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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations The Poachers Pipeline  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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will come this close shot so i'm just pulling the 16 people that corruption. and compassion. i'll just 0 world a selection of the best films from across our network of tunnels. i'm alomar hidden in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the world health organization and the leaders of 23 countries including the u.k. france and germany are calling for an international treaty to tackle future pandemics it aims to ensure resources are shared and nations are prepared the time to act is now the world cannot afford to wait until the pandemic is over to start planning for the next one we must not allow
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the memories of this crisis to fade and go back to business as usual now sasha butler has more from paris. well the idea for this international pandemic treaty came from the head of the council michele because what he said was it's not a question of if we are going to be facing another pandemic globally but when and what our michelle says is the world needs to be far better prepared next time this kind of health crisis looms he said governments need to work better on things like research and development they would need to work better on a coordinating the distribution of vaccines pharmaceutical companies need to be able to share their recipes if you like for making vaccines so that all countries can equally access vaccines both rich countries and poor countries and that in the future there should be far less divisions less raul's over pandemic approaches and
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management than there have been during this crisis he said of course there are many invaluable lessons that we can all learn from the coded 1000 pandemic which of course is far from over yet many countries still battling 2nd and 3rd waves a survey from nearly 80 scientists is warning current vaccines could become ineffective against future cool variants in less than a year a calling on companies to share vaccine technology so the world can be rapidly vaccinated to prevent the virus from spreading and mutating further thailand says it has no policy to deny entry to refugees as thousands flee violence in korean states as after activists accuse the thai army of forcing people back at the border more than a dozen refugees who arrived on tuesday have been given medical treatment as military has launched airstrikes against the ethnic korean rebels in the region and the death toll from the cracks in the military crackdown on anti clue process has
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surpassed 500 according to local rights groups undeterred demonstrations in towns and cities continued across the country on tuesday. china's top legislative body has unanimously approved sweeping changes to hong kong's electoral system the number of seats is increasing from 70 to 90 but those directly elected by voters will be cut from 35 to 24 up sttng for the laws are in line with the constitutional order of the actual situation for hong kong and it also implements the concept of battery it's administering hong kong this is a major exercise this will keep hong kong on the right track to implement one country 2 systems and keep us on the right path. central african republic president 4 star comes to a darragh set to be sworn in after his reelection last december he was reelected for a 2nd term in office with more than 53 percent of the votes in an election that was
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marred by violence december's poll was violently contested by a coalition of rebel groups the white police officer charged with murdering george for it has gone on trial in the u.s. city of minneapolis the prosecution accused of clearly using excessive force is defense argued he was following police procedure and that floyd's drug use was a cause of death. and a similar case of police brutality in mexico as part process there and in el salvador 36 year old victoria sellers arriaga a salvadorian refugee died after being arrested in the tourist resort of to an officer was filmed kneeling on her back and an autopsy showed her neck was broken 4 police officers are under investigation they say whether soldiers are investigations this next.
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as you can see it is a great tool to al-jazeera is investigate if unit is infiltrating the illegal supply chain of rhino horn from the kill in africa to the sale in asia. to one of. you gotta work that you don't put up with it's a huge amount of money that's worth more than gold or platinum. rhino horn is now one of the most profitable commodities on the international black market driving the slaughter of an endangered species but it's not the rangers that are going to make the ultimate difference between bouts of watts on the run or not it's whether
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we address the criminal syndicates to pick up the title should pack up with the body we expose the deal in south africa who claims to have powerful friends on the belgium. organized crime can only flourish in a corrupt environment. and i'm told we can fix our corruption here we will never ever stop the purchase we get inside the vietnamese village that's a thriving hub of wildlife trafficking paid a lady of the house comes in and job says rhino horn on tape. you are dealing with very powerful people people in influential positions in government who are buying up and using mana and to investigate the explosive claim that even some close to the chinese president are part of the poachers pipeline. plus some stupid stupid law. but other than just the bat.
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in the hostages hannis bird is the chinatown area our undercover team is searching for a product that's been illegal to trade internationally for 14 years. but senator byrd's year to block the us up. for a. 3rd might. be a judy garland this year old. little girl my. religious point of how it could be a muslim was. going to. listen up i don't.
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believe this man's name is would yank her he runs a chinese restaurant in his house he took pictures of his own collection of products from endangered species ivory chopsticks angle in scales evelyn shellfish and rhino horn bracelets all illegal he says horn is the most risky. some of the meat. eating meat. she's been under the seat of the is about. to come easy going to follow a good shot. he gives his directions to a dealer he knows. the job. that. we're
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told his name is chan. he leads us through several locked door to his storeroom. there's. some agenda the harder. it is you know. it was you want to be. a complete front horn can weigh 6 kilos the stumpy back or one more like to a set cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. can't we're going. to get them all out with the man why. haven't the bison that were given to. many visiting chinese consider one in particular the ultimate status symbol to acquire in africa. our investigation will reveal it's
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a few close to the very top of chinese society so i think. it's been just. a full moon in south africa's most famous national park. it's known locally as approaches moon when it lights up the bush the slaughter peaks. this is 20000 square kilometers of park with about $400.00 rangers to protect its most vulnerable species. about 25000 rhinos
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a left across africa 6000 have been killed in the last decade. the biggest single population about $9000.00 is in the kruger. but i mean if there's paul tells them they can hear him not so incrementally. we're out with a team of park rangers and police to log a crime scene here but as i said officer found. to sit here and i knew how to gain back a. loan i am. going to give the police the chance to inspect the scene fast. as maybe any it's me that a laying out on the mistress they could. make bullet points maybe make
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sure praying to one suspect. this carcass was spotted by ranges days ago but with 2 or 3 kills a night they've only come to inspect it now in tears found something that's been kept like there's a gaping hole in the head where poachers hacked out the horns. one bullet one night's work one fewer of an already endangered species. i. this is a hot sport where we lose most of the riders nicholas funda is the crew chief ranger the parks eastern edge borders mozambique the poaches attack from
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both countries think they cross up north they drive down or the word. that's where they're killing sports on. the set of horns from this adult reineke can sell for up to a quarter of a $1000000.00 on the black market the poaches get about a 10th of that because they're just villages at the bottom end of a criminal chain. the poor people we deal with them in the parks that some of them they don't own the file they're hiring fire even if they were. in legal terms poachers a known as level ones above them other level 2 gangmasters organize and finance the kill they sell to level 3 dealers who export the horn. level force are the importers and finally the consumers the level 5 says we will never.
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win. this fight if we focus only on the lever ones and forgetting the the other levers that are not working and coming to pull a trigger into the crookedness not but. it's a hierarchy of crime extending far beyond the kruger. these are organized crime syndicates but the challenge is these people you don't find them in the park you don't find them with firearms you don't find them with their own on your front someone is sitting in vietnam or in china what are the chances that you can link that person to a to a rhino that has been killed in kruger national park the chances are very slim. while the carcass rots under an african sun the horns are destined for asia caught up the jewelry ground into medicine or kept whole as
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a sign of status and wealth. and illusion because seems as if by you turn you trained you know it couldn't have anything else in it. on the edge of the crew that is a city of no is pretty. our investigation is concentrating on the key mid-level deal is to facilitate the trade between africa and asia. mike long john huang a chinese businessmen who lives here to he runs a massage parlor and employs some illegal workers but he gets around the moves easily. get it was he. might get are going to need it more only with hope if they had to be about the michael coggan type of irony am i but we're going about it are going to. sing for the release of the soon. to fully been
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snowden's i've been forgotten really do we want to see him because he knew that. we've been told he buys horn from fresh kills that makes him a level 3 trafficker. but you guys they all are going to be up. to 6 years of australia problem in their mild consumate way all of this pain that you do to them or does not hold with them or hace my uncle. i mean i would be glued in a mobile moving moment only one which enables me to get them out and hear what was i don't want to be. without you having all fall short with a collar. on john let me get back on this and a. little now i hope you can help but it was the end of my 2nd is i don't. think that while one of my
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computers ungentle going to. achieve good at clinton it didn't need to. cheat mediumship. case you know you may have missed each others. lives of about. one leaves a message for one of his contacts and says he'll get back to us with an answer. well the granite one has certainly become a commodity that's worth more than gold plant. you are dealing with networks that span the globe. julian wright in my is a lutheran analyst who's expose numerous wildlife trafficking rings in south africa and asia is a very very sophisticated business operation and sole purpose is to train a product get
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a product to market and they're actually recently. he's been tracking events at a game reserve west of pretoria it's one of many privately owned farms which keep brining the owner is a vietnamese tycoon who was arrested in south africa in victims of rhino horn smuggling and who wanted to be to prove. i do find it a bit odd that someone with a conviction for rotten smuggling someone like that would be able to. keep products on a farm. julian suspicion is that the reserve avoid game law which may be stalking rhino to be killed for their own one of the regular visitors to void was a vietnamese man who was arrested in a police raid at his home in the capital pretoria. 2001 of the last. some of them were buried in the back garden a number of them were from fresh kills the basis of course was storm damage. where
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. there was a farmer vehicle that was bought into iraq that had a specially made secret compartment for transporting brought up with someone in the house was busy cutting up urana it was iran it was found stuck in a band saw the girl we've discovered that just hours before the police raid the house was visited by one of the vietnamese who runs away from. his name is van tan chew and he calls himself. we've spoken to people who know beckham and his vietnamese colleagues and suspect them of involvement in poaching. one source can't be identified for his own safety so his words are read by an actor the vietnamese guys would drive around by the private farms with rhino and take photos one night they went out in their tarkin came back in the early hours. their
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clothes were bloodstained and there was blood in the tuck. they change in order to stop to wash the vehicle he couldn't see what was inside. the nick told to chew on a spit. to a vietnamese restaurant. there were several late night journeys like the. back and has reported several incidents of rhino killed on his own farm the last time shortly after our visit. the poachers killed one rhino outright. one died later they hacked the horns of the 3rd one while it was still alive. the poachers seem to have plenty of time there were no stuff from the farm. become a taking them all out for the night. they're also tigers avoid back in the shot one of the farm claims many others have died from natural causes. at the back of
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the farm there's a building with gas burners and big pots. they cook the bones to get the job and make what's called tiger. they find people to carry back to vietnam. sometimes you just posted back. a dozen new tigers have just been delivered. exporting tyga cake is illegal but in asia it's valued as a medicine and a status symbol just like rhino horn. we have another meeting with a level 3 trafficker one this time he gives more detail on how he stays in business despite his criminal past which is mama mama knowledge of. the to me i want. to get a gun buyers. internet. mob.
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nobody listening. to great singer should. take their genes into the. music. he's talking about help at the highest level especial contact david. he was a senior official in the nels pretty area until 2014 when he became a government minister who goes into our the there isn't going to be a millionaire which a lot more momentum. minister controls south africa's intelligence services including the state security agency which analyzes organized crime. one shows photos to prove their relationship. on the long term.
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partner battling. the dying in the 2. 100 medical magazine and you know nothing. that would want to make us sit. down again last. night any make a. bunch of. i think one of our. knowledge of the sign reads local to the. local comic i am glad i've. got a bunch of knowledge of the. day i'm gonna build up the window i'm not going to look i'm too good with the major city but you know because all. the good that i need to .
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do. those trying to combat the criminals behind the run a trade say that if it's hamp that it every level like an option is sure to profits to be made they are able to buy their way at political levels into police into customs so they undermine the whole north of the structure to get their way. nigel morgan has spent decades in the shadowy world of intelligence. his foundation focus africa now gathers information on wildlife traffickers we were invited to the kruger national park to set up an operations center on the run a problem when it was at its height. persons lead to something you know where the 61 a rest and a database of 2603 individuals profiled. we
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felt strongly that we need to go and disrupt the level threes that bias and get into the pot plants. 2 years ago his intelligence team closed in on a suspect by a chinese national known as erik we've seen a confidential police documents and phemie his identity as paying he was operating out of warehouse there are a lot of time which is the international airport and drive is broke so he's a professional trader and dangerous species working with the police in the kruger park they set up a sting operation. offering a genuine rhino nothing but a big. night for a couple of money and intelligence analyst involved in the deal described what
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happened was do was set up to happen in prison palace casino complex this hotel this is gaming agent books $2.00 rooms one room would be where there would be to deal and a seat and the right next door would be where the top schools would be waiting the toss team and wish to keep both individuals in the fish and policemen because that situation again through the series get through to do so 3 people arrested having taken possession of corn and having paid for it it sounds like it should've been a slam dunk conviction. indeed it should have been but the police documents show that didn't happen one man was fined the other team including mark walked away unpunished. something seriously went wrong after those chinese were arrested because they were allowed out on bail and they disappeared.
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could of course be a coincidence but i think these arrests took place on the 26th of may and the 3rd of june we received a letter terminating us. the contract with the crew got was cancelled without explanation and nigel suspects why. there was concern but because we were funded by our american money we were somehow or through to national security who had said that. so recorded in a minute. i think it was a disgraceful decision the minutes from the parks department but we feast to gether a link beyond that to the ministry of state security. a new minister took office just a month before the contract was cancelled he said repeatedly accused organizations which receive overseas money of undermining national security. he's the same
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minister david. that the level 3 chinese trafficker considers a useful contact. well we know there were elements within the police and police. were getting scared. we were getting too close to some people higher up the mine. david michelle obama spokesman told us the minister wasn't involved in the affairs of the kruger national park he denied receiving services from one going to his house or any relationship with him and he said his wife didn't do business on his behalf. in part to dig deeper into the political and diplomatic connections that perpetuate the trade
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including the astonishing claim that one in ivory coast. smuggled out of africa by some of those close to the chinese president for sensitive. zuko like. the man. from the world's most populated region. dad and untold stories from across asia and the city. to discover the current events. with diverse cultures. and conflict and politics. when i went east on al-jazeera. the. welcome to down from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy the perfect break in your journey.
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and when you leave with a smile we know law day's work is done in qatar airways welcome to our home. i'm alamo he didn't go where the headlines on al-jazeera the world health organization and leaders of 23 countries including the u.k. france and germany are calling for an international treaty to prepare for future pandemics it aims to ensure resources are shared and nations are prepared the time to act is now the world cannot afford to wait until the parliament is over to start planning for the next one. we must not allow
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the memories of this crisis to fade and go back to business as usual a survey of nearly 80 scientists is warning current vaccines could become ineffective against future covert 1000 variants in less than a year they're calling on companies to share vaccine technology so the world can be rapidly vaccinated to prevent the virus from spreading and mutating thailand says it has no policy to deny entry to refugees as thousands flee violence in qur'an states as after activists accuse the thai army of forcing people back at the border and most military has launched air strikes against the ethnic korean rebels in the region thousands of people are thought to have fled to thailand. and the death toll from the military crackdown on an c.-q. process has surpassed $500.00 us according to a local rights group under terrorists demonstrations in turns in cities across the
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country continued on tuesday china's top legislative body has unanimously approved sweeping changes to hong kong's electoral system the number of seats is increasing from 70 to 90 but those directly elected by voters will be cut from 35 to 20 central african republic president 4 star college 2 adela is set to be sworn in after his reelection last december he was reelected for a 2nd term in office with more than 53 percent of the votes in an election that was marred by violence december's poll was violently contested by a coalition of rebel groups and 3 female health workers have been shot dead in afghanistan there were member working for a polio vaccination program in the eastern city of jalalabad the government said it's still not clear who carried out the shootings or those he had lines now it's back to al-jazeera investigations.
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the undercover team has already met a chinese trafficker who offered to supply us with a rhino horn. his name is kwan jiang. now he reveals he has high level contacts in official positions in china who can help smoke for. the same job. any job i think i know maybe a. kind of i think. in his or her interests it could work to just be him to come up in the bank and to the law fail to take up the civil government want
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to just lock up the place i'm going. to cut off and. i'm going to get a. prison. guard from. which until i get something. you need me to get hold of the book i can get him i'm going to. one stays in contacts using we chat the chinese messaging service to discuss the supply. that's. cut back on the good stuff going to show. the 6. of us he comes back to say there are no full holdings available so we should buy in china and he'll arrange it doesn't as a. public. plan to
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help cut out. so we contact kwan's man in china he's in the southern province of food. in the criminal supply chain the dealers selling imported horn a known as level 4 was selling here calls himself yang. before we met he sent us these pictures of the back clune for sale. on. bond leaving egypt.
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follow. the all scheme price on the day $60000.00. the others are. watching and other. people don't. get all of the feel. good. today judy continued we don't. do that until you. get out.
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there kind of a little. you got the one that you. you know what. we didn't find and we didn't contact him again. to take the dog. back in south africa will to shoot a rhino not to kill it too risky. they'll chase some little twins close enough to the right the male doctor gave him a small dives to keep him up on the street because you can just can't leave.
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me alone. about $1200.00 south african rhino with killed by poachers last year hundreds more wounded this is the impact of the continued demand for corn from china and yet now. when i get shot they rattle and so they were. before these bullets and then all the time alison thompson runs a group lobbying for tough action on wildlife crime they also raise money from the sea missions like this. just a few years ashgrove. easier for him so it's not so response of sounds from the outside this rhino was shot twice by poachers after surgery to remove shrapnel buried in his leg and shoulder you'll be back in the park by nightfall. in a nearby paddock another survivor left barely alive after poachers had its horn nice
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enough east. even for me. so it isn't in. there no may come in a team and you may have guys off the reds who are they bad news within 24 hours or 48 hours out of the country. and the pusher does not know he's handing over 2. 100 or so the rich get out. if the pages had succeeded in good cheering this. is a very good chance its homes would have ended up in a small village in vietnam to sail into china. to meet the would. be the nickname the vietnamese nickname of the owner of this house is uncle brian
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or so that tells you something about his oath and it's going to straight. woman is the lady of the house so she's a after wife for our children are very much a goal of the stimulus right. hind works for the wildlife justice commission in holland. they've created a powerful dossier indicating the vietnamese government is directly complicit in perpetuating the trade. they filmed secretly in a vietnamese village and shed this footage exclusively with al-jazeera. and initially sure brings in a bag of some ivory products. chinese bars examiner it's. this is the end of the supply chain where the level for deal is sell to the level 5 can see in this. you can see that they're not crazily interested jets if they don't move through the changes when the big rhino horn is being brought in. related to house comes in drops this big rhino horn on tape was things are mostly interested in the weights
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and the prize in the. she will respond to this $29000.00 per kilogram. the centuries ni-cad village was famous for wood carving now those skills have turned it into a hub of wildlife trafficking. we found several shop signs there which says ivory rhino horn tiger and very clearly advertising these items for sale. a place like this cannot exist without local authorities being in the know facilitating it's part of the commute to a. 6 month. a year again the dutch team handed their confidential dossier on over 50 local dealers to the vietnamese government they hoped the authorities would close down the criminal networks operating only 20
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miles from the capital one knowing that the business simply went underground. to open trade has disappeared so you won't see shops open the selling ivory and other illegal wildlife products anymore but they are still selling because we still track these people on social media. so i'll just open my reach up here. and go to the account of one of the kids sellers in the village all are advertisements showed a way to order the size of the products. the whole rhino horn on a scale of rhino want to push it so but. to think of that this does one buy no debt . the sellers use we chat to reach china then major markets the buyer is still flock to the village to shop direct. as you see we're not turning from that shop there into a side room where our interpreter calls a huge ivory tells him under
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a bed. i think it's important to realize that these people are here completely risk free the chinese buyers so they come in they choose what they want and add an extra delivery fee you will be delivered to them at our doorstep in china. and have you seen how it actually gets across the border from vietnam in general i know you can show me that she was one of. the people who do the smuggling across the river. the traffic is use another village call on river which is the border with china then it's a short hop across. you know we're already landing on the china border. so that's how easy it is. what we were told is that this this woman who organized the smuggling she used to long to bribe me is customs to make sure they look the other way. against it and
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that by. going to. the impact of the trade in this one vietnamese village is enormous in one year distant for the network trafficked a value of around $43000000.00 u.s. dollars and how do those dollars translate into dead animals we found around $580.00 rhinos was involved. almost half sunanda of rhinos poached in south africa every year when they're doing it and it goes to show you the impact at this current that work has on poaching globally and it also makes us very emotive to make sure that these people are brought to justice because that would really have an effect. in south africa. the wildlife justice commission is making one final effort to force the vietnamese government to take action on their evidence we have sent it to numerous ministries
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and individuals within the vietnamese authorities and the reaction has been almost unanimous like silence. we've given them every opportunity now is to. say they've organized a panel of legal experts to meet in the famous peace palace a public hearing to assess the dossier. is not putting them on trial we're not a court but what we are is presenting to the world all the evidence that we collected to show what's out there when you are trying to embarrass spin to action i would say embarrassed but we're trying to stimulate the international community to get the government to enforce its laws. but people are buying ron a warning vietnam are some of its top see some of its most senior politicians people who are government ministers but. the ultimate status symbol something you can display it's something you give as gifts to buy influence.
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to go for it game laws rules and so the spread of the camp at your own risk. we found those same kind of high powered connections to avoid games. they're. very slow they were just went behind the 2nd clump of tree. this is the private reserve which julian rather suspect is trafficking rhino horn and tiger bones. boy is owned by a vietnamese tycoon michael chu convicted of possessing rhino born it's run by benton chu known as suspected of complicity in poaching visited by a dealer in a raid with over a $1000000.00 worth of corn and a 4th link to the vietnamese embassy in south africa one of their former cars was
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found in the police raid in the embassy staff spent time. there also figures including someone who appears to be a military official who has ties to the embassy that photograph that was taken of him a lantern rifle posing at the farm. we've identified him as winch one who served 2 years at the embassy. he's also shown in functions at the vietnamese ambassador's house. has previously been implicated with. iran and one are suspected to have been smuggled in the embassies diplomatic. so it certainly raises a red flag about. the knowledge of the vietnamese embassy there's also a picture which was quickly taken down from the internet but obtained exclusively by al-jazeera it shows the ambassador himself. boy game.
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the vietnamese embassy told us they were to raise awareness of blood life conservation and the law they didn't respond to the specific allegations about their connection to avoid game knowledge. of the embassies have also been linked directly to smuggling. block the violent or aggressive. that's what happened when julian radom are trying to confront the north korean embassy in south africa about his latest report their diplomats have been cool to me at a north korean diplomats and a taekwondo last of their race to mozambique and from a position of run a horn over a $100000.00 u.s. dollars in cash and had no explanation. for the run up that. neither man was
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ever prosecuted it was one of almost 30 examples he found of embassies across africa abusing diplomatic privilege to smuggle horn and ivory almost every case involved by the north korea viet nam. i think it's an area of growth also in most cases police who try to investigate those cases have been told back or one of those cases did anyone say. i will. here's a century the perfect. government officials in africa are unlikely to police officials to search the bags of chinese diplomats. that. because of the economic hold of china has officially african countries. china is south africa's biggest trading partner. that relationship was on show in december
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2015 the presidents of both countries met for a forum on cooperation which ended with a gonna. it's a visit which has produced the biggest revelation of our undercover operation. by. the last of the alternate. command the last one. who is the restaurant manager we met in pretoria we introduced us to a dealer selling born in ivory over cheap he says he acted as a tour guide for the visiting chinese delegation. hijacking the role. but. i don't. have some of those i'm not a young boy as he was you know married what was. there to.
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marry or there's never. any more you. go up and down. the farm and you don't leave your little lot of a lot of. people that i'm. anti claim some of the president's people wanted illegal souvenirs and that's what i was all about it. was the. last of them that i'm out on the trying to mine they're. not wrong i'm a lot of. what the law. if you don't agree with. the words i'm going to. do not walk right. now it was what you're the one who works with me. to confirm his involvement with the delegation
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we tracked down other people being there at the time and that lose all sense. so you sum up. this man was one of several cooks we spoke to catered for the china africa summit we met him in china he wasn't involved in anything illegal saying we're protecting his identity. now well a. lose lose. this is. the zone one of the ones and the. result of. the war. on wednesday. and then there's the matter which is a mad mad mad cause our shoes are still down here with.
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dollar. $500.00 on the. line. of the hood i was god. we're. going to. share. a lot of. strengthening the allegation is the fact the chinese presidential delegations have been accused of exactly the same thing before on separate visits to tanzania by xi jinping and his predecessor loci traders say their entourages went on for responding. men were hungry for. knowledge many. then and now traveling with the president apparently meant he was easy to smuggle the goods home. along with
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the other women are you william entanglements of animals are we going to be done. with it is up to the man of the blue green i'm going to go oh now you know well you know my dear i don't believe you know those men were women that. you are having. shark week. how many young men. and you know we were confusing not young not you i mean if you know you're going to live on us allowance or nothing to do to you to meet. we asked the chinese government numerous times if they wanted to respond to our revelations we heard nothing back. both china and vietnam our signature is to the global ban on selling born and die every bit as our investigation has shown that politicians
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diplomats and delegates may sign one thing in public by another 2. so the challenge next door. to the slaughter something. bad. in their world afford to lose species through so many lives if the answer is yes then they don't care for either human beings china and vietnam. i don't think the governments are committed at all to stopping us if they were they would be speaking out. i haven't. if every single person doesn't fight it's not going to be there for our grandchildren. i think it's incredibly difficult to only fight it within the parks sanctions blacklisting
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travel there are all kinds of mechanisms the international community has. it is essentially the perfect. you have a diplomatic bag that hong kong. and i prosecuted at all. unless we can convince the chinese vietnamese to stop this try to help us stop the straight away. 2 2 2. xenophobe ache violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. generation identity was at one time the fastest growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french
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government banning the group. generation hate. part one of a special 2 part investigation on a. it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored point qatar airways that the season might be changing fairly rapidly the motion the sun but the temperatures over argentina because of the still fairly strong sun are staying up we've got temps in the twenty's quite happily and the ne on shore cold breezes this one here into europe while the southeast of brazil there is circulation here means that's
3:58 pm
going to feel cooler and cheri was it say over argentina right down to patagonia is looking pretty fine almost warm right on was entirely sunny and that little breach of it all this circulation in this ascii of brazil is an anomaly then we got a bit of a gap pick up what auk the current heavy showers and they tend to be in northern peru ecuador parts of colombia particularly northwestern colombia were in flooded recently and that's sort of a line you can follow up through panama and costa rica this is an increasingly wet is own there are frequent light showers in these smaller islands in the edge of the caribbean and i think increasingly is cold air comes out of the u.s. mexico will see showers but the immediate future we're fine and this is the picture of the u.s. that line there was the woman was nasty is now but now i know but this winter storm here will make something of a difference it's going to bring its cold air across the plains and by wednesday this line could develop. qatar airways.
3:59 pm
seems a promising path out of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap is that between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation and the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start the boxing comes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the coronavirus and the mic. from the al-jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation. about race and racism. with no host and no limitations our society has structural racism built into part one of. adam brotherhood people tend to be migrant labor disproportionately women in care whether it comes down to prejudice. unscripted on al-jazeera.
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to 0. every. this is al-jazeera. this is live from doha coming up for you in the next 60 minutes act the call for world leaders to avert another health crisis like coronavirus. the world cannot afford to wait until the point is over to start.


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