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we see how your story we are your voice. to al-jazeera. a doctor testifies that a lack of oxygen not drugs killed george floyd as he was pinned to the ground by police. hello and welcome i'm peter davi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up this is an epidemic for guys and has to stop. declaring that they have been enough prayers time for some action the u.s. president joe biden unveils how he plans to get american gun violence under control . warnings that africa is being left on the margins as countries battle supply
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problems to get enough code with 19 vaccine. also ahead unboxing the ballots amazon looks to have won a battle against workers unionizing up one of his giant warehouses. and leading dr lee rejected claims that george floyd's drug use and underlying health problems caused his death lung and critical care specialist dr martin tobin testified that floyd died from a lack of oxygen while being pinned to the pavement with a knee on his neck the trial of the former police officer derrick jovan was shown animations of him and 2 other officers holding floyd during the arrest alan fischer now reports from minneapolis. this was a significant day in court a phase of testimony covering important medical evidence the 1st witness martin to
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open a doctor with more than 40 years experience a pulmonologist a breathing expect mr floyd died from a low level of oxygen and this caused damage to his brain that we see and it also caused. a rift that caused his heart to stop how mr floyd pinned to the ground restrained by police simply couldn't get enough breath to survive that contain forces that are going to lead to the shallow breath are going to be that he's turned prone on the street that he has the handcuffs in place combined with the street and then that he has a knee on his neck and then that he has a knee on his back and on his side dr toobin reviewed all the video and concluded that after he taken his last breath the police continued to pin george for it done for a further 3 minutes that's the moment the life his body. the defense argued that drugs
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taken by george floyd was a significant factor in his death increasing his carbon dioxide level in his blood not so says the doctor what you're seeing is that the increase in his carbon dioxide that is found in the emergency room is so explained by what you expect to happen in somebody who doesn't have any ventilation given to him for 9 minutes and 50 seconds under cross-examination dr toben acknowledged he'd had a lot of time to analyze the events of may last year but derek chauvin was acting in reacting to events as they happened he dismissed some of the questions from the defense trying to poke holes in what was a compelling testimony throughout the jury paid close attention to the doctor many making notes the defense team including derek show. good to see a forensic toxicologist told the court there were traces of drugs in georgia system
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but nothing that was alarming the result to be consistent with a prescription dose of that right. would that be considered a low level of methamphetamine ergo. the final question for dr toben again concerned george boyd's drug use he said that those who suffered defend an overdose went into a coma far sed george floyd never did alan fischer at the dead of children mark the trial in minneapolis. staying in the united states he's calling it an epidemic and an international embarrassment now the president joe biden as outlined his 1st moves to reduce american gun violence he's admitting the measures are limited and he will need the support of congress to achieve more ambitious goals white house correspondent kimberly hulk it was more. in the absence of meaningful gun control laws passed by congress and in response to recent mass shootings in the states of
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georgia and colorado u.s. president joe biden unveiled a series of executive actions to curb gun violence gone by once in this country is an epidemic and it's an international barrier the executive actions include regulations on so-called ghost guns weapons assembled from parts that lack serial numbers purchasers of void background checks so when they show up at a crime scene they can't be traced also prohibited pistol stabilizing braces reportedly used by the mass shooter last month in colorado and red flag regulations allowing families to petition the course to confiscate weapons if a person is deemed dangerous i have held hands. with the hands of parents who have lost a child gun control advocates see the executive actions as an important 1st step but not enough the notion that somebody can walk down the a city street in my hometown richmond virginia with an assault rifle attached to
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their back is just you know unacceptable and unnecessary as a senator biden helped pass legislation to ban assault weapons back in 1994 but it expired 10 years later he's urging congress to act to reinstate the ban the 1904 act had a positive effect on public safety enforcing these actions if confirmed biden's pick to head the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms david chipman he's a former federal agent but also a gun control advocate making his nomination controversy all with firearm supporters. biden took on his conservative critics arguing his actions do not infringe on a person's 2nd amendment right to bear arms under the u.s. constitution the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things you're recommending are contrary to the constitution the u.s.
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president is also calling on congress to pass laws ending immunity for gun manufacturers make it possible for victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers in court joe biden calls this one of his top priorities can really help get al-jazeera the white house. another day has brought another coronavirus record in brazil 4249 deaths were reported on thursday the highest yet and the 2nd day this week the fatalities of exceeded 4000 there were another 86000 infections hospital intensive care units in most states of filling to capacity. a new record 2 for iran which announced 20000 new infections on thursday the spiraling outbreak has been linked to the persian new year holiday when millions defied the government's warnings against gatherings
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and travel the health minister has ordered all non-essential shops in the capital of other cities to close the world health organization is warning that africa is being left behind in the race for cope with 19 vaccines countries around the globe are grappling with supply shortages and delays the w.h.o. says jobs are out of reach for more than $1000000000.00 africans thanks in asian is a lifesaving tool in the response to the pandemic and $100.00 days into the year and also more than $600000000.00 in those it's even globally africa has that mina's that only 20 percent more than $1000000000.00 africans remain on the margins of this is march to end the pandemic african countries like ghana are one and i'm gonna have delivered a significant proportion of their vaccines within a short space of time and someone says that include training months in advance simulation exercises prelims thing priority groups and communicating early with
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communities. meanwhile the african union is dropping plans to secure astra zeneca vaccines from the serum institute of indians the world's biggest supplier of the a used disease control bodies it's not because of concerns about a potential and extremely rare link to blood clots they will still receive astra zeneca shots be a kovacs that's the program that aims to distribute vaccines to poorer countries south africa's already stopped using astra zeneca series for me to miller is in johannesburg explaining how the vaccination program has been slow to recover earlier this year as south africa suspended its vaccination program using the astra zeneca jab that after a new strain was identified and a trial show that astra zeneca would not be as effective against the strain and since then about a 1000000 doses of that vaccines been sold to other african countries and now so africa says it's been refunded for the other $500000.00 doses that were due to be
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delivered the government has been criticised for potentially wasting money but it says it's continuing to engage with astra zeneca as they continue to research and any development on a new generation vaccine the government hopes it will deal adequately with the new variant in the meantime south africa has forked millions of doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine and it hopes to meet a talk of vaccinating about 252270000 people a day and that's to achieve what it calls herd immunity for all many south africans it's been a long wait for a full vaccination program so far only health workers have been vaccinated about 270000 of them and so many south africans are waiting to hear when that broader program will begin. the government in australia is working on a new vaccination plan their it abruptly changed course to join other countries in
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steering away from astra zeneca the government will try to get millions more doses of the pfizer vaccine as another problem for australia's vaccination efforts which are already being criticised for inefficiencies and delays. well in 5000 virus infections have now been reported in yemen the un those says it's nowhere near what the real figure is likely to be health workers are trying to increase the amount of testing and vaccine distribution over 5000 covered 1000 cases have now been confirmed since the start of the pen demick this number has doubled in just one month signaling an alarming dangerous surge in the virus fatalities are on the rise with almost a 1000 deaths having been recorded so far 3rd of those have been confirmed since march since mid march we know these figures greatly underestimate the country's actual disease burden util limited testing capacities and under reporting as well
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as challenges of access to any treatment as of today yemen's humanitarian response plan which seeking $3850000000.00 is only 13 percent funded. pope francis is asking the world's financial chiefs to give poor countries more help with their debts the head of the roman catholic church says their finances have deteriorated badly during the pandemic and will struggle to recover unless there is relief the group of 20 big economies have extended a suspension of debt service in costs for the developing countries but stop short of wiping any of it clean. people living near a volcano in the caribbean island of st vincent are being ordered from their homes as it shows strong signs of erupting roughly 16000 people live in the so-called red zone around a volcano they're being sent to nearby islands shelters and even cruise ships for safety at last erupted in 1979 but a previous one in 1002 killed more than 1500 people. the weather is next
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and then mean mars military rulers are branded as a bully views after the country's ambassador to britain is literally locked out of the embassy in london. could seating arrangements that have turned into a diplomatic dispute between turkey and italy. it's time for the perfect general. sponsored plan qatar airways. once again we've got more snow in the forecast for japan over the next day or so don't see much in places i would be a cloud of rain in the process of pulling out of the way things last the settle but you see this bank of cloud just coming out of central china up towards kew shoot up towards honshu that's in the process of pulling a little further a switch into the open waters some wintry weather there coming into the northern
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parts of honshu not bad in tokyo to 18 degrees celsius a similar temperature too for us so and also for beijing bits and pieces of cloud and rain just around the say much of central china looks fine and dry for friday perhaps a little more cloud just started to push its way in as we go on into saturday by saturday the sun is out right across japan it's a pleasant sunshine not quite as warm but in light winds it really will feel very nice in the meanwhile down towards the southeast asia not too bad across the philippines one of 2 showers coming through here heavier showers into malaysia and also back into indonesia the flood affected parts of indonesia will see further showers i'm afraid as we go on through friday and sas day out west the weather just pushing up towards thailand some wetter weather too on the other side of the bay of bengal we could see some showers grassy making the way into the eastern side of india. from the al-jazeera london broke. to people in thoughtful conversation people use the
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lowest got agreement they describe. with no host and no limitation. a choice when you are refugee you are forced to speak of as much and has an ak at what has happened a lot in the west is that culture and studio unscripted on. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha i'm peter dhabi your top story so far this half hour a critical care doctor says a lack of oxygen and not drugs killed george floyd when he was pinned down by the
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police dr martin tobin was testifying at the trial of derek chauvin the former officer accused of killing floyd last year. u.s. president joe biden has announced measures to tackle gun violence which he says is an international embarrassment for america they are relatively minor changes biden will need the support of the u.s. congress to achieve more ambitious goals. and the african union is dropping plans to secure astra zeneca vaccines from the institute of india it says it's not because of concerns about potential and extremely rare link to blood clocks. now the sister of a british woman who died from a blood clot after receiving the astra zeneca shocks is still urging people to take the vaccine 59 year old pharmacist neil assholes died 10 days after getting his 1st dose allison are still says she is angry and she's in shock but she's also sure the benefits outweigh the risks. despite what has happened to mail and the impact on
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our family i still strongly believe that people should still have to have the vaccine if you travel around. the 2nd if you haven't tightened shet make sure the exam hall will save more lives like people having the vaccine not so the best of luck is very very small and my brother was extraordinarily unlucky but even given the situation up on this and i would strongly encourage everybody to go ahead and help if we can if we can save your life one of the family as a result of this then that would be worthwhile. there's been more disorder and fighting in northern ireland the police fired water cannon to disperse protesters who threw stones and petrol bombs anger over post bricks a trade is use of compounded other frustrations the white house has joined the british and irish governments in calling for calm after simmons has more. a 6th
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night of violence in northern ireland this is the scene in belfast a bus set on fire the driver escaped shot but not hurt no passengers were on board at least 7 police officers were injured here and more than 50 hurt in less than a week most of the violence had been caused by pro british loyalist rioters angry at a number of issues there enraged by the new brics it trade barriers between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. and say they're becoming alienated the northern ireland assembly met in emergency session calling for unity today is not the time to rehearse the arguments of the last number of weeks if say we should all know where hell and politics feel or are perceived to be feeling in northern ireland now knows she fell a vacuum of her destruction and despair as critical leaders we must stand united in
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appealing to all concerned to refrain from further threats or use of violence but unionist and loyalist politicians who want to remain in the u.k. and republicans who want to be out of it are deeply divided over a policing issue the union is say the police failed to prosecute republican shin fein members attending a large funeral which apparently broke the regulations and there's a disturbing aspect to wednesday night because it involves loyalist and republican nationalists for the 1st time since the rioting started the flare ups were either side of the so-called peace wall that still standing despite the good friday peace deal. bill $998.00 andrew simmons how does it. mean mars ruling generals are targeting more of their critics at home and abroad more than $600.00 civilians are said to have been killed by the security forces
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since the jointer seized power on the 1st of february at least another 11 died in the northwest and tarzi truckloads of soldiers arrive to crush and coup protests a popular actor and model playing tuck home has been arrested over his starring role in the protest movement and the police are looking for other entertainers and musicians elsewhere the u.k. has condemned what it calls bullying by the jointer after the country's ambassador to london was locked out of the embassy his journey home. protesters at the embassy on wednesday night ambassador men was locked out allegedly by his deputy and the military attash say last month the ambassador a former army colonel himself had broken ranks criticizing the coup on february 1st and calling for the release of the country's democratic leaders in the morning he
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returned and spoke to reporters outside he said embassy staff were now taking orders from the military attach a formal tries a look at the military from your comments last month you like yes. in searching for . orders it is. this issue he said his own options did not likely include returning to his country you seem. to be looking. in the water may be one of his last journeys in an official diplomatic. means headed to a meeting of the u.k.'s foreign commonwealth and development office in a statement foreign secretary dominic robb had earlier said we condemn the bullying actions of the me and my military regime in london yesterday and i pay tribute to for his courage the u.k. continues to call for an end to the coup and the appalling violence and for
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a swift restoration of democracy. the british government has imposed sanctions on myanmar military interests since the coup but it's not clear what more can be done now a foreign office spokesman said myanmar's military authorities had given notice that they terminated the ambassador's position and decision the government accepts what is it you'd like the british government to do so. over the door. george says he considers himself still to be the ambassador here in london the foreign commonwealth and development office does not this country has a long standing tradition of recognizing states not countries and so it is the military in myanmar that has authority over what happens inside this building jonah how al-jazeera london now the u.s. has voiced concerns about reports of human rights abuses and atrocities in ethiopia is to agree region fighting there has killed thousands of people mostly in jordan
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has more from washington. the u.s. has decision to add 152000000 dollars in emergency humanitarian aid for the people living in the t. grey region of ethiopia is coming with a warning for the leadership and address ababa this is net price the state department spokesperson the ethiopian leadership knows just how serious we are it is a message. the leadership has heard directly it is a message we have relayed. different channels different messengers but again the message has been consistent our concern for the reports that are emanating that have emanated from gray we have made no secret of that we have gone to tremendous links to provide to make available i should say humanitarian assistance while the bike that ministration says it's growing increasingly worried about the reported number of human rights violations in the tea grey region
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officials say that what they're seeing does not yet rise to the level of genocide. a dispute has broken between turkey and its silly over an embarrassing moment during a meeting in ankara newtonian prime minister has compared the turkish president to a dictator who had a child very small. this is the awkward meeting dubbed so for gate the e.u. commission president on the line was surprised to be left without a chair during high level talks in ankara. the former german defense minister eventually had to sit on a sofa a little further away from had counterparts and opposite turkey's foreign minister who was below her in the protocol pecking order a spokesman said she didn't wait on it appears you don't care more. please the president was clearly surprised and you can see that in the video but
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allow me to clarify that however surprise she may have been chosen and i think it was the right approach she chose to prioritise substance of the questions of formal protocol and that's certainly what here being citizens would have expected of her. but the incident has been met with fierce criticism from e.u. leaders including the italian prime minister. i absolutely disagree with president to one's positions i think it was inappropriate behavior i was very sorry for the humiliation that the president of the e.u. commission bunda lion had to suffer. turkey has been quick to react and has summoned the italian ambassador over the growing row at a news conference his foreign minister said the seating arrangement was in line with international protocol. goodish neither has united in other words the seating arrangement was designed to meet their demands and suggestions full stop we wouldn't need to state this explicitly if there were no accusations against turkey
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but there are statements even from the highest level suggesting this was done by turkey. neither the 1st female head of the e.u. executive or president though one have commented on the meeting but it's hoped the incident won't further dampen diplomatic ties between brussels and ankara america 3 al-jazeera. being counted in a landmark unionization push an amazon warehouse in the u.s. state of alabama final results may not be known until friday but so far the numbers are showing workers have rejected forming a union amazon has often been accused of unsafe working conditions and union busting which the online giant denies she have returns he has more now from washington. it's not looking good for the unions 3215 votes were cast and at the end of vote counting on thursday there are 463 yes votes and 1100 no votes union those are supporting you need
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1608 yes of apes and looking at these numbers it does suggest that it will probably have what we're calling a final result pretty quickly on friday once the vote counting resumes but it's not really going to be final because we're expecting a great deal of wrangling to happen no matter what the result is either from amazon or from the union and in addition of a vote. of the vote deadline it was about 9 days ago we really got to the stage because we had a long process where i was on it seems has been objecting to hundreds of votes even being counted in the 1st place so if we got what's called what we're calling a final vote we get that on friday but if the number of ridge of votes that amazon has contested where it would affect the final result then we have to go into a long process then of arbitration of figuring out well should those votes be counted so this could go on for weeks if i guess likely to go on for weeks no matter who who wins what we're calling the final vote. the tiny but strategically
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important begins voting shortly in a presidential election which the longtime leader ismail among is expected to win he sits on one of the world's busiest trading routes between africa and the arabian peninsula is catherine soy. many people in djibouti say they already know who will win the election president is smile on mark galli has been the country's leader for 2 decades and he's hoping for another run. he changed the constitution in 2010 scrapping time limits while also introducing an age limit of 75 he's now 73. his political rallies with a campaign platform has continued to have been attended by thousands of supporters he says he still has much to accomplish in this country of 1000000 people. we are a small country we need to regroup to build our country and to share benefits but also continue to defend peace in our country he is
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a desert nation but strategically placed in the horn of africa and on one of the wards b.z.'s trade routes is that a crossroads between africa and i reagan peninsula and the president has exploited this geographical advantage by investing heavily in ports and other infrastructure his plan is to transform djibouti into africa's largest trade and logistics hub the country has also attracted foreign military bases including the u.s. several from europe china and japan but many g. bush shows are poor and unemployment rates are high the president has also been accused of cracking down on his opponents in the past few years something this man wants to change zaccaria is only challenger he's an independent candidate and widely seen as a political novice who has not been campaigning march. is challenging for me to compete again is the president because he's been in power for so long but i believe
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in the promises are making to the people the government as never really purities them all the other more established opposition leaders have boycotted the poor claiming it will not be free and fair. face potus last year but analysts say any opposition is fragmented and disenfranchised catherine soy al-jazeera. this is down to 0 these are your top stories a critical care doctor says a lack of oxygen and not drugs cause george floyd's death when he was pinned by the police martin tobin testified at the trial of derek show of in the form.


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