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documentary's discussion turned to paul exploring the consequences to actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the tide a season of programming exploring the climate crisis head. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes military says president idriss deby has died of injuries suffered while leading soldiers on the front line his son is to become interim leader rusher accuses the u.s. and nato of provocative activities in the black sea as it builds up troops along its border with ukraine. jury deliberations are underway in the trial of former
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police officer charged with the murder of george floyd in minneapolis. europe's medicines regulators says the benefits from the johnson and johnson covert 19 vaccine outweigh the risks of blood clots. i'm german ashworth sport a spanish court has told you a fan they can't block the launch of a new european seat leg and liverpool's jordan henderson has called an emergency meeting with his valet primarily captains to discuss the controversial plans. to the news are one of africa's longest serving leaders chad's president idriss deby has been killed the army says he died after sustaining injuries while leading soldiers on the front lines where his forces have been fighting rebels a state funeral will be held on friday. the army is swiftly in
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a general mamma will take on the role of interim head of state though his death comes just a day after he won a 6th term as president chants forces have been battling the front for change in concord a rebel group since 2016 which wants to overthrow the government and give what it says power back to the people the military has known posed a nationwide curfew and closed its borders gave me begins our coverage. this was chad's president idriss deby campaigning last week provisional election results indicated he'd won a 6th term in office the devil had reportedly joined his son and other soldiers on saturday to repel an attack by a rebel group in the northern province of can him near the border with libya according to the military he was severely injured it says it will now create a transitional military council led by debbi son and has suspended the constitution a union for
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a transitional government would be put in place the new republican institutions we put in place to facilitate the transition and by the organization of free democratic and transparent elections following the spirit of sacrifice that the marshal of chatted for for all his life right up until his last suffering idriss deby was a former military officer who came to power in 1990 he faced numerous coup attempts and analysts say he had a reputation for ruthlessness the electoral campaign was very violent and just i think something we in the small and we remember that interested me and. surrounded the home of an opponent and killed his mother the rebel front for a change in concord great wanted to remove debbie as president it attacked a government position at the buddha on election day on april the 11th chats closest ally france provided its military with logistical support and intelligence it seems
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like the. removal of debby has not changed the military situation and as long as the military remains largely loyal to his son which seems likely to be the case given that he used to be the commander of the presidential guard and the chinese best units he's a 4 star general is only 37 years old. if you can keep that loyalty then there's no way the rebellion can can take advantage of that any more than they could have under his father. more than 300 rebel fighters have reportedly been killed in the fighting over the past few days the president has now died in the fighting has shocked the nation and made the security situation in the white house hell region even more fragile. morgan is following developments from the capital and jamie dornan says that the army was quick to implement a military council so soon after the staff the 1st thing that the military announced following the announcement that has come with injuries is that they are
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suspending the constitution as well as the government and the legislative assembly or the parliament so all those institutions that were in place prior presidents are no longer in place and now we have. a 7 year old. who is a 4 star general who was the 2nd in command in the chaldean intervention in northern mali so he does have a certain degree of military experience which is which looks like what this military or the transitional military council is looking to leave the country during this crisis that is formed due to the death of a president that now we also look at members of the transitional military council level members of them from the army from various ethnicities and tribes that is something it looks like the army has studied very well there has been concern that there will be division. amongst the military in
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a country where security has always been that is something we heard repeatedly from people here during elections saying that they're concerned about the security but it looks like the army very well during the period where suffering. and make sure to come up with a transition military council. store support for military action against rebel groups will be missed by regional leaders. he's no stranger to leading his troops on the battlefront last year he was on the shores of lake chad leading the charge in troops and that helped in ousting book or routing them from charging territories and then he made an announcement a controversial announcement that recently was later was later clarified by the child you know authorities he said well he has dealt with the problem when you stare treats up to the neighboring countries to deal with the problems like you doesn't want to see is that them reluctant their guards and then at the bottom fighters and i saw fighters. streaming back into child again later on he met with
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the regional leaders and they discourse and there was some progress to such an extent and we've seen an uptick in the movement of charge in forces in the region which of course helped to deal with the problems now the conflict is raging we've seen how book or time has succeeded in attacking military formations occupying briefly some towns and cities in the north east of the country and cameroon is also dealing with its own problems now these countries will definitely need it greece debby's. contributions in this region and not not only in the lake chad we can we're talking about this to help booking a fossil molly countries like france which also relied on the expertise and the experience of chad in forces in dealing with the crisis in the region these countries will definitely miss that experience someone had seen as a senior fellow at the africa said to base that the atlantic council is as the sun will lead to act quickly to gain the trust and loyalty of the military and the
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people of the country. we've already been hearing some initial reports of desertions in the chaldean army army soldiers are reported crossing into cameroon we've heard there was disgruntlement to some degree in in the army and the fact rebels have been doing a lot to try to enlist and recruit chaddy an army soldiers to join their cause to rise up and to and to overthrow it on see the deadly regime listen i think that you know much of the the army is made up of debbie's a gallic. tribal relations and so that complicates i think the situation but it's very clear that the son is no match for debbie the father and it's not clear that he will be able to overcome not only the dissension within the military ranks but let's not forget that there's a deep resentment within the the population of chad we're just coming out of
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a very contentious election that that was really stolen from the chaldean people from the from the moment the campaign was was announced and so i think people's patience was growing very thin in the country with which the the institutions that debbie had put in around himself to really protect his family his drive. from outside forces and so i think you're going to see a lot of sympathy for the stack rebels from among the population and i think that this military council that has come in is going to have a very hard time remaining popular among among the people i think there's an opportunity here for countries with influence in chad like like france like the united states and even some of the neighboring states and the african union to come in and help to try to manage a transition we saw this in sudan 2 years ago when omar bashir another 30 year dictator was removed by his own military you saw an international attempt to forage
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and. create a kind of civil military transition to avoid the worst kind of bloodshed and violence that is very possible in chad just like it was in sudan and so i think there's an opportunity for the international community to play a role here to help bring about. a more safe and secure outcome puts more ahead here on the news hour including the mozambican town of pemba struggles to support thousands of people have arrived after fleeing violence further north also turns the c.e.o. your mask response to a deadly crash by the car company is being served a search warrant and in sport find out why man just the city's manager has to has to say about the club's involvement to the european super league. more than 20 russian warships are taking part in military exercises in the black
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sea that's according to russian media the move comes as the u.s. pushes back against moscow's plan to block foreign ships from parts of the black sea for 6 months now washington says the move is an unprovoked escalation it fears russia will restrict access to ukrainian ports in the sea of azoff and that it marks another attempt by moscow to destabilize the country conflict between kids forces and russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine has been escalating the use top diplomat says russia has deployed 100000 troops along the border trance trafford has been to the front line in eastern ukraine and said this report. ukrainian soldiers reinforcing their trench the military is dug in a low and approximately 300 kilometer front line stretches across the donbass region of eastern ukraine. a recent escalation of fighting against pro russia separatists and a military build up of around 100000 russian troops close to the border is
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a reminder that this 7 year long so-called frozen conflict is not over yet. a new generation is growing up with this war it's important we finish it there are comrades being killed and injured all the time the same as me or younger this is the defense of the motherland. russia separatists positions are around 130 meters from here both sides of kings each other repeatedly violating a cease fire agreement that has failed when it was signed in 2014 but ukrainian soldiers here say that russian separatists in recent weeks i think recently been using snipers mortars and genies and especially since the russian troop buildup on the border the bombed out shell of a coal mine an industry that provided jobs and income for communities here since soviet times shows how indiscriminate the fighting has been the ruins of a village
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a reminder of the more than 13000 people killed and the 1000000 forced to flee their homes this is gully a milk over and a sun roof when we met them sheltering in their cellar from a mortar attack 4 years ago and this is them now who has never known life without war. ghalia says things have got bad again in recent weeks most of those a lot of those. each year are new this ellen happens in the morning and evening but who should 1st we don't know it has been quiet especially the last 2 years but the past 2 weeks it started again i worry when he goes to school he calls me when he gets there and before he leaves to come home we don't watch news anymore because it makes us nervous i don't even like go into the shops anymore because you worry about what may happen ghalia like many others who live close to the front line says
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she can't leave the village because she and roseland have nowhere else to go after al jazeera of eastern ukraine. but it's with more from moscow. there are some recently published satellite images showing what is a very serious buildup of military hardware in and around crimea and ukraine we've seen pictures of fighter jets lined up on a runway in crimea we've seen pictures of airborne troops army units attack helicopters smoke generators. jamming equipment reconnaissance drones and a military hospital and the e.u. and us estimate this between 82100000 ground troops along the ukraine russia border russia says all of this the defense minister sergei short who is because nato and the u.s. are indulged in provocative activities in waters and airspace around the black sea he doesn't say what those provocative activities are exactly and he says these are
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long planned military drills also russia's prime planning to restrict access through that curch strait that is because they're going to stop they say millet naval vessels going through that strait that provides a link for ukraine to its eastern ports and there is a treaty between russia and ukraine that says those waters the hours of sea in the strait are supposed to be freely accessible to both sides so the ukrainians would see that as a provocation but russia says this is all a military exercise but whatever it is it is a very clear demonstration of russia's military capabilities in and around ukraine in crimea there also in jordan joins me now from washington d.c. and of course the u.s. is deeply concerned with these developments from russia so what are the state department saying. well the state department when it became aware of
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these military movements by the russian navy to plourde what was happening in the black sea and said that moscow had no right to try to use international waters or control international waters as its own and the u.s. is position is that that is in fact a provocative behavior agreeing with officials in kids that the russians are basically menacing once again the integrity and sovereignty of ukraine territory the statement from the state department also underscored the ongoing u.s. position that crimea is part of ukraine not a russian territory even though moscow has claimed that this is the fact since it started occupying crimea back in 2014 now we are waiting for the daily state department briefing where we like get more guidance on the fact that the u.s. and russia have now recalled their of their ambassadors for consultations
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the u.s. ambassador to moscow john sullivan put out a statement early on tuesday saying that not only has it been more than a year since he has seen his family but that given the change in administration here in washington it is important for him to trade notes as it were with the ministration to make certain that he is representing the administration's interest and the u.s. interests over all during his tenure in moscow he said that he does intend to return we don't know when that's going to being we also don't know when the russian ambassador to the u.s. is going to return he was recalled to moscow for consultations last week for the update thanks very much live for us in washington d.c. . i. know the jury in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer
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derrick cho veneers holding its 1st full day of deliberations the 12 jurors are considering 3 weeks of testimony from 45 witnesses chiffons accused of killing george floyd after kneeling on his neck for more than 9 minutes president joe biden called george floyd's brother on monday so long as what the president say to you what did you say to him and what was that like in general. it was just a scholar. he no it is the lose of them a member he knows the process of what we've gone through so he was just learning no lynas no he was praying for us in hoping that everything will come out to be ok this is basically john 100 is following the trial for us from minneapolis and john really is the 1st full day for the jury to deliberate really what's going on and it's a village bit of a waiting game in a tent city and a tense country waiting for the verdict.
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that's right security is high and tensions are even higher as the entire nation waits for this verdict there is a kind of eerie calm here in minneapolis for the moment somewhere the jury is deliberating in isolation buildings are boarded up schools are closing for the rest of the week and until this verdict comes down the city's in a kind of suspended animation if you look behind me you can see the gates there that tall building at the end of the road that's the courthouse there are national guard troops there and they're patrolling all over here in the city of minneapolis but it's not just here there are also national guard troops in washington d.c. more than 2000 of them there are about 125 in the city of chicago just south of here because when george floyd died on may 25th that set off riots and protests across the u.s.
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and cities are getting ready for that again but here in minneapolis it feels especially shut down is that jury deliberates and they've got a complicated case they've got 3 charges to consider in the differences between those charges which range from manslaughter to 2nd degree murder or sometimes kind of narrows and we expect them to take some time with this verdict you never know how long a jury is going to take in the o.j. simpson case it was 4 hours but often it can take days or even weeks until then minneapolis just waits indeed but it's not stopping various people called in to see me a politician on the hill. about the trial and its aftermath i mean what's being said . well maxine waters is a california congresswoman an african-american civil rights activist. and she was asked during a protest about her views and she said the protesters should hope for
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a murder conviction not just a man's lot or conviction and they should speak out they should get more confrontational in her words with other members of congress of course these are largely republicans got upset about that some of called for her resignation ironically some of the people who are calling for her resignation did support the riots we did support some of the marchers i should say before the attack on the capitol on january 6th so there may be a kind of reverse cancel culture going on here. flown as floyd called that a distraction and but it came into the courtroom when the defense counsel asked the judge for a mistrial saying that waters might have poisoned the jury pool because they had not yet been sequestered which they are now and the judge dismissed that but he did
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say it's possible that congresswoman waters has given you an issue on appeal that might allow you to overturn this entire case so now we wait for a jury to a jury verdict that probably won't happen that is a mistrial or a in overturning of the verdict on appeal unless there's evidence that some specific juror actually changed their mind as a result of this but meanwhile we wait it full for the buy but i will leave it out of course continue with you children in minneapolis thank you. well there are reports that english premier league football club chelsea are preparing documents to withdraw from the proposed european super league chelsea is one of the 12 european elite clubs that have been planning to join the controversial new multi-billion dollar project britain's prime minister says he'll consider legislation to stop english football clubs from joining the breakaway competition players to be warned they could be banned from taking part in their domestic competitions and the world cup barca is monitoring events for us just outside of
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stump for bridger where chelsea a base of course needs a real turnaround certainly for chelsea if this is true and it may have a domino effect perhaps. quite possibly because and i say this very very tentatively indeed we are also hearing that manchester city may also be joining chelsea in drawing up paperwork to pull out of the new super league where yet to absolutely confirm that but yes if this is happening we may well see other clubs follow as well there have been significant protests here outside stamford bridge chelsea's home ground on the pitch a game between chelsea and brighton is set to begin outside though huge huge. amount of anger from fans towards a decision that was very very unpopular from the start a decision that many fans to felt it was entirely motivated by by profits of the
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many largely foreign multi-billionaire owners and the feeling is that football that existed in its form largely untouched for 150 years with grassroots teams at the bottom and some the most powerful and richest teams at the top where teams that promoted them relegated was going to significantly suffers the results of these changes but if true this is a really really quite extraordinary change of events in a very short period of time it does seem the very rich owners of these football teams whether they be in the united kingdom or elsewhere perhaps might of misjudged the ceiling amongst fans who are intrinsically very involved in their clubs and feel that the club belongs to them respectively. that is the sentiment that is very very much the feeling that the businessmen
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essentially at the top of these clubs in charge of pumping money into it and making sure that they're profitable were completely removed detach from grassroots fans and that's created a huge amount of anger real back. clash not only from the fans but over the past 48 hours we've heard from managers who have shrugged their shoulders saying that they have no idea as to why this was happening and have no input were not consulted we've heard from pundits we've heard from players we've heard from all sorts of people from the french president and manual mccraw and he said that he would do everything possible to try make sure the existing competitions are preserved we heard from boris johnson the british prime minister who was very quick to say that he would potentially try to tackle this move with a legislative bomb i don't think any of these very prominent and powerful clubs really expected this kind of 'd backlash quite so quickly as we've seen over the
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past 48 hours since the 1st announcement was made in the early hours of sunday morning sunday evening into monday morning it is a moving story that will be keeping a very close sign in the coming hours for the moment the thanks very much meet buckler in london for us well still ahead here on the news hour we speak to palestinians in gaza are ahead of the 1st legislative vote in 15 years and thousands of migrant workers rushed to leave the indian capital ahead of a weeklong curfew as a surgeon crowed a virus cases threatens to overwhelm parts of the country and to the english clubs may. come through says this. the head of european football tells bosses it's not too late to change their minds about joy to be controversial superleague all of that coming up with german in sport to stay with us here on the news.
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there has been quite hot recently in the event and in egypt that's all changing now the wind is becoming almost sure means the temp has dropped by about 10 degrees in many places it's still quite hot in iraq $41.00 in baghdad and down in kuwait we're up to 40 still $38.00 in doha or fairly she would set it at that but there's no significant wind on this forecast out except for this one which is blowing down susu is down through the red sea that's the reason the temperatures have been pushed back again again no real change here but doha is down to 32 there's a hint of a wind direction here wind change i should say otherwise look at this sunshine through turkey and iran and even the time we get to friday afghanistan looking dry and sunny is well that's a change the seasonal rains through africa maybe aren't obvious but science off them is this red strip that is waves to what the heat wave there it has reached
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a long way south and it's one of the causes of the fires down in cape town and the winds unfortunately not going to change the not going to help the far situation the toll as for right now nothing in forecast a little bit in the eastern cape maybe and fairly obviously this weakening line here which is the seasonal right might develop a tropical side over the water but heading dangerously close to land. ready for another perspective listen to the tape al-jazeera its flagship news podcast with military bailout or discover hindsight and original docu drama podcast a new writing by charles dance the famous and infamous politics and culture go undercover to hear allegations of corruption by those in power and if you read a hari get your news in turin it's from al-jazeera nice updates on home already.
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join africa's largest trade and investment fair and rwanda enter african trade give me access to more than 1100 exhibitors 10000 visitors and bias and more than 5000 conference delegates from more than 55 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 u.s. dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition boat to you by the african export import bank and their premium partners the i 80 s. 2021 transforming africa. route. told. the world. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news hour with me as a whole rob a reminder of our top story the army in charge has announced that president idriss
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deby has been killed while leaving soldiers on the frontline had just won reelection i was one of africa's longest serving leaders a state funeral is shut chilled for friday the u.s. has called russia's plans to block parts of the black sea to foreign ships as unprovoked escalation washington says it would be another attempt by moscow to destabilize ukraine. and there are reports that english premier league football club chelsea are preparing documents to withdraw from the proposed european super league 12 of europe's elite clubs had signed up to the controversial multi-billion dollar project. let's get more now on our top story and that's the death of chad's president addressed the particle hane joins me now from washington d.c. what reaction patty from the us the news of death. state department spokesman ed price began his briefing just moments ago sending condolences to the people of chad condemning the violence say that they support
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a peaceful transfer of power as it's dictated under the constitution in chad sunday though the state department did order all non-essential personnel out of the country the question is did they have time to get out the latest guidance to u.s. citizens is that people in the embassy are going to shelter in place people americans there should do the same that they're not necessarily expecting to have some sort of flight out of the country it is likely that a marine fast team that is probably being deployed as we speak if not already has been that basically has a lot of marines that can guard the embassy in case of trouble military won't usually confirm that that's happening but as it so happened the head of africa was on capitol hill today was asked about what's happening in chad here's what he had to say it's clear what this means for our relationship there his son present debbie son former intel intel chief has been appointed as the interim president. we expect that he is inclined
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towards good relationships with france and the united states we think that will continue there could be some potential for violence and we are working closely with our country team there are in the sea did a precautionary drawdown of personnel to a minimum staff and we also have some military folks there working with the french and the embassy so we're watching this very closely to keep americans safe while this becomes a little more clear a little clearer a little complicated as well as opposed to because the u.s. as we heard along with friends as 2 of the western nations heavily invested in helping chan's and the regional players the fight against terror groups will have to sort of rethink their relationship with china did the days ahead with somebody new now in charge of the country. well you just heard the general expects that to continue the support to continue but it really depends on what happens in the next couple of days and weeks or even months i know that the president joe biden has
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pretty much made clear even though he's been in office less than $100.00 days that his foreign policy is going to focus more on emerging threats from nations for example russia they say are china and less on counterterrorism that said chad is a hugely important country in africa for counterterrorism missions they use they count on chad to be able to go after groups like boko haram so they're going to want to see stability in chad because it is such a pivotal country in that part particular region how far they'll go to keep stability that remains to be seen but right now i think the focus from the u.s. perspective is on making sure americans are safe as things are so up in the air in chad right now you know so they want to watch. for us in washington d.c. thank you. lisa 11000 people were forced to flee during last month's attack on parma in northern most of the humanitarian workers say most of them being looked
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after by their relatives in nearby pemba is putting even more pressure on local communities that are already struggling as how do we toss the reports now from. susanna felix say she is preparing food for her children when she had gunshots then she saw her neighbors running confused and frightened she grabbed the kids and also ran it was the middle of the afternoon on the 24th of march the day of the attack on parma by and i slid back to the group began to say off i grabbed my children and we started running my husband was at work on the other side of town i haven't heard from him since march and his phone is switched off. the family is now staying with a relative in the provincial capital. but it is so who could barely support his own wife and children now he has even more mouths to feed. it's one more we share a little with each other i am the only one working if i can find food to bring home
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i try to do just that sometimes you have nothing to eat it will sometimes eat one meal once a day aid agencies estimated by 90 percent of those who reached from parma are staying with relatives in recent months. in northern rose and it has been overwhelmed as thousands arrive on foot and on both the population has grown with some people saying it's doubled many people are choosing to stay with relatives who are already struggling economically. humanitarian workers do regular follow up visits offering psychological support and other assistance to those affected by the violence but the needs are great last month's attack on the gas rich town of palma killed dozens of people and displaced thousands more this is a crisis to which the world needs to pay attention this is a crisis that desperately needs for us as humanitarians more funding we've got a lot more to do here we've got rising needs and while there are many competing
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crises around the world it is vital that this one gets attention these people have been through so much they've been through conflict they've been through cycling's and they have urgent needs that we have to help them meet caba delgado problems when most of the major gas discoveries have been made in recent years has seen violence and instability since 2017 many families are constantly on the move every time a town or village is attacked they say go back to parma and any of the other conflict zones is no longer an option for them how do we toss al-jazeera. europe's drug regulator has found possible links between jobs to drugs and covert 900 vaccine and rare blood clots but the european medicines agency says the benefits of the vaccine still outweigh any potential risks johnson and johnson stopped roll out of its one dose job last week after recommendations from u.s. authorities 6 cases of unusual blood clots were identified amongst people who were
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immunize with the job the delay has halted vaccination efforts in the european union stop vasser is an obstacle with more. well it means that there is another disputed vaccine actually that could create concerns among people here in the e.u. it's very rare in 8 cases in fact they found blood clots and also decided decrease of blood platelets mostly within young women in the ages of 18 to 48 years old in the united states and that was also the reason they stop vaccinating people with this johnson and johnson vaccine but overall they say this risk is so low that of course for the overall population facing this risk of covert 9000 still in this 3rd wave that's happening in europe at the moment they should still at minister this vaccine it was an important vaccine that a lot of countries here in europe are counting on especially here in the natl and
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because it's been developed here and laden in the national and state have asked for 11000000 vaccines here and in the overall of europe 200000000 for axes of johnson and johnson were supposed to be shipped to europe to be vaccinated here in the coming months the is of course this concern now this will all be delayed because people will be reluctant and also there will be a chose a choice by the separate countries to impose an age limit for example the netherlands has sat with astra zeneca below 60 we're not using it anymore so that means that every country has a separate policy and of course that this could create delays. bus and train stations in india's capital have been overwhelmed as thousands of migrant workers flee the city the latest restrictions to curb the spread of the krona virus have seen many daily wage earners lose their jobs india is struggling to stem the world's largest rise in cases elizabeth parata reports from the capital new delhi.
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just hours after dolly's local government announced a weeklong curfew thousands of migrant workers rushed to bus and train stations they squeeze their way onto buses climbing on top of each other and onto the roofs the closing down of all but essential services has seen many workers lose their livelihoods i've been getting like there the chief minister said that nobody needs to leave delhi ask him where would daily wage earners like us go what will we do they earn and eat the same day if they don't earn in the day they can't have a mule it night where will we go if not home these are the same questions which were asked during the nationwide lockdown a gira god it led to 100000000 migrant workers returning to their home states after losing their jobs millions had to go hundreds died on the journey there some lives
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that. lost the. completely dispensable. for the government for the middle class and for the rich and i think this is. what we have begun as a. hush mother is petitioning the supreme court to force the government to provide basic services to daily wage earners delhi's high court has asked the local government to divert hundreds of millions of dollars of public money to ensure workers who've lost their jobs don't go hungry it said both the central and state governments failed in their responsibility to protect daily wage as last year and i asked why they haven't made plans to do better. the high court also said the capital's health care capacity is at the stage of imminent collapse health experts say it's likely the double mutant variation of the virus which is being found in india that's causing infections to rise much more rapidly than last year we've seen
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systematic increase across india mordor list and most of the things they suggesting that what might be happening is that something that is more trance the between people in the baby rapidly moving through the population of people who are yet to contract the infection and therefore pretty often. health organization and governments around the world monitoring what's happening in india as concerns grow about the spread of this variant elizabeth pradhan al jazeera new delhi pakistan's government has agreed to ask for a parliamentary vote on whether to expel the french ambassador it's part of a deal reached with the political party. in an effort to end the week long anti french demonstration the nation wants strikes and the t.l.p. has been blocking routes into major cities in protest against french cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed to come out harder has more from islamabad. parliament took up that issue earlier today. the question was then their job the
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speaker of the national assembly saying that a committee should be form so that both the government and opposition members can reach some sort of a gun then he said that of course had not happened yet some of the opposition parties even boy courting question of parliamentary day the parliament dollar journal friday the interior minister what instrument and. it's also going to be giving a press conference tomorrow richard rent and not. a lot of ambiguity as to what their daily dollars are because they would all go i meant. no individual or group. of that date however the opposition is blaming the government for not taking them into. it going to be important to see where the
9:43 pm
date is going to be some sort of a breakthrough but for the time being on the street ted in pakistan because they're . threatening to wage countrywide protests marching on it. did not happening for the moment but they did indeed a crucial issue and a critical issue that has to be dogged as soon as. next month holds the promise of resumption of a national unity government for palestinians one of the 2 governments representing the west bank and the gaza strip this will be the 1st time in 15 years that palestinians had to the polls to vote in legislative elections the reports now from gaza. the last time palestinians voted in a legislative election facebook and twitter were months away from being launched globally the year was 2006 they couldn't have known then they would spend the next 15 years with a divided government and no chance to elect a new one didn't i'm not that into about 15 years without an election and we're
9:44 pm
facing a miserable situation as a mother i wish it will happen and things change for the better. and election for the palestinian legislative council is scheduled for may but already there is widespread expectation palestinians won't be rushing to a polling station headed in to have acted not that of one of these elections only for renewing the legitimacy of palestinian leaders and to continue to rely on foreign aid but in the long term it will not serve the palestinian people israel has yet to approve voting in east jerusalem but how has splintered and both fatah and hamas are worried about losses in their own bases due to disaffected voters. professor a high morale boost says recent polls show hamas would be lucky to get 25 percent of the vote in gaza but it might be able to get a bigger share in the west bank where people are fed up with the palestinian
9:45 pm
authority but maybe after the elections we might see a new or different kind of coalitions but that would probably be against the would of the international community which is still classifying hamas as a terrorist organization and also israel and which doesn't want to see a mass in any form of a palestinian government so united or unified government between hamas and fatah is unlikely how must spokesman. says the organization is pushing for the election to take place as scheduled and that palestinians are primarily frustrated by the israeli occupation not their leaders. yes about the world and the international community should help us choose our leader and to take our rights back we should be living in a good situation like all the human beings in this region. a generation of palestinians
9:46 pm
has come of age living with a divided government and no way of changing it at the ballot box the question people are asking is will this year mark a long overdue change much natasha going to al-jazeera. militia turns on the support of germany's conservatives in his bid to succeed angela merkel as chancellor in september the church will be the joint candidate for the governing christian democratic party of the christian social union in federal elections later this year anglo-american stepping down after more than 15 years in power stephanie was in berlin and has more on arm in the shift. he is the premier of germany's biggest state he's been a staunch ally of angola markel throughout his political career he is pro europe he's pro immigration he stood by her certainly when merkel open the borders here in 2015 to hundreds of thousands of refugees that called her a lot of grief he was very much her ally on that but he comes at
9:47 pm
a time when there are challenges challenges also to him has on coronavirus he wanted to open restrictions already last year at a time when it was controversial so he's been seen as being a little bit back and forth on that and also at a time when the part of the alliance is polling very low around 27 percent and this is because of the handling of the coronavirus also because there's been some political fortunes scandals when it comes to some politicians having made money in deals and when it comes to acquiring mosques for the virus they've stood down but certainly it has damaged the alliance really an alliance that's that's that's been at the at the center of german politics since 19891 contender is the green party and they announced their candidate yesterday 40 year old woman and alina bair bought a lot of support there and they're nipping at the heels of this alliance so he's going to have to do some damage control but certainly now that they seem to have agreed on who the man will be that could potentially be germany's next chancellor
9:48 pm
they can at least focus on the election campaign and try and convince voters that they should remain in power. afghan security forces. come to kabul. being detonated a what's being described as a security facility. in the area the number of casualties is unclear at this stage . police in the u.s. state of texas serving a search warrants after 2 men died in a car crash on sunday they were in a tesla vehicle which was believed to be operating without anyone in the driver's seat between the c.e.o. of the company la musk rejected the idea the vehicles driving software is to blame musk wrote that data logs recovered so far show auto pilot was not enabled tesla with the autopilot engaged is now approaching 10 times lower chance of an accident than the average vehicle welnick is a correspondent at automotive news europe which is a leading automotive business publication he says that tesla seems to be
9:49 pm
overplaying the abilities of its vehicles i really think the american national highway traffic association should should clamp down on what they what's being termed as false self driving within tesla and what is actually semi autonomous technology a lot of people that assuming that it can that car can just drive itself in and any number of situations but is clearly being seen is that there are some gaps in the cars knowledge i mean this isn't any bad reflection on tesla it's incredibly complicated technology to to to to produce but at the moment tesla seems to be overselling it failing to read the small print that says that you need. big trial of your vehicle at all time and they're saying to their mates hey look at what you can do and you know and it pretty covering a lot of situations but it's not clever in every situation and that's the problem and so until the cars are regulated and and we can say ok now you can take your
9:50 pm
hands off the wheel safely and and have confidence to do so then they really should not be sold as self driving that's just a it's it's dangerous. now the un has made an appeal for funding to help the relief effort on the caribbean island of st vincent but the island has been devastated by a series of volcanic eruptions the explosions from the last year have covered much of the island in a layer destroyed crops and affected water supplies thousands of people have had to flee their homes. well sport is up next here the al-jazeera news on the chairman of the european super league explains why it'll say football the gemma will be telling you why it could be all over before it's even begun so don't go away.
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his job. thanks to how we start with the latest twist in the european super league saga and as you heard both chelsea and manchester city are preparing to withdraw from the competition and there are also reports that all 12 clubs planned to meet on choose the evening to discuss the disbanding of the league chelsea were the 1st top to indicate they wanted out and city followed soon after chelsea and now in the process of preparing documentation it to request that withdrawal they're about to kick off against brighton in the premier league and
9:53 pm
around a 1000 fans gathered outside the stamford bridge stadium before the game to protest that involvement as for manchester city they told organizers they do not wish to be part of the super league and their manager pep guardiola had earlier said on tuesday he was not on board with the idea was not a supporter of the success already guarin team is not the sport isn't it doesn't matter if you lose that's why i said many times i win the best competition the strongest possible so especially the premier league and he's not sure when one team . fight fight fight arrive in the top enough to cannot be qualified because the success is already weren't people just for a few claps is not just anguish teams there are reports in spain his old team boss also thinking of pulling out and so our athletic in the trade as well well the potential u. turn that comes after the 2 most powerful men in world football the presidents of
9:54 pm
fee for and you a for europe's breakaway clubs to think very carefully insisting it's not too late for them to change their minds to the english clubs mainly. come to your senses. not out of love for football because i imagine some of you don't have much of that . but out of respect for those who bleed themselves dry so that they can go to the stadium to support the team and want the dream to be kept alive gentleman. you made the huge mistake some will say it is greed others. arrogance flippancy or complete ignorance of england's football culture but it actually doesn't matter what the matter is is that there is still time to change your mind if some. elects.
9:55 pm
to go their own way. then they must live. with the consequences of their choice they are responsible for their choice concretely this means. either you're in. or you're out you cannot be housed in or house out. that area a court in madrid told european and world football's governing bodies they can't stop 12 of the continent's top clubs from creating the breakaway sea plague until they fully considered the case is the 1st legal ruling on the matter although it's not clear what authority the spanish court has over the swiss pay based organizations very few wafer and fifo warned clubs and their players they would be banned from competitions prompting at liverpool's jordan henderson to call an emergency meeting of premier league captains on wednesday and this ins club is one
9:56 pm
of the 6 english teams who signed up for the break the players' union says its members a court in the middle. we think it's morally wrong because the players are being held responsible for a decision that they were not a part of the players are under contract with these clubs these clubs decided to do a certain thing now to say well the players now have to choose whether you forfeit your contract with that club or represent your country which you care about is just wrong they're being used as a leverage chip in this fight which is not the right thing to do one of the main instigators around literates club president florentino perez says the state police will save football well if it happens he'll be the new chairman of the safely and says there's no chance teams will be kicked out of their leagues and no chance players will be barred from representing their countries perez says change is necessary for the sport's survival and form of the u. a further created a champions league format that doesn't work they say it will start in 2024 but will
9:57 pm
be dead by 2024 clubs have lost hundreds of millions in the last 2 years. the current european champions by munich released a statement on tuesday reaffirming their opposition to the stupidity the club confirmed they will not be joining the new competition and the president of the german football association is strongly against the idea as well. before coming is a cultist over you can simply assess this as a disaster for football also because of how tricky and how do you see this is being done you really have to give this the red card it actually destroys all the values that we know in football and it destroys normal proper sporting competition because it's just the idea of doing a close job and excluding bills that's for now i'll be back with more updates on this european super league a little bit later. thanks very much joe of course you follow all of those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com it's updated throughout the day you will have
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proper siren if you missed time with more news while a lot of the new sounds of it until and from me i don't know the news out of thanks very much for your time and your company buffalo. in the 1st time lands of home in mesopotamia where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by little and pollution outages or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving
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its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. i mean like a vase in the south of india to find out how a tiny bat in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a standstill coronavirus how he wept across the world with devastating impact and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we believe that a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animals and join the call for an end to the global wild wild flames earthrise on al-jazeera. a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an x. the stench of threat in the lead up to us to al-jazeera grant special coverage documentaries discussions into a pool exploring the consequences of all actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the time the season of programming exploring the
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time of crisis head to stand on al-jazeera. and untold stories from asia and the pacific on mountains here 'd. a transitional council is in charge and a curfew in place in chad after the president to address the baby dies in fighting just a day after he was reelected. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching our jazeera live from london also coming up more than 100000 russian troops now amass that the border with ukraine and in crimea calls grow for moscow to be setting.


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