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people in power on and just you know. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here and i just see it or we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. 9 prominent hong kong activists are convicted for their role in 821900 protest including the so-called father of hong kong democracy at the media tycoon. alive adrian finnegan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. more distressing video of george floyd's fatal arrest proves overwhelming for
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witnesses at the trial of a former u.s. police officer who's accused of murder. u.s. border patrol releases video showing children being tossed over the wall from mexico. the violence the attacks the hellenes of children they are appalling and for the words of condemnation at the u.n. where the security council has been warned me a mosque crackdown risks causing civil war. a court in hong kong has found 7 prominent pro-democracy activists guilty for their role in a $2900.00 protest prosecutors say the demonstration was on all the rawest those convicted include a media tycoon former legislators the man considered to be hong kong's father of democracy 2 others have pleaded guilty ahead of the verdict critics say all this is
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part of a crackdown on dissent which escalated off to china imposed a national security law in hong kong last year let's go live now to hong kong al-jazeera sara clock is there for us sara talk us through these verdicts who's been convicted what happened in court. well this court is on the veteran activists of the pro-democracy movement here in hong kong and as you mentioned 9 up. this prominent group will go behind bars we've had the verdict handed down today on i pull 16 we'll get this instance not included in the 7 that pleaded not guilty we have 73 year old media talk to the law and he runs the pro-democracy news outlets apple direly we have 82 year old mockingly and as you mentioned he's known as the father of democracy he's also a barrister we have 73 year old margaret and she's a respected bastard as well as was a former legislator yet he's the man who runs the annual vigil to remember him and
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square every year he too has been found guilty as part of the spirit in this particular group they were before the court in west palm learned on thursday i had previously played it not guilty you know i spoke to a number of the members of the group on a rival including but leahy said joining his community for those others who were already in prison he said this will be a badge of honor and he said he's prepared to go to jail to fight for democracy i also spoke to lead chuck young the man who holds the vigil every year this is what he had to say. i think is. that we have a political environment of oppression and we. don't we have to go. you know be paid a price. if this group does get sent to prison where does this leave hong kong's pro-democracy movement. well firstly for these particular charges each child has a carries a penalty of up to 5 years in jail but so if they do go to job it's
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a major blow to the democracy movement nearly every major voice of dissent to opposition figure in hong kong is now law they. saw all behind. all of the $2400.00 people have been charged since this government to any government demonstrations jimmy law has been found guilty study he's already in custody he's the media tycoon he's facing 6 separate trials and one of those is under the national security law. he's facing 3 different trials these are on separate but similar charge charges so the pro-democracy movement they say the national security law which was introduced in july last year it's part of beijing's crackdown a weapon to crackdown on any opposition to china other veteran activists we spoke to on the way you to quote i suggested that this movement tend continue but will have to find other means of protesting i'm serious or a clock reporting live from hong kong many thanks indeed.
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the us court has been shown some of the last moments of george fly floyd's life from the perspective of the police officers who arrested him the video painted a traumatic picture of how floyd's alleged attempts to use a counterfeit bill escalated it is death in may last year there are reports now from minneapolis. day 3 of the derek show ven trial saw yet another eye witness take the stand another view of george floyd's death and another for whom the emotion of reliving that day became at times too much to bear. proving that some of the most powerful moments in the trial can be would nothing is said. to 61 year old charles mcmillan can be heard here urging floyd to do what the police say but the restrained floyd can't move at one
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point he can be heard calling for his mother. turns increase over time. went on. earlier prosecutors focused on the events leading up to that confrontation trying to add context to the moments before he was pinned to the ground store clerk christopher martin testified that floyd had handed him what he suspected was a counterfeit $20.00 bill which eventually led to the police being called. later when martin went out. side and saw floyd pinned to the ground under show. he was
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distraught. not. in cross-examination the defense focused on floyd's state of mind while he was in the store based on your observations of his behavior his speech patterns that's what caused you to form the impression he was under the influence. indeed the day seen floyd's arrest again and again as. the footage from each of the officers body camera was played in the court room. that so many people who are witnesses to floyd's death are still suffering from trauma now trying to relive it and it's even affecting the jury at one point on wednesday the trial. female juror while listening to testimony suffered from what the judge called a stress related reaction. minneapolis
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also in the u.s. the state of georgia is in the final stages of repealing its citizens arrest law politicians are acting a little over a year off the fatal shooting of a black man. who was pursued by white men who said they suspected him of a crime the victim was out jogging at the time a father and son want to rest until 2 months later when video of the incident spread online they've been charged with. at least 4 people including a child have been killed in a shooting in the us state of california it happened at an office building in the city of orange just south of los angeles police say the suspect is in hospital after being shot by offices the most of us the long road it's the 3rd mass shooting in the u.s. in 2 weeks. u.s. border patrol has released video showing children being literally dropped into the united states by smugglers in the infrared pictures an adult can be seen dangling
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and then dropping a child from the top of the fence along the us mexico border moments later they drop another appeal to hurl supplies the children sisters from ecuador and on the care of u.s. authorities just 3 and 5 years old in a statement u.s. border patrol said if not for the vigilance of our agents using mobile technology these 2 tender age siblings would have been exposed to the harsh elements of the desert environment for hours we're currently working with our law enforcement partners in mexico and are attempting to identify these ruthless human smugglers from others here as mike hanna in washington. the stark reality of the problem at the border that the buy in the administration is attempting to confront those 2 girls 3 and 5 year old are now in the care of customs and border patrol officers it's not sure how long they'll be in that care where that attempts are going to be
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made to find their parents which would appear on the other side of the border but the customs and border patrol pointing out that they were dropped at an area very far away from any human habitation and if it had not been picked up on those camera monitors they would have been exposed to the elements overnight a customs and border patrol got there very quickly they have been in medically evaluated they are said to be in good health but they are now joining some 800000 and accompanied children who are now in the care of the u.s. government this number is expected to increase throughout the spring to as many as 150000 by september some in the administration are saying it's something that his administration as imperative it's also pointed out by many observers that there has not been an increase in the number of people attempting to cross the border since the administration change this is largely
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a seasonal issue particularly in the spring when the numbers historically continue to rise but part of the problem facing the biden administration is how to move children from the care of the customs and border patrol officers who are not equipped to deal with them into the health and human services branch who are better equipped to deal with unaccompanied minors. but he says menard is a political analyst at the national university of mexico he explained why there's been a surge of migrants going to the u.s. in recent weeks. with this change of the government there isa kind of a buy than hope they had a speech of joe biden during the campaign and the even of his government is a major in that they want to change the name migrant immigration issue and a biden says. he want to change to 2 words i wonder woman tyrion policy
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and one of the key of this of human time in the new policy i'm in the new human tendency are the treatment of the of the not companion of my nerves or or people who argue see traffickers is mahler's to send their children from of honduras from little or whatever to california to texas and this is a big crises because they migrants increases the amount in the last 2 months the smaller side of the only who are winning with the situation this is have the tremendous humanitarian crisis because involve many orman's. are people from the roof remake whether from colombia to central america central america and a course in mexico i'm in the border a many people are within 20000 or 25000 in mine yours in there or there's any elephant excess in one month and this is terrible. the weather next
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here on out 0 then we'll have a special report from a young man where some protestors apparent for an armed struggle against the military join. the despite a mounting death toll brazil's president is still refusing to go for a national law down. there the weather is set fair across the middle east warm sunshine as per usual largely clear skies there just a little bit of cloud there just creeping across turkey some choppy waters in the eastern side of the mediterranean some of the wet weather coming into cyprus as we go through thursday easing over towards the levant western parts of syria pushing into lebanon maybe even into well with the names of jordan could see some rather sharp showers for some brisk winds are rolling through but elsewhere for the
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southeast financial rime warming up doha getting up to 38 celsius and that is 100 in found high so the heat starting to build across the arabian peninsula right say across a good part of the horn of africa somalia largely set family of ethiopia set fair you might catch the odd shower in the south pushing down towards likely toria just along the rift valley and across the central areas the usual crop of showers there pretty much where they should be from the gulf of guinea easing down across the democratic republic of congo pushing down through angola northern parts of madagascar northern areas of mozambique also seeing some sharp showers and some coastal showers just brewing up there around tanzania pushing up towards the far south of kenya for south africa is generally fine dry and sunny. but. you are dealing with a very powerful people people in influential positions in government where we know
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there were elements within the police completely adman's that were getting scared that we were getting too close to some people higher up the line to get to. the gym to do something. that is essentially the perfect crime you have a diplomatic bag that caught the open ended qantas search al-jazeera investigates the poaches pipeline. well again this is on 0 the main news this hour courts in hong kong has convicted 9 prominent pro-democracy activists the taking part of an old arised protest in 2019
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think luda media tycoon former politicians and a barrister who is considered to be hong kong's father of democracy. a us court has been shown the last moments of george floyd's life from the perspective of the police officers who arrested him through it could be heard begging them not to shoot him at the office as body count for his was during day 3 of the trial of a former officer who's accused of murdering. the u.s. border patrol has released video showing children being literally dropped into the united states by smugglers in the infrared pictures an adult can be seen dangling and then dropping 2 children from the top of the fence along the us mexico border. the u.n. security council has been warned that man was on the verge of civil war and that immediate action is needed u.n. special envoy christine bergen to brief the security council on the increasingly bloody military crackdown since the general seized power in a coup 2 months ago the army has also launched air strikes against
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a rebel group raising fears of a return to ethnic conflict well ahead of the meeting the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said they cannot allow the violence to continue and which washington refers to as. what the military is doing in burma to the people to the people of burma the violence the attacks the killings of children they are appalling and and they are unacceptable so we can't just. step back and allow this to happen we have to keep pushing forward more now from a diplomatic a james bays who's the u.n. in the post the security council has released 2 statements about the situation in myanmar but the generals defied those words and there was further voluntas this time no statement the outgoing president of the security council for march the u.s. ambassador linda thomas greenfield spoke to reporters. it's the credibility of the
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security council now it's. i don't think our credibility is at stake i think what has to happen is we have to redouble our efforts what the military is doing in burma to the people to the people of burma the violence the attacks the killings of children they are appalling and and they are unacceptable so we can't just. step back and allow this to happen we have to keep pushing forward in the close in the council was briefed by the u.n. special envoy christine trauner bergan she still wants to travel to me and marta speak to the generals she said i will remain open to dialogue and continue to signal this but if we wait only for when they are ready to talk the ground situation will only worsen a bloodbath is imminent this council must consider potentially significant action
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but the chinese ambassador said what he called one sided action or calling for sanctions would only aggravate tensions a similar position was relayed by russia and so for now any tougher action by the security council seems highly unlikely. well as the military crackdown goes on some activists and protesters are joining the groups to train with fighters they're intended to take up all those against the joint 0 spoke to some of them in qur'an states in the southeast florence louis reports. so almost never thought he would become a soldier he was a youth leader and activists in the qur'an community in part the capital of state in southeast. like many others he's taken part in protests against the coup since they started nearly 2 months ago you and i went to a protest every day the police in the open fire at us with real bullets he says
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he's training to fight after witnessing a friend being shot and seriously wounded by the military during a protest. after i graduate i will go back home and work with the villagers to resist the army. al-jazeera met other activists including from yang gone who travel to state to train with the current national defense organization it's one of 2 armed branches of the qur'an national union that has been fighting for more autonomy for the qur'an minority this protestor has asked us to conceal his identity. when we protest on the streets the burmese army and police shoot at us and of crackdown on a demonstrations but we're not afraid we've been afraid of them for many years this time we have to fight against their power we have to win this time. the conflict in k. in state is one of the world's longest running civil wars and has escalated in recent days. this video obtained by al-jazeera shows one of several
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airstrikes launched since saturday by the myanmar military on areas controlled by the qur'an national union. several people were killed and rights groups estimate at least 10000 have been displaced. i'm very afraid i've heard that. villages contrary to the thai side because thai soldiers had blocked them the qur'an national union says it's bracing for a major government offensive in its territory we have to get rid of them and the. current troops are tacking myanmar positions and cutting off supply routes at least 3 other ethnic groups have promised to support protest is if the myanmar does not stop killing civilians immediately but some fear that may not be enough to reverse the coup and could put the country on the path to a full civil war. france
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will enter its the national lockdown this weekend as a grapples with more than $30000.00 new covert 19 cases a day schools will be closed for 3 weeks and domestic travel is bond for at least a month and extends measures already in place in regions like paris which have been criticized as inadequate records. shut down by saturday with the death toll from cove of 19 nearing 100000 french president emanuel was forced to act. we will lose control of we do not move now. macro has tried to keep the country open as a way to protect the already battered economy but with many intensive care units at breaking point and a slower than planned vaccine rollout the economy had to wait. if you want to remember this bigger 44 percent of patients in intensive care are today less than
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65 years old. for the next 4 weeks schools in nurseries will be closed along with non-essential businesses a curfew will be in place and travel will be restricted to 10 kilometers from home earlier this week macross said regional lockdowns like in paris would be enough scientists disagreed saying partial lockdowns won't stop such a fast spreading virus is putting me to disappear when you realize what we must prevent the virus from spreading we can't do it with half measures these 50 shades of measures for now are not producing results and in 2 weeks we still won't see any result so we must go back to a lockdown and unfortunately this lockdown will last for several weeks then on wednesday mccrone changed his tune. of a new for the coming months each one of us must make an extra effort this is what i ask of us collectively this evening. the surge of covert $1000.00 cases in france
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is linked to the slow rollout of vaccines across the european union along with disputed fears surrounding the astra zeneca vaccine only cement of new lows and. in the coming weeks will excel or it further the number of doses that we will obtain and we will gradually become the 1st continent in the world in terms of vaccine production. but for now months after the 1st vaccines were approved only 12 percent of the french population is inoculated hard in al-jazeera. brazil's corona virus situation is also becoming more dire by the day almost 3900 deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours but unlike france brazil's president is resisting any new restrictions stories about reports. burials in the middle of the night this is how the city of is trying to cope with the rising death toll from couvade 1000 in brazil's economic capital. so far over
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300000 people have lost their lives in brazil more than 3700 of them in the past 24 hours. experts in the country say brazil's need to adapt urgently to turn the tide. that brazil needs to rapidly increase the speed of vaccination primarily among the most vulnerable populations to stamp out speech in favor of medicines that science do not say are effective against covert 19 and lastly improve vigilance and tracing of the variants the could have more aggressive biological behavior from the mutant strains of covert 19 virus. the death toll rises comes as brazil's bill done 10 biomedical institute detected a new strain of the virus similar to the one registered in south africa. the oval and this president jade also nat'l struggles to cope with sliding popularity and growing pressure over his handling of the been there make. on tuesday top
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commanders of the armed forces step down coming just one day after warsaw natta replaced 6 government ministers in a sudden reshuffle that appear designed to secure loyalty. and the beginning of the been demick brazil's president disregarded the rest of ovid 19 and resisted taking extreme measures to reduce the spread of the virus young was at their most boys in the mirror we have 2 enemies of the virus and in employment it is reality we are not going to solve this problem by staying at home. in spite of the rising death toll also no continues to challenge medical recombination. bill will go to far as a year of this policy of isolation risk correction and curfew but the suppression all right to come and go goes far beyond even a state of siege i appeal to all of it or it is in brazil to review this policy and
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allow the people to go to work. the slow pace in the vaccination campaign have people frustrated and angry only 2 point one percent of brazilians have received 2 vaccines shots and only one. 3rd of the 77000000 brazilians who qualify for shot i've been vaccinated covered 9000 is a major challenge for latin america concerns are mounting in the region because the pen demick cannot be contained if the crisis in brazil lingers argentina already suspended flights coming from brazil and other countries like believe have stepped up efforts at the border to prevent the spread of the virus various imo i dare say that would have serious leaders from southern africa promise to help mozambique deal with fighters who've killed hundreds of people the u.n. says the humanitarian situation there is deteriorating rapidly have a tussle reports from korea neighboring zimbabwe parma is deserted international aid agencies say thousands of people have already fled. the
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fighting between soldiers and an armed group that calls itself al-shabaab has been going on for days the town in mozambique's northern coverdale got a province has been the site of major gas discoveries in recent years the exact number of people killed injured and unaccounted for is still unknown some of those displaced by the recent violence have started arriving in hamburg the provincial capital what has happened in. empowerment is an absolute horror of being in treatise on civilians by an non-state army. that is what i can say they have done horrific things they're still doing so we have reports this morning of continued clashes that is why we are talking about our expectations of thousands of more people moving out from district and towards other areas of the
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country and towards the border was turned sagna. far to the southwest in zimbabwe's capital harare southern african leaders say the violence in northern mozambique is their top priority we. had respond in a helpful manner to ensure that we assure the integrity and so that i need to your what about the southern african development community security troika brings together the leaders of zimbabwe and south africa but one as president. suggest some kind of regional response is imminent speaking on behalf of the troika. following our consultations we are going to me there. and right now we are to finish off with present. but you wanted to look for it when you see it there is speculation a regional force might be sent to mozambique deploying troops has been done before in the region in the late 1990 s.
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angola libya and zimbabwe send forces to the democratic republic of congo to assist the government before that soldiers from zimbabwe help to feature normal insurgence in central. the u.n. world food program says more than 900000 people in mozambique now require food aid because of the crisis in. al-jazeera. adrian for the good with you here in doha the headlines of al-jazeera a course in hong kong has convicted 9 prominent pro-democracy activists for taking part in an unauthorized protest in 2019 thing clue the media tycoon former politicians and a barrister who's considered to be hong kong's father of democracy sarah clarke is at the courthouse in hong kong. this is some of the most high profile democracy tempo's here in hong kong some of the bit this is what activists are here in hong
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kong and several of those so far have been found guilty you know we spoke to martin lee the father of democracy movement on his why is he.


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