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ahead of the day on al-jazeera. jordan's form a crown prince is accused of being part of a plot with foreign help to destabilize the kingdom. hello i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from our world headquarters in doha also ahead it. appears there's worse to come dozens die in remote parts of indonesia and east timor with more to rancho rain forecast.
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a subdued celebration most people stay at home for brazil's special easter mass because of the coronavirus crisis and gary is ruling party is on target to win another general election but faces tough coalition negotiations after a large protest vote. thank you for joining us jordan his government says it's for ted what it calls a malicious plot to destabilize the country the half brother of king abdullah has been put under house arrest he says he's being punished for speaking out against corruption but jordan separte prime minister says friends hamza and other top officials have been under surveillance for some time hoda abdel-hamid has our report. it was talk about the 0 hour to government said that prompted jordan's king abdullah to give the green light for the arrest of mordant dozen people including
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bessemer would allow a former head of the royal court and finance minister he then became part of the inner circle of prince hamza bin hasin to have read of the king who was also a crown prince until he was removed from the role in 2004 jordan's the p.g. prime. amun assefa he said that beyond a doubt in the circle of prince hamza were coordinating with foreign parties and opposition abroad a plot to destabilize the country with. the state intelligence with already has been closely monitoring activity from his highness hum's a surefire some desired by some of the lower and others whose movements were aimed at undermining our stability and security the surveillance intercepted movements including communication with foreign sides on a so-called 0 hour to trigger measures aimed at undermining else to belittle shortly after the arrests prince hamza appeared in the video saying he had been put under house arrest for bidden from communicating with the outside world i claim
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later denied by jordan chief of staff there prince also took the president did move after publicly criticizing the leadership of the country i am not the person responsible for the breakdown in governance for the corruption and for the incompetence that has been prevalent in. our governing structure for the last 15 to 20 years and has been getting worse by the year and i'm not responsible for the lack of faith that people have in their institutions. their response to form a crown prince had been sidelined since his removal from power but he is said to have been forging ties with this gruntal tribesmen and the loosely organized opposition known as head of that has been calling for mass protests so far the government hasn't revealed the scope of the alleged plot but some say it's unlikely it was aimed directly overthrowing king abdullah you can't have
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a cool unless there are security people involved so i don't think and you know this whole idea of a plot there is just not true there is there is clearly. an internal issue there cannot in the public and i think in a way it has turned out not in the favor of some of the people who began this process of arrests it's not clear what will happen to the former crown prince king abdullah said to favor an amicable solution for the sake of the royal family and the stability of the country there are still many questions that remain and answers the government says it will reveal all details in due course but if anything recent events reveal deep divisions within the royal family of a country considered a beacon of stability within a turbulent middle east put out that hammett al-jazeera. while i speak to sorry about this cheesy executive director of democracy for the arab world now it's an
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organization that promotes a ball of law and human rights in the middle east and north africa sarah's life from new york thank you so my show being with us so jordanian officials are calling this a plot to destabilize the kingdom but they're not mentioning the c word the cool word why do you think this is and what's motivated these arrests. well it's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation if the government continues to make allegations that make it sound like an attempted coup is very embarrassing for the kingdom each shows potentially the weakness and instability of the monarchy and the fact that coup plotters actually believed dudley could get away with a coup and yet to not have a story to justify the arrest and detention of prince and his associates will then make it appear that they've arrested him for no reason other than the fact that he's been critical of the team so they're really stuck in
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a difficult place i think the most telling issue here is how little we know and how little julian people know about what's happening in their own country and also very interesting the deputy prime minister in his news conference area mentioning the involvement of foreign forces without making an explicit statement as to who they were who are they pointing the finger to or say think well we don't know because they haven't pointed the finger specifically at anyone in fact it would be very helpful if deputy prime minister somebody who tell us but who exactly he's alleging was plotting a coup with the crown prince hauser so that we can avoid unnecessary and false rumors of course there are allegations that time the crown prince. who is now an advisor to crown prince mohammed bin some men in saudi arabia what
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the truth is not clear right it is very rare as you say to to hear by such arrests in jordan jordan has been really a bastion of stability over the years in this region to to what extent is there internal discontent however with the leadership of king abdullah and is there a political struggle a power struggle within the ruling family. well 2 things 1st of all what's rare is arrests of morals and moral sammul in members and this sort of internal family turmoil coming out into the open arrests themselves of people who are critical of the king critical even us or in current foreign governments are not rare and jordanians continue to be arrested and prosecuted if they protest or express critical speech they're subject to censorship the teachers' union was shut down last year so there is 0 a great deal of stability but there's also an iron fist yet jordan stability. is
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very crucial for the region we know and regional leaders and the us were very quick to express solidarity for king abdullah and this is coming at a time also of worsening relations between israel and jordan over israeli plans to onyx a west bank and parts of the jordan valley how do you see this affecting israel in particular and the region as a whole. what clearly king abdullah has been an outlier in the sunni axis that has driven itself so close to israel and its plans in the region. king abdullah has resisted some of the normalization outskirts didn't really come without condition for any interests of the palestinians and of course this is something that's very important to him we saw the recent scuffle between israel and king abdullah with the inability of his son to go and pray in jerusalem and so it's very clear that in some ways there's concern the king abdullah who be a spoiler well could be a spoiler between the plans and plots of israel the u.a.e.
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the main egypt and potentially saudi arabia thank you so much for talking to us about this thank you for your insights sally awaits and from from democracy for the arab world mt joining us there from neal thank you for your time. in other world news flash floods and landslides have killed at least 50 people in indonesia and neighboring east timor and there's more extreme weather on the way to rancho rain cos severe destruction across a chain of islands in the south with rescue workers struggling to reach remote areas jessica washington reports from jakarta. east flora's in tunisia flash flooding and landslides have killed dozens of people in at least 7 villages and the death toll is expected to rise many families say their loved ones are still missing . as the scale of the disaster unfolds communities are in mourning this
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man's body was pulled from the debris people in the video say he was a teacher. thousands of houses are likely to have been buried under mud after the landslides at least 5 bridges were destroyed and most roads blocked hampering access for search and rescue workers or. we need to work on giving the logistics because this is extreme weather we have to use both we're looking into planes or helicopters we will support the needs of the people the power and communication lines are down making it difficult for authorities to know the extent of the disaster authorities say they're trying to get food masks and other essentials to evacuation centers. i would challenge patients we will try to find other ways to access the area to deliver essentials in neighboring east timor this boarding home for students was one of many buildings destroyed in the floods witnesses say a 2 year old is among the dead indonesia's weather bureau warns of further to
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ensure rains strong winds and powerful waves just go washington al-jazeera jakarta . at least 2 fishermen have been killed after their boat collided with a cargo ship in indonesia's java sea the fishing boat capsized and divers are searching for 15 people who are still missing so far no reason has been given for the collision but safety isn't while in force and sea accidents are common in the region in bangladesh at least 5 people have died after a small ferry collided with another boat and sank rescue workers are looking for survivors up to 50 passengers were packed on board a police inspector says the ferry was rushing to leave the central city of najaf gunge after the government confirmed a new coronavirus stockpile. with intensive care space already near capacity colombia is bracing for another surge in
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corona virus infections after the easter holidays the situation is critical in some cities with health authorities saying the system is on the brink of collapse i was on the force from bogota. on a regular easter sunday tens of thousands of colombians would visit the sanctuary of month overlooking the capitol. hill with covert infections once again on the rise tight restrictions mean just $170.00 faithful are admitted to each mass. phone so in her daughters say they came to pray for help in these challenging times did pretty closely to end this pandemic that has harmed the entire world then for health of our family and our business it's been a tough year. the authorities in colombia are also praying to avoid the expected arrival of a 3rd wave of coronavirus after the easter holidays but in some cities the situation is already critical with i.c.u.
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units on the brink of collapse and on sunday the government announced new restrictions. health experts are particularly worried that the surge in infections will easily overcome the slow rollout of the vaccination program in the country seniors hear of the noun steve lays in complications in getting an appointment. in colombia we have vaccinated just 4 percent of the population at this rate it will take us well over another year we don't have that luxury the ministry of health lacks management skills. to try to increase daily those is seniors over 70 are now allowed to get a vaccine without an appointment 74 year old enery sanchez said he had been waiting for one for a month until his niece saw the announcement on twitter. i called him and said i was going to pick him up immediately he's been waiting for a cold for a long time i thought this was our chance and. limited resources
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delayed starts and political scandals have affected the rollout much of latin america where only a fraction that's been inoculated. but hospitals are at the brink of collapse even in chile where more than 35 percent of the population has already been vaccinated the country surpassed 1000000 infections on sunday with more than 8000 new cases every day the spike a total obligatory lockdown. you know was in brazil the worst affected country in the region where more than $66000.00 people died in march a special mass was broadcast live from the foot of religion arrows he cannae christ the redeemer statue a somber occasion to remember doe's who died in what would usually be a day of joy and rebirth. listen in on al jazeera.
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still ahead on al-jazeera how the families coping after a week of emotional testimony we hear from george floyd's uncle. i have been. it's just like so much to hang a chance to rip your heart out. and safe and sound for now we'll tell you about this baby's chimeric birth in mozambique. we have a few days off and most of us most accounted for any significant weather now there is still snow out of the cloud in quebec and there is still snow in british columbia and in the northern rockies in the cascades from that rather weak system nothing about that is unusual is when you bring this cold air that into contact
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with what still feeding it from the gulf that sings become active so i said on monday it's not unusual snowing freemont tyler to her probably why me occurring further south and eventually make it crosses the central plains nebraska for example is any early april to so snow is not unusual but you can see what's going to happen can you not you've got this cold air coming south with a feed a constant feed of warm moist right across the play's the flood plains where the 2 come together you tend to philip yet another system of these the sort of things that develop. these spring tornadoes views or you see more 3 episodes of this could be the force not entirely sure but it's certainly want to watch it is risky it's not until wednesday as it will come back to that savage old still residual big showers potentially in haiti dominican republic possibly present rico and then called not a cloud of rain in honduras and probably nicaragua doesn't change much in the next 2 days.
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but. the long of one of the i overdosed. but my sister saved me. a lot my life she shared with my family who talked about the reality of addiction in the arab wilds and the struggle africa frayne another lucky because it's just me and it's a truck. i'll just say oh well it goes inside a rehab clinic in the nile downtown. rehab egypt edge of addiction on al-jazeera. you're watching al jazeera i recap of our top story jordan's government says it's
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wanted a malicious fraud to destabilize the country the half brother of king abdullah has been put under house arrest prince hamza says is being punished for speaking out against corruption at least 50 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in indonesia and neighboring east timor rescue workers are struggling to reach remote areas and more to rancho rain is forecast and colombia is bracing for another surge in corona virus infections after the easter holidays the situation is critical in some cities with health authorities saying the system is on the brink of collapse. the exit polls involve garia suggesting the prime minister's center right party has won the election boards self is seeking a 4th term but with a drop in support and without a clear majority is likely to struggle to form a coalition when ismay 3 fourths of the capital sofia. ballot boxes were taken to self isolating voters in bulgaria's general election but even with this
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unprecedented effort has been typically low of just over 40 percent. of the reality i cast my vote hoping for change we can leave better than this up to now nothing good has happened. bulgaria's prime minister didn't invite cameras when he cast his vote this video is from his public relations team for kobar a soft as avoided the press since widespread corruption protests last summer relying instead on social media this is the most corrupt country in the e.u. according to transparency international both jerk party and the main opposition socialists have lost votes to anti establishment parties that emerged from those protests. in the current situation it seems it would be hard to make the government too many parts of the problem. on the edge of the e.u. bulgaria is a former satellite of the soviet union today it's in the middle of
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a fight for influence between brussels and moscow 6 russian diplomats were recently expelled from severe accusations of spying and there is i think a russian intelligence activity in the country ordered to swing here in from their perception from the west that this can no appeared at the time now and there is a waning international legitimacy in the sense that both areas american and european partners to begin to down to its pro western credentials one recent poll suggested 45 percent of bulgarians are in favor of a strong man style of leadership the didn't have to bother with elections. the party will be the largest in parliament but faces tricky coalition talks because this new. party says it will refuse to share power with the prime minister and any delay in forming a government could affect how record $59000000000.00 of e.u.
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funding is allocated here that's more money than bulgaria's had so far and it's 14 years of e.u. membership bernard smith al-jazeera sophia. kosovo's fatah main ties elected a new president's voice money was sworn in on sunday in november she temporarily replace former president touchy after he resigned when he was charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity in the hague as money's mandate expired following february's election. in the us terry show vanes murder trial has been the focus of global attention last year's killing of george floyd ignited protests across the world and became the center of debate about racial injustice al-jazeera has gable elizondo spoke to floyd's uncle about how the families coping for the 1st week of the trial saw some
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emotional testimony it was hard to listen to particularly for some of george floyd's family members who are here like selwyn jones his uncle who i had a chance to speak to and this is a little bit of what he had to say what is it like to be here in that courtroom. this is all had tree. you see somebody that you've loved and cherished 4546 years and one day he's gone because they're just power and control this is this is what. just has to flow or are. we got to have justice for ford we've got to have justice for all is it hard to relive floyd's death through this trial this week i have been. sad it's just like somebody sticks to handing it chairs or rips your heart out
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because you see a good dude. human everybody has mistakes but you see a good dude if you seen the video before he was in the store that's us laugh and dance in a you don't say in and to know that he got killed murdered for $19.10 pennies you know so i'm not mad at any individual person now i'm mad at the system so if we can get this done and come to an you know come to a good conclusion the see if we can fix the system because we have an opportunity for the 1st time ever to fix a system because of the death of my nephew the drug use how do i as a as his uncle how does that make you feel when that comes in by the defense bringing up drug use a. is something that we live with
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you know there's people with does people with so many addictions in this world and as something that my man was fighting you know what i'm saying. you should not be issued a death sentence because you're how simple there's been plenty of people in this world has been high before and they didn't get murdered the new mill the street like the dogs so you know they're trying to assassinate just can't turn. but it's a proven fact you know he had issues he had a you know he had demons but his demons did not. put him in a situation to be killed because he wasn't fighting he wasn't arguing he wasn't doing any of the things that you would. coincide with been murdered do you feel confident that you'll get a guilty verdict now after one week not put in heart for the cart i'm not putting the cart before the horse will say i can say i'm waiting because i. i believe in
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longer of now will not in surprise me so. i'll go wait and hope that things come out the way it was supposed to jones is one of several of floyd's family members that are here they say they'll stay for as long as the trial takes which could be up to another 3 weeks. saying in the us hundreds of homes have been evacuated in western florida as authorities try to prevent the collapse of a launch ponds polluted with radioactive waste as state of emergency has been declared in manatee county north of the city of bradenton a leak from the pond was detected on friday and is getting worse a major breach could unleash more than 2000000000 liters of water polluted by an old fertilizer factory. taiwan's transport minister says his stepping down after a train crash that killed 51 people the train derailed on friday when it hit
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a truck that rolled onto the tracks from a neighboring construction site the site manager has apologised and is in police custody as believe the brakes on his truck were not properly applied. then i would like to make a statement i have cause a serious accident to taiwan railway on the new straits and start arkell training full 08 during the tomo sweeping holiday this year disclosed people to be wounded and i deeply regret the days i also expressed my most sincere apologies old do all i can to cooperate gaiters and take on the responsibilities i have. in myanmar on tycho protesters show no sign of being silenced despite weeks of deadly crackdown by the military they've been peaceful demonstrations in cities across the country on sunday and monday one group gathered a dawn on motorbikes calling for
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a return to democracy more than 560 people have been killed since the military seize power on february the 1st in young gone demonstrators carried painted eggs with untie military slogans as a symbol of defiance and opposition to the cool one group marched through a districts chanting and singing protest songs many of the eggs had a drawing of the famed get salute which has become a symbol of resistance. ethiopia's government says it rich tree and troops are leaving its northern t. agree region after increasing international pressure over reported atrocities in the area eritrean forces are accused of carrying out massacres sexual violence and looting some of the attacks happened during a one month conflict between government forces and the t great people's liberation front last year for months in rich area and ethiopia had denied the presence of eritrean troops in te great. egypt says a new round of talks with ethiopia and sudan over
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a disputed die on the nile represents their last chance to reach an agreement the african union is mediating 3 days of negotiations in the democratic republic of congo that began on saturday if the o.p.'s says the grand renaissance dam is crucial to his development by age of 10 sudan are worried the project will lead to water shortages. now survivors of an attack by armed groups in northern mozambique have spoken of the horror that unfolded one woman gave birth on the side of the road as she fled the fighting in her hometown of palma victoria gate and he has a story. safe and sound in a hotel room this baby boy and his mother survived a traumatic birth during a raid by armed men on their hometown fatto abdullah as he was separated from her husband and 3 other children as they try to escape fighting in palmer she delivered her baby alone without medical treatment on the side of
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a road. i was tired while i was running and i was left behind by the group i was with then it got dark and i felt really sick and i couldn't go on i knew it was time to go into labor i slipped right where i was and gave birth alone armed groups stormed pama nearly 2 weeks ago killing dozens of people some of those displaced have arrived in the city of pemba the provincial capital of kabul delgado province where this is what's happened in parma the armed men were there for 15 hours the population fled people died on the boat in the water others hid in the bush thought armed men who were looking for people to kill. aid workers say while tens of thousands of people fled the attack only a small proportion have arrived in pemba and other safe places even says the authorities in pemba say they're struggling to cope with the influx. the infrastructure in pemba will not support the number of inhabitants the city was
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prepared to accommodate a certain number of people but now we have a lot more they are exposed to cold 19 plus the amount of crime will increase. leaders from neighboring countries held talks in zimbabwe's capital on thursday and move about the violence in north amaze and peek a shuttle to be held next week these displaced people say they're desperate to return home but only when it's safe to do say victoria gate and be al-jazeera. her again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera jordan's government says it's ordered a malicious fraud to destabilize the kingdom after either of king abdullah has been put under house arrest friends hamza says his being on.


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