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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm +03

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the centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by and pollution and algis their world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. the. desperate scenes in india where people are left to die outside hospitals and oxygen is in short supply as daily kovac cases surged to another global record. low i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also going to be bringing you all the latest from chad on this program of thousands of people have been attending the funeral of president idriss deby with the french president leading
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tributes to a long and strong one that's coming up later also a race against time to find indonesia's missing submarine with the cruise oxygen thought to be running out around now. russian opposition leader alexina valley says he's ending his hunger strike following appeals by his doctors. and. the. space x. and 4 astronauts to the international space station using a recycled rocket and capsule. anger and desperation are growing in india where the health care system is collapsing as covered in 1000 cases saw india's 2nd wave continued its shocking trajectory on friday setting a new global record with another 332000 infections this is how the case study was
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looking in india just over 2 months ago on february 2nd about 8600 new cases were confirmed in the country in the 80 days since that time this is what's happened that's more than 1200000 new cases. in just the past 4 days alone the daily death count is following a similar trend the pattern is the same on february 9th there were 78 new deaths and then look at the story now off to that day you can see clearly an exponential rise in fatalities 11000 deaths specifically in the past 6 days there is a lag of 17 to 21 days between infections and deaths because of the way the virus plays out an independent global health research center i h n e projects the daily deaths could peak at about $5600.00 in the middle of may before they potentially began forming hospitals in the country are reporting shortages of beds oxygen and medicine and adding to all of this
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a hospital fire in the state of maharashtra has killed 14 patients from new delhi elizabeth bronner reports now on the multiple crisis confronting the country. overcome with grief and anger this man and other family members of 14 people were killed in a fire at this hospital in maharashtra state broke down as they confronted staff the place where through the intensive care unit or i.c.u. the matter for me about unfortunately a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air condition and since there was a lot of oxygen supply in the i.c.u. it was completely engulfed within 2 minutes. 2 days ago in the same state a lake and an oxygen tank a killed 24 car that 19 patients on ventilators after their supply was disrupted many indian states are facing a critical shortage of hospital beds and oxygen supplies in the capital new delhi
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distraught family members a struggling to find beds for their loved ones. well i've been running around for a hospital to get my mother admitted since the 21st of april i visited all the hospitals in delhi they all say the same thing the beds and all debatable another patient my son is a home who do i take care of i'm so stressed. reports of people dying because they can't find beds or oxygen are increasing every day this is one of new delhi's biggest private hospitals where the director said 25 people died in one day because of low oxygen supply the family of a 39 year old man who passed away says his oxygen was reduced without their knowledge and that his last words were please save me they also say they counted at least 45 bodies and that a catastrophe is being covered up the hospitals chairman says there never has any
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deaths in one day but he denies there were a result of oxygen shortage you delis leader has pleaded with prime minister that in the morty to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of oxygen to the capital after reports it was being stopped by bordering states. we can't leave our people to die we need people to understand that every life is important to us i appeal to you on behalf of the people of delhi if concrete steps are taken the city will witness a catastrophe. and started climate or rooms and burial grounds work day and night the government has begun using planes and trains to transport the lifesaving gas elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi. want to turn to what's happening elsewhere in the world down the russian president vladimir putin has backed a proposal by health officials for a 10 day non-working period in early may to curb the spread of the virus may 1st
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and 9th already public holidays but a 1st to the 11 of could now become non-work days with russians encouraged to stay at home the health minister says the covert situation is stable but warns it might worsen when people start to socialise more in the warmer weather russia has reported almost 9000 new cases in the past 24 hours well below the 29000 a day of the country's page in december and then the australian city of. is going into a snap 3 day lockdown in response to one person testing positive to cove it off to leaving hotel quarantine people flock to stock up on supplies at supermarkets in preparation for the last minute restrictions coming in australia has come close to eradicating the virus of mandatory hotel quarantine for the limited number of people allowed to enter the country well the spread of the corona virus might have reached new heights the base camp of the wilds highest mountain unless a norwegian climbers become the 1st person to test positive for the mt everest base
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camp it was fun to cotland do and hospitalized he has since tested negative more than $300.00 climbers are likely to attempt to climb in to climb the mountain in april during its peak season finale think it's only a question of crime or to spread that we can see a bigger outbreak in the base camp if we don't react no i think that's the most important thing we would need information confirmation of how many cases what we need to isolate teams. to test are persons in basic care are 100 percent per student. but that needs to be done no i think this is the only chance to save the season. thousands of turned out for the funeral of chad's late president address de b. french president emmanuel markhor led tributes to de b.
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who died from injuries he sustained last weekend off to rebels launched an offensive in the north of the country from and janina morgan now reports. with these charts chats army and people said farewell to their former leader. 4 days after the announcement of his death a funeral service for the president of 3 decades was held in the capital's largest public square. it was attended by heads of neighboring countries senior regional officials and family. the whole country and its people can feel my pain as a wife who has lost her husband in difficult times we've lost a country man and the head of our family interestedly to me was exemplary husband guiding father and counselor all these characters in one man whom we have lost their baby died from injuries he sustained fighting the rebel front for change and
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concord group in the northern region of am coming to power in mind 190 after overthrowing his predecessor he's saying how brave his tenure was filled with rebellions as well as coup attempts after military council took over following debbie's death his son a military officer 37 year old mohammad debbie is now head of state the country's constitution parliament and government have all been dissolved and the charter put out to guide the country for the next 18 months a dream studies that closes a chapter in chad's history that lasted for more than 30 years but the one that's opening now is presenting challenges many opposition leaders as well as other groups have rejected having debbie stone as the new leader as the military council calls for dialogue others are calling for labor strike all this as chad faces threats internally and externally. the rebel group has declared it will continue fighting and take over the capital in germany now chad is also part of the g 5 sad countries involved in counterterrorism operations in lake chad and along the border
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with mali and nigeria before the funeral chad strongest ally france's president emmanuel micro met the military council and the g. 5 country leaders to discuss security. france will not let anybody question or threaten today or tomorrow child instability in territorial integrity france will be to ensure that these promises which was made will be realized for all project stability inclusiveness. and democratic transition this is what we want by your side that. many of debbie supporters who came for his funeral could not hide their grief and pain we should be strong and not let this country go to waste we are all mourning but we should not forget that he died for this country so we should unite and try to make this country move forward. to the people we need to be united for the country's stability for the country's security and for its territorial
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integrity and not everyone is happy the military is in charge but they're open to dialogue so we should take that as not 1st debbie is being buried next to his father's grave in the eastern town of us and to the world he was one of africa's longest serving leaders who died in conflict to most of the opposition he was a ruthless leader who denied them a change in governance and to others in chad he will be remembered as the man who led the country during difficult times he will morgan al-jazeera. and other stories are following security forces in nigeria have discovered the dead bodies of 3 of the university students kidnapped by gunmen this week they were among a reported 23 people taken at gunpoint from the campus of greenfield university and kaduna state on shoes day 20 students and 3 members of staff it's the latest in a series of kidnappings from educational establishments in the past 4 months with more than 700 students taken for ransom now hopes are fading fast for the $53.00 crew members of the indonesian submarine that went missing on wednesday all
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supplies on board an al calculated to run out search crews are working in waters around the indonesian island of bali with several nations stepping in to help jessica washington reports from jakarta by and by sea the search grows more urgent as the parts 53 sub mariners were on board the carolina 4 o 2 in waters north of bali on wednesday morning they were taking part in what should have been a routine training exercise when contact with the vessel was lost but. the submarine is now silent there's no sound we can only use sonar. experts are concerned the submarine may have sunk too far and collapsed under extreme pressure . the deeper a submarine goes water pressure increases on the submarine every 10 meters there is one kilogram of pressure added to each centimeter of the body of the submarine
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indonesia's neighbors singapore and malaysia our system with the search and australian navy vessel is also on site. internation authorities say the submarine was in good condition despite being built in the place of 970 s. it completed at your year a fishing process in south korea in 2012 and recently completed its scheduled maintenance in indonesia on thursday indonesian military personnel spotted an oil slick in the sea that officials say could indicate a fuel leak for many of the family and friends of those on board the carolina 4 o 2 the ordeal is too much to bear. his wife said i want to be with him i miss him but i can't because he has to work i said be patient but now we have heard this information. got married 2 months ago before going on the submarine mission so before he left he was hoping
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that when he got back he was hoping they would have a baby instead her family like dozens around indonesia now faces a painful wait for answers just to washington al-jazeera jakarta still ahead for you on the program the inoculation that could be one of the world's biggest killers a promising new malaria vaccine and has mass human trials. and this is south korea's pandemic a robocop patrolling hospital hallways and bringing social distance road breakers to justice well after the break. they were the pattern the stock of europe at the moment there's activity around the
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baltic states this activity off the coast of portugal and in fact if you look at the shape it's sort of an omega the greek letter room it is called mimic a block which means this area of high pressure is sitting here it's blocking the movement of the patents anyway so you get persistence of type which means persistence of winter in sweden in the baltic states and in finland and a bit of a cold breeze at sea on the eastern side and persistence of rain on its way into portugal because that scene can't be very far either but in between the 2 high pressure spring sunshine temperatures are slowly rising as nice a mormon central western france you beat greece i have to say will necessarily losses stockholm's is only a slow rise in temperature we start off with more snow on the ground in stockholm on sunday again but bordeaux you do lose a bit of the heat boost and about 19 inches where the average is or monday is re increased up from for the sax for north africa to see a should see a mostly dry saturday this some showers stuff likely in the far north america the
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winds are telling though and that might end up being a haboob drawing blowing out of libya and into egypt but especially for the south. this is one of the boldest sounding for the article revolutions in all make our planet pretty good we have to meet the c o 2 emissions targets electric cars that make the mitcham emission mini to be mine to where people are just talking about cars that solve the current world of this is the commerce driving energy transition is the promise of clean energy an illusion the dark side of green energy. on al-jazeera. the over the. the in.
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a comeback a look at the main stories now india has reported the world's highest daily toll. daily tally of infections for a 2nd day in a row with more than 332000 cases hospitals reporting shortages of beds oxygen and medicine. thousands of people have attended the funeral of chad's long suffering president interest debbi the french president emanuel mark or lead tributes today who died from injuries he sustained last weekend after rebels launched an offensive in the north of the country and hopes are fading fast for the $53.00 crewmembers of an indonesian navy submarine that went missing on wednesday oxygen supplies on board are now calculated to have run out. we want to turn to me and ma now the military genter is saying as issued arrest warrants for 26 members of the
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national unity government formed a week ago it's nominally led by un sung suchi he was ousted as the country's leader in that military coup in fact. and detained on several charges the unity government says it should be attending an emergency regional summit to take place this weekend instead me and miles giunta chief is going to attend which opponents say measure if it's just a messy house there is tony chang has more from bangkok the national unity government is a government in name only some of its most senior members including the president women. to the state council are still in detention as they have been since the coup there are probably isolated by their military captors and may well have no idea that this government has been formed others are in hiding around me and some are in border areas they had in fact been told that should be pushed to create
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a safe zone somewhere along the borders where these people could gather free from the fear of arrest by the military and actually start the operations of a proper government it's really been formed in part to stop other countries giving recognition and legitimacy to the military that hasn't worked in the case of assy and we know that senior gentlemen onli will be going to carter on saturday for that meeting and it may explain somewhat why c.n.n. hasn't communicated i think the asean leaders are unsure what this national unity government is who to contact in the but there is an awful lot of anger within me and most certainly that we're seeing on social media. c.n.n. has turned to the generals and seems to be shunning this new civilian government. russian opposition leader alexina valmy is ending his hunger strike after 24 days
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the supporters and doctors had him to end the protests to to his deteriorating health he's demanding access to his own doctor to address a numbness in his legs and arms a prominent kremlin critic is serving a jail sentence for breaking parole conditions by traveling to germany for treatment after being poisoned more than $1500.00 of his supporters were arrested during widespread protests on wednesday calling for his immediate release. france says it's anti-terrorist prosecutor is heading the investigation into the fatal stabbing of a police administrator the attack took place at a police station in the town of. 60 kilometers southwest of paris peace officers shot dead the attacker who was a tunisian national after he stabbed the woman twice in the throat. and u.s. president joe biden has called on global leaders to what together on a transition to clean energy on the 2nd day of his latest summit on climate biden
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laid out how the united states will achieve the target of cutting carbon emissions in half by 2030 which he announced on thursday he invited climate advisers and business leaders to flesh out what he believes is a valuable economic opportunity of tackling the crisis while creating new jobs among them bill gates governments and the private sector to work together. we need to develop and deploy breakthrough technologies that allows to eliminate emissions throughout the physical economy 2nd we need to tap the power markets to fund and deploy these innovations for example by finding creative ways to finance technologies and by leveling the playing field so they can compete with fossil fuels 3rd governments and corporations need to adopt policies that will make it faster and cheaper to make the transition and leaders will need to reward those who
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take difficult stops. and i was out there as white house correspondent now can they can we i suppose interesting thing is that it's very difficult to force the private sector to move financing away from fossil fuels into clean energy but that was the focus today. that was the focus but you know you have to remember that the u.s. president has put out this bold agenda in terms of emissions reductions that was the headline from the 1st day sensually that they wanted to bring this down to up to 52 percent of the 2005 levels and to do this by the year 2030 so today's all been about how to make that happen so in terms of pushing the private sector it's going to take an overhaul of domestic policies at least that's the belief of this government so there was a talk today about how that would be achieved so we heard from the treasurer rather
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the transportation secretary talking about the new standards that may be put in place as early as july with respect to those fossil fuel burning vehicles trying to encourage more americans to buy electric vehicles and also talking about the importance of incentives that maybe put in place to put forward those new technologies that we heard bill gates talking about there for example the next generation of solar and other areas where the private sector can get involved and then there's an international component to this is well because there has been this feeling that china is lagging behind when it comes to the development of these new technologies as so the discussion has also been around what it looks like in terms of trying to get some of this sort of public private partnership encouraging not just in the united states but around the world it's very ambitious goals announced as the summit being viewed as a success. well depends who you are and how you vote
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really whether you like what you're hearing or not those that support joe biden particularly states are really excited this is exactly why they wanted this president in the white house they believe the time is now in fact the time was yesterday even 4 years ago and they're worried about making up some of the ground lost under us president donald trump but 1st some progressives they say that it hasn't gone far enough that these reductions should be 70 percent not 50 percent of the 2005 levels and then if you're conservative will they said we should be doing this at all because what they feel is that this is going to hurt ordinary americans especially when it comes to jobs so this is the dilemma that the u.s. president faces a lot of this is talk to this infrastructure plan and he's still trying to push some of that through but even if there is resistance on capitol hill the white house says there are multiple pathways to pushing for the president's agenda and they've only just begun all right thank you very much can be help us all the latest
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there from the white house says. the summit has been closed down. now a new malaria vaccine is being held is a possible gang changer in the fight to eliminate the disease the oxford institute jab is 77 percent effective in stopping infections it's now entering larger human trials to rule out any side effects malaria kills hoffa 1000000 people every year many of them children well i'm address has more from nigeria on this one of the country's worst affected by malaria. it's a very serious problem niger accounts for more than 20 percent of cases global cases and nearly 20 percent of. deaths here and more than half the population is at risk of contracting malaria in fact a lot some statistics indicate that as much as 80 to 90 percent of the population is exposed to malaria so with the coming of this vaccine it will be welcomed
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development for many and however the question is how many people. take the malaria vaccine we remember what happened to the test of the testing of another but seen in karnal some years back by pfizer which is for many judges that killed a lot of people it was scandalous here and now we having some resistance in certain parts of the country about to be covered 90 mm in fact if a lot of people warm up to the idea of malaria vaccine then it will drastically cut in front and maternal death rates in nigeria in fact maternal death rates in nigeria because of malaria caused by malaria is up to 11 percent right now so if that happens it will be good news for health workers it will be good news for a lot of people exposed to malaria in nigeria now here a south korean hospital and not following code rules and expect a telling off from the robot right had a run in with the. sound of cell don't let those cute rolling eyes
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for you this robot is basically a pandemic policeman wandering the corridors taking the body temperatures of anybody it passes and if it sees a group of people too many people congregating together then he is straight in there with me and tell you to keep your distance he says and it doesn't stop there he can detect if you're wearing your mask properly or not and we'll tell you to put it straight. and in this it seems he will not be thwarted i'm told you yes all right to neil to the machine and when he's not busy keeping an eye on us he's off busy disinfecting the hospital day or night sweeping surfaces with his ultraviolet light rays it's all part of using the latest in technology to make our hospitals as safe as they can be and that could become the norm for the future of
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the was in earth. this robot uses 5 g. vision technology developed by us which can detect more squaring and social distancing to provide a safer environment for patients and visitors and integrated with a centralized hospital wide smart system that can tell him where problems might be occurring such as people one wittingly gathering in numbers once more then he's off again in hot pursuit on his next bust. he is cute our history is being made in orbit as for astronauts travel to the international space station on a recycle rocket for the 1st time a space x. mission blasted off reusing a falcon rocket and dragon capsule and and gallagher reports it's hoped they could dramatically cut the cost of future space travel. and launches from the kennedy space center in florida are among the most spectacular 3 to one. on friday mornings blast off did not disappoint this is the 3rd crude launch from
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space 6 in less than 12 months the 1st time the company reuse their falcon 9 rocket and dragon capsule using recyclable boosters designed to fly themselves back to earth is a cornerstone of space x.'s plans to make missions cheap and it took 10 years to get here to achieve this bold vision we have for commercial crew and i and again it's been amazing what the team has been able to accomplish say hi to the crew of dragon resilience for us and let them know your rock is home safe on board the 4 astronauts from the 3 nations are on a 6 month mission to the international space station if all goes well they'll be welcomed on board the space station on saturday morning 12 a part of advancing human spaceflight and looking forward to. going beyond earth orbit to the moon and mars. and helping make your humanity spacefaring civilization and. a multiplayer species one day for those eager enough to wake up early seeing
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crute spaceflights blast off from cape canaveral is a thrill human spaceflight resumed last year following an 11 year gap after the space shuttle program ended they keep that tradition alive and to keep technology going and to keep being able to launch from american soil is the main thing we went in with that a lot of expectation and it was cool it was really healthy to say it was awesome commercial spaceflight is now entering a new era by successfully reusing rockets and modules space x. is making exploration economically viable later this year a mission will take 4 citizen astronauts into orbit the 1st mission of its kind in history i began his era miami florida. main stories this hour india has reported the world's highest daily tally of
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infections for a 2nd straight day with war than 332000 cases of cove in 19 hospitals are reporting shortage.


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