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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations How To Sell A Massacre P1  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2021 4:00am-5:00am +03

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he wept across the world with devastating impact and it's widely believed to be illegal wildlife trade here in vietnam a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animals and join the call for an end to the global. earth rise on al-jazeera. we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty. a jury in minneapolis convicts former police officer shaven on all 3 counts in the death of george 4. to begin to change. in this country. president joe biden hails the verdict as a step forward but says more work is needed to reform the system.
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at 1 o'clock this is out 0 life and also coming up. 6 6 family and friends of ford unite to herald the budget but say the fight is not over. relief and celebration outside the colts the crowds vowed to stay on the streets until all 4 officers involved in floyd's arrest convict. so much as a celebration underway across the united states following the conviction of the former police officer charged over the death of george for a jury found during shaven guilty on all 3 charges including 2nd degree murder.
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on hearing the verdict demonstrators cheered in the streets outside the court and at the intersection where he was arrested face to fight on till the 3 other policemen involved have been convicted floyd died off the shaven knelt on his neck for almost 9 and a half minutes here's how the judge delivered the verdict on tuesday we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty as verdict agreed to this 20th day of april 2021 at 1 44 pm signed your foreperson juror number 19. same captioned verdict count 2 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 2 3rd degree murder perpetrating an eminently dangerous act find the defendant guilty verdict greed to this 20 if they have april 2021 at 1 45 pm signed by a jury foreperson journal or 19 same caption verdict count 3 we the jury in
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the above entitled matter as to count 3 2nd degree manslaughter culpable negligence creating an unreasonable risk by the defendant guilty. about 10 hours for the jury to convict shaven on all 3 charges he's due to be sentenced in 8 weeks and faces up to 40 years in prison. celebrations haven't been limited to minneapolis in new york washington d.c. and in atlanta others of rising to support the verdict they're demanding justice for the other black people killed by police in recent weeks of course and so that means in new york where rallies are being held to celebrate the fed will speak to her in just a moment but 1st let's cross to shepherd tansey he's standing by at the courthouse . she had so after 3 weeks of testimony dozens of witnesses the verdict in the end came fast and clear guilty on all counts. the prosecution in that closing argument said the 46 witness should be the common
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sense of the jurors they kept saying believe your. believe what you're seeing and that 9 minutes and 29 seconds and yet. one member of george floyd's family said you know what pessimistically optimistic that they will do that if not this case then what the case was something we can't we kept on hearing so often in the past even when we had very compelling video evidence police officers have been able to say look you don't know what it was like at that moment i was in fear of my life this time the defense wasn't able to make that make that case and that was that sense of relief and disbelief but sense of no illusions about this everyone we spoke to and everyone has been speaking actually it's been a theme that there's quite aware of how we got to this point 5 or 6 years of black lives matter protests to even ensure that a police officer would be charged with video evidence like this let alone getting
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the get it getting a guilty a guilty verdict so you activism that element is being mentioned by by everyone members of george floyd's family civil rights leaders but also that sense that even though there's gratitude to the minneapolis of lawyers the prosecution who said in their closing arguments this isn't the minneapolis police department this is derek chauvet on drugs one officer and you can kind of see why they might have said that and we knew that some members of the jury were very pro police that's saying well that is not actually the case it was the minneapolis police department that was on trial if i could was all the police department in the united states that are on trial for a system that kills and injures. black people with terrible cruelty usually with impunity but at least not this time and still to come the sentencing and appeal and then the trial of the police officers involved.
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we do expect we do expect an appeal on the grounds all for. the jury there was no way the jury could have been partial i mean in some ways you know and it did it doesn't seem likely that. about will get very far when we talk to lawyers because the judge himself kept saying don't watch the news and would always be telling telling the jury not to be looking at media representation having said that simply thinking that there might be something wrong with the police even though even a jury selection wasn't being seen as a reason to be disqualified that they might be some of the black lives matter it wasn't a reasonable disqualification to apparel on the jury there also that the aggravating factors that will be interesting to we kept on hearing the prosecution say a child could see what was happening here child could see this was wrong in fact a 9 year old child was there saying to derek shaven get off of him and that's interesting too because i wasn't just a poignant moment but i was actually could be used as an aggravating factor in this
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and the state is suggesting that it will be saying that there are aggravating factors here to ensure the director of an gets a long sentence otherwise the 1st offender he could get a relatively short sentence so yes so much more to come. in minneapolis. floyd's brother thing to people who've been demanding justice in the cold for them to keep on pushing today we have agreed the game. biz go on i told you we'd get justice and we still we're going to fight for you too . we got a 5 fer everybody thank you also must be just given us this time because we're here and we're not going anywhere and i want to thank all the protesters all the tourney's who stepped up all other activists who stepped up and many who think they're not activists but advocates thank you are because justice put john is being
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done far. well we've also heard from a long time civil rights activist al sharpton about the fight for justice for those killed at the hands of police this is the 1st time in the history of distaste that a white police officer has been convicted last known convicted of a murder. this is the 1st time in a long range of fights that we've seen 3 counts guilty on all 3. we don't find pleasure in news we don't celebrate a man going to jail we would have rather george be alive. but we celebrate that we because young people white and black some castigated many that he had a night marched in kept march. i just showed you some pictures of people
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outside the gathering of the sites in minneapolis where george floyd was killed seems a relief from a certain amount of celebration loci celebration with that the news that very shaved has been conveyed to them through chivers and let's close to new york now to christen some levy has it at a rally there were people are also you gathering and kristen it's been a subject of intense scrutiny has made it across the country and tell us more about how the russians the. new york was waiting on pins and needles for this verdict to come through in a suit as it did people began to gather in the possible i'm here on the brooklyn section of new york which was really an epicenter for protests in the black lives matter movement in the last year over the summer and until a few minutes ago there was a lot of people right here they just went marching off down the street to another location. a lot of the feeling of victory i would say i hesitate to use the word
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celebration relief is a word i heard a lot from the people here thankful is another word that i heard and a lot of people talking about what still needs to be done in their view to continue the fight for justice when it comes to brutality at the hands of police in the minority community and i have an activist here that i want to introduce you to his name is josie a pierre he's a local activist he's also running for city council in new york why is it do you think both 1st of all let me ask you your reaction when you heard i know you've been out demonstrating in the last year what was your reaction well you know been demonstrating for the past year so there is a certain level of relief but that whole hour long wait. for it it was kind of like you know a heart stopping it's like ok what happens next we're going to begin to do what we normally do and not give us justice or is it going to be those are going to be a change and so the feeling is by. basically bittersweet because at the end of the
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day we still know in the back of our minds as a long way for this country to go in terms of justice for black folk why is it that here in new york this is such a resonant issue i know eric garner 2014 also died at the hands of the police is did you see similarities between man yeah you know here in new york especially in flatbush where i'm from we've seen a lot we've seen patrick dorismond we remember. and that's years back and coming to this point even when we think about the young man in florida that that was a victim of george zimmerman right all of that adds up and it really stays in the back of your head and what you feel is that you know had it not been on camera had it not been all these different things how do we not really tugged on the justice system the media etc maybe it would have gone that way and more likely than not it would not have gone that way so you think that made the difference what what. describe the movement in the last summer and
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a sense of purpose that people here had what was different about when eric garner people came out was killed eric people came out protested and didn't have the same result so there are there different layers to it one people were primed and ready they were angry about a lot of things and so they came out for this too it was a diversity of people you know usually it's like a black hole come out and people watch on t.v. but it was black white asian hispanic you name it that came out but there was also a heavy social media presence heavy media presence and just people just pounding away pounding away and keeping it alive so i figured that there were conversations about this at dinner tables that would never have this conversation and it said that much pressure and effort to achieve this level justice thank you so much for talking with us about how you're feeling tonight and how we got to this point as he said there's still a lot of work to be done many of the people here feel they see this as
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a good step. very historic step but only the 1st step i should say that the reasons are on standby around the city as well they were prepared for what could have been a tense evening not so much tension now a sigh of relief i think across the city and they are of course and thanks for that christians who with the new york. well george floyd family and the lawyer spoke on the phone with president joe biden and thanked him for his support. right here in america. you know. yeah i feel better now nothing. make it go all the better pleased that we're seeing this right here. biden said he was praying for the right verdict he watched with president vice president common interest and says the result is a step towards justice in america. there are systemic raises this day on our
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nation's soul. the knee on the neck of justice for black americans profound fear and trauma the pain the exhaustion of black and brown americans experience every single day this can be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in america. let's also be clear such a verdict is also much too rare we have to listen i can't breed i can't breed. nice words we can't let those words die with you. have to keep eerie those words we must not turn away we can't turn away. of us president come to her as is urging the senate to pass the george fully justice and policing are we
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feel a sigh of relief still it cannot take away the pain a measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice this verdict brings us a step closer and the fact is we still have work to do we still must reform the system. last summer together with senator cory booker and representative karen bass i introduced the george floyd justice and policing act. this bill would hold law enforcement accountable and help build trust between law enforcement and our communities this bill is part of george floyd's legacy a letter from a white house correspondent complete how could. this is a white house that believes that there is still so much work to be done and that was the focus of the comments as the u.s.
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president and 1st lady jill biden as a lot well as couple of harris telephoned george floyd's families to speak with them again saying that there is so much more work to be done and a commitment that they will continue to do that work kamel harris pointing out that we wouldn't even be discussing this case today this verdict guilty on all 3 counts for derek show from the police officer who knelt on george floyd's now causing his death we wouldn't be talking about this if it weren't for smartphones and the courage of those people who stepped out and spoke up against what they see as one of the greatest challenges in the united states and that is systemic racism something that was the focus of the president's comments a challenge to all americans as he spoke there saying that not only is it important to acknowledge that it exists but also to confront it saying that it is a systemic racism it is a stain on the nation's soul now in reference to that legislation the george floyd
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act it is in congress the president referencing that it came out about a year ago but it has still not been passed into law when the president spoke to george foy's family he said he's looking forward to bringing this into law by signing it but 1st it has to be passed in congress is passed in the house it is stuck in the senate or let's bring in you know to williams who is the distinguished university chair and professor of history at the university said thomas joins us via skype from and minneapolis minnesota you heard williams welcome to the program 1st up what's your reaction to these voters. i think a degree of relief but all an overwhelming relief that the right verdict was reached by the security but also deep concern that people will assume that the were of dismantling systemic racism have racial disparity here in the in
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this country is going to end with this verdict and we're far from that which is why i was encouraged by what the president and vice president shared today this is an issue that transcends policing in a lot of ways a lot of people can celebrate soon a verdict in this case and a victory in a limited sense that this officer will be held accountable for his actions of the larger systemic challenges economically socially politically in this country also have to be addressed if we're actually going to talk about equity and justice across the board right the trial has been described as a pivotal moment for race relations and policing in the united states how do you ensure that it will be a turning point. well i think for some some people who are focused nearly every issue of leasing it certainly is a referendum on that because there's been so many cases in the past where officers were not held accountable for violence against black or brown people people like adam toledo the young young man 13 year old in chicago who was recently killed
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there and. who still here one center or george floyd of course would have gone unrecognized and those officers unpunished right now we look at this moment i think there are some real momentum around the justice we don't george play out in some other much asleep circulating at the state and local level to deal with this issue but the problem is policing is simply to tip of the iceberg as we saw in the case that don it's a break from last week it's also bad law and that policy which leads to over policing which makes communities of color color black and brown people more vulnerable to this type of violence to this over policing which is part and parcel of much larger issue. we saw the police chief testify against barry should have been in this trial what message do you think the hundreds of thousands of police officers across united states will take away from imbalance in the trial and from these but it's empty. it was a significant moment because often what the police will do in cases like this is
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a wreck what's known as the blue wall on the blue wall of silence they will testify against other officers you often see in close ranks close ranks mentality take over she earned out of those decision not only to testify in this trial but his decision in the immediate aftermath of the killing of george floyd last may to dismiss the officers involved signal to the parcher from what we've seen historically and his testimony along with fellow officers in this case exposed alternately a couple of things i think are significant number one and it exposed the cube years olds you and the so-called guiding principles that are supposed to undergird the way that peace officers go about policing communities it was important for the key here that i felt like cheap here in town that was talking him as much to the cutie as he was testifying in any case but also it was an opportunity for people to understand this office of say often paying lip service to this idea that they want
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to get rid of the bad apples just as much as anyone else and that was important for people to see that last but not least it was an opportunity to peel back the layers of that who curtain and to understand again what informs those policies practices and procedures and also keep the tributes of deadly encounters like what we saw in the kill in georgia will that rai mention the drug for justice in policing act how hopeful are you that that will indeed gain the traction that's necessary and will need to a full scale reform of the criminal justice system. believe it or not i was more hopeful prior to this verdict i think that the danger that we're in now is that people will assume because we got a guilty verdict in this case that the justice for george floyd act is not going to be necessary and that's problematic because this problem has been much bigger than what's happening here on the ground in minneapolis of course you can talk about reality eyler of kentucky we can talk about countless other police killings across the nation so i think that you know while i would like to see the senate pass this
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we are still talking about a deeply divided congress i'm here to states we're still talking about deep partisanship on this issue and unfortunately i don't think that the momentum is there to see this through and with the not guilty verdict in this case i think it will take some of the pressure off of those legislators who might be reticent to sign this much needed legislation into law the her whims joining us there from minneapolis and pull in minnesota thank you thank you. all right we're going to move on to some other news now childs military has promised an 18 month transition to free elections after announcing the death of president. the army says he was killed while visiting soldiers fighting rebels in the front line that he had just won reelection and was one of africa's longest
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serving leaders but morgan reports now from the capital and you may know. this was chats president idriss deby campaigning last week early election results indicated he'd won a 6th term in office but debi had reportedly joined his son and other soldiers on saturday to repel an attack by a rebel group in the northern province of. border with libya according to the military he was severely injured and on monday it announced his passing it says it's created a transitional military council led by debbi son and has suspended the constitution or union for a transitional government will be put in place new republican institutions will be put in place to facilitate the transition and by the organization of free democratic and transparent elections following the spirit of sacrifice that the marshal of chatted for for all his life right up until his last suffering. in the capital where people celebrated deputy election victory tonight before the
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announcement they were mixed reaction. it's sad news the presidential elections went off peacefully through to the declaration of results by the election commission and then the next day we learned the sad news of the death of the president debbie after being injured badly at the front lines it's sad news for the entire country. whatever the news is surprising i moved by the rumors that are going around about that since israel consul give me the impression that some information is false they already talking about dissolving parliament that is delicate we have a. so for me i'd say it was a coup and he was killed it greece debbie was a former military officer who came to power in my 990 he faced numerous coup attempts and his opposition accused him of ruthlessness the rebel front for change and concord group wanted to remove president it attacked a government position at the border on election day on april 11th chad's closest
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ally france provided its military with logistical support and intelligence it seems like the. removal of debbie has not changed the military situation and as long as the military remains largely boil to his son which seems likely to be the case given that he used to be the commander of the presidential guard and the chair you know his best units he's a 4 star general he's only 37 years old. if you can keep that loyalty then there's no way the rebellion can take advantage of that any more than they could have under his father. more than $300.00 rebel fighters have reportedly been killed in the fighting to or in the past few days that president debi has now also died in the fighting has shocked the nation and made the security situation in the wider style region even more fragile he will morgan all just there are. a car bomb targeting security forces has exploded in afghanistan's capital of kabul security officials say the blast was aimed at the convoy the interior ministry says it was a suicide attack. malaysia says its chief of mere miles military joined to will
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attend an emergency meeting of southeast asian leaders to discuss the crisis in the country the r.c.n. talks will be held in jakarta this weekend at least 6 people were reportedly killed by the jointer security forces on tuesday protesters in the southern city of daraa way held a candlelight vigil for the more than 700 people killed 6 of them in a separate. india's prime minister has called off a planned trip to portugal next month as a result of his country's covert 19 crisis it comes as the country reported another new record number of daily deaths more than 1700 the western senate maharastra home to the financial capital of mumbai will also go into lockdown later this week. well bus and train station in india's capital have been overwhelmed as thousands of migrant workers flee the city it's under lockdown the latest restrictions to curb the spread of the corona virus have seen many daily wage earners losing their jobs
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india is struggling to stem the world's largest rise in cases just from them what's now from new delhi. just hours after delis local government announced a weeklong curfew thousands of migrant workers rushed to bus and train stations they squeeze their way onto buses climbing on top of each other and onto the roofs the closing down of all but essential services has seen many workers lose their livelihoods i've been getting a. chief minister said that nobody needs to leave delhi ask him where would daily wage earners like us go what will we do they earn in the same day if they don't earn in the day they can't have a mulek night where will we go if not home these are the same questions which were asked during the nationwide lockdown a year ago it led to 100000000 migrant workers returning to their home states after losing their jobs millions had to walk or hundreds died on the journey there are
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some lives that. lost them. completely dispensable. for the government for the middle and for the village and i think this was a very alarming with what we have begun as a. hush mother is petitioning the supreme court to force the government to provide basic services to daily wage earners delhi's high court has asked the local government to divert hundreds of millions of dollars of public money to ensure workers who've lost their jobs don't go hungry it said both the central and state governments failed in their responsibility to protect daily wage as last year and i asked why they haven't made plans. to do better. the high court also said the capital's health care capacity is at the stage of imminent collapse health experts say it's likely the double mutant variation of the virus which has been found in
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india that's causing infections to rise much more rapidly than last year we've seen systematic increase in across india mordred north of the theme they suggesting that what might be happening is that something that is more trucks this is between people in the baby rapidly moving to the population of people who are yet to contract infection and therefore spreading faster. health organization and governments around the world are monitoring what's happening in india as concerns grow about the spread of this variant elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera new delhi italy the netherlands will start using the johnson and johnson job after europe's drug regulator recommended that it should include a warning label the european medicines agency found possible links between the one dose cope with 1000 vaccine and rare blood clots as a side effect is very rare and the benefits of the vaccine outweigh any potential risks johnson johnson pulls the road out of its job last week after recommendations
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from us all for 2 years the un has made an appeal for funding to help the relief effort on the caribbean island of st vincent has been devastated by a series of full kind of corruptions explosions from the last 2 fria have covered much of the island in a layer of ash destroyed crops and affected water supplies thousands of people were forced to flee their homes. all right let's have a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera and the u.s. jury has found former police officer derek shaven guilty of all 3 charges including 2nd degree murder over the death of george floyd floyd died off the shelf and knelt on his neck for more than 9 and a half minutes and is due to be sentenced in 8 weeks and faces up to 40 is because we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty as verdict agreed to this 20th day of april 2021
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at 1 44 pm signed your foreperson juror number 19. same captioned verdict count 2 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 2 3rd degree murder perpetrating an eminently dangerous act find the defendant guilty verdict agreed to this 20 if they have april 2021 at 1 45 pm signed by a jury foreperson journal or 19 same caption verdict count 3 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 3 2nd degree manslaughter culpable negligence creating an unreasonable risk by the defendant guilty or crowds in minneapolis is found to stay on the streets until the other 3 officers involved in floyd's arrest are convicted the verdict was met with tears of relief and celebration from supporters a chance to george ford's name many say the fight for justice is far from over but george was brother has thanked people who have been demanding justice when called
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for them to keep on pushing the family and their lawyer have spoken on the phone with president joe biden biden said he was praying for the right verdict and says the result step towards justice. we have to listen keep 3 keep 3. nice words. we can't let them die we see. you have to keep eerie those words we must not turn away we can't turn away in other news channels military has promised an 18 month the transition to free elections after announcing the death of president interest the army says he was killed while visiting soldiers fighting rebels on the frontline that he had just won re-election and was one of africa's longest serving. darts they were headlines next up one o one. in pakistan
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a battle for one of the last necessities plays out under the cover of darkness but the bullets he stumbled on is on my mind that i'm bummed that i'm but i'm caught by me. in the country's biggest city karate the taps are running dry with water in short supply a black market is thriving i'm sure ok of it but they are. doing. good with. as all thor she struggled to deal with climate change heat waves and broken infrastructure millions of dollars worth of water is being stolen and sold to people who can pay a premium to. the winner of the 101 ace to meet the water thieves of karateka and reveals how climate change is leaving pakistan dry.
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kharaj pakistan's largest city with a population of 20000000 is brought to a standstill. a sufi heat wave strikes the southern port city in june 25th day with temperatures as high as 45 degrees celsius. unaware and unprepared around 1500 people across kharaj perish from dehydration and 8 struck. memories of 25th dane continue to haunt karate to die but as dr rozen from a buffy shockey hospital tells us now people are better prepared. in the last
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201-5216 is helen gaining maybe. trying to find. models who make a good awareness program of their news if newly deviousness no learning is soon but so be the head. if say to spoke a piece or a few reports come with all the lama i who. move your money to whom the modification needed that it was but. this is the new normal in karate. environmentalist say pakistan is particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. and in megacities like kharaj lack of trees molls of asphalt roads and toll buildings are increasing heat absorption. the growth the pollie planned it densely populated settlements is making matters worse according to
4:36 am
a kill file me director of the not sedations environment program. in this particular example no bob when there's an explosion. go through 50 with your macabre prince and be entered in the now but not of just sent so. you have more people who need more water in your more shops federal you need more also mismanagement. or not manage to protect its water courses. with rising temperatures the population consumes more water. more than a 1000000000 gallons unaided h.j. to supply karate citizens but the cities are only able to provide around half that amount. for residents like bahamas or if that means the taps often run dry. so you played by the.
4:37 am
will be got a way to get wider war to go. back out over a year obvious call money line you better go to. the wider world i mean. you're funny. broken water distribution lines multiply the problem across the city. too i am sorry for arrives at the government's bang distribution pipeline 100 measures from his home. he plants to the water to his house with the i have hoses and a small bush arise. and we got to get more done when we got to got to find it more time got to tell you more don't tell me and i got a body which i knew could use cookie to be much more about. that
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but i just need to get some of that. there are one and a half 1000000 people in this district alone. they are going to. be here next year to be just look they're going to. look up or out but about to go buy the album. we head to the karate was a board to ask managing director aside come on what's causing the problem. it could actually keep your demonic head from the 1000000 gallon party bushman naturally i will carry can be had linkages be had but a pretty haskin who was going to share my next credit they had to come up. and get the party from dick funny how my. i would have been a doubter meaning
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a lot of appalling iraqi water to have. as water becomes spot a black market is thriving so where does all this water go. to find out we go in search of kharaj these want to say. it's a lucrative business where water is stolen and then sold for high profits. after many attempts we finally convince a water face to mesa so on a time limited to. each person to do their duty you can do their job if i need to. but i'm going in there going to them this is going to look good looks like a. good thing.
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then. insert current illegal. 30 year this is our borders for. years and. we're taken to a congested slum where one of the faves explains how it works now does that mean next sunday in the beginning to see any of bonnie going connection there is. as a board why you have on your morning to. you. and the doesn't get any money when you don't you know that it will take. industrial you have money. well you did a little read for norman or another even all of them really going to give up on you
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to get me. wrong i mean memory getting a good job i mean he has a bit of ah that will be what i've. got to get it done pretty well out there that are in the funny here. in the money going on you know what i think i want to do you know who you're funny with a nickel again everything i say i mean. take his audience on the likely go are if there wasn't. a lot it's hard to judge which ones are going to be said $101.00 order. some 11 or the plan is a big time industry go by 7 that. simply illegally by me not feel you were being. ready to. go get my grandmother that. lisp another month but when you think. governments are believed.
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it is a little anomalous and it became a little bit sick when you leave. the guard the border to the. side of departments with. the name tigers to where they steal the water from. water that they then sell at exorbitant rights while government officials get their costs. on to sit on. a monitor blank and then for copperhead to execute it will be here. and i'm a whole show going to be ice me if you can't community know what i hear. the morning are made in a buffet at the end of the man and i make a. lot of here to kind of clear what the department will say. this
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stolen water is diverted from the poor to the rich who can pay more. one solution the city has developed for its was in aids a water tank is that now had too much of kharaj cheese water distribution. more than $10000.00 tank is operates in the city under government control making an estimated $50000.00 deliveries to consume is across karate each day but there are a few checks and balances and when heat waves hit karate and the demand for water sources excessive bribes kiki's allowing tanker drivers to jack up their rights. delivery of a 1000 gallon water tanker costs from $12.00 to i change dollars per trip it's a state process especially for lodgepole families who spend up to a 3rd of their income on stolen water. a global study projects that nearly
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5000000000 people live in water stressed regions. by 2050 while the united nations estimates that water shortages could displace hundreds of millions of people as early as 2030. the karate water board says they are stepping off they fought against the sea she's both a today we going on a raid with top of the shroud who heads the task force against water theft i'll be on. your door to talk about it. but good on that but i didn't order this because it had the bottles down to their local divine authority out. on. it will be thought of all the from the beginning if you are to get. involved one from going to get what you. want to tell again i don't. think it's you but that
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diminishes not when but on the buyout it chomped poorly at it ok but the opposite for it you're not good with. the mules i see that while you're young towards that you will fight to get on with the not caring doesn't that young for there for the sake of the wallet. as soon as we breach the location the team sports the thing and the right to get. you know a pretty good to get. go to do more going to be little money left to do you think you can be a constant. in the game you door to door again and. you don't go don't don't don't really don't. form. don't know that i'll never go. in there even at that time magazine and the
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fact that you're now live and like you know i looked really are you don't like now . daniel are you aware that it only gets older however then you believe that the liberal take up none of them really were to get a lot of feeling that they had with your editor here you're right there that it isn't down then obviously you're. getting a good bullshit game all you're going to get the audio you get pummeled with the recovery you know you're going. you're getting a. little do a lot you can just look. exactly. we're going to have a line was a lieutenant colonel think it was a very funny you don't notice me like this is going to hit we don't know you are you just look a little funny we're going to like it we're going go there is more of the bunny in the water given his work. a water pump is complicated in the right. to be explains the kind of money changing
4:47 am
hands in caracas a liquid water industry. like you'd be feeling the middle we get them. on the morning. on the other we're going to get the one. it's about that old southern italy that covered up to. your garden gate. if you get em out of order that. i tell them ok well ah the words i don't think you know but oh they can go on to work all day that it will be. the young gentleman of them that what they're. the day's work is not done tubby she has received another teapot. a textile factory dhea by is stealing and reselling was not.
4:48 am
a suspect is arrested at the same. protocol you get off. if you give back to you here. native land by. a. looming law i mean obviously you do you think about human body if you get the mental i'm going to tell you. about. the lady who pump from the bowl is taken out and confiscation. yeah peter this is routine work for to be sure and his team they destroy iran
4:49 am
10 pumps a day and arrest the perpetrators but he decides he of 20000000 people and with limited resources the karate water board can only play catch up with the thieves as shafqat cockatiel explains climate change will only worsen kharaj cheese water was graham again. will mean more large and will mean more routes into a mean or an auction and the quantity and remarks and the quantity i want to boards are serious there would be significant and embarrassed. soaring temperatures in south asia a reaching pake levels jews are rising grain house gas emissions the hague is destroying the human languages since that supply of water to the rest of the subcontinent. the clay sea is in northern pakistan and the biggest collection of auschwitz outside the polar regions but now. we
4:50 am
travel to the other side of the country to google me it's a village in northern pakistan to investigate its impact. according to a new study 36 percent of the glacis bound in the region will be gone by 2100 sitara per diem is a glaciologist who has studied these auschwitz for the last decade this was once the area we kids plenty of walk to from the school a ship because the glacier was much higher so that what did was. that he chatted to these 8 ition jenna's the glaciers that we are the sensitive to climate the x. according to the template yet in the precipitation when it's hot it's a lot. since not in the snow line in northern pakistan has receded by 1 point one plummeted. what sancia still wasn't possible in 1000 years
4:51 am
has happened within 30. if global emissions remain at current levels future generations may never see eyes in south asia. these glaciers are also important who are. these comments who are living here who depend on these and if that's true and for the livelihoods so it's not for civil the doubts that watters on these glaciers. leaves these village communities nestled in the mountains highly vulnerable. and less than. than you did a levy less can feel the. lakes forming within the glycine is often burst causing flash floods destroying life and property downstream. shall cut ali
4:52 am
a local resident and tool god takes us to the good kinglake one of the largest in northern pakistan. as the sun blazes only we see streams of water running down the crew passes. the water is collected into a massive like within the glazier shall cut says it could burst today any time and flood the village below our cars getting our job up on a. dying by a supporter i still will melt. is it you we are. all that i get i am is not an interest of an iowa jacket nature is it will need to point out that. to a get if get us there man apparently and you you but are getting up on egypt joe much of the excitement. in june 29th take a glacial lake formed in the neighboring sheesh her place here. local officials
4:53 am
quickly built a concrete wall to prevent the water from bursting the banks but it filed to stop the savage torrent that suddenly engulfed the village. local resident john mills remembers that fateful day. the water basically banana got what was the target jordan meant it was i mean i cannot. go but i'm not up to signal. john boehner joe but i. warn other their. own low good grades i mean just to check your mail. order. the whole. mission. was but be where you got it when you get off that's a good move you need. to read says dozens of homes washed away.
4:54 am
big from the disaster management authority says it could have been much worse they can do is the a bald muscular camel diet is about going to give us elizabeth and 100 person. to think we've all done it or. 20 percent be alcohol damage and here 80 percent of the as it is on going to prison are 200 feet. go under feet is nothing more damage or they are my position. but. to reach takes us to the sheesh percolates here he believes it's the size of another disaster in the making. he says this black lycia is moving down straight 5 to 6 mazes a day towards the village due to rising temperatures are b.b. to give you just bought of the inventor. war ya
4:55 am
bit oscillate then as other. dogs upon return from us come year. undergo it doesn't bother you so yeah. yeah. that is go beat big. prime minister in run cons response to the challenge of global warming began with a program called the 1000000000 trade tsunami $1000000000.00 trees were planted between 20142017 at a cost of 169 $1000000.00 the prime minister has vowed to plant another $10000000000.00 trees by 2023 the aim is to increase forest cover and attract rains that will help reduce rising temperatures but more needs to be done
4:56 am
2025 has been mocked as the year when pakistan may turn into a water scarce country unable to meet its was a need. in a country beset with problems climate change is not considered a top priority issue by the population. but today young pakistanis taking to the streets of lahore and other cities across the country to demand urgent action to tackle the. climate crisis. i'm not. i'm not. i. these young people about how climate change will affect their future.
4:57 am
nobody on earth yet nor can i smell. you present them at all it is not them give us a bit of the opinions have been a hobby for you somebody i mean i love it love it and i still think about the b.b.q. my. podcast on contributes less than one percent of the world's grain house gases yet it is one of the most vulnerable countries affected by climate change. with one of life's necessities most are disappearing it needs urgent global action to stem the tide.
4:58 am
and. it's time for the perfect johnny. winter storm supply qatar airways. the rain's gathering again in china and it will probably keep gathering in moves in unusual direction because of disruption to the system just coming in to the bottom your screen says super typhoon is off the edge of the philippines now in the forecast it stays over open water to get dangerously close to some of the small japanese islands and to taiwan but it does mean that temporarily there's no rain in the korean peninsula or in japan the sun is out to warm things up and here's the progress of the next bit of rain out of china they just got a chart of the yellow sea and probably heading towards the korean peninsula for the
4:59 am
weekend the same time so the game is over open water but you can imagine the swell hitting the eastern side of taiwan the tarn south of all this and the rainy season looks like it's coming to a close the raw showers in indonesia and malaysia but not many to be honest the forecast chop shows precious few dark blue top the rather more obvious in sumatra peninsular malaysia maybe bits of thailand and arguably the rains trying to get into the bay of bengal but it's taking a step back off over the last 4 days and apart for a few showers and karen scattered elsewhere india is fairly dry quite hot in the north and still has quite a few showers still to affect delhi. sponsored paul qatar airways. planets a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an accidential threat in the lead up to western algae see around special
5:00 am
coverage documentaries discussions on 2 pools exploring the consequences the by actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the tide a season of programming exploring the climate crisis head of the earth standing on al-jazeera. a landmark verdict in the united states a jury finds former policeman derek shaven guilty of murdering george floyd. but i mean this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. 6.


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