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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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using current affairs that matter to you ready. this is al-jazeera. television macleod this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a fire killed at least 82 people in a baghdad hospital the prime minister has sacked a number of officials. in a week that seen people desperate for medical help india's prime minister admits this 2nd wave of covert 900 shaken the nation. more violence overnight around the al aksa mosque compound in east jerusalem israeli forces fired stun grenades to disperse crowds of palestinian. and al-jazeera goes on the high seas in the gulf of
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guinea one of the most dangerous places for a pirate attack. and it's for english football has announced a unified boycott of social media all players in sayings are backing the efforts of fight back against online abuse. so let's begin in iraq where at least 82 people have been killed after an explosion inside a bank that hospital the resulting fire spread through a ward where cobra 1000 patients were being treated earlier reports point to an oxygen tank being the cause of the initial blast. in the beginning there was an explosion that started from there the 2nd explosion was over there the fire spread like fuel smoke reached my brother my brother's sick i took him out into the streets next to the ship put in a came back and went out from there to the last floor that. found
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a girl suffocating 19 years old she was suffocating about to die. well the death toll has been rapidly rising since this morning as the bodies many of them heavily charred are being identified but of course also many people would have in the meantime passed their way due to heavy injuries sustained as a result of the fire but also from what we understand from doctors as a result of being transported because let's remember this is a cold with 19 award many of the patients who were there entirely depend on ventilators on oxygen supply and the process of being moved from this hospital even if they survive the fire to another one that was another risk factor that likely took the lives of many people now the reason why does the toll is going up so rapidly is also because there were a lot of family members present in the words of $120.00 patients but for each
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patient we understand a could be as many as 5 or 6 relatives present in the room to support the patient to for example assist health staff which paths like putting on oxygen masks like taking them to the back from for example and we spoke to one survivor from the blast who was 4 with caring for an elderly family member when the fire broke out and he told us that there are no restrictions whatsoever on the entry into the hospital by relatives that there could be 5 to 6 relatives per patients and despite this being of course a covert $1000.00 ward with highly infectious disease there was no effort on the part of authorities to restrict the number of people inside this ward so the casualties that we're seeing now are all from among the patients as well as the relatives and the whole story from what we. banning israel has really
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a testament to the poor state of the health care sector in iraq we understand there were no proper supplies that relatives were asked to to aid help staff because of the shortages and that's why there have been loud calls for resignations of top officials of course prime minister carr the me has already suspended a director of the hospital also the director responsible for health care in the area but what people are really asking for is the resignation of the health minister himself but he comes from a very powerful party that of. which one to elections last time so many people feel that there will not be accountability at the level that would be required. for the moment. let's. see who's a member of the iraqi high commission for human rights joins us now also from baghdad mr. horrifying scenes that we're seeing at the hospital in the numbers of diskeeper rising.
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thank you very much of course from our condolences for families of the victims and the t.v. and the t.v. host tom what happened of course is a disaster. somebody coming to the historic on all attending or intending to get treatment from the hospital and his getting out. killed or did. we know very well that that is all for. occasional say fitted acquirements zones or. confronting such fire and such buildings when we look at the official reports about. such entity we see that is no auto extinguishing system or fighting system that is not on. their system that is
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not real exterminators for. people to get out in such. as sawed and it is a governmental make link and accountability is acquitted and i hope it will not pass like the previous accidents in which we lost. tens so patients. we are transferring actually from. situation of killing go the patients from outside at the outside of this or it's all in the inside of the hospital as we explain it is a place for getting statement short you talk of neglect how and why it's been allowed to happen. yeah i told you we have reports. the absence of a few patients safety requirements including extinguish the system.
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having no training at committees for civil defense. absence of external lead. laws absence of enough number of manual extinguishing instruments all these. indicators all make legs and even when we look at. it we can see that the patients and their tips facing disaster alone without any official response and i think. people 'd somebody is from all sides of the shield is to teach and helping to get. the killed all. the people outside of the historical to save them what's your view about this promise of an investigation then from the government is not going to lead to anything. i hope that it will not like the previous one it will
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not last 3 years without any real result i hope that there will be a step for real accountability of. the response of all. in such important and vital institution we are dealing with a humanitarian institution which is a minister of health minister he neglected for decades and i think it is a time for they go around to gabriel at danger and for that i think it is the responsibility of prime minister to rule such ministry. to soul of the deep problems and such minister to including corruption including including absence of a health system and it's. by a time thank you. india is reporting
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a record number of corona virus cases for a 4th straight day with nearly 350000 infections stuff that overwhelms hospitals are begging for bugs and supplies and looked on across the alley has been extended for another week the united states has expressed deep concern about the situation and plans to actually deploy additional support china russia and the european union they've already offered help with oxygen generating equipment let's cross try to attend is run on who joins us now from new delhi and you're outside delhi is because hospital i understand what's the scene like there. well it is a terrible situation. because of a hospital with a capacity is 1500 beds but will being told by the hospital that they have 1850 patients many are sharing beds and others on the hospital sinhala that is
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why we are seeing other patients lying outside the hospital on the footpath lubin family members begging the hospital staff to admit there and head of the thames scenes here because those family members have already tried to get their loved ones admitted to the hospitals but all hospitals and denny live in the capital which has some of the best healthcare infrastructure in the country completely full and we'll hear about this happening in other cities too over the past few days we've had a number of people at least 45 people die in delhi after their oxygen supply read out there is a critical shortage of offices in many states and. we've lost connection there with this point i'm talking about the difficult situation that in new delhi will get a backhoe just as soon as we can or will the un sorry he is an indian journalist he says the outbreak has been mishandled and things will get worse in the coming days
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. every day there are protests there is tremendous amount of anger and despair and the frightening part is that the worst is yet to come a government panel an expert panel set up by the government has predicted that the surge the peak will come a month from now when numbers could it could go as high as 500000 day as it is 20 people died for want of elect for want to fox region in a delhi hospital last night and every day every by the ah the cries go out the hospitals are rushing to the courts petitioning them saying they fear via only minutes away from our oxygen supply is running out and and therefore india has amounted to crime we are up against it the government also appears to be reluctant partly because in our prime minister and the government and want to the world to
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believe that india being dobbed of the pharma industry was leading this fight against the pandemic there are they allowed themselves convinced themselves into believing that india had got the better of this pandemic the time that could have been used to argument had in infrastructure was wasted to regroup complaisant there were big political rallies where hundreds and thousands of people gathered and were addressed by spot senior politicians specially the prime minister nor minister the religious congregations rep again hundreds and thousands of people who are allowed to gather so corporate behavior was thrown out of the reds and that is out of which we now have the situation which has exploded in our face and like i said earlier the fear is that the worst is yet to come. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including a pilgrim to get a green how one of the iraq's holy cities is trying to manage the weights left behind by millions of business every year. while many as prime minister step
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leading to a snap election in june. coming up to the doll is one win away from a record extending title victory in boss a late. night of violence near the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem these ready security forces fired stun grenades and water kind and honest in the protests that angry at restrictions on gatherings during the muslim month of ramadan on thursday israeli forces say they prevented far right israeli activists from confronting a group of palestinians hard for such has more now from westerners. it's a pretty dangerous brew of factors which have fueled this so far and risk fueling it even further towards a bigger escalation involving other parts of the region the question that started the that the protests which have been going really since the beginning of
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ramadan the 1st night of ramadan is the issue of the steps outside damascus gate the one of the most famous entrances to the old city in occupied east jerusalem where after mightly presidents traditional for people to come and assemble and gather this year the police have prevented that happening they've put up barriers just allowing people to enter and leave without being able to congregate on the steps so since the 1st night of ramadan there have been these skirmishes and clashes what's changed in the last few days has been this attempt by a group of several 100 of a couple 100 or more of far right israeli jewish activists anti arab chanting racist death to arab chance as they marched from west jerusalem to confront the palestinians at damascus gate the police israeli police said that they were going to prevent them from getting there in the end they got very close they were just
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criticism on the night thursday night that they were more heavy handed dealing with the palestinian protesters than they were with the israeli jewish ones and there were about 125 injuries on that night. rebels in northern chad say they're ready to observe a cease fire and discuss a political settlement front for a change in concord rebels across from libya on april 11th calling for an end to president idriss deby has ruled that he was killed during fighting fighting the group on the front line according to the government the military council hated by his own will. months transition to elections let's bring in hit morgan from charts couple of main. rebels ready to put down their weapons what's likely to happen now. well 1st of all we have to look at how many groups are involved in the fight against the government which is now headed by. there is of course the fronts
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for change and concord which was responsible for the death of the country's longtime president idriss deby and what they say is that they're ready to observe a cease fire that's not a complete announcement of a ceasefire yet so there is likely to be a bit of fighting continuing but it also comes off the back off announcement from the from the group that on friday the day a state ceremony was held a state funeral was held for injuries there be the group accuse the government of mumbai having their positions targeting their leader now the military council when they announced his death and now is that. with all groups not here in the capital in germany now but other groups who are also outside the capital and outside the country saying that they want to form an inclusive transitional government so the the announcement from the french for change and concrete group that they are ready to observe that's a ceasefire seems to be a response to the call by the transitional council for dialogue but it's also not a complete recognition of the count's. opposition groups including armed groups
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have been saying that they want the military to step down and a transitional interim government to be put in its place that is led by civilians or that should at least be formed with in agreement with most of the political parties or all the political parties and civil society groups here in the country so it looks like this announcement that the rebel group is ready to observe ceasefire is just a step forward but it's not a complete announcement to see find it remains to be seen how many of the rebel groups especially armed groups are ready to also lay down their weapons and negotiate with the with the transitional military council until now how serious is the fight to be what kind of impact is it really having. it did cause some concern the fighting along the border along the northern border did cause concern we have seen people here in the capital in german on the days of the days prior to the announcement of injuries that these death we've seen people closing their stores we've seen people panicking and we've seen people packing up their belongings and
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to leave the capital saying that they're looking for more safe to go to because they were concerned that the rebels will attack the capital because their capital has been attacked by rebels in 20062008 so there were concerns that the rebels this time will stick to their promise of attacking the capital so they are concerns about how much power this group has there for the fun for change in concord especially because most of their armaments come from. be having a good stock of ammunition which is raising concerns here also of the rebel groups that have announced their support for this front for a change in concord and they are also other groups and make that said that they do not recognize this military council and that unless a civilian government is put in place they will not observe a sees find they will continue fighting and head into the capital so lots of concerns about not just this armed groups but the various other armed groups who are fighting agrees that his government and now seem to be fighting his sons governments as well or i would leave it there for now morgan there in minot thank
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you joe biden has become the 1st u.s. president to formally recognize the mass killing of armenians during the ottoman empire as an act of genocide biden said his intention is not to cast blame but to ensure it never happens again reynolds is in montebello california and has this report. a day of sorrel and remembrance at the armenian martyrs memorial near los angeles all day long families came to pay their respects laying flowers to commemorate the dead but this was also a watershed day for armenian americans as u.s. president joe biden officially declared the mass killing of armenians under the ottoman empire during the 1st world war as genocide i think the whole armenian community really think you for him to pronounce as a genocide so we. we so appreciate it the finally the
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justice it's coming i'm so happy that president biden made the statement today and. i wish my parents were alive to hear this and see this my mother and her family did go through the walking through the desert and syria. they killed her father my mother's father my mother's youngest sister died biden's statement said we remember the lives of all those who died in the ottoman era armenian genocide and recommit ourselves to preventing such an atrocity from ever again recurring previous presidents of voided use of the term for fear of angering nato ally turkey and indeed turkish officials lashed out summoning the u.s. ambassador to lodge a protest and foreign minister may have let couples so blue declaring words can't
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change history we won't take any lessons about our own history from anyone turkey has fiercely denied the mass killings of 1000000 500000 armenian men women and children was an act of genocide saying that deaths were the result of warfare in istanbul many p. . rejected the genocide label young outlaw must not be on the show no such thing ever happened during the war things happen on both sides so it's meaningless to describe it like that so my eventual good to good is our relationship with the us is already really bad and this will only worsen. us turkey relations have frayed in recent months as a candidate biden declared the turkish president racist tayyip aired a wine as an autocrat and his administration has pressed on corrupt to stop human rights abuses in the armenian capital yerevan people marched and cheered and the
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country's leaders applauded by the statement many armenian americans here say the terrible events of more than a century ago are like a festering wound that never heals no matter how many decades have passed we grow up you know. you know with with the the the stories that have been passed down from survivors the story of survival so much trauma and it's and it's and it's multi-generational trauma but some say for them the president's words have shifted something like a sense of relief because it's it's out in the open it's spinning knowledge by by now perhaps there can be some measure of healing robert oulds al-jazeera montebello california. well let's hear now from the man who is a former foreign affairs advisor to the armenian prime minister and founder of alec media he says biden's recognition of the word genocide is significant because it
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has an effect on u.s. policy. it's important because once you use the word it becomes a legal and politically binding process which means that there should be responsibility carried out because of that that's why turkey is more afraid of the word than anyone else so they are ready to hear anything they're ready to accept the depositions which are factually based by the ottoman archives but they're afraid of the word genocide because that will mean very clear ramifications for the turkish state where use of the word is rejected by many in turkey former presidential spokesman abraham cullen says it's without any legal or historical basis unfortunately some of those parliaments some governments have chosen to accept this armenian propaganda of the killing of armenians in 1000 interesting historical facts are out there what is presented as
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a case for genocide has no historical basis has no legal basis in fact to call anything a genocide you need an international court established particularly for that purpose this is the case with syrup and it's and rwanda let's go live now in total so who's in the stumble and wrestle for a response what are the reaction we're likely to see from turkey on this. well nick i don't think that turkey will further escalate the tension the crisis between 2 countries big i mean given the fact that the importance of their relations with the us it is quite critical for the country so far there has been a loss of public 100 nations coming from almost all the different parts of the turkish politics domestic politics the opposition parties and geos the governing parties and so one and also has some on the. basket
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to the foreign ministry and can be tricky at risk of a strong reaction to the american ambassador but so far we have we have not seen any concrete retail utility actions taken by turkey against the usa and the turkish ambassador in washington even has not been summoned our story has not been read through for the consultation to ankara and so far we didn't see any restrictions already in jilek air base regarding to us entrance and also usa has not been buried from the air base which reaches one of the largest air base in demeanor region the us city and i think they do that turkey is from no one also grew to take a very measured actions just as a journalist who has been following the church american relations over the years have seen the turkish medical missions have gone through ups and downs several times but each time they could manage somehow to survive. these 2
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countries keep the 2 had been due to not just nato allies and you can see when there is a convergence of the politics the godman is security they become great allies but where there is a divergence of the politics to go and security or sort of this starts to diminish the end biden is the. in these 2 countries so now. just at the eastern europe you can see the escalation between ukraine and. russia in the black sea there is going on in military and see these 2 companies are in syria particularly particularly in the transitional period in afghanistan regarding the competition between turkey and the u.s. and the turkey is going to be the mediator between the parties regarding the peace process once again is that you can see that the corporation of these 2 countries is not just between her and washington but it's almost a global car tradition so
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a nato with such a crisis most probably will not be a function in what i think turkey will. take any action that will burn the bridges with the with the usa and yes it is not going to give up on the result pretty that thanks very much an interest of thank you well a day after that designation by president by. his prime minister has resigned to setting the stage for snap elections on june the 20th you called question yan has had been under pressure for his handling of last year's war with us by john a country ended with armenia giving up control of several disputed territories let's speak to robin forrester walker a correspondent he's in tbilisi in neighboring georgia robin this was always coming wasn't it but what about the timing given biden's in alt. yeah deciding to interesting we don't know of course where the nicole. always
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intended to use this day to day it's another public holiday. and but i think certainly the bison statement will have full weight. given given that the intense pressure that he's been on these recent since the war. which really has been the the reason why this is all been happening because the opposition. opponents have been calling for his resignation for many months almost daily protests because they hold him responsible full of the outcome of that war in which our media lost in huge swathes of territory surrounding the middle of the car back and playing a national miss the passion yet in fact said himself that everybody has weighed in . those days and has had an opinion said to say about it with the exception of the
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armenian electorate and so this is their opportunity to have their say almost like a referendum on a sense on him really since those cuts as he described it the catastrophic events of the of the war last year what's also worth pointing out however is that the opposition never really wanted to have a the elections because i think they understood that even though nicole question yet is a popular they may be even less popular than he is because the opposition is made up of the former government that. brought down in a popular revolution back in 2018 so it was never their hope to have any elections they want to they can take your administration he now i think has his sights set on june 20th as a referendum in which he believes he's going to be able to win cry robin thanks for that's robin for us they will call that thank you. still ahead here on al-jazeera a new virus found in brackets has researches people to get the covert 90 votes. and
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it's the biggest night in hollywood but find out why people in hong kong would be able to watch this year's academy awards. and in sport there were a defeat for the world champions today is that the title so the question. hello there we're seeing a bit of a mixed picture over europe as we go into the next week we've got warmer drier conditions across central and northern parts of europe but as we look to the west of the iberian peninsula we're seeing a lot of thunderstorms and showers extending across portugal and into spain but some really wet weather here some rough a season as well affecting the eastern coast and those showers are going to extend into the south of france and affecting parts of northern italy as we go into chews
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day but for the north of france things are looking fairly mild and dry $21.00 degrees in paris and it's a similar story for southern areas of england but we do have some showers rolling down from scotland norway's going to see some of that woman weather as well as is a denmark northern germany seeing some cloud building up here says we head to western russia that we're seeing a bit of a wintery mix sweeping across eastern parts of europe but as we head further south things are picking up nicely in greece athens at 23 degrees sunny skies as well across much of turkey 19 degrees in ankara but full north africa was seen no showers in the north of iraq. this is one of the boldest down being that no logical revolutions in all of this
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make our planet pretty good we have to meet the c o 2 emissions targets electric cars are made mitchum in motion they need to be mindful where people are just talking about the soldiers if that's going to solve. the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transition it's the promise of clean energy an illusion the dumpsite of green energy. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks prime minister with their kids worry i feel by will have to put words to action because he's promised me people jailed jumpstarted economy with detailed coverage many things waiting to enter the mosque and like call attention to loud the whole of large rallies all day on to the outside and in the bank from around the world this is about the money for fundamental change to the way the police operate in the united states legally.
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but again you watch al-jazeera remind of our top stories this hour and at least 82 people have been killed in a far the hospital in iraq's capital bank that the flames burned through a ward where coated 900 patients were being treated to an oxygen tank explosion may have caused the fire. india is reporting a record number of corona virus cases for a 4th straight day with nearly 350000 infections staff and overwhelmed hospitals are begging for oxygen supplies as the health care system buckles. there's been a 3rd night of violence near the al aksa mosque compound in all quite used to slim israeli security forces fired stun grenades and want to kind of the palestinians who are angry about restrictions during ramadan. now the search for missing
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indonesian submarine has turned into a salvage operation the $53.00 crewmembers are now presumed dead of the debris was found the vessel was declared sunk on saturday 4 days after it disappeared under schapelle as well. what were search and rescue boats returned to port prepared for a change of mission a day after indonesia's navy declared a missing submarine sunk with 53 souls on board care and 402 last saw the surface on wednesday off the coast of bali debris that's been found indicates it's whole collapsed under pressure there need a i got that allowed the indonesian navy has changed the status of care. for missing to drowned or sunk submarine all of us indonesians express our deep sorrow over this charge of deep space and to the families of the submarine crew. members of the public hopeful that the crew would be found alive now send their condolences
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yeah. i hope that the family members of the victims will soon get good news from it and the submarine will be found soon no matter how the condition that is and i hope the family is strong enough to face it. yeah yeah i can imagine you twas a difficult moment for the crew and it was deep down under the sea but also even if the east advanced technology there must have been human error during the operation so these cool be a lenny opportunity in our advice to the government to improve the technology and be careful using it because people's lives are at stake. others are sharing a video of the men that's become a viral tribute of a submarine crew on eternal patrol. and or chapell al-jazeera. scientists in the united kingdom have discovered a new coronavirus similar to covert 19 bats from
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a sample of $53.00 captured bouts researches at the university of utah and it found that the new virus cannot infect humans in its current form or they are worried about is if covert 19 has passed from humans to these bats it could mix to create an all new mutation that could then pose a threat to us the research of stress this makes it even more important for people to get vaccinated against covert 19 so let's explore this further let's speak to diana bell who's a professor and expert in emerging zoonotic diseases at the university of east anglia joins us now live by skype from norwich. first what is tell us more about the significance of these findings. well it's very inconsistent because it's not new. virus which means it's the same group of viruses and sars and starts to be too. and this time it's in the west in range of the 'd
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horseshoe but distribution there are 90 species for. which it distributes. problems over here in the west of europe. australia and nothing. in asia and so far the focus is really remained in in china or in southeast asia but it shows that the subject of viruses but obviously occurred to you and more sheep but a lot of time and we found you kate number one. so i just want to jump in to this particular virus that has been found is it a new virus or just a new not that it is not. their weight they were just put in or is it a newly discovered virus a new virus or a newly discovered virus it's a newly discovered virus there are millions of undiscovered viruses out there and you know this is what this is one of the islands you know the fact that we found it
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in just 50 it's not make it was great. suggests that it might might might clarify problems but it will be ready researched not. sure the thing is here that is the kind of 900 originated in bats isn't it but the fear is that this could go back in the other direction from us to bats and then bounce back to us in a different form well if you look at w.h.o. climbed means a lot of contingence in the lines that we still don't know the origins of. everything but yes i mean. these are very closely related but it's our thought that. indicated but but that they have to do that the viruses have to go through some of our media they changed becomes ours for me too but yes the danger is that dangerous humans as
1:39 pm
a way are giving target 19 to a but with one of these suburbs. and then recombination which which means that the bat virus 'd is there and. change so they could inspect it at the moment we don't see it coming but pretty sure that car right what would be our best defense against the scenario that you have like well following the guidelines. and but specialist groups. provide. 'd bided in terms of its. it people are working well with but in any way i don't want to. make sure that they are vaccinated. and make sure that they don't get 90 into the bats vaccinations crucial in other words donna bell appreciate that. thank you very much now the
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gulf of guinea has been called one of the most dangerous maritime areas in the world because of part attacks the only half of the 38 incidents recorded globally in the 1st 3 months of this year happened how many tourists went on a patrol with binny ins nabi in the atlantic ocean. these navy commandos are setting out on a hunt for pirates at sea. it's a dangerous assignment that security forces of this small west african nation have been carrying out for years. they face pirates and criminal gangs that seize cargoes and kidnap cool members for ransom. the team escorts vessels in and out of the maritime. been in economic no center. they in constant touch with their operation bases where larger vessels stand by to deploy in case of bigger threats. but
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these operations lead to a significant decrease in illegal activities it's a dangerous operation but we're professional officers who are well trained to do just that. for 3 consecutive years the gulf of guinea has been the world's most dangerous shipping road. more than half the happen here a maritime territory that covers nearly 2 and a half 1000000 square kilometers. the international maritime bureau documented $190.00 quite fighter deterrents in the gulf of guinea last year 32 more than the previous year winnings navy says more than one of those attacks happened in its territorial waters and he wants to keep it not so exhausting merchant ships coming into its waters to also high up private security to safety. every year the sophistication of the attacks has grown and countries of the region desperate not to lose control of the maritime an economic lifelines are looking for
1:42 pm
international support. previously the pirates target tankas but now any ship is a target and they have vessels that travel far off shore although the criminals attack close to shore as well. at the neville headquarters knew speed boats are prepared for deployment. the navy chief says to give ourselves on their way to reinforce operations and for the right reasons. been in supported cotton 190 percent of its 40 trade and generates more than 60 percent of its g.d.p. it processes 12000000 tons of freight and all of. it delora. america texan ships in ours we feel it it affects our revenues from g.d.'s all attacks or even an attempted negatively impact the country's economy we're not only investing to tackle attacks but also preventing them more important to us is preventing
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attacks because intervention costs more in terms of money and human lives. been in has an evil force of only a few 100 personnel but is able to effectively reduce attacks in its territorial waters and officials here say more countries in the gulf of guinea collaborated more closely shipping routes or become much safer how many trees al-jazeera cortical. a voting is underway in albania and what's expected to be a tight race between the ruling socialists and opposition democrats a prime minister cast his ballot in the general election a short while ago it's the 1st folk untested under new laws aimed at stamping out irregularities that marred previous votes albania is seeking e.u. membership and needs to hold an election that meets international standards the city of karbala iraq is struggling to manage tons of garbage left behind by millions of pilgrims who visit the holy site every year the waste ends up in landfills rivers and eventually the sea what activists are urging people to reduce
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their consumption of plastic and become green pilgrims as our binge of aid has this report now from. this is what happens to single use plastics all over the world many items end up in waterways and eventually the seed. iraq's holy sites are no exception millions of pilgrims leave behind tons of trash in karbala a lot of it gets dumped on the streets with an army of workers employed to clean it all up. for the municipality it's a major challenge. and we received 50000000 visitors every year about 2000000 pilgrims friend of research and the rest for weekly gatherings it's a challenge for the small city which doesn't have enough roads and services we need the help from citizens n.p.o. grams plastic is more than 50 percent of the waste we have $200.00 acres allocated for a project to better manage dumping trash and grisman and there are fewer visitors
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due to the pandemic but garbage continues to mount and this is where it all goes the stench is unbearable and it goes on for miles in the absence of recycling facilities garbage collectors sift through it with their hands they sell to a number of factories which reuse the nylon and plastic about $100.00 kilos sells for just over $15.00. it can take up to 3 days to collect that amount of. plastic bottles nile and cod black only during the pilgrimage days i collected 100 kilos a day i have 2 kids and live in a slum working from 6 am and sometimes 11 pm this is a situation of children and youth working here no one cares about our suffering and yet tons of plastic trash still floats in the canals and waterways of iraq what appears to be solid ground is water from the euphrates river covered in plastic environmentalist believe in the clergy can play its role to persuade residents as
1:46 pm
well as visitors to adopt a greener habits it could create a major impact because people never get to see what happens to their trash they generally don't care. zahra comes to the holy sites a few times a year she says local population and wildlife is at risk of programs don't change their habits i'm here to raise awareness about the excess use of plastic here i would request every program to bring to gain their own do you think that that larry said and then you really was able cuts so that we were using all kinds of plastic a styrofoam or paper cuts that a lot needs to be done here in the new year to also provide alternate solutions to educate the local communities 1st and then it's already responsibilities as visitors were coming in from more than 40 countries hundreds of deaths have been attributed to water borne diseases and pollution in war torn iraq and the people who come to the country to pay homage might be putting its future at stake unless millions of them produce using their billions of pieces of plastic some
1:47 pm
a majority down to 0 karbala. for the 1st time since 969 hong kong movie fans will not be able to watch the academy awards live on t.v. many say it's because a documentary about protests in the territory has been nominated has devic appeal. this be the reason the academy awards will not be shown live in hong kong to not split has been nominated for an oscar in the short subject documentary category the 35 minute film centers around the anti-government demonstrations of 2019. baby jane obviously we don't like our look at men and that was no surprise at all because our look mentoring is about a group of protesters showing their resistance to live political leadership in beijing so it was no surprise that they will react in some way only to minors this is no doubt question of censorship hong kong broadcaster t.v.
1:48 pm
which has aired the oscars live since 1989 declined our interview requests but sent a statement saying that the move was made purely for commercial reasons but the no matter doing is not that different than what the prime years to this movie's director is also fueling speculation that politics are at play nomad land received multiple nominations beijing born chloe zhao is the 1st chinese woman to be in contention for best director but instead of being celebrated she's accused of being disloyal for an interview she gave a decade ago where she appeared to be critical of china media reports claim that beijing authorities had instructed mainland media outlets to downplay the oscars. at stake is the city's rich cultural heritage which could be impacted by the new law where film songs or any form of art precedes us anti china could face consequences the law criminalizes acts of secession subversion terrorism and
1:49 pm
collusion with foreign forces what was wrong if their local already did do a vetting to ensure that giving is not against national security law we seem so many means all people in the name of office they are actually we saw volunteers and courage in father. since the law took effect in july activists and opposition politicians have been jailed more than 10000 people have been arrested in relation to the protests and many young people including one of the main characters in to not split have fled the city davey gopalan are just there are. australia and new zealand have held services to honor the soldiers who served in the 1st world war or are as. it sounds that day marks the 915 deliberately landing in northern turkey where
1:50 pm
thousands of soldiers from the struggle here in new zealand were killed but also commemorate service members killed in all conflicts sent this year's anniversary comes as both nations prepare to completely withdraw their troops from afghanistan as part of u.s. plans to end the 20 year conflict. so headed out 00 school coming up weather is good news for surfers in brazil i will be here for. the big. coveted beyond. taken without hesitation forgotten died for our cause our defines our old and all those little babies were toy did it last in the belly and it's that lack of babies to death people in power investigates exposes and question the school they use and abuse of power around the globe. on al-jazeera.
1:51 pm
well if we cannot have palestinian my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for centuries to come and so. now we can during the. psych speak out lines in the sand on al-jazeera. or or will. they get it going to support it and thank you so much nicole english football has
1:52 pm
announced a unified boycott of social media and efforts to fight back against online abuse it follows continuous reports of racism and sexism against players officials and broadcasters at all levels of the game a joint statement from the country's football governing bodies including the premier league and women's super league said the boycott is a way to emphasize that social media companies must do more sue eradicate on line aids for a boycott will start on friday last month also alleging serial requip social media to protest against online abuse he was getting in some clubs have taken their own individual action the u.k. government says threatened social media companies with huge fines if they fail to take on the issue last week instagram did announce a new tool which enables users to automatically filter outs abusive messages or anti discrimination group kick it out says backing the boycott of the organizations chair sanjay bhandari told us just how about the issue of online abuse has become.
1:53 pm
i think the reason the with doing this boy guy is really for 3 reasons 1st is to show our collective anger the damage the this via long line abuse causes to people who play work in and watch the game the 2nd is to show unity with those victims of abuse and the 3rd is really as a as a symbolic gesture to those with power to say we need you to act we need you to create change and that's the ambition and so we want as many people as possible to join in to use their voice to say that this is not acceptable and to send a message to the social media companies and to our national governments here but more broadly to governments around the world to say the these on regulated social media companies need to be regulated it has been getting worse over the course of
1:54 pm
this season so as an example if i just use facebook's own figures of what the they say they delete when you when you do the math so equates to about $1500.00 attempted messages every 90 minutes that's the length of a football match but it's not just for the duration of a football match it's 1500 attempts to send abuse every 90 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week that's the scale of the problem that we're dealing with on manchester united player legion i said in the premier league later on this sunday on saturday is their fans gathering at the clubs all trafford stadium as part of a protest against american owners the glazer family they were the ones who made the decision to join and then pull out of that hole feted european simply on one side the owners did issue an apology admitting they've made a mistake. chelsea has also withdrawn from that league secured a big win on saturdays they look to qualify for the champions league verna goal helping them so 10 win over london rivals west ham the result means chelsea are 4th
1:55 pm
3 points clear now of west ham so you cannot be distracted by too many regions and too many goals that are too far away but we have i'm very happy with the consistency of quality i'm very happy with with a level that we can deliver every 3 days and that we play courage going on we do it's always a team effort and in this very very high level that we can produce consistently or by munich have missed out on the chance to wrap up the german league title the world champion slip into a surprise to see one defeat against meit's biased on the brink of willingly but in this league for a 9th straight season and he just one win from their last 3 games to secure the championship erling holland here is at it again scoring points goals in a way for brush adornment over was spurred in a way to now to 25 goals for the season dortmund are one point off the top for the
1:56 pm
place and next season's champions. is very important as you as you can tell by his goes every week who is trying his best and you know i'm happy to be back out there playing with him and i'm happy for him today that he got the 2 goals that we needed and the free points percentage around strike a killing him back they scored twice in an important win for his club the 31 victory at metz opening question are back on top of the french rights able so bad news from buffalo we did leave the pitch with an injury later on in this game just days ahead of the champions league semifinal against manchester city little can with sense of 1st place in the title race with a win against leon later on. iraq found that i was just one win away from a record extending 12 bassline open title 20 time grand slam champion is a pretty unstoppable in his home country he's on saturday beating fellow spaniard popular current of course the in straight sets up 636 suit and i was looking to win
1:57 pm
his 1st title of the year people face world number 5 the finest sits a pass in sunday's. i have been achieving a lot of a lot of tournament here during all my career so be able to play in our final. is already important for me and the world scheme boarding champion has been making the most to some bad weather in brazil his lucas think taking on a huge wave just north of rio de janeiro a skim board currently it's similar to a surfboard but a bit smaller and without fins the brazilian navy has just issued an alert for beaches in the area warning that waves will be topping 5 meters more good news for him. ok but as i sports look at and i'm grateful you very much will see a bit later thank you for thoughts go to this news of a major movie here number hoffer of news in just a couple minutes ago from remake well it's good luck.
1:58 pm
and. the protests started cheerfully in front of the x. museum in amsterdam hundreds of protesters gathered to demand the government lock down restrictions and lift a curfew the 1st in the country since world war 2 the threat is that we use our freedoms to protesters who are not following social distancing rules or repeatedly ordered to disperse by police but police are trying very hard to confront a scenario that happened last week when thousands were rioting in cities across the night. after some protesters started throwing stones at letting off fireworks
1:59 pm
police on horseback moved in to clear the area. from the al jazeera london broil cost center $2.00 special guests in conversation when society is divided when women are divided and the only thing that benefits from the speech act itself unprompted spun interrupted her 1st words were girls are those who are drunk or to florida in his south that means well he's saying cackle like to think that there's nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalists and caught one of studio b. unscripted a century ago they were called colonials. 50 years ago and they were known as immigrants today they are citizens. in the light of france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism laws. we look back at the history of muslim immigration in france in italy potsie see. muslims affronts
2:00 pm
episode one on al-jazeera. a fire kills at least 82 people at a baghdad hospital the prime minister has sacked a number of officials. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up at a week that same people desperate for medical help india's prime minister meets the 2nd wave of covert by team a shaken his nation. will look at how the pandemic is hurting germany's.


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