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much higher than advertised researches say the huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone. i stayed in. power without the. power that is too smart for you for not doing more emotional testimonies as witnesses to the death of george floyd to give evidence at the trial of former police officer there it showed in. there live from london also coming up the u.s.
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and 13 other countries expressed concern over the world health organizations report on the origins of covert 19. is that president bush tomorrow will assert greater control over the military after the leaders of all 3 branches of brazil's armed forces resigned. and meehan mas karen ethnic minority called for international help saying thousands of troops are advancing on them from all fronts. and we begin in minneapolis where there's been emotional testimony in the 2nd day of evidence in the trial of former police officer derek shogun he's charged with the murder and manslaughter of unarmed black man george floyd whose death sparked protests across the u.s. and around the world. witnesses as young as 9 of been describing what they saw as police attempted to arrest george floyd and derek show in knelt on his neck of a teenage girl who filmed what happened said floyd was obviously in pain and
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suffering and she was sorry she didn't do more to help him. it's been months i stayed in. the pub with him. in. the palace at the kitchen work for you for not doing more in not. physically beating around the in. an outfit we look like but. it's not what i said and it's what he said to me. are you able to tell us. their own as they see and leave the officer on top of george florey. how did you feel that out of the fact you. had a man. and it's almost while you sat there. because if the light is in he'll stop and breathe and there's cal i've heard him.
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and most recently emergency medical responder and witness genevieve hansen recalls how she tried to intervene and provide floyd medical attention but was denied access the officers didn't let me in to the scene i also offered and my memory i offered to what kind of walk them through it or or talk that if you doesn't have a pulse you need to start compressions and that wasn't done either. and so when a. well. is this are these things that you wanted to do. it would it's what i would have time for anybody. and when you couldn't do that how did that make you feel. totally distressed. frustrated. yes. it really is on his
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live in minneapolis and gable we saw genevieve hanson there getting a bit iffy but she was also quite a powerful witness and 2 who was pushing back against the cross-examination tell us what happened in court and how it ended up a signal. yeah jenna need genevieve hansen was an incredibly fat powerful witness for the prosecution for 2 reasons number one issue is an eyewitness she has happened to be there as the scene was playing out she saw it with her own eyes she could describe it as any other eyewitness that just happened to be there which is powerful in of itself but the fact that she was a is a minneapolis fire department firefighter and she was off duty that day so she could also speak to her training in terms of medical attention to people that are in distress so she in some ways was almost an unofficial expert witness because she
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was able to explain to the jury. that she felt that based on her medical training as a firefighter needed medical attention urgently. and she said that she asked the police officers on scene multiple times please let me come in to help i'm an off duty minneapolis firefighter and the officers there said no you cannot come into the scene now the defense countered back by saying essentially insinuating that miss hanson was essentially trying to tell the police officers on scene including derrick show if and how to do their jobs and that she was essentially interfering with the scene as it was transpiring that is what the defense was trying to get at with her cross-examination of hanson but bottom line is earlier in the day we heard some more powerful testimony from younger people one as you saw there in the clips before you came to me one young girl that was on scene only 9
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years old and she viewed. the scene with george floyd as well and so what the prosecution is trying to do is grab the attention of the jury early in this trial and i think they've probably done that because they're really pulling at the hearts. strings of the jury given by these witnesses giving very emotional and powerful testimony and there are 2 reporters in the courtroom there called pool reporters that are there to document it. the proceedings as journalists only 2 journalists are allowed in the courtroom as a proceedings are going on because of covert concerns and in their reports one of the journalists who was in the courtroom said that when these younger people the 9 year old was giving her testimony the jury looked visibly shaken at times and were giving off sympathetic expressions read into that what you want but the bottom line
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is the video feed we're seeing that you're seeing in the rest of the world is seeing you don't see the jurors it's only a very very few people that are in the courtroom that can actually gauge the jurors reaction to this so that some of the 1st reaction that we're getting bottom line is if the prosecution a wanted to really. lay the scene the trauma of what was going on there i think that they've probably done it keep in mind though the defense here they are going to they are saying that this trial will rest on one thing what killed george floyd and the defense has said they are going to argue in the over the course of this trial that it was not the needs of derek chauvet that it was underlying health issues that george floyd had plus drugs that were found in george floyd system that according to the defense is going to be the key to this trial so while this is a very emotional testimony that we're hearing now the defense is going to be coming in the coming days and weeks of this trial going to really try to circle back to
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what they think is going to be the key question on if this will be a guilty or not guilty verdict and that is what killed george floyd and they claim that they're going to show in the coming days that it was not the knee of derek show it nevertheless this is incredibly powerful testimony that we've been seeing here the last 2 days when i thank you very much indeed. but he said new york have launched a hate crime investigation after another attack on an asian american in broad daylight it continues a yearlong surge in these types of attacks across the united states and despite several weekend vigils and calls for change there's growing frustration the problem is getting worse and official reports and a warning some of the video you're about to see is disturbing it is shocking and brutal a 65 year old asian woman walking to church when she's attacked in broad daylight
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in manhattan in new york and new one comes to help as the man stomped on ahead police say he made several anti easing comments it's the latest in a growing series of attacks on asian americans this is salt considered a hate crime is. absolutely terrifying because. all of the community you know say you know what was all. that's ultimately what is happening. i am angry you know all the emotions it's never. a fresh rationed not. because the attacks on. new york police are also investigating another attack on an asian man on a subway train in the city a man was beaten and choked to unconsciousness this video has now been viewed more than 2000000 times the rise in attacks has brought people in support on monday
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senate democratic leader chuck schumer attended a vigil in new york and we can thousands took to the streets antiviolence sallies and he said just across the united states i should not have to be worried about my mother being slashed or pushed in the streets i shouldn't have to be worried about getting going on which i'm a native new yorker and for the 1st time in my life i carry a knife i carry around a hammer my bag just in case i'm going to get a police in new york issued this picture of the man they want to interview in connection with the attack on the 65 year old woman she remains in hospital with serious injuries. al-jazeera. you know states and 13 other countries have expressed concern over the world health organizations report on the origins of code 19 in january an international team of experts traveled to han in china's hu bay province where the virus was 1st detected
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in late 2019 but the report doesn't pinpoint exactly where the disease came from the u.s. state department said there must now be a renewed commitment by w.h.o. and all member states to access transparency and timelines it is critical for independent experts to have full access to all pertinent human animal and environmental data research and personnel involved in the early stages of the outbreak katrina you went to the seafood market at the center of the search and has more on the access for scientists were given by the chinese weeks after the w.h.o. team completed their mission here and will han they've released this report into their findings in 120 pages they detail the thousands of dollars of sets they analyzed including the 1st corner virus cases and local mortality rates the report doesn't come to any firm conclusions but it says that the most likely source of the corona virus is bats or some other wild animal being found there really.
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various strains. 2 sides. in the region in southeast asia in general group these bats are leaving is a strong indication. that's where the source's special attention in the report is given to this location this is the one featured market with the 1st page of the covered $900.00 were identified the team visited this location although it's been shut for more than a year wild animals were sold here but they found that many of those 1st cases of covert $1000.00 were not in fact linked to this market they also visited a hungover met lab on the outskirts of the city and said that it was a very unlikely that that lab was the source of the outbreak however the director general himself says that that theory needs to be more thoroughly investigated and said that members of the bridge from 13 days to many difficulties with existing
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growing danger where we do not have full access to the real data we wanted that has been put as a recommendation for and for future studies so the idea is that because we didn't have time of because. certain authorization need to be given before we could get that sense of the data we would bet it would be and could be done in the 2nd phase of the studies critics of the w.h.o. mission and the report stated the team was forced to take much of the information provided by the chinese government at face value is face to resemble more of a highly curated government tour rather than an independent scientific investigation they doing for its part denies that it would held any information from the show and says it has cooperated fully with the international community has condemned what it says is politicizing of the investigation and called for the show to investigate coronavirus outbreaks in other countries. white house correspondent
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kimberly halkett says the united states has stressed it still wants to work with the world health organization the united states under donald trump said it did not have any confidence in the world health organization the trumpet ministration had pulled the united states out of that body said that it was too close with china this is something that joe biden rectified when he came to office and so it was important for the white house press secretary to note that there is still confidence in the global health body as a whole what they are talking about specifically in terms of its concerns is the study itself and that's why they're looking forward to a phase 2 where there can be more transparency and more data in terms of how this is conducted what the united states is doing is essentially not trying to cast any blame but really to make sure that this never happens again in terms of the covert 1000 pandemic that has killed more than 2 and
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a half 1000000 people worldwide in more than half a 1000000 people here in the united states just over a year after the pandemic was declared countries around the world are joining forces to prepare for future outbreaks the world health organization and the leaders of 23 countries are calling for an international pandemic treaty to create better systems and ensure universal access to vaccines the time to art is now the world cannot afford to wait until the parliament is over to start planning for the next one we must not allow the memories of these crises to frayed and go back to business as usual. a russian health official says a 3rd wave of corona virus infections is emerging in the country due to rising cases the deputy health ministers comment conflicts with president putin's belief last week that the country would reach herd immunity in the summer he predicted
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that restrictions would soon be lifted but latest figures showed more than 8000 new cases in 24 hours than 4000000 people have received 2nd jobs. german health officials are suspending use of the astra zeneca vaccine for people under 60 years old comes after the country's drug regulator reported for 31 cases of people developing rare blood clots in the brain after getting the job as no proven link but last week the drug regulator said it can't rule out a connection as it approved the job use all but 2 of the german cases where women between the ages of 20 and 639 of them died. still to come this half hour aid agencies say the brutal attack on palma in northern mozambique has displaced tens of thousands of people. and female health care workers under attack in afghanistan 3 polio vaccination workers a shot dead in 2 separate attacks. it
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remains pretty quiet weather wise in australia their arrival from systems curves of the bite tasmania on the way to new zealand this is normal standard practice and the along shore breeze will induce some showers in the eastern side new south wales and increasingly the same in queensland and heavy rains could be kept to the far north darwin or even to the north after maybe cape york and over that frontal system coming in towards western australia thirst 28 to 29 suggests is to nice and warm up in pilbara which is a peer. you're in the forty's for the next couple of days that's pretty high for this time of the year and the warm spring sun's getting to work again in japan the korean peninsula and most of china with an obvious interruption here this is the
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start of the spring rains there building again in china moving slowly north to the south of them that's a southerly flow into hong kong quanta humid wrong a few showers at 1st but the average temperature is $24.00 the main thing is much warmer than you might expect for this time of the year and tempers are rising throughout india that is a current heat wave you draw just down across in the sindh province of pakistan but maybe the big difference is the strength of wind which should improve their quality in new delhi. to lead your country onto the pitch is a special moment for any thoughtful to do it is a palestinian woman is a remarkable achievement. the bowling legend eric cantor now introduces honeyed saga who broke through social and political barriers to inspire a generation of female players across the middle east. could go rebels let's do it
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. on algis the. amount of the top stories here now to 0 has been a day of emotional testimony in the trial of former police officer derek shogun witnesses as young as 9 described the moments leading to the death of george florid . a group of world health organization scientists has concluded the corona virus probably went from bats to humans via another animal but there's concern they were blocked from seeing the chinese data. and more than 20 world leaders and global agencies are called on it for an international treaty on pandemic preparedness but
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what that includes isn't clear with disease surveillance already a duty of the w.h.o. . brazil has just reported another record high of $3780.00 related deaths in one day it comes on the day that leaders of all 3 branches of brazil's armed forces jointly resigned after president post an hour sacked several top cabinet ministers the defense ministry statement said the. heads of the army navy and air force would be replaced without giving details on monday able to narrow fog to foreign justice and defense ministers military leaders have expressed the dissatisfaction with bush on ars handling of the pandemic when a communique reports from rio de janeiro for the 1st time in brazil's recent history the commanders of the army the navy and the air force have left their posts at the same time in what analysts and the local press are calling the biggest military crisis since 1977 the 3 commanders decided to tender their resignations
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after president variable so now to fire the defense minister as available on tuesday this morning the new defense minister general but i then never confirmed they would be substituted but the fact that all 3 commanders left in the wake of a ministerial reshuffle is being seen as a protest against both the natters attempts to draw the armed forces into politics also not a former army captain has surrounded himself with military advisors and ministers he was hoping they would support him in his struggle to overturn walk downs and curfews imposed by governors and mayors who are desperately trying to fight a covert 19 pandemic. had said they are acting as dictators and that by shutting down commercial activity he will starve brazilians who have been not been receiving emergency aid since january but governors and mayors say they have no
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other means to stop the infections which have spiraled out of control leaving the health care system on the brink of collapse more than 314000 brazilians have died many of them in line waiting for a bed in an intensive care unit the president has always downplayed the virus by calling it a little flu and by not using a mask but he is now * under increasing political pressure to change his attitude. local media in mozambique is reporting that a rebel group now controls around half the northern town of power after launching a deadly attack almost a week ago video from isis a mac news agency claims to show dozens of armed fighters near the town which is close to an oil field dozens of people are thought to have been killed when gunmen from a group known locally as al shabaab besieged the town thousands of fled north to tanzania and south to the town of pember aid agencies say tens of thousands of
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people appear to been displaced and more than 1000 people require food aid what has happened in. empowerment is an absolute horror of being in treaties on civilians by a non-state arm group that is what i can say they have done horrific things they're still doing so we have reports this morning of continued clashes that is why we are talking about our expectations of thousands of more people moving out from district and towards other areas of the country and towards the border with. want to minimize biggest ethnic minorities is calling for international help as if he has an assault by government troops thousands of people have already been displaced in karen state after previous airstrikes over the weekend and they karen national union rebel group says thousands of troops are advancing towards the area with reports of more airstrikes many people have fled to the region from
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neighboring thailand but say forces there turned thousands of them away months louis has more from kuala lumpur she says concerns are growing about the situational a border with thailand. clear escalation of violence following days of air strike reports say and 10000 people have already been razed many thousands of flights across the country into neighboring highlands and seek shelter and to seek refuge also getting reports from activists groups saying that these 5000 people have been turned back from entering thailand. we know that people who have been wounded have been flying to go into the country to seek medical assistance and dozens of them were allowed to go into that type of image to seek medical assistance but clearly what's happening in myanmar is now extremely worrisome it's not just the fact that there is no. unmarked military is cracking down on protesters but it's very clear also that aren't going on areas helped by ethnic armed groups the u.s.
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state department has outlined right to be uses around the world in its annual human rights report the secular state says the pandemic has given autocratic government a pretext for repression the report releasing today shows that the trend lines on human rights continue to move in the wrong direction we see evidence that in every region of the world. this is happening we see it in the genocide being committed against the predominately muslim leaders and other ethnic and religious minority groups and should drop the attacks on of the imprisonment of opposition politicians and crushing activists independent journalists in places like russia uganda venezuela we see it in the arbitrary arrests beatings and other violence against protesters in belarus and in the violations and abuses of inflicted on the people of yemen by the parties in that country's conflict. we see in the killings sexual assaults and other atrocities credibly reported in ethiopia's tikrit region and in
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the executions forces appearances and tortures committed by the syrian regime as well as ongoing attacks on schools on markets on hospitals as international has condemned the killing of 3 female polio vaccination workers in afghanistan afghanistan they were shot dead by our known gunman in 2 separate locations in the eastern city of jalalabad in one go hard province earlier as the shootings took place there was an explosion at the provincial health department headquarters which didn't cause any casualties no one has claimed responsibility for several high profile assassinations have rocked afghanistan since peace talks between the government and taliban began last year. and it sort of under. the unknown people attack the martyr to vaccinate are at the same time in the 7th district of jalalabad outcast him a shrine is another attack on 2 more back than 8 is unfortunately both of them were
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martyred in total free vaccinators were mounted. the un human rights committee is looking into the killing of more than 20 people in the venezuelan capital caracas in january it actually happened during a security operation and a series of reports this isn't the 1st time the police unit has been implicated in human rights abuses. these are images of venezuela's security forces in the neighborhood of in get access. they're part of a unit known s 5 a special action force created in 2016 to fight against crime in the south american nation. human rights groups say during an operation here in january at least 23 people were killed most of them were young and poor man. father alfredo in fund this says most of the killings were extrajudicial executions. in up most of those killed had no links to gangs or the police that are the ones who are confronting
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each other the victims were not hit by stray bullets so far nobody has come here to investigate what happened. father in front they says protests had been on the rise in the area prior to the raid due to lack of basic services. we have problems with gas water and food and people take to the streets curiously enough to those protests there was this huge raid that paralyzed people it was an occupation. the united nations and human rights organizations claim the fires have turned into death squads that have killed thousands of people in the country over the past 2 years. they say there is a pattern among those killed. most of the victims are young and poor if you live in a poor area and you have been to jail it is a death sentence when the police have a profile in a computer and the person has a record in 95 percent of the cases that person is killed. so far
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this year human rights groups say over $200.00 people have been killed by security forces your feeling is venezuela's former prosecutor resort they are told al-jazeera my daughter will be investigated at the international criminal court for the deaths of at least 8000 people at the hands of the country's security forces. they investigate includes abuses during the protests against the government but also the ones that happened during raids in poor areas well a lot of good and then better than in the us one of the great confrontations i had with the government of nicolas maduro is because of human rights. be uses several massacres at the hands of security forces i went to the international criminal court to denounce the killing of $8000.00 venezuelans during a period of 3 years. without and only nice feeling that the seal we are waiting for the beginning of the investigation against maduro and generals for human rights abuses there is no control in venezuela and there are no investigations into abuses
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. abuses which the relatives of those killed have been denouncing for years with the hope their demands for justice will finally be heard. he said will. quit running catch up any time with all the stories we're covering or check out our website the rest of that al-jazeera dot com. from one of the top stories on our jazeera a bystander who saw the moments leading to the death of george floyd as told a court she saw a man begging for his life it's the 2nd day of trial of former police officer derek showed it in the court heard witness statements from members of the public who gathered as police attempted to arrest floyd with show been kneeling on his neck one witness said floyd was obviously in pain and suffering their action is charged
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with murder and manslaughter is below our state.


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