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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your 0. 0. hello there i missed and this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes jordan's deputy prime minister accuses former crown prince hunza of involvement in a plot to destabilize the country. terentia rains causing landslides and floods in eastern indonesia at least 40 people are killed and thousands forced from their homes. india's 2nd most populous states introduces tough new cover $1000.00
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restrictions including a complete lockdown there on weekends. and bug areas are voting for a new prime minister. months of anti-government protests is seeking a 4th term. and i'm satisfied to sports the french open tennis tournament could be postponed for the 2nd you running and kenyan runner ruth chetna gets it smashes the marks the world record in one hour 4 minutes and 2 seconds. but we begin this news hour in jordan where the government says it's prevented approached by top officials and a former crown prince to destabilize the country and step is a prime minister held a news conference just in the past couple of hours saying that the group was working together with foreign policies former crown prince hamza says he's been.
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based on the house arrest earlier he accused jordan's leaders of corruption incompetence and harassment when the deputy prime minister also said at least 14 people have been arrested so far. the state intelligence of authority has been closely monitoring activity from his highness hamza sharif awesome busy but some of the and others whose movements were aimed at undermining us debility and security the surveillance incepted movements including communication with foreign sides on a so-called 0 hour to trigger measures aimed at undermining else debility while the honeyed has more now on those arrests. apparently those people had been followed they were under surveillance it's not clear for how long whether it's weeks or whether it's months and it's only when they started talking about the 0 hour that then the king took that decision choo choo have that wave of arrest yesterday however it's still not clear what they will be charged of i mean
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one of the reporters in that press conference did ask the foreign minister what are the charges and he said well it's still too early to talk about that investigation is still ongoing and everything will be revealed in a transparent way so you do get some answers in the sense that you can see there the foreign minister say make no mistake there was some attempt to have some sort of plot it's not clear what that plot was it was certainly prince hamza was having conversations or his the circle around him was having conversations with members of the opposition abroad interesting one of the reporters there asked him said is the 1st time we as jordanians hear about this opposition abroad who is that a brazilian abroad who is that opposition abroad and he didn't have an answer for that he said it was too early to talk about that so you do get that feeling that the government is putting out the message that they took that action because they
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had credible information credible intelligence that something was cooking they nipped it in the bud but we still have many questions well prince sums as mother queen no has defended her son saying truth and justice must prevail but the head of the senate says the accusation is a malicious plot to undermine the king. we reiterate our confidence and pride no rule monarch the king we're all behind ok standing firmly against any malicious treacherous ok. so it was ok. well let's not speak to why she must remain a jordanian economist and he joins us now from amman what she was watching that press conference with the deputy prime minister earlier it really seemed like he went out of his way to avoid the word coup why do you think that is and if this isn't a suggestion of a coup plot what exactly is. thanks for that for crossing me in this in this program i believe that you know people are exaggerating about what's what's what's
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going on i believe. that today and economy has many challenges in the basta few decades concerting you know the financial crisis concerning the gulf problems given that the oil prices are down on this effect that. that the crease and and the gulf aid the high employment rate and many many challenges also also this year and if you choose i believe east peace these challenges also i think that that economy growth and also i think that that employment rate the budget deficit such as that because jordan has to pick up at least these challenges and this increase its debt it's also the budget deficit i believe we have to wait until we end this occasion that i'm just a geisha of. the police is finalized to to to see the truth but i believe that the jordanians are facing many many challenges and also we also have
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some some corruption cases that i believe that the government is now is trying to handling and trying to do some some economic development trying to do some some. economy with with the international monetary fund we signed i don't $1300000000.00 with the international want it on for the next with the u.s. also jordan right now to. fix and try to. see that the problems in that and at the government. i want to ask you more a lot is the fraction cases because prince hans i himself made allegations about corruption in that video we saw how much intent on discontent do you think that actually is especially amongst tribal leaders who seem to support him is this potentially an internal palace trouble with an elite within the world family or is this potentially more broad based here. i believe the king is doing his best i think i believe maybe maybe we have certain corruption cases within within that
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don't. eat of jordan but i believe the king to strength to to challenge these cases and trying to do what's better for the jordanians everybody is you know when you have a bad going to mix you ation about growth i believe people are still trying to put this this responsibility on the lead on the king or on other people i don't think but i believe. just trying to do his best but you know people when you have that when you have. bad growth people trying to complain and they say that you have to have a better life but you know all these challenges in jordan i think think people i think affecting them their food their money their salaries aren't growing and so you have many many people saying bad things about the economy but i believe things are going i hope in the coming 23 years will be will be better of course and
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there's also been i will pandemics 600000 cases in jordan alone and now i note that we've seen very recently egypt saudi arabia cats and even the u.s. all of whom are rallying behind king abdullah now in a jordan's always been regarded as a stable country and the region is that can stand and that this could potentially change and ciccio. no i don't believe that i we have we have a good backup i was never in country especially the arabic i don't pick a neighboring country also we have a backup from the u.s. u.k. and all european union because you know that step of the deal jordan is a must you know because it. geopolitical issues even we have a geopolitical issues i don't want them but jordan would be stable and i believe king is doing his best to do that and you know what happened yesterday is for by a good stance that the king is trying to make jordan more stable than he's trying to overcome all of these challenges that we have facing and you do they
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get corruption the bad book i see in jordan i think the government also trying to do some competitive do it to attract investment from jordan outside jordan so that peace so that you can really get all of that is that jordan is facing right now and will be watching the outcomes of that investigation as they and madge watch the match from a that jordanian economist speaking to us from amman great to get your thoughts out there thanks for being with us. thank you. now moving on heavy rains have triggered flash floods and landslides in indonesia and east timor at least 49 people have been killed and thousands more displaced dozens of homes were buried by mobs and du preez you can see and others were swept away by those floodwaters just washington has more details now from the indonesian capital jakarta this is a developing situation and due to the extent of this disaster and the scale we've seen communication lines card power outages that means that it is difficult to get
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up to date information about what's happening but it's also difficult to access these villages that are in need we've heard from indonesian authorities who are responsible for these search and rescue operations and they say that in the case of some villages they may not be able to reach them until tomorrow or perhaps even after that we know that at least 44 people are dead but they're all some reports in local media that the number could be closer to 70 already just within the island of flores we've spoken to some of our contacts in this area and they say they've been experiencing this heavy rain since friday and there is a weather warning in place for extreme weather and that is because of a tropical cyclone system which is in the area between indonesia and timor leste day and that is likely to lead to further heavy rains strong winds a deadly combination which could perhaps make the situation worse we do know that there are evacuation centers being established we have confirmation of at least true so far there are likely to be more of course and this is
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a disaster not only impacting the island of flores but the neighboring country of timor leste a much smaller nation which has been hit hard in its capital so far we have confirmation that at least 8 people have died in the capital city of delhi that has come from timor leste ses state news agency. antigovernment protests have been held in thailand's capital for months now demonstrators there have been calling for the constitution to be reformed they say it doesn't support their rights or freedoms they also are demanding the release of pro-democracy protesters well there have also been more protests across me a lot despite weeks of increased violence by the military in mandalay one group gathered at dawn on motorbikes calling for a return to democracy more than 550 people have now been killed since the military seized power in february fast and in yangon demonstrators carried painted eggs as you can see with anti military slogans as a symbol of defiance and opposition to the coup one group marched through
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a district chanting and singing protest songs and many of those eggs also had a drawing of the 3 fingered salute which hasn't itself become a symbol of resistance. oh there's plenty more ahead for you this news hour including find out why turkey's plans to develop a canal near its bosphorus strait course and control the sea. and a gun battle between indian soldiers and maoist rebels kills dozens in the central station we'll have all the details and an unschooled we'll tell you about the american football call that's just been sold at auction for 2 point $25000000.00. right now paul barry and voting for a new parliament after months of anti-government protests and also amid a surge in coronavirus cases prime minister boyko bara saw the seeking a 4th term for his center right policy while the opposition has campaigned on
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restoring trust in state institutions as well as reducing poverty is the poorest member states and has the books 2nd highest cravin 1000 death raised about it smith joins us now from near a polling station in the capital sofia but it does look like they could potentially be some fairly messy coalition building ahead one is full most on verges minds today as they call their balance. it does not say there's an hour left to go before the polls close here and the indications are that the ruling party the main socialists of both lost votes the ruling party current exit poll suggesting about 24 to 28 percent of the vote well end up being the largest party but the most significant thing is the emergence of this until the taste there is such a people party it's estimated to get about 12 to 15 percent of the vote it emerged out of the protests last year unprecedented says scenario facing bulgaria now that
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if this party becomes a power broker it said already it will not enter into coalesce into coalition with any of the mainstream parties so the incumbent prime minister boyko borisov could find himself casting around to try and build some sort of coalition from other parties it could be extremely difficult and it appears that we're going to be entering could end up entering a long period of instability in bulgaria. attempts are made to try and form a government won't burn out a fire call belgariad now an e.u. country but it was once a satellite of the same union i imagine moscow is watching today's proceedings pretty closely. yeah we've had plenty of surveys done with most in the last 6 months or so that shows sort of. gary's happy to be in the e.u. for the benefits it brings in terms of travel and opportunity there are about 45
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percent of all gay and you still say they prefer a strong leader who doesn't have to worry about parliamentary elections so that's the perspective we're coming from there's been other research published recently that shows how active russia and china is on social media channels in bulgaria so you see the tog between influence from russia an influence from the european union russia is still heavily involved in business and still culturally involved because of that historical connections of the soviet union so a lot of interest not just in what happens here in bulgaria but the e.u. watching closely and russia watching closely to then and smith there watching that vote for us in sofia bulgaria thanks so much beyond. turning to the coronavirus pandemic and increased restrictions including a complete lockdown on weekends is now set to take effect in india's wealthiest
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state from monday that's after a surge in new coven $1000.00 infections driven by cases in maharashtra india's health ministry reported more than $93000.00 new infections just in the past 24 hours more than 60 percent of those are in maharashtra which is also home to the financial capital of mumbai where we can now speak to dr rajiv desk up to his chairperson at the center of social medicine and community health so how narrow university he joins us now from new delhi i want to start with what's behind this new wave of infections we've seen these numbers skyrocket what's driving it. hello and good evening there are principal e. 2 or 3 reasons that we need to understand one of course is the opening up of the economy including educational institutions in some states and increasing number of infections in young adults adolescents and students who act very fast as amplifiers 2nd of course is a very large scale of events and both of social events religious congregations
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political events and so on and finally what's not really given much emphasis now but could be a lot more important than we think at present is the emergence of the variants of concern or the new forms of the new movement forms of the virus including the u.k. strain. in the in the state of punjab for example which is also one of the very highly affected ones the u.k. strain is being identified for the last couple of weeks and the rise in india in february coincides well with the rapid global spread of the u.k. strain between december and january this is also to take into account the double mutant strain which has been present in india for some time now but seems to be increasingly more important these lab results are awaited and there should be a clearer molecular and been a mother to picture in the next couple of weeks well as we see these numbers go up the is measures that we're seeing in
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a rash and they're really tight and they cover more than 100000000 people will they be enough do you think and will people actually respect them. well if you see the example from the bible which is the capital of and of a neighboring state mother british which has also been affected but not so much by the has had sunday lockdowns now for the last 2 to 3 weeks and the evidence seems to be that these limited lockdowns are simply not enough to stem the tide and therefore. restrictions such as night curfews or or bending in tree laws and so on me actually have limited effect and are not really such an impressive effect the the key to to controlling it are the time tested measures of this track treated cetera which are indeed coming under some challenges now particularly with the entire health services. zooming all its activities and not just so live focused on
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called good so what one of the other things that india can do is vaccinations right and i see india has cut back recently on vaccine exports i know there's some debate about whether that's actually a ban or just a reduction but still it's substantially less after being a major exporter now initially the vaccine rollout across india was slower so despite the need for jobs they could still be sent abroad because they were being produced more quickly than they could actually be given has that changed there on the ground now. well directed mission certainly has picked up a lot but what we need to understand is that this is at this point largely confined to the urban centers. the initial target of 300000000 by the end of july is somewhat slow growing by the current pace also that it will be relatively thinly spread given india's large population but what is really disconcerting in this current phase is the spread of infection in the relatively smaller towns which
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have limited health service resources and that's something that's going to be tested in the coming weeks the vaccination itself is not going to dramatically alter the course of things clearly a lot of challenges ahead on shore roger desk up to there from joel mary university speaking to us from new delhi great insights here now is there any thanks for being with us. a group of retired turkish admirals is warning that a treaty governing the use of turkey's waterways may be threatened they say a project to build a $9000000000.00 canal on the edge of istanbul could undermine the montreaux accord but the government says the istanbul canal will ease shipping traffic on the busy bus for strays the convention guarantees the free passage of civilian vessels through the bosphorus and the dot in el straits which link the mediterranean sea to the black sea well wrestle so to has more now for us from istanbul. so the admirals
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$103.00 retired admirals has just issued a statement urging the government to preserve the montauk anwesha which gives turkey the control over the strategic sprays of both forests and dardanelle so they claim that this new kennel istanbul kennel which aims to connect the black sea to the mediterranean sea will bypass the straits and it will lead turkey's loss of the absolute serenity over these strategic straits which the government mentally actually rejects it and says it's just what a way and trying to is the shipping traffic in the boats forests which is one of the busiest maritime passage in the world so the government reactions are being quite big and the the party support person the head of the parliament director of communications of the presidency does this right after each other they issued a statement an announcement and condemning this and saying that this is another
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attempt of the retired generals of meddling in the politics and the army should never have any place in the politics they should stay away from such delicate issues just uncle in ankara the power of the chief public prosecutor's office has initiated today a judicial process over this statement regarding to 103 retired admirals and also just a little bit ago the party secretary general of the ruling party has. tomorrow the power parties governing body is going to have an extraordinary session to discuss the latest. well let's now speak to stop us karen petty days he's the head of the maritime transport research group at the university of plymouth he joins us now from their styles i want to stop with the maritime implications of this this would be the largest infrastructure project the tech has ever attended essentially by my understanding building and now the bosphorus just how much difference will
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this making tons of money and time when it comes to shipping. thank you for having me on a stage and say yes you're right it's going to bring a lot of implications to the overall sleeping but we have to concede that you know it's like us we've seen from the video earlier on it's going to. have more resilience to the system because thinking about supply chains and we realize that's a couple of days ago we were soon as kind of closer you know by carving an extra busses that's going to help global sipping. a lot of course we've got to consider that you know as you said earlier in the video that's because of the treaty that's existing over there defenses are passing through possible resurfacing for free so or it's not the black or white concept here it's a it's a matter of you know of eve this information going to be willing to pay something extra to move faster vessels through the new kind of or if they're going to wait
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a bit longer to parcel that last what is what's going to be. the president appears to be rather fond of big infrastructure projects i see the airport rebounding loss to now this but i know this has been a dream of his for what a decade now should we read anything into the timing of what's happening right now . that's true the project has been announced many years saying as far as i remember it was not back in 20 levon so it's been like 10 years back and yes the project itself i think it's in the shoes it's going to cost a lot of money to some people are saying about $12500000000.00 u.s. dollars and of course is going to help not also to release the traffic that is passing through us you know it's a very busy artery and you know something similar to what's happened in suez couple of weeks ago could cause an issue to global seeping in the global economy as well
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because don't forget that's 80 percent of the all use passing through vosper which is equal to something like 3 percent of the global or it so if something similar happens to host forest then it's going to have an impact to the overall economic of or of the or the whole globe but at the same time we have to think that you know it's like it's going to help a lot the process through there for releasing the environmental footprint that a lot of us and certainly been through through bosporus but also the same time there's a lot of people saying that in fact kind of you cannot is going to create a lot of environmental damage these are all in the area because it's going to pass around some. lakes that they're protected and all that kind of stuff so i said again it's not a black and white concept here it's a mother of about what one of these is want to do steroids i want to ask you a little more about those environmental concerns i think many groups are really worried about the marine life in particular the mom or a say is more felt by my understanding the black sea and they also have different
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levels of organic life not to mention water heights so this could potentially be very damaging i know there's also concerns about the displacement of people potentially even putting istanbul's water supply into jeopardy and taking all of that into account is this a good idea. first of all i'm going to vote a mental expert that i'm doing my time economy extol i'm not the guy who can probably give you the best answer here but also from my understanding from what they wrote in the news and in voters' articles yes you're absolutely correct there is a difference between the level of the seas between black sea and more of our sea and also a lot of species living there in the lakes over there so it seems going to be a big environmental damage over there but as a sense i'm not the expert i can't really comment on that because not my expertise . there are obviously as you said it's not black or white lots of things pros and cons to weigh up their status current pet it is and for many of us to plan a great take your thoughts here on out there thanks for being with us thank you.
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well still ahead here on out there. cast out how accusations of witchcraft about in women's lives at risk in ghana during this kind of a 1000 pandemic. a senior fit for kings and queens egypt means it's ancient royal money is $20.00 new national news and. i'm in sports n.b.a. star le bron james follows in the footsteps of michael jordan by becoming a film star. is the time the year when winds suddenly get up to show miles just blowing through the gulf that's quite a strong northerly mission is dusty it's still blowing from kuwait down through bahrain qatar and down towards the usa where firms are not too bright and there's
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the remains of the dust which will probably settle but the wind is going to take its time i think the slowdown is still quite strong tuesday but beyond that with the winds in particular the subject is maybe a southerly bringing dusty weather up towards jordan through northern saudi in turkey the weather looks quite far it's not quite true in the gene of the bosphorus there is a change in wind direction and cloud cover and rain but is in the night here for the most part we're looking at a fine looking area and you'll notice by wednesday the wind has dropped in doha in the forecast here is an interesting one well for locals anyway the term jehovah's around the 30 mark but what's on the get to but next weekend humidity is rising in easterly breeze not feel quite sticky at 33 i think next sunday so it's a waterway. now stan the weather is down the a nice bit of are supposed to only winter autumnal some shines most of southern africa when you get it brings up from the south it's clearly cooler portal it was 90 capetown hangs on 23 this rain around the cape it might develop into something
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substantial it did happen. in some time i can swear students are being bullied abuse and humiliation by the teacher one on one east investigates thailand school scandal on l.t.c. . in a good fight. when a boneless struck many died and many wrist to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers we see people making sacrifices moving off a nation this is what i want i want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. played an important role in protecting human. face.
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hello again. let's remind you the top stories this hour jordan's form a crown prince has been accused of plotting to destabilize the country with foreign assistance and step the prime minister says at least 14 people have been detained for the crown prince hamza says he's under house arrest. heavy rains triggered flash floods and landslides in indonesia and east timor at least 49 people have been killed and thousands more displaced dozens of homes were swept away buried by
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mud and debris. increased restrictions including a complete lockdown on weekends is set to take effect in india's maharashtra state from monday 60 percent of all new covered $1000.00 infections in the country are apportioned there. now $22.00 indian security personnel have died during a raid on a maoist rebel hideouts in eastern touch discuss days one maoist fire was killed police say they acted on intelligence that the group was hiding in a forest what ensued was a 4 hour gun battle with one officer saying the rebels used grenades on the mouse rebels have now been fighting the indian government for more than 40 is tens of thousands of people have died in that conflict there are a 1000000000 is inspired by chinese communist leader moussa dong they say they've been fighting for indigenous tribes marginalized groups and the rights of poor farmers and neighbors in recent years they've been responsible for attacks on politicians policemen bureaucrats and foreigners they've even been blamed for
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prison breaks and derailing trains the indian government course in the country's biggest internal security threat. is a retired indian navy commodore and the director of the society for policy studies he says this violence is a setback for the governed. for any country to lose 22 security personnel. being operation in the heart of the country is a reflection of the seriousness of the trade that the indian state and the local government in this is chuck have been dealing with so we immediate incident that set back and the investigations war gave was a sense of what went wrong and how. large force of lease and special forces were what kwame the operation welcoming the area how it would be of the ambush this is insurgency
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a low intensity campaign that's been going on all more than 3 decades and in this speech here about 15000 people have been killed so that to give you an idea about the scale of what we're dealing with so i think the me and state would have to go back to the drawing board to see what could be done better because we are talking about. i would broadly describe this as a challenge of governance and the need for the center in delhi and the local government. to really get back to the drawing board and come up with a different strategy that will be a mix of was the nation and also firmness and that is core that ethiopia says eritrean troops have begun leaving it's more than a region multiple reports said the case the eritrean forces have massacres sexual violence and then eating some of those attacks happened during a one month conflict between government forces and the regional take away people's
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liberation front last year after denying the presence of eritrean troops for months ethiopian prime minister abu ahmed announced their withdrawal last week. how survivors of an attack by armed groups and more than rising back had been speaking out about their ordeal one woman gave birth on the side of the road as she fled fighting in her hometown of palma. reports. safe and sound in a hotel room this baby boy and his mother survived a traumatic birth during a raid by armed men on their hometown fatto abdullah allie was separated from her husband and 3 other children as they tried to escape fighting in palmer she delivered her baby alone without medical treatment on the side of a road you see so i was tired while i was running and i was left behind by the group i was with then it got dark and i felt really sick and i couldn't go on i knew it was time to go into labor i slipped right where i was and gave birth alone
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armed groups stormed pama nearly 2 weeks ago killing dozens of people some of those displaced have arrived in the city of pemba the provincial capital of kabul delgado a province where this is what's happened in parma the armed men were there for 15 hours the population fled people died on the boat in the water others hid in the bush thought armed men were looking for people to kill. aid workers say while tens of thousands of people fled the attack only a small proportion have arrived in pemba and other safe places even so the authorities in pemba say they're struggling to cope with the influx. the infrastructure in pemba will not support the number of inhabitants this city was prepared to accommodate a certain number of people but now we have a lot more exposed to cope with 19 plus the amount of crime will increase. leaders
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from neighboring countries held talks in zimbabwe's capital on thursday and move about the violence in north a maze and beakers shed jewel to be held next week these displaced people say they're desperate to return home but only when it's safe to do say victoria gay to be al-jazeera. taiwan's transport minister says he will not avoid responsibility for the rail crash that killed 51 people families of the victims say they're angry that no one has yet apologize for the accident the transport ministry and rail company are facing questions about their safety protocols the train crashed into a truck that had rolled onto the tracks from a construction site well ahead of the roman catholic church has led easter mass at the vatican and a scaled back service the sea a jew to coronavirus restrictions pope francis offered his blessings to the wild earlier he added his followers not to lose hope during this pandemic is to mass is usually held in st peter's square in front of tens of thousands of pilgrims.
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a mass has been held at the church of the holy sepultura in jerusalem which was closed last easter because of this pandemic it's built on a site where christians believe that jesus christ was crucified. and in indonesia christians have held their easter sunday services with heavy security after last week's suicide bombing at a cathedral which injured 19 people and police were seen jakarta's main cathedral as church goers also went through security checks indonesia has been on edge since the 2 attackers blew themselves up at a church on sudha way sea island. and millions of filipinos are unable to celebrate easter in a traditional way off to a government that imposed a strict carbon $1000.00 locked down german island oregon reports on how a country with christians making up more than 90 percent of its population is creeping. oh my dear the lord is mercado has been coming to the church of the latter and in the capital manila since she was
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a little girl on the holiest day of the christian calendar this is a spar as she's allowed to go as in many countries places of worship are seen as potential hubs for spreading coronavirus so for now attending men as is different. for me this isn't a for now that i am able to hear most outside the church his swerves give me strength my faith is my god that certain buckler and has long been the refuge for the faithful who come from the poorest sector of society but public these are gatherings have been restricted for a 2nd consecutive year raising concerns from many catholics here that the pandemic may have permanently altered the ways of worship. the philippines has seen a steep price in coronavirus cases since february prompting the government to impose another round of lockdown in manila and nearby provinces but in recent days
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at least $1.00 out of 4 filipinos who have been tested have turned out positive with coronavirus. so this priest has been left with no choice but to preach in an empty church although it could be watched online he calls for a moment of silence to remember the thousands who have died from the pandemic sending a message of comfort to those who are grieving so much more in another part of manila father flavia begin with her runs a center for the poor and homeless he talks about redemption in the critical the church completely in society especially when she. the thing is to respond appropriately competently and justly to the needs of the people the church cannot remain silent it will always serve as a club sions of those brazen people the church will always remain as a light to those dampened by their hopes kneeling before a homeless man
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a reformed drug user a lawyer and a journalist father flabby says they represent those who have been persecuted by the government he offers a message of hope. but for many here the shadow of death still lingers though the faithful see they remain fervent in their prayers christ the sea has been resurrected and the hope filipinos will soon rise from their sufferings to. dogon manila. communities and gone as far as the regime has been banishing people they're curious and practicing witchcraft neighboring region set up camps to help those who've been forced out but as eva to boca reports from gangbanger there's concern now that because of the coronavirus even people are being sent away. the car you'll possy is blind and the self is failing he wants to go home to live on his final
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decent but not so mighty to happen. he was banished from his village years ago by those who once called his family on us friends and they want to take him back a boy died in the killing of a chicken and they accused me of killing him by witchcraft they chased me out of the community and i ended up here many people in this camp have similar stories now at least 6 so-called which comes likeness in often gonna pass on people who are accused of witchcraft and chased from their homes. all gallows but in the way this is a they're mostly every now and day and then if you were in the way to. get out and let the record out of here and there off a shelf here see the cover 1908 maybe one reason why more people now arrive and seeking refuge and yet gonna was the 1st country in the well not to receive cover
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dozers another kovacs program and hearing a 12 hour drive north of the capital of. many people simply don't believe in the facts and instead they believe in witchcraft. we do all of this stuff the government and non-government agencies are run in cobbett education campaigns and hold a vinyl doesn't make matters worse. people understand why a strong young man wakes up gets covered have difficulty in breathing have difficulty in been in all the body certainly young man bears in all communities and not in goma. it will be accepted or find out what illegal to do love war which is just. what you do with dr sure. it would be a shitty feast and definitely the old friend and moans and their souls will only
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fewer than $4000.00 college pieces have been reported in gonna snow but officials fear the actual number is far higher and keep rising. go also have taken refuge in becomes feel rejected and long forgotten but small are arriving each day and that is increasing concern about the spread of the koran of our old as they are forced to share a smaller space the risk becomes so much greater while for the 1st time in more than a year new york's broadway was back in business briefly on saturday ascent james theatre opened with a small performance involving just 2 stars one $150.00 masked and socially distanced audience members watched actor nathan lane and wilder announced tapped on society and lover the event brings hope of what shows to come. now the u.s. envoy for climate john kerry says he hopes to work with china to tackle climate change kerry is in abu dhabi for talks on what's happening in the middle east and
6:44 pm
north africa he says nations need to narrow their differences to slow global warming the meeting comes ahead of the un climate summit in scotland in november where leaders are expected to build on the 2015 paris accord. the well we want to do is be helpful not here to tell anybody what to do we're here to try to talk through a problem we all share and find a common way to address the recognizing that countries just can't shut down anymore that we didn't. you can't shut down you've got to continue to try to provide a revenue base keep your people employed have stability so you've got to transition in a way that makes sense. and has warned that time is running out to slow climate change saying this upcoming summit in scotland could be our very last chance to take action the conference wants to mobilize support for countries that are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change governments are also expected to commit
6:45 pm
to stronger emissions cuts in the 2015 paris agreement you'll recall nations agreed to limit global warming by up to 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels those efforts have largely stalled because of the corona virus pandemic on the shafi is the executive director of arab youth climate movement cattle he says use groups keep governments in check and try to ensure that they live up to their commitments under the paris climate agreement. i think that is a great way to have momentum having the whole of the gulf and middle east countries and the right way how. is looking after the upcoming cop $26.00 to have all the countries in the mena regions come up with the anaheim and make the commitment and it would be a crucial part and they want to see what are the commitment each country would be making in terms of admission and also like how john kerry was mentioning we just don't have to shut down but how to mobilize them get more support and more jobs created and to how the transition towards non radio resources can be
6:46 pm
kept alive and bringing more green baize jobs in the middle east to be a dog an addition here closely work with the community and also with the government to see how their commitments are in line with the paris agreement the most of the time what we do is to build up a community based initiative that not only provide an understanding of what is happening i don't on the same time working with the government with some of the initiatives that help them to build a capacity and also build a partnership that is very much necessary and terms of moving towards and keeping up their promises as their palates agreement signatory countries have more than 500000000 facebook users have had their information leaked by hack of phone numbers of phone and locations and that's a very similar process i found on a website for hackers information passersby several years although facebook says that it has fixed the issues that led to that leap. well still ahead here on al-jazeera a goal to remember well round up the best of the european football action in school
6:47 pm
with. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure is that a fair assessment it would be a catastrophic failure to twice valuable backseat informed opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. ready for another perspective listen to the take al-jazeera is flagship news podcast with malenka bailout or discover hindsight and original docu drama podcast narrated by charles dance the famous one came from years of politics and culture go
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undercover to hear allegations of corruption by those in power and if you're in a hurry get your news in 2 minutes from al-jazeera news updates on home already. well welcome back now egypt put on a show to move its ancient royal monies to their new home at cairo's national museum crowds witness the multi-million dollar spectacle of the 18 kings and 4 queens making in china through the capital on saturday well the event will help to resurrect the struggling tourism industry and one can have. with all
6:49 pm
the fanfare the befits egypt's ancient kings and queens the highly anticipated meticulously planned ferries golden parade was the biggest cultural event cairo has seen in recent years travelling in individual vehicles bedecked an ancient egyptian style the moment fire drills 22 of them in all were moved from caro's a gyptian museum in tahrir square they moved through the capital streets to a new location a state of the art facility called the national museum of ancient civilization. where they were greeted by a concert from the cairo fellow monic featuring famous singers and then received by the egyptian president. the pharaohs of the stuff of legend and include ho-tep the 1st ramsay's the 2nd ramsay's the 3rd and queen never tire. you got to. sing.
6:50 pm
without the well. prepared objects to travel around the well but then you got a spectacle to close on so the logistics behind it was very complex and you can imagine there being which that's what started. this spectacle but we also felt that everything goes to. the security operation was a mammoth undertaking streets were closed in cairo brought to a standstill the. event which lasted around 2 hours was attended by various dignitaries including the director general of unesco the un's world heritage organization. once the money's arrived at their new resting place they are to be put into restoration in a lab for 15 days and readied for display but there are a minority who mata darkly about an ancient curse legend has it that cursed will be the ones that move the mummies they say the su is canal blockage disturbing global
6:51 pm
markets 2 trains colliding with each other a garment factory blaze and a residential building collapse all came after the announcement of the pharaoh's gold braid the but the ancient curse hasn't stopped the pharaohs once again appearing on the streets of egypt. which is a. well it is now time to support his sorry thanks for the in the fuzzier that thought with tennis because it's possible the french open we postponed for the 2nd year running because of cave at 19 front sensitive 3rd nationwide lockdown on saturday with the country not expected to reopen until mid may now the french open is scheduled for may 70 but the government is talking to organizes about delaying it all serious postponed for 4 months and played in front of a limited number of fans former french open champion ashley bossy has successfully defended a miami open title the australian world number one was up against former u.s. open champion bianca and the rest go in the final he twisted her ankle in event she
6:52 pm
had to retire to a party needing 63 and 4 love because of reduced form and revenue caused by the pandemic boxes when his check was just 300000 dollars compared to the $1350000.00 she received last time. it's obviously a tournament to weisberg right deb and it sets a challenge is it to win these titles you have to beat the best in you often have to be 234 top 10 players so it's been been a great challenge is wake i've enjoyed every single match and enjoyed the experience in any kind of the lessons i've learned out of it as well it's always disappointing to say that you're trying to get injured not think bianca's have such a rough troubling juries in the past hopefully she can recover well recover quickly in this doesn't hinder our season too much canyon run a ruth chapman get to smash the old hof marathon rec hold she won this simple hofmeyr thing completing the $21.00 promises in a time of one hour 4 minutes and 2 seconds shaving 29 seconds off the previous
6:53 pm
record the 26 year old won the march the world a $36.00 championships in doha a couple of years ago and she's targeting the gold medal at the olympics coming up in july now another big name competing in tokyo will be japanese swimming star a car she's only been competing for 8 months after recovering from leukemia but she has secured a place at the games by winning the 100 meter butterfly at the national championships . but there are still doubts hanging over the olympics of a $110.00 days to go all the noises are going to hold crisis talks assuming the swimming governing body pheno which reportedly wants to cancel diving will talk in tokyo over safety concerns it will be a major setback because the tournament also a test event for coated 19 protocols. but they have managed to hold another test event though for wheelchair rugby ahead of the paralympics in fact players from the japanese national team competed against each other at the yogi national stadium is the 1st test event in tokyo in more than
6:54 pm
a year. now you may remember on saturday we showed you a huge crash at the extreme you racing series in saudi arabia well the same driver claudia hold again has crashed again on sunday this time it was another race that drove into the back of a car it was a big impact with thankfully both of them are ok. now this was the 1st race of the extreme electric series whose names may sustainability in areas affected by climate change the team that won is a wax formula one champion a corrosive and those hamilton and jenson button also have teams in the series also stopped in senegal greenland brazil and argentina. moving on to football match the city coach pep guardiola says his side a very close to taking the premier league title in england they were 6 rounds on the european football action with this triple and city are 17 points clear manchester city are closing in on their 3rd premier league title in 4 seasons the 2
6:55 pm
no victory over 3rd place less the city means they now need just 11 points from their last 7 games to secure the trophy thank you very rare huge victory we need 34 more victories and 2 yeah to do it again come back rest of them on. this for me no city's win means that liverpool down in 5th can no longer defend their title but they did boost their chances of a top 4 finish with a 3 no win it arsenal just mixed up for liverpool they face real madrid in the quarter finals of the champions league on tuesday. beat i bought 2 nil in the league with karim benzema racking up his 24th goal of the season they moved 3 points behind leaders atletico madrid who play severe later on sunday. elsewhere in spain real sociedad a celebrated their 1st copy del rey trophy in 34 years after one their win over let it build no fans were allowed inside but bilbao supporters gathered outside and
6:56 pm
clashed with police this was actually last year's final which was delayed by the pandemic and bizarrely bilbao will get another chance later this month when they face barcelona in this year's edition. in germany's been this league or by munich win the battle of the top 2 teams they were one nil winners away at the lope cig and now 67 points clear with 7 games of the season remaining. buoyant take on paris and your man in the champions league on wednesday p.s.g. were also involved in a top 2 crash in the french league but they didn't fare so well beaten one little by little and they also had neymar sent off. in italy into milan extended their lead in syria to 8 points with a one the win it belong year romelu lukaku scoring the winner to secure into his 9th league win in a row the gold of the day though perhaps the season belong to sports years daniel verde. bicycle kick to remember but it wasn't enough to prevent
6:57 pm
a 21 defeat. david stokes al-jazeera. and f.l. cards from tom brady's rookie season has sold for $2500000.00 it was snapped up at auction by an anonymous buyer signed card from brady's 1st season the new england patriots is one of only a handful of it to be offered for sale another of them sold last month for $1320000.00. and finally n.b.a. star le bron james is following in the footsteps of michael jordan from the basketball court to the big screen. classic welcome to. the l.a. lakers players starring in the sequel to space jam cause a new legacy will be appearing alongside the likes of bugs bunny and daffy duck just like jordan did in the original film back in 1996 and the new one well it's set to be released in july. well that's so useful for me for now i'll be more like
6:58 pm
. thanks so much star well that is it for me for this news hour but don't go away i'll be back in just a moment with more of the day's news stay with us. talking to al-jazeera we are going to tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sell the fence material to any country the conflict in yemen we meet with the global news makers untold about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. oldham's right wing government and the catholic church are
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the very best of friends the curve supports the government the government supports the church their critics claim they both draw power from demonizing others they find an enemy on them that drives go the people with that attitude it's not ideology hatred but have recent changes to abortion laws pushed the public too far . people in power vested gates poland's church and state alliance on a 0. april on al-jazeera from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout will bring you the latest developments from around the world a year into the coronavirus pandemic one a one east skeins rare behind the scenes access into the secretive world of japanese soon. could president into still be secure a 6th time in power join us on april 11th for the chop election. the award winning our choice returns it's to receive those striving to reduce or negative impact on the planets as president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special
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coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april ouches iraq. the world. jordan's government accuses film a crown prince hamza of being part of a project to destabilize the country. and are there on the stars attain this as al-jazeera life and our hala also coming up heavy rains triggered flash floods and mudslides in indonesia killing thousands of people. at least 22 indian soldiers the killed in a gun battle with maoist rebels that deadly.


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