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is still which has a population almost double the amount of mexico's 311000 whereas mexico has 321000. airport staff on ecuador's galapagos islands have discovered a suitcase containing $185.00 baby turtles the endangered reptiles were less than 3 months old and were found individually wrapped in plastic 10 died the rest are recovering at galapagos national park they're highly sought after in asia where they can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. to get him fully back to deal with the headlines on dozens of people have been killed in an attack in the time of palma in northern mozambique after a 5 day siege among the victims or 7 civilians who were ambushed as they were fleeing a hotel myanmar's military has carried out more strikes targeting separatist fighters
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in karen state thousands of people have fled their homes with many crossing the border into thailand the container ship that's been blocking the suez canal for most a week has been partially refloated the breakthrough follows an operation using 10 tugboat sent several sand stretches the ever given has been blocking access on both sides of the suez leading almost 300 vessels stuck in the area nearly 5000 people have now fled fighting in venezuela and taken refuge in neighboring columbian venezuela's military is carrying out an operation against an armed group near the border i was on the rampage is near the border with the latest. the people here are getting ready for another 9. 18 shelters that have been set up in the town of i would keep an eye on other town and other towns along.
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the border as more people are arriving daily fleeing the fighting that continues and venezuelan symes people here sharing horror stories of abuse is on part they say. where security forces the president says the last congress to postpone next month's election because of a surge in coronavirus cases sebastian pinera wants a vote for an assembly to rise in new constitution to be moved from april to may chile has seen a new wave of covert $1000.00 infections in c. end of the summer holiday last month foreign companies are being warned not to mix business with politics if they want to continue operating in china a growing number of western retail giant facing a boycott in china for expressing concern over alleged use of waco forced labor to produce cotton john i'll have more news for you on al-jazeera after the listening post do stay with us. that seems a promising path out of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in
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history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap as the merge between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation and the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start the vaccine comes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the corona virus pandemic on a jersey in. germany france or several other european union countries say they are assuming that astra zeneca and change are not saw an improvement met him in store for us twice a week as a biotech a thorny question no hard. facts are facts are true but i guess regulators politicians and astra zeneca are just taking decisions about science that take decisions about the patient. hello i'm richard gere's burton you're at the listening post where we don't cover the news we cover the way the news is covered this week we're devoting the entire broadcast to covert 19 and the global
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vaccination story beginning with misinformation and flawed messaging that are among the factors in europe's dangerously slow rollout of the vaccine. is the news. in the u.s. they're using christian broadcasters sports stars and a country music legend to convince americans that vaccination is in their best interest france is where lab vaccines were invented so how did the french grow so skeptical so reluctant to take this one and if conspiracy theories are your thing why stop at covert 90. not brainwashed by the card industry thank you have you ever thought about your winter coat and if you're being played by a 1000000000 dollar industry since the early days of the cold at 19 outbreak scientists have said the way out of this pandemic is through vaccinations vaccines have since been developed tested manufactured and delivered in record time the chances of it all working may hinge on the issue of trust the more people who
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believe in the medical science and there are vaccine skeptics out there the better the chances so the role of the messengers including politicians pharmaceutical companies as well as the news media is central. the european union's vaccine rollout is an example of how things can go wrong less than 12 percent of the adult population has had the jab that's far less than the u.k. or the u.s. and communications and credibility are 2 areas that astra zeneca the company providing the bulk of the doses has come up short some of the political rhetoric hasn't helped either and the news media have been left to sort through mixed messaging on a quite complex story our starting point this week is the vaccination. nation . and.
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everything happens at the much faster paced society relation it's also the communication. everything is more speech because. we have more intense media coverage than ever before. the prime minister. social media. in its. us. from the outset this pandemic. and sometimes exposed the short of societal institutions government medical science and the. people initially did not know what to make of the farts the threat the precautions required now they are trying to sort through the science to determine the value of the various vaccines. speed is of the essence in this process and that is
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a core problem in the communicating. vaccine we really laid out that data to the media until the results were fully. and evaluated vetted by 'd different scientific agencies and then the media would be able to report on it in the air of coal the media is on pace with the scientific information early results from a late stage clinical vaccine trial for pfizer so even as we're beginning to evaluate the data and understand what it means the media is reporting on it there's a lot of things that we do not know and so the communication of uncertainty becomes incredibly important and that's something that science journalists on the whole are usually accustomed to and it's very different in political journalism for you know even if journalists had done you know a perfect job there would still be a lot of uncertainty about the aesthetic
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a vaccine because the 1st trials that we got on this particular vaccine just raised a lot of questions i asked resent it is an anglo swedish pharmaceutical company it's vaccine was produced in conjunction with oxford university and the initial reports were promising it is relatively cheap to produce and far easier to store than the pfizer bio on tech vaccine developed in germany or the moderna vaccine which came out of the u.s. those were among the reasons the e.u. went all in on astra zeneca but the company has been scrutinized for the way it's conducted its clinical trucks and communicated the results that recent takes that from the drug makers vaccine trials has raised questions in the scientific community in one case it's researchers mistakenly trials using just have to dose and then deliberate a 2nd shot to make up for rather than dismissing those results the company simply
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blended with another single dose trial that had conducted and stuck those numbers into a presser so that does sound questions in the public as to how are you conducting your trials and how are you going to interpret that data they. and out then roll the now it's sort of an efficacy number of around 70 percent where they try to aboriginal numbers together and then got a backlash and science community as well as others that well you can't really analyze your data in that way so that sort of put them in the spotlight further and it's not just you know all the companies a. similar level of thing i know the big business you know. but we are a little. bit more transparency. on public behavior in public i think that would have helped if you don't have journalists starting to feel like they are played by these companies and you can understand the people then i'm very hesitant and look
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very critically at these press releases as they should so i lay of lot of blame at the feet of these companies for not doing that. astra zeneca can point to a story in a german financial paper as an example of questionable journalism with potentially serious consequences for the public's trust in its facts in late january hundreds published an article quoting an official from the country's health ministry saying that when administered. the astra zeneca vaccine offered only negligible protection it was one quote from an anonymous source both the company and the government issued immediate categorical denials but the story was the damage to the vaccines reputation was being done and would have been huge news. if this was correct so everybody then started speculating what they could as including how most because
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i just don't give a. stuff. for trent. the nile's class was an example there was speculation from are british. they just actually confused some numbers and so this whole thing escalated and then you had an interview with angela merkel i think done by phone for diagram and insight and she was asked so are you going to get this vaccine to make people feel better about it she's 66 so she said she's not actually eligible for that maxine and then you can go to the u.k. and you can see papers say i'm going to merkel refuses astra zeneca job so this is where we really becomes political journalism but that's not to say that journalism in general you know is to blame for the crisis of confidence in the us was in a comic scene i think the company itself has done a lot to foster that. skepticism
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over vaccinations was surfacing in europe well before astra zeneca has mr tween that preexisting social condition vaccine hesitance and the fact that the e.u. was relatively slow to order its vaccines followed by astra zeneca its failure to deliver as many doses as it promised only 11 percent of european adults have received their 1st dose compared to 33 percent in the u.s. 55 percent in the u.k. . where in comparing the various vaccines media outlets usually focus on efficacy rates how adept the different saxon's are at preventing infection i'm a person at any age the numbers range from around 70 percent for astra zeneca to more than 90 percent for pfizer l r derna no but those figures are misleading because the trials were conducted in different places at different times with differing benchmarks of success moreover
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some experts contend the focus on the varying efficacy rates is a distraction far more important is how effective all the vaccines are at saving your life in the event that the virus beats the odds. it's gets past the vaccine and manages to infect. and. we're falling prey to the numbers and the reference and so the same thing happens when we compare the vaccines so when compared to primary efficacy but then there are many other things to have in mind side effects. and it's of your disease when you actually now compare all the vaccines at that level how effective are they protecting hospitalization and death they're all pretty much equal 100 percent which is phenomenal and terms of protecting us from the most devastating effects of the disease. that is the good news the challenge in the absolute deluge
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of reported around the vaccine stores is seeing that bigger picture and keeping it in mind the hunger for information is understandable but take it from the experts sometimes last. and that applies to the covert 19 vaccine story the daily dose of news and information that we have grown so dependent upon. within our nonstop kind of developing news cycle for years and it's very exciting for dramas but it's also it's also. the most important thing for those consumers to try to get off this addiction 1000 euros every day or many perhaps at a weekly magazines give me an overview of what has happened so i like and make sense of this combination of small developments that you know happening 24 hours a day every day. when you're consuming this news you do need to be patient
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everybody has this need to feel like they're up to date and like they're getting the breaking news but in this particular pandemic with things moving so fast as a kind of war about it and it actually you know is my. much better to get the information maybe a day later maybe 2 days later but then these things become much clearer. maxine skepticism isn't just limited to europe convincing citizens to get their shots has been a challenge for politicians all over the world and the government in the us seems to think that the answer isn't just in the messaging it's also in the messengers johannah who says when following the story joe who specifically is the white house targeting here conservatives richard m. particularly men recent polls have indicated that off that group roughly 50 percent are actually unwilling to get vaccinated so a lot of those people voting for trump and they actually still refuse to accept
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that he lost the election which is why do white house seems to think that perhaps president biden isn't the best man for the job when it comes to convincing these people to change their minds sure but where does that leave the white house relying on fox news newsmax away and because that's a hostile crowd. the christian broadcasting network or c.b.s. and it's extremely popular with american evangelicals most of whom actually voted republican in this fight the fact that trump has been known to break a commandment or 2 now c.b. and will be airing ads that have been produced to convince a few areas to get their jobs and buy them the ministration is also trying to involve the american farm bureau federation in this campaign since vaccine skepticism is extremely rife in rural america so rural areas white voters the south those are the target audiences and they're using various ways to get to those people yes and sport is actually a very big part of that so nascar which is the stock car racing circuit is huge
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with the people you just described whites southern mostly republican voters nascar has confirmed that it is working with the white house putting some of its drivers forward to get the word out even turning some of its racetracks into vaccination centers now the campaign. also includes videos featuring athletes from some of the major sports leagues including the n.f.l. the n.b.a. some baseball players all in an effort to reach those republican voters and also part of that effort by the way is a soundtrack to these ads which is a new recording by country music star willie nelson nothing like a little country music to get the word of god so that's the approach ok thanks joe . and now to a vaccine story that would have louis pastor rolling over in his grave pastor was the 1st laboratory scientist to produce a vaccine for diseases like anthrax and rabies he was from france where roughly a 3rd of citizens now say they will refuse to be vaccinated for coburg 19 why would
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france of all places have among the highest vaccine hesitancy rates in the world it was showing symptoms well before this pandemic and a cocktail of conspiracy theories a growing distrust of elites political and medical has exacerbated that one of the online elements in the mix is a documentary that went viral alleging that this pandemic is all one big plot influencers some of whom traffic in conspiracies are doing their thing on social media the macro government big tech and mainstream news outlets are all trying to bring the french back around knowing that their prospects of defeating this virus may well be right in the listening post daniel tory now on the covert conspiracy theories and vaccine skepticism plaguing friends. nov 2020 france's 2nd lockdown outside police patrol the stark streets.
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endure t.v. pundits discuss the news just in the possible way out a vaccine that is proving highly effective against the virus. but in many homes people are getting a very different message. they watching hold up a big budget documentary that presents the pandemic as approach by global elites to control the world's population with a vaccine is their weapon choice. it's totally differ. for most conspiratorial documentaries that i am interested make you skeptical from the get go holder praised a lot of money 3 crowd funding so it's extremely well produced with beautiful footage and i soundtrack and interviews that are well shot and that gives a certain seriousness and i spend to sell new electronic god uses all the codes of
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investigative t.v. journalism so on the one hand it features a lot of experts including 2 nobel prize winners but in reality those journalistic codes are completely subverted some of the experts are not made out to be and it's full of falsehoods for instance it tries to show that the 1st lockdown made people sick and created more depth. of feeling back almost if you just must have been there you're too much of a feeling we know very well but there's a delay between when people fall ill and when they die and a couple of weeks after the lockdown there were hardly any more deaths so it's a pretty blatant manipulation many press your wife to go with yeah. we're told that the world health organization is against wearing masks which is completely untrue the film also suggests and i say suggests because it never states anything frankly
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that the press there is shoot created the virus from scratch without offering any proof whatsoever for an office so we cannot. afford it where you went where you it's cleverly done because it presents a mountain of arguments and information that leaves you the story and at the end of it the viewer might think ok well even if not everything is true there's no smoke without fire so at least some of it must be true. the film was quickly condemned by the head of president micron's party. the pastor institute named after the scientist behind the 1st of a. seen accuse the producers of defamation but the hold up had already made its mark despite video's decision to delete it the day after its release the documentary racked up 3000000 views in its 1st week jumping from platform to platform faster than anyone could remove it. the audience the hold up found
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reflects a striking reality inference society just how prone citizens are to believe in conspiracy theories around the virus and how many of them are anti vaccine in december a month after the film came out a survey concluded that only 40 percent of french people plan to get vaccinated as one of the lowest levels in the world a land where louis passed once invented vaccination has become a hotbed of vaccine skepticism. these conspiracy theories have radically changed the way french people look at official information about covert 19 and the real whiskas that they discourage people from getting vaccinated if half of the population refuses the vaccine the vaccination drive will not be effective and it won't put an end to this pandemic at them in effect upon them. not to the suspicions around vaccines come from conspiracy theories france's
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recent history of health failings has also played its parts. flu vaccination campaigns in the 1990 s. and 2 thousands wasted vast sums of taxpayer money fueling speculation that big pharma and the french state were in collusion those suspicions were reinforced a decade ago by reports that an anti diabetes drug had killed hundreds before regulators took it off the shelves and when the pandemic hit this time last year french officials made things even worse results the last couple protests yours and you had made public an all day in it but your children you must go so how do you get well no to toss books mixed messaging pirates and longest puzzled citizens confined to their homes increasingly look for alternative sources of information and soon found them. never had a new convert out of buying their you tube it is for example catherine ivan and johnny jack crave comfort and gain huge audiences during the pandemic although
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people up on the new car could tip us because. of x. . such x. . to talk shows or they think the vaccines are dangerous and that it would be better to allow natural methods to curacao think like eating raw vegetables. and then there's another personality so vanna trotted out and. for the past few years silvana trotter has mostly been interested in flying saucers and aliens and he didn't have much of a following on his you tube channel then comes the pandemic he starts saying that colbert is an invention the bill gates is behind it and suddenly he starts having incredible success he's a mind controlled writer. overtime or. it's hard to measure how influential all these characters are but when you look at how many followers they have silvana trotter has around 200000 you tube subscribers cherry cast has no
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verse has half a 1000000 it's really quite shocking imo president book who said could see book bets on the not surprising is that this proliferation of conspiracy theories happened pretty much without anyone noticing what we now know is that throughout the 1st lockdown a lot of groups popped up on social media facebook pages what's up groups where anti must messages and rumors of a conspiracy by big pharma spread dramatically. and this is how these theories penetrated french society as a whole it is no longer a narrow segment of the population that is exposed to them no no they're reaching everyone to school of it. means french celebrities to from a list actors like you yet been rushed to kim gloat a reality t.v. star with more than a 1000000 followers on instagram. big
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tech firms have intervened you tube has followed videos deletion of hold up removing a number of fringe accounts for spreading false information about the virus or nothing out of the commodity metal absalom or you know how to discipline us in the . basics credit there were. good schools are not perfect or exhibitor media outlets and politicians are also part of the fight back though they come with even more baggage. distrust in those institutions the kind of fuel the yellow vest protest movement in 2018 is a root cause of the problems we have found in. the pandemic arrived in france at a very particular time a time of massive distrust among the population towards our institutions the conditions were already in place for people to say we don't believe you so there's no point in telling us to when mosques to get vaccinated and so on we no longer have faith and we no longer have faith in our rights stance on please expand. that
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lack of faith has helped covert conspiracy theories moved from the margins to the mainstream on the vaccine there are signs of a shift as citizens see friends and relatives get the job without in effect trust is on the rise but it's still short of the level that the effective vaccination drive need france may have to combat one epidemic of misinformation in order to defeat the other in the search for an antidote. and finally you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to be a vaccine skeptic but it certainly helps and if you've ever tried to talk some sense into a person prone to covert conspiracies you'll have detected a pattern it starts with a denial of the science some 2nd guessing of medical practices suspicion of political figures a false equivalence or 2 all leading to a swirl of certainty which is difficult to cure as online comics peters get teenie
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and walter masterson pointed out in this next video that formula can be applied to just about anything and that's something that you people sheeple just might want to consider the next time you put on your winter coat we'll see you next time you're at the listening post. he would put 30 degree do you want to put on you know. now not brainwashed by the card industry thank you quoted mr you worry about getting hypothermia you know if you look at the statistics for hypothermia most of those people were wearing coats and so that's a reason to not layer up when it's literally been knowing all that i mean you know i feel like you did your own research sort of know this woman you know i mean because industries are playing dollar industry right it's just all it's all a scam all right it's the states who want to get you to buy more cuts that's when they you know going to come to work you're just the case sheeple i mean it's sort
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of do your own research on this and then we can have like an actual conversation what if you think if i get i mean do i look 2nd. kind of. if the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture it is decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard what are world leaders or governments missing when you talk it's like now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera. planning a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an existential threat we don't get a reset but. that's really scary in the lead up to us to al-jazeera around special coverage documentaries discuss intend to pull us exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions it's very hard to lose a bar a few all civilization that culture and showcasing ways in which some must see to
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time the talk was straight ahead and there are 3 individuals in very rare to see that it's really exciting a season of programming exploring to climate crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. freed at last a mega ship that spanned rocky one of the world's busiest waterways has been refloated. i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up fleeing out of fear of airstrikes the karen people caught up in myanmar conflicts. survivors from a 5 day siege in northern most i'm big but there's.


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