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step outside the mainstream and shift the focus covering the way the news this covered the listening posts on a. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world is another matter when you call home we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. experts are calling it unprecedented a us police chief testifies against the officer accused of killing george floyd and says he violated policy. it is my firm belief that the one singular incident we will be judged forever on will be your use of force. so robert you watch al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up
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jordan's royal court says the prince at the center of what's being called a malicious coup is now pledging loyalty to the king. also mozambique's army says the town of parma is now safe nearly 2 weeks after was seized by an armed group. and calls from rescuers for more heavy equipment as the death toll rises from flooding and in indonesia and in east timor. welcome to the program of the road move a u.s. police chief has testified that the officer accused of murdering george floyd broke rules on respecting the sanctity of life he says derek jovan acted in a way that was against police training by kneeling on mr floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes on the streets of minneapolis alan fisher has more from the trial. an important cultural moment when a police chief took the stand to testify against one of his former officers the
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data set the alleged crime george floyd committed passing a fake $20.00 bill did not merit the initial response of guns drawn and the force used to restrain him was unnecessary once there was no longer any resistance and clearly when mr floyd was no longer responsive and even motionless to continue to apply. that level of force. to a person. preowned out handcuffed behind their back. that that is in no way shape or form is anything that. is by policy is not part of our training and it is certainly not part of our ethics our values the police chief also told the jury the officers on the scene that day in may last year
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i did obligation and the training to provide basic medical treatment to their prisoner we have a duty of care and so when someone is in our custody. regardless if they're a suspect we have a obligation to make sure that we provide for their care this was a significant moment critics have often complained about the so-called blue wall police officers refusing to give evidence against one another this was a mighty big crack in the wall chief out and gone to the man who fired derek in the day after george floyd died an important witness for the prosecution earlier the court heard from the doctor who pronounced george floyd dead dr broadfoot lagan felt tried for 30 minutes to revive him to save his life he said he believed what happened at the scene could have been responsible was your leading theory then for the cause of floyd's cardiac arrest oxygen oxygen to. that was
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one of the more likely possibilities i thought that at the time based on the information i had it was. more likely than the other possibilities and factors are another name for death by oxygen deficiency. specs commonly understood. under cross-examination the doctor agreed that the use of drugs might also cause significant problems leading to this fix here it's expected the 7 will spend a lot of time considering expert medical testimony a part that may be key to the prosecution case alan fischer al-jazeera at the shore and trial in minneapolis. as a legal analyst and former prosecutor from the city of baltimore north she says the police chief's testimony is a key moment in the trial so far. so it was very interesting to have the police chief testify because of what was heard earlier it's very rare that a police chief will testify against officers in his own department and what he did
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was he actually bolstered what lieutenant zimmerman had testified to earlier not wednesday and that was the unreasonable use of force and this to florida but i think that what the chief did is he painted the picture of what the police force should be about and that's what this case is about what should be done that would often happened and so he stated that the police officers they have a duty of care to the suspect that they are breath and that duty is to printer where aid is necessary so it was also a broken there were showing didn't even give believe the least bit of concern and wanted and things i think the officer also did is that the cheap did scuse me as he talked about the sanctity of life and that's not important because that's what is in contrast to webber think that their children should know we guard for human life with respect to the arabs show them but most importantly we're seeing the officer the chief's q thank you card and officer he is the chief of police for the
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minneapolis police department to say that there was clearly a reasonable use of where there's no other way to misusing the word that mr flint was not resisting arrest in any way shape or form and that he should not have been pinned down for the length of time that he was pinned down jordan's royal called says the prince sums up in hussein has signed a letter pledging his allegiance to the king the government has accused the former prime prince of trying to destabilize the country the talks are going to reports from the company among the 2 day royal drama began and apparently ended with the marginalized but popular prince hamza still at center stage on monday evening king abdullah dispatched his uncle to intervene. a short time later prince hamza signed a letter saying we must all stand behind the king in his efforts to protect jordan there was no mention of the investigation announced the day before the government
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had accused prince hamza of plotting with foreign entities to destabilize jordan while bassem of the surveillance incepted movements including communication with foreign sides on a so-called 0 hour to trigger measures aimed at undermining else debility at the prince has denied the allegations he said highlighting worries of government corruption and failed economic policies was the real reason he was warned to stay silent the turmoil within the royal ranks 1st came to light early sunday morning with a leaked video message recorded from inside prince hamza's palace he said he was under house arrest with no security detail and no internet on monday he released an audio recording saying the chief of staff was threatening him and telling him to keep quiet. i am not going to escalate but i will not by myself by their warders to stay at home and not to use my tweets or to be in contacts with people
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and not to see my family but have been told by the chief of staff is not acceptable under any circumstances print sounds as audio recording was shared widely on social media many jordanians are feeling angry and frustrated over the deteriorating economy last month there were protests and dozens were arrested but dissent within the royal family revealed in real time was a new phenomenon but does it give me any. i was surprised as everyone else with this disturbing university the news really cool spying to every one of them we wish the prosperity and progress the joy of it all and for the issues to be resolved as the king called fall within the royal family. the dispute among royal half brothers may have ended at least for now but concerns about a deepening divide and jordanians economic plight won't be resolved so swiftly that
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al-jazeera. well voting is underway on the biggest day of india's state assembly elections they're being seen as a measure of support for the party of prime minister after a turbulent year 475 constituencies across 5 indian states are heading to the polls on tuesday more than 190000000 indians are expected to vote now the ruling b j p remains popular in northern states but many say it could lose support from farmers after they protested for months against a new farm law around 30 percent of the population in assam carol and west bengal a muslim many angry about a law that creates a pathway to citizenship for minorities who face religious persecution but it excludes muslims b.g.p. is using its nationalist ideology to gain hindu support its promise to implement a national census where everyone will need to prove their citizenship let's bring in. a professor of political science or go hard to university joins me via skype
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from hearty it's good to have you professor on the program just so i know why dave you of india for our international viewers depending on which area of the country you live in the reason that you're voting and what issues you vote on varies so how does the plight of farmers all citizenship affect those from west bengal in the west of the country to carola in the south and go hearty where you are in assam in the northeast. you know the as far as the farmer struggles are concerned ongoing is promise 2nd sound in a barrel but definitely it will have its impact on the electoral prospects for visit beach but we need to remember that it promised protests will have more impact in certain states like. maharashtra are and previous but the
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elections are being held in other states get a law to west bengal and some not the elections assembly elections or a live report on local issues now because if he has been following model braun descriptives as it will for its electoral victory electoral mileage this for example it has been talking about into core but hindu talk is not this singular issue that because if he has been partially it has been fostering the new liberal market model but along with it it has very very comprehensive living porpoising on the communities community driven pollute dicks for example in its sun they have been talking about the civilizational conflict conflict of civilization they have been talking about that indeed in us people sure rights culture and identity has been kryten by the east to bengal region mostly and in kinshasa west bengal they
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have a different model they have been talking about their dual give the citizenship rights to the minorities from this treaty countries are going to stand back a stand and in all these in kerala and in tamil nadu the elections have been fought on until a different issues and wharton corella and coming not to visit b. doesn't have that much presents the professor let's bring in basically the issue where you. where you are in a because i was there during the ca protests what about 18 months ago and again for our international viewers the issue for many people in assam was the fact that their assamese identity might be diluted if non assamese entered the region entered the state and as you say the issues are very different a very local to the community there what success will the
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b j p have do you think at the moment in the way that they're conducting their campaign in your state. it's interesting to low down debt in month spectacled their 19 december or anything can you. make that started in order is it existence was a very kewl it was a credible or resistance but that system has gradually gone down now as the election happened you know because it be had also changed its traditions is it has not been talking about in some it has been talking about car only in west bengal rather than that it has been targeting certain communities for example do you communities who are the larger presents because every 100 trying to give maximum benefits to their board in political representation all short in terms of economic benefits it has always been trying to in or incorporate or modded the civil
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tribe communities here therefore they have been talking about terrain more lanes the block about didn't include holden 16 they have been cooking about in 2098 and now there are 4 even if that particular issue is fence and they have diverted it diverted attention from the. citizen see amendment act or death cab the credit debt that comes from the east bengal origin muslims who are already citizens in the country and therefore they have been trying to seed in a very very very different will we will see what happens with the results come a bit have more analysis i'm sure from you professor doesn't think so much for joining us on what hearty and cooler of march. still ahead here on al-jazeera more political uncertainty for israel and its prime minister a 5th election is on the cards as benjamin netanyahu is corruption trial resumes.
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and the u.s. president faces a tough sell on taxes as he tries to offset the cost of his massive infrastructure plan those stories after the break. we've got a couple of days off from any particularly violent weather there is still snow falling in quebec the still snow falling out of this cloud across the cascades in the rockies montana is slowly drifting south to wyoming and then of course into the plain don't venture you can imagine what's going to happen we get a constant feed of warm moist air up through the plains states communicates this cold and that has developed into an area that really wants itself up gets angry produces sunder storms and we've seen that 3 times already in the last couple of weeks and it may well happen again you end up generating a line of thunderstorms core front if you like that run all the way from east texas
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up through our consoles for kentucky and tennessee yes they've been vicious reason they might be again but that's doesn't happen till wednesday and thursday further west yeah the still like to be more snow falling in montana but that's not a big surprise for this time of the year dropping south and rather strong trade winds raising off a little bit and the persistent showers that produced some flooding and even a landslide risk in house but is fine your that's also easing down but there's still a lot of cloud and rain over honduras and probably nicaragua but again that appears to be disappearing in jamaica i think you still potential for big showers. from the al-jazeera london broil. to people in thoughtful conversation i got my braces and when i was at the university of oxford it was really scared me because i was like these people are going to be in positions of power with no host and no
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limitations empire is the reason that we live in a multicultural society part 2 of pfizer's shaheen and adam rather fit studio unscripted on al-jazeera. bookmark you're watching al-jazeera with the cell rama reminder of our top story a u.s. police chief has testified against one of his former officers who's accused of murdering george floyd on day 6 of the trial madara out and done doe told to the jury in minneapolis that don't show van broke rules on respecting the sanctity of
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life. jordan drawl court says prince holmes i've been hussein has signed a letter pledging his allegiance to the king as government had accused the former crown prince of trying to destabilize the country. and 30 is under way on the biggest day of india's state election assembly they're being seen as a measure of support for the party of prime minister narendra modi after a turbulent year more than 190000000 indians are expected to vote. israel's prime minister says prosecutors in his corruption trial are attempting a coup the trial was resumed on monday with prosecutors accusing benjamin netanyahu of trading in favors while in office and yahoo denies charges of bribery breach of trust and fraud at the same time he's facing the prospect of a fish the election after last night's inconclusive vote where the trial was a big issue in the vote hug you have shown us you. one thing cannot be hidden that's what an improper use of governmental power looks like that's how they are
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trying to topple a strong prime minister from the right this is what a cure attempt looks like it's not random that the prosecution presented the evidence stage only one month before the 1st elections not by chance that they filed the indictment before the 3rd elections coming up high level talks about reviving the 2015 iran nuclear deal will begin in austria in the coming hours representatives from the us china germany russia and the u.k. as well as france and iran a gathering in vienna the u.s. and iranian officials are not planning to meet directly the biden ministration wants to revive the deal which collapsed after former president trump withdrew u.s. supports. jailed russian opposition leader alexina valley has reportedly been moved to a medical facility with symptoms of respect to treat illness the valley will be tested for covert 19 after posting online that he has a high temperature and a bad cough well he has been on a hunger strike since wednesday he was jailed in february for 2 and
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a half years after parole violations for which for a conviction which he says was politically motivated. there's a big zombie says it's retaking control of the northern town of power from an armed group that attacked at last month a military spokesman says a significant number of fighters were killed during the operation as victoria b. reports. soldiers patrol the streets of palmer army commanders say the military is backing control of the town nearly 2 weeks after it was seized by armed groups so see if we cleared the last area this morning and is completely safe in the next few hours if we need to bring in any planes with food for the population that's going to be done with no problem it is secure there's not much left of palmer buildings including the towns hospital the state prosecutor's office banks and shops are badly damaged and soldiers have the grim task of covering up dead bodies lying on the street the increasing boldness of the terrorist activities that we've seen in
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mozambique is very concerning indeed i think the violence they have perpetrated on civilians in mozambique is truly atrocious and it has been condemned and needs to be condemned again and again the governor of kabul the gado admitted the situation is bleak but said he's optimistic things can improve and. we are here because our security and defense forces defend the country and everything that has been said and the government position is that the job has been done we defeated the enemy. around 75000 people used to live in palmer most escaped the attack around 2000 displaced people made it to the city of pemba but the influx is putting pressure on local services and families peter in greeley took in 7 relatives and is now struggling to make ends meet. it's a big sacrifice i used to buy one sack of rice which was enough for all of us but
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now i have to buy 23 secs because we have so many people to feed food is expensive much more expensive with all these refugees the u.n. says more than 20000 people stayed in palmer despite the attack it's hoped those who left will be able to return home soon victoria gate and be al jazeera. egypt ethiopia and sudan have agreed to a 3rd day of the go over the ground but i saw sudan in egypt demanding the use of international mediators but ethiopia has rejected this ethiopia has built the mega dam to produce electricity but its neighbors say it will impact their water supply previous talks haven't resolved issues of water rights. the death toll from flash floods and landslides of indonesia east timor has risen to at least 155 rescuers are calling for more heavy equipment to help reach people in cut off communities just to washington has more from jakarta. in indonesia east nusa tenggara rescue
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efforts are underway after flash floods and landslides in this village police and soldiers trying to pull people to safety. in my village the water is higher than my head it has not yet subsided many say their loved ones are still missing. at an hour in east flores was the worst hit a tropical low system is causing heavy rain strong winds and choppy seas in the area adding to the challenge of getting rescuers and essential to the island in west timor hundreds are in evacuation centers who are becoming a little out. of the muscle and my house is by the sea the water rose up and entered our house everything is ruined everything flooded so we took refuge here. authorities say many houses were damaged because of love and it was he was a we will continue recreation of the fact that people security forces are working together with volunteers after we identify victims people work with the help they didn't see the gun but you wonder. president joko widodo has urged people to be on
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a guard. that money involved but. i ask people to follow the instructions of field offices stay alert for floods and landslides because of the high intensity of extreme rains indonesia's neighbor east timor was also badly hit and the disaster could have an impact on its efforts to fight cope at 19 like unicef china disliked as arrived in dili at 1 o'clock dili time today with the 1st 24007000 vaccines just the now the challenge now will be how to roll out the vaccination with the damage to infrastructure as authorities in both countries work to get a sense of the scale of the destruction their fee is the environmental disaster will deepen an ongoing health crisis just to washington al-jazeera jakarta u.s. president joe biden is looking to forge ahead with the country's 1st big tax increase in nearly 3 decades but the corporate tax oval is facing stiff opposition
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from republicans in congress who say it'll kill jobs article has more from washington d.c. . america has a well known infrastructure problem failing bridges potholed roads and is far behind much of the world in high speed rail the by administration wants to spend 2 trillion dollars to fix that along with other programs for clear drinking water high speed internet and affordable housing a popular move but the hard part paying for it a big part of president biden's proposal raising taxes on corporations but critics have been saying since he 1st mentioned it that will hurt the economy alas i hear caught him in age right now is a big whopping talking grease on all the productive sector and. our economy biden is pushing back. or. rather our. right or wrong. i've got. to
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have. one. more break. point. according to one think tank just last year 55 of the nation's largest companies paid no federal income tax big names like nike and fed ex they can do that because of congressionally approved tax deductions for things like research and depreciation of assets this new proposal would try to undo one of the signature bills from the trump administration in 2016 the corporate tax rate in the u.s. was 35 percent but president donald trump's tax cut pushed that down to 21 percent now the biden ministration would like to raise it to 28 percent and his treasury secretary made clear she would like much of the world to follow suit we're working with g. 20 nations to agree to a global minimum corporate tax rate they can stop the race to the bottom of. a
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tough sell at home and abroad but one the president will need to win if he wants to keep the promises he made in his campaign to build back better pedicle hain al-jazeera washington. north korea has become the 1st country to officially withdrawal from the take your lympics which starts in 3 and a half months time showing young says it wants to protect its athletes and cave at 19 it puts an end to hopes in south korea that the games could reinvigorate diplomatic talks will squeeze participation in the 28 team winter olympics in south korea was used as a chance to broker talks with the us. now the philippines is struggling to cope with a dramatic surge in cases the capital and nearby provinces have been placed under the highest level of restrictions. from manila. dr greece but
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delia is the medical director of wind of the leading public hospitals in manila she says health workers across the country have been overwhelmed by the pandemic but today at least there are some signs of progress it's the 2nd day of public inoculations against 19 and she says this is what gives those working on the front line some hope this vaccination is the solution for this disease so there's no other way the fight will be 9000000000 but. to me the solution for that. at this hospital at least 1300 medical workers are receiving their 2nd dose of vaccine people here tell us they have to line up for hours but it's something that they don't mind they say because in a country with more than a $100000000.00 people they tell us they feel grateful to be inoculated now the
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government is facing delays in its national inoculation drive due to limited supplies and its own initial restrictive policies towards vaccine imports but it now promises to inoculate around $70000000.00 filipinos by the end of this year. for the country's health community this cannot come soon enough the philippines is facing a steep rise in corona virus cases hospital's intensive care and isolation bed facilities have reached critical levels will buy you know your workers from we are already preparing to mend the shortage of medical workers in manila by sending some from nearby provinces this is something that we expect in a matter of these forcing the government to reimpose tighter restrictions it had already implemented one of the strongest and strictest lockdowns in the world last year and many year have grown weary of what they see as the government's top stands
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in fighting the pandemic but for nurse assistant of lori bullen getting her 2nd doze means she's able to worry less about infecting her own family hot people with our buff in a bed it feels like liberation day so now i can really focus and taking care of my patients i am happy a glimmer of hope she says in what otherwise appears a very desolate situation jim duggan al-jazeera manila. i want you all deserve me sell romney or a binder of all top stories a u.s. police chief has testified against orders former officers who was accused of murdering george floyd on day 6 of the trial daria told the jury in minneapolis that during trayvon broke rules on respecting the.


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