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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm +03

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al jazeera is news tonight on the biggest stories of the week in the video inbox us now says and a. subscriber of the conversation. chad's army says president deby has died of injuries suffered while leading soldiers on the front line. come about this and this is a doozy of a live from doha also coming up western nations tell russia to stop threatening ukraine and to warn against moscow's plans to close parts of the black sea to foreign ships. thousands of migrant workers rushed to leave the indian capital
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ahead of a weeklong curfew as a surgeon coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm the country. the jury's out on the murder trial of derek children the former minneapolis police officer is accused of killing george flowing. ok we're going to begin with breaking news out of chad where the army's announced president idriss deby has been killed the army says he was leading soldiers fighting rebels on the frontline that he had just won reelection as one of africa's longest serving leaders hit morgans joining us now live from chad's capital and have a what more do we know about what's been happening. well what we do have right now is the statement that came from the army itself which is that a president who's been running the country from one to 30 years and who was set to lead it for another 5 years passed away from injuries he sustained over the weekend
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in the fight between the government forces and the rebel group known as the front for change and concord in the northern region now let's go back to how this all unfolded on april 11th on the day of the election he was running for a 6th term the rebels came in from libya where they have a knowledge question act with the libyan warlords. and launch an attack on a government station at the border region of bestie and then they went on to advance and so they reached the region which is about 300 kilometers from the capital now and the statement from the army at the time was that they had launched air strikes against the rebel groups to prevent them from advancing to the region of kind which is where they were able to reach up until on saturday of just this weekend the government then went on to assure the citizens who were panicking here in the capital in germany that everything was ok and that there was no need to concern and that the rebels will not reach the capital like they had announced and we also know that president had been himself went to the frontlines along with top
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army officials to lead the battles against the group announced later that at least $300.00 were killed and more than 140 were captured while the rest fled and were being pursued by the government military now we hadn't heard from debbie over the weekend we didn't hear from him yesterday as well on the day that the national electoral commission announced that he had won the election by nearly 80 percent we we were expecting to hear a statement from him. to assure his supporters and to basically welcome the results of the national commission that's now will not be happening we know that we just learned from the army that he had sustained injuries during the battles over the weekend and those were there. reasons and about the injuries were the reasons why he passed away so he would not be leaving the country for the next 5 years. the news is just coming out to more trying to assess what's going on but is there any sense from where you are of how the country is going to be reacting to this. well
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the capital has been very tense rob even before the announcement that their president has passed away over the past couple of days with the announcement that the rebels were advancing towards lots of stores around the capital were closed people were mostly staying indoors because they were concerned about the security situation that only increased yesterday morning when they saw more government troops but trolling the streets saying that they were worried that this these are signs that the government statements that the rebels have been repelled and that they were not advancing may not be correct and that they could be some threats to their safety so lots of people opted to stay indoors on lots of stores opted to remain closed now last night we heard celebratory gunfire around the capital in germany despite the army saying that that should not be the case because of the point that the people were and what we heard celebratory gunfire nonetheless around the capital into may not 2 days things were quite normal in the morning we've seen stores opening people were out and about they seem to be a little boat or
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a shirt after seeing that it was poised to lead for another 5 years and that the army has been repelled asked for the government statement where you get to see how they would react at this various shows this morning they were in a panic mode yesterday evening and yesterday morning so things have been very fluid here in the capital and demand up here thanks very much indeed morgan talking to us from charles capital in germany i want to bring in. we deduce who's live for us in a booth has been covering this region for us for many years the the western countries have often seen it as really a key ally in the fight against armed groups like the book for example and of course you know the front for change in concord in chad what do you think is going to be the impact of this news on the security situation in the region. well basically let's start with the child it's of succession battle starts
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a constitutionally the speaker of parliament is supposed to take over if the president is in disposed now whether or not that will happen it remains to be seen because this is a country that is that has seen a lot of calls and looked out for billions internally within its own military and of course the rebellion in the north as well now regionally charges involved in peacekeeping operations for operations against armed groups in the lake charles region in central africa and other parts of the region as well so chad for many countries in the region is an important ally in the fight against extremist groups armed groups that have been operating in that region for example china played a critical role in displacing book war on from its territory last year after an operation led by the president himself just like the way he did in the north he led to a force that just notebook quote unquote is an i slipt fighters from the lake chad region freeing the territory of charge of these attackers and he's been
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a crucial partner for nigeria a lot of judge and forces are currently part of the multinational joint task force walking in nigeria walking in egypt walking in parts of cameroon as well as other parts of the region to keep i swap and book while i'm away this will mean a very very tense situation for the region especially countries that are struggling to deal with these armed groups so it's it's very very critical now whoever succeeds charge there with president idriss deby should quickly address the issue or the vacuum that may likely to rise in keys in the in the incidents of his death now so nigeria for example i know is very watered it needs to handle the situation very very well currently we've seen an uptick in violence in the region bordering child as well as parts of the north east of nigeria. apart from nigeria. the general public also is dealing with an uptick in violence
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crossing from mali in tunisia from broken up close so and cameroon also has its own share of violence in the recent past so this is a very very tense moment for all countries in the region that have in one way or the other had relied on child for collaboration in dealing with armed groups in the region wrote talking there about the succession process but we're just seeing on chad t.v. that the army is being quoted as saying that a military council is going to be handling that transition now given the fact that people in chad had really hoped that this was going to be the end of a fairly prolonged political process and a fairly strenuous one how do you think that that news is going to go down for the politicians it's a very very heavy blow to democracy whether or not president idriss deby was a dictator whether or not he manipulated the electoral system that could spell a very very. very very lethal blow to democracy in that country these
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me in a region where military coups are so prevalent in the recent past this could mean that child would have to wait a long time for it to return to democracy fully we suspect that this could take probably 34 years unless of course there is international pressure to hand over. to a democratically elected government also in form of a transitional civilian administration in the region but for democracy in china that should be or that will be on hold for many who look the way things work in that country but i know we're going to be coming back here in the next few hours as we get more information about what's going on but for now thank you very much indeed i want to bring in money she's the president of africa international media group and she's joining us now from paris thank you very much indeed for being with us what does this news mean for the region but for chad particularly. well
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1st of all it's a shock you know it is just after new lection where he decided he is one election overwhelmingly. and he seemed to be not removeable because of his flag insurance we seem to be french the french supports and our french troops in in chad. and this have been a. series of him in the past and you know the years go on very impressive. the electoral campaign was very violent and just i think something that we in this mall and we remember that. a dress did his troops and police. surrounded the home of an opponent and killed his mother so that something which was we gathered as a dog as
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a. sign for davis that he will not get away we've been in a way that was something in shock and what happens now is what i think of is that if attacked back to base. or god will chant these we believe in group. was very clever to see immediately is a goal why struggling and fighting in the front of an in that big wheel not. with a lot from the. with politics where that's it then we're not really drop we're from the tree more deteriorate which mentally we continue to back. to work with the french for our security and so. and. to
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just show that you just did is not the only possible and i were friends when this was made and so miss a lot of french botch is that it will not be the death penalty just to be would not be and basically be a rule it goes on that and as a matter of fact he was very weak in his country. the. people where causing him who would believe even if you see if you want election but he knows and so he knew that he has a lost battle these groups over the country. so that we would find out exactly how he died because these. isn't strange. it doesn't look like an accident so we will find out later by i think the
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1st. is the 1st reaction in france. but 2 of the battle those who work with chad. is not very at all they are not very much toward the they have a good contact already we've been there regularly and and let me ask you about some news that we're just getting out of chad at the moment where i understand that you may or may heard me mention before that chad t.v. had been quoting the army as saying that a mother to counsel was going to be put in place to handle the transition we're now hearing that general mohamed cotta the excuse me the son of the deceased child in leader he was dead he is named as interim head of state digits was telling us before our correspondent was saying that this was that the imposition of a military council was going to be very concerning for the people of chad do you think that given the fact that this man is the. son is going to go some way to
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alleviate those concerns. well. there are many condo's so here is some what you see there before that the democratic process would be great this is always a danger and we see what is happening in mali is rather difficult to get the military to hand over the power back to all civilians and they're struggling with the we don't know how we'd be in mind and now you kept these options a very critical period for our what we call democracy or civilian and . you'll see there the mosques rebels are basically from the larger eerier are idriss deby be have been very active all those years some are very close like his nephew who will rebel against him and.
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there are many many people who are big close knit seed from the family in terms of family relationship but. if not what he will know now what you it would be sort of a progress bar for the country but it's just a very cruelly and very good situation money orders are below where producers are joining us on al-jazeera thank you very much from. i want to go back to him organon correspondent who's joining us now live from a child's capital and so in the last few minutes as you probably know here but we've been hearing that a military council is going to be put in place to manage the transition of power and. his son is going to be. in charge of that he's named interim head of state do you think given your experience of the country that this
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is going to go some way to making people feel more comfortable about done to the transition or as on the digits might it was suggesting before this might create. a concern for the future of democracy. well rob people here and chad were very concerned about the political developments during this election period there were people who supported president durbin and therefore having his son replace him in a military council in place with the now deceased president being a military leader himself they would accept that it's highly unlikely that there will be resistance from them the opposition were against him even before the elections many of them boycotted most prominent opposition leaders to the elections others withdrew they say that because the democracy process was not fair and that the country had no democracy and they've been calling for an inclusive national dialogue to try to steer the country toward words
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a transition towards democracy then you have the armed groups who are resisting president and his military in the north which is where he sustained those battles over the weekend which eventually led to his death as announced by the military this morning so the country is pretty much divided between the opposition who did not want up in power therefore will not welcome his son and the bitter institution in the form of the military council which has taken over right now and you have the deadly supporters and his ruling party supporters who will highly likely accept the fact that his son is now in place then you have the rebels up in the north we should note however that constitutionally that is not the case there should not be a military council constitutionally the speaker of the parliament should be the one leaving for a period of 40 days before a transitional government is put in place now the 1st thing the military did after announcing that president that he has died because of the wounds he sustained over the weekend is announcing the dissolution of that legislative assembly so there is
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no speaker and that's we could not be able to dig for a period of 40 days as stated by the constitution so we have to wait and see the reactions from the people whether they will accept the fact that the military is now in charge and that the constitution has been criticized for for the time being although we will see resistance. in the streets also worth noting that prior to the elections there were people who were protesting his reelection they're saying that they did not that's because of the changes made in the constitution starting from 2005 which 1st of all allowed him to run. numerously and also gave him or expanded his presidential powers so the constitution has been played around quite a bit when president he was in power what the people now will want the military council that has been formed to abide by that and hand over power to a civilian also attract a speaker of the legislation and bring back that legislative assembly or not we'll have to wait and see how this unfolds in the coming hours and days events very much over morgan talking to us from chad's capital in germany about that breaking news
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out of chad where the army has been announcing that president is debbie has been killed while leading soldiers on the front lines just won reelection and was one of africa's longest serving leaders. more than 20 russian warships have begun military exercises in the black sea that's according to russian media the move comes as the u.s. pushes back against moscow's plan to block foreign ships from parts of the black sea for 6 months washington says the move is an unprovoked as collation it fears russia is going to restrict access to ukrainian ports in the sea of oz off and that it marks another attempt by moscow to destabilize the country conflict between kids forces and russia backed separatists in eastern ukraine has been escalating the e.u.'s top diplomat says russia has deployed 100000 troops on the border of abundant smith is live for us in moscow we're seeing more activity by russia
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bernard what's going on. russia says these are military exercises but as the e.u. has pointed out russia has more than a 100000 troops on its border with ukraine and is now having these naval and air exercises russia has closed part of the airspace over crimea and the black sea until the 244 days from now and from the $24.00 onwards to the end of october it's closing part of the access to the black sea and this includes the carriage straight now this separates eastern you eastern crimea from western russia and there is a treaty between ukraine and russia that gives equal access to the waters through the strait to allow vessels to access ukrainian and russian ports russia is saying that are totally end of october the only be access for maritime merchant vessels
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not the naval vessels a very considerable move taken by russia russia says it's normal to restrict access jawing naval exercises but it's suggesting that this is closer exercises right until the end of october there seems to be an increase in activity on both sides on russia and in other countries as well why is all of this happening. while of course russia says it's can conducting exercises but it's clearly an indication and a show of strength yes joe biden has offered vladimir putin a summit that seems to take the threat of an invasion off but certainly the view here in moscow but russia is still showing saying it saying control of the waters around crimea and is essentially daring ukraine to now or foreign boats to now try and access through that strait that russia says it's going to block from the 24th
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of this month going to thank you very much indeed there's a bonus miss in moscow. no bus and train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of migrant workers fleeing the city as a weeklong covert 1000 locked on goes into effect it's a reminder of a similar exodus during a nationwide lockdown last year india's reported more than 200000 new cases for the 6th consecutive day and on tuesday reported a record number of deaths from the virus more than 1700 it is about problems in new delhi she says the government is being urged to provide welfare for migrant workers . government announced on monday that from monday night for one week that it was imposing what it called a curfew but one of the restrictions are the same as doing the knock down the nationwide lockdown even last year with people on their homes unless they work and what are considered essential services and they're not allowed to leave their homes on this it's to get essential supplies in just hours after those restrictions were
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announced we have seen thousands of migrant workers people who were who live in different states to where they work crowding the streets off the capital crowding and train terminals because they have many of them who are dating wages and those who once again as they did last year they've lost their jobs they come to ford to pay rent and they want to return home now that the tenant has pleaded with migrant worker is not to leave and try to assure them that they will be looked off. course has asked both the central and state government why we are seeing the kinds of pictures we did last year and why they haven't learnt anything in the past year it's also asking the local government here in delhi to spend around $400000000.00 to make sure that a lot of these people these modern flu because the fed now that they have no way to feed themselves as well as the scenes that we are seeing at bus and train terminals
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we're also seeing migrant workers on the leaving foot on the border with the state . again because they feel that they have no option. democratic republic of congo has launched its vaccination campaign after among long delayed health care workers and people above the age of 50 will be along the 1st to receive the job the country secured 1500000 any good those under the cobra scheme that's all it was postponed last month because of concerns about where blood clots reported in other countries. i. was. the jury in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick children has begun its 1st full day of deliberations is accused of killing george floyd after kneeling on his neck for more than 9 and a half minutes john hendren has been following the trial in minneapolis. otherwise
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we are in recess until we hear from the jury in their final words on the most highly charged us civil rights case in decades prosecutors told jurors to trust their eyes but for the defendant's actions pushing him down george waited died that day. to drugs he just miraculously derive a drug overdose in that time. maybe it was the tail pipe maybe it was in large part maybe not use your common sense. use your common sense believe your eyes what you saw you saw what the jury saw it was the same 9 and a half minutes the world saw of them minneapolis police officer derrick show been kneeling on george floyd's neck until paramedics carried off his lifeless body in a case that started with an allegedly fake $20.00 bill and ended with protests and riots across the united states prosecutors said the evidence proved children used
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excessive force choke the life out of floyd and refused to render medical care even after he showed no pulse. and at the time of causing the death the defendant committed or was attempting an assault in the 3rd degree. and that's been proved beyond a reasonable doubt with those being proved in the venue a 2nd degree felony murder the defendant is guilty. the defense argued that show been held floyd face down just as he was trained to put in mr floyd eminently dangerous we've had a lot about the prone position. consider just the basic proposition people sleep in the prone position people sometimes in the position people have massages and the prone position the problem position in. is not an inherently dangerous. proposition
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during restraint is not an inherently dangerous. it is routinely trained in the use. of her defense lawyer eric nelson blamed bystanders for chauvinist failure to administer lifesaving c.p.r. saying he felt unsafe and hoping to give jurors enough reasonable doubt for an acquittal he offered a broad array of alternative theories for floyd's death heart trouble drugs even car exhaust we have to analyze this case from the perspective of a reasonable police officer at the precise moment with talent of the circumstances when it comes to the use of force. in the hands of the jury which is in isolation until they can render a unanimous verdict one reason for sequestering them is to make sure they don't hear news of protesters demanding show vns conviction but with demonstrations across the country it's not clear they won't be able to hear protests from where
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they're deliberating. deliberations can range dramatically in length in 1902 it took 7 days for jurors in the police beating of rodney king to find 4 officers not guilty 3 years later jurors took less than 4 hours to declare o.j. simpson not guilty of murder for show of an end for residents of minneapolis and cities across the u.s. that wait will be filled with anxiety and fear for what comes next john hendren al jazeera minneapolis. has won the support of germany's conservatives in his bid to succeed i'm going to merkel as chancellor in september that will be the joint accounted for the governing christian democrats party and the christian social union in federal elections later this year i'm glad merkel is stepping down after more than 15 years in power had also been vying to lead the center right bloc but has no conceded the race with 70 decker's joining us now from berlin stephanie
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obviously i'm going to michael was a huge figure on the international political stage as well of course as germany's what do we know about. well he's the premier of germany's largest state his political survivor he's come back from challenges before and he's a staunch supporter of anger merkel certainly throughout his career he is pro europe he's pro immigration he stood by the chancellor when she faced a lot of backlash in 2015 when she allowed hundreds of thousands of refugees into germany he is however also you just mentioned marcus over there he is actually when it comes to the polls opinion polls he was less popular also the party is less popular as they go into those elections so he is now he faces a vote of party it's a it's a formality to make him officially the candidate going into those elections but he is going to have to manage what is a bit of a damaged reputation but certainly after 16 years at the top germany without marco
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is certainly the end of an era stephanie thanks a lot stephanie decker talking to us from berlin former u.s. vice president walter mondale has died at the age of 93 he served alongside president jimmy carter in the late 1970 s. and 94 he ran against ronald reagan for the white house becoming the 1st nominee from a major party to pick a woman as his running mate but he lost by a landslide after declaring he would raise taxes if you want. this is all just here are these are the top stories the army in chad has announced president idriss deby has been killed while visiting soldiers on the front lines that he had just won reelection and was one of africa's longest serving leaders his son john macarthur is it exacted to be interim head of state paper morgan has more from shah's capital.


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