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factions but it's feeling is that with 32000000 people vaccinated the country's in a pretty good position to handle this still boris johnson is urging people to behave responsibly. there are still many who haven't been infected or vaccinated yet a big spike in infections could throw the tentative easing of lockdown off course but this is a major and generally welcome step back towards normality. now to 0 brighton. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now just here and now police in the us are using tear gas to try and disperse protesters in minneapolis the mayor's declared a state of emergency but people are defying an 11 hour curfew tensions are growing over the police shooting of an unarmed black man chaper town c has more from washington d.c. before the curfew there was a vigil for dawn to right elsewhere in the city
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a lot of the folks there who left that curfew and did gather once again outside the police department in brooklyn center and we saw an uneasy standoff for several hours but largely peaceful and then what was i think rather galling for a lot of the protesters when they 1st arrived there was the the police had actually hoisted a blue lives matter a pro police thin blue line flag up on the flag place a really quite defiant from the police despite the fact that one of their offices included is accused of homicide right now against a young 20 year old a 20 year old man george floyd's brother has testified in the trial of former police officer derek shelvin in minneapolis villainies floyd described his brother as a family man who loved this siblings and had a one of a kind relationship with his mother. china says japan's decision to release more than a 1000000 tonnes of contaminated water into the sea from its ruined fukushima nuclear
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plant is extremely irresponsible police are protests people rather are protesting in tokyo japan says the water is being treated and does not hose any risk israel's prime minister is declared around the greatest threat to the middle east not so i think again nuclear capability his comments follow the apparent sabotage of iran's main nuclear facility the e.u. is calling on the international community to act after a report found the syrian government likely used the chlorine bomb in 2018 the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says there are reasonable grounds to believe syria's air force used the bomb on homes in the rebel held live region injuring 12 people those are your headlines the news continues here not just here after the stream. the caster's ability to destroy the communist party since
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the 1959 revolution this power is handed over to miguel diaz canal we look at the situation in the country today this is the end of the me but continuation of the legacy or the beginning of real change in cuba special coverage has rolled past 2 steps down on al-jazeera. high as any ok today on the string we focus on haiti a country that is yet to see a single covered 19 vaccine some patients are even struggling to be able to afford covert 19 basic safety precautions. ok look at the basket and the state government is supposed to give us masks to wear for the coronavirus but they don't give us the masks and we don't know where to go and buy them they sell them a too high a price for us to be able to afford it we're poor we can't afford them therefore we
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don't wear mascara the movie is the movement. meanwhile presence often elmo yes of haiti is facing some political opposition the economy is struggling and also there's an uptick in gang violence a so much to talk about in haiti right now please help me do that jump into the comment section and be part of today's. joining our conversation mr joseph jacqueline gult of pop and jessica nice to see you guessed you for being with us today mr joseph introduce yourself to everybody who you are what you need to. do in. the ministry of foreign affairs and or ship in. jacqueline it has been a friend of the stream she's been on the screen many times welcome back jack and i remind our audience who you are what you do thanks for having me on jacqueline charles some of the caribbean correspondents at the miami herald but the problem to
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the stream introduce yourself to a global audience let it be bob director all because you said jersey board president most of course is the official medicine of the world cornell medical college of new york and jessica good to see you tell asked him what he and what you do. yeah hi my names just go over and journalists and comic are based here in haiti welcome everybody thought about this to start with some very basics how is haiti doing regarding the coverage 19 pandemic how many people are sick how many people have passed away how are you handling it. well i must tell you that in the world who had a doubt the catastrophe exceeds ration that would have occurred and he didn't look . away years in total to what he did in $52.00 debts we have about $30.00 and people would be to check that but i suspect that this number is
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virtually 0 or i would reach you played by 20 because we didn't test every single person we only tested people were symptomatic in who came to our cities but we are not seeing a single wave at this time that we are looking in to right this is happening each fascinating that we are not seeing much cause you to get now we had carnival we had reopened schools we had to open airports and nothing happened so i presume the business of that that we have that we reach some kind of color t.v. immunity in the british does about this is so strange as you said i'm just looking here at covert figures for haiti and of course any countries figures are not going to be absolutely accurate as you're not going to be out to test every single person and also there's not a lot of testing going on in haiti anyway but look here a number of cases 12000 deaths to 510 that's extraordinary neighboring next
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door to dominican republic they've had 258000 cases a more than 3000 people have done this is something just that you have looked into what siri do you have. so i had written an article for of the new humanitarian about vaccine has a tendency to the reality is that the death toll in confirmed cases are quite unreliable less than 60 about some tasks administered in haiti rather than the $1300000.00 and american republic with roughly the same population size also most tasks are quite an affordable to the general public they cost about $900.00 is just not possible for most patients and most people actually doctors like spoken to both in port au prince and in the provinces have mentioned that most people don't go to
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. their hospitals when they have a fever or a flu there was all bought at stake mad the beginning with the pet pandemic so instead it's kind of been denuded as a as a different fever not coronavirus so the people dying at home they are going undiagnosed it's not being counted as cope it. it just. got here yes docs ahead of work i've been working in haiti for 40 years i've seen all that be done from. color out etc i can tell you that we have a group do the workers working in the slums we live there if we had a lot of coffee debts we would up though. this is the reality or. underlying condition i know. but i let me just say let me just say that it's not all of this 80. 1 and let me just go there to jacqueline and then i'm
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going to go to the minister and you know i'm just going to build on i'm just going to build up dr props point because i did a story about this and i was in haiti during cholera and i remember the bodies being thrown into streets left industry you saw people running with bodies sick people on the near death on the on planks and that is i mean if that we have not had that in haiti yes you can you can question a numbers you can question the figures but the reality is also is that we have not seen any anecdotal evidence of large numbers of unexplained death that we saw in ecuador that we've been seeing in brazil the question fundamentally is why is this we know we're dealing with a country where over 50 percent of the population is young so you don't have that you know older population you do have some culpability people do treat it as if it's just a fever but they're also treating it you know with different herbs and different in
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different teas there is a question to be asked part let's be real part of the country is closed down it doesn't have the amount of tourism that we've seen next door in dominican republic and we see how this is how this virus moves so there is a legitimate question there but i agree with dr pappas that when we look at the history of haiti and the diseases in the past there has been no you know evidence to have you believe there we have a situation in haiti where you've had like in ecuador or brazil or other countries where you've seen his explosion and people are dying in large numbers unaccounted for so many say almost feels like. has dodged a bullet for the moment is that to do with how the government is monitoring it in terms of the cove 8190 samak. thank you listen to this i concur with bob and jacqueline had we actually have many a cause of death in haiti everyone would know it's there is no such thing we we
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need also to mention that the government has been the block too since the beginning with close schools universities port and airports so we need to also take into account dools upon it is i do believe that the government has been a fit of efficient and managing a $1000.00 and haiti so it's clear that we. countries according to that actually base money does the cause weeknights and of course we need also to understand what a fuck does that help us compared neighbor dominican republic why we fare so why we did so good and. i disagree with you i think that the government's handling of whole of it has been rather rather chaotic i mean i think that haiti has managed to dodge
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a bullet but let me just say one of the worrying thing stan it's happened is that when you look at today for instance the state department you know put haiti under a travel forewarning and they specifically also mentioned the cole that because it's on the c.d.c. so they are not they are saying to us they don't believe the numbers the bahamas also effective today has another ban on travel to and from haiti it's the 3rd time that they're issuing this just this ban i mean i think that that you know that there's definitely an answer for the scientists and individuals like dr pap to realize but i think that yes in the beginning we saw some proactive decisions on the part of haiti being the 1st to say to people if you're coming in you're going to have to solve isolate but then back in happened we saw the rooms that were set aside for isolation they were going to people who were being deported from the united states that's a whole other issue the whole. and you see some of the images that are coming out and people may not be able mass of people don't believe in mass and they don't want
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to be so i think that we have been lucky but i think that when we look at what's happening a new guinean we look at what's happening in venezuela we the realization of these variants that the government can be more proactive and that it is critical that you know people understand that while yes when i see the number of deaths in haiti there's a virus is real and that they should not just dismissed it as just a little fever so i guess let me move on. if we want to a little bit because this is almost a medical mystery that we're not going to solve within the length of this program but i do want to push on just a little bit because where haiti is right now and it's been shocking some of our audience who are watching and he doesn't have a single covert 19 vaccine the director of health ministry explained some of the challenges that haiti is anticipating when it even comes to getting the vaccine in country is have a listen. the only need 1000000 those of us if we have 3000000 doses of vaccine
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1st do we have a safe place to store them in seconds do we have the capacity to use all those doses before they expire because when you receive the vaccines and then start using them they could end up expiring we have to know all these details before we can start receiving vaccines and saying to people that those vaccines are available so that's a pot this is something the every country is having to think about whether they are a developing country or a developed country so is haiti ready to get vaccines or let me explain this is a complex issue because we are the vaccine said against you we've used vaccine against hiv they gets it in most new certainly we introduce oral could have that seen whenever you into or does not exceed your population it is essential that you do since it is issued in information to the population. and i can tell you people
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tell you dead the government doesn't give them a scale i know that there are millions of boston that were provided the reason really why people are not using mask because they could make them themselves it's really because they don't believe he did disease and didn't believe it because they don't see people dying that's really the issue they believe in calling it was easier so i think the government position. essentially is linked to the fact that we don't have a lot of people over the age of $65.00 so this is why the the government of vaccine mostly for older people it's only fair point 5 people hyped for what 5 to 8 percent of people over to just $65.00 but most importantly it's convincing people to get it so dear friend to get vaccine and the vaccine sits there and expires so there needs to be a big we discussed this at a previous talk with their firelit
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a disappointing dennett's to be a huge effort it has to saratoga diaspora that's what i did with the haitian middle callouses you should overseas and big issue because that is a connection with the das right he that's what i did we've got it's what i did with it when it would use each of you vaccine so we did to do that 1st this is important and i think that the government is not against vaccine because they sign documents indicating that they want vaccines but they want to make sure that this is not wasted and i think that the 1st step is that massive education campaign it's not going to be easy i can guarantee you but thought so what month is it a pro. will pandemics has over a year and so you're a situation where you know. how since that covered the $911.00 excess minister how are you going to do that. i mean i know the the public health
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ministry is very proactive and as dr just said. diligent it working to accept they refuse or at least they live locked in to choose the. vaccine in they have the right to actually listen to a phone since about 6 committee to get clear. of which of the vaccines may work better for haiti so i think this is a where we. i mean to his addition that exists among the population but the as dr pop said the government has already sided documents to accept the vaccine but which one i think days a discussion and this is something we should figure out pretty soon and start with it would developed and i again we need to have a campaign and case and this is exactly what miss i'm just wondering how how quick is pretty soon it doesn't feel like there's an awful lot of urgency because wrong
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hashes that don't really prove exists as a pandemic and to not that many people want dying. i mean the reality. just. the minister of public kills who said that is going to be very soon very soon and we we we we express our concerns about our stars and they go and we see the waiting for them to actually see of you know to address those concerns right but right now there's only one vaccine that's available that is astra zeneca me in the united states you have j. and j. it is a one shot vaccine it has not been approved by w.h.o. and the reality is because haiti is part of the kovacs $36.00 countries in the americas region are going to receive vaccines through this 10 of them including haiti are going to get it for free but haiti is only going to be able to get 20 percent of its population in terms of vaccines and that's
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a real reality that once you get the enough for your 2000000 individuals you will not be able to have any more you know any more vaccines so today there's one vaccine astra zeneca and while you know we haven't moved to a global passport increasing the as a journalist i am seeing countries that are starting to act for people to be to be vaccinated and everyone agrees at least the science agrees that we need to return immunity and we can't return immunity if one country is lacking it's understandable haiti's concerns but you know all of the scientists are saying it out of europe to say yes you know there are some concerns but the benefits outweigh the risk right now and by the time he actually led gabby know that they were prepared for this vaccine 9 countries in this region had already received their shipment of astra zeneca vaccine for cold such a check and then we just remind our audience when calving chance that the vaccine alliance an alliance yeah we spoke we spoke to them when we taught them about this
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he shall have a camera laptop the covert code that tracks the requests for invites countries to identify their preferred vaccine cut to 6 that they re sent this to us in direct. response to what is happening in haiti is going to skip towards the end here because that seeks to optimally meet the full range of country profits is subject to supply availability among other factors may be a maybe the j.n.j. vaccine will be available but maybe it won't be. a comet i would love for you to listen to minister and this comment comes from a citizen of hope and he is concerned that the vaccine is not the biggest issue in haiti right now many other is way more important have a listen have a look 1st and foremost those deep mistrust in delicious and she between the haitian population in the government which is known for. city
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to be busy social services to this it isn't easy actually few people in here because of all be made in haiti does not how do you call them all of it made him now what the problem of insecurity and bad governance so haitian people should be able to buy your own elite to do what we should we followed the villains of the international community. mr karr had yes yes listen he'd see has historically member of structural problems including a constitution that has not including a constitution that has undermined democratic barbarous desir we have an opportunity to address finally the structural problems well right in the country with solid platform on which to build a stable democracy with functional parliament and strong institution listen.
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2021 is a coup sure year for the country haiti success is dictated on holding fwe in fair elections as. the professor just mentioned we need to hold elections so the people can elect their leaders and to finish with the cycles of instability and violence we need to change the constitution as 90 percent both inside and outside the country 90 percent of patients both inside and outside the country ask they want we just think the constitution they want elections so and doesn't do any do we can have a peaceful transfer of power and then elected president will replace with those of then we and have a climate of a nonviolent of stability to really lead the country to the better path so i'm just looking at the minister and there are a number of people who let's just say the lack confidence in the house and
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government of a lot compass in the house of government is even before kovac 19 now planned how if i have confidence and and what you are saying the government is trying to do right now when i ought in even though it looks like i may have a scant some of the last of the covered 90 pound demick to our life's at risk people's health is at risk in haiti. there is only one way to express your concern is through the but it is what you need to do if you do if you do not have faith in the government change it and it's in our democracy which choose election to actually change elected officials the government that's that's exactly what the president does current government is committed to organize fair and transparent elections a dno of the year so we can have a new government well actually do those people would not have 50 and discover and
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they don't actually choose to have a laser like you out all right they can speak about the minister but the minister mentioned the structural issues i mean historically haiti has relied on n.g.o.s and outsiders to fund its health care it has one of the lowest spending you know on health care the question is whether or not a new constitution is going to address people's basic needs i mean i've seen this argument raised that the issue for haiti today in terms of you know disease and maladies it's not cold it but it's infant mortality you know women dying in childbirth things that are curable that we take for granted here in the developed in the developed world and that goes back to regardless of what your constitution says what is the political will of any government to address that into basic rights i would like to add something. i think it's it's a bit irresponsible to say that he has passed code and i know we don't want a return on that subject and in the end i do so i gess we 3 do actually because as
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the whole point i thought god got us talking i don't believe anyone said there were pasco verify how do you trust the government if in fact there are multiple other issues jessica i would love for you to respond to this comment because we came to you to talk about the vaccine hesitancy and this is this is this is a very a well off who who's thinking about toys isn't thinking about vaccines and how to listen to things come and then come off the back of it obesity. when we look at the movie in 1000 numbers for haiti about 12000 pieces and 250 death haiti remains a mystery we even had for early march and it did not result in 2 accelerated number of cases the average haitian today is concerned marching in the shoes taking over social media with the hash tag $380.00 not from who played scene but from insecurity and corruption at
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a personal level taking the vaccine is not on top of my primary however as a frequent traveler if it comes down to travel restriction i am open to take the vaccine but since i know that there are different types of vaccine out there i'll make sure i take one that doesn't create more issues than it solves yes that is a voice of privilege of have i heard one just very briefly right at the end of the show what should haiti be thinking about doing right now in the global pandemic best practices best best idea going forward from from this point. right so. probably 1st off following coke carnival actually when i was speaking with a doctor i general hospital the general hospital in cap-haitien was actually on quarantine a couple weeks after carnival so we just don't know the status that it is statistically we just don't know how additions are being affected by this because
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there are underlying conditions connected however to address this it's very very difficult to get people to trust in the back scene when most people don't trust in public institutions and when people have bigger and bigger stresses to to worry about like food jobs security. i think. when it's possible to hold the elections i think that's what's going to help returns that some trust the 2nd thing is i agree that there needs to be more efforts to educate and fight against that information through thank you jan abit of at the beginning of the pandemic actually like he did quite a good job at spreading awareness around radio gene goals and stuff like that yes thank you jack thank you dr pomp and sackey minister thank you as well for being part of this conversation so much to talk about haiti always a chicken during a global pandemic thank you all for being part of this conversation i will see you
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it disappeared once again. the apollo of gaza. on a. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al-jazeera. to more or. police in minnesota fired tear gas into crowds defying a curfew as protesters take to the streets over the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man. he just knew how to make people feel better. and that the minneapolis trial into the killing of george for oil his brother talks of a community minded man.


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