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so they do not cross into arjen time territory from this small margin tine of forwards can monitor what's happening in its economic exclusive zones but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters. india's battle to breathe the desperate wait for oxygen supplies while the official covered 900 death toll surges past 200000. or more but this and this is all to see a live from doha also coming up. the u.k.'s political watchdog the launches a formal probe into prime minister boris johnson over allegations of using donations from supporters to upgrade has done in street residence. africa's
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president. testifies before a judicial inquiry into a corruption scandal involving his predecessor. i am simona in iraq close to the border with saudi arabia where nomadic tribes. of climate change. areas seen its worst days so far from coronavirus with nearly 3300 more fatalities taking the official told passed 200000 more than 360000 new cases a global record have been confirmed in the past 24 hours in new delhi neighboring states hospitals are running out of beds medical supplies and oxygen many people have been flocking to makeshift clinics like this sikh temple over to access some of its limited oxygen supply elizabeth put on and sent us this update from new
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delhi. we're at a makeshift kramatorsk that's been created here and he is capital new delhi because the actual crime atory him behind does has run out of space to cremate the number of bodies which are piling up every single day that is the situation and every crime atory and every burial ground not just here in delhi but many of the worst affected states. has been working from 6 o'clock in the morning until midnight it 1st says 20 funeral pyres 20 extra extra funeral pyres in this pop next door but it's realized that it has to set off another 50 here the situation as such here in delhi and beyond that family members of the sick after going from hot. spittal to hospital to try and get their loved ones admitted then having to go from kramatorsk to crime atory and from burial ground to burial ground to try and have
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funerals funerals in a country where they're held as soon as possible not just because of custom but because a very hot temperatures because of a shortage of mortuaries with freezing facilities and that is why the international aid that has began arriving in and via over the past few days in the form of oxygen could not be more welcome but hospitals are still short of beds and oxygen and many places. ok let me take you to the united kingdom prime minister boris johnson is facing questions in parliament this is part of the regular prime minister's questions that happens every week johnson has denied accusations that last october said he was prepared to let bodies pile high rather than order another coronavirus last time he also faces questions over whether tory party donors paid for renovations his residence let's listen and want to put this country into a lockdown with all the consequence is that leads to loss of education for the damage to people's life chances to the huge medical backlog and the details but it
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was thanks to. the tough decision that we took mr speaker thanks to the heroic efforts of the british people that we have got through to the stage in the pandemic where we find ourselves rolling out that scene where we've done 50 percent of the population 25 percent of the i don't population have now had 2 doses mr speaker and i want to i'm not die and look downs are miserable are appalling things to have to do but i have to say that i believe that we have absolutely no choice. will somebody here is telling the truth. the house the prime minister's and i reminded the minister coach says and i quote ministers who knowingly misled parliament will be expected to offer their resignation. i'll leave it there for now turning to another issue. they'll be further on this will be further of this believe you me
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who initially of prime minister initially is the key word here who initially paid for the retake or a sion of his downing street but. mr speaker when he comes to misleading parliament he may recollect that it was only a few weeks ago that he said. that he didn't oppose this government this country stayed in the leaving the european medicines agency in fact he was then forced to retract to leaving the european medicines agency that invaluable for are that scene right out and actually it was just last week that he said that james dyson he said that james dyson was a personal friend of mine a fact that jennings dies we corrected in the newspaper this morning as far as the latest stuff that he's bringing up you should know that i paid for dining street refurbishment personally mr speaker and i can try contrasting and i contrast it and anything anything any further declaration that i have to make i will if anything
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any of what i will be advised upon by a broad guide but he talks about housing costs mr speaker and the people of this country can make their own decision in just 8 days time because on average labor councils charge united 3 pounds more than the conservative countries and liberal democrat councils charge $120.00 pounds more that i think is the issue that i think is the issue upon which the british people would like him to focus. mr speaker normally why people don't want to himself they got no comment let me ask this let me cave well let's let's explore the spit for the prime minister. let's ask it a different way either this is the initial invoice prime minister initially boys eat at the taxpayer paid the initial in boyce. or it was the conservative party or it was a private donor or it was the prime minister so make it easy for the prime mistress now multiple choice. there are only 4 options it should be easier the fighting the
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chuch iraq mr speaker so i ask the promise again who pay the admission invoice additional imports promised for the rita correction of the prime minister's plan the initial invoice i minister this is because i've given him the answer and the answer is i have i have how bad the costs and by that most people will find it absolutely bizarre and of course as an electoral commission investigating this now i can tell you that i conformed in full with the code of conduct with. ministers and his theory or code and i officially have been kept. been advising me throughout this whole thing but i think people will think it absolutely bizarre that he is focusing on these issues where what people want to know is what plans a big government might have to improve the life of people in this country and let me tell you if you took spot housing again we're helping people our own the house i'd rather not spend taxpayers' money by the way like the last labor government
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spent 500000 pounds of taxpayers' money on the down the street that i'd rather fight either i would do that if they did yes they did tart it up i would much rather i would much rather help people on the get on the property ladder and it's this conservative government that has built 244000 homes in the last year which is a record over 30 years if this is a government that gets on with delivering on the people's priorities but he continued to raises i think issues that most people would find irrelevant to their concerns their hairstyle about the speaker talks a priority is what see spending his time doing this is a prime minister to jeer in the pandemic was nipping out of meetings to choose paper ok $840.00 pounds of roll a roll. last week just last week he spent his time phoning journalists to move about his old friend dominic cummings. and he's telling the civil service to find
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out who paid for the redecoration is for the cabinet secretaries being asked to investigate who paid for the refurbishment why doesn't the promise just telling what will be the end of the investigation mr speaker it's been widely reported that brown blood who just happens to be given a peerage by the conservative party was asked to donate $58000.00 pounds to help me pay for the cost of this refurbishment can the prime minister if you say keen to answer confirm did brownlow make payments for that purpose. minister mr speaker i think i've answered this question several times and and the arts the answer is that i have covered the costs i have met the requirements that i've been obliged to meet in full and i know when it comes and when it comes to the taxpayer and the costs of number $10.00 downing street it was the labor it was the previous labor market tony blair racked up a bill of 350000 pounds and i think the people of this country want to see is there
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is minimizing taxpayer expense they want to see a government that is focused on their needs and delivering more homes for the people of this country and cutting council tax which is what we're doing it's own that basis that i think people are going to judge our parties on may the 6th year stuff all the question that's what the public's stream of their televisions 3 pm arts of the question of the promised half of the question he knows he has an arts of the question he never answers the question the prime minister the prime minister will be aware that he's required to declare any benefits that relate to his political activities including global credit arrangements within 28 days 28 days prime minister yes he will also know the nation must be recorded in the register. the minister's interests in the arms of the law and you don't nation of over $500.00 pounds a political party must be rich to undeclared so the rules are very clear the
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electoral commission now think that there are a reasonable grounds to suspect that meth fence or offenses might have occurred. just incredibly serious. can the promise to tell the house does he believe that any rules or laws subpoena broken in relation to the refurbishment of the prime minister's flat or. prime minister there i don't mr speaker what i what i what i what i believe has been strained to breaking point is the credulity of the public and he has often our every week to put serious and sensible questions to me about the state of the pandemic about the facts in writing about what we're doing to support our religious about what we're doing to fight crime about what we're doing to bounce back from this pandemic about the economic recovery about jobs for the people of this country and he goes on and on with the speaker about wallpaper when as i told him team times now i paid for it. mr speaker can i
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remind the prime minister of the goal of principles which are meant to govern the behavior of those in public office these selflessness integrity objectivity. counts ability openness honesty. and leadership. instead what do we get from this prime minister of this conservative government don't you contracts jokes for their mates and cash for access and who's at the heart of it the prime minister major sleaze sitting than mr speaker meanwhile he talks about priorities crime is going up and just waiting lists are at record levels millions of people are worried about their jobs including liberty spit stale mr speaker don't the british people deserve a prime minister they can trust and a government that is mired in sleaze cronyism and scandal this is because mr
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speaker last week he came to this chamber and he attacked me for talking to james dyson about ventilators where we're now sending ventilators down the people of india and throwing the following day mr speaker the labor front bench said that any prime minister in my position would have done exactly the same thing it was only a few months ago that they're actually attacking kate binyam as saying she was a crony when she helped to set up that scene task force that delivered millions of vaccines for the people of this country it's a pickle helping to get out of the pandemic this is a government that is getting on with delivering on the people's priorities we're really at a good many more nurses 10000 more nurses in the n.h.s. now than there were this time last year 1771 more police officers on our streets now than there were when i was elected including tougher sentences mr speaker for serious sexual god promised which he opposed mr speaker we're getting on and by and by the way i forgot to mention it i forgot to mention it last night our friends in the in the european union voted to approve our bracks it deal which he approved
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which enables us not just to take back control of our borders mr speaker but to deliver free which it does which he fervently opposed and a billing us and enabling us amongst other things to deal with such threats. the european super league to speak out but it enables us to both reports in places like the site and above all taking back control of our country has allowed us to deliver the fastest back seen rollout in europe must be well known to. be impossible it would not have been possible if we'd stayed in the european medicines agency which he misses because we copped a week the people of this country could see the difference with your labor party the twists and turns with the wind that thinks of nothing except playing political games why is this party gets on with delivering on the people's priorities and i hope the people but conservative on may the 6th. tell me you're watching al-jazeera we're bringing you live pictures from the houses of parliament
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in the united kingdom during prime minister's question time very fair brawl atmosphere inside prime minister questions and the question time the prime minister blair is johnson facing accusations that last october he said he was prepared to let bodies pile high rather than order another coronavirus locked on but the bulk of prime minister's questions pm queues as they're known surrendering are surrounding questions over whether or not tory party donors paid for renovations at his residence last year i want to bring in paul brennan our correspondent in london paul this sounds like another lively session of premises question times but any one of these would be a problem for any prime minister but coming all together like this this must be giving boris johnson a headache. data i hope our international viewers who perhaps aren't always familiar with the way prime minister's questions operate here in the u.k. enjoy that other parents edition of a it's rather typical of
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a very combative boris johnson on the very forensic leader of the opposition kids start giving his background of a former director of public prosecutions is questioning is very precise and very deliberate as you say boris johnson has been in trouble now for several weeks there's been a series of damaging and embarrassing leaks about text messages between him and the saudi crown prince text messages between him and a billionaire businessman james dyson over tax affairs and the prime minister has got himself also in a very bitter row a war of words with his former closest advisor a man called dominic cummings now the 2 main issues that have arisen out of the most recent days are those 2 issues that were raised in prime minister's questions 1st of all these rather crass comments that are alleged to have been made by the prime minister that he would rather see bodies pile high than impose
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a 3rd lockdown here in the u.k. and 2nd of all the big question marks as to exactly how the renovation of the flat that the prime minister has asked his office at downing street how was the renovation of that paid for prime ministers have a grant of $30000.00 pounds around $40000.00 given to them but if they want to spend more than that that has to come out of their own pockets and there has been allegations and now the electoral commission believes that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that. such some kind of offenses might have been committed that more was spent and that it perhaps could have been routed through conservative central office for example that would make it a political donation perhaps funded by parting donors and then. passed on to the prime minister for the renovation that would really put the prime minister in serious trouble over integrity transparency ministerial codes of behavior yeah you
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could see he was unwilling to specify exactly when he paid for the renovation saying only that he covered the costs he wouldn't say whether he was the one who covered them initially which was precisely what i was asking for was saying to the public and been demanding that the prime minister tell the truth and come clean about these allegations but as johnson says the questions are straining the credulity of the public how much of this is actually resonating with the public given the fact of course we do have local elections coming up on may the 6th. yeah the local and regional election in fact this was the last promises questions before those elections parliament now goes into a kind of recess perowne to head of those elections it's difficult to say it is dominating the headlines here on all the front pages you go to a petrol station you're to a news agency the 1st thing you see in the news in the mainstream newspapers is these continuing headlines about boris johnson and the way the money was spent on
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the comments that he made and various other say the dominant cummings based around that said there was a an opinion poll that was done dating back actually to before the most recent revelations and that said that actually boris johnson although people didn't find him particularly trustworthy his overall standing was pretty stable over the past month so it didn't appear as of about a week ago that his electoral chances were being damaged in fact it was perhaps revelator a 72 percent of respondents said they frankly believe that m.p.'s generally are untruthful so you know the bar was set rather low for the honesty of m.p.'s that said this announcement today from the electoral commission that they believe that there are grounds to suspect that an offense may have been committed that is rather more serious and they will now be at the protest well the best they could be statutory interviews at which the prime minister could be asked or demanded to give
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evidence and handover testimony and data so you know this is being ramped up and the pressure is certainly growing on the u.k. prime minister paul thanks very much paul brennan talking to us from outside the house of commons westminster. south africa's president sitaram opposers been testifying in a corruption inquiry involving his predecessor zongo commission is investigating the so-called state captures scandal during jacob zuma as tenure zuma faces allegations of allowing a business family close to him to secure government contracts and influence policy so wrong opposer was soon as deputy to zuma was forced to step down in 2018 the former president has refused to testify in front of the melo is outside the zone of commission building in johannesburg and she says south africans will watch rama forces testimony closely to see just how damaging it may be for the african national congress as a political party those under commission is looking into wide scale corruption and
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until now much of it has focused on former president jacob zuma in fact he's called the commission a witch hunt and this is why he said he's staying away you appeared once or twice and said he wouldn't come back because he felt vilified he felt targeted many says he hasn't been given a fair opportunity to represent himself and the outcomes are already been determined and now the sitting president is at the commission to answer questions on behalf of that political party who is struggling at the moment around allegations of corruption especially in any election year where a lot of south africans are unhappy with their party the a.n.c. has lost a significant amount of support in south africa so many would argue that the roma poor cers testimony at this commission could really be about p r and damage control and wanting to see him accountable at a time when solve africans want answers but he also has to deal with toeing the
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party line so it's likely we're going to see some sort of balance perhaps not a lot coming out of this commission but really. the a.n.c. ultimately still grappling with this issue of corruption the u.n. says a worsening conflict in africa is so hell region is leading to what it calls an unparalleled humanitarian crisis a record $29000000.00 people are in need of aid that's $5000000.00 more than last year 6 countries bookit a fossil come out in chad mali now nigeria require $3700000000.00 attacks by armed groups military operations and kidnappings of force millions to flee this is also led to the closure of thousands of schools $1600000.00 children are now at risk of severe acute malnutrition the region plunged into conflict in 2012 after armed groups to cover in northern mali and violence spread to neighboring countries george foreman as the regional spokesman for the u.n.
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world food program in west africa he says the conflict is driving up hunger and insecurity the biggest threat to people's ability to have food because the biggest thing that the biggest factor that causes accurate hunger as we have seen in this region is actually conflict it's insecurity we have now as you just mentioned millions of millions of people across the central region that is a book you know fossil need and money as well as the live chat bees an area in northern parts of nigeria and cameroon as well as parts of need where we find millions of people who are desperately in need of food assistance but really in the novel parts of niger where we have about 800 pounds to people who are even imagine if the levels of food insecurity where they need immediate assistance without which they
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cannot survive and that is mainly due to the conflict and insecurity that has been gaining ground there. when joe biden became u.s. president there were hopes of improving strained relations with china but as he approaches the 100th day of his presidency ties it was fraught as ever adrian brown reports from hong kong when senior u.s. and chinese officials met in alaska last month their encounter matched the freezing temperatures outside the u.s. was in no position to lecture china wounded top diplomat young the united states does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to china from a position of strength u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken has been equally blunt our relationship with china will be competitive one should be collaborative when it can be an adversarial one it must be there had been hopes that under president joe biden the relationship would be less confrontational that it had become under his predecessor biden and
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chinese president xi jinping met many times when the 2 vice presidents analysts say that biden's china strategy is based on a stronger alliance with allies i think he's done a very good job of messaging. which is to say to the chinese that the the old rules of the passport apply anymore. and and they've been very tactically astute economic diplomatic and even military tensions between the 2 rival superpowers are continuing to rise relations are fraught on a number of issues the south china sea dispute the well documented evidence of human rights abuses in shin jiang trying tightening controls here in hong kong and taiwan the nearby island republic over which china claims sovereignty. and biden has lowered expectations of a breakthrough on another friction point with china north korea washington places
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denuclearization of north korea it's top of its priority list with respect to pyongyang that's not the case for beijing beijing is more interested in stability yet in one area at least there's a promise of cooperation at a virtual summit this week china and the u.s. the world's 2 biggest carbon emitters pledged to work more closely on cutting their emissions a rare display of collaboration but one unlikely to be repeated on other fronts adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. united states is ordering its non-essential embassy staff out of afghanistan as it steps up the withdrawal of its troops and the u.s. special representative for afghanistan. has been testifying before a senate committee about the pullout the world has changed since 2001 the terrorist threat including from al qaeda is now geographically dispersed in africa
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the middle east and asia we now face new urgent challenges as the president has said we must fight the battles for the next 20 years not the last 20. a magnitude 6 earthquake hit india's northeastern us on state it damaged buildings and sent many people running from their homes there are no immediate reports of casualties. iraq's bedouins are under threat from climate change hot summers and erratic rain patterns of forcing many of them to abandon their traditional way of life so manifold scene reports from the remote deserts are more thana province. spring has arrived in the deserts of iraq southernmost on the province april is a time when the sandy soil should turn into grazing land to allow life stock to gain weight ahead of the scorching summer heat instead camels must make do with scattered patches of scruffy grass. climate change is
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a road in the sustenance of these animals spelling and existential crisis for a nomadic tribes who depend on them. knowing and the land is dry the grass has done and you have to sell some animals to buy food for the rest this is what life has become. during our visit clouds gathered in what some hoped would be the 1st proper downpour this year but only a few drops trickled from the sky barely enough to wet the ground there has been very little precipitation this year and when it does rain it's only for a few minutes which is not enough to transform this into pastures for life stuck to feed on the wells that once sustained animals and humans alike have long run dry rather than migrating in sync with mother nature the bedouins buy water and truck it from a nearby village but how much longer can they keep going before they're forced to
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abandon this increasingly difficult way of life but i cannot imagine doing anything else he has no education no other source of income. i never thought about leaving this life and i never will until my animals leave me step by step the animals will disappear. his friends that he left the desert a long time ago today has come back to visit from a nearby town. there's no future here they only know how to herd animals there's no education there's no future for the better ones maybe in the end there won't be any left. out of 9 siblings only one still lives in the magic life the rest have swapped tents for brick and mortar dwellings in the desert hamlet of. here set on found work in the local water department and.
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i prefer the desert but the kids have gotten used to the town air conditioners and phones they go to school sons' 5 children only know bedouin traditions from stories passed down from their grandfather tales about humans living in harmony with nature about large animal herds moving freely across borders and feeding on seemingly endless green pastures it's a way of life that could soon be just a memory seem wonderful to an al-jazeera in iraq province. this is i'll just say that these are the top stories india is seen as war stories so far from coronavirus with really 3300 more fatalities taking the official told pos to her.


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