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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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drop down your temperature 1019 by wednesday about washington up to 30 on wednesday . sponsored by qatar airways. this is al-jazeera. when you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes carparks turning to crime a tall rooms the w.h.o. says 3 new variants of large gatherings may have contributed to india's latest surge of covert 19 infections. at least 2 people were killed in chants capital during protests against the recent military takeover world leaders have condemned the violence also the palestinian government has welcomed a reporter cues in israel of apartheid like crimes and calls on the international
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community to do its part. and the u.s. navy says one of its ships had a tense encounter with an iranian vessel this month. i'm going to guess ruskell in the sports training cricket has asked for help to leave india and it is surging current virus cases and calls to cancel the indian premier league continue. welcome to the news of the world health organizations 3 new covert $900.00 variants in india may have contributed to the latest search now it also says large public gatherings may be to blame for the crisis a devastating 2nd wave is overwhelming india's hospitals and chroma torrens along with a shortage of medicine and oxygen new cases have stayed above 300004 the 6th day
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and 2771 deaths have been reported the surge has left families and patients pleading for oxygen outside of hospitals doctors and residents in the capital new delhi and neighboring states have been posting appeals on twitter seeking emergency supplies the military is expected to release oxygen supplies from its reserves its retired medical personnel will also provide help australia has now joined a growing list of countries that have banned all restricted flights from india a shipment of medical aid from the u.k. is the 1st to arrive while the us is easing restrictions on sending raw materials abroad allowing india to make more of the astra zeneca vaccine well that circus over to elizabeth purana correspondent in new delhi is following events for us and the lives of both really hospitals as we've heard overwhelmed with what's going on and there's this new 5 star controversy as well that's developing.
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yes hospitals continued to be overwhelmed despite the international aid that started arriving 2 days ago and more and more oxygen generation plants being set up here the indian air force and indian both ways transporting oxygen tankers indian railways also once again as they did last year converting thousands of coaches into covert care facilities and installing tens of thousands of beds but it's just not fast enough to match that rise in cases which is why the announcement from the delhi government early on tuesday that they were going to convert a 5 star hotel in the center of the capital into a covert health care facility for the delhi high court judges and their families has not been well received here now the delhi high court has responded to that and it said that it didn't ask the delhi government to do that but the backlash is so great and that is because of the shortages and because people are still dying
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because they can't find hospital beds and oxygen and of course it was very difficult for the authorities really to tell you the numbers because they don't quite add up quite a bit the discrepancies. to the very really remote rural reasons world. but it's always going to be an incredibly mammoth task counting numbers in india with a population of $1380000.00 people we're less than a quarter of war deaths happen in hospitals and medically certified discrepancies between the official death toll in the number of quoted 19 bodies being cremated and buried are just far too great at the moment they are not adding up and many states including delhi are being accused of underreporting the number of deaths cases ago not alarmingly in the worst affected state author pradesh and people are
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dying very is well because of a leg. facilities that is notoriously poor and have an underfunded public health care system most of india does that especially with their predation yet its leader . is doubling down on statements that there are no shortages he says that the problem is black marketeer ing and hoarding and that certainly is an issue at the moment we are seeing lifesaving medicines oxygen being sold on the black market at exorbitant prices but health experts say that. another problem is how under-prepared the central and state governments were to deal with this crisis. through a new delhi thanks very much for the update. now the us government so it's working nonstop to deliver urgent supplies for india president joe biden spoken to the prime minister narendra modi and washington will release up to $60000000.00 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine after being accused of holding them here's our white
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house correspondent kimberly health good. under pressure from global governments to do more to help cope with 19 the united states is sending much needed medical supplies to india there are a number of areas that have are of great interest and are a great need to india at this point time oxygen is one of them at india's request we are exploring options to provide action and related supplies and we've identified u.s. commercial suppliers of friends of beer that are immediately available to help relieve the suffering of coded $1000.00 patients in india we've identified rapid diagnostic testing supplies personal protective equipment and additional ventilators on monday u.s. president biden called india's prime minister modi to discuss how the 2 countries can work together to protect their populations. india is experiencing one of the worst covert 19 outbreaks the world has ever seen and oxygen supply are
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short the u.s. and other developed nations have been under criticism for stockpiling vaccine doses while poor countries struggle after weeks of hesitation the u.s. now says it will assist india in boosting its vaccine supply 53 percent of the u.s. population has received at least one vaccine dose of them a dirda pfizer or johnson and johnson vaccines and appointments are now easy to obtain but vaccines for america's astra zeneca stockpile have not yet been approved in the u.s. still the by dint of ministration will now make up to 60000000 doses available for export to countries like india following a government review before any astra zeneca doses are shipped from the united states the f.d.a. will confirm any such doses meet its expectations for product quality the u.s. is also sending a team of experts from the centers for disease control to help india manage its
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crisis the u.s. action. our reciprocal india sent the united states assistance in the early days of the pandemic when the us was hard hit now the biden ministration wants to return the favor medical professionals say the u.s. move is a good start but more must be done and what's needed in the long term is quite clear a waiver of all intellectual property patents. that control 'd or that hinder district global distribution of the covert vaccines and other covert related technologies as india battles its covert crisis some countries and airlines have banned flights to and from india but the white house says it has no plans to ban travelers from india to the united states can really help that al-jazeera the white house palestinian leaders have welcomed a report accusing israel of crimes against humanity human rights watch says israel
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is practicing apartheid and persecution against palestinians now the israeli foreign ministry has dismissed the reporter's biased and baseless ari false it was more from occupied east jerusalem. anti palestinian racism was on show in jerusalem last week with hundreds of israeli far right activists chanting death to arabs the far right thanks to an electoral alliance sponsored by the prime minister now has a foothold inside parliament but it is new report human rights watch makes a broader accusation that the israeli government itself practices apartheid and persecution and we started looking at it we saw the reality in which a single government rules of the road the area between the jordan river and the train you see roughly 6800000 jewish israelis and 16. and across these areas is really authorities systems. indians and ultimately privileged jewish israelis the report focuses on 4 arenas in israel where it says
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palestinian israeli citizens are discriminated against particularly in terms of land use. in the occupied west bank where palestinians unlike israeli settlers a subject to military law and where settlers have preferential access to land resources and building permits in hamas controlled gaza from which palestinians a barred exit to live in the west bank or east jerusalem and in occupied east jerusalem where unlike israeli citizens palestinians can have their residency status revoked this is the 2nd high profile report this year that is accused israel of practicing apartheid in january the israeli rights group said the israeli government was an acting jewish supremacist policies in the occupied palestinian territories and inside israel itself israel is again rejecting such charges its foreign ministry saying human rights watch is known to have a long standing anti israeli agenda actively seeking for years to promote boycotts
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against israel their decision not to share this report for review or comment with any israeli authorities is clear indication that it is a propaganda pamphlet which lacks all credibility but critics point to the. the nation state law which defined national self-determination as quote unique to the jewish people and to the fact for several months last year israel's prime minister was advocating the permanent annexation of nearly a 3rd of the occupied west bank. and this is a very important report on israel practicing a path 8 policies the should be the position of the international community as it was with south africa and they should be punishment against the occupation human rights watch says with no viable peace process in place the situation has gone from temporary occupation to permanent domination it's calling on the international criminal court to investigate its allegations are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. from ramallah some of the issues
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highlighted by the report. we were here in in front of the palestinian civil authority where many protesters were trying to lobby the palestinian authority to push israel to give their spouses palestinian i.d.'s of palestinian passports to be able to live together in one geographical area this is one area that the report has talked about the fact that israel controls the population registry and that it doesn't allow many palestinians from arab nationals or even internationals when they marry a people from when palestinians marry people from outside they don't allow them to get to the unification papers they don't allow them to get i.d.'s and passports and this is one element that the report mention but for many palestinians they would tell you that this is the reality on the ground this is the really daily live under the israeli occupation policies many of them upset have told us that they're glad
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that the international community some groups are stepping up and showing that israel is indeed implementing 2 systems for 2 people but for them this is a reality that they have long known. plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including on the front line of the conflict in eastern ukraine we meet foreign volunteers helping to find russian backed separatists also mexico is experiencing its worst drought in decades we take a look at how people are coping with the drawing spurred. on by a new nickname the new coach joe neighborhood details in schools. the anticorruption group founded by kremlin critic alexina valley says it will continue its work despite new court imposed restrictions judges are considering whether to ban the foundations of fighting corruption as an extremist organization
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among other curbs it's no longer allowed to share content online or organize rallies the volley has been in prison since january and supporters say he's in poor health at risk of dying. now russia is warning that it will do whatever necessary to ensure security along its borders it follows weeks of escalating tension between moscow and ukraine with russia amassing thousands of troops along their shared frontier it ordered their withdrawal on thursday russia says actions by the u.s. and nato are behind increasingly a creasing military threat ukraine's president lot of ms alinsky says he expects to meet russia's vladimir putin soon in a bid to end the conflict in the east since it began 7 years ago for volunteer foreign volunteers have traveled to the region to fight on both sides charles trafford reports now from the village on the frontline. where he met
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a fighter from georgia gulch or is a georgian war veteran in eastern ukraine the conflict here is something he recognizes because russia has also supported separatists in 2 breakaway regions of georgia. 2008 the russian army invaded to support their independence bid. the sound of shells exploding reverberates across the fields. says russian back separatists fire at ukrainian army positions near here almost every day. did you hear that he says they're foreign 120 millimeter caliber weapons he takes us to the frontline village of. every building was either damaged or completely destroyed during fighting in 2015. russia did many bad things to us in georgia they occupied our territory as they
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have done here in ukraine i'm not against the russian nation or people but that politics is a very dirty game that. georgian volunteers like got just started coming to you crying to thank russian banks separatists at the start of the conflict in 20142 years later the self-styled georgian national legion was incorporated into the ukrainian army. analysts say russia has encouraged and supported territorial disputes in ukraine as it did in georgia to hinder the 2 countries from joining nato. me at the ball liberation we georgians know what it means when your dignity and liberty is taken the ukrainians helped us and now it's our turn to help them they told us during our war that if we didn't start russia and georgia then we would eventually have to stop them in ukraine they predicted this would happen and they were right. the sound of gunshots could be heard every few minutes.
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the morning started with shelling and now they are trying to provoke us to shoot back and find out our positions this ukrainian soldier tells us there are around 50 georgians that are working with the ukrainian army right the way along the front line the army here the smalling very nervous they want to allow us to progress any further up this road because in the last half an hour or so we've heard what they describe as. targeting a position very close to here. both sides accuse each other of violating the 2015 cease fire agreement most every day go to pleases weapon before going back to his checkpoint he says defending ukraine is he's juicy and he won't be returning to georgia any time soon charles strafford al-jazeera shirakawa eastern ukraine opposition politicians in georgia are sent to return to parliament after a 6 month boycott e.u.
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diplomats helped broker a deal to end the political deadlock last week now the country has been facing a crisis since october the election with the opposition claiming that it was marred by violations and as robin forestay walker reports from tbilisi people want justice for those injured during the protests. george's parliament has been empty of debate for months with the opposition refusing to enter it but politics has continued on the street these protesters want justice for over 200 people injured in anti-government demonstrations in 2019 as almost a 1000000 other miserable also visited the victims including me had cases in strasburg and millicent in we demand the rehabilitation of our rights on the 28th of june 29000 crowds gathered outside parliament furious at the government's decision to allow a russian deputy to sit in the speaker's chair to default to war with russia in 2008 over its separatist territories
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a panacea and self-assertive police fired on protesters with non-lethal rounds at close range. the violent events which took place right here led to almost 2 years of political confrontation between the governing party and the opposition camped out here next to parliament in fact for 6 months the opposition have been refusing to take part in ordinary political life and enter parliament but things may finally be about to change. last week opposition m.p.'s who to accused the government of stealing last year's election results in the e.u. and u.s. brokered deal to take up their seats. brussels believes securing georgia's democracy is needed at a time of regional instability getting this agreement in place now was a necessity to allow the wardrop to start again focusing on the 1st place on its
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domestic agenda but arguably i would say that having a stable georgia in this region is more important than ever. the deal includes a legacy for those accused of involvement in the $2900.00 rest including the camillia the leader of 2 which is largest opposition party arrested last february. in exchange the government wants to end the investigations into the clean ducked of its lurid foresman offices that's unacceptable. he lost his r e to a policeman's rubber bullet. this shouldn't be happening at the expense of the people who lost their eyes and whose lives were ruined they are coming out today in confirming with this signature that amnesty should apply to the people who rise out and destroy the us spiritually and psychologically. agreement is the talking point
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the west has pushed hard to broker this deal but it's required compromises some find hard to swallow robin for a steelworker al-jazeera tbilisi at least 2 people are being killed in chant during protests against the new military transitional council demonstrators want to return to civilian rule after the military took charge following president idriss deby death last week the opposition is against the military's appointment of a new prime minister francis strongly condemned the violence against demonstrators the military council says it will hold elections within 18 months let's get more on this from every day address our correspondent who's in the capital and to mina. the opposition were calling for peaceful protests and supporters have been met with violence on the streets so what more do we know about what happened. well basically the protest was due i was supposed to have started at 7 o'clock g.m.t. that's 8 o'clock local time but they went ahead and started the protest or own by 6
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o'clock local time 2 hours ahead of show don't trying to surprise the security forces by the time security forces realized they were burning tires on the streets chanting and to government songs and blocking highways and then swiftly the police responded firing live rounds in there and some of these live rounds actually hit some of the protesters in the process we hear about 2 and some reports suggesting that 3 people might have been killed 27 arrested but the number could go higher the opposition is tallying the numbers they have from various sources and they will be out with a statement and. right now the head of state general mohamed breeze did be addressing the nation trying to assuage fears about possible prolonged military rule in this country which had. a history of coups and rebellions ethnic
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violence and military interventions so basically he's talking trying to address local concerns as well as international concerns but the the speech came a bit delayed. president condemned what happened today on the streets of germany and other places where these demonstrations or or violence took place we saw police arresting dozens of people some of them of course include journalists who are still in detention but things are gradually down in the streets of new media. with what's happened obviously within these last few hours one wonders what the military council will say about any future demonstrations if the opposition say they're going to hold wall because in the light of what's happened what might resume if we can presume that the opposition will have something to say about not only the deaths but about future demonstrations to. certainly ahead of this demonstration there was an announcement put out yesterday
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by the government that demonstrations or protests of any nature is banned we've seen these during the tenure of the last president president idriss deby who died a week ago and the intended of course to keep the protesters as warm but then again the protesters although not very many of them came out onto the streets of germany and other places but they made their point and as the do their cat and mouse game with the police from one street corner to one ali way the they have actually said to the country and the capital in particular sort tones that the police are to act swiftly so all the demonstrators and their organizers are insisting that these protests must continue so that to force the military out of power and that civilian transition is what they need to hold on to power until elections are organized in this country so we are bound to hear more either some form of concessions on the
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part of the government or on the part of the opposition organizing these protests this morning amid a dress in the capital of chad and jimmy the thanks very much for that update. the u.s. says it will give $310000000.00 to guatemala honduras and el salvador to help stem the flow of migrants to its southern border by as president has made the announcement of holding a virtual meeting with guatemala as president the money will increase food supplies it also aims to provide protection for refugees and asylum seekers they're often targeted by people smugglers. dozens of migrants have been rescued after they tried to swim the few kilometers from morocco to the spanish sweater it's one of the territories controlled by spain or mainland africa now spanish police say some managed to reach swept up on their own while most were rescued and they set off in
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groups of $20.00 to $32.00 several children. complete quarantine for coronavirus before they could begin their asylum applications and spain's coast guard has been many migrants dead or on a boat drifting off the canary islands officials said as many as 17 people have died 3 had survived were lifted to hospital whatever the weather or his death. hello there getting an early taste of summer for parts of the u.s. let me show you exactly what's going on we're actually tapping into a warm gulf a warm push of gulf air here so look at some of these temperatures atlanta 29 wednesday washington d.c. up to 30 but look just a bit behind it 19 degrees and 1st chicago and that's because a cold front is swinging across so new york the next 3 days we're getting pretty close to record temperatures here certainly above average temperatures but then the cold front slices across that will drop the temperature triggers some showers and
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there is where we track the cold front on thursday potential for some strong storms as we head to arkansas and tennessee take you to central america right now and dry conditions persist for mexico and we do have some drought conditions across that country so the dry conditions certainly not helping some scattered showers for his final and also puerto rico on wednesday for south america we've been dealing with heavy rains toward parts of venezuela into guyana and french guy on his watch 137 millimeters of rain in 24 hours more showers on deck for french guyana on wednesday. still out on al-jazeera are you going standoff between saudi arabia and lebanon we'll talk to the farm it's called in the middle. of a japanese star achieve something not see it in 100 years of major league baseball that story after the break.
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one or the bullet produced it's a wasted life tens of thousands of put out that tower in south korea has been transformed from left to foundation to build a leader in food recycling either reporting on how new technology is making this possible. in kenya i mean the promise and sundays what he had. well the livelihoods depend on was. a phrase. from inside the walls of a west african prison comes home. a chance to create to express emotion and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. for a noun choreographer shares his passion for dance inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of their past and the confines of their present to the dance of the use i witnessed documentary on the al-jazeera.
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rule. oh. well to back your watching all this there was news hour with me so ho robin a reminder of our top stories the world health organization says 3 new covert 19 variants that are present in india may have contributed to the latest surge more than 300000 new cases have been reported there for the 6 consecutive day human rights watch is accusing israel of crimes against humanity practicing apartheid and persecution against palestinians palestinian leaders have welcomed the report while the israeli foreign ministry has dismissed the findings and chance the military
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transitional council has sent in troops as protesters demand civilian rule at least 2 people have been killed in the unrest france has condemned the violence against demonstrators. now the u.s. navy says no rainy and warship aggressively approached american vessels in the gulf waters earlier this month footage that shows no raining and ship cut in front of a u.s. vessel which had to move out of its way to avoid a collision indirect talks are happening in vienna how the moment for the possibility of the u.s. returning to the 2015 iran nuclear deal. hillary mann leverett is a former state department and white house national security advisor she joins me now from washington d.c. was never always good to have you on the program a b. why are we being told about this incident. it's very very interesting this incident reportedly happened april 2nd so it's been a few weeks it seems to happened on the eve of the announcement that the united states and iran when essentially hold these indirect talks in vienna about
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rejoining for the united states to rejoin the iran nuclear geo it also comes very very interesting the. other recent announcement by cent com the cent com commander u.s. cent com commander general mckenzie he said last week there for the 1st time in nearly 70 years for the 1st time since the korean war the united states does not have air superiority in a military theater where it's active so we 1st have this comment that the united states does not have air superiority and now the military is releasing a video that clearly shows the united states is not have naval superiority so it's a very interesting question what is the u.s. department of defense doing is it doing it in conjunction with a coherent ordinated by the ministration policy to show that the united states perhaps is not does not have and is not seeking to continue its overwhelming
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as essentially had germany in the middle east it's overwhelming control and influence in the middle east for them going to sort of you want to say flip the question here because the footage might say it shows iran according to the u.s. to be the aggressor without any comment coming from tehran right now so if they don't really want to have any sort of influence dare i say it in the gulf at the moment does this raise tensions on the diplomatic front especially what's going on as you alluded to in vienna right now. it really can go either way to me it's a fascinating story both is this video footage released about the u.s. naval presence in the region and interestingly in this footage that the u.s. military is pointing out that the iranians are using even bigger or better boats that they have previously so there clearly is some kind of coordinated effort to show iran but iran's neymar and its error influence and power in the region is that to some help pave the way for it to be easier to strike
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a diplomatic deal that in general that a deal is more necessary merchant for the united states so that it can concentrate more on its domestic problems and issues and maybe more on china that's that's one way of looking at it another interesting point is that these record high level israeli military and security officials are here in washington this week is and also somehow as part of the discussion with the israelis that what the israelis are doing increasing their naval attacks on iranian ships you know israel's attacks on iran's nuclear installations that what the israelis are doing is destabilizing and maybe this is part of the discussions the united states is having with the israelis these are many different high level really very secretive discussions the united states is having with the israelis in the end with other major players and even perhaps we're now hearing any with iran in iraq so there are many different you
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know very many different tracks happening at the same time so where does this all play into the fact that the americans always quite happy to say oh we have the 5th fleet basted bar a if they'll withdraw in theory where does that leave the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain kuwait so you might say police their own waters will this in any shape or form conflict with as you suggest. the israeli policy of trying to exert its influence in the area. i think it's a it's a really tangled web of tracks personalities factions factions within the biden administration i don't think that everybody within the by ministration is on the same page clearly not all of our allies in the middle east are all are on the same page and they're it's i think it's really at this point almost an open question of how this will play out but i do think there is a faction within them by the administration that is focused also on trying to
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support or perhaps even engineer more of a regional dialogue more of a regional dialogue mechanism that would involve you know involve our allies in qatar in oman perhaps even in saudi arabia and perhaps even including iran in an effort to maybe bring down the tensions in the region but any effort to have that kind of regional dialogue that would include iran is obviously going to be very concerning to the israelis and that's going to be a very difficult bridge for the united states to walk on so they go all the ingredients of a political spy perhaps international diplomatic novel that will have to wait for the ending for hillary in the months and years to come for the moment thanks very much though for joining us again on al-jazeera thank you. want to be involved rebel groups has a timetable of 3 outposts near the time border in some of the heaviest fighting since the coup on february the 1st well this is all happening as the protest movement continues across the country scott has more details from bangkok in
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neighboring thailand. early morning gunfire echoes across a stretch of the sol when river along the border between me and maher in thailand this video from the thai side appears to show current national union fighters taking over a me and army outpost then burning it to the ground. it's some of the most intense fighting between ethnic armies and myanmar's military since the coup nearly 3 months ago the current fighters are one of about 2 dozen ethnic minority forces that have been fighting the myanmar military for decades seeking greater autonomy like the korean rebels many of them have thrown their support behind the antic to protest movement that has swept across myanmar since the takeover there's been talk about forming a federal army. but some feel the attack on the outpost was a signal from the current national union to me and mars' army locally known as the tatmadaw and this shows that we have a plan in our area to diminish your territory take over more of what we see is
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accurate or out but also do it at a moment that discredits the power of the capital which gives a symbolic boost i think to broaden nationwide. resistance against against the military so it's it's a lot of different things all wrapped up together he went on to say that a strong retaliate is expected airstrikes from the military on current held territory have increased over the last few weeks at one point sending hundreds across the border into thailand seeking refuge and medical attention 24000 people have been displaced since late last month according to korean groups. also on tuesday the military justice said it would consider suggestions on how to end the crisis in myanmar made by the southeast asia regional bloc assy on in the saturday meeting the announcement could be viewed as a setback since leaders said a consensus was already reached with the joint on steps to end the violence. some protesters are taking their battle against the jointer from the streets to the
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jungle this footage appears to show a training camp run by ethnic armies preparing those who want to transition from protester to fighter. while there are still protesters dedicated to taking their call for their gender to step down to the streets but in smaller numbers because of the intensified crackdown by security forces making sure their voices are heard it's got harder al jazeera bangkok russia says brazil's decision not to import its covert $900.00 vaccine is politically motivated the brazilian health regulator rejected requests from several states to approve russia's sputnik jumps citing a lack of data on its safety and efficacy the manufacturer points the blame at the u.s. government for persuading brazil against it brazil is the worst affected country in south america more than $14300000.00 infections now the global economic devastation that as a company of covert 19 has been especially severe in argentina is already struggling economy shrank by nearly 10 percent in 2020 the 3rd straight year of
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a recession treason traveled to greater point is our is to find out how people are coping with the twin health and economic crisis. the soup kitchen in moreno integrated one site he's trying to meet being creasing demand in recent weeks. modifier lease he says every day and you family comes in for food and already we have twice as much work because demand has doubled with new restrictions and children out of schools we've had 9 new families in just a few weeks argentina is struggling to control a rise in it's called 1000 infections the pandemic and years of economic troubles have left millions of people here in need poverty rates have soared in argentina in the past year 62 percent of children in this country are now poor the pandemic has had an enormous impact in neighborhoods like this one where most of the people work in the informal sector media my daughter just moved to what they saw because she
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says she couldn't afford to pay rent anywhere else more affable to go pull up on them or log and i'm coming here today because i have 5 children to feed they're not going to school so i have to take care of them and we can't afford to pay for everything elastica is an ngo working in the area its staff assess the neighborhood of more than 40000 people with food and activities for children. the government has suspended in person to last is by children here have little access to internet to continue with their studies at home. tested positive for covert 19 and was forced to stay home with her 2 kids. for days we only had some pastor to eat and rice that was a we had i knew i had to stay home to prevent contagion i realized i had to start asking for help when we didn't have anything else in the fridge. the level of poverty and loss of jobs remind many of another crises in 2001 when this country
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defaulted on its sovereign debt even though the government is now assisting millions with food and cash handouts elastic ask and consoli says much more is needed in a society in that. we need to have a series of policies that will help the whole country recover there needs to be investment to bring back jobs and improve people's lives in places like the us we have only one school and one kindergarten and we need at least 3 the pandemic has depleted argentina's economy it's now negotiating billions of dollars in foreign aid with the international monetary fund was struggling to fight this spread of covert 19 a fight that's worsened economic troubles that began long before the pandemic families here are stuck in the middle trying to survive any way they can. saudi arabia has suspended the import of fruits and vegetables from lebanon says
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shipments are being used for drug smuggling after millions of pills were found in boxes of pomegranates lebanon is already facing its worst economic crisis in decades and the banns expected to hit farmers very hard so hard a reports. these farmers 11 are harvesting lettuce meant for households in saudi arabia but after the saudi government imposed a ban on lebanese produce they fear the agricultural sector will face a disaster saudi officials say the shipments are being used to smuggle drugs. yeah they had to are not that it's an arbitrary decision and so we ask the saudis to reverse the ban we're not all drug dealers and smugglers you can't punish everyone . lebanon exports $400000.00 tons of agricultural produce every here one forced to saudi arabia and the wider gulf region it's millions of dollars for a country facing a deep economic and financial crisis. we don't export pomegranates
4:43 pm
investigations show the truck came from syria but yes you can argue the lebanese government is not doing its job there are no scanners at the borders with syria or at the ports corruption in governance has plagued this country for years there is little control along its borders whether with neighboring syria or at ports where smuggling is rampant and evasion of custom tax costs the state billions of dollars in revenues levanon has a long history of drug called division and trafficking there because bally is the source of opium and hashish production factories producing captagon pills have been discovered as well western drug agencies say the amphetamine is also widely manufactured in syria. the discovery of 5300000 captagon pills in saudi arabia was the latest drug bust coming from lebanon on the timing of the ban has raised the question if politics is at play this is missing given a strategy that saudi arabia as well as the broader gulf has adopted because of 11
4:44 pm
on slowly turning into more of an engagement than a negative engagement strategy in that case the pressure on the lebanese government in saudi arabia whose influence in lebanon has waned in recent years is angered by what many see as the iranian backed hezbollah must control and influence in the country lebanon's leaders ordered the security services to crack down on drug smuggling and those behind it. decisions are not in the hands of the lebanese government but in the hands of hezbollah are the smuggling routes are under its control and so is the airport and the ports there is no state in lebanon there is a lot of uncertainty saudi arabia wants guarantees that what it calls a systematic smuggling operations and few here believe it will be easy to control the drug trade so $100.00 beirut a worsening drought in mexico is reaching critical levels authorities in the capital say there has been enough rain and that's led to some of the worst
4:45 pm
conditions in 30 years when all repair low reports from mexico city. on the outskirts of mexico's capital extreme drought conditions have forced locals to travel long distances in search of clean water. here nick at the back it's mostly donkeys who haul water up the steep hillsides at a lever that we use it to wash dishes and to drink right now it's difficult to bring water up here and when i brought right now is for the whole day tomorrow i'll take another trip. it's the 3rd year in a row that a long dry spell has caused water shortages in central mexico few places are scaping the impact even the ancient wetlands of sochi meet rich in culture history and biodiversity are under threat from the extreme drought which scientists say is affecting 85 percent of the country. scientists say climate change is altering rain patterns in the region the federal government says that drought conditions in at
4:46 pm
least 7 states are considered extreme. a drier climate has also meant more forest fires mexico's national disaster management agency says the 2021 fire season has been the most destructive in recent years. with supplies strained authorities in mexico city are urging all residents to do more to conserve. does a decent fundamental cause is to meet what's a consumption in the face of these drought that practically impacts the entire north central part of the country take extra precautions against forest fires and as a drier hotter future looms experts predict natural water availability in the capital to fall by almost a 5th by 2050. 0 mexico city. now a decade after colombia introduced a law allowing people to reclaim land that's legally theirs getting it back is still a battle just a fraction has been handed over and only
4:47 pm
a few projects have been set up to help returning families asunder i'm p.f.c. reports from the amazonian region of the mail. since recovering is land causing me saying has been betting on peppercorns and heart of bombs to rebuild his life it is a union for 7 years he and his family had to abandon their home after being caught in the middle of violent confrontations between fired gravels in colombia sparing military groups that took over is land. it was very bad people were getting killed daily they'd have you dig your own roof then shoot you in cold blood we had no option but to leave. years later a judge recognized his rights to his land issuing an order of comprehensive ripper asians like most farmers in this remote region on the border with ecuador he used to grow coca the basing region for cocaine but now he's hoping that with the help of the government is new legal in there will be successful where you go to
4:48 pm
a longer situation helped us to return reestablish ourselves and start growing this which seems to have potential we've rubel to khalid's and even if we don't make much of him i'm not worrying about my children's anymore. his return is a relatively successful story in one of the largest reparation processes in the world 7700000 have been forcibly displaced by the conflict 10 years ago a law was implemented to return legitimate owners to their land and 4 years ago a peace deal with 5 rebels promised a comprehensive rule reform but the process is stagnated as the cologne be in state failed to stop the reemergence of bile and initiate true reforms. i have a land fund of 4000000 he tends to return we have executed team pursuit it's a complicated process and it's the violence the lack of titles and one without any
4:49 pm
real president at this scale abandoned houses sealed off the land here a reminder of just how difficult to show are in parts of the country where the reasons behind the violence of the past persist and much of the land has never been registered. political professor daddy of the higher door who has studied the issue closely says powerful interests that control the land don't want to process to advance the market more than 40 percent of transactions in the country are not registered which makes long drives easier and we have one of the worst concentration of property in the world we need to connect these remote regions. to the rest of the country with road channel porch unities. back at the farm close in his family are worried because coca fields are appearing again in their territory as are drug trafficking groups putting once again at risk the fragile stability and peace they have achieved and listen to them and just see that by your little one is
4:50 pm
still ahead here on al-jazeera as credible as cases such as india cricketers playing in the premier league take extra precautions that story coming up with joe in sports so do stay with us.
4:51 pm
the author of the old. book about time sport his job site thank you very much australia's prime minister scott morrison has told australian cricket says they'll have to make their own way home from the indian premier league following his government's decision to suspend flights amid a surge in corona virus cases in india 3 australian players had already flown home
4:52 pm
and now batsman chris lane is asking his country's cricket board to chaucer a flight to bring the others back at the end of the tournament david warner is among those who remain he and sunrisers hyderabad teammate kane williamson seated oppin personal protective equipment as the team travel from chennai to delhi one and williamson who's from new zealand stayed on to play for their franchise despite nearly a 1000000 new cases in just 3 days the teams will now play in a mad about in the capital delhi which has been hard hit and the players are aware of what's going on outside of that by a secure bubble. it's not nice to be honest watching from afar certainly considering how lucky we are to be in a bubble and not be affected by it very much and we'll see lend their support and heartfelt gratitude to everybody who is killed or going through tough times well earlier we spoke to cricket commentator sale chanda kochhar told us it's not
4:53 pm
easy for players organizes to pull out of the tournament. i think it's a tough question i'm not someone that likes to sit on the fence and i know the age old saying is the show must go on 'd but i guess in the midst of a global pandemic you must ask yourself at what cost and what stage does that show not go on i think this 2 sides to that coin in a country like india you know everyone across the you look forward to the 2 month extravaganza that is the i.p.l. i think students are lifted and especially during depressing times like this people will look forward to it and that is that one side of the coin says a lot of jobs that are at stake there are thousands of jobs beyond just the not juries and the millions of the players that make it and i think that's why it's a hard one to just cut the rope but i i do think there will be a few personal calls made of each other that actually made a bold statement when we stepped out of the seat the personal reasons they're going to die summed it up quite simply said we actually feel safe in the public but morally i just can't put the situation together because that's
4:54 pm
a philosophical question that he must address which is how are we justifying the government culprits and to be spending so much money when people are lining up to not get a hospital bed i think that's the big question that people and the conundrum that players are facing as well on football and by i mean it has. been to take over as coach from next season on a 5 year contract the general replace hansie fake who is leaving at the end of the season and he goes man is currently in charge of all of the lights take having taken them to the semi since the champions league last chance. chelsea forward christian police a chance put his teammates on notice ahead of tonight's champions league semifinal against real madrid that his does under dos given rails formidable european record but chelsea are much improved since thomas to home joined as manager they currently have the most clean sheets across europe top 5 leagues this season the police it has warned his team mates to be focused from minute one. going to take a lot it's going to take
4:55 pm
a big fight over 2 games obviously they're very experienced in this competition and we're going to need to go out and you have a lot of confidence i think that's that's going to be that's going to very important you know we we belong to be here we've we've really accomplished a lot to get to this point meanwhile real madrid coaches and indians are done is expecting chelsea to play positive football tonight when they host the london side in the 1st leg of their champions league semifinal. you're no good ok i said nicky poor instead of you cook i don't think chills he will sit back there are a complete team they attack and defend well we need to be very careful defend very well and create chances as we've seen already we must produce our best version in order to hurt us alan scherr and terry henri have been chosen as the 1st 2 players to be inducted into the premier league hall of fame share is widely considered the greatest strike and league history englishman as the all time top scorer with 260
4:56 pm
goals for backbone and newcastle he also won the title in 1905 with blackburn meanwhile henri won the premier league on 2 occasions with also one holds the club record for most goals the frenchman was a key member of the invincibles chain that went on base and through the 20032004 campaign for the 6 inductees we selected by fans vote from 23 nominees. japanese star share here tony has achieved something not seen in the major league baseball league for almost 100 years for the 1st time since the legendary babe ruth in 121 the home run leader was also a starting pitcher for a game tony was on the mound for the l.a. angels against the texas rangers he struck out 9 batters and also managed to school 3 runs a game also saw ridiculous catch from texas pitcher here on joan yang he somehow managed to grab this line drive. is a good day for sporting teams in los angeles with the lakers breaking their run of
4:57 pm
3 straight losses dennis schroeder had 21 points and tell assists helping the lakers beat orlando by 11 anthony davis had his best performance since returning from a long injury layoff robbing 18 points and 8 rebounds and magic in the last 60. well it's not often coaches shock reporters during press conferences but san francisco's 49 ers boss karl shanahan gave a morbid answer when asked if his injury plagued quarterback jimmy will remain with the 49 ers beyond this weekend. i can't guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive sunday so i can't guarantee who will be on our roster on sunday. so that goes for all of us all right and non that cheerful night that's all support from a fan out. thanks very much joe that's the news for a lot more on the other side of the break than to learn from jamie on the news our team thanks very much for your time on true comics in a few minutes. said
4:58 pm
his change because. believe in a place that is bigger than their. fundamental political my city around the state representative they put themselves to make the changes something that we. should have taken this long. name as condemnation. we have a disco to slosh war to create new areas we have to change this culture i am one of the fortunate ones who can leave anything. but all the people that majority of these illegal of us are talking about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are here to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to being more.
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weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines the news media have been left to sort through mixed messages on a quite complex story from main street to street journalism the enemy objective is to get me to meet you send it to the wall to show you what's going on exposing real world threats to objective it's often the bombing for times from moscow 11000 people who were arrested the listening post covers the way the news its cover. there's either. the small boy and his brother rescued from war in gaza or by the red cross i hold was a time when we were 1st released on a red cross truck now a world leader in crisis management and a highly regarded doctor in chicago who still misses her homeland just one day pass out i think is returning to jordan al-jazeera world meets 2 successful arab doctors
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in north america arabs abroad the humanitarian and the he learned on al-jazeera. carparks turn into trouble tori and the w.h.o. says 3 new variants and large gatherings may have contributed to india's latest surge of covert 19 infections. so robert you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes at least 2 people are killed in chad's capital during protests against the recent military takeover world leaders.


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