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plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary and death these are for us . to subscribe to you choose forward slash al-jazeera english. zira. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes top diplomats are set to meet in vienna to try to salvage the iran nuclear deal but the u.s. and iran won't hold direct talks benjamin netanyahu gets the mandate from israel's president to form a new government after the 4th election in 2 years throws up another political
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stalemate a u.s. police chief testifies against his own officer accused of killing george floyd and says he violated policy. disagreement so you're forced to. read you know the elections in 4 engine states see this crucial to prime minister narendra modi's efforts to expand his party's influence over the south and east. and in sport north korea says it's pulling out of the summer olympics it's the 1st country to drop out of the tokyo games coronavirus concerns. hello welcome to the news hour iran negotiations to revive the 2050 nuclear deal are on the right path now all the major players are gathered for talks in vienna but american and iranian officials are not planning to meet directly we have our
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correspondents standing by to discuss those talks but 1st let's catch up on how we got here so iran signed the nuclear deal in 2015 with the so-called p 5 plus one that's made up of france the u.k. china russia the united states and germany and it was designed to limit nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief but then in may 28th seen the van president donald. with drew the u.s. senate began re imposing sanctions on iran the following year the iranian president hassan rouhani he told the remaining signatories that iran would reduce its commitments every 60 days until they honored their part of the deal fast forward to november 2020 that's when the global nuclear monitor the i.a.e.a. reported that iran's enrich uranium stockpile had reached 12 times the levels permitted and just weeks later they are a new nuclear scientist. was assassinated near to ron well iran has since limited
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access to its nuclear sites though it did reach a deal with the i.a.e.a. in february to allow necessary monitoring to continue we don't underestimate the scale of the challenges ahead these are early days we don't anticipate in early or immediate breakthrough as these discussions we fully expect will be difficult but we do believe that these discussions with our partners and in turn our partners with iran is a healthy stepped step forward so here they are we have reporters following this story from key locations around the world as have begun to run gauging reaction from the iranian capital were it challenges in london he'll give us the latest from europe but 1st we'll bring in our diplomatic editor james bays at the u.n. headquarters in new york james so this is expected to be a long process just talk us through what we should anticipate. well there back in
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the city where the deal was done but so much has changed since 2015 in the summer of 2015 when those world powers 6 world powers the 5 members of the un security council in germany reached a deal with iran of course it was the us 3 years later and president trump decided to pull out of that deal saying it was the worst deal of the century and then to engage on what was a maximum pressure policy to try and isolate iran many observers believe he ended up isolating the u.s. from lots of its key allies and partners with the exception of saudi arabia the u.a.e. and israel most of the u.s. is our allies wanted the us to stay in the deal the problem is the basis of the deal is that iran gives up its efforts a nuclear bomb in return for the international community in particular the u.s. dropping sanctions and what's happened since 2018 is the u.s. has piled on the sanctions by one estimate there are 1500 sanctions and
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designations that were put in place by the trumpet ministration and iran after a year of patience decided to reactivate its nuclear program and step it up and step up the levels of enrichment and bring in new centrifuges now they've got to try and unravel all of this and go back to where they were in 2015 the dispute in recent months has been who is going to move 1st a creative solution today from the europeans both going to come to the same city but not to the same table we're going to have what's known as proximity diplomacy we're going to have the p 4 plus one that's all the international players apart from the u.s. with iran in one room and the u.s. elsewhere and the e.u. shuttling between the 2 and the idea is to try and get both sides to see where they have to change things where the u.s. has to remove the sanctions where iran has to comply with the. nuclear program and
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the idea would then be that both would move at the same time so this whole issue of who goes 1st would be eliminated but it's very complex yeah sounds like it ok james thank you so much for that update from the united nations let's find out what the iranians have been saying and bring in as our big is joining us from tehran so are there any ins in any rush to reach an agreement to send you know they don't seem to be in any rush and that's because the supreme need to hear how many just 2 weeks ago say it's. not in a rush that could lead to something more dangerous than not hurrying and that's because the iranians believe that the economy has seen through the worst of the sanctions that the economy is resistant to sanctions in fact the central bank here said that the economy grew by 2.2 percent in the last 9 months now saying that the iranian position still remains the same that they want all sanctions lifted before they take any actions and we've also heard that the iranians have ruled out any step by step process that the united states would remove some sanctions or release
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some iranian firms and then iran would take action iran has ruled that out however the government spokesman did speak this morning and he welcomed remarks by the u.s. special envoy to iran robert malley who said that any sanctions in violation of that nuclear deal should be removed to get the reins to commit but he also said that iran is neither optimistic or pessimistic about these talks so there's still a very long way to go and it seems like the rains are not in a rush and not in the mood to compromise ok i said thank you for that update from tehran rory will join us now from london to talk us through the european strategy going into these talks were. well the europeans have always wanted this still to be pulled back from the brink carrying out through all the trump years they were still working with iran trying to find some way of keeping iran involves they set up a kind of bots uring system for food and medical supplies to try and circumvent
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u.s. sanctions on iran so the european perspective has always been this is the best deal that there is so let's try and save it in some way to watch ends they are going to be doing that in today's talks that's basically going to be a kind of into media reroll as james was just outlining their shuttle diplomacy with the iranians and the europeans in one hotel having talks with each other and the united states diplomats in another hotel the europeans are going to be going between those 2 trying to get some kind of common ground they say they're going to be setting up working groups to try and establish what kind of sanctions the u.s. can lift in return for what kind of nuclear restrictions iran is willing to accept it's it's not going to be easy it's going to go on for several days they're going to be working through the kind of low hanging fruit. that as we've just heard from
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the other correspondents there is no rush according to the to the united states and the iranians but we do have this slightly looming not deadline but something coming down the road which is iranian presidential elections in june so they the diplomats are hoping that they can get a framework of a deal in place before that that comes down the line thank you so much for that update from london thief. well israel's president has asked the prime minister benjamin netanyahu to try to form a new government even though he believes no candidate has a real chance of finalizing a coalition riven revelent has been holding consultations with political parties after the 4th inconclusive election in 2 years he said netanyahu is like could party was in a slightly better position and he didn't have the power to rule netanyahu out's while he is fighting corruption charges let's bring in my one bashar al jazeera
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senior political analyst is joining us from delphi so my one thanks for coming on netanyahu clearly knows how to do this he has experience he's done it a few times before what does he do this time perhaps difference from the previous times. where it's going to be more challenging this time around for him if you remember back in april 2020 exactly a year ago he did arrive at the power sharing agreement. with the gun. but i think since the year passed and no one will trust him again in a power sharing agreement especially that he will insist on being the 1st to sort of ice prime minister because the whole point of him running again and again and again aside from the political is the processional implications he needs protection
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from any prosecution from the trial so if that trial heats up against him and he feels that something is coming then he's probably going to rush whatever agreement with what other member of parliament there is and i think that would be his main strategy if he does arrive at $59.00 member coalition with the so-called bennett party if he does succeed in doing that then he started you would be to peel off. any possible member from any possible party among the 30 parties that will join him for the best reward possible like ministerial job like even major solver in ministry job like finance ministry of defense ministry of foreign affairs minister so he's going to be winning and you think trying to set one of her will peel off from which of a lot of parties in the opposition today in order to reach the 61 member coalition
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and just to kind of put all of this and contacts it's worth reminding our viewers that this is the 4th election that israel housed in a matter of 2 years' time what does this tell us about the state of politics in israel when looking out for a number of years i mean if one can put it in an image they've been flaying musical chairs and you know every time that one stops and usually the 2 when it's like the it's the to play it's it is the art of the possible someone is left standing and leaves the scene and nothing you know always somehow grabs his chair the main chair so once again we are in the process of a musical chair game in israel and the main reason for that that man to some for the foreign actions is benjamin netanyahu his insistence on maintaining his
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leadership in israel because he doesn't only have political ambition he also has the porcelain bishan of protecting themselves from prosecution if he can get. the president of israel to somehow pardon him in advance he might actually a compromise and leave the scene once he finds out that he there is no possibility for forming a coalition otherwise what we have today there remain in israel is still potential coalitions and both of them and right wing or extreme right wing coalition both of them don't give a damn about what's happening next door in the occupied territories where some 4 and a half 1000000 palestinians fives many palestinians have been under occupation for the past 5 decades so it's certainly that palestinian issue is not an issue in those coalition forming exercises in israel and the real issues are
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more religious more personal more ambitious of certain politicians trying to gain power within the country and that's why we might see a 5th election coming because the national security of the country is not at stake it's the national mission of but it tickled heads that is a stick around assad i thank you so much. on to more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including back in control mozambique's army says the town of palma is now safe nearly 2 weeks after it was seized by an armed group we look at how climate change is impacting the diversity of marine life near the equator. and in sports a major league baseball game in texas is drawing a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.
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but 1st the u.s. police chief has testified that the officer accused of murdering george floyd broke rules on respecting what he called the sanctity of life he says there each over and acted in a way that was against police training by kneeling on floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes on the streets of minneapolis alan fischer reports from the trial. an important cultural moment when a police chief took the stand to testify against one of his former officers but daughter out of don't do it said the alleged crime george floyd committed passing a $20.00 bill did not met at the initial response of guns drawn on the force used to restrain him was unnecessary once there was no longer any resistance and clearly when mr floyd was no longer responsive and even motionless to continue to apply that level of force
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to a person preowned out. handcuffed behind their back. that that is in no way shape or form is anything that. is by policy is not part of her training and it is certainly not part of our ethics are values the police chief also told the jury the officers on the scene that day in may last year i did obligation and the training to provide basic medical treatment to their prisoner we have a duty of care and so when someone is in our custody. regardless if their suspect we have a obligation to make sure that we provide for their care this was a significant moment critics have often complained about the so-called blue wall police officers refusing to give evidence against one another this was a mighty big crack in the wall chief out and gone to the man who fired derrick show even the day after george floyd died an important witness for the prosecution
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earlier the court heard from the doctor who pronounced george floyd dead dr bradford lagan felt tried for 30 minutes to revive him to save his life he said he believed what happened at the scene could have been responsible was your leading theory then for the cause of mr floyd's cardiac arrest oxygen oxygen to. that was one of the more likely possibilities i thought that at the time based on the information i had it was more likely than the other possibilities and factors there are another name for death by oxygen deficiency as fixed is commonly understood. under cross-examination the doctor agreed that the use of drugs might also cause significant problems leading to this fix if it's expected the 7 will spend a lot of time considering expert medical testimony a part that may be key to the prosecution case alan fischer al-jazeera at the show
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in trial in minneapolis. jordan's royal court says prince has been hussein has signed a letter pledging his support to the king at the weekend they jordanian government accuse the former crown prince of trying to destabilize the country that's also the name reports from. the 2 day royal drama began and apparently ended with the marginalized but popular prince hamza still at center stage on monday evening king abdullah dispatched his uncle to intervene. a short time later prince hamza signed a letter saying we must all stand behind the king in his efforts to protect jordan there was no mention of the investigation announced the day before the government had accused prince hamza of plotting with foreign entities to destabilize jordan while bassem of the surveillance incepted movements including communication with
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foreign sides on a so-called 0 hour to trigger measures i am that undermining else debility at the prince has denied the allegations he said highlighting worries of government corruption and failed economic policies was the real reason he was warned to stay silent the turmoil within the royal ranks 1st came to light early sunday morning with a leaked video message recorded from inside prince hamza's palace he said he was under house arrest with no security detail and no internet on monday he released an audio recording saying the chief of staff was threatening him and telling him to keep quiet. i am not going to escalate but i will not by myself by their warders to stay at home not to use my tweets or to be in contacts with people and not to see my family but have been told by the chief this stuff is not acceptable under any circumstances print sounds as audio recording was shared widely on social
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media many jordanians are feeling angry and frustrated over the deteriorating economy last month there were protests and dozens were arrested but dissent within the royal family revealed in real time was a new phenomenon but as a jimmy or any. of it i was surprised as everyone else with this disturbing university the news really cool is spying to everyone we wish the prosperity and progress the joy of it all and for the issues to be resolved as the king called full within the royal family. the dispute among royal half brothers may have ended at least for now but concerns about a deepening divide and jordanians economic plight won't be resolved so swiftly that al-jazeera. a chinese aircraft carrier group is holding exercises close to taiwanese waters and beijing says such drills will become regular it's the latest
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escalation in the taiwan strait as china increases military activity around the island taipei is issued several complaints off to china's air force entered its air defense identification zone repeatedly in recent months after a year of antigovernment protests across india the governing b j p is now facing a big test that the polls voting is underway in what's considered the most significant day in assembly elections in 4 states and a union territory they're being seen as a measure of support for prime minister narendra modi's b j p though it's performed strongly in national elections its struggle to win majorities in state assemblies and the b j p s toughest battles are in the southern states of carola and tamil nadu and carola power has alternated between alliances led by the communists and the indian national congress while the neighboring tamil nadu 2 local parties focused on tommo identity have dominated for a long time though one of them is allied with the
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b j p in eastern india west bengal is holding the latest phase of polling which has been spread out over several days the j.p. is mounting a spirited challenge to the regional leader a moment of energy who's been in power for the last 10 years the neighboring is the one state currently ruled by the b j p and it's fighting off a stiff opposition challenge now both west bengal and share a border with bangladesh and they were at the core of the recent law that creates a pathway to citizenship for minorities from neighboring countries who faced religious persecution it's been controversial however because it excludes muslims. neal and john de is a delhi based journalist he's also the author of a political biography the indian prime minister narendra modi he's joining us from new delhi to discuss these elections thanks for your time so the prime minister has campaigned quite heavily in no west bengal and a win there would be a major boost for his party do you think his efforts are going to pay off militants
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going to be very difficult to actually predict or can we be because olds but there is certainly no doubt that mr moore do you personally has invested tremendously in the party's election campaign interests me more is almost predicted it has a kind of lost on the final frontier along with a sandwich is old school in eastern suit and also what is wrong with the issue of the b. gypsies in government the stakes are very high because the p.d.p. has not been known to be a very good act different thing it's to victory off to forming the government for the 1st time like it did 5 years ago in assam but due to its mingle in the demographically very important because of very high and muslim population in these 2 states almost one in 3 people in the states they're not plus and minus here and there sam has lately more muslims and not so but the jiffy strategy is basically to
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have some kind of calm to pull of a they should as far as this thing go and some is concerned if that be to be wins these 2 states or at least makes a major dent into a spin on emerging as the largest party then it is definitely going to for them a somewhat these ambition of having a footprint across india of course different digits in the country right and what about your assessment of what may transpire and carolina and tamilnadu. but in complete contrast to limit sam canon law and common law to water are very entrenched in all these you have very strong these no forces in the states it is true that income allowed to the be chippies a partner to one of the parties which is currently the ruling party but it is a very minor the real challenge is between the 2 very different parties which are
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actually based on the fight for identity and this is a political struggle which has been going on for almost a century in kilobit it's clearly an ideological divide between the communists and the congress be gippi is there as a purge front but it has so far been very pretty fair and just having one or 2 seats in in the last evictions in the last few addictions it's 3 means a very marginal force though it has been trying to comps purely on the strength or for hindu or reaching out to the hindu voter and why do you think the b j p has performed strongly at the federal level but then it's really struggle to win majorities in state assemblies. the primary reason is that bridget b. has not had or not not privy try to build good leaders at the federal levels all elections which are there in this video states the federal. reserve india want to
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stick with mr moody as the prime of you or to catch you there aren't any stronger these know the leaders in the b.g.p. and that is the primary reason as to why the b j p has not gone as good you could believe as it has done in the national or national elections because mr mourdock and not read the chief in the survey of the state he can only be the prime minister of india when it comes to chief ministers of that we did be none of them have had a brilliant track record and to what extent will the months long farmer protests that we saw take place in india as well as the coronavirus pandemic and the economic fallout of that factor in the way people vote. well i think. the continuing be of the farmers but this is going to largely depend on the verdict if that we get is able to perform well in assam and whispering well in terms of either forming a government in border states or at least doing very real investment or to be able
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to have a chance at forming a government at a later date but it is going to be very easy for the government to ensure that the farmers are education is is wound up from they really have been you know laying siege on daily from various parts so it has played out in a major way because there are media questions about how the b.g.p. has performed the government on matters of economic its handling of the pandemic and especially now because the number of cases in india had once again back to the peak level not in fact gone even beyond the peak there which was there in september 25th right so while on the economic front mr moore defeats is a very challenge. of challenges there's a q-tip paradox that on the political front he's not sleepy faced tremendous you know war you know challenge from the opposition ok this is primarily because of the failure of the opposition thank you so much for speaking to us from new delhi. and still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour south korea prepares to hold local
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elections as a political scandal threatens the prospects of the liberal government's quarantine free travel between australia and new zealand is back on the horizon more than a year after new zealand shut its borders in sport 2 of the biggest european heavyweights collide in the champions league for the 1st time in 3 years details on them later in the news hour. but. you may know much of europe step back a month or so into winter this is a cult fund that is coming down from the arctic and it's still screaming into the local and edges of for example the netherlands and belgium snow showers and in a gale force wind it does not feel very much like spring and the forward edge of this frontal system is losing its wind and it's going to be heading off during
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wednesday rather than through bug area to ukraine but behind the still plenty of showers or even persistent snow to come through germany and austria so for example if you took in spokes forecast you have a cold day on wednesday fairly windy with showers now this dies down and we do see an improvement by the end of the week and that's generally go to be the case that the wind direction change on city from the british isles we've cut off this cold air which keeps wandering through eastern europe or snowy day for poland for example slovakia are probably done and remain the sun's out elsewhere and the sun's never left spain and portugal as fact has developed a couple of showers is warm enough for that. we still have a persistence of this old frontal system through place by the new one over the bosphorus over the far north of greece when direction changes because back to winter in turkey.
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in the yugoslav wars of the ninety's crimes were committed by a bull's eyes. out as their world meets miracle grounds a creation sob who went to jail for crimes he says he didn't commit. was he a guard in a concentration camp or was he simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. it's trial and error on al-jazeera. when the news breaks here in windsor with deceived me this is the main breach completely underwater when people need to be heard 1000 people staying in these tents just a stone's throw from the us mexico border and the story needs to be told i showed like the whole sky is full of them with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground the house of abraham to bring you more award
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winning documentaries and live news. on the way on the top stories on the al-jazeera news our iran. it's on the right path reviving the 20. progress could be made if washington is serious about negotiations however american and iranian officials are not directly. u.s. police chief has testified against one of his former officers who's accused of murdering george floyd he told the jury in minneapolis the. follow department policy or training. israel's president. no
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candidate has a real chance of forming a government the reason prime minister benjamin netanyahu to try has been holding consultations with after an inconclusive election. the death toll from flash floods and landslides in indonesia has been revised down to at least 84 people rescuers continue to search for the missing estimated to be more than 100 they're calling for more equipment to help reach people and cut off communities. been hardest hit with thousands of people in shelters they have the rain is expected to continue for several days. also killed 34 people in neighboring east timor more than 7000 people have been displaced mostly in the capital let's get an update from alex tilman who lives in dili he's also involved in the response effort he's joining us from there thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera can you give us an
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update on how the rescue efforts are going in east. any. efforts to help the defendant population why not when we ran some store yesterday and today most of there were given the system down to the system people who need assistance we gave false. and so we continue to do it so it was mind you only. and of course we are going to be seen in the middle of. it on a sunday right so what is your assessment of the scale of the damage and destruction if he sees disease as being. an event. has not been seen. seventy's right has affected most
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of the country but he has been particularly bad or made on something destroying roads and being in kind of an unfair start just like greece is also being. destroyed after many people trying to do the gene are owns. and it's how we have lost pretty much every day. and these actually my body and mind are. not seeing something else. ready so with the roads cut off as you're saying then there must be hard to reach areas does that mean the number of those affected could be an underestimate. yes you're certainly right now finding many many dissident community i don't get in areas that are not easily reached. the city has a more informal settlements and in part. in
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a community so out to 100 households for example you know we are talking about hundreds of thousands people who waited for really to reach them. and there were. no continental and i didn't find people in the east going to someone to nice and we know he's a few days to. everybody to what extent is the current a virus pandemic and fears over that complicating your relief efforts and are you worried this environmental disaster will just dampen the health crisis here. yes we know certainly worried about. we had a space. in session to up most of these action and you know. we are on my last march and it actually just spread very quickly yes
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indeedy and now district in most. cases are not and we found these d.v.d.'s when most of the case to be 185 well we did receive exodus of people out of the you know time to the activities because i do not doubt the. more cases will be i didn't. mean anything new each time we where most cases and being happy any fighting to be and also be need areas where it has to be effective so we have our. own as people you know show you know coming from those are people areas ok sunny sunday morning because we need to work where we. we and. some a lot of relief workers my guess is you know it was a cold chill coronavirus ok alex tell me and we wish you the best of luck thank you so much for giving us an update from east timor thank you for having me. now
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truck drivers entering britain from mainland europe will need to take over $100.00 test within 2 days the government says dr rose will be tested at sites around britain up to $3000.00 trucks arrive each day in the main ferry of dover alone the move is to contain coronavirus variants france made a similar move in december john hall is john joining us from thirith that's in the county of essex so as we're saying a truckers arriving in the u.k. now being routinely tested for the 1st time jonah why has this policy changed. what it's all to do with this country's gradually lifting of lockdown restrictions with infection numbers way down hospital deaths way down and that is all thanks to the successful rollout that's far of the vaccines and the real see it reflected here but the one thing that brings the success of that vaccine program is the
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emergence of vaccine resistant areas of the virus there are a number of concerns notably the so-called south african variant presence in european countries in france in netherlands close trading partners just across the channel and so this picture of thousands of trucks arriving every day to the ports of dover and others is one of them so given that all is along with ports and border rail of their workers the rule example have been up to now they'll be tested in florence the regime will no longer as you said from tuesday a new testing policy being rolled out for truckers arriving here and stay home all the 48 hours they'll be tested they'll have to be tested every 72 hours after that and have to isolate inside the cabs of their trucks while they are in the u.k. all very well as a policy of trying to control the arrival of an imported variance into this country but critics say it should be done a long time ago it's 2 months old and 2 months now since concerns were 1st raised
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about the south africa. invariant in france france as you said back in december instituted the reverse policy for trucks going back into france. britain only doing it now critics are saying it's too little too late so in the wider context of those fears that you're talking about about these very uncertain they raise questions about the resumption of wider public travel. but it does point to a rather leaky policy in terms of border control currently all outgoing non-essential international travel is banned but over the weekend there were reports in the press quoting border force officials talking about 20000 people arriving in this country every day all to move 8000 are tourists and a fraction of them are complying with warranty requirements now the numbers of the variant in this country are still quite small and boris johnson on monday said
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there was nothing in the data no evidence in the data to suggest a deviation from the current unlocking road map that points to a possible resumption of international travel on may the 17th all of which will lead some to oss the question ok if you've got thousands of people coming in on him today every day and in just over a month you're going to start looking at unlocking holiday travel just how effective is this policy likely to be testing truckers now in protecting this country from kovi very turn hala thank you for that update. 4 new zealand and australia have agreed to create a quarantine free travel bubble from april 18 people being able to travel freely between the 2 countries both have been praised for quickly controlling outbreaks through strict measures but travel restrictions will be reimposed if new cases are found. this is an important 1st step a struggle and new zealand have led the way when it comes to managing childhood we
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have ensured that both their countries have been despite dealing with the virus have not suffered the same types of viruses impacts that we've seen in so many other countries around the world and the fact that we now can combine again will mean jobs it will mean people reunited it will mean many opportunities as those normal relations are restored between australia and new zealand when he has more from new zealand since march last year new zealand's borders have been closed almost everyone apart from new zealand is wanting to return home and while the government's response to the pandemic has been widely praised the border closure has had a big economic impact on this country particularly when it comes to the international tourism sector which before the pandemic was new zealand's largest export earn up in recent months those working in that industry have been increasingly critical of
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the government applying pressure on the government to get this travel deal done between australia and new zealand well in just under 2 weeks quarantine free travel will be possible between the 2 countries if you're if you know how to think is the risk of transmission coded night for his trade yet do you see the road in it for a free trip would be safe. care he said if ice is confident not only the strength of the strain also in our own ability to manage its frivolously and. folkways lee has recently undergone an outbreak although this flu. really is the residual risk if you will new zealand's prime minister says this is something of a world 1st arrangement with 2 countries continuing to pursue elimination strategies while opening up their borders to one another not everyone will be comfortable about this arrangement though there will be plenty of people in
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australia and new zealand who feel that this is still too risky that it threatens to undermine all the hard work that's been done by new zealanders and australians over the past year or so remembering that a vaccination will not be a prerequisite to taking part in this new travel arrangement but both governments believe they have robust systems in place now that if outbreaks occur in the future which they probably will that they have adequate systems in place to quickly get on top of those outbreaks and shut them down which is what we've seen happen in recent months the death toll from days of fading in sudan's west star for region has risen to 50 another 150 people have been injured in battles between members of the arab or is a guide to the tribes it began one unknown on men killed 2 people from the muscle at on saturday un peacekeepers withdrew from the area in december after a peace deal between the government and 2 armed groups. mozambique's army says it's
1:44 pm
retaking control of the northern town of palmer which was attacked by an armed group last month a military spokesman says a significant number of fighters were killed during the operation victoria gamey reports. soldiers patrol the streets of palmer army commanders say the military is backing control of the town nearly 2 weeks after it was seized by armed groups so see if we cleared the last area this morning and is completely safe in the next few hours if we need to bring in any planes with food for the population that's going to be done with no problem it is secure there's not much left of palmer buildings including the towns hospital the state prosecutor's office banks and shops are badly damaged and soldiers have the grim task of covering up dead bodies lying on the street the increasing boldness of the terrorist activities that we've seen in mozambique is very concerning indeed i think the violence they have perpetrated on
1:45 pm
civilians in mozambique is truly atrocious and it has been condemned and needs to be condemned again and again the governor of kabul gado admitted the situation is bleak but said he's optimistic things can improve and. we are here because our security and defense forces defend the country and everything that has been said and the government position is that the job has been done we defeated the enemy. around 75000 people used to live in palmer most escaped the attack around 2000 displaced people made it to the city of pemba but the influx is putting pressure on local services and families peter in greeley took in 7 relatives and is now struggling to make ends meet. it's a big sacrifice i used to buy one sack of rice which was enough for all of us but now i have to buy 23 secs because we have so many people to feed food is expensive much more expensive with all these refugees. the u.n.
1:46 pm
says more than 20000 people stayed in palmer despite the attack it's hope those who left will be able to return home soon big tour a gate to be al jazeera more than 800 inmates have escaped from a prison in southern nigeria and what the president's describing as an act of terrorism or thorny is say gunmen stormed the facility in the most state and use the explosives and machine guns to free the inmates police are blaming a secessionist group for the attack though it denies involvement. rising property prices and south korea are putting house purchases beyond the reach of many young people it's one of the major issues in local elections taking place this week the government has promised to take measures to calm the market but now a state owned companies accused of fueling it instead with insider trading run mcbride reports from seoul. the acting mayor of seoul inspecting arrangements for
1:47 pm
holding this election safely during the pandemic the mayor's office is one of dozens of posts being contested across south korea but campaigning has been dominated by a real estate scandal it centers on the long running efforts by the liberal government to tackle escalating property prices which it promised to do when it was 1st elected but on how you see run instability in the real estate market stoop to speak english and meet the difficult for people to become home owners. successive measures to dampen demand have had only limited success leading to a complete change in direction this spring with the government announcing an increase in the supply of affordable housing but officials from the government own career land and housing corporation or l h are being accused of using that information to buy up plots of land and advance in c. hung city south of seoul this plot bought by a group of buyers has come under suspicion and the investigation is widening it
1:48 pm
remains to be seen just how far this scandal develops and how many more people will be implicated but there's no mistaking the growing public anger this was a measure meant to help people in an overheating property market but so far only looks like it's helped a group of on group u.s. public officials to help themselves activists here as elsewhere are putting the blame squarely on the government. the people who should have upheld the highest standard of fairness the korean lane and housing corporation workers took inside information and used it to the benefit its unforgivably to limit the damage the government has been quick to legislate against public officials speculating in the property market. colmes they want to go but in law it's an obvious crime that trampled on ordinary people's dreams of affording their own home public anger is
1:49 pm
justified and cause for action on the stand. and that public anger is likely to be expressed at the ballot box in this election and maybe in next year's vote for president rob mcbride al jazeera soul warming waters are forcing marine species away from the equator new data shows there are $1500.00 fewer species in tropical oceans compared to 60 years ago they're being driven towards the poles and search of cooler scenes climate scientists say the migration is accelerating but the pace of future losses will depend on the level of greenhouse gas emissions. that is something that's concerning because the time period that they're looking at is actually not that long and if you're looking at geological history we're. biodiversity patterns very species evolution is taking place and biodiversity changes are taking place so in geological history this is a limb so it's just the wink of an eye. to see such rapid changes or
1:50 pm
such changes over occurring so rapidly is something that's astonishing i would say. still ahead on the news hour tokyo's olympic games get hit with yet another setback for me here in just a moment to explain what's coming up. well
1:51 pm
again time for the sports news here's for daring thank you so much north korea has become the 1st country to withdraw from the tokyo lympics the country's sports
1:52 pm
ministry says it wants to protect its athletes from coronavirus infections it will be the 1st time north korea misses an olympic summer games since $1008.00 when it boycotted soldiering the cold war the event is due to begin on july 23rd for more on this story we're joined by sports writer john durden he's based in seoul south korea john how big of a blow is this for the international committee olympic committee. well it is a blow because the olympics is supposed to be a universal festival of sports for all nations come together so to lose one is it's not good career is no big power in terms of lympics he won 2 gold medals in 2016 for win 2012. and also reinforces no more negative headlines for the talk to him picks. organizers were hoping that a little just don't follow the one positive thing perhaps these are such isolation
1:53 pm
his country that it's not want to set many trends we don't really know what's going on behind behind closed doors in north korea but of course it's not a negative story about the 2020 lympics is there a disconnect between the i.o.c. is desire for the games to take place and the local japanese public opinion. well yes an opinion poll held recently showed that about 8 percent of the public in japan. were. unconvinced the game should go ahead but i think you know now we can pass that point really were unless something terrible happens not the organizers are determined that the games will go ahead that were not found from other countries and made to be seen what happens with the athletes that can from you know all the nations in the world whether they will need vaccinations on whatever else but by think everyone is hoping to get it finished and done and then move on to the next one and it is south korea still committed to sending
1:54 pm
a team there. yeah at the moment yes very much so south korea takes lympics very seriously try to commit one of those top nations issues in the top 2 or 3 in terms of medals that it wins and also it's not unity for the male athletes to try and win exemption from military service if you win any medal then you don't have to go into the army and then into a sporting career but korea south korea will take the olympic games very seriously and will try its very best to send these to tokyo and if south korea doesn't go then it means i think that the games are a huge problem. and john are there still questions about whether the games should be held at all. well yes i think they were there i mean until about 2 weeks ago many places in japan were still under a state of emergency. that was just been lifted well cases of following talk you're in japan recently you know who not it's going to happen but i think it's as i said
1:55 pm
before it's a case of they come this far and they try so hard to get it off the ground so they didn't they were explore every option to get the games going even if it means no fans more broad not fans from japan just having you know maybe missing some athletes from some countries but as much as it can there will be some kind of olympics. ok john durden in seoul thank you so much for your time and to liverpool manager you're going to coopt as a side are not seeking revenge as they get ready to face real madrid in the 1st leg of the champions league quarter finals the teams go head to head for the 1st time since the 28 team final in kiev are little poor defeated by the 13 time european champions the reds go into the match in spain on the back of 3 consecutive victories in all competitions kuapa least maintaining recent good form is their main focus. you try everything to win a game you lose it and then you meet the opponent again one day and sometimes it's
1:56 pm
close enough like a week later 2 weeks later and you can have this kind of emotion still in you but i don't believe too much of a wrench but it would be nice to get through against real madrid because. that would mean we have the next round and that's actually what we want to do in a day are outstanding and the and his and the boys they don't know exactly how it goes oh no we are not here for revenge to nicky pore complained to but in my opinion they are a complete team and some may say that they are only 3 strikers that are very good and that is true but in my opinion the team is very strong and solid when they have to play as a team they are very good there is no just one player to highlight we know the 3 strikers have great effectiveness and we will have to be on alert for everything. english premier league leaders man city are bidding for a quadruple this season side are facing for us yet dortmund erling holland one of the hottest strikers in world football and
1:57 pm
a player they've been heavily linked with the numbers speak for speak for himself so when that happens because he's going to score at the right left in the country in the box and when you don't need when you'll need to control tax in the head there still. yeah it's a fantastic striker ability knows it's all a blank guy who will realise that with a striker so in the knesset to be a manager you know to. realise an. meanwhile a major league baseball game in taxes had a near sallow crowd on monday the rangers welcomed a crowd of at least 38000 fans to their home opener against the trauma bluejays it's the 1st full capacity sporting event to be held in over 3 years since the global pandemic began bought the blue jays spoiled texas' home opener with a $62.00 win. ok and that is all your sport for now back to you during thank you so
1:58 pm
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