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tv   Witness Only The Devil Lives Without Hope  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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this i. think is essentially the perfect time you have a diplomatic bang that pompey open ended on the search al-jazeera investigates the poaches pipeline. moving. orleans. and i'm about to send in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the container ship that's blocked the sewers canal for almost a week has been partially refloated authorities warn it could still take days to clear the backlog of hundreds of ships curing on either side of the canal alexy o'brien reports. cheers of celebration in the so is canal and horns blaring. as the ever given finally appears to make a move back in. a the days and despite a multinational rescue effort the vessel has hardly budged now finally it's been
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partially refloated. waged across the suez canal the scale of the problem has dwarfed the machinery seen as a solution dredges and diggers have removed thousands of cubic meters of santa from underneath the giant container ship and a team of at least 10 tug boats has been trying to dislodge it for days since it ran aground to tankers and cargo ships carrying oil gas and grain have stacked up at either end of the canal delaying global trade and costing billions of dollars every day around about 70 percent of the world's oil trade goes through the series canal arm and it can't any any ship has the choice of taking the longer route round the south of africa takes around 2 weeks longer obviously cost more because of the additional i'm shipping cost so ships are having to make their decision do they whites are in that queue of $300.00 or do they take the
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a longer trip the crisis is a weary having an impact on syria the authorities forced to announce a few rationing supplies from iran a stock the news coming out of syria is deeply deeply worrying the country was a ready heating crisis point with cannot make collapse hitting syria and the daily lives of syrians and now these delays to fuel shipments will make an really bad situation worse there had been fears an operation would be needed to lighten the ship which is 20000 containers on board requiring a crane and other equipment that's yet to arrive but it appears a flotilla of tugboats and a higher tide may have deemed that unnecessary alexy o'brian al-jazeera. opening arguments in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd begin on monday derek chauvin could face decades in prison if he's
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convicted footage of him kneeling and george floyd's neck last year sparked global protests meanwhile as militaries carried out more airstrikes targeting separatist fighters in color and state the armed ethnic group is one of dozens fighting for greater autonomy thailand is preparing for a flood of refugees as thousands flee across the border police in indonesia have discovered explosives related to sunday's suicide attack in a cathedral in the city of. officers conducted raids in several locations including the home of the bombers 19 people were injured in the blast mozambique's military says dozens of civilians are being killed after an armed group took over a town in a major gas projects on biden's day foreign nationals are among those caught in the violence between security forces and an armed group hundreds of people have been evacuated. 2 soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military camp in kufa low in ivory coast according to officials 2 of the assailants were also killed during the raid no group has yet claimed responsibility
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. has suffered increasing violence from on groups near its northern borders in recent years the base previously came under attack in june last year when 13 soldiers were killed england is entering the 2nd phase of easing its lockdown small outdoor gatherings and now allowed outdoor swimming pools tennis courts golf courses and sailing clubs are also reopening britain has just passed the milestone of giving 1st vaccine doses to more than $13000000.00 adults but it's a different story across the channel in continental europe where restrictions are tightening due to a surge in infections airport staff in the galapagos islands have rescued $175.00 endangered baby tortoises from a trafficker it's believed they were being brought to mainland ecuador before being shipped else where. those are the headlines the news continues here on al jazeera off to what most get by.
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danby shin dad he combat that. almost like you took your fish made a month. with the name of the boss on the shore and the nonviolent man gave a dog i mean. but was uncommon also not talked up on the the name of the show. but i'm not sure the trying to underscore market timing in the us the trick trying . to get at all of them and going to.
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make up log you mean like this should have come across a mug. well i learned. was a man facebook dot com lucky didn't this. look at you as you had to do you know she . saw michael meyers is toast jennings the whole lot in his book men like gems can bet. on multinational done better. was wished on then just look on the harness and. stuff and good luck. is the only. unless you can your kind that can be called life although you can get
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a troll question won't. when song short was based on. the house he has not that they didn't. like it couldn't run a short on the ships and the holiday champagne is that there's just no particular nursing. to him sing on. things the art does him and him. really good tricks come out to humans. and maybe how could that well more. obvious i mean. good chance that. how bad your day or.
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independence day was but the stuff in the states is showing off its military march . it's 10 years since the soviet union collapsed levy was back to stand on its own in the day this ritual. some fear it would end up like it's made the rest of us stand for ling of the chaos and religious extremism. that is biggest on this president killing wolf has become the nation's safe yet defending it from fundamentalists and islamic terror a. lot of the time i think. i'd have to take a break with a rat in prison right even though it hurts his democratic opponents. ribbon or the rumors that all americans are going with rove the other women were. in. the harness nasscom out of any stems i've got. to haunt us.
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true gentleman wouldn't. do that because the hollister kind of idea. caught sort of the shiksas you had that. he looked too big to get all of them. there are no photos of his nick. you're not allowed to take photos of the high security prison my kids nick. we don't know how many prisoners there are secrets.
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that satellite picture taken in your house to prison a compound you won't surrounded. and you can just see how isolated it is i mean there is just nothing around. is colors case is special because we did work so much on his behalf when we were very involved with the family campaigning to stop his execution but when i was because dan abolished the death penalty it's kind of was transferred to me just like and there are no as far as i know there's no independent international organizations who can visit us nic. we know that he is in the compound specifically designed for those prisoners who have had their sentences
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commuted that is considered one of the harshest places where they don't yes like prison to be. a sign i mean i john. will have them slagged among other leon bama. i mean these are. and it in shining. armor actually have them going my young been here longer my young man. lost a good man young man he tried to have been there's actually been a memorandum. we give them a classic last minute. we are the lion humber scotty are.
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there beyond all doubt tell fortunes or. to just american national. after law on trial and other stuff. ion wanna see it extend the motion get it but don't stand a chance. when i'm not going after the player which going to the steps that they are not going i'm batman in new york is less gun that hunted out than. a cut or this is not our only scene in a long noir call from going to see a man with an. in and ditched on monday morning honest imagine going on. the wrong number at the not quite at the thought that you're not going to pop up on
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the whole the board. i'm going to let you up on that i've been portrayed quite a how the board. believes the youth is dying and that it is pretty long it's a local saying you know it is a gentle be just an islamic any more i get my new york don't get much it was a good welcome mobile's shows it that it will on the whole muslim world if they judge all you wish killing was the only download left. his pledge again. to me team cina only acquisition. we're going to bring cheer and duck a ladder. to kill a man launched them. on being a she. and calling off the market must go idea. i gotta love the markets that. kitsch biotin sot on ladera
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to them but holler that i'm gonna get a lot. of nervous sure. then the came out and. came in and. they had a good cause of shalom. i got enough to scare the heart but i'm a liar now so will your new york. how can i be like get a scan back a can. scan i saw the plane again i have long branch me and. when are you homesick at our. careers maidenhood janice's that exam more aggressive we grow older and yet 19 did seem a new vision you go gurus you were there. not because i think anyone
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here know it's the storm because the i'm here to ensure here is that the storm draws them on your c.v. if you're walking. on the new median of ejector no one can all be going to going to continue for many. many. people you know. a lot of way back to getting more and because they wish to meet. in washington you've got to stay here. and this is some of the good fortune. so let's go so use your new book store chain shops. on the show to give us some nice to. see the planet on the small. just because the has a my hands you know most of the gun used in and the art and and things going on when.
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i'm fetched to the ocean floor or snorkel to the most snow to. the foot. of the. turkey that was what it was i thought that's what it was about it if. you can hardly i'll just assume the spot the honeymoon gentlenesse formed with the foam along a lot of the pond if. you catch them you could not support hamas that's what i'm saying our version of what i do yeah i'm a full film would have. yes.
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yes. her. home eat the canvas. match a lot and she had some to help yes for that and then the whole of the gang. course at the end of his old hollister check. to them mr wong big. bang technical world on the show. going to be fought in mostly an. apollo 11 depression a single art that detailed a gash. clanton a canal according to a. show on the armstrong boston globe when i bend it on the my tongue match.
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it to. the s s. s own body and was sticking it into a corner of town for now cannot really get out to commit crimes not guns one of them on more than one. battle. of comic books unsung at times contrast learn sanmina best lucas gas the all that must with gas. pump not a joint bank account a sham us thing and count the money. us. her.
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do you feel free to stay here studying did you look at the reports storm of the good news each of us to be this kind of being. similar wants to nicole simpson or going to the message that it's just a simple rush but it's not going. to happen on our the wealth of the united nations how come your your your example republic of course because the time. you were there was the best part that he was going to hurt you by. usada is principle one is my business model in the morgue into the list so you design your lead spots that are. no overhead sure obsess. on those big star little dick up those gas level your moms who suck a lot of your. liberalism up who's got a lot of ross but i'm one of them here when one of the result. called imus and bush irish again are going to. get
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a. yasser. will. call me they are. in the normal church our. cousin can. get. joy does get up. to all watch. of catholic nun to get.
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lost love. lost love cannot. keep the drugs. keep the. last months of us. and. heart but other. than death. show that men death. will. i can muster them on a truthful smile. loved ones to get the shot i was the last in kenya. with us. so i
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get on with our circulation the most for some. time and all. toiling i saw that you're drawing me. challenge well slasher. recent just tell me tell me how much catchy. i like and the. buckets i can i am gone i king vine and all devils. all terrorist. steers with the cure started on market him of. the stark warning minder to back the war berm. pressure man to man structure put the. moon ransom fortunes around. new announcements of weeks or so about the price that us 3 of the really new. money that are from them.
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on the out of up out of. fear of lee he has cut off the switches but dumb stuff the last took me maybe should wish them was done for her but should demand stop so. should be aired so we deal with the guardian social whose biggest chance of the book any musketeers you know will push dear people spotless nuff said lou just then i see the lives the kind where. the up for me no i didn't get it with all but a little song live well it's hell was biggest star. but it still sucks because star . will lose this book while the need to lure it but don't only escalate by the buttons because stuff. no end of july got a bushel political skill be a shot at it and not
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a big and i do sincerely dervish real. deal meeting up with him on to monster artsy over the manuals emotional as if it was because stanley guy was now. once back on the political as a whole. but this profitability of. baghdad i want my nails caused by your b.s. get out of the noise this is there as i will do but then. i took. all our. sun unless they're together. to form. a contentious type but i lost by the scale but it is based on.
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a challenge. and then again this is again the 1000 so i mean you know. private job motion wasn't. given the all the news all the issues. and was benoit and so as you're quite a lot in a speck on the water laird can't make up either and the names on the national are not. all atlanta morning and i tuned into one tash just. shuldiner. the car and. learned that i was not a kid less than most young men called fast. john dr black signals or other. modern attending of course that are done.
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that is when i get lower numbers or double. could not get after the end hard a bit and i stand. again that. my slick you know my gosh worse than a. commune the only sure i learned from the live of the show in the crane a good medication getting 'd killed the. ringback initial one of the coalition head telling us now we're thought highly i know as big a mama on the thought of as a get to know your the young how about her. and not offend us all i hear that us courts call the day after me and our system so that the story that has popped out
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sound or put is a receiver to hear about some of the more 1st cirque. and if you don't know that. come on eclipse all games begin. deviousness out that way more men to mislead to pass the new storms on somebody that would. come to study if one of speculate on how one leo done that if we make it to get in before them or for shock at how the new toilets a kid just i'm going to speak it's got a queen mum he said no yeah him number. 3 about paul's teachings for handling out more than me stink that yearning smaller and that that the who ordering make a spear just pass. i'd kill you no clues that the national. dish does not. some you mean it's not the mission mentality. but i can show that i can profit from the scene for us and world class previous to the messy. me how to get them i wanted to be in my
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junior. year i can make it because i'm a son have it be using our children the young and the humble yet. i get a 2nd. your money in a kind of coalition of course and. i'm already in your column on hummus then i might. need the light not you cannot know that. you are dealing with a very powerful people people in influential positions in government where we know there were elements within the police complete lemons that were getting scared that we were getting too close to some people higher up the mine who could get. into the job itself. is essentially the perfect you have
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a diplomatic bag that part be open to accomplish al-jazeera investigates the poachers pipeline. a survivor of a genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but it didn't have the power to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. no meaning here is due to all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. welcome to down from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy the perfect break in your journey.
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and when you leave with a smile we know la day's work is done cons are always welcome to our home. about us and in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the container ship that's blocked the suez canal for almost a week has been partially refloated authorities warn it could still take days to clear the backlog of hundreds of ships carrying on either side of the canal opening arguments in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd is set to begin in the coming hours. could face decades in prison if he's convicted footage of him kneeling and george floyd's neck last year sparked protests across the u.s.
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and beyond. myanmar's military is carried out more airstrikes targeting the separatist fighters in color and state thailand is preparing for a flood of refugees as thousands flee across the border tony chang has more from the thai capital bangkok this may be the minimum military trying to seize the initiative we've seen them. in conducting these airstrikes on the qur'an and you down in the south as being clashes up in the north in kitchin state overnight in color in in a strategically important town in the chin state there were clashes to the army fighting local residents not on the insurgents of the local residents but using things like r.p.g. screen aids so they really have decided to step up the attack police in indonesia have discovered explosives related to sunday's suicide attack in a cathedral in the city of mikasa officers conducted raids in several locations
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including the home of the bombers 19 people were injured in the blast mozambique's military says dozens of civilians have been killed after an armed group to covert a town near a major gas projects on wednesday among the victims are 7 civilians who were ambushed as they fled a hotel foreign nationals among those caught in the violence between security forces and an armed group hundreds of people have been evacuated england is entering the 2nd phase of easing its lockdown small outdoor gatherings are now allowed outdoor swimming pools tennis courts golf courses and sailing club so also reopening britain has just passed the milestone of giving 1st vaccine doses to more than $30000000.00 adults but in continental europe restrictions are tightening jute to a surge in infections and those are the headlines these continues here on al-jazeera after witness by for not.
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yes. and. 50 percent of the debts children and.
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there's a ding in the news that again. we're not going to get stuck with your thought about what it was at. the time. to get the job done that should know you're listening to you have no other. but i also got my new phone with the lived in the 4 months. when i was who are trying to get back to. it could mean. we had to gian
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a lot of them you can jot that up tumbling just about the wood through from like in the sky on the economy. back. on i'm like. oh my gosh. again i'm calling out. installment underage my thing in place 210 percent or just cause i'm kind of. mean it's all in your mind the door does this need to. be looked at the moment.
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gosh. you know it's all going to born. who isn't one of the. 100 you've had to go on i'm going to have to cut the number and i'm sure. a kind. of i think i would be on the. national black. hole that this he's right young along with the. other 100. dog. leg in the office seeing as well he and the champ. doesn't. you know
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i didn't get such data like you and she went on and. on and i get how many. of them. and backed. down on the message but a number that was not a lot. that's all you also have that i get if you look at that. you know this is. you know for. just like you know just for the you know one other thing you know you can yes. i'm i sat. in the you know no call day.
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weekend. yet but i share the night of the outdoor pool and they said yeah you can come daughter issue deeper and i'm going to pursue was that she should we did a book or a bonanza store just happens to be your if you. were to look at me or your number which i still did those more afterwards when you. don't just live through just you scroll. the awarded the other moments. still but maybe i could look to see what this you know more. for what it normally would fill but may have that when you
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will want to stay physically yes i mean. i saw my new american john lennon the guy in a bubble and then by thanking them that as if i'm. glad i'm. going to make. make it known in chad thought that says that. i am not coming today. and that nasa. mission to mars on. this campus and on. my job was the community in chile. yesterday. just. to get intangible don't meet them and cause. they really i shan't want to keep us again diminishing again.
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because they must. have got to be just to us that it was ok to get it up. to get one you've got to skip was i want to. talk id. but i thought you said yeah. yeah yeah origin that is them with the lizard or josh and most of the ones. only now for the next aspiring
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russian but i'm a little prettier the up across the what i believe is more are either levi should be small but all i feel are typical christian. was a joke but we're given a few words which will give you the instant give you move or get a role in the struggle she will even wrong you started out or. not but it. will slip under your never locked out of. dodge. don't want to be off the hook you more of them still be every bit devious there thought of giving out the new os acedia it up if you're very she said it was bought it back to get a visa but if you started as a democracy you would be. 'd a loser living up to let me give you an eye. on that peace deal saw on top was simply
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a typical wall there east of us but i didn't pull or post really yeah here if you give to order a movie deal here shaw media i suppose if you were here yeah. i know because that is. what actually if the if you did if you or i. saw cultures i even like of that 30 give you up side this will he won't be any of them all. the mall or long she thought i would still have these dear who is medieval put together was voted off will sit out.
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all the war what about him objectively. he was very strong these meals. on top of the pile on the block of air. force a nickel. lost to man be an example is the must pull a. long
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while lot of money and then 10000 and. kill a gallon alessio of course one of the boylan blunt closer or. not sure polo. about the salon. careless harm by lance a pillar in the per mile and i love the killers or sylvia plath's while i'm say that milo an alien during the air. i've had cameras there and passing out. of the say are not the end of cars around on their. own and challenger are that after writing nationalist.
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or gunning there was no us was a bunch of. kids that this is their muslim hideout i learned that a russian are shocked this in our. but i mean on the. what of the thought of him or i learned the internet but wasn't entirely. pretty back up to. talk to boast about it and i sent a stock to look for and disappeared and then it was the. houses that i did to us and kill a premium lemon h.m.o. trash took. on right and written scripts and it. can be given to stay out. of her. you know special guy at the one where you.
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can't get the information to her jetta either but unless the matter shifts and they're sure she was a big man then come back and. really set in to learn your. last lot more. than. i sound like is no less than the how come none who sings the song i'm a shining song is one issue of mine shooting asian men and i publish what is going to give us a lot clearer less. finance who it is and when i can come out of i don't. this is always in this or in my nana losing my hand that i've. part the last lemma . was not about our best director.
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on the line joining us now. by chance of marijuana more money but. most of the lamb was got to give that have santa. that's more on the was a good. song. than the what do you like. the funny smell now it's not on one level from what i love them. so much for just.
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look on my song i think i. can scan the camera i've got to try for that and not get caught up just now in the course and i got that 8th gang gap a month or so that shook us up for the big. money all down the cost and i bet the money on. scanned you asked me one more level but if you begin to ask but again mostly it's to movie do you really have you know rocky and. yanyuwa or took quite a number should. get even that aren't they king for my limited and i give them i bought them or last monday i guess welcome again and i got this nod let the initial 2 i should pollard them a torturous awarding a whole. new user who knows
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a lot more than we know. and i couldn't. show mum a last word here and there she is in the heart of america let them make you. do a lot on them like you to get less canned dog meat when their man come am a man who knew. how did the deer know billy where the kid sheila i mean these things i see them he's nice you try seeing him up. you know waterboarding our sanction them to belittle my security in this. happy craft or to another the young are some what we want to can easily keep going there or holder the program and the. how muslim women golem or with a. hammer some pretty amount of them are there maliki to.
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solidify your mind that i promise to be will you point me in. the yard and. willis have an appt in to. you believe you have lost my daughter. the power to have half your wound again as i would like to do that. i will scan that region. commission on how much the moon a lot. came 11 giving it a bit. of bloody good to get us all to the moon and i absolutely going to spock unless you had a catapult on what counts i would look back that we had a. wrote
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the movie. she used to see i wonder what's wrong with gosh look where there is i'm going these are almost the moment of this stuff for the. so. proud so pleased at the new year this is subtle yet passed out as the models are going to be our best was mixed on present the side government is your friends i presume that i'm on the one block wrong it's all got a lot of what does this stuff who was big some present think also did he get a might be that each of those fronts to get that man put in center should get the most serious then i limbaugh to my national file if someone come up with. the new
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c.r.c. mark whistler not also the delicious of am without them slowed down but i mean i can stand up for that bit again but i do. stem the flow of illegal things in this so the low body has all the although it's how they gather the caught up mostly you know i thought that. 00. going to. come up is a good moan and say this is an old norfolk come on strong the young for the cameras will be to discounters do you think are increasing in. a subway beach in miami with junkies can better by now was. followed by a. new matilda. to the. yeah you know. who. gives you.
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the arm around them no matter. when you're a little. in soft lot of them are so more well come up with an agenda see also you mock trash the chaff the boss that is really a lot of the thing that i saw the haunt us out of just look i'm a harness that one of. the hello big. man mentioned right here that asked that much and that he was going to mine and i use. their personal interests
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little plan that asks a saucy issue. so you look. just at. it would soon be if you got a memo some level stuff well i mean my muscle does the bell. the . dog in the room. it's not the color then the this one began from the head of the family and yeah yeah. yeah that's. the thing.
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going on in the hall yes i just lost my a. clinician. to. ask. question but i'm too much coached they just need to research. this possible are forced to leave home on that meaning you can see what's going on is that most of the. scams are playing out in the song costs on the homework either to listen to. $11.00 total quantity is make song. as a result i mean it was on us i know what about the from one of the examples you kind of learned the lesson when i was in the sunday.
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i saw on the american of those owners or seen them hungry and i heard through can you know what's going on with investors money talks and what on earth you get up macau muslim fans are there to get more fluids and. to convert now use in your 100000000 turn your mouth on the satellites and i know for. sure there's a business card i don't have to go who's your. modem interesting leads to the mantle of one or 2 as women throughout you know that an asinine one of them. i ask them out a young girl for someone you know you know well nasa shuttle your mentor. in songs folk and soon from the whole earth if they have not said to glenn and i think nasa is it is or isn't the road to. doors in the hum of gasoline. and yet you
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hope to study at the actually of the list there was a little skirmish a little more was lost while new york. how much gas and it was for the whole of the .
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when a bonus truck many die and many wrist to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of a local film a cast with 3 people making sacrifices moving off. this is what i want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored point qatar airways temperatures are slowly dropping in argentina as you might expect and there's
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nothing particularly stormy for most of the country but you'll see there's a cloud off the coast of your require and this is a seasonal area of low pressure which is feeding southerly wind but it's not really from the deep south so you got $21.00 degrees in montevideo south right year ago and they're developing in the southeast of brazil were pretty heavy of the last couple days anyway but even a gap here now and the heaviest shastri more likely through northern peru ecuador colombia where there has been flooding in the last few days flash flooding and landslides they could be again for the same reason that a base in the trade winds will bring frequent shasta the lesser antilles maybe through his spine yet even cuba but the concentration of of rain it could be rain rather than thunderstorms like big costa rica i'm possibly in panama i'm places sightings are quiet and dying for a couple of days down the u.s. this is the last as a torn arctic series of storms gone off shore more or less just hanging around in. florida then pressure is high for a while but look what's happening up here we've not said goodbye to winter yet most
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those forms of the cascades in the rockies and that cold air will eventually work to answer the plains when it meets up with what's coming up from the sas we have a potential problem on wednesday. sponsored by qatar airways. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a death that sparks global protests the police officer accused of murdering george floyd prepares to go on trial in a minneapolis court. hopes of reopening the suez canal a massive container ships partially refloated off to.


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