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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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but you have to be the perfect place. to report only through an international perspective to try to win your local audience why it's important how this could impact your life at the height of the storm the water would be high it would be above my head this is an important part of the world people pick a thing people are going to hear now delivers very good bringing the news for the world from here. this is al-jazeera. over there and how the markets you know this is the news are live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes finds a buy on site say they're cool with 19 vaccines protect kids as young as 12
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bringing hope that they'll be inoculated in the u.s. before they use school year. armed groups on their way to the revolution protestors are being targeted by myanmar's military. indonesia recovers the cockpit voice recorder of a jet that crashed almost 3 months ago killing all $62.00 people on board it's. frustrated. yes. and emotional testimony at the trial of the former policeman accused of murdering george floyd's stay 3 is just about to get underway. and sporty european champions portugal comes through a tasking night and world cup qualifying goal for questioner in aldo helped his team avoid a shock defeat against luxembourg dressed. in green. but
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we start this new start with a breakthrough in covert 19 vaccine development pharmaceutical companies fines or by own sake say their vaccine is proven safe and effective 12 to 15 year olds they say trials involving more than 2000 adolescents demonstrate minor side effects and the dose is 100 percent effective at preventing disease while they hope to get emergency approval in the u.s. and begin immunizing young people before the next school year 112 year old participant says he's happy to play his part. is definitely a very special opportunity to be able to do something like this because usually i'm just at home on doing online school and there's not much i can really do to fight back against the virus. which is appearing in this trial and potentially helping others to feel safe and want to get the vaccine in the future want to become
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available or was really some way that could actually help our well let's bring in cambridge way how could she joins us live from washington d.c. kimberly this is a significant but the good news as it won't. well the white house thinks so in fact the white house press secretary shinseki speaking on morning television here in the united states is calling this good news this is a step towards returning to normalcy and allowing children to go back to school but what this white house is combating is vaccine hesitancy in the united states and particularly when it comes to children there are many parents who are going to question the whether or not this is still safe to give to children given to the fact that this test was conducted by a drug company americans don't necessarily trust drug companies this involves children in the 12 to 15 age group and the number of adolescents tested was just 2300 so well the white house is celebrating this news as being welcome
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there is a problem and a challenge overall in trying to get people vaccinated in the united states in fact as the president is heading to pittsburgh to pitch his jobs plan to rebuild the economy the vice president kamel harris is going to be meeting with christian and republican and conservative 'd leaders today in her office to try and discuss how to overcome some of this hesitancy that is occurring in the general population because until there is widespread vaccination the united states will not be able to achieve the herd immunity that it's looking for the moon can be listicle look at high things are growing more broadly in the united states this is of course the worst affected country in the world in terms of covert but the president's has his vaccination target from 100000000 to 200000000 in his 1st 100 days so where do things stand right now in america when it comes to tackling cool though. well on
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the vaccine goal that is as you point out something that has been going very well in fact is ahead of schedule the u.s. president had initially hoped for 100000000 vaccinations or doses in 100 days he met that by about day 58 i believe as well as a result he doubled that goal now 200000000 by the 1st 100 days about 61 percent of american adults have received at least one dose but again the challenge is trying to convince those that don't want the vaccine and as a result there have been some spikes that have been going on in fact we saw the c.d.c. director earlier this week very tearful plea pleading with people to get the vaccine saying that she feared there would be impending doom otherwise this really rather a lot of americans to see that expression of emotion but also the fact that there could be this 4th wave as we've seen in europe coming to the united states so
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there's a real push by public health officials to get people on board with the vaccines to wear their masks even as we see some states ignoring that advice and lifting their mask mandate so it is a challenge ok it is a challenge not out of the woods yet by any stretch the imagination can really help that they're keeping us up to date from washington d.c. thank you kimberly. ballistae with this we're joined now by nomi forester so sushi's of religious to cure university and joins us from there it's great to have you with. are within tools over the last year or so that children aren't significant risk of cool they don't get as elizabeth soon so on and so forth so why would you say this is significance to these child vaccines becoming available. you know that's a very good point the need that there are you know there is a lot of evidence that children get really sick with coronavirus or less evidence
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of it i would say that it doesn't happen it does happen very low levels but it does happen but most children are able to. use that sort of shrug off credit are a little bit more easily than adults to but that doesn't mean that we're not seeing evidence of what we call long bit in children and that long it is having significant impacts on you know us a certain proportion of the children infected with credit risk. and so while children are not necessarily as badly affected. by summation the idea is to really x. need as much of the population as possible and in order to and that allows us to kind of protect everybody within the population and if we don't vaccinate children there is the potential that the virus may add better to children may cause most disease in children although in my opinion it's probably unlikely it will come out more importantly i think that there is a chance that you know our children could drives the more transmission in the community at the moment we think that children reflect the transmission that's
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already ongoing in the adult population but if the other population is mainly back that that it blighty be children who are not facts they just will drive the transmission and we may see a little bit of a shift in the dynamics result that ok back in 89 now you mentioned there that the children can. they can show signs of longer coverts which is of course a concern to many parents and there was also. earlier on in this pandemic we heard of children developing this cow was sakhi syndrome so not covert per se but it was linked to call what do we know anything at this stage about the the vaccines effectiveness and preventing that kind of thing america. you know i would say it's too early to match today because of the small number of. children involved in the clinical trial and you know that's a very well syndrome although you know we've had a lot of information about it because it's so unusual it is actually very rare in the population so it'll we need to back me
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a lot more children to see any evidence of it actually not you know personally ok and in terms of the wider vaccination programs so this is what could clearly very good news that the kids will get vaccinated is going to in the united states they're talking about getting them vaccinated so they can head back to school which is of course very important but we're also seeing countries in europe where you're joining us from that are the can get vaccines for their 70 and 80 year olds so in terms of being on the priority list of who should be vaccinated which of the priority is law is that important to get the needle in the arm of the kids or should we be aiming to cover more vulnerable groups before that. it's a very good question i want to think that every country is going to have to wrestle with i have certain opinions on that but i don't have anything to do with policy except you can take this it's just my opinion is that i think you should be trying to back me all the trinity from ripple adults 1st i'm going to keep those you know
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in their old age groups who are most at risk of having sued big coronavirus while they're back meeting the children is you know going to be in the end would be a fantastic idea because it would prevent these of school we're seeing a lot of evidence that you know the mental health of children are suffering outside of the school environment so i think you know both of those things need to be balanced but i think at this point the goal is to try and save as many lives as possible which means backs need to be clinically vulnerable probably 1st. or iron policies or it's just not a policy makers then there are many forests or so it's a bit great to get your thoughts your expertise and your opinions here on the news there thank you so much for joining us on al-jazeera. there brazil's president has signed an executive order to provide more than $900000000.00 in pandemic relief the package was signed on the same day the country had
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a record tally of more than 3700 deaths when march is expected to be the deadliest month of the pandemic for brazil with deaths on course to hit $60000.00 president gerry or both so narrow has been criticized for repeatedly dying playing the outbreak in south america's worst hit country. yemen has received its 1st supplies of the covert 1000 vaccine it got 360000 doses of the indian manufactured astra zeneca job through the international colfax program it's set to receive 1900000 doses this year humanitarian organizations say yemen's health care system has been crippled by the war so far the country has reporters around for thousands infections but experts say the real number is likely to be much higher. pappa new guinea has administered its 1st vaccines coverts infections or their prime minister james murphy got his 1st job from
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a shipment of 8000 astra zeneca vaccines on shoes day they were sent by a stray area who warned that the country urgently needs more doses to straightly is says that vaccine hoarding by wealthy nations will leave papua new guinea's 10000000 people unprotected. and chinese state media say the country has been vindicated by a world health organization reports investigating the origins of the pandemic that scene of experts visited han the 1st known location of the outbreak earlier this year and found that transmission from an animal was the most likely source for critics to question the credibility of reports as katrina you explains from one. the world health organization may be facing growing international pressure over its newly released coronavirus report but here and with the pandemic started people are pleased with its findings. has off already western countries
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kept accusing china of causing pandemic this report shows chinese in the us and. above us i believe the conclusions in the report but i think it came out too late china has suffered a lot from the virus it sure is not guilty on tuesday the un agency released a 120 page document detailing the results of a month long mission to china to study the origin of covered 19 the team concluded the most likely source of the virus was a bat or other animal and the least likely was a leakage from government lab the report also thanked the chinese government for facilitating the visit. to conduct joint research with. our goal is to reflect our openness and transparency but critics say the mission was anything but orton and transparent chinese government officials curated and tightly
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controlled the visit chaperoning the experts at all times and controlling what internation they could access. jamie metzl says beijing also vetoed participants on the mission he drafted an open letter signed by 2 dozen experts calling for a new international inquiry into china it wasn't an investigation at all a 2 week study tour with very limited access to records samples and personnel is not an entire waste of time but it's not even remotely close to the kind of oh and unrestricted international forensic investigation which we need the u.s. and other countries have signed joint statement raising concerns about the report w.h.o. directed general at 100 gay priest has issued his strongest criticism of china to date same group difficult to access and will hand lab leak theory required more extensive assessment the w.h.o.
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says they never expected the mission to produce a definitive answer about the origin of carbon 19 and a 2nd phase that percentage is required but as international criticism builds of the chinese role in the study they may find that you can come increasingly like this bullet in the market walked in to. the train al-jazeera. plenty more still to come on this news hour including a u.n. investigation finds these were responsible for an attack on agents a report that killed 20 the group rejects the accusation unprecedented resignations from brazil's armed forces we'll look at why the heads of the navy air force and army have stepped aside its posts in sports tennis is world number one's things on course for another title when we hear more from far up later this news or.
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to myanmar now a nation gripped by political unrest bloodshed tonight. a looming armed struggle in the southeast of the country thousands of men women and children remain displaced the military joins and has been launching air and ground attacks against the armed group the current national liberation army ants there are warnings that other rebel groups may soon be joining forces for what they call a revolution if security forces don't stop killing arms protesters now there are at least 6 ethnic armed groups and i threaten to retaliate against the jinsa the current national liberation army is one of myanmar's oldest and largest rebel groups and they control areas in the ses they iraq an army is fighting for autonomy in western rakhine state 3 other groups controlled territory in the east from the shan state army in the south to the to our national liberation army and myanmar
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national democratic alliance army there in the far north the kitchin independence army has also spoken out against the germans and has reportedly attacked police and military posts in recent days and in myanmar cities peaceful demonstrations against last month's co have been hailed siyang on protesters continue to demand a return to democracy despite 8 weeks of crackdown by security forces they've been calling on the international community to act against the germans and do more than simply condemn the violence a local rights group says at least 521 people have been killed and more than 2600 have been detained snow in the coming hours the u.n. security council will hold a caused or meeting on the situation in myanmar we'll hear from our diplomatic editor james bays in a moment 1st though let's go to scott haidar who's monitoring developments in
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myanmar from neighboring thailand scott this all looks rather dramatic at this stage what would you say the chances are that this could morph into an armed conflicts of some kind. well i think what we need to look at is as you were mentioning as you spelled out on that map there these ethnic armies that are part of the fabric of myanmar these ethnic armies and these divisions have really existed since the very beginning in the late forty's when men were was created as a state so these you know when you look at that what they've been fighting for autonomy in some cases and how they've been doing it they have been battling the central government the central army for decades but when you look at what's transpired over the last couple of weeks i think we can look at it kind of in 2 ways you have you know because there are so many different organizations there are different ceasefires and there are about 10 of these armies who are part of a peace talks with the central government before the coup so when you look at you
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know it's a very kind of convoluted combination of things in the going on but what happens recently is that more of them are saying that they are going to push back against the central government against the because of what's been happening on the streets across minnaar in addition to their own battles that they've been having with the central army with the tatmadaw so that's kind of inching when you see that they're coming together because a lot of these ethnic armies have had fights amongst themselves as well so now they're speaking with more of a unified voice so that is a development when you look at what could come next what we're looking at very closely is the current state which is right across the border here in the western side of thailand the eastern border of myanmar over the weekend there are air strikes in a couple of villages in the territory run by the ethnic army there that hasn't happened for a very long time and it was very violent and deadly and it sent people across the border here into thailand thus making this an international truly international
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situation and growing very dangerous a lot of those there about 3000 came over. most of them 2300 went back and said they went back because it was safe human rights groups said. they were pushed back about 550 are still here so that is the area i think we really need to focus on really need to keep a close eye on because if that mushrooms then you can have these other armies become involved as well but one thing that the group there is saying is that they have seen evidence intel saying that the tatmadaw the military myanmar is going up toward their area so that's something we really need to keep denying but overall yes this something this is something that really could escalate if you have these ethnic armies kind of putting their own battles aside and kind of fighting together to go against what's been happening on the streets since the ascent the juta and the crackdown that they've had to hide that live from. a much indeed.
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and here's our diplomatic editor james base looking at what's expect from the u.n. security council meets and which will take place in a few hours time. the security council has already issued 2 strong statements on the situation in myanmar but they've been ignored and the violence and killing has continued in the streets the secretary general of the united nations antonio terrace in recent days has issued fresh condemnation and has called for united international action we need more unity in international community with more commitment international community to put pressure in order to make sure that the situation is reversed what's your message to the generals right now my message to the military is very simple stop the killings stop the repression of the demonstrations really is the political prisoners and return power to those that have the receipt of their rights to exercise it. saturday was the day with the
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highest death toll yet at least 114 people killed in 24 hours. saturday was also myanmar's armed forces day an event attended by representatives of 3 members of the security council china russia and vietnam all of which have a degree of leverage over the generals but russia's deputy ambassador to the u.n. told reporters his country is reluctant to consider further action including sanctions as you know russia is not big down on sanctions russia is not units it matters and again i say that there is a lot of controversy in there is it being willing young we made me see it one way but the realities on the ground might be a little bit different and then you know. everybody be quite cautious because we there is a very thin line. between. condemning and blaming it on
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the. insights well during the meeting the security council will be briefed by christine shauna bergen to the un envoy for me and she wants to visit the region and to visit the country itself but so far she has not been granted permission. the 3rd day of the trial against a former police officer who's charged with murder in george foy's in the us city of minneapolis is set to begin on tuesday jurors heard emotional testimonies from witnesses described how they tried to incivility to stop derek chauvin from milling on floyd's neck well john hendren is following the trial in many apple has and joins me now from there jon it was an emotionally charged day of testimony own shoes day is it fair sassoon will be more of the same when the trial gets under way shortly. that's right is another brisk spring day in minneapolis and
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day 3 of the trial of former police officer derek children and we expect to start with the testimony from a firefighter that ended her testimony for the day yesterday and she's going to come back she was combative her name is genevieve hansen and she just stumbled upon this scene and then tried to offer aid to george floyd when she was one of 6 witnesses yesterday 4 of them were 18 or under there was one as young as 9 years old and each of them spoke powerfully about how impotent they felt being unable to help george floyd the woman who took that iconic video that you saw darnell frazier she said that she sometimes apologizes to george floyd because she was unable to do more for him but that was just one of several powerful witnesses that
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spoke yesterday take a look. as he watched derek show vanilla and george floyd's increasingly lifeless body donald williams called the police to report on the police at some point did you make the 911 call. the police. and why did you do that because i believe out with a murder. molding. williams testifying for a 2nd time on day 2 of the high profile civil rights trial can be heard on bystander video calling out to officers to stop the man a move yet bro the man whom they're growing the teen who took that viral video of floyd beneath the needy of former minneapolis police officers show ven testifying off camera because of her age says floyd seemed to know he was dying it's been nice i stayed in. a palace out of the.
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palace. for not doing more in not. physically beating around. and not saving his life but the fight. is not what. if what he said. she was followed by her 9 year old cousin. and. a. current in her right is. catherine curtin. she watched she said as paramedics had to push over an often unmoving floyd. prosecutors use the witness video to show jurors that what plays out on the video is really all they need to know in the words of one prosecutor you can believe your eyes the defense seems to be building a case that the officers felt they couldn't move george floyd because of what they
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perceived is a. growing hostile an unruly mob around them do you recall saying i dear you to touch me like that i swear i'll slap the. oath if you give. me. so again sir it's fair to say that you grew angrier and angrier. profession i stayed in my body. came out to be a great prosecutors are expected to wrap their testimony some time next week that's when defense lawyers will present their case possibly including the testimony of the officer children is the one on trial but for many inside an l. side the courtroom what's on the docket is racial justice in america we expect to start today with the continued testimony about firefighters genevieve hanson and she was so qubad of yesterday in cross-examination the judge actually had to send
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out the jurors and admonish her not to argue with the defense counsel and then when she spoke back to him she said don't argue with the court as well so she is expected to talk a little bit about her experience just coming onto the scene in her usual non-parametric clothes and trying to get the officers to allow her to respond to george floyd who is she said was clearly unconscious and in need of aid here's a little of what she had to say. in my memory i offered to walk kind of walk them through her or told them if he doesn't have a pulse you need to start compressions and i wasn't done yet there. is this are these things that you wanted to do. it would it it's what i would have done for anybody. when you couldn't do that how did that make you feel. totally distressed. frustrated.
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yet. every witness is a surprise in a potential shocker because we're not getting a list of them ahead of the time the court is not providing those we know there's a list of some 400 names of potential witnesses each side can draw from but we don't know who is going to come next so that means any day we could have the kind of shocking testimony that we had yesterday as a trial continues and is expected to last another 3 weeks after this week ok john hendren there live from minneapolis john thank you very much indeed and the u.k.'s latest reports on race and akula season is warning that over arts and i drink racism or so a problem in the country report was promised last year at the height of the global black lives nazi movement was released on cheese say it's ok matt says the country has made improvements but it's far from being a post racial society it's time for the weather is evident. hello there the
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weather is set fair across the middle east warm sunshine as per usual largely clear skies there just a little bit of cloud there just creeping across turkey some choppy waters in the eastern side of the mediterranean some of the wet weather coming into cyprus as we go through thursday easing over towards the levant western parts of syria pushing into lebanon maybe even into well western there was of jordan could see some rather sharp showers for some brisk winds are rolling through but elsewhere for the south it's fine it's rime warming up doha getting up to 38 celsius and that is 100 in found high so the heat starting to build across the arabian peninsula across a good part of the horn of africa somalia la she set of ethiopia set fair you might catch your share in the south pushing down towards likely toria just along the rift valley and across the central areas the usual crop of showers there pretty much where they should be from the gulf of guinea easing down across the democratic
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republic of congo pushing down through angola northern parts of madagascar northern areas of mozambique also seeing some sharp showers and some coastal showers just brewing up there around tanzania pushing up towards the far south of kenya for south africa is generally fine dry and sunny. still heads on al-jazeera a growing humanitarian crisis on colombia's border with venezuela it's a battle with groups intensifies. in sports the own goals that help decide one of the last questioning spots the next year's africa cup of nations. frank assessments the world is on a brink a strong that model fabian is that a fair assessment you catastrophic hialeah to twice valuable back seat informed opinions should we be buying big corn ultimately it will be sovereigns and
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governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines the inside story. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions that are on hold and on capitol hill international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and every one of us in the responsibility to change out there is a nice place for to get out on al-jazeera. the world.
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this is al jazeera quick right off our top stories for you this hour pfizer beyond sex as it's vaccine has proven safe and effective in 12 to 15 year olds they hope to get emergency approval in the united states and begin immunizing young people for the next school year. myanmar's military is intensifying an offensive against rebels in qur'an states thousands of people are fleeing into thailand's escape the fighting the un security council will meet later on where to stay to discuss the on the rest. on the 3rd day of the trial of the former policeman accused of murdering george for it is about to start an honor and errors time day 2 heard emotional testimony including from an off duty firefighter who was prevented from giving 1st aid to floyd. the humanitarian situation on colombia's border with venezuela is getting worse as fighting intensifies 5000 venezuelan refugees are already in
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temporary shelters in colombia or standard m.p.'s he reports from the border town of our al qaeda. 9 days after the start of venice well as military campaign against colombia's rebel forces the situation in the colombian border town of at oakey is critical. almost 5000 refugees are housed in shelters but that number only tells part of the story hundreds more are staying in overcrowded private homes got a c.e.o. fled from living this well in town of lovett daria says she's sharing this space with 63 other people and they haven't received any help. they say assistance is primarily for the shelters nothing is a right yet for us we don't want to go to a shelter we have many people with diabetes high blood pressure many kids and we're scared of call that. refugees are crossing the border into rural areas to at least
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$100.00 share this farmhouse and are extending it to protect new arrivals from the rain. prepared to mean unit from the united nations refugee agency says under reporting is an issue but a proper camp for at least $500.00 people will soon be read the idea is to the contrast the places which are the moment are very full of people and all sorts for those people who live with families very crowded environment that will remove them here the base revealed prioritization of the basis of vulnerability many of the refugees are colombians who fled to venezuela decades ago at the height of colombia's conflict between give the years paramilitary and state forces most now say even a swell as government help create this crisis by long tolerating the presence of colombia's rebel forces in their territory. rebel groups really like this one fail
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appear on the walls of houses here in the colombian side but the violence associated with the conflict has been greatly reduced alif in this region while the delicate balance there maintain the peace on the various well and now broken down. we had heard rumors that the government was going to confront the guerrilla but would have never expected such a brutal repression against the civilian population especially by government that pertains to be revolutionaries we lost everything for years that river dividing the 2 countries helped contain fighting in colombia it appears the economic and political crisis in venezuela has allowed that conflict to resume on the other side a confrontation that one sparked might again prove difficult to tame alison of m.p.'s i'll just keep the. elite troops in these areas swartz's an attempted coup
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at the presidential palace on wednesday morning sources say. with. gunfire can clearly be heard on this video from eyewitnesses in the capital makes the attack comes just 2 days ahead of president elect mohamed swearing in ceremony let's get more on this now from a dream season of neighboring nigeria and as across the story for us armors what more do we know about this attempted coup it appears stage. well the incident started at around 2 o'clock g.m.t. that's i don't 3 o'clock pm 2 o'clock local time at 3 o'clock local time and it lasted for nearly an hour before security forces put the are a 1000000000 down it's not clear exactly who the kool-aid is or attempted coup leaders but what we hear now from security sources in egypt is that several people
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have been arrested many of them military that been stepped up military presence in the cup down the i mean we also understand but a security has been stepped up across the borders none borders in egypt although the main airport in yemeni has not been closed down but we understand that security forces are in fact looking for several individuals many of them politicians and military officers who may be responsible for what we see what we hear and sold this on the morning on wednesday now the inauguration of president mohamed by the president an economic boom is due in trained in 48 i was from now. probably this was an attempt to prevent it from happening and we don't know exactly what is going to happen a way that these settlement he would be scaled down because of the incident this morning or it will go with the pomp and pageantry that we used to see during presidential you know gracious in egypt now this is coming at a time at a difficult time in these u.s.
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history that so many 4th lines in egypt right now apart from the security challenges it's facing on the border with nigeria because of boko haram that are also attacks from m groups crossing in from mali and burkina faso that in the last 2 weeks alone have killed more than 200 people in that country but it's a big problem for him to deal with and apart from that the competing d.c. of the presidential campaign these have been marked by racial divisions incidents of violence and looting name calling and all that which a lot of people fear could affect the political situation in egypt dramatically. over the next few years or so now leisure is due in 2 days to mark the historic miles story that mile story is the 1st transition from a civilian government to another then we have this incident today what we wait to see is how this will affect reno gratian and how president mohamed by the president will acknowledge as well handled the situation ok apogees there live from of each other thank you. yemen's heathy rebels have rejected a leech u.n.
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report suggesting that they're behind an attack on aids in airports at least 20 people were killed including the politician the reports of the security council says the missiles lease were similar to those in the goofy arsenal and were fired from areas under their control rebels say any findings with a it's an independent committee are biased and like credibility where they attack on is an airport seen as an escalation in a 6 year civil war that targeted members of presidents who months or had these governments the attack happens as they were landing to meets u.a.e. back southern separatists after forming a unity government who these denied involvement in the attack on saudi backed groups the saudi led coalition responded see the attacks for the air strikes and music controls. the controlled capital sana'a the following day there is an air force attack also prompted and u.s. secretary of state mike and peo to designate the who things as
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a foreign terrorist organization that was reverse by the current by ministration well hussein. is a pro who is the journalist and he cast doubts on the accuracy of the league findings. this is still not over shall i report released by the united nations still some leaks released by reuters and then by some other side that's why we can take it as a fact but as mohammed ali al jose said yesterday that any conclusion or any reports that come from the united nations security council with the say without any independent. committee to verify those results he said are rejected on of the world he said any facts that. these reports that are not. as he said feel debased he said they cannot be actually to true or for the fire and i just want to add that after the attack on the airport just maybe $3.00 to $5.00 days. united
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arab emirate with side based in the united states called a cad he has released the same report as it is could be based but to be honest with who is actually will benefit from the against the government of the so-called legitimacy of heidi is only the united arab emirates and just days ago united arab emirates supporters from 1700 have actually kicked out the government that's why they are actually the only one who are responsible for benefit for this attack. around $120.00 prisoners loyal to libyan warlord for the for after the middle east for the unity government not some special prisoner swap and it's seen as a gesture of goodwill those released on police child earlier surrendered peacefully are not suspected of any crimes. indonesian search crews have recovered the corporate voice recorder of a passenger jet that crashed nearly 3 months ago it's hoped it could provide clues
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see what happens just to washington reports from jakarta. a long search finally comes to an end in january. carrying $62.00 passengers crashed into the java sea minutes after takeoff search crews have since been looking for the cockpit voice recorder. was the last of search by the ship we're praying that hopefully we could find it and thank god last night on the last night of the continued we found it. divers found the devices casing and beacon in the early days of this search but poor conditions made it difficult to find the recorder itself and there was no beacon signal to help the box was retrieved often mud was sucked up from the sea bed now investigators can cross check its findings with that of the other black box the flight data recorder. a message from the president just be as open and transparent as possible to work out the reason so that similar incidents did not occur in the future early findings from investigators found technical problems with
4:44 pm
the 26 year old boeing 737500. the cockpit voice recorder is now safely in jakarta and in the hands of indonesia's transport safety commission it's up to them to investigate its data and work out what went wrong on flight. according to a preliminary report problems with the automatic throttle created an imbalance in the thrust of the aircraft's engines the cockpit voice recorder is expected to have recorded the conversations of the pilots that investigators will study they need to know what the crew was doing what they were what they were saying to each other and from the conversations that were there were encountered in problems or didn't see what was coming it will take around a week to analyze its data and the final report is likely to take months it's a process that's not uncommon in indonesia that has one of the worst aviation
4:45 pm
records in asia jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. the leaders of all 3 branches of brazil's armed forces have resigned saf to the sacking of the defense minister the dismissal was part of a cabinet overhaul by president gyre bilson r.-o. on a canuck air for reports from rio de janeiro the commanders of the army the navy and the air force jointly left their posts after president jalal sinatra fired former defense minister fernandez of it all in a cabinet overhaul the new defense minister general but i got released a statement saying that all 3 commanders would be replaced. in the color t.v.'s brazil's armed forces haven't seen anything like this in decades the 3 former commanders into finance minister made it clear to both sonority they will not allow the military to be involved in politics nor will they support any attempt to close congress are overturned coronavirus curfews and lockdowns imposed by governors and
4:46 pm
mayors. of crisis comes as brazil faces the worst phase in the cove in 1910 demick with daily deaths reaching almost 4000 at least 6000 are waiting for beds in intensive care units being following bomb we will have been talking for months about the risk of the public system collapsing sadly that moment has come rob brazil states and cities have taken restrictive measures to reduce infections president also narrow has accused governors and mayors of acting like dictators the awful google scenario has been guiding brazilians to expose themselves to the virus disobeying instructions given by states and cities he is promoting confrontation at a time of crises when he should be fostering cooperation but he's losing the support of businessmen and lawmakers monday's cabinet reshuffle was seen as an attempt by both so now to to change course in his response to covert 19 which has
4:47 pm
caused more than 300000 deaths in brazil. meanwhile brazil is facing another problem hunger 7 out of every 10 brazilians living in slums and core neighborhoods have no money to buy food the government's monthly handouts were suspended in january meineke and not have all this iraq rio de janeiro. still to come on al-jazeera. mixing tradition with adventure. sauce long part of pakistan that's attracting tourists. and olympic organizers take a stamp in the right direction ahead of the games far away to be here with more sports.
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of the world the old
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the thought. welcome back to life and there are more driven all the gilded baltistan in northern pakistan is taking on a festive look with annual sports and cultural events marking the end of winter mohamed fall as more. than there was dark since carter kept up the northern pakistani province of get up to stop the festival that marks the coming of spring dates back to ancient persia. but during the last days of this region is a harsh winter and i think equally joyful event takes place it's the extreme winter sports season participants and tourists posting about by this time and the world just is going to all of you most of the just the same if you hear of
4:50 pm
the last years the mountains the natural habitat of the environment the forest the buddhism is number one i think if you talk about them and i would certainly get it but these are so 100 percent of the business of the day with a good reason to get back to study is a part of the greater himalayan chain with snowy peaks that range from 7 to 8000 metres in height skiers and mountain climbers come here to test the limits of your belly the part that you can harm the ice traversing is unique in northern pakistan skiers from italy took part in making this possible they also came to pay tribute to pakistan's legendary mountain near ali sub par a and to showcase the natural beauty of this area to attract more tourists and benefit the locals are part of a team of 6 to tie luminous became rich across the deal side and as we were talking . to some ski ski touring. what we found was
4:51 pm
a great landscape. wallet adventure. something that let's i think a lot of people would be interested in a very unique place special memories is serious winter and spring events are held in memory of pakistan's famous claim i'm hammered. who went missing last month while trying to scale the world's 2nd highest peak in the karakoram out of range otherwise known as key to who was officially declared dead after several rescue missions by pakistan's military failed to talk him. at the food of the malta range the town comes alive with visitors. every imaginable type of goods could be seen on display here from alt machine guns. for festival nights a flock the old and the young and there are hardly any signs of the covert 1000 of the stitches and prevention measures seen elsewhere for many this remote region is
4:52 pm
an escape from the pandemic and a place to enjoy the traditions of old and new some advice on just. same for the sport here's far how i thank you so much chris john aldo is right portugal had to work hard to avoid a shot to fit in well cup qualifying the european champions went behind against luxembourg before heading back to win 31 and a richardson reports. in their previous game look some burke had secured a rare away win against the republic of ireland this time out christiane around all those portugal with their opponents but it seemed rank 98 in the world looked in with a chance of a 2nd straight win and jason rodriguez dived in. dreaming of the biggest win in their history good friday against the european shadrach portugal there so just before half time the european champions did restore parity
4:53 pm
the post-strike it diogo just with the equaliser brought out it ronaldo how to late win a disallowed during portugal's last game against serbia the rage that followed that decision has been a contrast to the calm reaction to his 130 international goal in. school was his 1st of base camp a look somebody came within a fingertip of grabbing an equaliser instead it was portugal who schooled the final goal of the game a $31.00 win that sort of the qualifying group. wales were semifinalists at the last european championships but they haven't qualified for a world cup since 1958 gareth bale went close to opening the scoring against the czech republic is denied by fashioning. both teams and how to play a sense off by the time bale produced the cross that did result in the game's decisive moment daniel james heading home the winner wales up to 3rd in a group a point behind the czechs. to change the scottish. at the
4:54 pm
top of that group of the world's number one seen belgium they were involved in something of a mismatch against valorise. with belgium finishing up as 8. strokes. they picked up the netherlands hits 7 in their match against. the gold came. out of a state. after 3 matches and 2 wins their 2nd. behind. on the richardson. world cup i was caught her were also in action in europe where their guest entrance and qualifying group a the republic of ireland took an early lead in this game that was being played in hungary the home of muntari scored the equaliser for the asian champions and a $11.00 draw ireland manager steven county is still without a victory after 11 games in charge. european football's governing body weight has
4:55 pm
given the green light for bigger crowds at this year's european championships it's her move the maximum spectator limit would had been set at 30 percent russian an english authorities have already indicated they might allow larger attendances for games in st petersburg and london the tournament which starts in june will have 12 host cities we've been speaking to football writer gavin hamilton who says filling stadiums isn't the main concern for organizers. the priority is to make sure go ahead i mean that you have to get your money. and they want to make sure the games go ahead so they can be other boys having the fans adds an extra dimension to the t.v. experience but i think they are leaving it up to individual governments and individual thirty's in the cities in the host cities for the euros to destroy whether to allow fans back in the u.k. government or pretty cautious at the moment they still sticking to their timetable
4:56 pm
for allowing events to come back gradually until our fans back into sporting events gradually but i think by the middle of june hoping to have some fans and and by the time of the semifinals and for and in general i think there is a concern. that the fans who allow back in in numbers i think 50 percent of the realistic figure for wembley. and 50 percent. around the euros petersburg in russia. would like to 50 percent but other cities like munich for example in germany a realistic 0 friends of mine going to bury in each or the 12 cities some of them are. 4 more teams have booked their places at next year's africa cup of nations guinea-bissau mauritania and ethiopia have qualified for cameron and kate verite are also through they needed only
4:57 pm
a draw against to make sure of their spot this own goal gave them a $10.00 win in the 2 to. a tennis world number one ashley barty's through to the semifinals of the miami open the defending champion battled past her belorussian opponent arianna lanka in the quarter finals the australian winning the final 9 points to secure her 3rd 3 set to win in this tournament marty will play a lean as fit alina in the finals for. both split alina had a much easier time against her last 8 opponent the ukrainian brushed past latvia's aniston's yes double storey and straight sets she's into the semifinals of miami for the 1st time in her career. and olympic organizers have taken a step in the right direction ahead of the tokyo games meet mako a 10 meter high puppet that will be touring the country to help promote the event it's designed to symbolize the strength and kindness of japanese people organizers
4:58 pm
and state and says state will be capable of more dynamic and smooth movements once the tour gets underway. ok and that is all your sport for now back to you thank you so much far about search for this new search to keep it here on al-jazeera i'll be back with you on the other side of the break with more. jumped into the story there is a lot going on in this. global community when i don't have all the misinformation i think we don't want afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we've been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear. be part of today's discussion this stream on out to 0. from the al-jazeera london
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broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation generally when every needs work about race or racism. with no host and no limitations our society has structural racism built into part one of the shaheen and adam brother fit people tend to be migrant labor disproportionately women in care work that ultimately comes down to prejudice. unscripted and al-jazeera. the health of humanity is a stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to lose supplies. and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and a vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the wood and in the land now more than ever the world needs w.h.o.
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making a healthier world for you. to everyone. al-jazeera . every. pfizer biotech say their covert vaccine protects kids as young as 12 player who will be immunized in the u.s. before the new school year. other than how one hits and this is al jazeera life and doha also coming up. armed
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groups and their weights the revolution backing protests are being targeted by myanmar's military.


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