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that's regime change in the bolivian real republic they lose way less. people in power the biggest piglets on 0. the in the in. the in. a leading right school but uses israel of apartheid like crimes against palestinian cities really government owns it again. this is al jazeera live from to arm fully back to board also ahead the 1st shipment of medical aid from britain arrives in india as hospitals overwhelmed by call for 1000 patients run out of beds and oxygen heavy fighting in myanmar rebels in
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a border area at a time a military camp and 1st minneapolis now and we've heard kentucky the u.s. attorney general announces another investigation into policing after last year's killing of briana taylor. a leading rights organization is accusing israel of crimes against humanity practicing apartheid and persecution against palestinians in a new report human rights watch says discriminatory policies exist in both the occupied palestinian territory and within israel itself israeli foreign ministry has dismissed the report as biased stand baseless harry fawcett reports from occupy used to escape. anti palestinian racism was on show in jerusalem last week with hundreds of israeli far right activists chanting death to arabs the far right thanks to an electoral alliance sponsored by the prime minister now has
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a foothold inside parliament but it is new report human rights watch makes a broader accusation that the israeli government itself practices apartheid and persecution and we started looking at it we saw the reality in which a single government rules of the road the area between the jordan river and the train you see roughly 6800000 jewish israelis and 6 for you in it and across these areas is really authorities systems. in the typically privileged jewish israelis the report focuses on 4 arenas in israel where it says palestinian israeli citizens are discriminated against particularly in terms of land use. in the occupied west bank where palestinians unlike israeli settlers a subject to military law and where settlers have preferential access to land resources and building permits in hamas controlled gaza from which palestinians a barred exit to live in the west bank or east jerusalem and in occupied east
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jerusalem where unlike israeli citizens palestinians can have their residency status revoked this is the 2nd high profile report this year that has accused israel of practicing apartheid in january the israeli rights group said the israeli government was an acting jewish supremacist policies in the occupied palestinian territories and inside israel itself israel is again rejecting such charges its foreign ministry saying human rights watch is known to have a long standing anti israeli agenda actively seeking for years to promote boycotts against israel their decision not to share this report for review or comment with any israeli authorities is clear indication that it is a propaganda pamphlet which lacks all credibility but critics point to the. the nation state law which defined national self-determination is quote unique to the jewish people and to the fact for several months last year israel's prime minister was advocating the permanent annexation of nearly
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a 3rd of the occupied west bank. then this is a very important report on israel practicing a past 8 policies the should be the position of the international community as it was with south africa and they should be punishment against the occupation human rights watch says with no viable peace process in place the situation has gone from temporary occupation to permanent domination it's calling on the international criminal court to investigate its allegations and harry joins us now live from west jerusalem harry why is human rights watch making this judgment now when a lot of the evidence they point to has been in play for a long time. well yes that is a key question one that i put to him a shock here he heard from in that package when i spoke to him and his argument was really twofold one that yes in the past human rights watch and other organizations have looked to individual aspects of israeli policy and practice of the occupation
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and have assessed them on their own grounds but this was in a tent to look at the situation in totality set out a definition for these crimes and see in a number of different settings where the israeli policy met those definitions and in human rights watch as assessment it did so that's one element of it the other being that in the past there had been hope for a settlement so the entire situation the occupation the the 2 state solution that one stage was looking like it could be made a reality he says that that is not the current situation and that this is looking much more like a permanent situation one in which israeli politicians talk about the demography and trying to preserve the jewish character of israel and minimize the number of palestinian arabs inside the israeli state and that this is continuing and it's an issue of maintaining the domination of one group over another and so for those 2
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reasons they say this is the time that to use the title of the report israel has crossed the threshold into committing these crimes how seriously hairy does doesn't really government. at will on the one hand it is dismissing this report as something that is coming from an anti israeli motivated organization it says that the claims are proposed and false and don't bear any relation to reality on the ground but israel is also conducting a pretty vigorous battle on many fronts against this kind of portrayal in the international arena against the boycott divestment and sanctions movement for instance especially in the united states which it says is an anti semitic movement against the international criminal court which recently has launched an investigation into allegations of war crimes against both israeli officials and
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hamas officials again the israeli prime minister calling that an anti semitic move by the prosecutors and investigators at the i.c.c. but it does start to touch on very fundamental questions about the nature of what is defined as a jewish state one that was set up by the zionist project to be a homeland and a safe a safe protected space for jews explicitly and of course that was given greater momentum by what happened in the middle of the last century with the holocaust however in this modern setting when there is a greater focus on on egalitarian issues race issues of all kinds that become something that it does get subject to criticism within the israeli palestinian context israel the government does say that israeli palestinian israelis or israeli arabs as the government calls and have freedom of religion they are represented in
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parliament in the judiciary in all aspects of israeli life and they can thrive and often right wing israelis say that it is the best place in the middle east to be an arab however as was noted in that report in 2018 there was this highly controversial law passed to the. nation state bill that explicitly talked about national self-determination being something for the jewish people there are other very clear distinctions such as the ability of any jew anywhere in the world to make pilgrimage to israel will be assisted in doing so and become a real israeli citizen automatically contrasting with someone with palestinian heritage not being able to do the same thing so there are these these very critical distinctions it's something that human rights watch is shining its investigative light on something that israel is saying is propaganda but that these are sensitive issues and ones that israel is pushing back on thank you harry for that harry fawcett life or stay in west jerusalem. a devastating 2nd wave of the coronavirus
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is overwhelming india's hospitals and premier torreon along with a wide shortage of medicine and oxygen new cases of state above 300000 for the 6th consecutive day the health ministry has reported another 2771 deaths the search is less families and patience pleading for oxygen outside hospitals health officials in new delhi and neighboring states have been making frantic calls imposing appeals on twitter seeking emergency supplies the government has called for help from the military which will release oxygen supply from its reserves retired medical personnel will also provide help australia has now joined a growing list of countries that have banned or restricted flies from india and many countries a place to send a medical aid the u.k. shipment is the 1st to arrive while the us has promised to send millions of astra zeneca vaccines is a random has this update from new delhi she says many government officials are
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still in denial of the crisis in guess facing. it's been a week now since delis hospitals 1st raised the alarm that they were running out of office adjourned and every day we're still hearing reports that many hospitals are still making do with just a few hours of oxygen and that's the situation as grim hospital entrances to timelines a still filled with desperate people looking for beds and oxygen for their loved ones and so what happened on tuesday is despite all of that we heard that the delhi government has instructed a 5 star hotel to free up 100 beds to create a covert health facility for delhi high court judges and their families this was at the delhi high court's instruction and there has been a backlash to this on social media with some people even wondering if it's a joke when people are dying because there aren't enough beds and oxygen this is the same delhi high court which they call the situation in the capital last week
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ridiculous and and shocking and the central government has been accused of being tone deaf on monday the director of the biggest public hospital in the country which is here and told people that there is no need to panic and at the same time you know we have leaders like of the most populous state for they saying that there's no shortages of hospitals all this and asking police officers and government officials to take action against hospitals which put up signs saying that they're that there's no oxygen the u.s. government says it's working nonstop to deliver urgent surprise to india president joe biden has spoken to him despite minister narendra modi washington will release up to 60000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine after being accused of ordering them is our white house correspondent kimberly hockett with more. under pressure from global governments to do more to help fight covert don t. the united states is sending much needed medical supplies to india there are
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a number of areas. that have are of great interest and are a great need to india at this point time oxygen is one of them at india's request we are exploring options to provide action and related supplies we've identified u.s. commercial suppliers of friends of beer that are immediately available to help relieve the suffering of coded $1000.00 patients in india we've identified rapid diagnostic testing supplies personal protective equipment and additional ventilators on monday u.s. president biden called india's prime minister modi to discuss how the 2 countries can work together to protect their populations. india is experiencing one of the worst covert 19 outbreaks the world has ever seen and oxygen supply are short the u.s. and other developed nations have been under criticism for stockpiling vaccine doses while poor countries struggle after weeks of hesitation the u.s.
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now says it will assist india in boosting its vaccine supply 53 percent of the u.s. population has received at least one vaccine dose of them a dirda pfizer or johnson and johnson vaccines and appointments are now easy to obtain but vaccines for america's astra zeneca stockpile have not yet been approved in the u.s. still the biden of ministration will now make up to 60000000 doses available for export to countries like india following a government review before any astra zeneca doses are shipped from the united states the f.d.a. will confirm any such doses meet its expectations for product quality the u.s. is also sending a team of experts from the centers for disease control to help india manage its crisis the u.s. actions are reciprocal india said the united states assistance in the early days of the pandemic when the us was hard hit now the biden ministration wants to return
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the favor medical profile. it'll say the u.s. move is a good start but more must be done and what's needed in the long term is quite clear a waiver of all intellectual property patents. that control 'd or that hinder district global distribution of the covert vaccines and other covert related technologies as india battles its covert crisis some countries and airlines have banned flights to and from india but the white house says it has no plans to ban travelers from india to the united states can really help at al-jazeera the white house. in other world news officials in child child have deployed troops in the capital and security forces have used tear gas to break up demonstrations against a new military transition council protesters set on fire in genoa gunshots were also heard but no casualties have been reported opposition groups are against the
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military's appointment of a new prime minister the military council cease power after president death last week. said ahead on al-jazeera. it was very people who are getting killed daily they tell if you dig your own groups and shoot you in cold much violence displacement and cocaine al-jazeera visits every military in colombia where the government is failing to meet promises. it's time for the perfect. point qatar airways hello this will be up nicely now across the middle east really starting to build up further north as still some time weather in the forecast want to shout between the black sea and the caspian sea just around the caucuses popham that it really is
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more the way of very very warm weather 30 celsius 39 so she's there for baghdad a 41 for to wait say which was the levant so little more pleasant tempus is into the other the mid to high twenty's over the next couple of days there in concert getting up to 13 celsius in doha it does go on throughout wednesday of 40 in dubai just notice a few showers just around the southern end of the red sea so western parts of yemen southwestern parts of saudi arabia along with the help of holland seeing some wet weather over the next day or so the seasonal rains doing quite nicely of course pushing up towards cameroon into the gulf of guinea era across the heart of africa as shallow as pretty much where. based of wet weather there and place close across at times in their heavy showers continuing to into northern parts of missouri and big northern areas of madagascar but to the south of that are this generate trial having said that was since unwelcome rainfall gravity making its way across the
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southern k. with us day. school at ways to jump into the stream there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i don't have all the misinformation i think we don't want to feed that we are nowhere to be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are good enough to heed the new in the to be part of today's discussion this dream on out is the era. the and the and this is al jazeera live from doha
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a reminder of our top stories human rights watch is accusing israel of crimes against humanity practicing apartheid and persecution against palestinians israeli foreign ministry has this mystery or has by its india has a record of more than 300000 new coronavirus cases for the 6th consecutive day the military says 'd it will release oxygen surprise from its reserves to help overwhelmed hospitals. and protests are being held in chad's capital against the military transition and its appointment of a new prime minister military has been deployed as demonstrators set fire to tie is gunfire has also been heard. now one of myanmar's rebel groups says it's captured and burnt down an army base near the thai border the op holds is in an area controlled by the current national union the group is a vocal opponent of the army which the spire in a coup in february thousands of people have recently felt fled current state after
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airstrikes by myanmar's military has more from bangkok. song province is the area in thailand that just across a very small river from where this attack on they are army outpost took place it started pre-dawn hours and kind of carried on for a couple of hours can you saying that they now hala hold occupy that territory they burn down the outpost now this is part of what we've seen over the last several weeks that there's been kind of a stepped up conflict between the cane you the korean national unions armed factions and the tatmadaw that's the myanmar army and this is kind of been really kind of turned up since the coup back in february 1st and what's interesting about this one though is these images we're seeing come out because it was right on the border with thailand there have been videos posted to social media that shows exactly what was happening there is some video that shows predawn hours still dark the sound of gunfire and then after the sunrise you can see the outpost was in fact
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burning we've been speaking with some thai officials ministry of foreign affairs spokesman saying that they are closely monitoring the situation and obviously if there's going to be any impact particularly if there's going to be any impact on this side of the border zone province official is being quoted as saying that one was injured during this attack. ukraine's president wrote to me as selenski says he expects to meet russia's vladimir putin soon tensions between the 2 countries has been escalating in recent weeks russia has amassed large numbers of troops on ukraine's border before pulling them back ukraine accuses moscow of supporting separatists finds is in the 7 year conflict in its east. opposition politicians in georgia set to return to parliament after a 6 month boycott e.u. diplomats how to broker a deal to end the political deadlock last week the country has been facing a crisis since october his election with the opposition claiming it was mars' by
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violations and as robin foresee walker reports from tbilisi people want justice for those injured during protests. just parliament has been empty of debate for months with the opposition refusing to enter it but politics has continued on the street these protesters want justice for over 200 people injured in anti-government demonstrations in 2019. other misapply also visited the victims including me had cases in strasbourg until a sit in we demand the rehabilitation of our rights on the 28th of june $29000.00 crowds gathered outside parliament furious at the government's decision to allow a russian deputy to sit in the speaker's chair to default to war with russia in 2008 over its separatist territories. and self-assertive police fired on protesters with non-lethal rounds at close range. the violent events
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which took place right here led to almost 2 years of political confrontation between the governing party and the opposition camped out here next to parliament in fact for 6 months the opposition have been refusing to take part in ordinary political life and enter parliament but things may finally be about to change. last week opposition m.p.'s who to accused the government of stealing last year's election results in the e.u. and u.s. brokered deal to take up their seats. brussels believes securing georgia's democracy is needed at a time of regional instability getting this agreement in place now was a necessity to allow door to start again focusing on the 1st place on the domestic agenda but arguably i would say that having a stable georgia in this region is more important than ever. to deal includes
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a legacy for those accused of involvement in the $2900.00. rest including the camillia leader as to which is largest opposition party arrested last february. in exchange the government wants to end the investigations into the clean ducts of its lower enforcement offices. that's unacceptable. he lost his right to a policeman's rubber bullet. this shouldn't be happening at the expense of the people who lost their eyes and whose lives were ruined their coming out today in confirming with this signature that's on the state should apply to the people who have to go rise out and destroy the spiritually and psychologically. agreement is the talking point the west has pushed hard to broker this deal but it's required compromises some find hard to swallow robin 1st you will cut al-jazeera tblisi
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the u.s. attorney general has announced an investigation into the louisville police department in kentucky it follows last year's killing of briana taylor a black woman shot in her home during a botched police raid and it comes only days after the death of another black man during a police stop in north carolina rob reynolds reports. as protests over the police killing of andrew brown jr continue his family members were allowed to watch a snippet of police body camera video showing brown being shot repeatedly they were outraged by what they saw my dad. just trying to save his own life you know he was not in no office was not in no harm of him at all. it's just messed up how this happened. brown was killed on april 21st in elizabeth city north carolina by police serving
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a drug related arrest warrant. the killing sparked days of protests his relatives and their attorneys say brown posed no threat to officers as he tried to leave the scene in his vehicle and you had his hands on the stand will he was not reaching for anything he wasn't touching anything he wasn't doing anything about he had his hands firmly on the stand will have an absolute his vehicle shooting was 7 deputies have been placed on leave brown's family and protesters demand authorities released the full body camera videos from several officers walk in the family see all of the video. the truth will come out. the video will be saying about the public and we will get justice for andrew brown jr. the by did ministration is under political pressure to make good on the
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president's pledges to pursue police reform and end racial disparities it announced on monday that it would conduct a sweeping investigation of the police department and local government in louisville kentucky following the police shooting of briana taylor a black woman in her home there last year it will determine whether l m p d n gauges in unconstitutional stops searches and seizures as well as whether the department unlawfully execute search warrants on private homes. it will also a sas whether l m p d engages in discriminatory conduct on the basis of race. in the days since former minneapolis police officer derrick chauvin was convicted of murdering george floyd 11 months ago police around the u.s. have shot and killed at least half a dozen people leading to more nationwide cries for racial justice and reform
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rob reynolds 0 the u.s. says it will give $310000000.00 to go back to. the door to help stem the flow of migrants to its 7 border vice president kama harris made the announcement after holding a virtual meeting with guatemala's president and money will increase food supply. to colombia now where a decade after it introduced a law allowing people to reclaim lands that sneak in a day as getting it back is still a battle just a fraction has been handed over and only a few projects have been set up to help returning families. forced on the amazonian reach an offer to mio. since recovering his land because of me sam has been betting on peppercorns and heart of homes to rebuild his life it is a union for 7 years he and his family had to abandon their home after being caught in the middle of violent confrontations between fired gravels and colombia's
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paramilitary groups that took over is land. it was very bad people were getting killed daily they'd have you dig your own group then shoot you in cold blood we had no option but to leave. years later a judge recognized this rights to his land issuing an order of comprehensive ripper rationed like most farmers in this remote region on the border with ecuador he used to grow coca the basing region for cocaine but now he's hoping that with the help of the government is new legal in there will be successful where you go to launder situation helped us return reestablish ourselves and start growing this which seems to have potential we've rubel to khalid's and even if we don't make much we'll leave him i'm not worrying about my children's any more. pass' return is a relatively successful story in one of the largest reparation processes in the world 7700000 have been forcibly displaced by the conflict 10 years ago
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a law was implemented to return legitimate owners to their land and 4 years ago a peace deal with 5 rebels promised a comprehensive rule reform but the process is stagnated as the colonial state failed to stop the reemergence of violence and initiate true reforms. i have a land fund of 4000000 he has to return we have executed team pursuit it's a complicated process and it's the violence the lack of top dogs and one without any real president at the scale abandoned houses sealed off the land here a reminder of just how difficult to show are in parts of the country where the reasons behind the violence of the past persist and much of the land has never been registered they're all political professor that you have to hire a dog who has studied the issue closely says powerful interests that control the
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land don't want to process to advance market more than 40 percent of transactions in the country are not registered which makes land grabs easier and we have one of the was a concentration of property in the world we need to connect these remote regions to the rest of the country with road channel porch unities. back at the farm close in his family are worried because coca fields are appearing again in their territory as are drug trafficking groups putting once again at risk the fragile stability and peace they have achieved i listen to them and just read about you to. tell again i'm fully back to read the headlines on al-jazeera human rights watch is accusing israel of crimes against humanity practicing apartheid and persecution against palestinians that having rights organization says a discriminatory policy is eggs.


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