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sitting out there will be people outraged you know. and connections some don't want exponents many in legacy media love the mass shooting. back next week night and al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the palestinian government welcomes a report accusing israel of apartheid like crimes and calls on the international community to do its part. carparks turned into. india the w.h.o. says 3 new variants and large gatherings contributed to the latest surge of coronavirus
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infections. also on the frontline of the conflict in eastern ukraine we need solid volunteers helping to fight russian backed separatists. first minneapolis louisville kentucky the us attorney general announces another investigation into policing after last year's killing of briona taylor. i'm going to ask her what the sport is a strain increases ask for help to leave india and made a surge in korea virus cases and calls to cancel the indian premier league continue . welcome to the program palestinian leaders have welcomed a report accusing israel of crimes against humanity human rights watch says israel is practicing apartheid and persecution against palestinians the israeli foreign
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ministry has dismissed the report as biased and baseless sorry false it has more occupied east jerusalem. and palestinian racism was on show in jerusalem last week with hundreds of israeli far right activists chanting death to arabs the for. right thanks to an electoral alliance sponsored by the prime minister now has a foothold inside parliament but it is new report human rights watch makes a broader accusation that the israeli government itself practices apartheid and persecution started looking at it we saw the reality in which a single government rules of the road the area between the jordan river and the train you see roughly 6800000 jewish israelis and 6 for you. and across these areas is really authorities systems. and ultimately privileged jewish israelis the report focuses on 4 arenas in israel where it says palestinian israeli citizens are discriminated against particularly in terms of land use. in
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the occupied west bank where palestinians unlike israeli settlers a subject to military law and where settlers have preferential access to land resources and building permits in hamas controlled gaza from which palestinians a barred exit to live in the west bank or east jerusalem and in occupied east jerusalem where unlike israeli citizens palestinians can have their residency status revoked this is the 2nd high profile report this year that is accused israel of practicing apartheid in january the israeli rights group said the israeli government was an acting jewish supremacist policies in the occupied palestinian territories and inside israel itself israel is again rejecting such charges its foreign ministry saying human rights watch is known to have a long standing anti israeli agenda actively seeking for years to promote boycotts against israel their decision not to share this report for review or comment with
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any israeli authorities is clear indication that it is a propaganda pamphlet which lacks all credibility but critics point to the $2800.00 nation state law which defined national self-determination as quote unique to the jewish people and to the fact for several months last year israel's prime. minister was advocating the permanent annexation of nearly a 3rd of the occupied west bank it was then this is a very important report on israel practicing a part a policies the should be the position of the international community as it was with south africa and they should be punishment against the occupation human rights watch says with no viable peace process in place the situation has gone from temporary occupation to permanent domination it's calling on the international criminal court to investigate its allegations will go to that ibrahim in ramallah shortly but 1st let's talk to her before that in west jerusalem and harry israel already pushing back on this very strongly how seriously are they are they taking
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these sorts of accusations in a report like this. well on the one hand they are dismissing this report as false and propose stress and propaganda coming from an organization that they say has long been anti israeli but on the other hand there is a pretty sophisticated israeli attent to try to head off accusations of this kind on a number of fronts when you think of b.d.s. the boycott divestment and sanctions movement especially in the united states israel has been working very assiduously to try to undermine that campaign against the international criminal court's decision to investigate both israeli and hamas officials for alleged war crimes the israeli prime minister calling that pure anti semitism so it does take these sorts of things seriously and i think that's because it does touch on fairly fundamental issues about the nature of the current state of
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israel and indeed the the the longer term zionist project it was of course set up as a jewish homeland as a safe haven from people who'd been subjected to pogroms in the in europe in the 19th century and of course spurred on by the holocaust in the middle of the last century but is now subject to some criticism given the fact that 20 percent of the israeli population never mind the situation the occupied palestinian territory is palestinian israeli or in the israeli terms israeli arab and this is a country which recently passed a bill which said its national self-determination was something specifically in the province of the jewish people not of every citizen citizen of the country now israel of course defends itself on both those grounds saying that it has legitimate security concerns when it comes to both gaza and the west bank and that within israel the palestinian citizens of the country are able to take part and are
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represented in the parliament in the judiciary in the foreign service. and indeed in business in all other ways however there are long term allegations and indeed evidence of discrimination both within israel and so this is something that they are pushing back against and that human rights watch says that when you take it in the round not just in each isolated instance but evaluate it against legal definitions you can see that israel is practicing these crimes how he thanks very much for the up there let's join our colleague leader ibrahim who is live for us in ramallah with the palestinian point of view what has the reaction been from the palestinian authority as. let me tell you 1st about the palestinians we were here in front of the palestinian civil authority where many protestors were trying to lobby the palestinian authority to push israel
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to give their spouses palestinian i.d.'s a palestinian passports to be able to live together in one geographic area this is one area that that report has talked about the fact that israel controls the population just 3 and that it doesn't allow many palestinians from arab nationals or even internationals when they marry. when palestinians marry people from outside they don't allow them to get to the unification papers they don't allow them to get i.d.'s and passports and this is one element that the report mention but for many palestinians they would tell you that this is the reality on the ground these these this is the daily live under the israeli occupation policies many of them have said told us that they are glad that the international community some groups are stepping up and showing that israel is indeed implementing 2 systems for 2 people
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but for them this is a reality that they've long known for the palestinian authority the palestinian president has welcomed their report said it's well documented and the palestinian prime minister has also issued a statement saying that it's time for countries who are against occupation to make it vocally by revising their relationship with israel order holding israel into account into account by putting sanctions for example and he said it's not enough that these countries are just pointing out that they are against the occupation and that they should be holding israel to account let's not forget that the i.c.c. chief prosecutor in fact open suit that has said that it's opening an investigation into where crimes committed by israel and some tell. tinian groups in the occupied territory so many here are hoping that the international community keeps up and at mit's and recognizes what they have long known that they live under apartheid did
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over here in ramallah for us thanks very much well as. you saw him in the areas reporting he is the israel palestine director for him and rights watch and joins me now from jordan's couple thanks very much what does this report to now that your son other reports from other organizations haven't said or done before this report is a comprehensive 213 page documentation of israeli governments practices apartheid and persecution for years prominent voices have warned that the situation in israel's treatment of palestinians could give rise to apartheid that threshold has been crossed and may well have been crossed years ago it's incumbent upon the international community to recognize the reality for what it is a 54 year occupation is not temporary 30 year peace process will not end systematic prussian apartheid is the reality for millions of palestinians apartheid or
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persecution or international viewers we wondering about that definition very different definitions to describe the situation on the ground but in this particular case very closely linked. absolutely i mean while apartheid of course was coined in relation to south africa it is a universal legal term and a crime against humanity defined under the rome statute to the international criminal court as consisting of inhumane acts or particularly severe abuses committed in a context of systematic repression and with the intent by one group to dominate the other persecution is about discriminatory intent and severe abuses of fundamental rights human rights watch evaluated these 2 crimes together and the way in which they apply to the facts we documented regarding israel's treatment of palestinians you say there are facts that you have documented the israeli foreign ministry as have you just said has said they've had no access to report they have been able to look at your report they have been able to criticize your report did you offer your
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report to the israeli authorities for that perusal. that's a false statement by the israeli government we wrote to them in july of 2020 when we're doing a factual research with a series of details factual questions this is a regular practice we've been working in israel palestine for 30 years we were going to 100 countries across the world we write to governments typically the israeli government responds it confirmed did not respond last week we can wrote to them again we shouldn't executive summary of the report and we offered in person briefing ahead of the launch to present our who are important findings and they never responded that is that is clearly a mischaracterization the matter is again impending the report of yours come again we're seeing several moving parts to the story around the world to be the s. movement being criticized in the usa by israel on university campuses a 2nd major report as harry mentioned by bet a local ngo it israel also talking about the. treatment of palestinians
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in all the areas of the occupied territories and the i.c.c. which also refers to opening an investigation into war crimes that may be committed by the military and government officials how does your report fit into that global conversation about israel's behavior and the pressure that it may create and tell of eve. look the international community for too long has viewed human rights abuse as symptoms of the problem the problem being the lack of peace process the reality here is systematic repression is a core problem you can draw a disease unless you properly diagnose it the disease here is apartheid and persecution it is metastasized and consolidated and is incumbent upon the international community to take the measures and situation describe the warrants including the international criminal court investigating and prosecuting these crimes against humanity including targeted sanctions including asset freezes and travel bans against those israeli officials implicated the fact is the israeli
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government has with impunity continued these abuses year after year meanwhile day by day goes by where a palestinian is born in the gaza strip without the right to free movement born in the west bank without civil rights born in israel as a 2nd class legals as a 2nd class citizen by law this must end. human rights watch thanks very much for joining us from. thank you. plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including calls for justice for injured anti-government protesters go louder in georgia. also heavy fighting in myanmar as rebels in a border area attack a military camp. and joe will tell you which players are the 1st to be inducted into the english premier league's hall of fame also coming up in sport.
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the world health organization says the 3 new covert 19 variants that are present in india may have contributed to the latest surge the devastating 2nd wave is overwhelming india's hospitals and credit orleans along with a shortage of medicine and oxygen new cases have stayed birth 300000 for the 6th day and the health ministry has reported another 2771 deaths the search has left families and patients pleading for oxygen outside hospitals health officials in new delhi and neighboring states have been making calls and posting appeals on twitter seeking emergency supplies the government has called for help from the military which will release oxygen supplies from their reserves retired medical personnel will also provide help australia has now joined a growing list of countries that have banned all restricted flights from india a shipment of medical aid is the 1st to arrive while the u.s. is lifting a ban on sending raw materials abroad allowing india to make more of the astra
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zeneca that seem let's get more on this from our correspondent elizabeth cohen who's live for us in new delhi and of course elizabeth hospitals overwhelmed and a 5 star controversy brewing. that's right so despite the international aid pouring in never seen it coming in the last few days the world health organization has said that they are prepared to fend for the. as an oxygen concentrator delhi leader denny's leader ivan cage has said that they're planning to set up tens of oxygen generation plants we continue to see those pictures of hospitals oxygen starkest twitter time lines for the desperate people trying to find beds and oxygen supplies for their loved ones which is why the announcement from the delhi government on tuesday that they are setting up. a covert health facility in a 5 star hotel for the delhi high court judges and their families that announcement
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hasn't been received very well now this was at the request of the delhi high court and there has been backlash on social media with people asking if it's a joke when people are dying outside of hospitals because there aren't enough beds and there isn't enough oxygen indeed of course you know the numbers themselves so much the pictures i suppose it has been speak for themselves the pictures that we're seeing the numbers really are going up and there seems to be perhaps discrepancies in the numbers in the way the officials of tallying these all up both in the rural areas is a difficult job really to get an accurate figure isnt it. and you can really see that there must be a discrepancy when you look at the pictures that. are coming out from all over the country of mass burials that crime of tory and. tweens using parking grounds and car parks to cremate people and the official death toll just not adding up to the
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numbers of covered bodies which are being from aged which are being buried it's happening here even in the capital of delhi as well as a number of other badly affected states in good wrath in my view for there in the most populous state author for this the official number of daily infections isn't an accurate indication of the cases either because it's taking so long now to get tested and even more days to get the results and despite all the some cases rising alarmingly in states including author of the day we have leaders of the predations chief minister you hear that you're not saying that there are no shortages despite people dying there because they can't find beds and oxygen and asking government officials are asking police officers to take action against hospitals which put up signs saying they can't admit patients because of a lack of oxygen to investigate whether they're doing that to create panic and this
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is hospital directors and doctors all over the country breaking down because they don't have the resources to save lives elizabeth force there in new delhi thanks very much it's been. seeing is a community development officer the home good foundation which is a non-government organization it comes to the rescue of many in the capital who desperately need supplies of oxygen and he joins me now from new delhi mr singh good to have you with us on al-jazeera thanks for your time i know how busy you are trying to help people in your capital city i mean how is the organization helping in the search for oxygen that the public so desperately need. we basically have to initiate it the 1st thing and i think even come in that way he called and we give them support 27 beings where. oxygen banks are free so there's not judge. if you could in all of these. we could curing all of these oxygen tanks from that is
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a. shortage in delhi india just just tell us a little bit more about the numbers of people that are coming to your organization if you can give us an idea of when the outbreak sort of started and it started to get worse what was the increase in numbers that you were seeing on a daily basis if i compared with the 4. 100 s. in a month but do not be getting $1000.00. on headline news you did it with an instagram and we did it. on a daily basis we're getting under 2000 people waiting outside our head as you know lining up. in terms of the focus might be on the capital of india at the moment but from the people that you're speaking to in your sort of charitable. context where all the problems around either delhi or how they are or even beyond those borders.
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the major not far from delhi on the national guard and region the 2nd being maharashtra and then. we are not just walking in delhi and. making us work and back in india many people are coming to you are coming either as a 1st resort or even as a last resort to get oxygen but we're hearing stories about some members of the public talking about the black market and the problems they're experiencing trying to get supplies even if they could are you hearing the same stories. that openly has been the base of the force for good so you're getting noxon's didn't know what about 6000 east now the moment general public is getting in for when to tell him to be that lucky. we obviously have a bad effect and vendors and we're lucky enough to have a strong network but we can get people that give it to them. do you find your job difficult at the moment in the sense that on a new you're not a politician but there are certain politicians on the government who want to remove
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social media tweets that certain hospitals don't have beds or certain hospitals don't have oxygen and they're very critical of those organizations who are trying to inform the public about whether oxygen or other supplies are or are not available does that make your job difficult when your trying to help people who are turning around to you and saying i can't get a certain supply of either oxygen or medicine because this hospital says we haven't got it although you might be afraid of what the government might say if you tweet out that a hospital has got oxygen or heart hospital it's got these drugs it definitely makes my job a lot more difficult it takes it down and then you have this on one side of language people but you know we do face issues. and we have been asked to remove one of her great very good we've clearly mentioned that you know our. you know there is a deliberate cause. so yes we are. likely to but i'm glad we did as well and on
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social media platforms with us ringback. you know one thing about that anymore it's good to get your viewpoint certainly the coal face saying thanks so much for joining us from new delhi. thank you. the u.s. government says it's working nonstop to deliver supplies to india president spoken to the indian prime minister narendra modi and washington will raise so release up to $60000000.00 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine after being accused of holding them is a white house correspondent complete that. under pressure from global governments to do more to help takeover dying team the united states is sending much needed medical supplies to india there are a number of areas that have are of great interest and are of great need to india at this point time oxygen is one of them at india's request that we are exploring
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options to provide action and related supplies and we've identified u.s. commercial suppliers of friends of beer that are immediately available to help relieve the suffering of cove in $1000.00 patients in india they've identified rapid diagnostic testing supplies personal protective equipment and additional ventilators on monday u.s. president biden called india's prime minister modi to discuss how the 2 countries can work together to protect their populations. india is experiencing one of the worst covert 19 outbreaks the world has ever seen and oxygen supply are short the u.s. and other developed nations have been under criticism for stockpiling vaccine doses while poor countries struggle after weeks of hesitation the u.s. now says it will assist india in boosting its vaccine supply 53 percent of the u.s. population has received at least one vaccine dose of them a dirda pfizer or johnson and johnson vaccines and appointments are now easy to
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obtain but vaccines for america's astra zeneca stockpile have not yet been approved in the u.s. still the bidens of ministration will now make up to 60000000 doses available for export to countries like india following a government review before any astra zeneca doses are show. it from the united states the f.d.a. will confirm any such doses meet its expectations for product quality the u.s. is also sending a team of experts from the centers for disease control to help india manage its crisis the u.s. actions are reciprocal india sent the united states assistance in the early days of the pandemic when the us was hard hit now the biden ministration wants to return the favor medical professionals say the u.s. move is a good start but more must be done and what's needed in the long term is quite
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clear a waiver of all intellectual property patents. that control 'd or that hinder district global distribution of the covert vaccines and other covert related technologies as india battles its covert crisis some countries and airlines have banned flights to and from india but the white house says it has no plans to ban travelers from india to the united states can really help that al-jazeera the white house. still ahead hill knowledge is there a growing stumble between saudi arabia in lebanon we'll talk to the families course in the middle. munich's named their new coach joe have that answer for you in sport so do stay with us.
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hello there are a frosty start for parts of central and northern europe and it's all because of a disturbance dragging down some cool air in particular for the baltic states temperatures in the single digits and we're still dealing with that wet weather across the iberian peninsula but now it's starting to impact a bigger area of france also wet weather for the balkans as well on wednesday we're going to see some instability for the united kingdom but i do think that london is going to stay dry we'll call it about $5050.00 shot on wednesday 14 degrees so temperatures here are also below average for this time of the year and there is the rain starting to now move into areas of germany and poland and single digits for stockholm on your wednesday across north africa weather for djibouti and also the ethiopian high lands we've got some pretty good spells of rain across the gulf of
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guinea in particular heavier rain for the ivory coast and cameroon but those showers will start to peter out as we head toward thursday and we'll just be dealing with most mostly cloudy skies for example in cameroon on your thursday. an hour that stays for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. by jungle straightly an engineer isn't venting tools to help people gain independence. but all side of that will go up to the ability to recognize objects all the fire and save that people with for better vision will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science robo gals on al-jazeera. the small boy and his brother rescued from war in gaza by the red cross so i hold it was a time when we were 1st released on
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a red cross truck now a world leader in crisis management and a highly regarded doctor in chicago who still misses her homeland just one day as possible only thinking of returning to jordan al jazeera world meets 2 successful arab doctors in north america arabs the world the humanitarian and the healer on al-jazeera. the world. will go back i want to be al jazeera news are with me as a whole rom a reminder of our top stories human rights watch is accusing israel of crimes against humanity practicing apartheid and persecution against palestinians palestinian leaders have welcomed the report while the israeli foreign ministry has
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dismissed the finding this also the world health organization says 3 new coded 1900 variants that are present in india may have contributed to the latest surge more than 300000 new cases have been reported there 46 consecutive day. russia is warning it will do whatever necessary to ensure security along its borders it follows weeks of escalating tension between moscow and ukraine where the russians are amassing thousands of troops along their shared frontier it ordered there would draw all of those day russia says actions by the u.s. and nato are behind an increasing military threat. well ukrainian president vladimir is a lenski says he expects to meet russia's vladimir putin soon and a bid to end the conflict in the east since it began 7 years ago form volunteers have traveled to the region to fight on both sides charles trafford reports from the frontline village of shoe rock into which where he met
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a fighter from georgia gulch or is a georgian war veteran in eastern ukraine. the conflict here is something he recognizes because russia has also supported separatists in 2 breakaway regions of georgia. in 2008 the russian army invaded to support their independence bid. the sound of shells exploding reverberates across the fields. says russian banks separatists farrant ukrainian army positions near here almost every day. did you hear that he says the foreign 120 millimeter caliber weapons he takes to the front line village of. every building was either damaged or completely destroyed during fighting in 2015. russia did many bad things to us in georgia they occupied our territory as they
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have done here in ukraine i'm not against the russian nation or people but that politics is a very dirty game that. georgian volunteers like got just started coming to ukraine to thank russian bank separatists at the start of the conflict in 20142 years later the self-styled georgian national legion was incorporated into the ukrainian army. analysts say russia has encouraged and supported territorial disputes in ukraine as it did in georgia to hinder the 2 countries from joining nato. me at the ball liberation we georgians know what it means when your dignity and liberty is taken the ukrainians helped us and now it's our turn to help them they told us during our war that if we didn't stop russia in georgia then we would eventually have to stop them in ukraine they predicted this would happen and they were right. the sound of gunshots could be heard every few minutes. the morning started with shelling and
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now snipers they are trying to provoke us to shoot back and find out our positions this ukrainian soldier tells us there are around 50 georgians that are working with the ukrainian army right the way along the front line the army here this morning very nervous they want to allow us to progress any further up this road because in the last half an hour or so we've heard what they describe as. targeting a position very close to here. both sides accuse each other of violating the 2015 cease fire agreement most everyday gottschalk leaves his weapon before going back to his checkpoint he says defending ukrainians he's jute that he won't be returning to georgia any time soon charles strafford al-jazeera shirakawa eastern ukraine. now opposition politicians in georgia assert to return to
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parliament after a 6 month boycott the diplomats helped broker a deal to end the political deadlock last week but the country has been facing a crisis since october the election with the opposition claiming it was marred by violations and as robyn forestay walker reports now from tbilisi people want justice for those injured during the protests. george's parliament has been empty of debate for months with the opposition refusing to enter it but politics has continued on the street these protesters want justice for over 200 people injured in anti-government demonstrations in 2019 as almost a 1000000 other miserable also visited the victims including me had cases in strasburg and millicent in we demand the rehabilitation of our rights on the 28th of june 29th team crowds gathered outside parliament furious at the government's decision to allow a russian deputy to sit in the speaker's chair to default to war with russia in 2008 over its separatist territories
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a panacea and self-assertive police fired on protesters with non-lethal rounds at close range. the violent events which took place right here led to almost 2 years of political confrontation between the governing party and the opposition comes out here next to parliament in fact for 6 months the opposition have been refusing to take part in ordinary political life and enter parliament but things may finally be about to change. last week opposition m.p.'s who to accused the government of stealing last year's election results in the e.u. and u.s. brokered deal to take up their seats. brussels believes securing georgia's democracy is needed at a time of regional instability getting this agreement in place now was
1:36 pm
a necessity to allow door to start again focusing on the 1st place on its domestic agenda but arguably i would say that having a stable georgia in this region is more important than ever. the deal includes a legacy for those accused of involvement in the $2900.00 rest including the camillia the leader of to which is largest opposition party arrested last february . in exchange the government wants to end the investigations into the conduct of its law enforcement officers that's unacceptable. he lost his r e to a policeman's rubber bullet. this shouldn't be happening at the expense of the people who lost their eyes and whose lives were ruined they are coming out today in confirming with this signature that amnesty should apply to the people who arise out and destroyed spiritually and psychologically. agreement is the talking point
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the west has pushed hard to broker this deal but it's required compromises some find hard to swallow robin for a steelworker al-jazeera tbilisi one of my group says it's captured and burnt down an army post near the thai border the pearson area controlled by the korean national union the group is a vocal opponent of the army which seized power in a coup in february thousands of people have recently fled current state after airstrikes by near mars military let's get more this from scott hyder joins us from bangkok in neighboring thailand with the latest scott what more do we know about this attack on the military base. so hill it really took place right at the beginning of the day on tuesday even before sunrise and that was an attack on this outpost this myanmar army locally known as the tatmadaw outpost the can you use small arms and it appears there's some mortars there and then what
1:38 pm
they said what they did is they overran this outpost and then they burnt it to the ground and now what this is an indication of is the an uptick in violence we've seen between the cain knew and its forces ethnic army forces there in the caribbean area controlled area against the tatmadaw now this has been going on you know it's really kind of kicked up since the coup on february 1st but this is a fight that's been going on for decades but obviously right now as you mentioned so hill they they came in you has thrown their support behind the protest movement that is against the coup that is against the jones a that now rules myanmar they've joined other ethnic armies and other ethnic groups who have said also that they are supporting the the protest movement and actually even talked about a national unity government being part of that and the possibly an army beyond that so what this is is a sin a small attack that was a symbol i guess that some say they can you is sending to the tatmadaw that they are still there they are still part of this organization this idea i should say to
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remove them from power what's going to be interesting in what some people are saying is that retaliate that is going to be expected over the coming days because of this attack on the outpost but right now what we can say for certain so is that this was an attack they released it was meant to send a signal but it's part of the ongoing uptick in violence along this territory that it really just borders right right along with thailand it's called highly force it but thanks very much. now the u.s. attorney general has announced an investigation into the living police department in kentucky not follows the killing of brianna taylor a black woman shot in our own home during a botched police raid and it comes only days after the death of another black man during a police stop in north carolina wrote brunell's explains. as protests over the police killing of andrew brown jr continue his family members were allowed to watch
1:40 pm
a snippet of police body camera video showing brown being shot repeatedly they were outraged by what they saw my dad i ask you to just back on to save his own life you know he was not and no office was not and no harm of him at all. is just messed up how this happened. brown was killed on april 21st in elizabeth city north carolina by police serving a drug related arrest warrant the killing sparked days of protests his relatives and their attorneys say brown posed no threat to officers as he tried to leave the scene in his vehicle and you had his hands on the stand. he was not reaching for anything he wasn't such anything he wasn't doing anything about he had his hands firmly on the stand will ever end up so his vehicle shooting was 7 deputies have been placed on leave brown's family and protesters demand authorities
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released the full body camera videos from several officers walk in the family see all of the video. the truth will come out. the video will be same bad the public and we will get justice for andrew brown jr. the by did ministration is under political pressure to make good on the president's pledges to pursue police reform and end racial disparities it announced on monday that it would conduct a sweeping investigation of the police department and local government in louisville kentucky following the police shooting of briana taylor a black woman in her home there last year it will determine whether l m p d n gauges in unconstitutional stops searches and seizures as well as whether the department unlawfully execute search warrants on private homes. it will also
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a sas whether l m p d engages in discriminatory conduct on the basis of race in the days since former minneapolis police officer derrick chauvin was convicted of murdering george floyd 11 months ago police around the u.s. have shot and killed at least half a dozen people leading to more nationwide cries for racial justice and reform rob reynolds al jazeera now there are reports that at least one person has been killed during protests in chad's capital troops have been deployed and security forces have used tear gas to break up demonstrations against the new military transitional council demonstrators set tires on fire and to mena gunshots were heard how position groups are going symmetries appointment of a new prime minister the military council seized power after president idriss stampedes death last week. 4 people are being killed not joining an ambush on an
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anti poaching patrol in bikini faster than happened in the area around the palm a national park in the east of the country one local and 3 europeans are missing the kenya fast say house a for the regular attacks by armed groups in recent yes more than a 1000 people have died in the violence. saudi arabia has suspended the import of fruit and vegetables from lebanon and its shipments are being used for drug smuggling of the millions of pills and found in boxes of pomegranates lebanon is already facing a terrible economic crisis the worst in decades and the banns expected to hit farmers very hard and cynical to reports. these farmers in lebanon are harvesting lettuce meant for households in saudi arabia but after the saudi government imposed a ban on lebanese produce they fear the agricultural sector will face the disaster saudi officials say the shipments are being used to smuggle drugs. and had there
1:44 pm
are not that it's an arbitrary decision and so we ask the saudis to reverse the ban we're not all drug dealers and smugglers you can't punish everyone lebannon exports 400000 tons of agricultural produce every year one forced to saudi arabia and the wider gulf region it's millions of dollars for a country facing a deep economic and financial crisis. we don't export pomegranates investigations show the truck came from syria but yes you can argue the lebanese government is not doing its job there are no scanners at the borders with syria or at the ports corruption in governance has plagued this country for years there is little control along its borders whether with neighboring syria or at ports where smuggling is rampant and evasion of custom tax costs the state billions of dollars in revenues levanon has a long history of drug called the beige and have trafficking the because bally is the source of opium and hashish production factories producing captagon pills have
1:45 pm
been discovered as well western drug agencies say the amphetamine is also widely manufactured in syria. the discovery of 5300000 captagon pills in saudi arabia was the latest drug bust coming from lebanon on the timing of the ban has raised the question if politics is at play this disengagement strategy that saudi arabia as well as the broader gulf has adopted views of 11 on slowly turning into more often engagement than a negative engagement strategy in that case the pressure on the lebanese government in saudi arabia whose influence in lebanon has waned in recent years is angered by what many see as the iranian backed hezbollah must control and influence in the country lebanon's leaders ordered the security services to crack down on drug smuggling and those behind it. decisions are not in the hands of the lebanese government but in the hands of hezbollah are the smuggling routes are under its
1:46 pm
control so is the airport and the ports there is no state in lebanon there is a lot of uncertainty saudi arabia want to guarantee is that what it calls a systematic smuggling operations and few here believe it will be easy to control the drug trade so $100.00 beirut. the u.s. says it will give $310000000.00 to guatemala honduras and el salvador to help stop the flow of migrants to its southern border by as president couple of hours made the announcement after holding a virtual meeting with guatemala as president the money will increase food supplies it also aims to provide protection for refugees and asylum seekers who are often targeted by people smugglers the decade after colombia introduced a law allowing people to reclaim land that's legally theirs getting it back is still a battle just a fraction has been handed over and only a few projects have been set up to help returning families alexandra p.s.u. reports now from the amazonian region with the mail. since recovering is
1:47 pm
land causing me saying has been betting on peppercorns and hard to farms to rebuild his life it is a union for 7 years he and his family had to abandon their home after being caught in the middle of violent confrontations between fired gravels in colombia sparing military groups that took over is land. it was very bad people were getting killed daily they'd have you dig your own roof then shoot you in cold blood we had no option but to leave. years later a judge recognized his rights to his land issuing an order of comprehensive ripper rationed like most farmers in this remote region on the border with ecuador he used to grow coca the basing region for cocaine but now he's hoping that with the help of the government is new legal in there will be successful where you got a longer situation helped us return reestablish ourselves and start growing this
1:48 pm
which seems to have potential we've rubel to khalid's and even if we don't make much peace i'm not worrying about my children's any more. his return is a relatively successful story in one of the largest reparation processes in the world 7700000 have been forcibly displaced by the conflict 10 years ago a law was implemented to return legitimate owners to their land and 4 years ago a peace deal with 5 rebels promised a comprehensive rule reform but the process is stagnated as the colonial state failed to stop the reemergence of bile and initiate true reforms. i have a land fund of 4000000 he has to return we have executed team pursuit it's a complicated process and it's the violence the lack of top dogs and one without any real president at the scale abandoned houses sealed off the land here a reminder of just how difficult. are in parts of the country where the reasons
1:49 pm
behind the violence of the past persist and much of the land has never been registered. political professor daddy of the heart of the who has studied the issue closely says powerful interests that control the land don't want to process to advance market more than 40 percent of transactions in the country are not registered which makes long drives easier and we have one of the worst concentration of property in the world we need to connect these remote regions to the rest of the country with road channel porch unities. back at the farm close and his family are worried because coca fields are appearing again in their territory as are drug trafficking groups putting once again at risk the fragile stability and peace they have achieved and listen to them and just. well still had hailed the news that was kind of our escape the surgeon india cricketers playing in the premier league take extra precautions on story coming up with check in sport.
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by time sports history science thank you very much australia's prime minister scott morrison has told us straight and chris's they'll have to make their own way home from the indian premier league following his government's decision to suspend flights in corona virus cases in india 3 australian players authority fine hi i'm now batsman chris lane is also his country's cricket board. to charter a flight to bring the others back at the end of the tournament david waters among those who remain here in sunrisers hyderabad team mate cain williamson suited up
1:52 pm
and personal protective equipment as a team travelled from chennai to delhi warner and williamson who's from new zealand stayed on to play for their franchise despite nearly a 1000000 new cases in just 3 days the teams will now play in abbottabad and the capital delhi which has been hard hit and the players are aware of what's going on outside that by a secure bubble. it's not nice to be honest watching from afar certainly considering how lucky we are to be in a bubble and not be affected by it very much we'll see lend their support and heartfelt gratitude to everybody who is ill or going through tough times well you commentator sales joins me now live on skype from go on sale it's get your point of view 1st should they cancel this indian premier league. i think it's a tough question i'm not someone i'd like to sit on the fence and i know the age
1:53 pm
old saying is the show must go on 'd but i guess in the midst of a global pandemic you must ask yourself at what cost and what stage does that show not go on and i think this 2 sides to that coin in a country like india you know everyone across the years looks forward to. the guns out that is the idea that i think spirits are lifted and especially during depressing times like this people look forward to it and that is that one side of the coin but on the flip side obviously it's just a depressing stage you know when things started off a need to be there 100000 cases it was still sort of a time where things looked like they were getting better vaccines were being rolled out but suddenly you've got triple the number of cases and i think it's a tough one because there is no right answer because there's a lot of jobs that are at stake there are thousands of jobs beyond just the luxuries and the millions that the plane isn't making and i think that's why it's a hard one to just cut don't know if this was happening in a country like india and it would have been shut down by now but i think india and the i.p.l. is a different beast in
1:54 pm
a country of 1200000000 people that really do lift their spirits with a tournament like the idea. that we so 4 planes dropping out yesterday can you see more play is following and if that does happen how do you think the play the teams will come. i think it's going to be a personal one i think i'm too tired summed up quite perfectly said we actually feel safe in the bubbling but moderately i just can't put the situation together because there's a philosophical question that he must address which is how are we justifying the government culprits and to be spending so much money when people are lining up to not get a hospital bed and i think that's the big question that people and the conundrum that players are facing as well i think players and teams have the ability to back their bench strength and there is enough where they need to go and i think teams will start to see lending each other players in the loans will start to come through but i do think there will be a few personal calls made of each other that actually made a bold statement when we stepped out of the seat for personal reasons there and
1:55 pm
it's a question of whether you want to put your family 1st i think a lot of us that started to hit home very closely we've all got family members now who are suffering with kobe who are struggling with oxygen as well and i think the closer it starts to hit only you start to cry or ties and you wonder whether to put your family there 1st or you continue to live in this isolated bubble and i think it's a tough one because you've got the pressures of performing in the world's toughest t 20 leagues and then you've got the pressures combined with the wadi of whining about your family members to understand where they lived at the end of these 2 months as well and i think it's a cop out but teams and players alike and i just really want to get to this point coming to 50000 dollars to buy oxygen for hospitals in india has anyone else fully 10 because he plans to take the same. i think there have been a few and again i think the i.p.o. can be a scapegoat and i think that government is $50000.00 isn't the 1st about kohli has
1:56 pm
his own foundation and that's only continues to contribute it's just that we don't see it very often that we don't see a statement in social media when they do the same but i know they did the same a long time ago it was a fantastic gesture i think from pat cummins to do so and i do see a lot of players following suit i myself made a donation yesterday and i know a lot of us did through multiple of the funds that are going on but i think it has to go beyond that i think the powerful piece that is the i.p.o. has the ability to do send a message through whether it's on your broadcast whether it's a message of whether to get back in a day where your boss socially distance safely i think these are some of the messages that need to be passed on through a powerful medium that is you know we're going to millions every night and so while the i.p.l. is a soft scapegoat on one side i think it's going to follow it as well to start telling people and educating people and building awareness about what they can do better to actually combat what covert 19 is about today because it's a beast that india today is really struggling to cope with all right so thank you
1:57 pm
very much for giving us your insights on this story. and to football now by nina consigned union men to take over as coach for next season on a 5 year contract the 33 year old german will replace hansie flick who is leaving at the end of the season nicole smith is currently in charge of abi light sick having taken them to the semi's of the champions league last year finally forced to pay a lot to compensation to secure the services of nicholson. real madrid courage the nadine's that iran is expecting chelsea to play a positive football tonight when they host the london side in the 1st leg of the champions league semifinal while suffered a setback in their domestic title chances at the weekend but is it in days that an says his team won't be prioritizing the champions league ever leka k.-man at and hasn't is back playing after a lengthy injury lay off likely to come off the bench to face his former club. are that as a useful for now i have a little more for you later so i hope thanks very much to you having watched the old sarah news hour with me so rob and 2 other guys are fully back to both of next
1:58 pm
to the full half hour of news so to stay with us until then thanks very much for your time and your company. frank assessments. that you have and what taking what a situation might not be you could ever get informed opinion is the u.s. with thinking military positioning in the middle east or is it just a simple act of reorganizing ministry us and this is a message to the region the united states is very think you are its military
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