occasional reports of ugandans burundians even in congolese since the beginning of the conflict that type of reporting has tapered off some there are still reports of tanzanians intercepting foreign fighters on their way to mozambique it's quite possible that they are simply an attractive operation to be a part of right now if you are a professional foreign fighter and that might be that might help explain some of the mix of people reportedly involved in the conflict now i mean i do want to
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talking mostly about foreigners here in the story but i do want to ask about local residents that he 5000 of them have had to flee the situation some of them walking for days and days so very briefly foreigners are being evacuated what happens to them i'm sorry could you repeat your question you briefly just going to ask you about what the what happens to civilians there all the people who've been displaced . there is a very serious situation according to u.n. information the area surrounding palma was inaccessible to humanitarian workers in january i suspect that situation worsened during the month of january and february as in search of insurgent writing increased in along some key transportation corridors this in the ensuing palma are heading straight to areas where they will receive no support they have hundreds of miles to go either by land or by sea to find someone to find an organization that can lend them the kind of food medicine
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and psychological support that they surely need their situation is very dire and many of their from the sense of a strategic and international studies speaking to us from california great to get your thoughts here on out of there thanks for being with us thank you. well nearly $5000.00 people have now fled fighting in venezuela and taken refuge in neighboring colombia just in the past 6 days michel say it's become overcrowded and supplies they are running low some of them have accuse the venezuelan military of abuses including extra judicial killings they say the military is targeting members of the despondent rebel group which was previously engaged in an armed conflict with the colombian government well correspond i wasn't around p.s. he has the latest from iraq isa in combat that's on the border with venezuelan. people here getting ready for another night in the one of the 18 shelters that have been set up in the town of. keep. an eye on other town
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and other towns along. the border as more people is arriving daily fleeing the fighting that continues in the venezuelan people here sharing horror stories of abuse is on part they say. security forces in part to kill or at least in one case also extrajudicial killings a family of farmers people are telling us here now we haven't been able to confirm that but what's clear is that people are clearly afraid of going back or afraid of what has happened that they were totally surprised by. the violence that they saw happening in their towns this is on on precedented operation inside of venezuela stories that are similar to what used to happen here in colombia during
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their many decades of internal conflicts but something that is completely. unheard of or was unheard of until now inside. venezuela and it shows like the government there that has longer tolerate the presence of legal colombian armed groups. deciding to fight go after them especially some of these new groups that have appeared after the signing of the few steal in 2006 in colombia. well another wave of violence has been reported overnight in myanmar where the military killed more than a 180 crew protesters on saturday and personnel carriers are on the streets of the commercial capital yangon and air strikes have also been reported in qur'an states meanwhile dozens of funerals have taken place for the protesters who died on saturday tony chang has more now from bangkok the day after the killings
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and the funerals begin the coffin of 13 year old so why draped in the flag of the national league for democracy for n l d on sunday although there were no protests where he lived in yangon the security forces still open foreign people. as but as monks lead the funeral rites friends and family express their grief. was why are you leaving me behind crisis mother inconsolable can't you hear me she says how can i live without you my son. was in the protesters continue to march here in the city of daraa way in southern myanmar people took to the streets with the now familiar chance for the military to step down. and there is no doubt now about the reception that awaits them the security services part with no restraint on saturday rubber bullets and live
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rounds from automatic rifles the pretense of protecting life and liberty has been stripped away and despite condemnation from around the globe little to make myanmar military. your override any other steps in the world can change but they need to take these steps and all the condemnation is not going to matter very much the people of mean more if they can't see the wall standing up and acting as well as speaking out and b. have. attitudes a hardening among the protesters today and man today they took air rifles to the barricades on saturday hardly a match for the weapons of war they face but now they know this is a fight to the death and more destruction after a fire raged in p.g. duggan township overnight people living there but kept away by security forces returned to find 60 homes burned to the ground now we can do is pick through the
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ashes trying to save anything from the military's policy of scorched tony chang al jazeera. gyptian state media say efforts to refloat a container ship that's blocking the suez canal are on pause until more tugboat powers in place an attempt had been planned for sunday in a bid to try to take advantage of the unusually high spring tide be tory gate and he reports. despite the multinational rescue effort the ever given has hardly budged wedged across the su is can now the scale of the problem is to bring the machinery that had been seen as a solution dredges and diggers have so far removed thousands of cubic meters of sand from underneath the giant container ship and a team of at least 10 tug boats has been trying to dislodge it for days but despite the considerable power of their combined engines heavy a tug boats are being brought in to try and shift the stricken vessel as each day
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passes more tankers and cargo ships carrying oil gas and grain stack up at either end of the canal and the impact on global trade worsens around about 7 percent of the world's oil trade goes through the need to series canal and it can't any any ship has the choice of taking the longer route round the south of africa takes around 2 weeks longer obviously cost more because the additional on shipping cost so ships are having to make their decision do they whites are in that queue of $300.00 or do they take need a longer trip the crisis is already having an impact on syria the authorities forced to announce fuel rationing the supplies from iran are stark the news coming out of syria is deeply deeply worrying the country was already heating crisis point with the economic collapse heating syria and the daily lives of syrians and now these delays to fuel shipments will make an really bad situation worse
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salvage experts and canal officials say high tides over the next few days will help efforts to refloat the ever given but cargo containers may need to be lifted off to lighten the ship that would require a crane and other equipment that is yet to arrive and with nearly 20000 containers on board this is no quick fix victoria gate and b. algis there are. also ahead here on out of there. i'm john hendren in minneapolis where opening arguments begin in the trial of derek show when the man accused of killing george floyd. it's time for the perfect gentleman who went i sponsored point qatar airways interactivity in northern china can sometimes be pretty vicious this is another
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sound storm that went through beijing that unwinding frontal system was the reason but it's all going through now and the sand is dropping the wind is dropping and the system is going off into the western pacific so having taken rain through japan is now leaving sunshine behind which is true all about through northern china further south more or less the yangtze valleys southwards we are seeing rain develop this is very science the spring round i think and the orange tops here was suggest it's turning heavy it's not everywhere but he can see more or less where it is sure to hot it as yet has not affected south korea you are of course enjoying the cherry blossom in the warm sunshine now further south east and we have still got 2 hours a significant showery rain develop in the fast southern philippines and maybe sort of y.c. and once again sumatra and the and above nicobar as in the south of the bay of bengal that other area this one here is just disappearing probably won't see in
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advance of those shows i think they'll disappear once again because it's generally a time of rising heat throughout the indian plane and good news for new delhi your equity should improve as the wind picks up. sponsored by the qatar airways. in russia mixed martial arts. bring the same cheer and. want to win the game on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs right now. and. the us.
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and again i'm just on the attack and let's remind you about top stories here this hour dozens of people have been killed in an attack in the town of northern mozambique following a 5 day siege among the victims are 7 civilians who were ambushed fleeing her tattle. nearly 5000 people have now fled fighting in venezuela and taken refuge in neighboring colombia venezuela's military is carrying out an operation against an armed group near the border. and egyptian state media say efforts to reflow as a container ship blocking the suez canal are on pause until more tugboat power is in place it's been almost a week now since the ever given lodged itself and that waterway. now opening arguments in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd will begin on monday derek 7 could face decades in prison if he's
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convicted the case will center around the question of just what led to floyd's death john hendren has more from minneapolis. george floyd's death reignited the us civil rights movement and set off a racial revolution in american streets. it energized the black lives matter movement in harden the country's racial divide now the trial of the police officer accused of floyd's murder could either close a bitter chapter in american history. or rekindle the arson fueled riots of the summer of 2020 across the united states and i think will be similar to what took place when this happened you know we felt it all the way in chicago. you know people are angry. but to their frustrations will say they know how the murder trial of fired police officer derrick children is perhaps the most intense updated civil rights case here in the u.s.
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in the 21st century it will mark a test case of racial justice in 2021 in the case of a black man who died beneath the knee of a white police officer who held him there for 8 minutes in 46 seconds. that jury will see show vun in this disturbing video as floyd cries out for his life at the bridge. these are the images we don't take anything for granted we have to keep our eyes on the prize to make sure that he doesn't get away with murder as so many other police officers have done to people of color in america not since the racially charged trial of the white police officers charged in the 1991 beating of rodney king has one legal case so captured a moment in american racial history. when a largely white suburban jury found the defendants not guilty the streets of los angeles a rock did in violent fury in black america police are now often seen in the darkest
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light now people are not viewing the police as a welcome. rather as an unwelcome. resins as it's been referred to over the years an occupying force. as minneapolis anxiously boards up for new demonstrations many fear what could happen if children is allowed to walk free people gonna be outraged because it again has proven that the system is not protected and so i think people gonna be up say. all right we have 15 this time a racially diverse jury of 12 and 3 alternates 9 white 4 black into mixed race will decide the fate of another white police officer. in that could set the direction of the american civil rights movement for years to come john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis. let's now bring in ivan bates he is a former prosecutor and is currently
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a criminal defense attorney he joins us now from baltimore mr bates given the amount of publicity that this case has received and all the events of last year is it possible to have a completely objective jury 1st of all i want to say i think. well yes i think it's very. i do think that it has had a lot of. for the defense point of view they're going to say the most damaging evidence there were others are so you don't have that shot. that's now as are so it's made their case oh absolutely could probably you're with. well i'm curious about that they have been a number of court filings over the last few months do we have a sense of the sorts of arguments that the defense is likely to mount here. yes we do in this case this case really revolves around what the medical examiner excess and here the medical examiner it really does dr baker and dr baker made
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a ruling that because of that need at the back of the neck by the police officer should bar that that was the constant yeah and he will get a homicide however the medical examiner also gave the fence things that they can argue with the medical examiner said mitchell or that there were other contributing factors such as. mr floyd heart disease they found that mr wade and its body armor had recently used that to me also looked like there was that knowledge toxic ation and so those significant conditions as dr big report to them and his medical examination report that is what the defense will our defense will argue this action was don't paxson the policy and this poor gentleman has died on their own there was some contention over the charges right with the fed to be mad to charge it was just reinstated on thursday now mr 7 had i believe agreed to paid guilty to that and then that was rejected that's now back on
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the table so can you talk us through the options that the jury will have here. yes the jury asked 3 charges that will go before them and all 3 of them will be looked at individually we 1st want to 2nd degree murder the maximum amount you for that is 40 years and that is basically when our son intentionally caused the murder wow are committing a 30 degree assault and yet at 33 a soft they're going to say is that me in the back neck you are having their degree murder which is 25 years yes sort of like the great heart murder what that means is that he did something that was dangerous to others for instance we've seen that in the previous minnesota case far far. toward another individual his partner was there that bullet struck the other individual and then we have the 2nd degree manslaughter which seniors and that's basically done by negligence so ask recharges
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there's nothing else that european said or those 3 charges so this gentleman mr santorum from our system far he can receive up to 40 years if he's found guilty of 2nd degree 25 years be found guilty of murder and 10 years if he's found guilty of 2nd degree manslaughter to paper watching this very very closely this is incredibly high profile i say it's also going to be life strained obviously tensions are really high around this how long could it take to reach of addict. well actually yes this this court proceeding will be live stream of things the 1st time and that we will be able to judge the system better known when it dealt with these types of issues since the trayvon martin case almost 2 years ago and this case is going to take about 4 weeks once again this case is really going to come down to about holmes amber the medical experts what the experts out say and also there's another part of this case some port some required to use force and that's the individual
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that will say that. was not one police policy or the we were not parents if he was found police powers you know i think you have a stronger defense to say they are forced this will play out what we term for we finally hear over and we'll be watching very very closely indeed here and out of there ivan bates the former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney great to your thoughts here on out as they are thanks for being with us. now the president of chile says he'll ask congress to postpone next month's election because of a segue in coronavirus cases sebastian pinera out once the vote for an assembly to write a new constitution to be moved from april to may should i has seen a new way of infections since the end of the summer holiday season last month on sunday the government announced new lockdown measures to curb the spread meanwhile mexico has revised its 1000 death toll up by nearly 60 percent on saturday the
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government said the number of coronavirus deaths is above 321000 not 200 in 1000 as previously reported mexico's testing rate has low and the health care system has been overwhelmed that means many people are dying at home without even getting tested well those revised figures put mexico above brazil as want to get a cab explains from reheard to generic. the official numbers were too low that's because they're slow at counting also the health care system was overwhelmed to so many people died at home so what they did was they reviewed the what the. deaths that had happened and they counted what were what is called as excess deaths they compared. last year's deaths with this year's with the expected deaths and tried to figure out why there were so many and those words tributed to cold big
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night so now back. to march the whole after the united states in the whole world and brazil which has a population of almost double the amount of mexico's has 3 111000 deaths whereas mexico has 3 121000. well meanwhile gibraltar is a lifting its requirement to wear mosques outdoors often inoculating most of its adult population despite the relaxation of restrictions their mosques will remain compulsory on public transport and in shops he is in the british territory of also lifted a nighttime curfew allowing bars and restaurants now to stay open until 2 am the number of new infections there has dropped significantly. and then this is al-jazeera and these are the headlines dozens of people have been
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killed in an attack in the town of palma in northern mozambique following a 5 day siege among the victims 7 civilians who.


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