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with heavy rains toward parts of venezuela into guyana and french guy on his wall $137.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours more showers on deck for french guiana on wednesday. india is running out of space to cremate its dead it's battling a 2nd wave which the world health organization blames on a perfect storm of conditions. you're watching al-jazeera live from headquarters and. also coming up. we may study progress the u.s. is a current a virus restrictions for people who are fully vaccinated but the president warns
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there's still a long way to go. somalia's president decides not to extend his term by 2 years after protests and calls for early elections to ease tensions the f.b.i. launches an investigation into the death of a black american and the family want police to release the body count video. it was a few hours to the package. thanks for joining us much needed medical supplies have begun arriving in india which is struggling to stem the spread of cope with 19 the world health organization says mass gatherings low vaccination rates and new variants are to blame for the surge one person is dying every 4 minutes and crimmins warriors are at breaking point several countries are sending aids elizabeth purana reports from the. mass cremations and burials have become the norm in
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a country where the bodies of coronavirus victims are piling up predatory ins and burial grounds and day and night and even burning bodies in parks and cop. families of the dead mourn for their loved ones who succumbed not just to the virus but to the shortages of beds and oxygen the country i'm feeling really bad i have money i have everything but i can't give my sister. got me no did nothing nothing like that none of that not forgetting no very good we can do good we can go. international aid has started arriving but family members of the sick of still lining up to find wherever they can they say the government should have been better prepared if you got up when they were having or you will you would be bored and they were completely. out of school so it's hard breaking work we don't know when you grow up but the world health organization said no way is the situation worse
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than in india india is really heartbreaking as the director general has said in the in the exponential growth that we've seen in case numbers is really truly astonishing we have seen similar trajectories of increases in transmission in a number of countries has not been at the same scale and it has not had the same level of impact in burden on the health care system that we've seen in india. the world health organization also said math gatherings contributed to india's surge in cases but despite the rapid spread of the virus hindu pilgrims gathered again in the northern town of for the cool mayla festival the government has been criticized for allowing large religious and political gatherings to go ahead and both the central and daddy governments have been accused of intended to vittie to people suffering and blatant inequality and setting their priorities as people continue to
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die because of a lack of hospital beds and oxygen delis government is planning to convert $100.00 rooms in this 5 star hotel to set up a covert mine health facility for staff at the delhi high court. their families a controversial move that was forced to scrap one criticism from the public and the high court itself elizabeth piron an al jazeera you daddy. of the us is easing cover $1000.00 restrictions for people who are fully vaccinated that they can now socialize outside without a face mask more than half of the adults have received at least one dose but an increasing number are skipping the 2nd 100 has more from chicago this beautiful afternoon in a sign of pandemic progress the united states is lowering mask restrictions starting today if you're fully vaccinated if you're outdoors. and not a big crowd you no longer need to wear a mask the new guidance from the u.s.
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centers for disease control says that even unvaccinated americans may now go without masks outdoors or while dining outside with friends but that does not extend to indoor events or crowded outdoor events such as concerts even when you're talking about variants indoors outdoor was get vaccinated and you will certainly have a degree of protection but there are also troubling signs of covert complacency super sites in ohio texas and florida are closing louisiana is asking for fewer vaccine shipments counties in iowa and kansas are rejecting them and across the u.s. a growing number of americans have missed their 2nd vaccinations call it vaccine hesitancy new data from the c.d.c. as april finds that 8 percent of americans have not taken their 2nd vaccine from fives or i mean that's up from 3.4 percent earlier this year to me it would be a note thank you the c.d.c.
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now recommends that college students be able to get their 2nd dose even if it's at home in another state one dose is partially effective after just one pills we know that you have reasonably good protection 80 percent. according to the real world data what we don't know however is is the duration of the protection that's why the 2nd dose is crucial we know after that they can build that build in a body to last for at least 6 months possibly longer the white house is urging americans who are not getting the one shot johnson and johnson vaccine to take that double dose the 2nd dose is critical to getting the maximum level of protection not to mention that 2nd dose is critical in bringing the united states to herd immunity and that would stop the spread of the virus john hendren al-jazeera chicago the u.s. military ship has fired warning shots at iranian naval vessels in the latest round of escalating tension between the countries washington says the ships got too close
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despite multiple warnings try to parse is executive vice president at the quincy institute in washington he thinks the political will between the u.s. and iran to return to the nuclear deal is unlikely to be broken by minor confrontations. unfortunate this is a pattern that we have seen in the past when tensions between the united states and iran have heightened things like this have occurred which the real risk here is that because of a lack of communications channels between the united states and iran an incident like this could escalate out of control precisely because it's who sides are not talking but we've also seen a pattern in which this tends to take place as the 2 sides are getting closer towards some form of an agreement and though progress has been slow it does appear as if the returns to a c.p.a. is within reach within the next couple of weeks as a result of the discussions taking place in vienna what i think we have seen so far is that the. talks in vienna seem to be quite well insulated from the whole set of
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different incidents not only this but we also seen how these rallies conducted an attack inside the iranian nuclear program we've seen numerous attacks by israelis against iranian ships in a few attacks by the iranians against the israelis and none of these seem to have managed to derail the talks because i think at the end of the the political will on both sides is sufficiently strong to get to an agreement and as a result they won't allow these things to become obstacles so my us president has agreed not to extend his term amid domestic and international pressure mohamed that the live from odds are also a promise to hold early elections he made the announcement after the prime minister said he was a gains the proposed 2 year extension while in the capital mogadishu many are fleeing as unrest grows against the government residents fear more violence as armed opposition fighters take up positions around the city. and i could go to the one of her 100 the federal government of somalia has always believed and still sees
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dialogue compromise negotiation and the return to the discussion table as the only viable options among finally i urge all security agencies to maintain the stability of the capital and the safety of innocent civilians avoiding any actions that may lead to insecurity i also urge the somali people to support the armed forces in this regard. tara was a professor in the department of yagur free environment and society at the university of minnesota he's joining us from minneapolis thanks for speaking to us so by making this an announcement. is this likely to appease his opponents pleasure to be with you doreen i don't think so because the president's attempt to extend his mandate by 2 years is both unconstitutional according to some of the constitution but it was also illegal because the upper house of parliament which should have voted on it did not do so so that's the 1st thing secondly he lost
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nearly all of the international support that so many had because of its act and finally his decision to retreat on this front doesn't change the political conflict between him and the opposition where they were unable to agree as to who was going to manage the electoral process the president wants to run that process although he's a candidate the opposition disagrees with that and that's that made stays in place all right so what happens next given the degree of distrust among. politicians can a way forward be agreed on. when i was in the show over the past 3 months i recommended to the united nations special representative needs to be another peter or a negotiator between the different groups an adjudicator who'll tell who's wrong and who's right depending on the terms of agreements the un has failed to do that
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and so unless the african union or somebody else comes out as that mediator i don't think they will come together to be able to agree on a path forward that will save the people and the rest of the country from the crisis how likely is it that a group such as the african union will will step in when presumably the international community a you and the e.u. and the un must be pleased with this decision that the president is not extending his term i think they will be foolhardy to be able to be pleased with themselves about this what is really necessary to get this process forward is to get a new trial electoral process where all the candidates have a reasonably fair chance and that all actors who are eligible can dissipate in the process the only form forward in that regard is to enforce the force the president to become a neutral after and hand over the management of the election to somebody else maybe the prime minister maybe a neutral body of civic leaders in the country that's the only way out but they
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didn't russian community thinks that what he has done today backpedaling on that constitutional act is going to do the job i think they're putting their head in the sand i want to final question for you sir how does the instability in somalia play into the hands of armed groups like al shabab as you know who's been trying to topple the government for many years. well the president's illegal act has created or cage such a dead it has weakened its security systems in the country which means that it has allowed al-shabaab to fail a 3rd to penetrate both the chemical and the rest of the country so that illegal act invited on shabab to sort of store their authority in many parts of the country where they were losing in the past but they obvious some of our thank you so much for joining us from minneapolis. with pleasure still have al-jazeera why russia as blaming the u.s. after brazil's health regulators rejected its sputnik v coronavirus vaccine and why
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the 1st palestinian elections in 15 years could be delayed again. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways. hello there those showers that have been plaguing southern portions of china will begin to move out to ward japan seen some pretty heavy pockets of rain toward the hong kong area good news is as this starts to move through thursday we'll watch that band of showers shove into japan so some what days ahead for osaka on thursday 18 degrees showers 2 for taiwan in the forecast on thursday southeast asia we've had those heavy bouts of showers toward thailand malaysia and indonesia
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particularly for sumatra and borneo we'll see that continue on wednesday a nice day though for the philippines manila the sun will be out with a high of 31 showers are coming into the western coast of india really the story here is building heat ahead of monsoon season so really from pakistan rate through to west bank all your temperatures are at or above 40 degrees so new delhi goes from 43 to 40 on thursday and we're also tracking building heat into the middle east and cypress your temperatures we're going to dial them up so we take a look at the 3 day forecast for nicko c.-a will be up to 34 degrees by the end of the week. qatar airways. killing the debate you don't see this action and amplify your voice you're only given the sort of narrative the media will miss when true story no topic is off the
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table why in the world would we humanize an individual domestic terrorist this was an illegal occupation of a country what they're doing is they're removing or just a store in this in the street where a global audience becomes a global community on al-jazeera. i am. have again the top stories on al-jazeera much needed medical supplies have begun arriving in india which is struggling to stop the spread of covert 19 it accounts for half of the world's new infections one person is dying every 4 minutes and primitive henri i'm sort breaking points people in the u.s.
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who are fully vaccinated can now socialize outdoors without if it's masked that's the recommendation from the centers for disease control and prevention president joe biden says stunning progress has been made against the virus but there's still a long way to go. somalia's president muhammad opted for my job has agreed not to expand his term a domestic internet and international pressure he made the announcement after the prime minister said he was against the proposed 2 year extension. brazil's senate has launched an inquiry into the government's handling of the corona virus pandemic nearly 400000 brazilians have died from covert 1000 the world's 2nd highest death toll the probe will determine whether federal or state governments committed criminal negligence or corruption president j. are both in error has continuously downplayed the impact of the virus while also opposing lockdowns on the use of masks and russia saying brazil's this is a not so import it's covert $1000.00 vaccine is politically motivated the health
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regulator rejected requests from several states to approve the sputnik the jabs citing a lack of data on its safety and efficacy its manufacturer accuses the u.s. of pressure in brazil not to use the vaccine let's bring in julia ponce he's an epidemiologist he's joining us from sao paulo thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so what do you think is behind brazil's decision not to use the russian vaccine. pleasure to be here daryn the decision was technical a regulatory agency enters the sponsible for evaluating the documents in the samples so by all the providers of vaccines that try to get authorization for importing in use in brazil. has however failed to do that and there was a very short time for analyzing those documents they based their decision on what was the leopard and unfortunately the data did not stand up to the strictness of
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the evaluation that they do for all the vaccines that have to be approved here in brazil so when the russian makers of the vaccine called the decision political do you not buy that they point to a recent u.s. government report that says washington tried to persuade brazil not to use the vaccine well most all of the reasons that the regulatory agency used to deny authorisation for that vaccine for technical so no political entities were involved in that the session they apparently failed to get access to the factories where the vaccine is made and they also found inconsistency in the reporting of safety and efficacy so of those 2 things are missing then of course the vaccine cannot be approved by there as political pressure for the approval or not what could be the implications of this
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however because more than 60 countries as you know have authorized the use off the russian boxing. well of course this causes an uproar because it does appear that brazil is saying that the same vaccine is not good enough but actually what brazil is saying what the regulatory agency is saying is that folks seem faxing was unable to prove that it was good enough not that it is bad those 62 other countries that have proved it have approved it mostly one of the emergency 'd basis where of course them walls are bit more lenient but brazil has a very strict vaccine regulation and if you look at the world health organization list of strange and stringent regulatory authorities there are 35 countries that are part of that list and only 2 of those hungary and slovakia have approved the vaccine for emergency use hungary appears to have approved it due to pressure from the government and slovakia has already reported problems with some of the samples
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that were sent from ghana laos so it does appear that there is a bit of confusion about the data that is being fed and the samples that are having for the countries to apply in the vaccine but i believe that if the malaysia is able to provide that data to provide those documents and prove that the facts in a safe we can start for a lot of the vaccine even in brazil after another round of discussion in the i mean in cases where there's vaccine has it's an see that we do see do you think this will add to that are people going to be concerned about sputnik and its efficacy. yeah of course we are worried that that might send the idea that that vaccine is not safe so. i do think that we have to be very careful in reporting and that information what was lacking there was mostly documents old data and information
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about the safety of what the regulators found in one of the 'd edina viruses being able to breath again this is not necessarily a health risk per se but they have to prove that they tested for it and that they are sure that it doesn't present a health risk so of course we are worried that people might be hesitant to take the facts again but we are still here in brazil waiting for more data so we can evaluate it with more. of the more wholesome idea with a more wholesome picture of what the vaccine has to offer ok thank you so much for your ponce 1st speaking to us from sao paulo. well the f.b.i. has opened a federal civil rights investigation into the killing of another unarmed black man by police the announcement comes after an independent autopsy revealed andrew brown jr was shot in the back of his head you're looking at live pictures from elizabeth city that's in north carolina where brown was killed protesters as you can see out
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on the streets there demanding justice and his family wants police to release the body cam video mike hanna has more. another night of protest in elizabeth city as andrew brown's attorneys released the results of the independent autopsy that confirmed he was shot in the head while attempting to drive away this in fact was a fatal law to the back of mr brown here as he was leaving the site tran to a very being shot at buddies with tickler law enforcement officers we believe he did know them by. a straight out execution it's obvious he was trying to get away that's obvious and they go shoot him in the back and here that man is not right it's not right oh my there's also anger and frustration that the police only agreed to release 20 seconds of edited body cam video that showed the killing law
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enforcement intentionally edited edited the video to 30 seconds to 22nd 20 seconds and intentionally blurred out the obvious and the gun and guns and showed us what they wanted to show us the f.b.i. has announced it has opened a civil rights investigation into the shooting and this week a judge will rule that the entire video of the incident should be released publicly this unio tape is not going to get better with age and you know i think public safety and decency and morality and transparency demands that the police begin to be forthcoming. a nighttime curfew has been put in place but this is not stop to lose a bit city residents from continuing to express their anger at yet another police shooting. washington at least 5 people have been killed and dozens wounded in charge during protests against the new military transition council demonstrators are demanding
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a return to civilian rule off to the military took charge last week following the sudden death of president idriss deby france has condemned the violence against demonstrators chad's transitional military leader. who took over after his father's death has made his 1st national address and he defended the military's this isn't to take control of. the high dignitaries of their defense and security forces had no other choice than to do what they had to in this exceptional context of the general forthcoming chaos an implosion of the country confronted by the president of the national assembly declining to issue a constitutional powers and faced with this immediate danger a transitional military council has taken over to deal with this ultimate peril the u.s. secretary of state has urged african countries to be aware of china's growing influence and any blinken gave the warning during virtual talks with the presidents of nigeria and he said a number of african states are facing unsustainable debts from chinese loans and i
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jerry and president mohamed bihari urge washington to consider moving its military headquarters overseeing africa from germany to the consonants. when joe biden became u.s. president there were hopes this country strange relations with china would improve but 100 days on has there been any significant change adrian brown reports from hong kong when senior u.s. and chinese officials met in alaska last month their encounter matched the freezing temperatures outside the u.s. was in no position to lecture china top diplomat young jaisha the united states does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to china from a position of strength u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken has been equally blunt our relationship with china will be competitive one should be. collaborative when it can be an adversarial one it must be there had been hopes that under president joe biden the
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relationship would be less confrontational that it had become under his predecessor biden and chinese president xi jinping met many times when the 2 vice presidents analysts say that biden's china strategy is based on a stronger alliance with allies i think he's done a very good job of messaging. which is to say to the chinese that the the old rules of the past are apply anymore. and and they've been very tactically astute economic diplomatic and even military tensions between the 2 rival superpowers are continuing to rise relations are fraught on a number of issues the south china sea dispute the well documented evidence of human rights abuses in shin jang china's tightening controls here in hong kong and taiwan the nearby island republic over with china claims sovereignty. issues and biden has lowered expectations of
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a breakthrough on another friction point with china north korea washington places denuclearization of north korea and its top of its priority list with respect to pyongyang that's not the case for beijing beijing is more interested in stability yet in one area at least there's a promise of cooperation at a virtual summit this week china and the u.s. the world's 2 biggest carbon emitters pledged to work more closely on cutting their emissions a rare display of collaboration but one unlikely to be repeated on other fronts adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. palestinians are due to hold their 1st elections and 15 years next month but al-jazeera has learned that president mahmoud abbas will delay the long awaited vote citing israel restrictions in occupied east jerusalem that's despite israel saying it's not interfering with their ballots and as harry faso reports candidates have been struggling to counter
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a skepticism from voters. in occupied east jerusalem this is defined as palestinian political activity the kind that can result in a wrecked and in recent days has put on this day there are no israeli security forces to be seen no crowd either just 10 prospective candidates for the palestinian legislative council trying to infuse a population that hasn't voted for 15 years and doesn't expect to now it's up to convince them and to be with them to bring him. to a new hole for a new is that. actions of this research i hope so yes i hope so. but if residents of occupied east jerusalem have a shared such hope it's been fast evaporating what elections asking what elections are. when you are excited about the aspect of it. because i know there is that there is an unknown. yeah i can expect that if that. to tell you the truth i'm in
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a paradox between going to elections as opposed to show that i'm not. with a purpose in the state or that was my people to go to the election of that i believe that it's a it's a mess it's a game for the on the political level that they may cancel it in 2006 elections did take place in occupied east jerusalem as in gaza and the west bank is right allowing the voting on the last minute u.s. pressure now the palestinian authority has reportedly given israel a deadline of thursday to answer its demand for a similar guarantee an israeli official told al jazeera that so far israel has given no response and the whole without to roussillon and without the participation of our people in the city of jerusalem without the ability to campaign as in other areas in the occupied palestinian territories there will be no elections al-jazeera understands that the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has already decided to postpone the polls with the official announcement to come at
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a factional meeting on thursday one thing we heard again and again on the streets of east jerusalem was that if the palestinian authority wanted to hold an election it shouldn't allow an israeli know let alone the sheer lack of an israeli response be the reason not to do so the suspicion being expressed is that the real reason is internal and political the palestinian could newspaper reports of the decision to postpone followed intense pressure from the united states and arab countries concerned about the consequences of a strong result for the armed group hamas which controls gaza rather than a democratic renewal most now are betting on another round of behind the scenes horsetrading between palestinian factions a chance to vote put off once more indefinitely are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. following on the headlines.


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