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will come today from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax and enjoy the perfect break in your journey. and when you leave with a smile we know law day's work is done cancellara is welcome to our home. jordan's government accuses the king's half brother prince hamza of being involved in a malicious halt to destabilize the country. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the
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program bulgaria heading for a political crisis as exit polls give the prime minister a narrow victory but facing complex coalition talks. at least 49 people dead after to rancho rain causes flash floods and landslides in indonesia so. i'm not marry any individual bullshit now i'm mad at the system. george floyd's uncle tells al jazeera he hopes the system can be fixed after the trial of former police officer derek show them. now jordan says it's prevented what it called a malicious plot by top officials and king abdullah's half brother to destabilize the country the deputy prime minister says security forces it into stepped it communications between the former crown prince hamza and foreign policies planning
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to undermine jordan's security at least 14 people have been arrested so far for exams and says he's been placed placed under house arrest and has hit back accusing jordan's leaders of corruption and incompetence he's popular in jordan is a favorite son of the late king hussein his mother queen noor has described the allegations against him as wicked sunda but leaders around the middle east have voiced support for king abdullah with his saudi and moroccan counterparts calling him to express their solidarity or to abdul hamid has our report. it was talk about the 0 hour to government said that prompted jordan's king abdullah to give the green light for the arrest of more than a dozen people including bessemer would allow a former head of the royal court and finance minister he then became part of the inner circle of prince hamza bin has seen the house but have to king who was also a crown prince until he was removed from the role in 2004 jordan's deputy prime
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minister a minister for he said that beyond a doubt the inner circle of prince hamza were coordinating with foreign parties and opposition abroad a plot to destabilize the country with. the state intelligence with already has been closely monitoring activity from his highness homs a surefire some desired by some of the law and others whose movements were aimed at undermining our stability and security the surveillance intercepted movements including communication with foreign sides on a so-called 0 hour to trigger measures aimed at undermining else to belittle shortly after the arrests prince hamza appeared in a video saying he had been put under house arrest for bit in from communicating with the outside world a claim later denied by jordan chief of staff the prince also took the president did move after publicly criticizing the leadership of the country i am not the person responsible for the breakdown in governance for the corruption and for the
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incompetence that has been prevalent in. our governing structure for the last 15 to 20 years and has been getting worse either here. not responsible for the lack of faith that people have in their institutions. their response to the former crown prince had been sidelined since his removal from power but he is said to have been forging ties with this quintal tribesman and the loosely organized opposition known as haddock that has been calling for mass protests so far the government hasn't revealed the scope of the alleged plot but some say it's unlikely it was aimed at directly overthrowing king abdullah you can't have a coup or lesser security people involved so i don't think and you know this whole idea of a plot there is just not true there is there is clearly. an internal issue that has come out in the public and i think in a way it has turned out not in the favor of some of the people who began this
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process of arrests it's not clear what will happen to the former crown prince king abdullah said to favor an amicable solution for the sake of the royal family and the stability of the country there are still many questions that remain and answers the government says it will reveal all details in due course but if anything recent events reveal deep divisions within the royal family of a country considered a beacon of stability within a turbulent middle east but at that hamid al-jazeera. now bull garia could be heading for a political crisis despite months of anti-government protests and surging kovac cases exit polls in sunday's parliamentary elections put the prime minister boyko borders off in 1st place but he could struggle to form a coalition and secure
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a 4th term or dissolve party is projected to win 25.7 percent of the vote fall in short of a majority a main opposition socialist party is expected to finish on 17.6 percent the anti elite party led by t.v. host treffen of looks set to finish in 3rd place with 15.2 percent but driven off says he opposes any coalition with mainstream parties raising the possibility of a deadlocked parliament on the democratic bulgaria party boosted by last year's protests is projected to win 10.4 percent when it's made his following events for us in the bulgarian capital so far and as you're hearing that but for self might be head of his rivals with his posse poised to win but it's not guaranteed that he'll be able to retain his current position. no bars of lost votes compare to the last election as you say the estimates that maybe
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25 percent or so i could change further overnight the still a lot of overseas bulgarian votes to be counted for so we know how much clearer picture until monday morning but the problem for the prime minister has been this really since why it spread protests against corruption this is according to transparency international the most corrupt country in the european union since those widespread protests. hasn't given one interview to the media throughout the election campaign which has been subdued because of covert 19 years nevertheless only allowed his own p.r. people along with him so we've heard nothing from him and into the void created by the protests last summer has been this new anti establishment party there is such a people party to get 16 percent of the vote all more out of 1st attempt is really a very significant achievement for them this party says it will not work with the
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mainstream parties so that means when coalition building talks or whatever begin on monday or later it's going to be very difficult for the prime minister find willing partners. now what about public reaction because of course he's dominated a bulgarian politics but he's definitely had his fair share of opposition yet there is definitely an element of popularity the enjoys in the country as well. well one of the things that our lists were telling us to watch out for before the vote was counted was how well these. parties would do 16 percent or so where there is that your party is considered significant but yes the prime minister still contains considerable support base the has been very high covert infections here in bulgaria one of the highest in your very low vaccination
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rate but in the last 10 years or so and power he's presided over an increase in the basic wage by about 36 percent average salary now $900.00 a month so there has been a noticeable improvement in circumstances for many bulgarians infrastructure has must much improved and there is this pull garion preference according to other surveys for a sort of a strong mom character in the leaders in a leadership position boris office 61 year old former fireman sort of fits that bill so there is a. significant portion of the population still supports him and his party thank you very much smith following that story for us and thank you. at least 49 people have died in indonesia's east floors in neighboring east timor after flash flooding and landslides rescue workers say they might not be able to reach from the areas for some time yet and as jessica washington reports is also warning
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of more extreme weather into rancho rang. that east floor is in tunisia flash flooding and landslides have killed dozens of people in at least 7 villages and the death toll is expected to rise many families say their loved ones are still missing . as the scale of the disaster unfolds communities are in mourning. this man's body was pulled from the debris people in the video say he was a teacher. thousands of houses are likely to have been buried under mud after the landslides at least 5 bridges were destroyed and most roads blocked hampering access for search and rescue workers or. we need to work on giving the logistics because this is extreme weather we have to use both we're looking into planes or helicopters we will support the needs of the people the power and communication lines are down making it difficult for authorities to know the extent of the
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disaster authorities say they're trying to get food masks and other essentials to evacuation centers. i would challenge the patients we will try to find other ways to access the area to deliver essentials in neighboring east timor this boarding home of the students was one of many buildings destroyed in the floods witnesses say a 2 year old is among the dead indonesia's weather bureau warns of further to rancho rains strong winds and powerful waves just go washington al-jazeera jakarta . or indonesian authorities say at least 2 fishermen have been killed after their boat capsized following a collision with a cargo ship in the java sea 32 people long board the fishing boat 15 a still missing local fisherman the navy and divers are all scouring the water but no reason has been provided for how the collision occurred and there's also been another boat in collision actually in central bangladesh rescuers they're searching
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for survivors after a small ferry with up to 50 past. as on board sank after hitting another boat vessel went down in the shuttle a skier river had left the industrial city of not a young gunge and was heading for the nearby gunship district 11 people pulled from the water but rescue efforts are being hampered by a powerful storm. all 22 members of india's security forces have been killed during a raid on a maoist rebel hideout in eastern chata scarred state at least one maoist fighter was killed police say they acted on intelligence that the group was hiding in a far east a 4 hour gun battle then ensued with an officer saying rebels were using grenades the maoists are for the government for more than 4 decades demanding land and jobs for their foreigners. the search operation is under way however both sides have suffered losses our security personnel have been killed i pay tribute to them and i
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want to assure their families and the country that the blood they have sacrificed will not be in vain for it will continue with more strength and firmness we will continue our battle against the maoists and we will take this to a conclusion. or at least 3 anti military protestors have been killed by security forces in the latest demonstrations against february's coup in may in mar. despite the military crackdown and their tactics against people fountains turned out in cities across the country on easter sunday in the city of yangon young people handed out eggs and many decorated them with the 3 finger salute help the slogan spring revolution when a treat as of now announced arrest warrants for nearly 60 celebrities known for their opposition to the coup hero down which i think it was a lot of parents used to not let their children go out but the young people are determined to fight they have a strong will to get freedom now some parents and letting them go out and join the
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strike with them. and without as they are live from london much more still ahead on the program forced to give birth alone by the side of a road survivors in the brutal attack on palmer in northern missouri describe their ordeal and pope francis denounces the armed conflicts still raging despite the pandemic and as. such it is a celebration to take place. well just as the flowers bloom is going to be a bit of a shock for most people in europe may not see very much but look at the speed at which that line of cloud is coming down on us affectively much colder a mirage windy a weather is coming right the way down across the plain of you know we're currently was sitting in these high pressure which means quiet weather cold at night
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relatively warm by day though it's taken a tumble recently but look at this this is a dalby gale through the north sea bringing snow showers yes i said snow showers to the coast of the netherlands to germany and ahead of it the frontal system will bring widespread though temporary snow all the dancers the countries of central europe that it's ok in spain in portugal it's quiet and sunny here and ahead of it it's quite warm with the rain. hovering around turkey the bosphorus ball gary and this is going to be a dramatic change for example in prague we go from 11 degrees which is about average on monday down through the breezy almost set to windy weather and snow quite likely by wednesday big changes i said as it were in the south it's going to sit somewhere over the balkans the line up through ukraine and not move much further so in sarajevo you've got several days of cold weather with snow just out was and then the sun comes out over the top.
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most people will never know what's beyond this storm. deafening silence it's 100000 forms how it feels to touch danger british. people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is precious. which . is not an option. but when most people. the all the the world. rocking back and look at main stories now jordan's from
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a crown prince has been accused of involvement in a plot to destabilize the country with foreign assistance at least 14 people have been detained since homs a says he is under house arrest. polls have closed and the counting is underway in bulgaria's parliamentary elections with a tight result expected exit polls suggest the prime minister boyko borisov could struggle to form a coalition and secure another time. and heavy rain has triggered flash floods and landslides in indonesia's east florrie's and neighboring east timor regions at least 49 people have been killed and thousands more displaced dozens of homes were swept away or buried by modern war and death every. now and all the stories we're covering ethiopia is saying eritrean troops have started leaving the northern to gray region following increasing international pressure of atrocities in the area multiple reports accuse eritrean forces of massacres sexual violence and looting the soldiers supported the ethiopian army
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during a one month war november against the great people's liberation front which ruled the region of the denying the presence of eritrean troops for months prime minister ahmed acknowledged their presence for the 1st time last week. now survivors of the assault on the town of palma in northern mozambique have been speaking about their ordeal one woman ended up giving birth alone on the side of the road as she fled the fighting in her hotel victoria gainey now reports. safe and sound in a hotel room this baby boy and his mother survived a traumatic birth during a raid by armed men on their hometown fatto abdullah as he was separated from her husband and 3 other children as they try to escape fighting in palmer she delivered her baby alone without medical treatment on the side of a road you see i was tired while i was running and i was left behind by the group i
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was with then it got dark and i felt really sick and i couldn't go on i knew it was time to go into labor i slipped right where i was and gave birth alone armed groups stormed pama nearly 2 weeks ago killing dozens of people some of those displaced have arrived in the city of pemba the provincial capital of kabul delgado province where this is what's happened in parma the armed men were there for 15 hours the population fled people died on the boat in the water others hid in the bush thought armed men were looking for people to kill. aid workers say while tens of thousands of people fled the attack only a small proportion have arrived in pemba and other safe places even so the authorities in pemba say they're struggling to cope with the influx. the infrastructure in pemba will not support the number of inhabitants the city was prepared to accommodate a certain number of people but now we have
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a lot more they are exposed to cold 19 plus the amount of crime will increase. leaders from neighboring countries held talks in zimbabwe's capital on thursday and move about the violence in no the maze and be jewel to be held next week these displaced people say they're desperate to return home but only when it's safe to do say victoria gates in the al jazeera the trial of former police officer derek chauvin for the murder of george floyd has changed resume on monday in the u.s. city of minneapolis emotional and potentially damning witness accounts mark the 1st week of the trial many of floyd's relatives have traveled from across the country to attend. elizondo spoke to george floyd's uncle. the 1st week of the trial saw some emotional testimony that was hard to listen to particularly for some of george floyd's family members who are here like selwyn jones his uncle who i had a chance to speak to and this is
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a little bit of what he had to say what is it like to be here in that courtroom. this is all a lot i've had tree. you say somebody that you've loved and cherished 4546 years and one day he's gone because they're just power and control this is this is what. justice for floyd. we gotta have justice for forward we've got to have justice for all is it hard to relive floyd's death through this trial this week i have been. sad it's just like somebody sticks to handing your chest and rips your heart out because you see a good dude human everybody has mistakes but you see a good dude if you seen the video before he was in a store that's us laugh and dance in
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a you don't say in and to know that he got killed murdered for $19.10 pennies. you know so i'm not mad at any individual person now i'm mad at the system so if we can get this done and come to you know come to a good conclusion this if we can't fix the system because we have an opportunity for the 1st time ever to fix a system because of the death of my nephew or the drug use how do i as a as his uncle. how does that make you feel when that comes in by the defense bringing up drug use a. is something that we live with you know there's people with just people with so many addictions in this world and it's something that my man was fighting you know what i'm saying. you should not be
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issued a death sentence because you're how simple there's been plenty of people in this world has been high before and they didn't get murdered in the mill the street like the dogs so you know they're trying to assassinate just can't turn. but it's a proven fact you know he had issues he had you know he had demons but his demons did not. put him in a situation to be healed because he wasn't fighting he wasn't arguing he wasn't doing any of the things that you would. coincide with being murdered do you feel confident that you'll get a guilty verdict now after one week not put in heart for the car i'm not putting the cart before the horse will say like i'm saying i'm waiting because. i've been living longer have to now work nothing surprises me so. i'm going out wait and hope that things come out the way it is supposed to jones is one of
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several of floyd's family members that are here they say they'll stay for as long as the trial takes which could be up to another 3 weeks. now homes in nature reserves in the u.s. state of florida are being threatened by a massive radioactive water from a storage lake a state of emergency has been declared in manatee county north of the city of bright denton the break in the walls of the late was 1st detected on friday and has continued to get worse the lake holds 2000000000 liters of water polluted by radioactive waste products from an old fertilizer factory 300 homes in the area of been evacuated. well nearly 60000000 people in the united states have now been fully vaccinated against kovan 1000 that is 18 percent of its population on average 3000000 doses are being administered there every day more than 160000000 jobs have been given
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america's chief medical adviser dr anthony found she says vaccinations will soon override a surge in the virus if people continue to follow the guidelines more than 60000 new cases and 748 deaths were reported in the u.s. on saturday turkey has recorded it 2nd high single day tally of new coronavirus cases since the pandemic began the country reported almost 42000 factions in 185 deaths on sunday cases of soared since measures to curb the pandemic we eased in early march government has announced the return of weekend lockdowns for the month of ramadan starting in the middle of april. and then in india the richest state maharashtra will impose strict code 91000 restrictions from monday more cinemas restaurants or going to or going to be forced to close with a complete lockdown on weekends india has experienced a rapid rise in cases with daily infection surging to a 6 month high of more than $93000.00 on sunday the state of mara rushed to account
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of more than half of those new cases and of course in peace a square is usually filled with tens of thousands of pilgrims on easter sunday but this year it was empty coronavirus restrictions have prevented the traditional celebrations at last came from taking place for the 2nd year in a row now pope francis held easter mass in a scaled back service instead and used his message. address to urge people not to give up hope you also denounce the conflicts that continue to rage around the world . were these to missy's does not offer you some raj you already feel a magic formula does not point to any escape from the difficult situation we are experiencing the pandemic is still spreading well the social and economic crisis remains severe especially for the poor but nonetheless the scandalous conflicts of not indeed the military arsenals have been strengthened meanwhile millions of filipinos have been unable to celebrate easter traditionally as well for
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a 2nd year in a row after the government there imposed a strict lockdown to alan duggan reports on how the country where more than 90 percent of the population a christian is marking the occasion the maria dolores mercado has been coming to the church of butler and in the capital manila since she was a little girl in the holiest day of the christian calendar this is a star as she's allowed to go as in many countries places of worship are seen as potential hopes for spreading coronavirus so for now attending mass is different. for me this isn't the for now the. i am able to hear mass outside the church his swerves give me strength my faith is my god that surgery and has long been the refuge for the faithful who come from the poorest sector of society but public gatherings have been restricted for a 2nd consecutive year raising concerns from many catholics here that the pandemic
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may have permanently altered the ways of worship. the philippines has seen a steep price in corona virus cases since february prompting the government to impose another round of lockdown in manila and nearby provinces but in recent days at least $1.00 out of 4 filipinos who have been tested have turned out positive with coronavirus. so this priest has been left with no choice but to preach in an empty church although it could be watched online he calls for a moment of silence to remember the thousands who have died from the pandemic sending a message of comfort to those who are grieving so much all of the water in another part of manila father flavia begin with her runs a center for the poor and homeless he talks about redemption in the critical the church completely in society especially when society famously respond appropriately
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competently and justly he did needs of the people the church not to remain silent it will always serve as a club sions of those brazen people the church will always remain as a light to those dampened by their hopes of kneeling before a homeless man a reformed drug user a lawyer and a journalist father flabby says they represent those who have been persecuted by the government he offers a message of hope. but for many here the shadow of death still lingers though the faithful. see the remain fervent in their prayers christ the sea has been resurrected and the hope filipinos will soon rise from there's a free stew. duggan manila. unusual celebrations in indonesia as well christians there holding their easter sunday services a bit heavy security after last week's suicide bombing at
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a cathedral 9000 people were injured in tunisia has been on high alert since the attack on the island with armed police seen at jakarta's main cathedral and church is undergoing security checks now egypt's museum of national civilisation has opened its doors to the public with the hope that it can rescue beleaguered tourism industry and museum in the ancient capital a 1st step south of cairo has been under construction for several years but the pandemic has given it even greater importance it's hoped that foreign tourists will flock to see the world's largest collection of egyptian antiquities after the travel restrictions and lift it. on remind you of our main stories this hour now jordan is saying it's prevented what it called a malicious plot by top officials and king abdullah's half brother to destabilize the country deputy prime minister says the security forces it intercepted
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communications between the former crown prince hamza and foreign policies planning to undermine jordan's security at least 14 people.


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