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taken from their homes and executed under pressure venice well as the tents minister bloody made by bremer said the armed forces were open lige to defend their country from the regular groups but added that human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be better to get it. floods and landslides triggered by to rensil rain kill at least 90 feet 5 people in indonesia and east timor. to watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha and navigates also coming up jordan's former crown prince says he will disobey army orders to not communicate with the outside world after being accused of a plot to destabilize the country. daily coronavirus infections in india exceed
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100000 for the 1st time an evening curfew is tightened in its worst affected states the murder trial of derek chauvin for the death of george ford resumed certainly the minneapolis police chief is expected to testify. hello heavy rains and strong winds are making it difficult for search teams to reach communities after flash floods and landslides in indonesia and east him or at least 95 people have been killed and dozens more are missing just to washington reports from jakarta. indonesia east nusa tenggara rescue efforts are underway after flash floods and landslides in this village police and soldiers trying to pull people to safety that is not in my village the water is higher than my head it has not yet subsided many say they loved ones are still missing. adena in east
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flores was the worst hit a tropical low system is causing heavy rain strong winds and choppy seas in the area adding to the challenge of getting rescuers and essential to the island in west timor hundreds are in evacuation centers who might be cutting it loud enough i don't have my full funding my house is by the sea the water goes up and entered our house everything is ruined everything flooded so we took refuge here authorities say many houses were damaged republican opponent but watch the evil continue recreations of the fact that people security forces are working together with volunteers after the identify victims even evoke what the hell they didn't see it took on but few under. president joko widodo has urged people to be on a god that money involved but. i ask people to follow the instructions of field offices stay alert for floods and landslides because of the high intensity of
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extreme rains indonesia's neighbor east timor was also badly hit and the disaster could have an impact on its efforts to fight cope with 19 like you said child flight as arrived in delhi at 1 o'clock delhi time today with the 1st 24900 vaccines just the now the challenge now will be how to roll out the vaccination with the damage to infrastructure as authorities in both countries work to get a sense of the scale of the destruction there feel is the environmental disaster will deepen an ongoing health crisis just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. jordan's former crown prince hamza has said in a newly released voice recording that he would disobey orders by the army to knott's communicates with the outside world after he was put under house arrest on sunday the jordanian government said it's thwarted what it calls a malicious plot to destabilize the country they half brother of. being punished
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for speaking out against corruption. well. the situation is a little bit difficult because of left and the chief of staff threaten me on behalf of top agencies officials where record it is and send them to my family and those i know outside the country just in case something happened and now waiting for their action i'm not going to escalate but i will not abide myself by their orders to stay at home not to use not to be in contact with people and not to see my family but i've been told by the chief of staff is not acceptable under any circumstances so i'm still waiting for this matter to be sorted out it's also that i am has more from home on what you hear in that phone call is defiance a little bit of fear and anger bear in mind that prince hamza has been echoing the frustrations of the opposition here talking about alleged widespread corruption within the government talking about malfeasance and what he called incompetence by
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the government in terms of implementing what he's believes are failed economic policies what you're hearing from the government is that prince homs and his associates conspired with foreign entities to destabilize jordan but we don't know what foreign entities the government is talking about as far as we know prince hamza has not been charged with anything and the government as of sunday was maintaining that he has not been placed under house arrest so again this recording at least on the part of prince homs and is a way to control the narrative share his side of the story and if there was any doubt already prince homs i was extremely popular in jordan viewed as pious modest forging tight relations with the tribes and really echoing the sentiments of the opposition here these recordings are only serving to make him even more popular among a segment of the population. has recorded its biggest surge in covert 1000 cases
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with more than 100000 suctions on monday. as the worst affected state with almost 2 thirds of the country's total cases it's imposed a nighttime curfew as well as we. withdraw time has more from the. day on day for the past 2 months to gone from an average of around 10000 cases in early february to more than 100000 cases on sunday for the 1st time in the past year. recorded its highest number of 57 cases on sunday and maharashtra along with a handful of state states accounted for most of the cases in the country the other states. and. now here in delhi the cases $4000.00 on sunday that's the highest since last year so promised in that in the board he held a meeting on sunday to review the situation and he said that the rise was due to
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what he called the decline in appropriate behavior like wearing masks and social distancing pandemic and also what he called the lack of effective implementation of containment measures sending medical teams to maharashtra to assess why the situation has remained the worst in the country day of the past year he's also sending teams to the state of punjab and. the death rate is so disproportionately high in those states now punjab has recorded has seen the highest number of cases of the u.k. variant of the corona virus but health officials in india maintain that the variance whether they are from the u.k. brazil south africa. and india that those variants sponsible for the rise in cases they say it is because of people letting their guard down after the numbers sell as much as they did earlier this year. a week long walk down
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has been imposed in neighboring bangladesh and to head a valve lock down a ferry packed with passengers rushing out of the capital collided with a cargo ship at least 27 bodies have been recovered so far several more are believed to be missing alexy o'brien reports. on the banks of the river desperate families waited for news. that is the hour was passed the anger. you know like there was on the. ferry capsized last night but it's yet to be retrieved was there such a delay. the small ferry had been carrying about 50 people when it collided with a cargo vessel on sunday night police say it was dragged almost kilometers before it sank and the cargo vessel fled the scene the ferry was finally pulled from the water on monday 18 hours later rescuers say they were delayed by bad weather as
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an effort that was imo my appeal to the prime minister is please let us get the bodies of my father and mother. in the hours that followed body after body was brought ashore including children. maining were found still inside the ferry said to be packed with people rushing to get back to their hometowns. the government had announced a week long lockdown to counter a spike in corona virus cases there were more than 7000 new infections reported on sunday the highest in a single day under the restrictions which are now in force all domestic travel services are suspended that seen a rush on buses ferries trains and flights hundreds die in ferry accidents every year in bangladesh blamed on badly maintained vessels poor safety standards and overcrowding witnesses report the capsized ferry was carrying too many people well
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thorazine though believe the cargo vessels crew was negligent and say they're looking into what happened but maybe here hold out little hope for answers. critics argue investigations are often promised but rarely followed through alexia brian al jazeera. the philippines are struggling to cope with a dramatic surge in coronavirus cases the capital and nearby provinces are now under the highest tier of social distancing restrictions dzhemilev and dugan has more from manila. dr greece but delia is the medical director of with the leading public hospitals in manila she says health workers across the country have been overwhelmed by the pandemic but today at least there are some signs of progress it's the 2nd day of public inoculations against 19 and she says this is what gives those working on the front line some hope this vaccination is the solution for this
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disease so there's no other way to fight with 90 and let little vaccination vaccinations is the solution for the nation at this hospital at least 1300 medical workers are receiving their 2nd dose of vaccine people here tell us they have to line up for hours but it's something that they don't mind they say because in a country with more than a 100000000 people they tell us they feel grateful to be inoculated now the government is facing delays in its national inoculation drive due to limited supplies and its own initial restrictive policies towards vaccine imports but it now promises to inoculate around $70000000.00 filipinos by the end of this year. for the country's health community this cannot come soon enough the philippines is
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facing a steep rise in corona virus cases hospital's intensive care and isolation bed facilities have reached critical levels will by you know care workers we are already preparing to mend the shortage of medical workers in manila by sending some from nearby provinces this is something that we expect in a matter of these. forcing the government to reimpose tighter restrictions it had already implemented one of the strongest and strictest lockdowns in the world last year and many year have grown weary of what they see as the government's top stands in fighting the pandemic but for nurse assistant of lori bullen getting her 2nd doze means she's able to worry less about infecting her own family. but it feels like liberation day so now i can really focus and taking care of my patients i am happy. a glimmer of hope she says in what otherwise appears
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a very desolate situation jim duggan al jazeera manila. still ahead on al-jazeera the 2nd week begins in the murder trial of the death of george floyd will be live from the u.s. city of minneapolis in a moment it's. the cause of the flooding in the landslides in eastern indonesia and this is a massive cloud is developing tropical cyclone which is still producing heavy rain but it's moving away from eastern indonesia leaving a draw a picture behind beyond that is a scattering of wet weather big showers which worst recently show themselves in print but i see it up through southern thailand including bangkok and then me and and there's a nother rush developing in northern borneo but those are the 3 areas and you see
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that named storm just beside my head is it wanders through the water it will end up in western australia in a couple of days time the flood risk from this thing this low view like off the coast of queensland is not as great as it was it could still produce some heavy showers in southern queensland and new south wales where of course so significant flooding a week or 2 ago but in the risk is that great to be out in it's moving offshore as the state of the water the weather in new zealand is looking lovely it's not quite as wall on tuesday as has been the case on monday we dropped a few degrees but look at this wall to wall sunshine misleads a bit of a cold breeze coming through the south but there's hardly a big surprise about how to get the on wednesday you'll be thinking will it ever end well course it will do. welcome to doha from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the
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scenes. so you can relax and enjoy the perfect break in your journey. and when you leave with a smile we know la day's work is done qatar airways welcome to our home. only on the top stories on al-jazeera flash floods and landslides have killed at least 95 people in indonesia neighboring east timor tarantula rain has destroyed
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roads and washed away homes and bridges rescue workers are struggling to reach remote areas jordan's prince hamza has said in a newly released voice recording that he would not obey orders by the army to stop communicating with the outside world after he was put under house arrest jordan's government says it's ordered a law to destabilize the country. india has reported its highest number of new coven 1000 cases in a single day more than 100000 the majority emerge in the state of maharastra some states have imposed new restrictions to stop the spread. the trial of jerry chosen is resuming for a 2nd week of witness testimony chauvinism a former police officer charged with murdering george floyd and jury is due to assemble shortly well this past week saw testimony from minneapolis is longest serving police officer who told the courts that the level of force used on floyd was completely unjustified we also heard from floyd's girlfriend who spoke about
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his problems with drug addiction and in the past few minutes lawyers for both sides on the judge have been discussing what video clips can be played that takes place without the jury present we will bring you the trial live once it resumes but for now let's bring in alan fischer he's joining us from minneapolis so it was a compelling week of testimony last week al and it's day 6 what should we expect. well certainly what we had in the final days of last week was pretty devastating for the defense of course to argue that getting children what he did was in line with training methods that was disputed by the man who was at the head of the homicide department in minneapolis for many many years a well respected figure but we're also expected to hear from the police chief of the city he's the man that fired children one day after what happened to george lloyd he said it was a turning point in the history of the city he believed that he acted well outside
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the training guidelines and he will be brought 10 to give evidence to see the what getting children did is not in any training manual that of course is one of the defense's main clients look what he did was what he had been trained to do there's also going to be evidence from medical experts as well know one of the defense argument is that what happened to george floyd locksley happened not because of what derek children dead that was a contributing factor but because of the drugs that you was on and of course the prosecution have tried to dismantle that idea by saying through a number of witnesses look if he really was concerned that he was on drugs then his standard of care should have been even higher he should be taken even more precautions with someone like george floyd but of course we saw the video of him in the store walking around talking laughing not appearing to be someone who was under the influence of drugs but remember the defense only have to prove their case
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within a reasonable doubt they don't have to prove actually anything it is the prosecution that has that part in the burden of proof so it's going to be a very interesting 2nd week here in minneapolis and as all of this takes place in the courtroom behind what is the sense like out on the streets of minneapolis and what is the mood like in the city. well certainly people are watching what is going to happen here can say and we've certainly heard from lawmakers including the congresswoman from minneapolis just over the weekend saying that for the 1st week with a lot of the video that we saw and a lot of the defense attacks it appeared that george floyd himself was on trial and that is a concern you can see just how concerned the authorities are here but what may happen afterwards you can see the fences around the building you can understand that the security level here it really is just a case of seeing how this pans out over. the coming days certainly in this
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city and across america people are watching and watching this very closely to the extent where some psychologists have said it might not be good for a lot of people to watch every single moment of this because as we saw last week through some of the testimony that personalize george floyd and through some of the video that we've never seen before this is a very traumatic case when someone was in a state of distress an officer lent on his neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds was he justified in doing that to restrain someone he thought was a threat or did he go beyond the guidelines that are in the training manual and is he guilty of at the very least 2nd degree murder and alan i'm just looking at the time here and judging by last week we do expect the jury to come into the courtroom and the next couple of minutes or so in for the trial to commence is that right.
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that's right there have been a few legal arguments that have been held of camera that is perfectly normal and you will find that either the prosecution or the defense want to raise an issue they don't want to be had in front of the jury because that could influence the jury even in a small way so those arguments are held in front of the judge this is a question of law that's for the judge to decide that's exactly what is job is so that is why the jury isn't there the jury will then be brought in and of course it is for them to decide on the issues of fact as presented by the prosecution and the defense the prosecution saying that derek children acted beyond his job and was guilty of the charges that he faced the defense trying to create a reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury that that was actually the case and hoping to have their client cleared of any convictions ok alan for the time being thank you very much and just a reminder to our viewers we will of course cross back live to the trial as soon as
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we see it commence thanks allan the former malaysian prime minister najib razak is in court trying to get his conviction on corruption charges overturned and he was sentenced to 12 years in prison last year and he was also fined $50000000.00 in a case involving state investment fund one m d been now as he was found guilty of a criminal breach of trust abuse of power and money laundering florence the reports from kuala lumpur. former malaysian prime minister nigel braszczok arrives in court for his appeal hearing last july he was found guilty of illegally receiving about $10000000.00 from s.r.c. international which was linked to the state owned investment fund one and d p. the amount in this appeal is small compared to the $1000000000.00 prosecutors say he's received from the funds. he's been convicted on 7 charges and still faces $35.00 more has denied all wrongdoings taking his lawyers will argue that number
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one he did not end up on that those money coming in and number $2.00 they were coming in. the amounts of money would be political contributions last year not just said just before he was sentence he wasn't aware the money in his accounts had come from s.r.c international his lawyer. he had been misled by a fugitive financier take joe into believing that money was part of a donation from the saudi royal family the trial judge had dismissed the defense document describing it as far fetched the one m.t.b. financial scandal played a major role in bringing down the party and its coalition in a general election in 2018 investigators say more than 4 and a half $1000000000.00 was stolen from one and if he loses this appeal not just still has a final chance to challenge the conviction at malaysia's top court florence italy
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al-jazeera a little before. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is legal and political troubles are playing out simultaneously his corruption trial resumes with the prosecutors accusing him of trading in favors while in office that's a new who denies the allegations of bribery breach of trust and fraud at the same time that israeli president reuben rivlin is consulting with political parties about who he should choose to form a government after last month's inconclusive election the trial was a major issue in the votes. partial results in bulgaria as election point to a victory for the prime minister a center right party. seeking a 4th term but with a drop in support and without a clear majority is likely to struggle to form a coalition borisov is calling on his opponents to join forces for the sake of stability burnet smith has more from sophia hall cobar self will be offered a mandate to form the next government if his job party remains the largest in
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parliament but the success of the anti establishment parties means it's going to be very difficult to form a bar itself led coalition although the prime minister has made the offer. i offer you peace let's appoint the best experience and put the maximum if it into getting out of the pandemic by december it seems the idea of this short term government is to concentrate on managing e.u. cash is going to be given to bulgaria to help it recover from the coronavirus pandemic but the anti establishment parties already ruled out the idea of working in any coalition led by far so they emerged last summer out of protest against government corruption they say is courting transparency international the most corrupt country in the european union so weeks of talks like i had and even the possibility of another election turkey has arrested 10 retired navy admiral is
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after they spoke out against a government plan which they say could jeopardize an international treaty the group authored a letter signed by a 100 former top naval officers they say a project to build a $9000000000.00 canal on the edge of istanbul could undermine the treaty governing the use of turkey's waterways but the government says the canal will ease shipping traffic on the busy bosphorus straits ankara says the letter undermines the country's security and comes close to evoking a coup. ensued a local medical group says a least 18 people have been killed and 54 others injured in tribal clashes in west star for the clashes began between members of the muscle that's an arab tribes on saturday and escalated on sunday and monday morning the incident is the latest in the troubled region since the signing of a peace agreement late last year and the withdrawal of u.n. peacekeepers but each day hundreds of families arrive at the us mexico border to
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escape violence in their home countries many are from central america but some make the perilous journey from as far away as west africa to refugees who were recently granted asylum in the u.s. shared their stories with heidi jo castro. the road clinton album danny took to spend a carefree day playing football with friends in maryland has been remarkable the 24 year old's journey began a year and a half ago when he stepped outside his cameroon home to make a phone call as i had stepped out to talk to them all fortunately. the military met me outside. it was the height of cameron's crackdown on anti-government protesters and though i will be gone he says he wasn't protesting he was taken to jail where he was tortured for 2 weeks discard my face i was hit by like a belt. so he might not. and in one of my teeth
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i was hit by a gun he says he thought he'd be killed but he managed to escape one gunman at half his transport vehicle the way the ones we cut the rope off me and i begged him for my life and then lead me to go he ran with his personal savings and what money his family could spare as far and as quickly as he could 1st to nigeria where he hopped a flight to ecuador the country cameroonians can land without a visa from there a guide sent him toward north through colombia panama coastal rica nicaragua honduras guatemala finally reaching mexico's border with the united states he says along the way he was harassed by police robbed in the jungle where a friend documented their exhaustion and passed a corpse of someone who had gone before him i just took it as
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a challenge to myself because i was trying to and i had nowhere to go so i was just like let me just give it a try. this woman completed a similar journey she asked us to hide. her identity because her children are still in cameroon and may face danger and never got the time to feel good by that much. she says she was also arrested and tortured by cameron's military a bribe got her released but not her safety she also fled arriving at the u.s. border after harrowing months on the run it was trauma both thing i don't live that they're shown in my country i run away went to the horrific care need to come here with her and that they're shown again 5 months of us immigration detention followed ghani was detained for 2 months both recently won their cases for u.s. asylum becoming the rare exceptions of the thousands who are denied these are are
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people who had to flee who made a very difficult choice because it was a life or death situation and what they need is welcome they need community both say they're adapting to life in the united states they look forward to family reunions and continuing their studies i can start my life all over the u.s. safety and a fresh start in a new country. castro al-jazeera maryland a leak other waste water reservoir is causing concern that a wall of water could overwhelm hundreds of homes in the u.s. state of florida they water contains hazardous waste from an old fertilizer factory article had reports. it's the one question thousands of people in the u.s. state of florida are asking will this spill turn into a giant flood we're talking about.


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