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so. you know i'm showcasing ways in which so much seeking to touch on the top there straight ahead there is 3 individuals in very rare to see that it's really exciting the season of programming exploring the china crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. freed at last a mega ship that spanned rocking one of the world's busiest waterways has been refloated. i'm fully back to korea watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up fleeing out of fear of airstrikes the karen people caught up in myanmar conflicts. survivors from a 5 day siege in northern most an 8 but there's concern dozens more have been
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killed while trying to escape. and living in the shadow of afghanistan's past a struggling cave dwellers a balmy onil fear a resurgence of the taliban. so we start with breaking news and the container ship that's been blocking the suez canal for almost a week now has been refloated the ever given run aground in one of the world's busiest waterways costing billions of dollars in trade every day lexi o'brien reports. she is of celebration in the sewers canal and horns blaring as the every given finally appears to make a move. for days and despite a multinational rescue effort the vessel has hardly budged now finally it's been refloated waged across the suez canal the scale of the problem has dwarfed the machinery seen as the solution is and diggers have removed thousands of cubic
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meters of santa from underneath the giant container ship and a team of at least 10 tug boats has been trying to dislodge it for days since it ran aground to tank isn't cargo ships carrying oil gas and grain have stepped. down up at either end of the canal delaying global trade and costing billions of dollars every day around about 70 percent of the world's oil trade goes through the series canal and it can't any any ship has the choice of taking the longer route round the south of africa takes around 2 weeks longer obviously cost more because of the additional on shipping cost so ships are having to make their decision do they whites are in that queue of $300.00 or do they take the long trip the crisis is already having an impact on syria the authorities forced to announce a few rationing of supplies from iran a stock the news coming out of syria is deeply deeply worrying the country was
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already heating crisis point with the economic collapse hitting syria and the daily lives of syrians and now these delays to fuel shipments will make going to really bad situation worse there had been fears an operation would be needed to lighten the ship which is $20000.00 containers on board requiring a crane and other equipment that's yet to arrive but it appears a flotilla of tugboats and a higher tide may have deemed that unnecessary alexy o'brian al jazeera. in other world news myanmar's military has hit karen state with more airstrikes forcing thousands of people to flee many crossed the border into thailand and spent the night sheltering in the jungle the military has been targeting the karen national liberation army the armed ethnic group is one of dozens fighting for greater autonomy tony chang is across developments and joins us now live from
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bangkok so the ethnic groups are now being targeted by the military the scenes in the context of what's going on right now across myanmar the protest a crackdown that it look like they're going to be drawn into the fights. well they seem to be being pulled in by the military themselves i think there was we've seen a lot of statements from the various ethnic groups or some of them at least. they would intervene if if they saw violence continue on the streets again it's questionable about to what level where they would intervene how capable they would be of intervening in many of these armed groups are relatively rank take particularly given the capabilities of military but the military seem to have taken the initiative themselves we've seen several battles up in kitchen stage in the last few days in shan state in chin state overnight in the strategically
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the important town at calais where apparently the military were using r.p.g. . and hand grenades against civilians it should be said not against armed insurgents. with the continuation of airstrikes against the current which is forcing thousands of people across the border we understand there are still thousands more who have come to these areas in the last couple of days because of the balance in the cities many people seeking shelter now as they're being attacked they're being pushed even further so it does seem to be an escalation of a spiraling situation. what about the violence that's happened across the country overnight what are you hearing about. well there continued as world sources in manila been telling me that they were hearing gunfire through the noise. helicopters and planes were flying overhead in fact they said
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that they were concerned that they might be bombed and i think that's a sign cause it's never happened before but it's a sign of just how scared people are just how aware they are the the army is prepared to go to these extreme lengths to try and put down opposition to the coup in. close to mandalay there was another large fire overnight again rescue services and local residents tried to get that put out the fire that burned through the night when they were shot by the security services and couldn't extinguish the flames. down gone in central yang go on there were on the armored carriers and on the streets and again i think every time we see an escalation we have just gone through the highest death toll the bloodiest weekend of this conflict it seems to set a new benchmark and now we're seeing armed carriers on the streets we're seeing troops using r.p.g. it's very disconcerting when you look to the next couple of weeks tony thank you
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very much for that update tony chang life i say in bangkok mozambique's military says dozens of defenseless civilians have been killed in a 5 day siege among them where 7 people ambush as they try to escape a hotel in the northern town of parma foreign nationals are among those who were caught up in the violence reports. survivors from the siege in parma arrived in the port city of pim just along the coast but many others weren't as fortunate defense officials say dozens of others were killed trying to escape the fighting and some of them were ambushed as they tried to leave by road in a convoy one of the courage to go on. the defense and security forces regret this loss of human lives and a drive that they continue to develop at this moment concerted actions of pursuit with the aim of eliminating some pockets of resistance. since wednesday when an armed group lost its attack on parma communications have been down and many
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families are still waiting to hear what's happened to their loved ones even to go to 3 it's been the situation of losing someone it's hard he don't know where this person is he can't reach them or know what condition they're in this is horrible and it's destabilize humanity it's really not fair. this is the only footage that has emerged from inside the hotel where up to 200 people have reportedly taken refuge hundreds of others have attempted to flee the town running into forests and nearby villages. and we don't know how we will get out of here if we can get to the sea or if we will be rescued by whom there are helicopters flying over the hotel they checking to see if we can reach the beach to get a boat out but as you can hear we don't know if it's possible the situation is critical we have no food just water we're in god's hands no. gun
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battles have been going on for days between the armed group that calls itself al-shabaab and government forces trying to take back control of the coastal town. there's been fighting in northern missouri and beak mainly in kabul gado province since 2017 this is a region major gas discoveries have been made in recent years but the town of parma has been relatively safe for foreigners working on africa's largest liquefied natural gas project until this week. the french in the g. giant hotel has now evacuated $1000.00 of its workers at suspended its operations it was due to restart a $20000000000.00 project after stopping work in january because of security concerns that's now on hold. on. we're. trying to. project the.
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region more than 2500 people have been killed and half a 1000000 forced to leave their homes during years of fighting in the province it's really a toxic mix of various issues it is programmed the northernmost province or is marginalised people feel you're frustrated they have been people who are of the land. mining activities they ruby mines specifically amnesty international blame several parties for war crimes it has accused armed groups and the government backed private south african military firm of being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of civilians it also says government troops have made arrests without reason tortured detainees and carried out extrajudicial killings security forces say fighting is still ongoing with army officials are trying to eliminate pockets of resistance humanitarian workers say it could be days before the actual number of dead is known and they warn they'll be even more internal
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displacement as people try to escape the fighting. out either. hundreds of people have been caught in a fire at a state owned oil and gas refinery in indonesia was. videos shared on social media show large flames at a west java facility officials say 5 people are being treated for burns in hospital the oil company says the cause of the fire is not yet known and it's shut down the refinery. foreign companies are being told not to mix business with politics if they want to keep operating in china the warnings come from a spokesman for xing jiang street journal government he was asked to have a news conference about the alleged use of weight or forced labor to produce cotton western retail giant sing through h m m n nike are facing a boycott in china for voicing concern that sparked a backlash on chinese social media with dozens of celebrities dropping deals with
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the broads. over you know chinese people including those in drum have already expressed their anger these companies are just harming themselves we hope global enterprises like internet can open their eyes to what's right and what's wrong and not just blindly impose these measures they need to be reasonable if they want to continue doing business in china adrian brown is in hong kong he says shane john officials are warning the world's not to mess with china. the message was quite simple and it was basically this don't believe what the western media is saying about the situation in shin jang it bears no comparison with reality where's the evidence of sexual violence against women in these so-called vocational training centers which human rights groups call labor camps where is the evidence of forced labor in the cotton farms and cotton mills and cotton factories where is there evidence of all of people being repressed when it comes to religion there is no evidence and that was the message that came through loud and clear and there was
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another i think theme throughout and it was this don't mess with china we've had you know years decades of being humiliated by the west we're tired of the smears we're tired of the lies the media who were in attendance were actually invited to go to shin jang to see for themselves but of course as we've seen from the past when the media go to shin jang they tend to be heavily chaperoned so this was an attempt also by the not just the shin jang government but also by the the central government to respond to these sanctions that have been placed on china those targeted sanctions by the united kingdom the united states canada and the e.u. because of the well documented repression they say is taking place and changing and of course china in the last few days has responded with sanctions of its own so this media conference was part and parcel of that. still ahead on al-jazeera thousands of people flee fighting in venezuela to cross the border into colombia.
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was and prayers and calls for justice for george floyd before the policeman accused of killing him goes on trial. for. wind is a feature of this time the years around to rabea and we have a very obvious when doing learned on the gulf what a strong northerly so temperatures have dropped in doha as one example by about 10 degrees the sandal the dust that came with it is falling out into the empty quarter really of of saudi arabia's not particularly dusty after all of the typical view is one of sunshine and increasing warmth it's still only 16 on the levantine coast they still caught a wind blowing down through egypt as soon as k'naan included and the red sea and
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that's not going to change substantially of the next day or so in fact it might even strengthen as this schimmel when that's when it's cold becomes a little lighter because the weather in turkey is turning briefly back to winter and that tends to enhance that wind with it i think we'll find quite dusty conditions in egypt but probably nowhere else. now equally typical is time of year the wind direction does affect how it feels of places like cape town port elizabeth that's not a particular color direction so you're still in the twenty's but it's not a time to far and many shows there are few running into the suit to for example but the main rain band the seasonal rain band is for the noles going up through and go to a nice was so enjoy the sunshine for example in jo'burg. in russia national i didn't just pull the 50 bring the fame fortune and power i thought the next one i went to investigate on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera where every. the end. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories the container ship that's rocks the suez canal for almost a week has been refloated according to a shipping chocking firm the ever given run aground in one of the world's busiest waterways costing billions of dollars in trade every day on mars military has
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carried out war and strikes targeting separatist fighters in carrying state thousands of people affect their homes with many crossing the border into thailand and dozens of people have been killed in an attack in the town of town lie in northern most on be calling a 5 day siege among them the victims are 7 civilians who were ambushed as if a hotel. a nearly $5000.00 people have now escaped fighting in venezuela and taken refuge in neighboring colombia some accuse the venezuelan military of abuses including extra judicial killings. reports from. in colombia. because they got really carries this heart and as he shows us a video of this home destroyed in clashes between them in this with an army and a colombian rebel group. it's really searching how easy it is to lose everything you've built with great sacrifice. he and his family fled a week ago from
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a town across the border has been a swell and soldiers moved into their neighborhood and bombs fell from the sky they left in such a hurry that he didn't have time to put shoes on he is one of almost 5000 people who have sought refuge in one of the 18 shelters set up in and around the border town of. colombia they've come here after diminished when an army started an unprecedented operation against colombian armed groups they had long tolerated in their territory many are accusing security forces of abuses and the in at least one case of extrajudicial killings and i mean are there other innocent i'm afraid of going back to venezuela because i don't know what they would do to us a soldier killed our neighbor her kids and her husband they say we're all google us . the influx of refugees many young children is overwhelming this town and sunday the colombian government set up
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a command post to manage the worsening humanitarian situation with the help of the united nations refugee agency and other again these ations. the priority is the humanitarian assistance of those who entered the country to guarantee their health food and hopefully guarantee a swift for turn. the colombian government is planning for the shelters to operate for a least 2 weeks even if local business will a notorious he said on saturday that people could go back by the sure and says from the venezuelan government that the situation is under control we heard more explosions coming from the other side just a few hours earlier and more people are arriving fleeing from venezuela into colombia 8 days into this crisis. the situation is very difficult this man says there is no food we don't know what we will do back at the shelter most people say
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there are no guarantees for a safe return for now who is a good god he was happy he and his family at least have food in a shared roof over their heads and listen their own beauty and just keep. national civil rights leaders in the u.s. economy for justice for george floyd as they hand a prayer service alongside his family just hours before the sun terry mehta trial a former minneapolis police officer is accused of killing floyd last may the case is expected to center on what metaphor its death if convicted could face decades in prison john hendren as well from minneapolis. george floyd's death reignited the u.s. civil rights movement and set off a racial revolution in american streets. it energized the black lives matter movement in harden the country's racial divide now the trial of the police officer accused of floyd's murder could either close a bitter chapter in american history. or rekindle the arson fueled riots of the
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summer of 2020 across the united states another will be similar to what took place when this happened you know we felt it all the way in chicago. you know people are angry. but to their frustrations will say they know how the murder trial of fired police officer derrick children is perhaps the most intense debated civil rights case here in the u.s. in the 21st century it will mark a test case of racial justice in 2021 in the case of a black man who died beneath the knee of a white police officer who held him there for 8 minutes in 46 seconds. that jury will see show that in this disturbing video as floyd cries out for his life at the bridge. these are the images we don't take anything for granted we have to keep our eyes on the prize to make sure that he doesn't get away with murder as so many
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other police officers have done to people of color in america not since the racially charged trial of the white police officers charged in the 1991 beating of rodney king has. one legal case so captured a moment in american racial history. when a largely white suburban jury found the defendants not guilty the streets of los angeles erupted in violent fury in black america police are now often seen in the darkest light now people are not viewing the police as a welcome. rather as an unwelcome presence as it's been referred to over the years a knack you plan or. as minneapolis anxiously boards up for new demonstrations many fear what could happen if children is allowed to walk free people gonna be outraged because it again has proven that the system is not protected and so i think people gonna be upset and they are why. we have
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15 this time a racially diverse jury of $12.00 and $3.00 alternates 9 white 4 black into mixed race will decide the fate of another white police officer. and that could set the direction of the american civil rights movement for years to come john hendren l.g. 0 minneapolis. syrian kurdish forces in control of northeast syria have launched a security operation against this of arrested more than 30 people at a whole camp many of the 65000 people there are foreigners believed to have tyson i saw dozens of people have been murdered in a hall this year the operation is expected to take about 10 days at the u.n. special envoy to syria has told on his ear there wearing signs i saw is gathering strength in the desert the morning comes as u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken is set to meet foreign ministers to discuss what
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washington calls the ensuring defeat of the on top of diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations. they created their own defacto state carved out of parts of syria and iraq and ruled in a most brutal way justifying their actions with their own interpretation of islam. 2 years ago president trump declared eisele had been defeated that after a long military operation some of it human rights campaigners say also carried out in a brutal manner involving kurdish fighters the iraqi military american special forces and u.s. bombardment from the air. now their former capital racker lies in ruins but experts say eisel may be slowly rebuilding themselves in the deserts of syria and what we've witnessed in central syria in particular is a robust and growing isis campaign that is applying pressure on the military and
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oil infrastructure that is actually forcing the russians the regime and the iranians to respond and try to figure out how to stabilize the security situation is such talk a lot missed not according to the u.n. special envoy for syria pederson you should or should be worried about what you see as increased garnish activity is in order and in certain areas of syria and i haven't appeared before as you know the members of the security council now we need a collaborative effort there fight the terrorists that are still active in syria i mean. the americans are going to be. on top of this there's another problem related to isolate the world is not confronting there are thousands of prisoners some of them foreign fighters but mainly women and children being held in camps in northeast syria in the largest camp i'll hold there are nearly $30000.00
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children the conditions a grim they risk being alienated and further radicalized james pays out his era at the united nations the u.n. is helping to secure a $10000000000.00 from international donors to support syrian refugees at a conference in bet in belgium a 2 day meeting is being co-chaired by your european union and. and the european union and the u.n. hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in syria's decade long war more than 10000000 have been displaced. our response by amnesty if hysteria covering both refugees in neighboring countries and syrians inside their own country is the biggest one we've ever had for this crisis we're trying to raise moment $10000000000.00 and it's bigger this year than ever because the the crisis is worse there is a in particular a huge impact if they global economic contraction and serious economic problems are malnutrition and on and declining also so like the country u.s.
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intelligence agencies have warned of a taliban could overrun afghanistan within 3 years if american troops leave prematurely as one of many concerns for afghans in central province where the taliban destroyed a cultural treasure 20 years ago he has a story. carved out of the rock by buddhist monks more than a 1000 years ago these caves and balmier national park are now home to some of of ghana stands poorest people the government says there squatters. but those living like this say they have nowhere else to go. muhammad makes his living collecting scrap metal but it's barely enough to feed his family only once a day though not normal hunger there are no jobs we don't have any other place and i don't have the means to build a house on the government to provide us with shelter. when i'm still in the daily
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life is grim. there are no toilets burning wood for heat makes it difficult to breathe and insects are ever present as is the fear the taliban might come back. from this i'm. not a little misty the taliban is a problem for us there is fighting 24 hours a day and people are in trouble they're not safe and there's no security you don't know. her worries are valid these communities live near the site of the bombing on bhutto's giant stone carvings from of ghana stands rich previous slum it passed in 20016 months before 911 the taliban declared the statues an affront to islam and drew a line in the sand for the whole world to see. more shone. through all of all of the statues of the buddha that once stood at this site in balmy on
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were an estimated 15 centuries old and they want us to part of afghanistan history they were a part of human history many officials here in afghanistan say that their destruction at the hands of the taliban is also a part of history now and that they are best left in the past broken pieces of the buddhas still sit under lock and key with little hope of rebuilding but 20 years later a 3 d. projection helps afghans see the statues as they once were. on a song the demand of the afghan people must be included in peace talks such mistake and crime should never be repeated again any group that lives here should accept that this cultural and historical artifacts belong to the people history and culture of afghanistan. when the sun comes up the lights go down and the buddhas disappear once again. leaving only vacant holes
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a grim reminder of the kind of violence afghans fear could happen again if the total don't come back. balmy on hindus across india celebrating the start of holy the festival of colors the yacht in the to a city thousands of people have been dancing in the streets or in colored powders albus at each other only a celebration of good over evil. was. clear again i'm fully back with the headlines on al-jazeera the container ship that splashed the suez canal for almost a week has been partially rethrow ted according to a shipping tracking firm the ever given run aground in one of the world's busiest waterways costing billions of dollars in trade every.


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