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more distressing video of george floyd's fatal arrest proves overwhelming for witnesses at the trial of the former us police officer accused of murder. in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the violence the attacks the killings of children their appalling for the words of condemnation of
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the u.n. where the security council's been warned me and the ante to crack down wrists causing civil war. from says old into its 3rd national lockdown to push back a 3rd wave of covert 9000 infections threatening to overwhelm hospitals and the earliest cherry blooms in 1200 years of records have japanese scientists pointing to climate change. a us court has been shown some of the last moments of george floyd's life from the perspective of the police officers who arrested him that along with further video recorded by onlookers and witness testimony dominated day 3 of the trial of derek jovan who's accused of murder it painted a traumatic picture of how floyd's alleged attempt to use a counterfeit bill escalated into his death in may last year if they even though he was the only. one actually. looked at.
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me i don't know me so. well in another scene before chauvin knelt on his neck floyd pleaded more with offices through. another camera. do you ever get that look at it. we didn't know what you said. there are no i don't want that we don't want to know we. i don't we're not the program. well the footage of floyd being pinned on the chair of ins nian his final moments was too much for one witness. but. it will be you. charles mcmillian who was passing by at the time stopped and tried to persuade floyd to give himself up to police he broke down in court when asked to relive the
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day's events saying he'd felt helpless well gabler's on there was live in minneapolis gabe so day 3 of the trial today in the court as we saw as we saw they were shown dramatic body cam footage of the events leading up to floyd being detained by the police. yeah that's right this is body cam footage that was worn by the officers that were on scene there and this footage was shown to the jury by the prosecution to add more context to the moments that led up to his arrest and the moments of his arrest and it was chilling video but it wasn't only the video it was also the sound so you could hear george floyd at points of it crying out for help even crying out for his mother and other parts you could hear the audio of eyewitnesses asking or begging the police officers to intervene or to stop to help george floyd and then it's certain parts of this body cam footage
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you could hear nothing from george floyd because presumably he had lost consciousness this was all part of the prosecution's efforts on wednesday to show the jury more video that added more context to the time that led up to that fateful moment and it was also never before seen footage from inside that convenience store before george floyd was went outside and it was footage of him in the convenience store at times he was laughing at sometimes he was smiling other times he was acting a little fidgety but this was the moment that he. gave what a cashier testified as he thought it could have been a counterfeit $20.00 bill and that's what ultimately led to the police being called
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and then. of course george floyd's death now in terms of how this day went for the prosecution it was certainly very powerful you could tell from people who were in the courtroom that the jurors were very. much engaged watching every minute of this and also as court let out. some of george floyd's lawyers were leaving the courthouse and i asked them how they thought the day went and one of floyd floyd family lawyers told me it was a good day all right a gavel is on the line for us there in minneapolis kate thank you for that well also in minneapolis is richard phrase he's a professor of criminal law at the university of minnesota law school richard good to have you with us some of the prosecution very much building up the sequence of events that led to floyd's death how important is this stage of the trial.
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well it's an attempt i think to reinforce the statement the prosecution made in the opening statement which is you can believe your eyes but they want to have as many eyes so to speak introduced as witnesses in this case a setting that seemed that everyone who saw this was horrified that's the that's a major theme of the state's case and richard the court was shown this new footage of floyd going into this convenience shop before he was detained some of his service say this may be an attempt by the prosecution to deal with the defense allegation that he was stoned and that drugs contributed to floyd's death. yes i think they are trying to preempt or at least head off that that line of attack in general in a in a lawsuit you don't want the other side to to claim that that you've been hiding
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something so the state is saying look we're laying it all out there there is evidence here that he was under the influence of something but the state will also argue that he's he's not in really bad shape he's walking around. he's not having a heart attack so. it cuts both ways and richard at this stage what is the crux of the prosecution's case here i mean will it be to prove that derrick cho than used excessive and unreasonable force to detain george floyd that ultimately as we saw or led to his death. yes and i think that the the state wants to emphasize and they did emphasize in their opening statement this wasn't a split 2nd decision this was something that went on for over 9 minutes and with every minute the need to use any degree of force was decreasing as mr floyd's
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became increasingly unresponsive and the risk to floyd's lives was increasing every minute this went on so that is going to both undercut the defense of justify the use of force. which might have been initially justified but became increasingly under justified and also to emphasize the ingrowing culpability and responsibility of the officers as the risk to mr floyd's lives steadily increased yet richard just a final point to you i mean george floyd's death and police custody became a symbol of police brutality but in the united states we know that police are very rarely convicted the deaths that occur when they are on duty so why is this case so important for the u.s. legal system. well i guess to prove that it is possible to convict a white police officer of killing a black suspect and also because particularly important for minnesota because the
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only other conviction we had was of a black police officer who killed a white woman and we need to show if the law on the evidence supported and we need to give mr show going to fair trial but we need to also give the state a fair chance to convict him under the law and the evidence and show that yes it weight of shirt can be convicted of killing a black suspect richard phrase really good to get your thoughts thank you very much indeed for talking to al jazeera thank you good to be with you. now the un security council has been warned that me and mas on the verge of civil war and immediate action is needed un special envoy christine traina bergen to brief the security council on the increasingly bloody military crackdown since the generals seized power in a coup 2 months ago the army has also launched air strikes against a rebel group raising fears of a return to ethnic conflicts well ahead of the meeting the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said they cannot allow the violence to continue in myanmar which washington refers
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to as burma. what the military is doing in burma to the people to the people of burma the violence the attacks the killings of children they are appalling and and they are unacceptable so we can't just. step back and allow this to happen we have to keep pushing forward well during the meeting china called for a democratic transition in me in amman but ruled out sanctions is our diplomatic editor james baker. certainly you have some members of the security council russia china vietnam potentially who are not keen on any punitive action against the generals and if the security council doesn't take some further action if it just comes up with another statement it's not clear where that takes us because remember the security council has issued 2 statements. a return to democracy in myanmar urging the release of all the politicians who have been detained and
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condemning the violence and despite that the bloodshed has gone on individual countries obviously can pursue their own policies and many have done that certainly western countries stop doing business with beyond man to put sanctions on the military and businesses that are linked with the military certainly the u.n. secretary general would like tougher action from the security council that is clear from his special envoy christine shriner bergen who's been speaking to the security council the meeting is behind closed doors but i have obtained a copy of the remarks he's just delivered and she says i remain open to dialogue and continue to signal this but if we only wait for when they're ready to talk the ground situation will only worsen a bloodbath is imminent and the u.n. special envoy who speaks for the circus general goes on this council must consider potentially significant action that can reverse the course of events in myanmar and
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at least 43 children have been killed by armed forces in me and our since the military coup began in february that's according to a new report by the assistance association for political prisoners 15 children under the age of 16 are among the casualties the youngest victim was a girl aged 7 a number of children who've been physically injured as a result of the post violence is unknown organizations including save the children are calling for an immediate end to violence. now france will enter its 3rd national lockdown on saturday as it grapples with more than 30000 new code 1000 cases a day schools will be closed for 3 weeks and domestic travel is banned for at least a month and extends measures already in place in regions like paris which have been criticized as inadequate reports. shut down by saturday with the death toll from cove and 19 nearing 100000 french president emanuel was forced to act.
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we will lose control of we do not move now macro has tried to keep the country open as a way to protect the already battered economy but with many intensive care units at breaking point and a slower than planned vaccine rollout the economy had to wait. if you want to remember this figure 44 percent of patients in intensive care are today less than 65 years old. for the next 4 weeks schools in nurseries will be closed along with non-essential businesses a curfew will be in place and travel will be restricted to 10 kilometers from home earlier this week macross said regional lockdowns like in paris would be enough scientists disagreed saying partial lockdowns won't stop such a fast spreading virus is fully need to disappear when you lose one we must prevent the virus from spreading we can't do it with half measures these 50 shades of
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measures for now are not producing results and into weeks we still won't see any result so we must go back to a lockdown and unfortunately this lockdown will last for several weeks then on wednesday mccrone changed his tune new duvall board of a new for the coming months each one of us must make an extra effort this is what i ask of us collectively this evening. the surge of covert $1000.00 cases in france is linked to the slow rollout of vaccines across the european union along with disputed fears surrounding the astra zeneca vaccine only cement of new lows and. in the coming weeks will excel or it further the number of doses that we will obtain and we will gradually become the 1st continent in the world in terms of vaccine production. but for now months after the 1st vaccines were approved only 12 percent of the french population is inoculated hardeen al-jazeera well corona virus
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infections are also surging at the high in brazil but president jaya both still insisting lockdowns are not needed that's coming up as well as leaders in southern africa discussing armed groups in mozambique and the possibility of troop deployments more in that state. that would say some vicious storms moving across the eastern side of the u.s. you can see this shot band of cloud now crossing the appalachians making its way further east was a long cold front less spinning right out of canada right down across that eastern quarter of the u.s. right down into the deep south behind that cold front the winds coming in from a northerly direction ahead of a cold front winds coming in from a southerly direction so weather to mate the cold air on the cuts the warm air is
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forced to rise quickly cools condenses forms cloud and severe storms pushing away from the east coast of the us then with some snow tucked in behind with that brisk northerly wind coming out of eastern canada pushing down across the eastern side of new england in particular. also what to celsius there for toronto i'm struggling to get there in new york could see wanted to westlife i was even upstate new york majority the snow will sweep across new england through the canadian maritimes brights a dry weather comes in behind but it's still going to be the cool side just 6 celsius for new york much of north america to that looks fine the drugs and pleasant sunshine has a sun side see across a good part of the caribbean although we have got some shabbas making their way across a good part of the audience. along of one of the i over the next. but my sister saved me. along my last year with my
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family who worked on the reality of addiction in the arab wilds and the struggle over africa for a. while it's just me it's a truck. to see and i wound goes inside a rehab clinic in the nile downtown. rehab edge of addiction on al-jazeera. the war the war the war the war. welcome back a quick recap of our top stories here at this hour u.s. court has been shown some of the last moments of george floyd's life from the perspective of the police officers who arrested him floyd could be heard begging
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them not to shoot him in the office as body count footage it was during day 3 of the trial of the former officer accused of murdering a. u.n. special envoy to myanmar's warned of a bloodbath is imminent unless significant moves are made to stop the violence briefing the u.n. security council christine traina bergner said there's also a risk of civil war. and france will enter its 3rd national lockdown this weekend as it grapples with more than $30000.00 new coronavirus cases a day schools will be closed for 3 weeks and domestic travel is banned for at least a month. now in what's becoming all too regular brazil has just recorded another day with more coronavirus deaths than any so far in the pandemic nearly 3900 lives were lost in the past 24 hours despite that mounting told the president is again insisting there's no need to lock down to raise about reports. burials in the middle of the night this is how the city of is trying to cope with the
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rising death toll from colvin 1000 brazil's economic capital. so far over 300000 people have lost their lives in brazil more than 3700 of them in the past 24 hours experts in the country say brazil's need to adapt urgently to turn the tide. brazil needs to rapidly increase the speed of vaccination primarily among the most vulnerable population to stamp out speech in favor of medicines that science do not say are effective against covert 19 and lastly improve vigilance and tracing of the variants the could have more aggressive biological behavior from the. strains of covert 19 virus. the death toll rice comes as brazil's poll done done by a medical institute detected a new strain of the virus similar to the one registered in south africa. and this president jade also nat'l struggles to cope with sliding popularity and growing
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pressure over his handling of the pandemic. on tuesday top commanders of the armed forces stepped down coming just one day after an atta replaced 6 government ministers in a sudden reshuffle that appear designed to secure loyalty. and the beginning of the been there make brazil's president disregarded the risks of covert 19 and resisted taking extreme measures to reduce the spread of the virus. was at their most boys in the mirror we have 2 enemies the virus an employment it is reality we are not going to solve this problem by staying at home. in spite of the rising death toll also no continues to challenge medical records and they sions bill will go to far as a cure of this policy of isolation risk correction and curfew but the suppression all right to come and go goes far beyond even a state of siege i have built all of it or it is in brazil to review this policy
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and allow the people to go to work. the slow pace in the vaccination campaign have people frustrated and angry only 2 point one percent of brazilians have received 2 vaccine shots and only one 3rd of the 77000000 brazilians who qualify for shots i've been vaccinated covered 1000 is a major challenge for latin america going cern's are mounting in the region because the pandemic cannot be contained if the crisis in brazil lingers argentina ready suspended flights coming from brazil and other countries like believe have stepped up efforts at the border to prevent. spread of the virus i just want to sayas pharmaceutical companies pfizer by on take say their vaccine as proven safe and effective in 12 to 15 year olds they say trials involving more than 2000 adolescents show only minor side effects on 100 percent efficiency in preventing disease they hope to get emergency approval in the u.s.
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and begin inoculating young people before the next school year. yemen has received its 1st shipment of coded 19 vaccines 360000 astra zeneca doses of part of the international program to help poorer nations water on yemen reported around 4000 infections but experts say the real number is much higher now the u.n. has raised the alarm over reports of grave human rights abuses by russian mercenaries in the central african republic there were numerous crimes including mass summary executions torture and the indiscriminate killing of civilians and humanitarian workers nicolas sarkozy. the unix pers describe grave human rights violations and abuse they say carried out by russian fighters the fuck out which are the central african forces and the un who they say are behind mass summary execution torture and the forced displacement of people more than 240000 people
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have been displaced since december's election which was won by president twice who had the backing of russia with the russian fighters on the ground the wagner's group which is a private russian contractor company and we were there when we met with the advisor to the president vladimir is a corrupt who told us that russia was there on the ground to ensure the president can regain control of the country and secure the security of the border now according to the un 44 percent of the country is in the hands of armed groups specifically the coalition for patriotic change led by former president francois in a not so veiled threat the ambassador to russia on the ground said that it was a could be neutralized by russian forces or the central african forces if need be on the ground if he continues to from at rest now the west and especially to clean france sees the presence of russian forces on the ground with suspicion they say
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they're adding fuel to the fire in a country that's already volatile world where most of the population are in dire need of humanitarian help jailed russian opposition leader alexina volumnia has declared he's going on a hunger strike until he receives proper medical treatment the 44 year old says he's suffering from acute back pain and can't use one of his legs the prison describes his health as satisfactory the kremlin critic was sentenced to 2 and a half years for parole violations after returning to russia from germany. they had been treated in berlin for a near fatal poisoning. leaders from a southern african regional block of promised mozambique deal with fighters who have killed hundreds of people the u.n. says the humanitarian situation there is deteriorating rapidly arma tassel reports from harare and neighboring zimbabwe parma is deserted international aid agencies say thousands of people have already fled. the fighting between soldiers and an
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armed group that calls itself al-shabaab has been going on for days the town in mozambique's northern coverdale got a province has been the site of major gas discoveries in recent years the exact number of people killed injured and accounted for is still unknown some of those displaced by the recent violence have started arriving in paperback the provincial capital what has happened in. empowerment is an absolute horror of being in treatise on civilians by an non-state army. that is what i can say they have done horrific things they're still doing so we have reports this morning of continued clashes that is why we are talking about our expectations of thousands of more people moving out from district and towards other areas of the country and towards the border was turned sagna. far to the southwest in zimbabwe's
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capital harare southern african leaders say the escalating violence in northern mozambique is their top priority we. had respond in a helpful manner to ensure that we assure the integrity and so that i need to your one of the southern african development community security troika brings together the leaders of zimbabwe and south africa but one as president. suggest some kind of regional response is imminent speaking on behalf of the troika. following our consultations we are going to me that. and right now we are to finish off with present. you wanted to look for it when you see it there is speculation a regional force might be sent to mozambique deploying troops has been done before in the region in the late $19000.00 libya and zimbabwe send forces to the democratic republic of congo to assist the government before that soldiers from
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zimbabwe help defeat a number insurgence in central missouri and the un world food program says more than 900000 people in mozambique now require food aid because of the crisis in. al-jazeera. president joe biden has announced a $2.00 trillion dollars infrastructure plan which he says will create jobs and make the u.s. more competitive it includes upgrading roads and bridges and more funds for public transport billions will also go towards new electric vehicle charging points and expanding high speed broadband all this will be partially funded by raising corporate taxes so opposition in congress is a certainty biden's urging against any delay the bills of further common really gives everybody a chance to succeed who's going to create the strongest most resilient you know rate of a commie in the world. it's not
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a plan of the tinkers around the edges it's a once in a generation investment in america unlike anything we've seen or done. since we built the interstate highway system of the space race decades ago now it's a beautiful time of year in japan but it's happening remarkably early famous cherry trees are blooming sooner than they have and 1200 years of records under schapelle explains what it could mean. japan's cherry blossoms are a national favorite historically blooming at the start of spring a perfect way to begin a new school year. crowds flock to tokyo parks in the 1st half of april to watch them grow after state of emergency under the pen democrats lifted in the capitol and neighboring prefectures. last year i couldn't come here due to the state of emergency this year i wanted to come again so here i am i've been job hunting online while attending classes online i've stayed inside my house really long it
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has been such a long time since last time i went out with my friend watching cherry blossoms together with my friend is so refreshing. the problem is it's too early for this to happen and most blossoms will be gone before classes begin of course goes in right when i was a high school student i think cherry blossoms were still blooming around the entrance ceremony season in april. official records only go back 70 years so researchers at osaka prefecture university are searching for more data poring through centuries of diaries and letters written by emperors aristocrats governors and monks and kioto further south the data they collected indicates a startling trend it's the earliest the cherry blossoms have bloomed in 1200 years experts say it's an indicator of climate change and urbanization and their concern the early bloom could jeopardize the future growth of one of japan's national treasures. the tree becomes weaker when it comes to hype and i well
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come out of hibernation and we call this a life cycle if it can come out of hibernation it won't be able to develop and we have problems growing. scientist say like a canary in a coal mine the early arrival of cherry blossoms could signal something's not right and at this rate they'll become more vulnerable to spring freezes and changes in pollination cycles. al-jazeera. talk a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera a u.s. court has been shown some of the last moments of george floyd's life from the perspective of the police officers who arrested him floyd could be had begged them not to shoot him in the office as body count footage it was during day 3 of the trial of the former officer accused of murdering. them and those who was the. only those who want to. get it looked at him.


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