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cross 5 known for indian state health experts and mention it and been warning for months for the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in flu shot in the impact that would have on the card that 19. the u.s. hits russia with a raft of new sanctions saying that it's punishment for inaction interference and cyber attacks. again i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. secretary of state flies into kabul to reassure afghan leaders they still have america's support a stroop skitt ready to leave. car bomb goes off in a busy baghdad market killing at least one and injuring many. a major 2nd wave of
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covert 19 infections accelerates in india where hospital beds and oxygen supply is a foreign shores. the u.s. has announced new sanctions against russia for what the white house says is the kremlin's election interference and cyber attacks the measures include wider restrictions on u.s. banks trading in russian debts and the expulsion of 10 diplomats in brussels nato announced that it supports any u.s. actions to contain russia's destabilizing activities russia's foreign ministry says that a response to the sanctions is inevitable but it's some of the u.s. ambassador in moscow more now from russia shortly but 1st here's our state department correspondent was in jordan in washington. this is of course with the
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expulsion of 10 diplomats assigned to the embassy here in washington that certainly if you want to get the headlines but this is also a matter of the bite at ministrations operates 2 whole moscow accountable for things such as a logically paying bounties for. enemy combatants to target u.s. forces in afghanistan this also is a matter of trying to haul lawsuits ability to pay for. its operations by for bidding us some financial institutions from doing any business that uses the russian ruble as a basis of why the transaction made june and that's a considerable financial penalty because it if it sharply didn't want to moscow's ability to do business in international monetary markets there is also one of the call for. concern about alexina hawley the opposition figure who is said to
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be in the climbing help in a russian prison and you're seeing more efforts being launched against the government for its going on punishment and persecution alexina volley and there's also a lot of financial a lot of penalties and sanctions for all of those involved in the. cyber attack against. computer right now works. in moscow what else have the russians prancing about this pontiff. well in the last few minutes adrian maria sucker over the foreign ministry spokeswoman here in moscow in a weekly meeting weekly audience with the pressure he said that what's the sanctions the u.s. of announced do not meet the interests of 2 nuclear powers the actions show the opposite tone to the phone call to the phone call made between president biden who
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initiated that phone call on tuesday night and. putin she says the sanctions are basis in substance and senseless in form and our response is inevitable it's coming she says the u.s. ambassador's already been summoned to the foreign ministry he's apparently there they say and the pharmacy spokesman says he won't be getting an easy ride but the issue is that the u.s. has a long list of complaints that you heard rosalyn refer to that against russia about solar winds hack that targeted 9 federal. organizations in the u.s. was $100.00 companies the biggest and most sophisticated cyber attack the world's ever seen according to microsoft it refers to the occupation continued occupation of crimea and the repression in crimea and the jailing of alexander all of the long list of complaints is why the u.s. says it's now taken this action so what if any economic impacts are likely from
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these new sanctions. well want to interesting indicator is that before the detail of these sanctions were announced the russian ruble dropped in value against the dollar but after the sanctions were announced the ruble regained what it lost against the dollar and this is because although the u.s. is stopping the buying of russian debt on the fur on the primary bonds markets you'll still be able to buy it on the secondary market that means that someone else who bought another organ another country or another organization the buys that that russia will still be able to buy it's a people's will be able to buy russian that on the secondary market so the economic effect is not as significant as the markets 1st feared but there are effects of course on those individuals and those companies that have been sanctioned out zeros but it's worth reporting live from moscow but many thanks indeed u.s.
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secretary of state anthony blinken has flown into afghanistan he's been hoping to reassure afghan leaders a day after the u.s. and nato announced that they're pulling out all troops by september will maintain the american tradition of providing humanitarian assistance for those most in need including women girls and refugees i share that message in all my meetings today with president danny with chairman ability with representatives from civil society who are working for change every single day in their communities throughout the country the united states will remain in afghanistan steadfast partner we want the afghan people countries in the region and the international community to know that fact. it's also a very important message for the taliban to hear life out of washington i white house correspondent kelly how good it is with us kimberly. why did the secretary of
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state feel the need to want to make this one of oust visits to afghanistan. well it comes less than 24 hours after the commander in chief u.s. president joe biden made the announcement of the withdrawal of u.s. forces but that does not mean that the footprint of the united states is leaving afghanistan completely and so it was the job of the secretary of state to explain and also reassure the nervous afghan people in times even the government about what the future holds for their country after having the united states so present there for 20 years the secretary of state sending the message that he understands this is a time of uncertainty that this is also a time of transition but at the same time well that makes him nervous this is also an opportunity he says for optimism that this is now a chapter that can be written with the afghan people very much in control so the
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message was that this will still be an enduring relationship between the united states and afghanistan but it will be a different relationship now in terms of the withdrawal the u.s. president very clear when he made his announcement that he believes the threats to the united states are no longer present in afghanistan but have shifted to other parts of the globe and so it was time for the united states to leave and i can tell you that's getting a lot of criticism here in the united states from members of the president's own democratic party and also his conservative critics who are worried about the future of women and girls and and what the future holds that there could be a civil war in afghanistan so to blink and not only reassuring the afghan people but also some of the american public that is watching this carefully and not feel. 100 percent comfortable about the power forward so the message was one of reassurance of commitment that there will be
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a diplomatic footprint in the country of afghanistan moving forward just not a military one i was house correspondent kelly how could live there washington thanks campbell. at least one person has been killed by an explosion in baghdad a car bomb went off at a market in the city district which is in the iraqi capital east at least 17 people serious about a full team is that. we understand there was a car parked by the. time . of life *. there has been a few small number of. a
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warning from. possible talks aimed at reviving the iran nuclear deal have wrapped up for the day in vienna the u.s. president joe biden says that he wants to rejoin the agreement but that iran must reverse its violations 1st iran wants u.s. sanctions lifted 1st discussions have been progressing but iran to the shadow of the iran's main nuclear facility. says it will begin enriching uranium but even high levels are said big reports now from tehran. what iran hopes to be achieved is all those sanctions to be lifted for the united states to return to that deal and
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then iran says that they will come back into compliance with that 2015 nuclear deal in fact this morning president has been rouhani has been speaking and he said that iran has the capability to enrich to 90 percent now that's weapons grade but he did add that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and that iran doesn't want a nuclear weapon he pointed to the united states without mentioning them he said it is you who have nuclear weapons and store them and said that iran would return to that 3.67 percent enrichment level stipulated by the 2015 nuclear deal if those sanctions were lifted now one of the head negotiators for iran has been speaking and what he has said that took place in that meeting in vienna is that he started off by condemning that attack that act of sabotage as he called it nuclear terrorism that took place at natanz on sunday and he criticized the europeans for not condemning it said it was a weak response and he continued to say that iran is not after wasting time but talks will continue and that's something that's been echoed by the supreme leader
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here at the last how many he said that he is not opposed to talk see understands the need for them but he told negotiators that this shouldn't be any time wasting and so far that the united states offers riddick grading and the negotiators should go forward. and with their eyes open something that's been reiterated by president hassan rouhani and foreign minister zarif warning the europeans and united states that time is running out because we have those presidential elections in june and this administration's time in office and in august. have been more than 200000 new corona virus infections over the past 24 hours in india its highest daily tally yet it's not the 2nd worst affected country in the world by total cases of the worst by daily instructions but per capita it's still far behind other nations several states so the whole systems are overwhelmed.
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thailand is considering the restrictions of reporting a record 1500 infections in a day the outbreak has been linked to nightclubs and bars in bangkok of the pub of disease control says that it appears to have spread beyond it could delay the government's plans to reopen to tourists and japan's highest number since january putting more question marks over the tokyo olympics 4300 new infections were announced on wednesday the 2nd most powerful figure in the governing party a suggested that cancelling the games in july is still an option but other officials insist it will go ahead. brazil's supreme court has given the green light to a senate inquiry into the president's handling of the pandemic jiah balsa now as critics accuse him of bungling the response his allies say that he's being blamed unfairly on a chaotic here for ports from rio the pandemic is changing the demographics in rio de janeiro and 11 other large brazilian cities in recent months they've been
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whitney thing more funerals than birth. yet another tragic statistic in a country that already has the world's 2nd largest cool video 1000 death toll and was late to started smacks a nation campaign. from the start president who has been accused of downplaying the coronavirus and of setting a bad example by not wearing a mask nor respecting social distancing rules but on wednesday as brazil surpassed 360000 deaths by covert 19 widespread criticism of both and out of the actions took a serious turn the supreme court authorized a congressional inquiry into the brazilian president's handling of the pandemic seen if you've got. the probe is a blow to boston ari because it'll put the spotlight on the government's mistakes which for many the president will have to explain why he had no national plan to
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fight the pandemic and why he felt the governors who tried to control the asked price on their own by imposing lockdowns or importing back saying he's. also not a reacted by saying that the crisis caused by the pandemic has turned brazil into a powder keg and blame the restrictive measures he opposed for increasing poverty and hunger in brazil beso follicle do with them up brazil is at its limit people sasha taking action i am waiting for the people to give me a son because the hunger the misery the unemployment to their. but while many in brazil slums are crying out for help and food in the hospitals doctors and nurses are at their wit's end they're running out of drugs to treat the increasing number of patients fighting for their lives in intensive care meineke an i.q. of all just 0 rio de janeiro. will get a weather update back on al-jazeera than. cancer in
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a wad have already lost 2 children now 11 year old karim is suffering a colleague at the treatment soon to be. an eclipse hawk on the island of selby scenting in kept very aware for the 1st time in a 100 years the carnival has been cancelled with no tourists coming to the islands of cowbird find out next how the economy of the country is struggling. hello let's start in china with things are looking rather wet and windy for northern and southern areas we've got a weather system developing across mongolia parts of northern china bringing some really strong winds and heavy snow and rain there we could see some dust being kicked up as well funded showers are expected in beijing but those could clear by
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the time we get to the weekend giving way for some nice sunshine to come through 900 degrees there will see it come up into the twenty's for the south we've got some thunder showers along the southern coast extending into taiwan and by the time we get to saturday japan will see that wetter weather that belt of cloud and rain pushing up particularly heavy in parts of southern honshu but the big weather story is in southeast asia we've got a tropical storm surrogate developing off the eastern coast of the philippines that's expected to. each typhoon strength by the time we get into friday though isn't expected to make landfall we'll keep monitoring that heading to india now way things are looking rather dry and clear for much of the northern areas the thunderstorms and showers are expected across the southern coastal regions as well as in sri lanka.
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but. the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of talk but little action it's all about just create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition to climate action the campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more suited it was fusion the thing absolutely. on. the in. the. color again this is al jazeera the main news this hour the white house has
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announced new sanctions on russia the u.s. is accusing the kremlin of election interference actions against dissidents and cyber attacks it's also expelled 10 people from the diplomatic mission in washington. u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken has made an unannounced visit to afghanistan a day after washington said that it would pull its troops out by september 11th he says the u.s. remains committed to the country and will keep up its humanitarian support. but in iraq at least one person has been killed after an explosion rocked the capital baghdad it happened. in the southern city area police say that it was a couple. of. defense lawyers for a former u.s. police officer outlining more of their case in minneapolis derek chauvet is accused of killing george floyd in may last year by kneeling on his neck for all the 9 minutes or wednesday
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a defense witness blamed heart disease and drugs floyd's death let's go live now to minneapolis to sirius john hendren is covering the trial for us john what can we expect today. well day 14 of this murder trial of derek children is the 3rd day of defense testimony so we can expect a continued battle of the experts and we expect a medical expert on behalf of the fence to come out and support the case the defense's argument is that derek show of and did not cause the death of george floyd by kneeling on his neck cutting off his oxygen stopping his heart that is the prosecution's contention that that's how he died but we had a defense expert yesterday named david fowler and he contradicted all of the 11 days of testimony that occurred before that 12 days forgive me. and he said that derek chauvin i'm sorry that george floyd died of
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a heart attack and that might have been in combination he said with drugs that were in a system and also for the 1st time we heard that it might be the car exhaust of the police car mind you he was at the front of the car not the back but that is the defense's contention remember all they have to do is so seeds of doubt 12 jurors have to come together in order to convict him or acquit him and if they can offer reasonable doubt on the defense side that could do it we also had a witness 2 days ago named barry broad who was a police use of force expert for the defense and he was really their other star witness he was the guy who said that derrick chauvinism actually did nothing wrong in holding george floyd down for 9 and a half minutes in cross-examination of that medical expert fowler he acknowledged that at some point when george floyd stopped moving that jared chauvin and others should have given him medical aid the trial might actually stop at least in terms of the defense testimony today that the judge has wanted to have
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a 3 day weekend he wants to have arguments on monday so it is conceivable that we could see the defense rests as soon as today and the big question is are they going to put derek chauvin on the stand to defend himself. stay there for me but i may well come back to you we just want to go inside the courthouse where derek show than he has invoked his 5th amendment privilege and chose not to testify but he's justifying that to the judge at the moment he's speaking for the 1st time in his trial let's listen in defense right not to testify the state must convince you by evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of the crime charged the defendant has no obligation to prove to prove innocence the defendant has the right not to testify this right is guaranteed by the federal and state constitutions you should not draw any inference from the fact that the defendant has not testified in this case do you understand that instruction that's wrong would you like that read to the jury yes your honor if you had enough time to talk to mr nelson about whether
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that's a good idea or that i have your honor all right and so i will read that to the jury on your request all right anything else regarding the defense case before we proceed to talk about rebuttal. all right we'll have you rest in front of the jury then and we can actually take the way vos thank you thank you. have you rest in front of the jury mr nelson. with regard to the state's rebuttal it's my understanding that the state is going to call a rebuttal witness is that correct. ok i'm going to speak to this we if we can kind of line the topics and if you wanted to address formally. the decision regarding this newly discovered evidence. which we sure.
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all right we're going to leave things that for the moment go back to work to john hendren while we wait for. things superseding so get on the way properly for this day 14 of the derek show and trial. we broke away that just just to hear speaking for the 1st time in this trial invoking his 5th amendment right not to testify what does that mean. that's right you are not required under the u.s. constitution to incriminate yourself you can choose not to speak at all and that's what the defense generally likes to do in these cases they don't want to put someone up there who then has to be cross-examined there are a lot of things that could come up including 17 previous accusations of excessive
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force launched against their show and that's the kind of thing they don't want him to have to answer also difficult question for him to answer would be why didn't you offer medical help after george floyd stop moving those are questions that could go anywhere and could make it even worse for the defense they are hoping that the reasonable doubt that they have sowed with a medical expert who says show over didn't kill george floyd and with a police expert who says that what he did in holding him down was appropriate they're hoping that sews enough reasonable doubt so we've answered the one big question of the day which is will derek testify and the answer to that is no the fact that we're hearing that this morning probably suggests and i'm just guessing here that the defense will rest its case today usually if you're going to put up to defend it that is the last thing that you do so we've got one medical witness year and we just heard something interesting the prosecution has new information we
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don't know what that is and they plan to bring up a rebuttal witness to challenge the medical testimony presumably of david fowler who testified just one day before so we could have a pretty exciting. day and it could be the end of arguments setting us up for closing arguments on monday. all right john and very briefly while we wait for proceedings to get underway all of this is happening. not far away the protests again over another civilian deaths involving police. that's right in brooklyn center last night there were as many as 500 protesters on the 4th day of protest over the police shooting of dante wright a young man who climbed back in his car and the police officer who shot him she claims that she thought she was using her taser even though this is an officer who trains other officers and how to use tasers and she should know the difference
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between the waiting feel of a taser and a gun but we shouldn't underestimate the challenge of those circumstances she is heard on her body camera tape saying taser taser taser which is a warning to other officers about what she's going to do because that's an electrical charge and you know they want to get out of the way and then she fires and she says oh expletive i just shot him so she immediately resigned and then was charged with manslaughter she is now out on $100000.00 bond but the crowds outside don't like the sound of just her said jesting she just made a mistake they don't many of them believe what she has to say and they want to see more action on the part of that police department mind you the chief of police has resigned the officer herself is resigned and the city manager has resigned so continued protests there and she has
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a hearing later today many thanks to john 190 minneapolis let's go back into we're cool as john was saying that the prosecution says that it has some new evidence to bring him or could be the final. all testimony this is prosecutor gerry blackwell doctor. heard testimony. had not himself ever buy some business or had the your physicians they explain that when somebody brought in and gases are taken there's a panel of them that are taken. the ones that get generated in the records would be the ones that your physicians actually request nobody requests the carbon monoxide readings because they didn't see how that was. relevant frankly. and no one had until this testimony yesterday that was specific to become toxic content of the blood and said it 10 to 18 percent now judge do you know what
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everybody did have access to. would be the flip side of the equation. there was information on the gas content that showed the oxygen saturation content to mr floyd's blood and oxygen saturation was at 98 percent. which meant necessarily to the extent there was any congressman oxide in the blood it would be at most 2 percent. this was the takeaway that of dr tobin had yesterday from this new disclosure and that and we disclose that to counsel that there would be something in october and could address based on information that everybody did have available dr baker simply didn't address the flip side of it was there reading a measurement specifically on the carbon monoxide in light of this testimony from dr from the stand yesterday on the come back so he might well be content on the slide which i missed and also introduced when me. clarify one thing when was the test actually run it was run the other night of may 25th when the when george what
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was brought in and you subpoena all the records of the medical we did subpoena all the records and what they provided to you did not have that in it better right or wrong. did dr baker spontaneously call you to tell you that there might be something deep within the computer records they struck this close or did you seek him out and ask him for his we did not seek him out ask anything i he had heard the testimony. and thought that this record might exist. because he thought that when he was aware that there's a panel of the of the tests that are run by the machine and and then those that would go to the e.r. physicians would be the ones that they requested see the values are so. but we did not contact him it was other way around. and we're talking about box human globin readings is there also anything as part of that specifically about carbon monoxide concentrations yet the.


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