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did it go at the height of the conflict between get 3 years in state forces in the country but now the same kind of violence seems to have reached him on the other side of the border at least in the deep. and bolivia is former president evo morales has led thousands of people in celebration of the ruling socialist faction supporters of the movement or socialism party marking 26 years since its founding president louis joined the festivities this socialist political party returned to power last year after maraniss was forced to resign following a contested election and widespread violence. let's take you to the headlines on al-jazeera the man who called police to say he believed he was witnessing a murder has taken the stand in minneapolis and the u.s. he was followed by several other witnesses including
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a 9 year old girl on the 2nd day of derek showdowns trial he is accused of murdering george floyd on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. at some point did you make a 911 call. and why did you do that because of. a murder. and so you felt a need to call. the world health organization and the leaders of 23 countries including the u.k. france and germany are calling for an international treaty to tackle future pandemics that aims to ensure resources are shared and nations are prepared the time to act is now the world cannot afford to wait until the point is over to start planning for the next one. we must not allow the memories of these crises to fade and go back to business as usual but
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a survey from nearly 80 scientists is warning current vaccines could become ineffective against future covariance in less than a year calling on companies to share their backs in technology so the world can be rapidly vaccinated and prevent the virus from spreading and mutating an armed group in me and most current states as thousands of government troops are advancing on the region there are also reports of airstrikes targeting one of their bases and a village and china's top legislative body has unanimously approved sweeping changes to hong kong's electoral system the number of seats is increasing from 70 to 90 but those directly elected by voters will be cut 35 to 20 repeatedly said only so-called patriots can administer the semi autonomous region or back at the news hour in about 25 minutes time next to rain up again inside story.
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it's been described as a strategic deal china and iran have signed a long term agreements worth billions of dollars but in a volatile region what do both countries stand to gain and what does it mean for the middle east and beyond this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm dead you know it's been in the works since 2016 and a comprehensive strategic partnership the deal signed between china and iran is
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expected to boost their long standing economic and political alliance the corporation would cover a wide range of chinese investments in iran's most important sectors including energy and infrastructure it's the 1st long term agreements if its type to be signed by iran with a major world power and comes at a tough time for iran's economy that's been devastated by u.s. sanctions the pacha signs in iran's capital to herat on saturday that coincided with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between china and iran while china is iran's long standing ally and one of its largest trading partners the 2 countries are believed to have shared an annual trade worth at least $20000000000.00 in recent years in 2016 to run a beijing agreed to boost that more than 10 fold to 600000000000 over a decade of both nations have. strained relations with the u.s. and are under sanctions imposed by washington china's opponents say this
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cooperation deal aims to expand beijing's economic and political influence in the middle east so ron is hardening its stance towards the u.s. and the european signatories of the 2050 nuclear accord and its demanding u.s. lift sanctions before it holds talks to revive that deal while the former president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the nuclear deal and re impose sanctions on iran and 2018 and china is a signatory as are russia france germany and the e.u. as a bloc iran's president hassan rouhani has voiced his appreciation of beijing support for its iran's position on that a court saying cooperation between tehran and beijing is important for the implementation of the joint comprehensive plan of action and europeans commitments to the deal and can change the existing conditions well china says the cooperation deal with iran does not target any country. watching the plan
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focuses on testing the potentials of economic and people to people cooperation between the 2 nations and making plans for long term cooperation prospects in parts it does not include specific quantified contract so indicators and it's not targeted at any 3rd party it is believed that this plan will provide a large scale a framework for future cooperation between china and iran. let's now bring in our guest in beijing we have an art tangan who's a political and economic analyst into iran hamad mousavi a professor of political science at the iran university and joining us from brussels is to reason fallon who is the director for center for russia europe asia studies welcome to the program thanks for joining us on inside story syriza by laying out the strategic plan with iran is china positioning itself as a great superpower and sending a message to the u.s. or is it coming to iran's rescue with the nuclear deal hanging in the balance of
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the country suffering under u.s. sanctions. well i think it's a bit of both actually we've seen a huge momentum growing we saw secretary of state lincoln's visits to japan and south korea as part of the revitalization of alliances then the meeting in anchorage between the chinese and the u.s. the 1st time during the biden administration and that was quickly followed by secretary of state blink ins to nato and then love rhodes visit to china so this is part of a growing narrative at the same time the e.u. imposed sanctions because of human rights abuses in shin john and then we saw it was very well coordinated because in the u.s. the u.k. and canada also had the same sanctions in regard to shin junk so i think that this is part of a longer wider narrative imagine that this agreement has been under negotiation for quite some time but the significance of it being announced on saturday in this momentous week of activity in regards to russia in regards to china and the u.s.
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kind of allying with various groups and in addition to that we saw the secretary the p.r.c. secretary of defense traveling to serbia hungary north methadone and greece in order to kind of say that we will do defense cooperation with them and also one of the chinese foreign minister was in turkey all of this within the last week so i think it's an incredible period and china always says we don't like cold war thinking but it seems that china is trying to signal that they have these alliances iran has long been a key issue for them on the belt and road initiative it's a good match iran under sanctions really needs new infrastructure and investment grabbed headlines 400000000000 we don't know if that's real or not but i mean it would be some money up front for iranian oil and i think that it also kind of throws a little bit of a wrench into the. negotiations the biden administrator has made it clear they would like to see some form of a concession from iran before they begin further negotiations right. terese
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or as right when she says it's been negotiated for a couple of years because this agreement was in fact proposed back and 2016 by china and there was a draft of it that was leaked to the media last year but why do you think it's gone ahead now. well quite frankly i mean the as teresa mentioned there's been a momentous week obviously the key here is orchestration the u.s. and its allies you know as biden said he would is trying to put together again of countries who are going to put china in its place if you think about the parallels here it's very clear that we're entering this kind of position of world war one when a descendant of great britain was concerned about a rising germany and was making up all these alliances and things like that in essence trying to avoid a war they stumbled into it and this is the worry that we have here but i would
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take one issue with which race is that and that is this idea that it's china engaging in a cold war thinking if she acknowledged that you know and we've all said that this is been orchestrated on the u.s. side the unilateral tariffs have not been withdrawn instead there's almost daily drumbeat of negative press actions against chinese officials more piling on in terms of economics delisting chinese companies this can't go on and answered in this idea that it's somehow china's fault that the u.s. is attacking it is i think a false narrative that serious i'll give you the chance to respond in just a moment but 1st let's get the point of view from iran. ahamed moussavi iran is betting on china ultimately is this going to be a good bet for iran and how are people inside the country viewing it. so this is
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something very significant for here on iran has been under intense pressure ever since donald trump came into power and unfortunately the biden it ministration is also following the so-called maximum pressure campaign so iran is economy has been under a lot of pressure in essentially this agreement will give iran breathing space it gave us pressure it will give some leverage in potential nuclear talks but the long term issue here is that you're on is signaling to the well i guess that the more pressure they put on you on the more iran will go into the eastern camp and even right now in iran we have calls from the parliament that we should devise something similar with the russians so i think if this trend continues then iran will become very closely allied with the russian in the chinese in any future or if you say confrontation against the united states in iran there has been some criticism in
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the sense that iran revolutionary slogan over 4 decades ago was neither peace nor west so some people are criticizing him saying why should we go into the eastern camp or if we are putting that slogan aside maybe it's better to join the western camp but nevertheless this is something that has been clearly supported by to a lot of harmony the supreme leader of iran so it's not even only the government of a son or army but something much larger. go ahead and respond to what my guest from beijing had to say about china sort of instigating cold war that's what you said in fact he disagrees or about it and also to what extent do you think washington is really going to be worried about this iran supply the supreme leader back in february said the post u.s. era has started i mean is this politicking or is there some truth to that. well i think there's a bit of a future bob in that for iran because china's policies and change on might
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you know the type of reeducation camps as the chinese themselves have described them you know this causes a lot of friction with other countries and if iran is willing to turn a blind eye to that and to get investment from china this might cause problems further down the road we saw with one use visit in turkey there was huge protests against what china is doing in sion john in addition to you know china has these agreements that they negotiate over time and then they can actually agree to them finally at the most. particular time in history where it has a maximum impact we've seen that in europe with the comprehensive agreement and investment and china investment agreement that was a long negotiated for 7 years 35 meetings and it was agreed in principle and december 30th under angela merkel who had the rotating european council presidency and german interests are largely. in this agreement because of german car industry
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and other interests 'd in china so i think that you know china kind of kept it on low burner until it had maximum impact because the u.s. administration had said wait we're coming in the new buy didn't ministration was coming in there was kind of a trance a period of transatlantic drift under the trumpet ministration and the biden administration made it very clear it wanted to revitalize relations with allies so . by giving last minute concessions xi jinping stepped in gave last minute concessions to the europeans in order to get this over the line meant that in one sense they were hoping to buy europe silence and so i think that's why the counter sanctions that china put on europe. so the scent of their anger so the the sanctions that were put in place on monday the 22nd were quickly followed the same day by country sanctions which actually sanctioned members of the european parliament and the european parliament must ratify this economic agreement and by doing that they've actually alienated them so china has kind of overplayed their
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hand not only sanctioned european leaders they also sanctioned the political and security committee which is made up of $27.00 you embassadors and their families are included in that sanctioning and they sanction in an entire german think tank so they want discourse powers well they want to say we don't like what you say about china us we're going to sanction even an academic institution in addition to that they even sanctioned the head of a swedish think tank so i think they misunderstood your very much because when you attack people who want independent academic inquiry into what's happening in china or you have politicians who are asking what is happening in chincha and when you station them this badly backfired because they're attacking freedom of speech and basic rule of law and even the very roots of democracy speaking of sanctions and our tangan i mean there are sanctions on china and there are sanctions on iran u.s. sanctions that is so how much of this deal can actually be implemented with these
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sanctions limiting how much chinese companies how much business chinese companies can actually conduct in iran. well they can conduct quite a bit and with the digital you want it will probably increase. the traces given a long narrative kind of a laundry list of things that she thinks are going on i i think a big effort beijing's point of view you know the situation is sin john and they see it completely differently they see it as a necessary step and something that they've done in all parts of china which is in essence to teach people the history and language so that they're not stuck in a backwater and unable to seek a meaningful employment you know their child is the one who's been taking people out of poverty they have not been you know segregating people on the basis of who they are they have aaa i'm just allow now let me i mean same jangan as a topic that into an entire different progress and there's a half a dozen to feel
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a hand which is the deal between china and iran. between china and iran it's a cheap political shift you i agree with. with her. my colleague from iran. they're looking east how long that will happen i don't know but the reality is that the money is moving east oil energy is being used in asia far greater levels united states is in essence pretty much. you know self supplying as long as the price of oil is above $45.00 and they can use fracking europe is another matter they're somewhere in between but yes this does give a iran breathing room hopefully will not be an excuse to continue with nuclear capabilities that is not good for anybody but there has to be a very clear and open stance on this thing the fact it's the worst kept secret in the world that israel has nukes. and is willing to use in the case that they are
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overrun so i mean at this point it really if there is going to be a do nuclear station if i around china us are going to start cooperating along with russia or in europe there has to be some absolute clarity here and stop with this kind of narrative that you know you're doing this and their prime responding i would agree that china is stuck in this kind of tit for tat response to the u.s. i don't think that that is going to solve anything there has to be some more creative thinking and more thinking in terms of the international situation you know what's happening between these 2 powers is having an immense effect on the rest of the world and preventing in many cases you know real progress being made on the you know pressing issues of a climate change cope with not also the nuclear deal what can i count on in just a moment about hama demo sufi let me bring you in here what is this agreement
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success depends on we we don't know much except that it's about 400 $1000000000.00 that's going to be spent over the next 25 years in. agreements include the paving are for roads construction of ports communications as well as military cooperation what do you make of the scan pigtails that we know of it right so it was actually the chinese who asked for the details to remain confidential of the speaker of iran's government made it clear that from the iranian perspective there was nothing secret about it but from what we've heard from iranian officials your promises $400000000000.00 of chinese investment in u.a.e. and infrastructure in this is supposed to happen in 25 years whether that will happen or not we will have to wait and see in return china will get a steady stream of discounted un you know oil and i mean even before this agreement
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the chinese are buying increasing amount of uranian oil right now they're buying almost a 1000000 barrels per day of oil and this isn't defiance of u.s. sanctions so this is very good for iran also we're hearing that there's a lot of promises regarding defense and security cooperation between the 2 countries and i think this is something very significant iran in china has a very deep economic relationship almost to $20000000000.00 our per year of trade already but in regards to defense and security cooperation that has never happened before 'd on a serious level and if that actually materializes then i think that is big a big problem for the americans because that will make the chinese more involved in the middle east in the americans will have a potential power for a rival in the middle east as we saw for example in syria when the russians entered
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the war it really if the balance of power in that war and i think china becoming more involved in the middle east. will be very bad for the marriage kids any potentially good for the u.n. you know what about the nuclear deal and are you could beijing be positioning itself to play a more central role when it comes to perhaps reviving the nuclear deal that the u.s. had pulled off out often we know that china does support iran well it's adults it supports the j c p o a it is not supporting any kind of military alliance i think that is and you know a fallacy and i am surprised that that's being pushed by my colleague iran what they have said is there is a possible path to joining the s c o but that's to combat terrorism not to set up a defensive block china has not entered into any kind of defense or agreements with any other countries and there's good reason for that they're not looking for
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a confrontation so at this point yes china would be very interested in having the j c p o a put back in place the difficulty that you have here is that iran does not want to give any concessions other than going back to the to the basics they're very suspicious of the u.s. and the u.s. similarly so right now there's a huge trust that i don't know that china will be able to mend that but if there were a 3 party you know way of making sure that you know iran is sovereignty was respected that might help move things along but that would not be unilateral that would have to be guaranteed by all the major powers at terrorism to what extent does this deal between iran and china perhaps undercut washington's efforts to keep iran isolated. well i think that china has had
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a really good ride in the middle east because they've diversified their energy resources and so they they receive oil from all players in the region which is a smart strategy and they've never been asked to choose sides and as we know in the middle east it's very difficult to do that and as china intensifies its relations with iran with this deal i mean they even have technological cooperation with the with israel which may be jeopardized and you know they're trying to balance saudi interests iranian interests and so far they've been able to do that saying we're only interested in business we don't want to get involved in any religious issues but because what's happening in changing it might push the envelope a bit so how can china continue to say we're only doing business and have no other role in the region will remain to be seen i think the j c p a way of course was not a perfect agreement but it was the best that could that could be agreed upon and i really do hope that there will be some revitalization of that the new biden administration has said that they're quite interested in returning to it but it
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there are many obstacles to that but as we see iran is even closer to china iran is moving closer to china with this deal so that hope fades is there any space left for issues to be resolved when it comes to the g j c a p o a. well i think that iran should be cautious because look what happened to russia if you only turn towards china that gives them so much more leverage over you so i think a wise strategy for iran would be multipart you know multipart multiple partners and not just push themselves into a corner as what happened with russia because that gives beijing far more leverage over them and i think that it smarter strategy would be to return to the j.c. and elise have investment from other players including europe and i think that would be a key strategy i think you know linking their cart only to the chinese horse would be great but detrimental to. i mean iran says that it is the united states that
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pulled out of the j c p o a but how mad mousavi i'll bring you in here because there is some reporting out of us that seems to suggest that the biden administration is planning to put forward a new proposal to jump start those talks perhaps even this weekend and that may include a request that iran hold some of its nuclear activities in exchange for some relief from u.s. sanctions at this stage and after signing this deal with china is that something that iran would accept promised. i think iran still wants the way to work nevertheless the sic remain to make our iran less pressure to come back to the deal but here's the issue regarding the j c p o a on the but i don't administration has made it clear that they want to renegotiate the deal they want a so-called better at your and when they say better means better for the americans and more concessions from iran and iran's position is that we are not going to
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renegotiate any part of the deal i mean the j c people i was the result of several years of diplomacy and just because the americans were true doesn't mean they can renew the we negotiated the issue of trying to jumpstart it this week is that they are saying to your aunt to stop enriching up to 20 percent and in return are they war lifts some sanctions they haven't made clear what sanctions exactly but but from the iranian perspective that's a nonstarter because you want wants america to come back to the do you hold the source or they don't want just some sanctions to be lifted they want all sanctions to be lifted and in return iran will also fully of lives by its side of the deal nevertheless the biden administration has not been willing to do that thus far this egremont with china is actually showing the americans that iran has other options and i think this is something positive for iran and just to go back on the issue of
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military cooperation when we say military for operation iran's position is not a so-called defense pact with china and iran does not expect to go into war with the with the united states i don't think anybody wants that nevertheless i think in the long run you want can become closer to the chinese especially since they can't buy military in the equipment from most countries they have no choice other than to rely on them. and on the chinese regarding its military ok we'll leave it there thank you so much thanks to my guests they are tongan had most of the reason fallon thanks for joining us thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion you can go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story and myself from the whole team here in doha thanks for watching but i for.
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one to stop the ecosystem but human activities that escalating climate change and posing an existential threat you don't get a reset button that's really scary in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special coverage documentaries discussions and to pull us exploring the consequences the by actions and inactions very hard. upon the sea all civilization. and showcasing ways in which some must see to turn the tide there straight ahead there is 3 individuals in very rare to see them still exciting the season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of its day on al-jazeera.
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the long of what do i owe the next. but my sister saved me. a lot my last year with my family. the reality of addiction in the arab wild i'm the struggle for a cup for a. while just me and it's a drug. i'll just say oh well it goes inside a rehab clinic in the nile town to. rehab egypt edge of addiction on al-jazeera. we know what's happening in our region we know how to get laid at others and not i was just throwing beer guy by the party on purpose 1st and then
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i'm going i'm going to give you. the way that you kaldis story isn't what and make it to friends. this is al jazeera. hello over 100 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera on time all sons of maria welcome to the news of a teenage witness who filmed george floyd's arrest brightstar while testifying at the trial of the former us police officer accused of his murder also in the news the u.s. leads a chorus of concern about the world health organization's report into the origins of.


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