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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm +03

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moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories provided a glimpse into someone else's work i am the voice we are the voice. on al-jazeera. 817 g.m.t. and we are taking you now live to ankara where turkey's president type everyone has been holding talks with the visiting libyan prime minister abdul hamid did by by their signed a number of accords and they're now holding a news conference let's listen in. rooted historic relations very special relations as brother. related countries. of course we have been having that same destiny for hundreds of is as we have the
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same. christians and star on our flag and we have a hard struggle together. mr 30 nobody. and other many. struggle to struggle together and we came to this point together with this common strength we are building our future. the sovereignty of libya and the territorial integrity yeah the social unity of libya and the prosperity of the libyan people is our absolute priority. way that it is south east north and west of course it embraces all countries with love and respect. we are very busy with all our resources. if you can the government. there
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members of the. very. point. we. are reaching for help. and. we were standing together with the legitimate government. the. crime against humanity and. war crime of the other side it's one by one. quality. sporting legitimacy
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they are. with a dream that we have signed and a memorandum of understanding and the framework agreement we prevented the fall of and we stopped. turkish support is also. in conference and. as a result of all the surge the government of national accord could be. from now on our priority. list. of. government of national accord. and. of all the comments all the in the country. prior to the libyan birth.
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remember the live in condition public services should be improved. i was like to invite all of the international community support. in this. we would like to i like i hope that it will be. of the struggle of the libyans. we always see in mediterranean as a prosperity. and. the agreements we have signed the memorandum of understanding. that we signed with. libya securing the future of libya.
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all. we have done previously. we have previously emphasized that all the members and the agreements are for the benefit of the future of libya. by literal relationships and the trade value. we are taking steps to improve and now we should be. focusing on the prosperity of our libyan brads as turkey with its tablets and strong private sector. can give all the help they will give all the help for the rebuilding of libya.
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tomorrow with the prime minister. and we will have another meeting and these all these issues will be deliberated upon in our meeting tomorrow. also about the education and culture that we will improve our cooperation. of course. of the trouble of coronavirus is continuing. at the moment. tomorrow 150. 1000 of the coroner virus vaccination will be delivered. as the situation is mature but we are going to open the embassy again. and the turkish experience in the struggle against current. will be
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helping. libya. this is. we are going to run a pandemic a hospital in tripoli. and we are going to. rebuild the rebuilding of the libyan health industry. libya will not be a country that is mentioned with instability and chaos. in order to obtain. libya with a peace and harmony we are going to continue our cooperation and support. of course here but i would like to remember again all our martyrs that haue lost their life supporting. lost their lives. protecting their
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come country. i hope our libyan brothers. are going to. the country they met in peace and prosperity. i would like to thank. my brother. and their delegation for their visit. you know all. your excellency. president you have to over there go on your excellence here ministers so my representatives of the media make its peace and blessings be with you. alex said i would like to extend all thanks and appreciation to the turks leadership and. people for the warm reception and
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turn us hospitality and i seized the opportunity to congratulate them on the advent of the holy month of ramadan. the joint meeting held to day care is great significance it kickstarts the operations of the joint strategic committee of the 2 brotherly friendly states who have a lot in common we are seeking strategic relations based on interest with all the neighboring and friendly countries turkey is not an exception with a letter. will capable of achieving our people's interests during the joint meeting where it aerated the importance of libya's. territorial integrity economic
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and social freedom all across the country and each and every corner. respect to libya's you serve rain t. is that common ground on which we are dealing with all other states. are very pleased with the proposal made by turkey to provide all assistance to leave here and holding the coming election. during the meeting also what it rated the significance of the role played by turkey and then plenty of lasting and comprehensive cease fire following the war our country has been living with also. a traitor the importance to provide me to
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a corporation in the security domain both the countries will be cooperating in combating terrorism of all its forms also combat thing transposed organization including human trafficking. whether specter the memorandum of understanding signed between i would respect of the respective countries namely the maritime want to trade that day these memorandum memoranda were bell built on. mutual interest of both the countries and people. for the mediterranean where all the countries concerned at cvs their respective interests were also look forward to increasing that trade. between i would respect of countries in their very balanced fashion and in this respect as
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joint meeting will be held in their joint economic. committee in order to conclude the free trade agreement. your 2nd homeland libya. is heading towards a huge path of development and rebuilding and that's why libya is welcoming all the turkish companies to lend a helping hand together with companies from other friendly and sister countries the turkish countries will have the presidents and parity sympathy for the reason that the enjoy. the expertise and we will do all what we care to eliminate any obstacles on their way. ladies and gentlemen we are treated the significance of the enforcement cooperation in the energy domain for the mutual
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interests of both the people we all circs appraisal preparedness to immediately kick start the operations and also the commercial flights between the countries will resume soon. corporation and the health care domain namely that covered 19 pandemic in brief looking forward to deep rooted strategic relations with all the countries namely the friendly brotherly state of turkey and we hope our mutual relation will set examples for others to the best interest of our respective people and for the greater good. we are keen on having the meetings of the. committee
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convened regularly. regularly and we look forward to hosting the coming joint meeting in the capital tripoli but it is of god once again a thank you and i couldn't grow too late to the advent of the holy month of ramadan thank you we've been watching a news conference coming to us from istanbul rather ankara this hour in turkey where libya's prime minister abdul hamid the buyback and a delegation of ministers have made their 1st visit to turkey we heard earlier from the turkish president rochette type one who praised relations between the 2 country this is libya's new unity government which was sworn in on march 15th after you know the 2 warring administrations in libya that all the east and western regions agreed on this unity government and completed a transition of power after a decade of conflict turkey had backed the tripoli based government of national
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court against the eastern based libyan national army which was supported by russia egypt among others and now the new libyan government led by the prime minister and a delegation of ministers in ankara today holding talks with the turkish leader and signing a number of agreements last speak to our correspondent in turkey about this arrest or said don who joins us live from istanbul also wrestle a very important visit for the new libyan government tell us more about what the talks are focused on and what this new libyan government is hoping to get from turkey. well they did toss are mostly folks in iran the rebuilding process of libya and the communique after the meeting that has been released and read out by 2 leaders in ankara also shows that how significant this process is for reform rebuilder for for the libyan national unity government because there's government just 8 months later is going to hold an
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election this is a transitional government in the center there will be an election and the government definitely wants to succeed 2 main tracks one of them is going to be the rebuilding of libya economically and the other one is going to be the reforms in the economy sectors so for what these both tracks they need desperately turkey's support in that sense and the meeting today that has been how they in ankara 2 leaders this is the 1st high level strategic cooperation council between 2 countries the libyan government was hoping to get enough support from ankara and uncle also as hoppin and stepping in to be an important major play here in the rebuilding a force of the or of libya just the libyan prime minister up to hamid the baby is the power broker in libya and with a strong personality with a gravitas and he just got all of his team the most important 14 ministers in
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cabinet 5 deputy prime ministers head of the central bank and also the chief of staff and guiding in ankara party this is very much simpler closer very much important just remember that 125th of march a german french and italian foreign ministers were interred poorly and later the italian prime minister was there then the greek prime minister also with the 3 poorly and all of them unanimously asked the libyan government to pressure or on the foreign forces in libya to retire. which means practically turkey and russia but the libyan government doesn't see this as a reality for the time being because just remember in 2019 when the u.a.e. france back after was trying to take over tripoli turkey has been a game changer and turns the fortunes in favor of the g.n.
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in government of national accord in 3 poorly and the baby is where we where well a way out of this reality so his now we are also sending out a master that the corporation and the maritime deal that has been signed the military cooperation and the maritime deal that has been signed with church key that creates the the exclusive economy in the military necessity is going to stay there in this and he's assured in the dead libya is committed to this agreement so today we can see that a very large variety of the agreements were on the was was on the agenda the trade security construction and energy media transport patients how tourism and culture so it is quite a significant show of the significant show of the strategic alliance between these 2 countries and for the for the future of the libya of the future also turkey seems
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that is going to remain a major player. in istanbul thank you. racism and violence towards black men at the hands of police are back in the spotlight in the u.s. with 2 events happening just kilometers apart overnight protests broke out after a black man was shot dead by police offices at a traffic stop nearby in minneapolis the trial of a former police officer over the killing of george floyd is under way it's now into its 3rd week a cardiologist giving evidence has said former officer derrick chauvin restraint floyd in a life threatening manner dr jonathan rich says ford died of low oxygen levels because of the way he was held he ruled out of a causes like drug use or heart disease chauvin is on trial after he handcuffed and knelt on floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes now through review evolve the facts
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and evidence of the case i can state with a high degree of medical certainty that dreadful he did not die from a primary cardiac event and he did not die from a drug overdose he not been restrained in the way in which he was i think he would have survived that day i think he would have gone home or wherever he was going to go where he not been subjected to the prone position restraint that he was we will have more on the show vein trial very shortly with john hendren who is outside the court in minneapolis but 1st we go to alan fischer for more on the then scene brooklyn center minnesota not far from where this trial is happening there were protests there overnight. or the shooting of a black man by police it's been a used car friends said still ongoing i believe and body cam image of the shooting has been released tell us the latest allen. well you can
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see for just in the last hour or so there a lot more people here to protest a lot more police officers backed up by state police and also national guard they are in front of the building where that news conference is still ongoing we have heard from tom gannon who's the police chief here in brooklyn center he said that it was a tragic mistake that the officer intended to fire his taser in fact show he's as he went for his weapon pulled his gun instead and fired a single shot he also said that in the body count you can see the distress of the police officer immediately after that people shot was fired whether or not that's enough to 2 quell some of the anger here it seems unlikely people are very angry that yet another black man has died at the hands of the police they're questioning whether or not someone who was stopped for a traffic offense should end up dead even with a mistake we know that investigation is now underway it's independent of the police
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department here it is be handled on the state level of the police chief saying he's trying to be as transparent and as open as possible and they are also condemned the violence that we saw here in brooklyn center overnight number of businesses up to 20 in fact were looted by protesters it was only with the use of chemical or tents as they call it tear gas to all of us were fired into the crowd that the crowd started to despair just after midnight on sunday into monday morning but you can see there are still many people here still many people very angry with the police and this heavy police presence in front of the police station is not going to disappear in the next couple of hours it's going to be here for quite some time to . aren't we seem to have lost a connection to alan fischer there was describing the scene outside the police station i believe in brooklyn center where they've been protests after the shooting
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of another black man in this spin more protests there we will go back to new in just a few minutes when we are establish our connection in the meantime let's go to minneapolis the courthouse there where the trial of derek show vein a former police officer accused of killing george floyd another black man is underway the trial now entering its 3rd week john 1st of all how are the events in brooklyn center and the shooting of another black man there and the protests there over that shooting how is that affecting him impacting the proceedings in court today. well the proceedings were delayed for a little while this morning while the 2 sides considered a request by the defense the defense wanted to sequester the jury that is to isolate them keep them in a hotel away from all media because there was concern that all the publicity about
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the unrest that followed this shooting. could poison the jury's mind could help influence them in this case because it's a similar case of 'd a black man dying at the hands of police but the judge said that is an entirely different case he said this jury has already been vetted dizzee if they can be fair even though many of them had heard about the george floyd case and so they decided not to do that but in in the course of that conversation we learned some valuable information the judge said he was planning on sequestering the jury on monday because that is when he expects there to be closing arguments so that gives us the timeline moving forward this is day 11 right now and we expect that the prosecution in the next 24 hours will wrap up the testimony from its side of the case we know there will be one other expert witness that will be a use of force expert who is going to talk about the use of force by police from an
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academic perspective and then we expect as so-called spark of life statement this is something kind of unique under minnesota law where in the middle of the trial they allow family members or friends to testify as to who this person was who died the idea is to give a face to the victim in this case and in this case we expect that to be felonious floyd george floyd's brother who talked to a pool or just a short while ago that is a pool reporter and said he's been up since 1 o'clock in the morning but he's not nervous because he's already testified before congress where he said there were many more. cameras and he is going to try to give life to put a face to the person who died here under garrett sure of his need ok john thank you very much for that john hendren my forest say in minneapolis let's speak to
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ronald sullivan are professor of law and criminal justice at harvard law school professor since we spoke last time there's been now body cam footage dramatic footage of the latest shooting in minnesota where a black man was killed after being shot by police authorities there saying it was accidental that the officer who shot his gun at the black man meant to shoot a taser this is happening of course says the show vein child is continuing in minneapolis but certainly not a good look and not a good thing for the defense said this event happened on the day this trial was resuming. not at all you're absolutely right there's to my estimation no way that the jurors will not hear about that in other words they're they're going to do their darndest to stay off of social media not read the newspapers etc but the news channels are absolutely inundated with this story it's local it's
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a 20 minute drive from where the jurors are so they will hear about it and it has the potential to be triggering for that community that once again another instance of a police officer killing an unarmed black man and the threat to the defense is that jurors will convict. things that happen outside of the trial and not inside of the trial so i think it's it's obviously and i should say devastating for the family involved in devastating for all involved in that tragedy but if we look at it just in terms of this trial the defense has to be extraordinarily worried right now all right thank you very much for talking to us and we will of course be speaking to you throughout the evening here on out just as we continue to follow the show vain child in minnesota in minneapolis let's go back to alan fischer now was in. austell in the state of minnesota at the site in brooklyn sent away this been
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another shooting as we've been reporting out day today of a black man by police said there were protests over night when we're speaking area and we were talking about the video that's in may that's come out of the shooting the dash cam footage of this shooting talked to us about what we're seeing and what have been the reaction say. well i haven't actually seen all of the the body can video but you see the traffic stops and you see their attempts to try and arrest mr right simply because there was an outstanding warrant and it's not entirely clear what that one was for according to the police chief who's been speaking here just in the last half hour. at that point it seemed that tried to escape tried to get away from the police and moved back to his car that has been
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a common theme people driving past here so newborn in support of those who are here protesting and according to the police chief instead of pulling his taser i think show to as he pulled his weapon he actually pulled his gun fired a single short and that was enough to inflict a fatal wound no it appears that the young man the 20 or got back into his car and tried to drive off but crashed into oncoming vehicle clearly his injuries so severe from that gunshot no it's no going to be handled the investigation is going to be handled at the state level they're going to look at all the events and there's been an appeal from the mayor and also for the police chief for the car they may well benefit from the fact that it is a freezing rain that is falling here in brooklyn center that may just get people off the street but as you can see there are many people have come out and there they are in front of the police lines there on this side of the street as well and they are making their views and norton that they are very unhappy that yet again
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the trial of derek sure it is ongoing another black man has been killed at the hands of the police here in minneapolis thank you very much for that alan fischer reporting there live from brooklyn center in minnesota. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera in the u.s. 500 national guard troops have been deployed across minnesota after protests over the death of another black man at the hands of police dante reiss craving family told a crowd he was shot by police before driving away and crashing the police chief of brooklyn center says the officer did not intend to shoot dante vice is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single bullet this appears to me from what i view in the officer's reaction.


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