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we understand the different cities and similarities of cultures across the wound sentimental value taking out just the. current affairs that matter to you. down to 0. more shock and outrage over police brutality in the u.s. as body cam footage shows a chicago officer chasing and shooting dead a 13 year old boy. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from also coming up. russia seeks to violate his united states we will respond the biden
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administration slaps new sanctions on moscow but also offers talks to diffuse tensions. china post an incredible 18 percent rise in g.d.p. in the 1st quarter of 2021 despite a global downturn juge the pandemic will be live in shanghai. also ahead hong kong's pro-democracy campaigners are in court to face sentencing for their role in the 21 team process will take a live update from outside the courthouse. the chicago police department has released graphic video of the police shooting of a 13 year old latino boy the killing happened last month and the footage appears to show the boy turning to police with his hands held in the air before he was shot some of us will find the following footage disturbing and we've chosen not to show the moment of death to joe castro reports. the video you're about to see is
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incredibly disturbing it's 2 30 am and an officer wearing a body camera arrives at a black and latino neighborhood of chicago a police surveillance system had detected gunshots nearby and the investigating officer runs after a person down an alleyway. 3. children but. that person was 13 year old adam toledo chicago police had at 1st called this an armed confrontation with the police claiming the boy had been holding a gun and the video released 17 days later appears to tell a different story as to lead allays crumpled his empty hands still raised in the hands of position fall next to his body with an earth stay with us they waste their way. i'm going to start c.p.r. i'm not. at him during his last 2nd of life did not have
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a gun in his hand. the officer screamed at him show me your hands adam complied turned around his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest at the hands of the officer. it had taken intense public pressure to convince chicago police to release the video toledo's mother had spoken to her son in early april. he wouldn't. or. the civilian office of police accountability is investigating and the officer identified as eric stillman and obviously shaken immediately after the shooting is now on administrative duties the chicago police department was cited by the us justice department in 2017 for civil rights violations aimed at minorities and
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a white officer who shot a black man 16 times in 2014 was convicted of murder we live in a city that is traumatized by a long history of police violence and misconduct so while we don't have enough information to be the judge and jury of this particular situation it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling it all too familiar surge of outrage and pain. chicago's mayor and the toledo family have issued a joint call for calm in the city acknowledging the painful footage will elicit an emotional response from all who view it the last moments of a 13 year old who according to his mother had dreamed of becoming a police officer himself now dead at the hands of one heidi jo castro al-jazeera. while staying with police shootings in the us female officer who fatally shot
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a young black man in minnesota has appeared in court for the 1st time 20 year old dante wright was shot on sunday after being stopped for a traffic violation police say officer kim possible shot right accidentally having mistakenly drawn a gun instead of a taser she's been charged with manslaughter and released on bail a day after turning in her badge the death set off several nights of unrest manslaughter. ya'll see the difference this is a case that this is a gay vote but no my nephew was killed when they all go out these 2 are hurting our family apart in our blood has been a 0 and all we ex was the police he didn't his name please help us to go ahead and get something done on
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a conviction something meanwhile protests are continuing the brooklyn sense a police department in minnesota many of them were carrying placards reading black lives matter while others put up tributes to add on to right on offense police say recent protests have been smaller and more peaceful than those on tuesday when 72 people were arrested the fate of the former minneapolis police officer derrick shoaf and will soon lie in the hands of the jury his defense lawyers rested their case on thursday arguing shervin should not be convicted of murdering george floyd john hendren has our story from minneapolis. your honor at this time the defense for us with that testimony ended in one of the most highly charged u.s. civil rights trials in decades i have peanut levi's you this is your decision your decision mom i've read the defendant former police officer derek chauvin will not testify i will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today. that ended weeks of
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speculation on whether chauvin would take this stand which would have opened him up for aggressive questioning from prosecutors now after a long weekend the lawyers will go before the jury once more for closing arguments on monday then the jury will be sequestered that is isolated until they render a verdict that could take days weeks or even months the judge said when packing hope for short plan for long. over the 1st 11 days the prosecution presented a damning case with medical experts in this case mr george george floyd die from a cardio pulmonary arrest. it was caused by low oxygen levels and those low oxygen levels were induced by the prone restraint and positional asphyxiation that he was subjected to then there was the police chief who finally jovan the day after he was seen for 9 minutes and 29 seconds kneeling on floyd until the life out of
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him that in no way shape or form is anything that. is by policy is not part of our training and it is certainly not part of our ethics are about who's and they were emotional interviews about when a murder he showed of. how to treat a mom in particular. he he just he loved her so dearly it's been 9th i stayed in. apologize to him. and. apologise. to you for not doing more in not. physically interacting in. another face with his life the defense spent just 3 days to make its case arguing that show vun did nothing wrong i felt. his interactions. mr floyd were following his
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training. following current practices in policing and were generally reasonable. in that floyd died from a combination of a drug overdose heart trouble and maybe even car exhaust your opinion mr showbiz nian any way impacted the structures of mr ford's no. no they did not. now the city that erupted into turbulent riots after floyd's death waits anxiously and fearfully wondering if the verdict will reignite the fiery civil unrest of the long violent summer of 2020 john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis. the us president joe biden has signed off on sanctions against russia over primarily what is calling cyber attacks and other acts of hostility the kremlin responded by saying it will respond in kind of threat that followed up blanket denial as to by
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incest there's still room for the 2 countries to work together as a white house correspondent can be helped that. there are some of the most punitive u.s. measures taken against russia in years today you know i've been through several steps including expulsion of several russian officials just days after a phone call between u.s. president joe biden and russian president vladimir putin to secure a u.s. desire for a predictable relationship the united states announces surprise that russia sanctions we cannot allow foreign power to interfere in our direct democratic process with impunity more than 30 russian entities are being targeted at least 10 russian diplomats will be expelled from the united states and some tech firms are being punished for allegedly providing support to russian intelligence sanctions also put in place rules banning some financial dealings involving russia's sovereign debt to choke off lending and inflict economic harm we. and
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a stable predictable relationship of russia continues interfere with our democracy i'm prepared to take further actions to respond. the white house says the sanctions are retaliation for russia's alleged aggressive actions including the occupation of crimea interference in u.s. presidential elections and last year solar winds hack that infiltrated the computers of thousands of u.s. businesses and government agencies. the sanctions also respond to unconfirmed intelligence alleging russia offered bounties as high as $100000.00 for killing u.s. soldiers in afghanistan intelligence officials haven't confirmed the russia bounty program still the white house says we have course will not stand by and accept the targeting of our personnel by any elements including a foreign state actor this information really puts the burden on russia and the russian government to explain their engagement here the sanctions come just days
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after u.s. intelligence identified russia as one of the most serious threats to the united states and officials warn that sanctions may not be the only retaliation suggesting clint destine actions may still be yet to come can really help at al-jazeera the white house china has released record economic growth figures gross domestic product grew by 18.3 percent for the 1st quarter of this year as compared to the same period last year the international monetary fund says china will drive global economic growth for at least the next 5 years that's while the rest of the world recovers from the global pandemic live now to shanghai and bell to serious katrina you katrina these figures on the face of it quite astonishing how have they managed it. that's right 18.3 quite extraordinary figures and that is quite in line with some of the predictions we've had from economists here they're predicting any. between the 16 to 20 percent
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mark and that is the biggest figure that we've had in terms of quarterly growth figures since records began here in china in 1993 however we do need to keep in mind the context this figure is quite skewed just because we're coming off the back of a lower base this time last year china posted a historic contraction of almost 7 percent and that's why we've seen this dramatic rebound from that contraction because of the core of the pandemic at the beginning of last year now china came to a standstill at that time and its lonely recovered around mid last year trying to kind of resume normal life we had a few sporadic corporate 19 outbreaks but nothing of large scale and by september last year china was again posting growth up after making up for those gains and we saw in 2020 over 80 d.d.p. growth of 2.3 percent we do have to look though at the context of this growth although it is were bussed it hasn't been even in a lot of it is driven by
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a strong industrial sector china has had very good export levels mostly because many countries demanding chinese products are still themselves affected by the lock down another reason we've had such good growth is because we've had a lot of state led infrastructure building and some moderate stimulus measures blown posed by the terms government well we haven't seen such good or it has been around retail consumption though domestic spending it seems that consumers here are still a bit shy still have that confidence affected by the pandemic we don't have borders right here in china and that's really having people kind of hang onto that postings and not spending as much although they are starting to travel again because of this the chinese government isn't expecting this kind of a mental $18.00 to continue for the rest of the year they're expecting it out to even out to taper off a bit and they posted their own full cost just over 6 percent to 2021 katrina thanks very much katrina you there in shanghai will i know tongan is a senior fellow at the center for international business ethics at the universe
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even some national business and economics he says china has are trying to shoot foreign investment over the last year. china's intervention in its stimulus was minuscule compared to what's been going on globally so i don't think there's a case to be made that china is the one that stimulating things into the unknown both europe and the u.s. have so this idea that people are trying to do deals with beijing actually the rhetoric is against beijing so this idea that somehow everyone's clamoring at the things you do see a tremendous amount of f.b.i. foreign direct investment coming in to try but those are private companies these are not governments which are saying quite the opposite. still to come here on al-jazeera. there is no military solution to the conflict that the remains here the u.s.
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secretary of state pays a surprise visit to afghanistan after president biden announced the final drawdown of troops there. and capturing an unprecedented here the images that won over the hearts of the judges of this year's world press photo competition. it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored point qatar airways now for fairly quiet weather throughout the arabian peninsula the showers picking up again which means it'll be not as humid in qatar as an example there be a bit more dust in the air brought down towards the u.a.e. the fanned out into the empty quarter of saudi and showers seem like is the wind cold around the high ground in western side and the lower ground actually they might even reach riyadh next day or so otherwise the sun is blazing hot and things are warming up particularly in the van look at jerusalem's forecast for 31 does
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that seem unusual to you you probably should put this color background on overseas pretty woman everywhere oranges and reds but in particular in jerusalem you should be seeing about 22 by days or well about that the record is 35 you might get close to that by sunday yes it's only april and already it's pretty hot that things than elsewhere are relatively quiet the shamar dies down by the end of sunday but was to 32 degrees in doha the seasonal right in africa has moved north allowing the sun to do its work here to now we're going to autumn here but this red line that takes you through zimbabwe probably down towards southern and go down the maybe as producers record high temperatures and that warms will reach cape town in the next few days. sports of qatar airways jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian global community when i thought of all the
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misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you and be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there a. welcome back $418.00 g.m.t. these are your top stories so far officials have released body count footage of a chicago police officer fatally shooting a 13 year old boy last month that shows an officer running after adam to leader in
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an alleyway the teenager appeared to raise his hands right before shots were fired . u.s. president joe biden has called on russia to deescalate tensions after he and those sanctions against moscow for alleged election interference and cyber attacks biden says there's still room for the 2 countries to work together. china's g.d.p. grew by a record 18.3 percent is the 1st quarter this year as compared to the same period from last year while the restoril still recovers from the core of the virus pandemic. a group of pro-democracy activists in hong kong will be sentenced in the coming hours for taking part in antigovernment protests and 2019 among them is the veteran campaign a martin lee who helped launch the city's largest opposition party in the 1990 s. and media tycoon already behind bars in connection with a separate case is also being sentenced today the 2900 protest was spurred by beijing's squeeze on freedom in hong kong live now to hong kong and our
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correspondent there adrian brown so adrian in theory what kind of sentences might these people be handed down. peter this is a magistrate's court which means the maximum sentence that the magistrate can hand out for a single conviction is 2 years with 3 years for multiple sentences but it's possible that the prosecution could appeal against that and have the case moved to a district court where they could then face the possibility of up to 5 years now the court has just adjourned. for lunch after the magistrate heard mitigating pleas from defense lawyers in the hope that their clients can get a more lenient sentence the 7 defendants all of them former lawmakers all of them veterans of hong kong's pro-democracy movement arrived at the court in fairly upbeat mood they were philosophical they said they were prepared to accept whatever
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sentence was given to them today they've been accused of taking part or rather convicted of taking part in the north arised assembly in august 2019 the charges that they participated in organize that demonstration which drew more than 1700000 people now in the past few months peter we've seen a wave of prosecutions here in hong kong that in many ways of help to restore order here but we're also seeing and it's playing out rapidly that china is remaking hong kong very much in its image and we got you know a very clear reminder of that on thursday when hong kong marked its 1st ever national security education day it means in future that children as young as 5 than 6 years old it kinda garden will have to learn about things like secession and
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subversion and on thursday we had an extraordinary outburst truly from hong kong's police commissioner who once more accused the united states of direct involvement it inciting the protests here in 2019 but without producing any evidence to back that up he did say though that more details would come to light in a forthcoming trial thank you very much reporting live from hong kong. u.s. president joe biden will hold his 1st meeting with another world leader in person since he took office the japanese prime minister yoshihiko sugar as arrived in washington for those talks china is expected to dominate the discussions the u.s. and japan are concerned about chinese military exercises near taiwan and human rights abuses engine jiang and hong kong america's top diplomat has been in afghanistan to reassure the government of continuing u.s.
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support despite a full withdrawal of troops by support for the u.s. secretary of state says they'll be a new push for diplomacy but there are questions over whether the country's institutions and its security forces are up to the task contre 40 reports now from kabul. there's afghans are going about their daily lives as usual but they know afghanistan is heading for an uncertain future and many are angry the united states failed to bring them what it promised peace but not for that was we did not see that peace if that insecurity increased after they announced the peace process the security situation is very bad to shop keepers cannot operate at night people cannot go to their home when it gets dark because they are afraid but if the americans are leaving now they should leave responsibly in an unannounced visit to kabul hours after the ritual announcement secretary of state anthony blinken
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assured afghan politicians that the united states remains committed to their country the united states will remain afghanistan steadfast partner we want the afghan people countries in the region and the international community to know that fact. it's also a very important message for the taliban to hear but with violence rising across afghanistan in the absence of a peace deal between the government and the taliban it is not clear what this commitment will look like for the 1st time in 20 years and foreign troops leaving afghanistan will have to defend itself alone and many people are questioning whether it would suit her or the forces can do that president said afghanistan's security forces are fully capable of defending the country ended its combat operations over 5 years ago and the afghan security forces conduct over 95 percent
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of all combat operations yet they still heavily rely on the u.s. airpower and are trained by nato troops when a few months will also be gone the taliban insists that the u.s. sticks to the may 1st deadline saying in a statement that if it doesn't problems will be compounded some afghans are optimistic. that the foreign ports are leaving afghanistan this is good people. good security forces are able to the for the country fears of a civil war and a taliban takeover are high especially among afghan women who have bori whether the gains they've made in the last 20 years will be protected i feel a little bit frightened to be honest also other women that i've spoken to today and yesterday who are leading women's activism. to congress actually today and women
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are very frightened they feel that they don't know what's going to be happening and there hasn't been any primary set on women's rights and the future of women in this country but the u.s. military says it hopes to leave afghanistan with a chance for peace and the 1st sign of this will be just days away. if it's able to convince the taliban and the government to sit at the same table at a peace summit in turkey fully accounted for al-jazeera kabul. at least one person has been killed by a car bomb in baghdad the explosion went off in a market in the saddest city district that's in the capital's east 17 people wounded. theme an envoy to yemen has warned of dangerous signs of escalation in the ongoing conflict martin griffiths was speaking during a virtual meeting of the un security council as yemen's warring parties to accept a proposed peace plan. to give a progress towards a peaceful settlement back to the continued violence on the ground that everyone
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here from are all more concerning. as we have endlessly discussed in this council referring to the major center of gravity in this project it is as true today as it was last year through those many months the fighting in maryland. and goodness knows we've seen this spike in the fall and spring and fall and now this is very dangerous times of escalating once again. brazil's supreme court has confirmed as decision to a no criminal convictions against the former president lula da silva last month the court ruled that lula was not treated fairly in a series of corruption inquiries the just is commonly reversed earlier position tipping the court's 5 judge panel in his favor is now eligible to run in next year's election against the current president the incumbent jailable sonera. greece
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and turkey's foreign ministers have held a heated press conference in ankara where both accuse the other of provocation the ministers met for the 1st time in over a year in a bid to resolve a wide range of issues including a territorial disputes in the mediterranean the press conference started amicably but things got heated after reeses foreign minister said violations of greek sovereignty would be met with sanctions efficient. greece's position is clear he has violated in the h e n and in the eastern mediterranean international law and the convention of the lore of the sea but not only that it has violated the very rights and sovereignty of greece with 400 flights of a great territory of us in going in that the you can is a message about immigration you come before the press and try to accuse turkey all this just to send a message to your country it is impossible for me to accept this all we wanted to do was to hold a press conference in a friendly way to discuss all these issues in
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a sincere way and we did and we send positive messages. india has recorded more than 200000 new covert 19 infections for a 2nd consecutive day the country is now the 2nd worst affected country in terms of new cases the authorities are looking to import oxygen levels run dangerously low the largest is in the state of maharashtra where morgues have been overwhelmed health experts say large political and religious gatherings are making the problem much worse. from the pandemic to america's racial reckoning 2020 was a moment to see your photographers and storytellers who documented some of the most striking images of the last 12 months were honored at the world press photo contest now this photograph showing a nurse embracing a care home resident in brazil was selected as a photo of the year it was taken by the photographer mads neeson he spoke with entre 0 is the care center care home in and outside of san paolo and you
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see a nurse at the ana in brazing the re woman called rosa and who is 85 years old and or also has been isolated in this care home for 5 months and without basically any any any physical contact except from the most necessary so it's the 1st time in 5 months you can actually embrace another person. we should all be with your top stories here on al-jazeera the officials released body cam footage of a chicago police officer fatally shooting a 13 year old boy last month that shows an officer running after adam toledo in an alleyway the teenager appeared to raise his hands right before the shots were fired
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efforts to save his life were on success.


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