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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations How To Sell A Massacre P2  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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democrat and a divided america 3 months on has he managed to follow through on campaign promises to fix the country stay with us for special coverage of biden's 1st $100.00 days in office on al-jazeera. i don't know and terry are not on the top stories on our 0 world health organization chief dr ted cruz says the staggering number of coronavirus infections and deaths in india is beyond heartbreaking and as india registered yet another daily record number of deaths from cave in 19 more than 2800 on monday other countries are stepping up to help us announced it was sharing millions of doses of the astra zeneca vaccine worldwide germany is sending oxygen and medical aid for
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the european union and the u.k. also promising assistance including equipment and is about to run m has more from the indian capital. india may be experiencing the world's worst outbreak of cholera that 19 but millions of people still turned out to elect to regional leaders in the state of west bengal on monday it's one of 5 states that has held elections in recent weeks despite the drastically rising number of infections. hospitals across the country are facing a critical shortage of beds and oxygen the u.s. and u.k. have responded by sending live saving medical supplies to india we want to try them all the support because their close friends increasingly important partners but also we need this kind of international collaboration if we're going to get through the pandemic we don't to be safe until we're all safe. once the aid arrives armed police are deployed to escort the precious cargo that says regional states accuse
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each other of stealing oxygen i've. got a newly opened 19 care center and new delhi. there are 500 beds so far for the many family members who couldn't get their loved ones admitted to hospitals even fewer people are being turned away being told that they can only be admitted if they have a referral and have pre-registered the center also says that it can't accept those who are critically ill. when many with nowhere else to go. as many people die because of a lack of help promised on that in the more he has been criticized for allowing the larger political and religious events to go ahead that led to the government asking twitter to take down dozens of posts critical of its handling of the pandemic this stems primarily from the fact that this government does not take very kindly to criticism it's very sensitive to criticism and also from the desire to try and
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control the narrative as days have gone by this government has come and increasingly for criticism increasingly from citizens and also arbor day i may say front from the court. on monday them address high court in the southern city of chennai said india's election commission has single handedly responsible for the 2nd wave of the coronavirus elizabeth piron of al-jazeera new delhi the european union is suing the pharmaceutical company astra zeneca after delays in the delivery of covert $900.00 vaccines it's accused the company of breaching its contract to supply enough doses for the block astra zeneca says the legal action is without marriage and that it has complied with the angry men agreement turkey's president has officially responded to the u.s. decision to recognize the mass killing of armenians as genocide or chip tie up at
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one says the u.s. is groundlessly exploiting past tragedies which has upset turkey and damage relations massacres occurred in $915.00 during the final years of the ottoman empire. the british uranian aid worker nazneen zakaria ratcliffe has been sentenced to another year in jail by an iranian court she was found guilty of spreading propaganda against the iranian government she'd been previously jailed for 5 years on charges of plotting against the government she and her family denied the allegations against her. and a political network linked to the kremlin critic an accent of on a has been suspended from operating while a quarter it considers whether it should be outlawed prosecutors seeking to have the anticorruption foundation which an avanti founded declared an extremist group of ali was this year jailed for a parole violation under serious investigation how to sell a massacre is up next more news for you after that i have now.
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i. in episode 2 with how to sell a massacre polina hanson's one nation party is in america. the will sure is. there in search of millions of dollars from the us company it's the sort of number you guys seem to think they get 10 obs what. they want the cash to buy control of democracy in a strange new. chair because i don't think. we can help. with the rest of the gulf you know handed every different side the only
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way for us to stay free is by having whatever cuts the tax cuts. one should use coached by the national rifle association on how to make a straight against belief they need more guns now to break down the narrative so that people react to gun is it make it to somebody beating up. a jealous feel any. need to have every single school in america going to be in the boy next program and by that. i mean armed security more guns more guns are going to change and change. you want the best sitting out there they're going to go out. eat at your stand one nation one state mission to america to be kept secret. of the public of public lives or you've got to work for a lot of looking up a new. thing and they haven't made it like that at the time maybe about there's something up. and they visit one of america's wealthiest political donors
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month in china that a couple months ago we have a full week of momentum revulsion on a shocking night. previously in how to sell a message a good idea if you say it says diana just released one nation party arrives in the u.s. capitol but a very busy way coming up. the mission to make friends in america's multi-billion dollar gun industry and to source millions in political donations while they're at it. the country. that's. one nation has asked dismantle raja to help set up key meetings in washington. roger is the public face of gun rights astray an organization calling for the loosening of strict gun laws live. and if you're put in
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a meeting the 1st 5th annual meeting as pretty as candles would tide following a messenger in the town of fort alpha a gunman killed 35 people with an eye out 15 assault rifle. automatic and semiautomatic guns were banned in a struggle in what became known as the national firearms agreement hundreds of thousands of guns were destroyed since not in 96 and 0 mass shootings people have not moved to the asylums instruct. the n.r.a. fee is that just radius lose man spy of american politicians to follow suit it's the left wing anti gunners who literally point to australia using the mainstream media as the shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation raja's connections to the us gun lobby have lived next to one nation's in a so-called. depart he's chief of staff james ashby hopes gun lobby donations can
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lead one nation to electoral victory. it would be. el al if we took to see you in all of them are directed. to you anyway. you a 20 you're on a lot of nasty enough you don't know that it never. gets yeah i. dropped the bomb. but roger isn't who he claims to be he's working undercover for me peter charlie. i'm a reporter from is here is investigative unit we created gun registration as a front to infiltrate the pro-gun lobby and to understand how they operate a guy's right i want here in louisville and there are i conference they soliciting so you say. over 3 years roger filmed with concealed cameras.
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can you go the hundreds of hours of hidden camera recordings. and yeah you. can out of those already been where i was. at the hotel in washington d.c. the one nation delegation relaxes with broacha as it prepares for potentially game changing meetings with the gun lobby. and the happy that the media is well out of sight. i always thought a lot of truth about saturday and i got a lot of money what would get into that's why you went up so it was like you know it stuck you know all this of. james ashby is a key political strategist and chief of staff for the right wing party. he wants to
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be n.r.a. to provide one nation with its electoral clout and know how to. do so because you know that. that's one stock to up to to behave don't. so that's really the thought this week for folks who. are going to search. his colleague steve dixon dreams about what he do with lots of money living like a drug lord with an arsenal of guns. i'm going to be given the right to feel the actions that you are not the ones tony progress engine the ship that we let. you know right from the very intent. of the loving young and everything but this that's what they do if they go should stop it and we can protect themselves just because. nixon leads one nation in this trillion state of queensland and he's a candidate for the senate in the upcoming federal election. he has
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played a key role in helping reshape one nation's firearms policy. we had a policy in life lou educate 21 point plan to make things better for registered shooters right track. down fence vote on said. we're on your sawed we want you to be able to shoot the best that you can. in an interview for the gun rights astray your website the one nation party leader said today's jungle was make the innocent move on rable only jane is taking a nap and dancing to fatten jeanette papal connection allowing criminals to actually have the firearms. for years pauline hanson has been pushing a populist anti immigration agenda. i believe we are in danger of being swamped by asians the. good publicity stunts including wearing
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a burka to poem and have led to accusations of racism because this is not. what should belong in this column and. everyone now and fame should have some knowledge and have a handle. i am have to protect themselves because i don't trust our government's failure to do it for us. what we say here it would probably translate their we say that the right to protect and defend yourself is a god given right. the one nation visitors a being schooled in public relations by the n.r.a. media liaison team. just for an mortons an office an argument for gun ownership that can be used beyond the united states the right to protect and defend yourself exactly now despite his constitutional duty doesn't come from that constitutes deterrence just guarantees us but it can to god. if you're it person
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asked are you sure sai is a god given right. one of the p.r. team's biggest challengers is how to respond to a mass killing. the biggest one in recent years was the newtown shooting where the little children got shot at in elementary school. there's somebody shooting in here. i had like 7 loud booms and it didn't he just told us to go in the corner. so carrying on their. children are pronounced dead at the school they were too they were transported to area hospitals were pronounced dead at area hospitals. and. people are now asking when there will be a debate about america's gun laws. depress was how he and how he this organization for some hope he would make a statement like common maker common law right that's
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a dead end and the organization would still be debate they'll be delayed the n.r.a. will say this is not the time to talk about it of the 26 murdered at the sandy hook elementary school 20 with children aged 6 and 7 the gunman used an 15 assault rifle near the chechen anybody who went on the ground mr martin has closed the door and he went to the corner 1st graders. and no time. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and then decisions like responding on this kind of shooting are happening at the very highest level and they were not responding not responding. whilst some of tried to exploit tragedy for political gain. we have remained respectively silent. and that's and then why not here held
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a news conference in which he basically said we're holding far we're not going to cave and. now we must speak. for the safety of our nation's children. politicians pass laws for gun free school zones they post signs advertising. and in doing so. they tell every insane killer in america. that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum am with minimal risk. however nation's priorities gotten so far out of order. our society is populated. by an unknown number of genuine monsters.
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people that are so doraine so evil so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can ever possibly comprehend. when we're not here to the press conference i thought they're going to come out and say this is a mental health problem and the n.r.a. recognizes that and we are going to put in $100000000.00 into mental health research and supporting mental health services to the wrong people don't carry guns . we need to have every single. school in america immediately deploy a protection program proven to work and by that i mean armed security more guns more guns more guns ching ching ching ching ching sick gets sick it's not it it's so sick. because people are dying. and already reacts to criticism by trying to generate positive stories about come
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under shipping it till one nation that the 1st step is to co-opt willing reporter. you know somebody who maybe police to your son i worked at a newspaper maybe was over in city hall or fired for her. last dose side advises feeding reporters information they need to run down princely stories. you look for enough stories about people who were robbed at their own b b whatever might be that good bit of how they got caught i'm not going to be able to words and that's where his daughter is going to go to buy a little weed. to make sure use outlets carry a pro-gun message and i'll raise p. how to go scribes articles for them. will pinch and yes call logs in the local papers a lot of times we'll write down for like a local sheriff in wisconsin or whatever anyway he'll drafted or she will help as
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drafted will do a lot of the leg work because these people are busy and this is our job so we'll help them and then they'll submit it with their name on it so that it looks organic you know that it's coming out that you know that we will have a role behind this. candidate it will be fine it's been about it back to me again this is for many years is the arms innocence stories these are were members like and already sentenced and used but from their fall t.v. station. oh where is student uses of firearms term styles or something else. please are crediting a vigilant gun owner with saving the life of an upper darby cop and if it wasn't for the good samaritan stepping forward he'd have been dead meat. he's our little storage and there's sort of little snow this year alone cashier at the local convenience store i was fire on but we're tearing style. these stories
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happen every single week and you'll never hear about them from gun grabbers when you see these stories sheriff. those are good because they're short and they kind of get you outraged college the outrage of the week. exploring gertrud. we have after getting our employer to astronomers are coming into the house with vice president every time there's a story there. are games coming up with baseball. thing which you know there may be a tweet or facebook voters but are not allowed to own their own battle to defend their homes or both sides save lives gun control does not that's despicable in the same way the back going to street told you you're not going to get cancer if you smoke my cigarettes they lied to you and we know they lied to you
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. and you want to quit messaging out there don't you people out getting mad easy to understand the n.r.a. till's one nation to engage members with a simple message exploit anger and fear when you start talking about issues that get too complicated and think too hard kind of lost their lives and if they can get to like the american flag on my thoughts we all get out that easy. this threat is real our leaders are either in tripoli or unwilling to protect you there is no better fire on the from their homes against realistic threats than a ar 15 semiautomatic it's easy to learn and easy to you it's accurate it's for a lie. why can some own can they are 50. you can't legally own a tank in america you can't legally own a r.p.g.
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you can't legally own a nuclear weapon why do we have restrictions on don't. we never say well it's ludicrous we never say it's a gun it's all right it's a right all. firearm you think is that. it's a dangerous thing when you look at a lot i assault rifles. 4 people drowning pool. and they are 50 is one of the most effective tools available to protect yourself and your family get trained and learn how to use it your safety is in your hands. that they are 15 is the weapon of choice for a mass shooter and that weapon should not be on the streets of this country. the same weapon used next to bazooka use next to a tank next to r.p.g. in war m 16 a
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r 15 the same weapon one can shoot faster with the trigger held down when you've got to pull 100 times in a minute the bullets the same the damage the same the brazed a blowout is the same the heart that explodes the same the bullet it's it the organs that separate are the same. let's look at the gun still. there and don't. call him a minute ago and. dixon till's a salesman that semiautomatic weapons including the 15 were confiscated in a strange year following the port arthur massacre oh. come off we're going to go on our own thought a lot of this war. on terror is not a matter of that on the floor of. the salesman had his own story
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about johns and politics what we've seen with truck getting elected into office jails if there has been a rise of nut jobs like there's a lot more scary people on the learning process not of people that think whether it's true or not they feel like they're in a much more friendly political climate so they're coming out of the woodwork searing a lot of people. threatened to. who feel by johns the whole they want comes. here already a lot more than buying guns for the 1st time we're getting really you know buyers might already buyers we got a lot more they'll be too cute. as we all are recognizing are you going to they're in more danger there. or exactly themselves may not you know my dad nash not. right next to the gun or not my kid. dixon meets a woman whose experience he believes when brisson
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a tennis trained you decided that we ended up in school. he later recounts his story which he thinks could be used to inspire women to themselves back home. she got 100 by a documentary have to. be a little go all of. this is there if you give me and but that's not on. that particular family. we were it's like who were to tell me if they. were going to die. now and the couple raja discovers that the fear of being attacked even obsesses members of the n.r.a. . better be carried out and. they don't have guns.
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weapons in case the guy gets. to carry guard. brandy graham is a senior federal lobbyist for the n.r.a. . she fears her office will be still going to come in how difficult. but they will be then you're the person i met and if you're unstable why would you want to run and when you think this they think that would be crazy to you. can really matter to throw it out and they aren't going to use. graham says she feels vulnerable wherever she goes when i get on a plane they are thinking it's all down 13 and me if i meet again and when i know you are out. safely after the fact but there are weary i might know that i'm going to come and get it. put back.
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the next distillation for the one nation team is an organization representing gun manufacturers in america. they discuss their constant battle against anti gun campaigners. to. ash miles i doubt the trench is. larry keane is the senior vice president of the national shooting sports foundation were. you share your image. that. dixon says they need to work together to combat the rise of political correctness or throwing it out. to kill the culture of islam akio was such that the series.
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was the republic of. us a god that we're all law called. for is that. the organization includes gun makers retailers and distributors. if you can through our prayers edict get those people to burn it just fits for the kids. the foundation c. as women as a key to making guns more acceptable. if obama is ok with. them they were telling us we're so not was against you that's just like that's right it. just yeah they're like us are going to be a lot you know you gotta get. yeah it's a mosque. in town to one nation lays out a strategy for how to introduce soft a gun that was in a stray you. didn't want you to. tell. the toaster
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you have the law is your 1st name it's getting used to the private. and pulling hands and talks about going to america herself to meet gun lobby contacts they're not quite. there. yet. capturing a moment in time snapshots of how the lives of the stories provided a glimpse into someone else's well i am the voice we are the voice witness on al-jazeera most people will never know what's beyond this story. deafening silence this 100000 forms how it feels to touch danger for a day. most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is
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precious. with it's not an option. but when most people. i'm norm taylor nanda of the top stories on our jazeera as india rejected yet another daily record number of deaths from code 19 woman 2800 on monday other countries are stepping up to help u.s. president joe biden spoke to the indian prime minister narendra modi after the u.s. announced it was sharing millions of doses of the astra zeneca vaccine worldwide germany is sending oxygen and medical aid or the european union and the u.k. are also promising assistance including equipment the world health organization is
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also vowing to send in more help. and the situation in india is beyond heartbreaking doubly joy is doing everything we can providing critical acumen to in supplies including thousands of oxygen concentrator is prefabricated more by field hospitals blood flow to the supplies. the european union is suing pharmaceutical company astra zeneca after delays in the delivery of code 19 vaccines is accuse the company of breaching its contract to supply enough doses for the block astra zeneca says the legal action is without merit and that it has complied with the agreement turkey's president has officially responded to the u.s. decision to recognize the mass killing of armenians as genocide which a tire or one says the u.s. is groundlessly exploiting past tragedies which is upset turkey and damaged relations the massacres occurred in $915.00 during the final years of the ottoman
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empire. british iranian aid worker is a garri ratcliffe has been sentenced to another year in jail by an iranian court safari radcliffe was found guilty of spreading pop propaganda against the iranian government she had previously been jailed for 5 years when charges of plotting against the government of corona virus pandemic meant she was transferred to house arrest last year and her ankle tag was removed last month she and her family deny the allegations against her. and a political network linked to kremlin critic and extent of only has been suspended from operating when a court considers whether it should be outlawed prosecutors are seeking to have the anti corruption foundation which an avanti founded declared an extremist group around he was this year jailed for a parole violation he says the charges against him a critically motivated have to sort of massacre continues next years after you after that.
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the one nation team is back at the national rifle association headquarters. now going to break down the narratives that people's reaction to gun use in. the meeting played caroline whose role is to galvanize the n.r.a. has 5000000 members to vote for pro-gun politicians. so we're trying to identify that sweet spot of what a secular minute vote would look like so we can deliver a 2nd member admission that specific an amendment to the constitution gives all americans the right to carry guns in many states the 15 assault rifle for self-defense like wrong with talking over your house just prior to your but was childish i think was naughty she just attacked him we know you automatically bitch john and. those guns were banned under restraint is national firearms agreement
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following the port arthur massacre. on realistic goal to wipe out a national gun ban overnight but if you can work around the market what does it improve the life down to daily basis it does demonstrate they can not in again can start making a difference with the belts and tell. her simply that means we have the testicles of the government in our hand at every given thought i. have guns and scale of things to the gate at the end or will be offered to my children we still have to try to feel we should. caroline suggests to one nation that owning a gun should be presented as a matter of personal freedom. there is need while special women telling him you don't have to iraq should just go with the government tell you it can't be that choice that right now you really don't have enough been legislated away. the n.r.a. and pfizer's to one nation's campaign should focus on getting dismiss each to
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targeted sections of the population because he isn't so you get them ask for 259 the key is give them to the right segment of occupation it's going to create who people take that message and her act is trying to dominate or let's get it to ensure that a lot of it takes a lot of we have our next month or so if not a shocking approach where anything is everything a rifle shot so it sounds like i want to reach out 1st and foremost people like by themselves as supporters and activists then as i have time and resources i'll expand that to be. the one nation visit his plunder the advice they've received on how to sell a pro-gun message. something why you should have to. have fossil is going to trust you have
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a long history of cars you know it didn't used to the 5. it was still to come and get to. be let's hear all the men and women's shooting right there graham snaps a picture worker and what i did i was the one taking stock reassuring women. if. you really want to know 1st hand how to treat your provider the full recount properly. but if. you've got a current car you know what kind of year it might be are going to make it up to you . it's going to be an issue. it's going to be stuff going to go
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so. we're given already groups. that's clearly what we're driving down the street there isn't really. into mess we're going to change the house on the station and you've got children i'm on we're not on we're god's as moche. which will have to do. identify your child. feel your child. rushing eulogy for your child. attend a service fee or charm. and bury a child. because that's. that's my reality and that's what the general public. is concerned i am. not
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concerned at raj it's. all all all. amazing arm of the n.r.i. museum in the in order to stop the stop here from bof one bill there is to run a weapon you've got to walk through this museum it is really really incredible dixon is enthusiastic about guns but he knows it will be a hard sell for these train people to accept the dismantling of firearms laws. shootings nor a bad thing into a white thing and to die in australia we use it in the olympics the commonwealth games and we should be in touch in young people to learn how to shoot it's quite short.
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it's ok if you get through. what's so tough if it's really it's a tray of fish or of the great spirit dickson doesn't plan to till the is trillion public the one nation is considering the repeal of the national firearms agreement he suggests the law be whittled down if i did want to go through the end of the journey or do you want to stop the rest of you from the life. or the of it. not it's not enough stuff sauce to take it tight right now to the side if you do something with a number you get another piece of bread and a blunt. really even with roger claiming to support american style gun laws dixon invited seem to help shape one nation's firearms policy. you know a couple or a whole shit rob but comes up with a problem. where you can get a yeah. they're
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not. and if you $1500.00 a hip gathering dixon and ashby mixed with some of washington's most powerful gun lobbyists. and the honest if you know more people talk that god will even go if you want to be put on the stand together we thought long enough for you yet you are pushing. your man dick soon is now clear on the language that cuts through in america's wealthy pro-gun community. and you better get that got we don't have a vegan amendment an act not. with that but about getting. as they speak as selection is just months away. dixon tells roger that if one nation wins the balance of power it would be like the party
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holding a gun to the strain in government and. the need to understand about the gulf carriers the headline the no no to the back of it that's where. i want you so i want something you give. to them that i get a much quieter the government would then be compelled to pass laws that one nation wants. the bottom one where we are we've got to look really big block for my company. that we don't have that. i don't it's not time well. members of the gun lobby offered to help stop it we've made sure that you never know. i never want you to go down and it's never why you wrap a wall over here and somebody you know you know i'm going to merely for a listen to this i'm going to go but i'm still i believe that yeah
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they're. going to hear. through and you will get them to know so i want you to know for you that you know i don't speak personally when i have to write the check i'll get it mother wants i'll give you 100 bucks right now no. dixon issues those around him that he will do what they want and change the strangest government was going to stop them. or you know. oh no we're not going. there without dixon is given advice on how to pave the way for those changes here's what you need to do this doesn't go anywhere except off get help from us gun manufacturers. have you ever gone to america have you ever gone to your you know why if you need to sit down and be a scout well. he suggests that one nation till gunmakers the amount of money
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they'll make eat fish stray use firearms laws are changed. next year they're going to send literally your next $4.00 to $1.00 and a coffin dollars' worth of product to soft sell them although we're really the 1st to off they would. remove it if it got much in all those people are going to give you 15 for anything and. to make jungle was presentable he suggests a degree of deception. and at that point. i have a $2000000.00 campaign to get money and she writes not yet writes you're never going to put gun rights do not ever touch gun rights on your and they're going to doubt your eyesight will drop out in fishing rights were to get it they're. going to pass it and you go how could i want you. i love you you know what you just said to me all my life. you are a good man you go it's going to i read might. want to. i can go
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absolutely to one nation announces it has a meeting lined up that week with for interesting to observe the energy giant coat industries. go to about what you are the body of a group or even dog you can do more voted with they discuss what industries might expect in return for a donation. but when we don't imprison you do so you will one of them go to war you better think about what you need to. feel good about and where you need. to be looked up the cut probable i believe well that up early election. but every night the thought of which can i find. it doesn't just mean that but 500. it goes toward another q i mean the series was split between the large and the gone from 45
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the goal to reach but if we get to the point where we can talk about figures what sort of number seems to think it 10 not obviously one but ready if it's are. within the. inside the code offices dixon and ashby suspect that he microphones may be used by their hosts to record the discussion they give raja would have advice if you sharon if you rob even did you bring on the. next to go on a bit. special. they know you and i give you good. instead of another regiment on the one that can't we make records triple the
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meeting with the team led by katherine hackett the rick the river federal affairs a coach industries. and a full mike employee of the n.r.a. . in his future money dixon makes a remarkable author one of the electoral process in a strange if industries gets the money. watch and it helps me that he's going to get out yet a. tough one in china and hungary why he won't run the money will be in the will of money to senator orrin hatch and she. was person called for that person. green so they're just. waiting. to happen not for mayor but your election i mean think. rules regulations. so i don't knock a player sort out that. culturally how that's viewed what sort of money you're
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allowed to pay. how we understand that there are no set limits on the actions you are purchasing or not not well there is reporting russia anything out of the $10000.00 in a very large must be one of the records on which sought by us by the public would look at. it. i think that i've seen as money should not have an influence in now. saying as well so i believe fined and i should be stopped and tried playing. 10 weeks out to the one nation meeting with koch industries the astringent synod change the move and bend foreign political donation. center to hanson voted in favor of the ban. this no big open eyes sanctions set tonight to one nation i can assure you that it's been the
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hard work of having the fish and chip meetings so we actually have something sizzles. i will. all and wire. your potentially there's interest and you and visit some other bokes. with the prospect of a food the meeting dixon leaves feeling upbeat. for. the . class for your thought on this. the following day the delegation discusses roger's role in pushing through changes to the bill. don't you have to work to get your very strong. not. it's the frost that's
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a clue before it's something we can go. one. day with through the challenges one nation would face if the gun lobby comes through with funding. channeling that cash through rogers group gun rights a stranger would be a problem. he gets money it's tough enough that. it is good for the local government. where they fought so hard for its right but koch industries could provide a more sophisticated option. over. the. heads of. 2. of. the koch empire includes a sort of byzantine set of groups that have been set up to influence politics and
11:50 pm
to spend money on politics but without having to disclose where the money is coming from and the koch brothers were really pioneers in this area and have set up a very complicated networks for money to get into the political system you. know there's not much. like you said it was. but. i've heard it described as a daisy chain. with one group giving to another group to another group and sort of multiple layers of anonymity for the donors. and always circulating the money so that the law isn't here to technically but that's perhaps the letter of the law not the spirit of the law. i should be warns roger to be careful when he communicates about the one. trip to washington. having an audit.
11:51 pm
that was tracked rice used. in citrus well on the city where you see. this fish if it is that since it shows. he's worried about america's experience with foreign ministry in elections. all i'm saying. that that russian citizen. that does not want to say it's done is on the soapbox just off putting something on ash he doesn't want to strain journalists to find out why he and dixon have come to washington. if you've got a. lot of you have this this and seated on the edge i think it's not. as the trip to washington comes to a close ashby is contacted by his party leader pauline hanson he says the trip has
11:52 pm
been so sensitive that he's careful in passing on information. to be able to get. ready come up with. something that i did think that i'm a good idea as he has a message for keeping some communication secret and i avoid a lot of the model people. came up to nitpick iraq have they got the thing that they haven't made it but it. had something that you wanted to go. there for. you know. they may be keeping a low profile but dixon appears play. eased with one nation's progress in
11:53 pm
washington. i believe in the future it's the big. i don't i think we've already licked the future and all of that before that. he believes that money will eventually make its way to one nation who did the fears and i believe i let you know just between real limits that you set those people to die yesterday i stood at the buckcherry what i thought of the men's my own not enough and not ready for their membership maybe about this indeed that's something you took. on this i had 2 . losses show us. you don't need to bring. your last day forward. there are other people on this planet. we can't. back up. you can all you want and especially you cannot buy
11:54 pm
everyone in the market because there are some people that have got up right there robbers i want to play the night. as the one nation team prepares to leave washington ashby's final words to roger were about the media. top journalists. are going to go on. go bacevich. 3 months after the one nation delegation returned to australia sen pulling hanson join roger and ashby for a private dinner. so all the old boys. you happy with the boys i did a good job decides custody that's. a discussion on gun laws she told brought you she believes many questions remain unanswered about the port arthur massacre. he said maybe it's out there but actually it's
11:55 pm
a man and as man it turns. out. that was how awful it was set up. how its very own city things i thought i. was ok in her out i'm going for. the senators said she wouldn't hesitate to use a gun herself if she needed to. i had so much time to my house trying to see me how to tell you i think. i think senator hansen revealed why she had no trouble with ashby and dixon's when they visited the us looking for the gun lobby money i like oh my god the only good . thing to their god i fear i'm tired of the right here and is not it is
11:56 pm
not. like that i have to actually take this. to correct let's jump up and get my hair on fire in asia in. october that would imply that the safe thing is the biggest threat against the now good work area that's what. i thought started it and made. the dinner took place just weeks after the astray and senate band political parties from receiving foreign donations we got a time i. was born 5 nice house and i think. this was a few weeks months or weeks to do but no. it's out because
11:57 pm
despite the new law ashby plans a return visit to america to reconnect with the pro-gun lobby this time she'll take colin henson with him there was a cracker. and. quite a group thanks to the cost of a great post wayne slater ha yes because we can. that
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
was 1st fully effects in its life is a clear demonstration of all the measures that other ed away as has put in place to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene on bald p.p. if. a seal in-flight entertainment system you recap in cleaning systems disinfectant robots. today is an important day for the airline industry and the message for travelers is that we are walking tirelessly to implement every measure to safeguard their health thank you. a tale of 2 presidents. venezuelan military defectors. american must. and
12:00 am
a bizarre yet old dangerous attempt. at regime change in the bolivarian republic of the news way. people in power the bay of pigs let's own al-jazeera. take it over to show cause the situation there heartbreaking the white house confirms it will share 60000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine with countries in need. the u.s. decision to recognize the mass killings.


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