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such mistake and crime should never be repeated again any group that lives here should accept that these cultural and historical artifacts belong to the people history and culture of afghanistan. when the sun comes up the lights go down and the bhutto's disappear once again leaving only very good halls a grim reminder of the kind of violence afghans fear could happen again if the taliban come back zain basra the old a 0 balmy on. deservedly so ho robin a reminder of our top stories the container ship that's blocked the service canal for almost a week has been partially refloated canal forward he say that they hope the ever given will be fully freed during the high tide in around 2 and a half hours time. military has carried out more airstrikes targeting separatist fighters and qur'an states tyler does preparing for
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a flood of refugees as thousands flee across the border tony chain has more from the thai capital bangkok. this may be the miramar military trying to seize the initiative we've seen them. in conducting these airstrikes on the qur'an the k n u down in the south there's been clashes up in the north think a chin state overnight in callin in the strategically important town in the chin state there were clashes to the army fighting locals residents not armed insurgents of the local residents but using things like r.p.g. screen aids so they really have decided to step up the attack foreign companies are being told not to mix business with politics if they want to keep operating in china the warnings come from a spokesman for shin jones regional government at a news conference where he was asked about the alleged use of ethnic weekers as forced labor to produce cotton
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a growing number of western retail giants including bad now yuki are facing a boycott in china for voicing their concerns mozambique's military says dozens of defenseless civilians have been killed in a 5 day siege among them where 7 people ambushed as they tried to escape a hotel in the northern town of parma foreign nationals are bugs those caught in the violence national civil rights leaders in the us are calling for justice for george floor yet they held a press service alongside his family before the start of director vance murder trial later on today show over a former minneapolis police officer is accused of killing floyd last may by kneeling on his neck for almost 9 minutes if convicted could face decades in prison those are the headlines those stories could be seen on our website at al-jazeera dot com but with more news in half an hour next its side story. told to i'll just see what. can you tell me with the government you represent is now illegitimate and
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we listen we did not say the fence material for any country the year or conflict we meet with the global news makers until about the stories that matter is syria. under siege in northern mozambique nearly 200 people are trapped in a hotel after fighters leave to eisele take over a town near major gas projects why is the government struggling to secure the area and will outside intervention needed this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. hotel has become the latest flashpoint in a long running conflict in northern mozambique ice
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a link fighters besieged the town of palma on wednesday that forced nearly 200 people to seek refuge in a resort many are foreign nationals working on a natural gas project owned by the french company total the firm had announced it was resuming operations just a few hours before the attack work has stopped again and total his sentence vessels to rescue its employees report say some civilians who try to escape have been killed. is monitoring developments from harare in neighboring zimbabwe. what we know from official sources in parma is that the attack happened on wednesday afternoon armed groups entered the town from different directions it seems the attack was coordinated they attacked a bank a business into and what sounds like an army or police post people in the town and then a neighboring village fled into the bush mozambican v.i.p.'s and some foreigners are holed up in a hotel in parma we're told some of them have been evacuated the attack happened
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hours after the french companies are tell an ounce that is resuming gas operations in the area so some analysts are saying that perhaps this attack has led me to do with that announcement another theory is that it has been quiet or it'll be quiet in the area for some time so humanitarian workers were not able to bring in food and medicines for the community so there's a theory that these insurgents these armed groups are targeting those supplies the united states has said is going to send in special forces to help train the mozambican army portugal the former colonial powers it is also going to train the most and beacons of africa is being reported is also training the army as while they are private armies in the area they many there to guard the gas installations where they've been helping evacuating some of the people who are being stranded in certain areas in parma in terms of the region leaders in southern africa inside that have had meetings on and or virtually at in person decide what to do to help mozambique all they said is that there is
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a plan but they haven't said what their plan is going to the security analysts are saying that if there is going to be some kind of military intervention so that was the biggest economy in the region people assume it has the equipment could go in with a number of other countries in the region as well the concern the humanitarian workers have is that of course any violence on the ground any boots on the ground could affect the safety of people trying to run away from the fighting some of those people are trying to make their way to pym but. capital where they get food clothing and medicines for the men it did work because they the government of mozambique is trying to move those families many suit reached him but to other parts of the country that they believe is safe on. the inside story palma lies more than 1100 kilometers northeast of maputo in kabul delgado province and about 10 kilometers from the site of natural gas projects worth $60000000000.00 fighters captured a key port close to that site in the town of much simpler deprived in august last
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year a few months later i saw a link fighters beheaded more than 50 people in a nearby village the armed group in mozambique has been intensifying raids across villages in kabul delgado since 2017 the violence has killed more than 1500 people and displaced over 600000. all right let's bring in our guests in maputo zenaida machado is senior researcher at human rights watch in pretoria jasmine opperman is senior researcher at the armed conflict location and event data project also in the put o. fernando lima is a journalist and political commentator welcome to the program so nato let me start with you today tell us a bit about how big is the armed group how strong are they and how much territory are they now in control of. all right all of those 3 questions are questions that we might be unable to answer in this conversation. but what we can tell you is that
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for the past 3 years this group has gone has gone inside and is gone in its ability to to to to stage attacks serious attacks it started by doing a game of cat and rat with security forces go into village attacking civilians destroying property and then running away was security forces right there moved into being a serious any need security force and even time getting posts and while you have seen late notice the empowerment shows that the group is now ready to even stage the type of general that we have seen in other countries which are which means arriving in the village making sure that foreigners are in fear but also putting us in a situation where we don't know where the law comes the people who are religion at the from power is from them what's the latest information we have about the siege do we know for example how many people remain trapped inside palma still. well
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as you probably heard. information coming out of palma it's not really much available so there is there are ongoing reports some of the information needs to be recalled for cross cross-checked still. said today and this morning there have been very successful operations to rescue people specially people affiliated with. weak companies says there are more institutional ties and then there are also more organized support for these people in relation to citizens living there plus thousands of refugees from the district of one
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guard and other look ality is around the situation is is very bad it is known that the people got. trapped in the bush some others are not reaching us when she us when she is we are the total camp is located and people feel safer going to that adult camp it is to make it at this point there are about 20000 people that reach reach key to the key to the village next to the tall camp and these are. local citizens fleeing from palma it's not also clear what is the operational system ration in terms in paloma but according to the last reports there were still ongoing fight in palma
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between. judges teams. sergeants and the mozambican army jasmine what does an attack of this scale say about the level of coordination among the fighters behind it and does this come at all as a surprise considering how much the situation has worsened in the past few years i think it leaves for someone that has been quoting me said jones in great detail highly for straight to us and i'll tell you why for the last 2 years we fought warned that they are some influences with in the insurgency have plenty of people with deep level experience and good around wolfie fighting that is being transmitted back into combat. we've warned that was a walk up my ass occupation for a prolonged period game game that i dida opportunity not only for training
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better for crew recruitment the attack itself should never have taken place this is the challenge of the of boma because they were there was every warning provided and i tweeted that specifically. and the question has to be raised why no action was taken but sadly as we've seen in the last 3 yes and we the mozambican government security forces are simply not in a position for various reasons and i'm not going to go to all of that now but they simply cannot stand up. oh count if we now talk about paloma yet and never defensive operation yet and another crisis management trying to get as many people am a bit as possible and now with a f tank when the main searches and please i want to confirm that the previous speaker has said keep in mind facts
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a problem. we would king we'll have. a good hot information as they come in you look at your sources you tried to demonstrate reliability but according to the report said nancy insurgents also still having an appearance they nearly broke team . extras the insurgents extra arms and ammunition that you hold as you we we stand with the inception see and that is the concern i am afraid that the u.s. designation has over this simplified this insurgency. specific agenda to suit militarization to suit a war darragh anything. anyone thinks 2 non-strike is going to make a difference i've got some bad news is needed but if dime is not an l. as sight and saintly time is what we need zinaida didn't the government of
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mozambique declare just a man a week ago that palmer was relatively safe what happened how did this happen is not just about the fact that palmer was relatively safe as they say are the salt of the fact that many people who are running away from other areas surrounding. that are being that tend to seek refuge in a home so power was full not only of soldiers. people expire through it but also i think just from other places so one will ask how is it possible for a town that was heavily guarded. like just minutes playing that everybody knew could be target at any moment for distant cities it is the have explained in this conversation how was it possible for a small does group to enter this town fire indiscriminately killing people and
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a number that at this stage we cannot verify are many people that i. making people flee to the who put their foot off for help and then that i did questions around that not just the fact that the government is failing to protect people but also is failing in dain televisions to too stupid to be able to distinguish between the insurgents air and people generally think is that they're seeking help the other question that we keep asking but not just from palmer from. in place in the past 3 years yes when those attacks happen what is that i mean what are the soldiers why are they never there around to protect people immediately their only appeal once people have already died build of already ran away to seek refuge in the bush people shouldn't be let down to go to the bushes and seek help for themselves let alone be forced to walk for kilometers on their own to reach safety for example in
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f 1200000000000000000000000000000001 where the moment a question chad the place where people are going to so that a lot of questions that the government needs to answer is not just about anything as a press conference in which they're going to tell as are many people that it's also about explaining what exactly happened what they could and what measures they're taking for a situation like hama not to be repeated ever again fernando i want to ask you about the root causes of this conflict how much of this is driven by social grievances i mean there have been promises of wealth but poverty and unemployment are still rampant there correct. yes i agree with we did we did but it gives us not just a problem of come delgado this is a problem of the whole country in which there's a little number of people that don't have access to opportunities don't have. access to 2 jumps and. creates grievances of course then on the
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top on the top of it you have 11 gaz projects and you add a kind of releases just to the cation debt gets also too old to start to do is did this infighting because there are serious doubts if this is really a religious confrontation or days a cover for does grievous social grievances and then these are kind of being presented as a religious or religious crusade or debt i.z.'s just take the opportunity. to fight income delgado and claim that this is a portion of the isis site in this particular area of of africa but i think the main problem is in fact poverty and
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inquire in quality and unfortunately for the government they are not been able to pass a message in order to explain people that they are dared to reverse that situation and of course this kind of. do not understanding what the situation is and i would say a bad management of expectations related to orland guest because it creates does idea that are out there mozambicans living in a 1000 that are benefiting. from weiland yes in fact there is no island guessed that at this point yet jasmine earlier in the show's a native spoke about how much this group had grown and these past few years how easy has it been for the group to recruit members. initially and i never need to look at the last yet to answer your question otherwise it's going to be
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a long discussion but i do and if one looks at number one if one looks at me asa and if one looks getting the period of the occupation of wasn't what the priam it is that when it it wasn't deception initially debt the fighters are forced into the insurgency days also a group that is free who willingly joining the ease insurgency over the group. and when i think that's an important point because it does show that there isn't voice. of this contained against government but as finding a finding creative ability among specific groups of people it seems to be talking about you know more young generation 20 to 50 to 35 in respect that but the east definitely again
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a growth taking place and if you had to ask me too if there might be a strength and i look at the 900 cells active based on incidents and based on movements i would say if we're going to say and it's i it's always dangerous to play with numbers but i would say we're going to say these $2500.00 segments. zenaida you mentioned earlier how dangerous it is for civilians in the area and human rights watch of course has documented atrocities committed against civilians not just by armed groups but also by security forces so i want to ask you more specifically what are the types of abuses being committed against civilians there. one of the abuses is actually related me does and then inability to distinguish the gunmen from this group called out from the residence and the locals of of the
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village that are being attacked and then that results for example enough to betray the tensions ill treatment of people that are detained each results in touch or for example when they are forcing people who might be nonsense to confess to a crime they use metal does that are illegal that people are clear human rights violations. and them do it is also the element of. summary executions that we have as human rights watch exposed in the past when for example when people do not confess to the crimes they expected to confess for example they are submitted to subjected to torture that them bizarre killings but also the fact that is problematic that the governments to date in 3 years of conflict has not been able to present the public
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with the numbers of people who have been detained and faced a court of justice what we have heard from the government of the just over and over not as about how many people they have killed well this is not the competition of who kills most the government or the insurgents a government must be ruled by not by its own constitutions and by international laws in other words it has to be able to list better human rights including of those who are detained so that those are some of the abuse that we have seen on the side of the government but that is why that is what people are worrying that we have seen also opening in pumice since wednesday is the absence in the moment of danger and a moment of panic and moment of drama for example when we spoke to people on wednesday they were telling as. the presence of the of the group that got many of the group across. and firing at them indiscriminately nobody was able to tell us that if there were soldiers explaining people what to do if there was solid just
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thought trying to protect the people on the streets in front of the absence of soldiers to help population was very clear and that is an embarrassing for the government like mozambique that has been fighting this group for the past 3 years by now this should never learnt how to help their population and how to leave dental safety in a moment of the engine fernando as a d.c. nations had resolved to deal with the security threat posed by the situation in mozambique but has there been any visible movement when it comes to implementation of those plans. well this is a quite interesting question because in fact what we have what we have learned from the past discussions is that side that is trying to do to move forward the dole issue of the security situation and come delgado and
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mozambique providing. the kind of dubious answers related to related to debt meaning mozambique never came up publicly explaining what is their position regarding subject support and we see specially so to africa having a more aggressive stance in order to debug to discuss and debate what kind of rural sadec can play in in mozambique so it's not clear. does the does it did this issue but situations like palma it will be we do forcing. was a big and it was a beacon government to define one kind of support they want either by sadegh biography and union by the americans because up to now it seems it seems to me that the only things that the mozambican government is ready to do to get is
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a military training plus logistical support no other kind of support and of course the situation like palma it will be introduce or type of discussion at the table namely out to almost a big can answer a 2 disc on of challenges and of course jasmine already emphasized the nature of this conflict and the shortcomings of the mozambique an army to address these issues yes and i saw you nodding this i want to get your response but i also. i want to ask you more specifically if this conflict continues to get out of hand to spiral out of control what are the ramifications for the region. that going to take actions is already at play i think we cannot ignore what i think the bombings event has shown and i might just if i may use 10 seconds what is interesting about the ball mindset and ease and that is that check to turkey d.-o.
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of god who is rain expat expense gets talkative everyone goes crazy what about the 60000 people that had to freak and find a home some way like creaky or to safety quite quickly be it was somewhat a priority move it out be it you do be wary about it and i think it's a sad case but. that we cannot neglect in terms of covered up garden but let's get back to your question. the expansion of the guard pretty self who will not happen overnight so that they all are held a lines of support can not be and should not be ignored but i think the proper we are sitting where is the longer they say agency continues. their rescue to their region increases the issue of weapons the issue of sympathy
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the issue of id peacefully and the issue of. movement of of all illegal goods i'm talking about an area waiting simply no governance we days nobility anything but the major issue is that for every $26000000000.00 in basement for their region is desperately needed. it from an economic perspective it can benefit anything it is not going to proceed the whole region nomic perspective will feel that jasmine i'm so sorry to interrupt you but we have run out of time we're going to have to leave the conversation there but thanks so much to all of our guests for joining us thanks as a nato much ato jasmine opperman and fernando lima and thank you too for watching
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tonight. a container ship blocking one of the world's busiest waterways has been partially refloated. colognes the whole robin you're watching and is there a live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes thailand says it's bracing for an exodus of refugees from be about as thousands flee a surge in violence also hundreds of scape a 5 day seen all the.


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