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al-jazeera. and. jordan's former crown prince is accused of being part of a plot with foreign help to destabilize the kingdom. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. fears there is worse to come dozens die in remote parts of indonesia and east timor with more to rachel rain forecast. a warning that
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a reservoir could collapse in the u.s. state a new sheen a wall of waste water. malaysia's former prime minister is back in court after a multi-billion dollar scandal. and deals against his conviction and sentence. certain jordan's government says it has thwarted what it calls a malicious plot to destabilize the country the half brother of king abdullah has been put under house arrest he says he's being punished for speaking out against corruption jordan's deputy prime minister says that prince hamza and other top officials have been under surveillance for some time or to him it at this. it was talk about the 0 hour to government said that prompted jordan's king abdullah to give the green light for the arrest of more didn't dozen people including bessemer . a former head of the royal court and finance minister he then became part of the
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inner circle of prince hamza bin has seen the house but have to king who was also crown prince until he was removed from the role in 2004 jordan's deputy prime minister a minister said for he said that beyond a doubt in the circle of prince hamza were coordinating with foreign parties and opposition abroad a plot to destabilize the country where. the state intelligence with already has been closely monitoring activity from his highness homs a surefire some desired by some of the lower and others whose movements were aimed at undermining our stability and security the surveillance intercepted movements including communication with foreign sides on a so-called 0 hour to trigger measures aimed at undermining else debility shortly after the arrests prince hamza appeared in the video saying he had been put under house arrest for bidden from communicating with the outside world i claim later denied by jordan chief of staff there prince also took the unprecedented move after
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publicly criticizing the leadership of the country i am not the person responsible for the breakdown in governance for the corruption and for the incompetence that has been prevalent in. our governing structure for the last 15 to 20 years and has been getting worse by the year and i'm not responsible for the lack of faith that people have in their institutions. their response to the former crown prince had been sidelined since his removal from power but he is said to have been forging ties with this gruntal tribesman and the loosely organized opposition known as head up that has been calling for mass protests so far the government hasn't revealed the scope of the alleged plot but some say it's unlikely it was aimed at directly overthrowing king abdullah you can't have a coup or lesser security people involved so i don't think and you know this idea
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of a lot there is just not true there is clearly. an internal issue that has come out in the public and i think in a way it has turned out not in the favor of some of the people who began this process of a rest so it's not clear what will happen to the former crown prince king abdullah said to favor an amicable solution for the sake of the royal family and the stability of the country there are still many questions that remain and answers the government says it will reveal all details in due course but if anything recent events reveal deep divisions within the royal family of a country considered a beacon of stability within a turbulent middle east but at that hamid al-jazeera flash floods and landslides it killed at least 76 people in indonesia and neighboring east timor and there's more extreme weather on the way trying to rain cause destruction across the chain of
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islands in the south and delays to the vaccine rollout just to washington reports now from jakarta. police flora's into flash flooding and landslides have killed dozens of people in italy 7 villages and the death toll is expected to rise many families say their loved ones are still missing. as the scale of the disaster unfold communities are in mourning. this man's body was pulled from the debris people in the video say he was a teacher. thousands of houses are likely to have been buried under mud after the landslides at least 5 bridges were destroyed and most roads blocked hampering access for search and rescue work is. going to extreme we need to work on given the logistics because this is extreme weather we have to use both we're looking into planes or helicopters we will support the needs of the people their power and communication lines are down making it difficult for authorities to know the extent
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of the disaster authorities say they're trying to get food masks and other essentials to evacuation centers. i would challenge them on occasion we will try to find other ways to access the area to deliver essentials in neighboring east timor this boarding home of the students was one of many buildings destroyed in the floods witnesses say a 2 year old is among the dead indonesia's weather bureau warns of further to rancho rains strong winds and powerful waves just go washington out to sea or jakarta. well let's get more on the situation in east timor we can speak now to susan santos he is the pacific policy fellow destroying the pacific security college joins us via skype from whining to and jersey we got a glimpse there of the devastation being seen in east timor tell us more about how bad the situations here in the natural disaster which is it similar stand that
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flooded now which is it really has actually caused an immense amount of damage not just. to the capital itself but throughout the whole country and. the impact on and damage to the national infrastructure. is quite substantial. so what we're saying is. so i just going say in delhi the capital you mentioned a lot of people being displaced how bad are the evacuations how serious the evacuations. are currently in dealing levon evacuation centers with 2000 families affected so you do the tumults the government is. trying its best to deal with the with the with the issue of very telling displaced people with the support of the agencies and the the government
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institutions which are have been tasked to address this. of this catastrophe and because we have to remember that these kind of disasters are happening at a time of immense crisis given the current of our situation and i believe that vaccines a-g. to arrive today in delhi in east timor yes the child of the unicef child slighter as arrived in dili at 1 o'clock dili time today with the 1st 24000 covered 19 vaccines just the now the challenge now will be how to roll out the vaccination with the damage to infrastructure right and then you've got also because of the evacuations the control of trying to control the spread of covert is going to be problems now. that's correct up until the the floods. that the containment have covered in it to melissa there was
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was quite and it was quite in the control unfortunately to the floods the lockdown around dili the capital and the other 2 major cities bucko indicate they have better become ineffectual so what we've seen is people from the capital especially moving out towards the districts. and not knowing which is which people have been affected it'll make it harder for the to move to lift the government tries to contact trace these people which up until now they've been to the government to be quite successful here very serious challenges being faced in east timor as josie says the census appreciate that thank you feel at the spectacles thank you very much. now a state of emergency has been declared in a county in western florida are off to really could a waste water reservoir raise fares hundreds of homes could be dangers the reservoir contains hazardous waste from an old fertilizer factory the state's governor is downplaying the danger particle hain has this report. it's the one
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question thousands of people in the u.s. state of florida are asking will this spill turn into a giant flood we're talking about the potential of about 600000000 gallons within a matter of seconds and minutes leaving that retention pool and going around the surrounding areas the danger one pond collapses and the other 2 near it also breach the potential of 3700000000 liters of water running into hundreds of homes nearby the concern is that could lead to a nearly 7 meter tall wall of water barreling down still not everyone nearby has chosen to leave even with the hurricanes and everything and we didn't evacuate but one concern has been alleviated initial reports said the water was radioactive officials now say it's not but to be clear the water being discharged to port manatee is not radio active and is primarily salt water from the port manatee
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dredge project mixed with legacy process water and storm water runoff but some of the water is a byproduct of processing phosphate or into fertilizer and it contains nitrogen and ammonia and that could be a problem if too much pumped into nearby water since i retired from the fire department i'm now i'm a full time commercial fisherman and crab or and have all of this water is pumped in or leaked into the bay it could be catastrophic to the entire fishery and could in essence put us out of business. state officials insist the water it's really seen is safe but that the bigger concern is a potential flash flood they are hoping that by pumping out more than a 1000000000 liters a day they are slowly averting a much bigger crisis. al-jazeera still ahead here on al-jazeera new restrictions for india's wealthiest states is a daily coronavirus cases surged to a new high class. discard phase i was hit by
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like about refugees who fled violence in west africa recall that during journeys to a new life the united states. is the time the year when winds suddenly get up the ship miles just blown through the gulf that's quite a strong northerly mission is dusty it's still blowing from kuwait down through bahrain qatar and down towards the usa where firms are not too bright and there's the remains of the dust which will probably settle but the wind is going to take its time i think the slowdown is still quite strong tuesday but beyond that with the winds in particular subject as maybe as suddenly bringing dusty weather up towards jordan through northern saudi in turkey the well except say quite far it's not quite sure in the gene of the bosphorus there is a change in wind direction and cloud cover and rain but is in the night with the
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most part we're looking to find the king area and you'll notice by wednesday the wind has dropped in doha the forecast here is an interesting one well for locals anyway the temperature hovers around the 30 mark but what's on the get to but next weekend humidity is rising easterly brazenness feel quite sticky 33 i think next sunday says a waterway. now stan the weather is down the a nice bit of a supposed early winter autumnal some shine for most of southern africa when you get it brings up from the south it's clearly cooler portal it was 90 capetown hangs on 23 this rain around the cape it might develop into something substantial been. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to do and he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. you know
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in the here is to do all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because in egypt if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. again you're watching our director mind about top stories this hour and jordan's government says it has tortured a malicious plot to destabilize the country the half brother of king abdullah has been put under house arrest prince happens as says she's being punished for speaking out against corruption. at least 76 people have been killed by flash
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floods and landslides in indonesia in neighboring east timor rescue workers are struggling to reach remote areas and more heavy rain is for. state of emergency has been declared in the county in western florida after a leak at the waste water reservoir raised fears of hundreds of homes could be deluged the water contains hazardous waste from an old fertilizer factory. now every day hundreds of families arrived at the u.s. mexican border to escape violence in their home countries many are from central america but some make the perilous journey from as far as west africa to refugees who were recently granted asylum in the u.s. share their stories with i did share castro. the road clinton album danny took to spend a carefree day playing football with friends in maryland has been remarkable the 24 year old's journey began a year and a half ago when he stepped outside his cameroon home to make a phone call as i had stepped out to talk to them all fortunately.
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the military met me outside. it was the height of cameron's crackdown on anti-government protesters and though i will be gone he says he wasn't protesting he was taken to jail where he was tortured for 2 weeks discard my face i was hit by like a belt. so he might look like. and in one of my teeth i was hit by a gun he says he thought he'd be killed but he managed to escape when gunmen attacked his transport vehicle the waiter once we cut the rope off me and i begged him for my life then lead me to go he ran with his personal savings and what money his family could spare as far and as quickly as he could 1st to nigeria where he hopped a flight to ecuador the country cameroonians can land without
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a visa from there a guide sent him toward north through colombia panama coastal rica nicaragua honduras what amala finally reaching mexico's border with the united states he says along the way he was harassed by police robbed in the jungle where a friend documented their exhaustion and passed a corpse of someone who had gone before him i just took it as a challenge to myself because i was trying to and i had nowhere to go so i was just like let me just give it a try. this woman completed a similar journey she asked us to hide. her identity because her children are still in cameroon and may face danger and they're trying to feel good bye to my treatment . she says she was also arrested and tortured by cameron's military a bribe got her released but not her safety she also fled arriving at the u.s.
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border after harrowing months on the run it was traumatized saying i don't live that they're shown in my country i run away way into the horrific to come here i want her in this town again 5 months of u.s. immigration detention followed gandhi was detained for 2 months both recently won their cases for us asylum becoming the rare exceptions of the thousands who are denied these are our people who had to flee who made a very difficult choice because it was a life or death situation and what they need is welcome they need community both say they're adapting to life in the united states they look forward to family reunions and continuing their studies i can start my life all over the u.s. safety and a fresh start in a new country. castro al-jazeera maryland not malaysia's
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former prime minister najib razak is in coal to appeal against last year's conviction on charges of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars was sentenced to 12 years in jail signs of nearly 50000000 dollars that was back in july u.s. the malaysian authorities say that for the whole $1000000000.00 it's believed to have been stolen from one in the me which is a fund founded to promote economic development. or nancy reza i can see accused of using the funds to buy out luxury real estate and to finance movies including the wolf of wall street in 2013 prosecutors say more than $1000000000.00 from one m. d. b. made its way into 9 james personal bank accounts for which he faces a total of $42.00 criminal charges because of the scandal over missing money nineteen's ruling coalition lost its grip on power in the 2018 elections for the 1st time since independence in 1957 he was ousted as prime minister but reelected
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to parliament by his district so let's take this on we can bring in isa no whose was political secretary to former prime minister najib razak the son who is a senior fellow with the sea appointed cheat of international affairs and a former political secretary to night she writes i.q. joins us via skype from quite welcome to the program sir so previously said it's 12 years in jail fines of nearly 50000000 dollars have we got any indication as to how no jobs lawyers will argue his case well i think the main argument to be forward by mr not gets the lawyers would be that. amount of money even if they trust frame to mr not gets accounts they would be elliptical contribution and under malaysia's elections law there's no profit bishan for political contributions even from unmanned sources so i think that would be likely maintain trust of the
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arguments to be forward but in depute process wasn't his original argument that he was jute into this and they appear the judges at that point ruled that it was far fetched in a week fabrication so why would they change their mind. well i think the process is usually on a point of law this. sets up peculiar charges be relatively easy to convict because the requirements for what we call man israel or what they accused person with thinking about what was his intent at the point of committing the at last crime it's usually not quite present to india sets off charges so it's like didn't get it so now amount of money transfers. and the sources of that money it's somewhat an effort receipts are non and so on would
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be very easy for you to be convicted and taking his lawyers will argue that number one he did not intend up on that with those money coming in and number 2 if they were coming in than the amounts of money would be political contribution. any sense of which way the judges might go writing at this point is too early to tell we are looking at more than one thing approximately 2 weeks of all arguments and then he would take perhaps weeks if not mock anspaugh the judge just right get brown spot judgement and then yes a longer process afterwards and there's more to come off to that is no further legal cases including case his wife and several officials from his party in previous government oh yes indeed mr not convict of the 1st set of what we call s r c charges and then the. ongoing for exam photo that soco
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10 or series one in b.b. related charges and then d.o.b. some of his associates those similarly charge. great tears perspective on this do appreciate that thanks very much thank you. now the corruption trial of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is about to resume with the 1st witnesses jew to give evidence netanyahu is indicted in 3 cases the most serious cuse him bribery breach of trust and of fraud prosecutors allege he did political favors for a telecoms mogul in exchange for favorable media coverage netanyahu denies the charges and has pleaded not guilty. exit polls in bulgaria and suggesting the prime minister's center right party has won the election or us off is seeking a 4th term but with a drop in support and without a clear majority he's likely to struggle to form a coalition or soffits calling on his opponents to join forces for the sake of
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stability. i offer you peace let's appoint the best experts and put the maximum if it into getting both carry out of the pandemic by december that is my offer to all of you choose the best people to do the job united with a strong. kosovo as parliament has elected a new presidents for just as money was sworn in on sunday in november she temporarily replaced former president touchy at the group leader during kosovo's war in the late 1990 s. resigned when he was charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity at the hague. corona virus cases have surged to a new high in india with 100000 infections recorded in a single day for the 1st time many of those were in the state of maharastra which includes india's commercial capital of mumbai
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a new restrictions are being imposed including a nighttime curfew we can look down india has confirmed more than 12500000 cases of the virus at least 165000 people have died. joins us now live from new delhi and the numbers of norm reached a very troubling proportions. yeah absolutely the highest numbers that we've seen since the pandemic began here in india and maharashtra continues to be the worst affected state it's accounting for more than haul the total number of cases it is for a number of reasons including the very high levels of the guys a shot at the state a member of maharashtra's cove in 1000 task force has said it's also because of a number of large gatherings that have been held this year including the local council elections in january because people with the virus on isolating themselves very low levels of testing and tracing and people do not follow uncovered 19
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guidelines we've had a similar situation not the kinds of numbers we're seeing in maharashtra but health officials are saying that it is people letting their guard down that seen the rise in cases with a handful of states leading accounting for something like 80 percent of the cases in the country apart from maharashtra those remain have not checked this. and here in the capital region of delhi it's recorded the highest number of cases this year with more than 4000 again we saw a peak of nearly 100000 cases in september last year but that fell to an average of around 10000 in february but the cases have been rapidly rising in the past 2 months promising that in the more he held a view meeting on sunday he's sending medical teams to maharashtra to determine exactly why it's remained the worst affected throughout the last year also sending medical teams to the states of punjab and shut this to see why the death rate is so
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high there in punjab we've seen the highest number of cases of the virus in the u.k. variant but health officials maintain that the variants whether they're from the u.k. brazil south africa or the double mutant variant that various. that's been found in india. responsible for the rise that we're seeing now not surprisingly given all of the new restrictions now being brought in. on sunday that there is going to be a night from 8 pm to 7 am every single day a complete weekend in the entire stage apart from essential services a battle more than 5 people gathering but i have to say that we've been seeing pictures from a busy vegetable market in the capital and the crowds us still there apart from other states more and more states of acquiring people from outside to produce negative tests the state of motherhood has which is already sealed its border with
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restricting people coming in from check this it said that it's going to impose local law wherever necessary now the government has apart from expanding the criteria for who is eligible for vaccinations to deal with this rise it's also opened up public hospitals and vaccination centers on sundays to increase the number of vaccinations because india has about 79000000 people so far that it's running way behind it's. vaccinating 300000000 people in the 1st 6 months of this year and it really sees vaccinations as a key to getting on top of the 2nd wave that the country is very much in the throes of now it's a very big challenge ahead thanks. thousands of police officers have been deployed across paris france enters a 3rd national coronavirus offices have been foreseen 19 restrictions with
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checkpoints people who don't follow a mosque wearing regulations all gather in groups of more than 6 are being fined last week the government announced alcohol consumption will be banned in some public places and libya is getting ready to start its facts a nation campaign after receiving its 1st shipment of jobs 100000 doses of the russian made to sputnik vaccine of arrived in the capital tripoli libya has seen a surge in cavan 19 infections in the past month. egypt says a new round of talks with ethiopian sudan every disputed dam on the nile is their last chance for an agreement the african union is mediating 3 days of negotiations in the democratic republic of congo ethiopia says a grand renascence dam is crucial to its development the chips in sudan worried the project will cause water shortages and protest as a minimal show no sign of being silenced despite weeks of deadly crackdowns by the military they've been peaceful demonstrations in cities across neymar and sunday in
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mandalay one group gathered at dawn a mate's bytes calling for a return to democracy more than 560 people have been killed since the military seized power on february the 1st. but the more the website address which is al jazeera. all the news we're covering right there plus plenty of comment and analysis. so let's have an update on the headlines here in our desire and jordan's government says it's for today malicious plot to destabilize the country the half brother of king abdullah has been put under house arrest prince hamza says he's being punished for speaking out against corruption but jordan's deputy prime minister says that prince hamza and other top officials have been under surveillance for some time one day at out of. the state intelligence with already has been closely monitoring activity from his highness hamza sharifah some desired.


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