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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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students have been bullied abused and humiliated by their teachers one on one east investigates thailand school scandal on ill just see. the. al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes protesters in thailand repeat their demands for the government to resign but the movement appears to be losing momentum. jordan's parliament reaffirms its support for the king after his half brother accuse the country's leaders off incompetence he says he's now under house arrest. christians across the globe
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celebrate easter sunday holding smaller services because of coronavirus restrictions. and cast out how accusations of witchcraft are putting women's lives at risk in guyana during covert 19. times out of touch of sports in manchester city closes in on the premier league title but it soon will win even after 50. hello welcome to the news hour hundreds of demonstrators are taking part in antigovernment protests in thailand's capital there demanding the resignation of the government and the immediate release of pro-democracy protesters on saturday police declared a planned protest of the bangkok remand prison would be illegal tony chang is with
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us he'll give us an update from bangkok so how much momentum do the protests continue to have tony. many people coming in that week. or an hour a good movie empty chairs. there in. the numbers that we were seeing 6 months ago on the same street. tens of thousands of people as a difference in the crowd coming to hear the faces a much older 6 months ago we were getting a very young crowd. by the. polls. seem to be coming out in the national guard now the reason the protest leaders have been hit hard with all sorts of legal challenges by the way of. things is. disturbing the. charge of losing just being the only thing which can carry.
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years. that the different posters here. they've been fighting with each other they are the message i think also the general public. to ready produce in the very good old son still. motivated in quite the same way to come out and show their support so tony other calls for reform of the monarchy in particular still a strong as they were when the protest started 5 months ago. one of the most contentious issues and i think that has a lot of these groups to say it was amazing when they 1st just to go see an. action i think since then and also with the leaders being charged with less what is scared a lot of. but also. some so some of those i wanted it was
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simply a message being has been slightly. also and since december being in thailand in various cities it end. with the with the police. people. don't think these protests more think to be. the police to. just shoot. ok tony we'll leave it there thank you so much for that update from a protest in bangkok while heavy rains have triggered flash floods and landslides on and sunni's as florus island at least 44 people have been killed and thousands more are now displaced dozens of homes are burned by mud and debris in la manelli
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village and several homes were swept away by the floodwaters $22.00 indian security forces have died during a raid on a maoist rebel hideout in eastern chad to scar state one maoist fighter was killed police say they acted on intelligence the group was hiding in a forest and what ensued was a 4 hour gun battle with one officer saying rebels use grenades the maoists have fought the government for more than 4 decades demanding land and jobs for farmers. one of jordan's top political figures says lawmakers are standing by the king despite accusations of corruption that's after the former crown prince hamza said he's been forced into house arrest in amman he says it's part of a crackdown on critics and accuse leaders of corruption incompetence and harassment prince hems as mother and the former king's widow has defended her son saying truth and justice must prevail but the head of the senate says the accusation is
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a malicious plot to undermine the king. no damn moonshiner the one about we reiterate how confidence and pride in our royal monarch the king all behind ok standing firmly against any malicious treacherous hand a king is a red line so i was ok. lauren manley has more. than i did in a video past the media by his lawyer jordan's prince hamza says this may be the last time he can contact anyone he says he's been ordered by the army's chief to stay at home and that his phone and internet are being cut off he criticized jordan's leaders for corruption and tonight being part of any conspiracy. agenda there is no outside agenda there is nothing on my part to affect the country or outside plotting from behind the scenes we listen to these accusations over and over again this is only in order to make a smokescreen over the retreat and retraction that we witness in the country every
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day in our beloved country. when. the video is released came shortly after due to any in state t.v. an ounce multiple arrests of former senior officials on saturday night jordan's army chief denied the prince how it was among them but it didn't mention the arrest of the former head of the royal court bus and our dollar. was a long time. of the cheating and was at one time a minister of finance and has been arrested along with several others that were very close to the heart or it is not clear exactly what the role that prince. played and there but clearly there has been any division inside the court that has led the security forces to consider this a danger to the stability of jordan's government. prince the
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hoff brother of king abdullah when they found the king hussein passed away in 1909 king abdullah was crowned and prince hamza became the crown prince of jordan however king abdullah stripped him of this title 5 years later following sashay through arrests regional leaders including the g.c.c. were quick to express solidarity with king abdullah security personnel have been deployed in the capital amman and other parts of the country there are still more questions than answers about the highly unusual arrests in what's long says it a stable country in the middle east about unmanly al-jazeera. let's take a closer look at some of the criticisms that have been leveled against jordan's rulers the country is a parliamentary monarchy meaning the king is the head of government and he asked to abide by the constitution but otherwise he is responsible for most high level
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decisions last month king abdullah ordered the health minister to resign and demanded an investigation after an oxygen shortage at a government hospital killed 8 people critics say it's yet another example of corruption and mismanagement it's a sentiment which has been quietly bubbling in jordan in 28 high unemployment and rising taxes forced thousands to protest and the situation has gotten worse since the pandemic let's discuss jordan with the would could taboos the director general of community media network is joining us from jordan's capital our man thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera mr so it'll be difficult to know exactly what's going on from the local press in jordan which is of course just publishing official statements but what do you read into the situation and to into these developments and what's the reaction in jordan. thank you that there is a lot of. lack of information in their state run media is really 10 thing except
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ricky the official statements which are very very truncated and we don't know really what's behind this certainly there is no who or plot or anything like that they i would i would think that there's some kind of an internal criticism to the king by his step brother which caused all of this what sort of criticism we have also just heard the senate come out and express full solidarity with the king no surprise there i guess but what could have triggered the arrests and also the house arrest of prince hunza. the the. former crown prince prince has it has been making the rounds specially in tribal areas and that's a kind of a red herring for the government and for the king it's these are the strongest supporters of the monarchy and they're the ones who are more courageous in standing up to the 2 government corruption so i think that's what really upset people in the
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palace and i really think that they overstepped it by arresting and putting him under 10 arrests because that video that was released actually has made the prince much more popular and made prince hands a don't be a darling of those opponents who think that their government can be run much better so we expect additional arrests. you know i don't think so i don't think that this is a serious. case there is no security people have been arrested you can't have a cool unless there are security people involved so i don't think and you know this whole idea of a plot there or a pool is just not true there is there is clearly. an internal issue that's come out in the public and i think in a way it has turned out not in the favor of some of the people who began this process of i rests we've heard from officials we just heard from the senate we've
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also heard from queen nude who is prince hammes as mother of course but we've not heard from the king. is that a surprise no i don't think you'll hear from the king for some time i think and less and then till we know much more us and 2 things if if there is there anything coming out of the investigations then then maybe if the king would speak out but i doubt that the king would speak out on this are there any implications for the region regional countries did speak out and they did express solidarity with the king of jordan. you know i think not a you know there is lots of speculation that says certain countries are behind the do whatever it is behind it but it's as as we know more aid really turning out to be more of an internal issue that will be so many teacup and then a few days later will forget all about that. in jordan of course a vital ally often off the united states and is this going to be tricky for
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joe biden to manage i mean you keep saying that it's quite local but a lot of countries have already weighed in. yeah i think that countries weighed in because i think they want to remove any accusations that they're involved. i think that by going to administration it will be more for we form in jordan which is something that by the administration is committed to on their human rights agenda so i think what we will hear more encourage meant for political reform which something that king promised if you years ago but really slow down on and i think. and then make actually make the country more. and it we hope it will be over soon that would khattab thank you so much for speaking to us from amman in jordan. plenty more head on the al-jazeera news hour including. fighting for democracy more
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protests a memoir despite the increasing use of violence by the military. desperate for something to eat cover 19 adds to the problems for millions of brazil's poorest people and coming up in sport we'll tell you about the american football car that has just sold at auction for 2.2 $5000000.00. voting is underway in bulgaria as general election the prime minister boyko borisov are seeking a 4th term with his center right party corruption and managing the coronavirus pandemic have been the main issues in the campaign garia has seen a recent surge in infections and turnout will be watched closely watching the turnout for us as burnett's methinks joining us from the capital sofia so what are you seeing bernard. during there's been
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a steady stream of voters going into this high school converted into a polling station behind me despite the miserable weather that's just a fan descended on their worst fears that this country's had a very high. outbreak hospitals are overflowing and a very low vaccination rate about 3.6 percent. currently been vaccinated that's the lowest in the european union so there was a fear that would affect we've come outside to be safe to do an interview we've got dr. philip with us from the center for the study of democracy here. thank you very much for joining us 1st of all what is it you think. gary and his decision making when they go to vote today i think. one of the forces of the. soldiers in the most interesting trends observed during these elections is to see. just like
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we saw in 20. bucks. just to say there probably are encouraging signs but just sobering. in this very. rich there is this perception of if you can see on the part of. resounds or significant results. in self confidence can you help us understand that from the studies of course the new member of the european union it's supposed to embrace democratic principles but there's this sort of crisis in confidence in democracy here. this is absolutely true it depends on the. perception is. there also by a long cultural historical development so on the one hand there. there's
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a high appreciation and high approval rate of the new book particularly when it comes to the material benefits that it provides for example of perjury if you support him one month in the book when your concept of values based on the bulgarian do not associate the european union with this they mention we including democratic values and human rights so we still haven't overcome the ambiguity in public perception and bulgaria was a former soviet it was a former soviet satellites how influential is russia here we know the european union is always nervous about russia's influence in certain countries in eastern europe how important are we for one she was russia here russia definitely is very influential in bulgaria both politically and economically but also when it comes to the media situation in the country and there have been dreadful concerns about the deteriorating condition in the media freedom in the country and this is believed to
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not only to how domestic political actors control media outlets including censorship but also how for an author a guardian states are involved and this is primarily china excuse me for mainly irrational but also increasingly china and they do say we need to use information by stopping them seeing informal political and economic links to the local content creators and it serves your thoughts and soon how would russia wants to see the outcome of this election if they live they want to see boris off. to. its good missile thank you very recently with this can knowing the revelations that came out of it is very interesting to see that there is heightened russian intelligence activity in the country nor there it's a swathe variance in their perceptions of the west and their orientation of the ways and this is definitely a very important factor but. it is important also to say that this scandal appeared
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at a time when there is an international legitimacy in the sense that both care is american in european partners begin to down to its lowest earning credentials because the country is oriented towards the west but we see that. service at the surface politically and economically the countrymen think it's important to russia thank you very much for something the rain and giving the inside polling closes here about 5 o'clock g.m.t. as you've heard a lot of interest not just in bulgaria on the outcome of this elections but from a european union perspective from a russian perspective bringing you the results will be indications of the results later the sea ok bernard will cross back to you and that happens thank you for that update from so feel there have been more protests than me and maher despite weeks of increased use of violence by the military in mandalay one group gathered on motorbikes calling for
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a return to democracy on saturday at least 5 protesters were killed in the latest crackdown 10 ethnic rebel groups have announced their support for the protest movement and that's raise concerns the violence could spiral into a civil war. demonstrators carried painted eggs with military slogans as a symbol of defiance and opposition to the coup one group marched through a district chanting and singing protest songs while carrying eggs with spring with the spring revolutions in many of the eggs also had a drawing of the 3 fingered salute switch has become a symbol of resistance to the. the head of the roman catholic church is leading easter mass at the vatican in a scaled back service due to coronavirus restrictions pope francis offered his blessings to the world earlier he urged his followers not to lose hope during the pandemic easter mass is usually held in st peter's square in front of tens of
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thousands of pilgrims in indonesia christians have held their easter sunday services amid heavy security that's after last week's suicide bombing at a cathedral which killed 19 people are and police were seen a jakarta's main cathedral as church goers went through security checks indonesia has been on edge since the 2 attackers blew themselves up at a church in so the west of ireland. that's the scene. in the church of the holy suppler in the west and jerusalem occupied east jerusalem excuse me which was closed last easter because of a coronavirus pandemic it's built on the site where christians believe jesus christ was crucified borders are closed a new restrictions are in place across latin america in the caribbean where there have been more than 25001000 cases a widespread surgeon infections and prompted both chile and bolivia to close their
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borders ecuador and peru have also impose new measures over the easter holidays brazil remains the worst hit with the world's 2nd highest number of infections and deaths after the u.s. . is monitoring developments from colombia's capital bogota. hospitals across brazil literally been crippled by the current surge in infections just to give you an idea of how bad the situation is in the month of march just and did more than $66000.00 people have died of kovi the 19 and brasil deaths the deadliest month since the beginning of the depend their make and the more than double the number of the previous record chile has been an outlier they've been extremely successful more than 35 percent of chileans have received the least one dose of a code with 19 vaccine yet they haven't been able to tame
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a big surge in infections that is essentially has been going on since may and february. believe it has to do with this variant that was originally found in brazil and that is hitting harder younger people middle aged people that have now been vaccinated yet this also proving deadly are in cheated very complicated situation that's why chile is under a full lockdown they also closed their borders which will remain closed throughout the month of april and the rest of the region the situation is much worse when it comes to the vaccine roll out only a fraction of people have been vaccinated so for the coming months especially as most countries are going through a 2nd and 3rd wave again social distancing the use of masks and probably new lockdown will be the way forward on the pandemic has left many of brazil's
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poorest citizens reliant on food handouts to survive a survey found more than 80 percent of people living in slums depend on donations to feed their families montana joined workers from one campaign in rio de janeiro that's trying to stem a rising tide. of hunger. the lines are growing in the center of rio de janeiro and not just in front of the soup kitchens many come here for a bath and a haircut. in the past. the number of people living in the streets has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic many here have lost their jobs at home 10000000 brazilians were already going hungry when the pandemic began now the situation is much worse in january the government suspended the emergency aid benefiting half of brazil's population just as infections began to spiral out of control forcing new lockdowns. into the crisis affected private businesses which were contributions to
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charity last year and can no longer afford to do so with no help from the public sector and no jobs for people in the slums and core neighborhoods are literally starving to death. is part of the g 10 a group of brazil's 10 biggest slums they have started the campaign empty pots in brazil together they were able to obtain the 1st donation this year. 1000 basic food baskets to share among way too many 180000 people live in the hasi alone. we received 10000 basic food baskets to distribute but this year it was only 100 donations drop by 95 percent and the number of people dying from covered 19 is growing by just last 10 friends and one week william has been walking the streets of to pick those who have
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nothing in their pockets oh you very much like my family who lives with her 86 year old mother and stopped working after she got sick. 7 out of 10 people living in brazilian slums have no money to buy food they're receiving donations but much less than last year a bag like this $1.00 for example has rice and beans and oil it cost the equivalent of $10.00 but it only lasts one week and a family of 4 hoovered $1000.00 has affected donations in another way dwane vasconcellos tells us the number of people working in soup kitchens has decreased some volunteers were infected with the coronavirus while others are too afraid to go out on the streets monica and i give al-jazeera rio de janeiro. still ahead on the officer a news hour the u.s. climate envoy calls for global cooperation to tackle global warming as climate
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talks kick off in the u.a.e. an assault on the right to free expression and testers in the u.k. march against the law that would lead police crackdown on demonstrations in sports the n.b.a. star le bron james follows in the footsteps of michael jordan by becoming a movie star. well just as the flowers bloom is going to be a bit of a shock for most people in europe may not see very much but look at the speed at which that line of cloud is coming down on us affectively much colder and much windier weather is coming right the way down across the plain of you know where currently we're sitting in these high pressure which means quiet weather cold at night relatively warm by day though it's taken a tumble recently but look at this this is and all the gales to the north sea
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bringing snow showers yes i said snow showers to the coast of the netherlands to germany and ahead of it a frontal system will bring widespread their temporary snow all the dancers the countries of central europe that it's ok in spain portugal it's quiet and sunny here and ahead of it quite warm with the rain hovering around turkey the bosphorus area and this is going to be a dramatic change for example in prague we go from 11 degrees which is about average on monday down through the breezy almost set to windy weather and snow quite likely by wednesday big changes i said as it were in the sas it's going to sit somewhere over the balkans the line up through ukraine and not move much further so in sarajevo you've got several days of cold weather with snow to start was and then the sun comes out over the top. the climate has changed every year for millions of years and decades of talk but
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little action it's all about just create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted by the oral industry was a main bankroller or opposition aquatic campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more choo-choo did was future books and absolutely coming soon on al-jazeera . a lot of what i overdosed. but my sister saved me. a lot of my last year with more family with. the reality of addiction in the arab wild i'm the struggle for a cup for a. good cause just me and it's a truck. i'll just email wells goes inside a rehab clinic in the nile town tac. rehab egypt edge of addiction on al-jazeera.
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you're. going to talk stories on the al-jazeera news hour hundreds of demonstrators are taking part in and government protests in thailand's capital there are demanding the resignation of the government and the immediate release of pro-democracy protesters. one of jordan's top political figures says lawmakers are standing by the king after former crown prince hems and q.'s leaders of corruption and incompetence he says he's been forced into house arrest and. prime minister is seeking a 4th term in sunday's general election the vote follows months of and 2 government protests and the surging corona virus infections. the u.s.
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envoy for climate john kerry says he's hopeful about working with china to tackle climate change kerry is in abu dhabi for talks on what's happening in the middle east and north africa the meeting comes ahead of the u.n. climate summit in scotland in november that's where leaders are expected to build on the 2015 paris a core but what we want to do is be helpful not here to tell anybody what to do we're here to try to talk through a problem we all share and find a common way to address. recognizing that countries just can't shut down anymore that we didn't covert you can't shut down you've got to continue to try to provide a revenue base keep your people employed have stability so you've got to transition in a way that makes sense. well the un has warned time is running out to slow climate change saying the upcoming summit in glasgow could be our last chance to take
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action the conference wants to mobilize support for countries that are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change governments are also expected to commit to stronger emission cuts in the 2015 paris agreement nations agreed to limit global warming up by 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels but those efforts have largely stalled because of the coronavirus pandemic the sweet finish on chafee who's the executive director of the arab youth climate movement qatar he's joining us from thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so how significant is this meeting taking place in the united arab emirates already very significant given this is a regional dialogue i think it is a great way to have a hold to go to the middle east countries and. looking up to the top 20 thanks to have old country from the minority didn't come up with the. commitment right so how do they build a momentum going into that really important meeting to be held in scotland later
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this year. what is that and this is crucial well and it will be a crucial part and they want to see what are the commitment each country would be making in terms of admission and also like how john kerry was mentioning we just don't have to shut down but how to mobilize and get more support and more jobs created and to how the transition towards non radio resources can be kept alive and bringing more green baize jobs in the middle east the countries in the gulf region are known to have a large carbon footprint like the u.a.e. for example as you know has one of the highest per capita carbon footprints in the world. other countries here regionally are on the right track to tackle this challenge of both because well 'd given the fact. i wouldn't say on the right track but given that the momentum is giving them more place to enhance in terms of the transportation sector the industries which are going on based on nonrenewable and
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also the renewable sector have been growing in a rather fast pace in time and the reste and announcement from the saudi arabia i mean the new green initiatives are quite promising so i wouldn't say the right place but on the right track at this point of time how do organizations like yours the arab youth climate movement which you belong to how do they oppress or how do you guys pressure countries. well that was criminal minds a nonprofit to you pled organization unlike in the not global not to be a dog an addition here closely work with the community and also with the government to see how their commitments are in line with the kind of thinking and the most of the time what we do is to build up a community based initiative that not only provide an understanding of what is happening i don't on the same time working with the government with some of the initiatives that held them to build a capacity and also build a partnership that is very much necessary and moving towards i'm keeping up their
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promises as palettes agreement signatory countries and what's at stake if action is done well after you know that in the middle east is most impacted by the climate change and delay so it means more issues to the country's economic so what the countries can do is at this time it's been more jobs in the renewable sector that is economic is moving forward and also the transmission and another transition towards the non carbon sectors like to reach them and hydro powers all getting hydrogen as a new fuel it is also have been quite discussed these days so the attention like an atomic in terms of the coming a coming world cap where they want to showcase us carbon neutral will capture this other way of how the countries in the gulf can contribute like the countries in the world and so the way forward is quite promising but i think in terms of emissions they have to be a clear agenda how they're going to really use that in the coming days ok thank you
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so much and have suffered for speaking to us from doha thank you terry. iran's foreign ministry says it won't consider rejoining the transfer of the nuclear deal until all the sanctions against iran are lifted i made the comments ahead of plan talks in vienna this week if former us president donald trump pulled out of the deal in 2018 and impose tough sanctions the military and the ministry excuse me has rejected a gradual lifting of those sanctions and says it's up to the other parties to convince washington more directly and in vienna we won't have any talks with americans either directly or indirectly we're negotiating with the joint commission of the nucular deal we relate to them out demands and conditions for returning to the nuclear deal or demands that america must 1st resume complying with its entire commitments in the nuclear deal and lift all the sanctions after that verify and return to the deal as well as. a woman in mozambique has spoken of giving birth on
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the side of the roads as she fled fighting in her hometown thousands of people have escaped a series of attacks by armed groups in the north the latest raid was in the town of fatah our dolly was separated from her husband and 3 children she was on 1st and left alone without medical care. i was tired while i was running and i was left behind by the group i was with then it got dark and i felt really sick and i couldn't go on i knew it was time to go into labor i slipped right where i was and gave birth alone at dawn the other group that was hiding close by appeared and found me it was a family and they helped me carry my newborn child i couldn't carry on i couldn't do anything when i gave birth i wasn't feeling well i took a stick a branch to cut the baby's umbilical cord and after that i cast a piece of my dress to tighten myself and stop the bleeding. i tour is about as the
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emergency coordinator for doctors without borders he says thousands of people have yet to reach safety in the northern kabul delgado province. abedi is all proportional but seriously should be the quantity of people that he was around a right to say places like more than one guy they all want to place a panda so we are we are assuming that the there are probably dozens of thousands of people in the boonies and in the in the forest hiding or trying to reach safe places and and there probably they are the ones that they are or either more or more terrified or probably the ones that they are more vulnerable or more sick and they cannot reach to that the places where they can be assisted are a little bit puzzled because we are not we are not receiving as much people that we were expecting but for example i am speaking with my colleagues who are most of them displaced themselves from the last year of the space many muslims were prior or you know you know their places in cover their god oh and they are just the
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hunted by by the by the time that they were spent they spent. heidi in like 456 days they were hiding in the in the in the forest and they need to play another 4 or 5 days to reach safe place it and what people are saying to us is that they are trying to avoid the few roads that they are there because they are afraid and there are little by little coming through to the places. people has left the houses with no with nothing on the honshu so a lot of people is better food a lot of people is a show in a injuries in the in the food and the feet and then in their arms on of course they didn't have food or what they are for a few days. there have been demonstrations in several u.k. cities against a bill that will give police more power to break up protests the bill was drafted after the so-called extinction extinction rebellion rallies in 2019 and it would let police set time and noise limits on rallies activists say it's an attack on freedom of speech existing laws are under renewed scrutiny after police arrested
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several people at a vigil for a murdered women hope when it was one of the demonstrations in london and reports on why the policing bill is so controversial. laws inspired by 2960 inch in rebellion protests which paralyzed central london for many many weeks and the police felt powerless to actually move people on and get to london the roads are open and running again the criticism of this particular proposed legislation is that it goes too far the other way that it wouldn't allow the police on a much lower threshold not from the risk of serious disorder but just from public nuisance around. the confidence as the sixty's. the government of the past minded to back down on that they have a majority in parliament theoretically they could push it through if they wanted to there will be amendments no doubt submitted by opposition party to a very angry about it and the biggest criticism really is that it's
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a mammoth bill which lumps lots of different things in together for example it proposes longer sentences for serious crimes known prison sentences for less serious crimes the kind of things that many people here in the u.k. would agree with on the protest side of things that's where really gets sticky and the idea of clamping down on what people regard as a human right to dissent is not a popular measure. taiwan's transport minister says he won't avoid responsibility for the rail crash that killed 51 people families of the victims say they're angry that no one has apologized for the accident the transport ministry and rail company are facing questions about safety protocols the train crash into a truck that had rolled onto the track from a construction sites more than 500000000 facebook users have had their information leaked by hackers phone numbers full names locations birth dates and email addresses were found on a website for hackers the information appears to be several years old and facebook
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says its fix the issue that led to believe. well more now on the coronavirus pandemic and millions of filipinos are unable to celebrate easter traditionally for a 2nd year in a row that's after the government imposed a strict over $1000.00 locked on jimmy fallon's organ reports on how the country with more than 90 percent christian population is coping. oh my dear the lord is mercado has been coming to the church of latter and in the capital manila since she was a little girl in the holiest day of the christian calendar this is a star as she's allowed to go as in many countries places of worship are seen as potential hubs for spreading coronavirus so for now attending men as is different. for me this isn't a for now that i am able to hear mass outside the church his swerves give me strength my faith is my god that search has long been the refuge for the faithful
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who come from the poorest sector of society but public gatherings have been restricted for a 2nd consecutive year raising concerns from many catholics here that the pandemic may have permanently altered the ways of worship. the philippines has seen a steep price in coronavirus cases since february prompting the government to impose another round of lockdown in manila and nearby provinces but in recent days at least $1.00 out of 4 filipinos who have been tested have turned out positive with coronavirus. so this priest has been left with no choice but to preach in an empty church although it could be watched online he calls for a moment of silence to remember the thousands who have died from the pandemic sending a message of comfort to those who are grieving so much more in another part of manila father flavia begin with her runs
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a center for the poor and homeless he talks about redemption in the political brawl the church completely insists. right especially when society to respond appropriately competently and justly to get needs of the people the church not to remain silent it will always serve as a chance of those raisin people the church will always remain as a light to those dampened by their hopes kneeling before a homeless man are reformed drug user a lawyer and a journalist for their flabby says they represent those who have been persecuted by the government he offers a message of hope. but for many here the shadow of death still lingers though the faithful see they remain fervent in their prayers christ the sea has been resurrected and the hope filipinos will soon rise from their safaris to.
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manila. for the 1st time in more than a year new york's broadway was back in business on saturday the st james theater opened with a small performance and valving just 2 stars 150 masts and socially distance audience members watch dr nathan lane and world renowned tap dancer savion glover the event brings hope of more shows to come for years communities in gone as far northern region have been banishing people they are practicing witchcraft neighboring region set up camps to help those who've been forced out but as i reports from gun battle there's concern now because of coronavirus even more people are being sent away the current policy is blind and his health is failing he wants to go home to live on his final decent but not so mighty to happen. he was
1:46 pm
banished from his village years ago by those who once called his family on us friends and they want to take him back a boy died in the killing of a chicken and they accused me of killing him by witchcraft they chased me out of the community and i ended up here many people in this camp have similar stories now at least 6 so-called which comes likeness in often gonna pass on people who are accused of witchcraft and chased from their homes. all gallows but in the way this is a they're mostly every now and day and then if you were in the way to. get out i looked over at our house here and there off a shelf here see the covered 1000 pandemic may be one reason why more people now arrive and seeking refuge and yet gonna was the 1st country in the well not to receive cover dozers another kovacs program but hearing a 12 hour drive north of the capital accra. many people simply don't believe in the
1:47 pm
facts and instead they believe in witchcraft. we do all of this stuff the government and non-government agencies are run in cobbett education campaigns and hold a vinyl doesn't make matters worse. people understand why a strong young man wakes up gets called would have difficulty in breathing have difficulty in been in all the body certainly young man dollars in all communities and not in goma. it will not be accepted though or after find out why and the legal to the laboratories to do it was more to good to do which dr shaw. said i would have said to spirits and definitely they will find an answer and there is i will fall on a wall if you want on 4000 comet cases have been reported in gone us not an
1:48 pm
official number is far higher and keep rising. go also i have taken refuge in becomes feel rejected and long forgotten but small i arrive on edge day and that is increasing concern about the spread of the koran of our old as they are forced to share a smaller space the risk becomes a so much greater still had on the newshour a goal to remember who runs out the best the european for hearts and in just a moment with sorrow. frank assessments should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on our. april on al-jazeera from
1:49 pm
a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout we'll bring you the latest developments from around the world a year into the coronavirus pandemic $100.00 skeins rare behind the scenes access into the secretive world a japanese soon. could president idriss deby secure a 6th time in power join us on april 11th for the chad election. the award winning our choice returns it's the reason those striving to reduce or negative impact on the planet has president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on al-jazeera.
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egypt put on a show to move its ancient royal mummies to their new home at cairo's national museum crowds witness the multi-million dollar spectacle of the 18 kings and 4 queens making the journey through the capsule authours hope the event will help resurrect their struggling tourism industry imran khan has more. with all the fanfare the befits egypt's ancient kings and queens the highly anticipated meticulously planned ferries golden parade was the biggest cultural event cairo has seen in recent years travelling in individual vehicles bedecked an ancient egyptian style the mommy fire drills 22 of them in all were moved from caro's a gyptian museum in takrit square they moved through the capital streets to a new location
1:51 pm
a state of the art facility called the national museum of ancient civilization. where they were greeted by concert from the cairo full of money featuring famous singers and then received by the egyptian president. the pharaohs of the stuff of legend and include amenhotep the 1st ramsay's the 2nd ramsay's the 3rd and queen never tire. you got to. sing. without the well. prepared objects to travel around the well but then you got a spectacle to close on so the logistics behind it was very complex and you can imagine that they were captured sorry. spectacle but we also felt that everything goes to. the security operation was a mammoth undertaking streets were closed in cairo brought to a standstill the event which lost it around. 2 hours was attended by very stigma
1:52 pm
trees including the director general of unesco the un's world heritage organization . once the money's arrived at their new resting place they are to be put into restoration in a lab for 15 days and readied for display but there are a minority who mata darkly about an ancient curse legend has it that cursed will be the ones that move the mummies they say the su is canal blockage disturbing global markets 2 trains colliding with each other a garment factory blaze in a residential building collapse all came after the announcement of the pharaoh's golden parade. but the ancient curse hasn't stopped the pharaohs once again appearing on the streets of egypt the wrong car which is a. time for an update on the sports news here sara thanks very much there in rome manchester city coach pep guardiola says his side
1:53 pm
a very close taking the premier league ties in england a softer beating less the city 6 and their lead at the top 6 rounds at the european football actually this report and city are 17 points clear manchester city are closing in on their 3rd premier league title in 4 seasons a 2 no victory over 3rd place less the city means they now need just 11 points from their last 7 games to secure the trophy thank you very rare huge victory we need 34 more victories and 2 yeah to do it again come back rest of them on. this for me no city's win means that liverpool down in 5th can no longer defend their title but they did boost their chances of a top 4 finish with a 3 no win at arsenal just mixed up for liverpool they face real madrid in the quarter finals of the champions league on tuesday. beat i bought 2 nil in the league with karim benzema racking up his 24th goal of the season they moved 3
1:54 pm
points behind leaders atletico madrid who play severe later on sunday. elsewhere in spain real sociedad a celebrated their 1st copy del rey trophy in 34 years after one their win over athletic bilbao no fans were allowed inside but bilbao supporters gathered outside and clashed with police this was actually last year's final which was delayed by the pandemic and bizarrely bilbao will get another chance later this month when they face barcelona in this year's edition. in germany's been this league or by munich win the battle of the top 2 teams they were one nil winners away at rb luck sig and now sit 7 points clear with 7 games of the season remaining. buoyant take on paris and your man in the champions league on wednesday p.s.g. were also involved in a top 2 crash in the french league but they didn't fare so well beaten one little by little and they also. sent off. in italy into a lamb extended their lead in surrey at 8 points with a one the win that belong year romelu lukaku scoring the winner to secure into his
1:55 pm
9th league win in a row the gold of the day though perhaps the season belonged to sports years daniel verde. bicycle kick to remember but it wasn't enough to prevent a 21 defeat to let go david stokes al-jazeera. course governing body the p.g.a. says it won't be stripping the season ending turd championship from atlanta major league baseball removed its all star game from the city of new controversial voting laws in the state of georgia critics say the legislation makes it harder for african-americans to vote now the championship has been played at east lake golf club since 1998 and is contributed to more than $38000000.00 to local charitable organizations and the p.g.a. wants to continue that work while the masters tees off in georgia on thursday at the same course japanese teenagers sebas a catch a tiny one the augusta national women women's amateur 17 year old won it on a sudden death playoff at the 1st women's major this season in california
1:56 pm
thailand's party to overturn our kids is firmly in control of the n 8 inspiration 2121 year old is 5 shots clear closing in on her 1st ever title. and on the men's to jordan spieth looks good form ahead of the masters he shot a 5 under 67 to take a share the leader of the texas open he's tied with matt wallace on 12. now women's tennis world number one ashley barty has won the miami open for the 2nd year in a row you're straight and was up against former u.s. open champion bianca undress coup in the final few twisted ankle and eventually had to retire injured with barty leading $63.00 and love because of reduced one of the revenue caused by the pandemic part barty's when a check was just $3300.00 rather $1000.00 compared with the 1350000 she received last time. thank you. and then i felt called from tom brady's rookie
1:57 pm
season the sold for $2250000.00 it was not top auction by anonymous buyer signed called from brady's 1st season with the new england patriots as one of only a handful ever to be offered to say oh another of them sold last month for 1320000 every day has won 7 super bowls most recently with tampa bay buccaneers. and finally n.b.a. star le bron james is following in the footsteps of michael jordan from the boscobel court to the big screen. classic welcome. for the l.a. lakers players starring in the sequel to space jam called a new legacy he'll be appearing alongside the likes of bugs bunny and duck just like jordan did in the original film back in 1996 and the new one is set to be released in july. well that's it for me for now but i'll be back with more later ok
1:58 pm
see you later thank you and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera still rahman's with you just some thanks for watching. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of suggestion and the state line becomes the default media in waiting to vote for images that lead to the negatives of these days and just how did it create a nuisance makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside
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the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a. in some tiny calls rooms students are being bullied to abuse and humiliated by their teachers one o one east investigates thailand school scandal oh no just see. al jazeera is newsnight on the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox last analysis and opinions that have the world talking subscribe of the conversation. at work to al-jazeera english since its launch as a principal presenter and as a correspondent with any breaking news story more to hear from those people who would normally not get their voices heard on the international news channel one moment i'll be very proud of was when we covered the nepal earthquake the 25th to
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a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be that to tell the people story was very important at the time. war. heavy rains triggered flash floods and mudslides in indonesia killing dozens of people. still robbing you watching all of their lives my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes protesters in thailand repeat their demands for the government to resign but the movement appears to be losing momentum also jordan's parliament to reaffirm that support.


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