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a lot of them i prefer the desert but the kids have gotten used to the town air conditioners and phones they go to school. 5 children only know bedouin traditions from stories passed down from their grandfather tales about humans living in harmony with nature about large animal herds moving freely across borders and feeding on theming the endless green pastures it's a way of life that could soon be just a memory seem wonderful to an al-jazeera in iraq smith on the province. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories india is seen as war stories so far from coronavirus with really 3300 more fatalities taking the official told past 200000 more than 360000 new cases a global record have been confirmed in the past 24 hours in new delhi and
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neighboring states hospitals are running out of beds medical supplies and oxygen many people have been flocking to makeshift clinics like this sikh temple hoping to access some of its limited oxygen supply anyone about the age of 18 can register for vaccinations for weapons day but it's not clear if the government can provide enough of them elizabeth warren has the latest from new delhi. the situation is such. that people. from hospital to hospital. just. because of the very hot temperatures because of a shortage of. the country. a lot of different. pakistan has reported
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a new daily record of 201 coronavirus deaths there were more than 5000 new infections how the virtual say hospitals are being overwhelmed soldiers have been deployed to cities with high infection rates to enforce restrictions. the u.k.'s prime minister bars johnson has denied any wrongdoing in the downing street flats make over scandal he says he paid for the refurbishment of the property himself although he did not clarify whether he had initially paid the political watchdog has launched a full investigation into johnson or a possible violation of finance rules south africa's president sitaram opposer is testifying at a corruption inquiry involving his predecessor jacob zuma is facing allegations of allowing a wealthy business family to secure contracts and influence decisions. those are the headlines more details in all these stories and website al-jazeera dot com but the news continues after inside story by.
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apartheid in israel human rights watch calls the domination of palestinians a crime against humanity israel rejects this and has ignored similar allegations before so can anything be done to hold israeli leaders accountable this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm homage to him the term apartheid was 1st used in south africa to describe the systematic separation and oppression of people
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based on their race it's a crime against humanity human rights watch says that's exactly what's happening in israel it accuses the government of enforcing policies to maintain its dominance over palestinians israel has dismissed similar accusations before and it's calling the latest report a piece of propaganda but palestinian leaders say it's a solid account of atrocities adding it's time for international action we'll bring in our guests in a moment 1st this report by harry fawcett in occupied east jerusalem. anti palestinian racism was on show in jerusalem last week with hundreds of israeli far right activists chanting death to arabs the far right thanks to an electoral alliance sponsored by the prime minister now has a foothold inside parliament but it is new report human rights watch makes a broader accusation that the israeli government itself practices apartheid and persecution and we started looking at it we saw the reality in which a single government rules of the road the area between the jordan river and the
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train you see roughly 6800000 jewish israelis and 6 for you know you look at it and across these areas israeli authorities systems. in the budget we privileged jewish israelis the report focuses on 4 arenas in israel where it says palestinian israeli citizens are discriminated against particularly in terms of land use in the occupied west bank where palestinians unlike israeli settlers a subject to military law and where settlers have preferential access to land resources and building permits in hamas controlled gaza from which palestinians a barred exit to live in the west bank or east jerusalem and in occupied east jerusalem where unlike israeli citizens palestinians can have their residency status revoked this is the 2nd high profile report this year that is accused israel of practicing apartheid in january the israeli rights group said the israeli
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government was an acting jewish supremacist policies in the occupied palestinian territories and inside israel itself israel is again rejecting such charges its foreign ministry saying human rights watch is known to have a long standing anti israeli agenda actively seeking for years to promote boycotts against israel their decision not to share this report for review or comment with any israeli authorities is clear indication that it is a propaganda pamphlet which lacks all credibility but critics point to the 28. the nation state law which defied national self-determination is quote unique to the jewish people and to the fact for several months last year israel's prime minister was advocating the permanent an accession of nearly a 3rd of the occupied west bank how the plea of them has been this is a very important report on israel practicing apos 8 policies the should be the position of the international community as it was with south africa and this should be punishment against the occupation human rights watch says with no viable peace
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process in place the situation has gone from temporary occupation to permanent domination it's calling on the international criminal court to investigate its allegations are false it occupied east jerusalem. all right let's bring in our guests in gaza raji soran a human rights lawyer and director of the palestinian center for human rights in west jerusalem and hertzberg legal advisor to in geo monitor a non-governmental organization that analyzes the output of the international n.g.o.s community from a pro israel perspective and in london william schabas professor of international law at middlesex university welcome to the program let me start with you today palestinian president mahmoud abbas has welcomed the human rights watch report he said in a statement that it's urgent for the international community to intervene do palestinians feel that this will lead to any kind of change.
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i want to see. it since 20 years since the. world conference against hers in durban south africa. more than 1200 international organizations across the globe said israel is a new brand of apartheid so this is not something you read in you. as part of the end or international human rights organizations but 3 months ago they said they should choose one of the leading human rights organizations and then tried 'd the report stated in a clear cut way that is right in your brand of apartheid and it is apartheid system no human rights which which is one of the international meeting come of rights organizations. when we are in the.
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state of tight. one of the most like grounds. situation where of course it's a practice all the israeli practices 'd and if you're by proxy enter into it and it is a race so in a clear cut way this is one brand of apartheid practiced in this part of the world of course we seek tons of. international human rights. organization same position work to be assessed everything that we said but most importantly governments as well to respect this fact try to change it would. change of keeping this in your brand of apartheid that one century now. oh when we went to the i.c.c.
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one of our missions. i'm sorry to interrupt you but i let me get back to you on that point about the i.c.c. in just a couple of moments let me go over to anne right now and in the context of this new report from human rights watch just how explosive is the use of the term apartheid and how seriously does the israeli government take the accusations well actually i think it's quite interesting that mr serrano you raised the durban conference because in 2001 this campaign did begin in at that un durban conference it revived the hateful canard that was repealed by the un in 1901 that's ainus and was racism and a group of organizations including mr serrano s and human rights watch decided to revive the civil canard and accuse israel of being an apartheid state and this campaign which again he actually quite clearly knowledge is
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a political campaign aimed at denigrating the legitimacy of israel itself as a homeland a safe haven for the jewish people and has been going on since then and now the charge of apartheid is quite offensive there's been no other context outside of south africa and by calling israel an apartheid state that precisely what is the remedy and they are seeking they're seeking to eliminate that states so again it's quite clear that the goals are hateful and i would assume that the government would take they know that it's a political campaign and that this is. this is just propaganda. but it's important to take note of the the depths to which many of these organizations that although they claim they're promoting human rights are actually working against human rights william how significant is this new report from human rights watch and from a legal perspective does the report in your opinion make a solid case that it is an apartheid that is going. well
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it's not the 1st allegation the crime against humanity of our being committed by israel or by israelis as has been pointed out that was done by a major israeli and geo earlier in the year and the allegation has been made in the past as well in a report prepared by richard falk for the united nations some years ago but human rights watch is a very prestigious international non-governmental organization and it doesn't make a charge like this lightly and takes it very seriously i've looked at the report. i find the legal arguments are well set out they apply the international legal definitions this is not a piece of propaganda this is an analysis that's finally rooted in the claim what apartheid is all about is about a violation of the right to equality and that's about people being treated unequally and the evidence that human rights watch that's what the report says more
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than $200.00 pages long documents many examples both inside the occupied territories and inside israel proper discriminatory treatment of palestinians and it's the definition of a part wired that there be an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression it's a crime before the international criminal court so i think the case is settled let's get it before a judge let's let judges decide here few minutes ago you started to mention the international criminal court of course the international criminal court has opened a formal formal investigation into alleged war crimes in the palestinian territories do you believe that this new report is going to factor into the investigation in any meaningful way. when 'd i see prosecutor opened investigation and
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they began to do the same in their examination we submitted one of our submission of putting a human rights organizations were present victims and independent professional human rights organizations one of the subdivision where the precise on crimes against humanity and persecution. and the 12 intently focused on. apartheid was intended focused on the blockade of the gaza strip and so the parliament and the system in the west bank and the help of teens are treated and caught by the theater is by the state of israel. it won't. simply to state. facts we are having and today there is where we are having it will always 'd skim and. places and with noise
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we get standards for apartheid persecution and the crimes against humanity and a lot of submission. we we do. crimes against humanity and. in this part of the ward so so that's why we are continuing with this line and we are to present it to the layman a examination as a human rights organisations one precise sub mission on the synagogue and i think one of the things that i see see going to look. now when they open the investigation so we will have all the evidence we would have all the guys with all the crimes which broke all of our argument and we have the standards by the way
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persecution crimes against humanity during one part of the i.c.c. mandate from step and the fact that this report comes not too long after the decision that there will be an investigation by the i.c.c. is that causing concern among israeli officials and i know that israel has said that it's not going to cooperate with the i.c.c. as investigation but is this causing some amount of concern. i mean it's clear that this report and that selling report that was referenced before a part of the program unfortunately funded by many european governments where several of the ngos that they provide money to have decided as part of a coordinated campaign to issue reports making this offensive allegation and i'm sure the their objective is to try to see if they can influence the international criminal court i think if the prat you know anyone looking at this these reports in
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an objective way would certainly not consider them to be well sourced or well founded i doubt professor chivas would accept such writings from his students when you actually look at how much of the evidence has been twisted and manipulated a lot of the claims are completely false or to be completely glasses over the rich ethnic diversity within israel and calls on muslims palestinians without recognizing the different communities there are better when strews share casein. so it's from that perspective it's quite offensive also. so i don't think there's a lot of concern it's you know it's just more of the same the same propaganda that . these organizations have been pushing for many years. and when as we have done with many of these reports in the past when you actually examine the details the claims fall apart quite quickly william in this report human rights watch says
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that policy makers should going forward shift focus for israeli palestinian peace away from a political solution and more towards a rights based approach is there any chance that we might see that happen. you know it's a very interesting good question because we have this. mixing of the political them the judicial. in in this context and it's always struck me as as a well a fascinating situation the activity of the international criminal court which is purely judicial it's directed at individuals who will be prosecuted for certain crimes the potential that it may have to influence the political developments there's a very simple political solution to a problem where there is discrimination by israel in the west bank and that's to
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give the west bank full independence as opposed to the state so one of the solutions that this issue that makes the issue of apartheid evaporates is in effect to create the. i mean to have a proper autonomous independent palestinian state fully exercising the right of self-determination so that's the that's the issue that presents itself i think that israel i mean and was explaining that she says that the facts are poorly set out well if it goes before the international criminal court i don't think israel should be worried about the fact they're going to have whoever will be charged will have a fair trial but i wouldn't be dismissive of the concerns and how this changes the game within israel the charges the prosecutor's been looking at up to date concerns war crimes and are probably limited to a certain number of precise targets people in the military and perhaps some of them in the political establishment once you make
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a charge of apartheid it's the whole state that's potentially susceptible to prosecution and so it's very difficult then within israel for people who are in a position of authority in the government to decide whether or not they may be subject to prosecution and i think that ought to be. concern this really does change the the environment in terms of the threat of prosecution to individuals and many of them may reflect upon this and say you know we could we could treat the palestinians a little better we can solve this problem in a civil way by changing the laws that human rights watch has flagged and if they do that then they're immune to prosecution then they've solved the problem that's what they are up to do and i want to talk for a moment about the issue of the cove in 1000 vaccine in israel and in occupied territories the palestinians say that as an occupying force israel is responsible for assisting them israel says that palestinians are in charge of their health
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system i bring this up because there are rights groups that have been highly critical of israel in this regard saying that the fact that israel while it has this very successful cover in 1000 vaccine campaign going on the fact that they have not been providing vaccines to palestinian territories that that is a form as they say of medical apartheid what do you say to that. well just on that the factual basis that that charge is false i mean israel has been executed hundreds of thousands of palestinians both within israel and outside you know in gaza and the west bank they've provided you know hundreds of thousands of vaccines they provided medical assistance at the palestinian authority which is in charge of the health care per the oslo accords has actually rejected on many occasions israeli help and in fighting back scenes from a very early on in the pandemic the palestinians decided they wanted to go along
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with the world health organisation kovacs program but nevertheless israel has vaccinated all the cost in eons that i'm enter into israel every day to work on they have a several $100000.00 palestinians and of course palestinians living in jerusalem are entitled they are covered under the israeli healthcare system and so they also have received that seems to the same degree in which israel has received them so really you know i dare even under there there are the charges that these these rights groups and or the legal paradigm that they're pushing forward you know israel's in compliance with international law and under the provisions of possible accords which not only did the palestinian authority mutually agreed to it's been guaranteed by the international community including the un raj what do you say and do you believe that more vaccine should be provided what do you say at these charges from rights groups. pandemic is in.
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the human being and you have to solicit confronted to do our best in order 'd to overcome it and build them like any other place on the we have the vaccine but why go down there to play territory that are unique in gaza we have this criminal illegal inhuman siege 2000000 people who the last 14 years go to support kids social committee including other things loved the movement of. sick people 'd who are in very critical conditions are unable to move today. but it's very systematic way and mean and that's the essence of apartheid you know suffocated and destroyed the hill system that is the machines i mean to
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come to to gaza in the last 14 years in a local quick months in a low it was a lot of medicine and that's why i mean the health system in the gaza strip almost destroyed and that's what's unique in having a pandemic and when we we have we then have and even the subject seen should be also right by that if you pay from not given it's entirely fully legal responsibility according to international law on the state to kick your patient to provide these vaccines that need to the people under there if you're patient but is there i mean doesn't really care about. they keep us i mean with pandemic i mean quiting with our pet hence this is a big shame. for states. like israel i mean to have it
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if if this vaccine 'd should be authorized to patients not be given body while we are subject to why we have one of the highest per cent of those who passed so we increase our peers or a loved one and besides those who have this pandemic this is. reality this is. ringback the responsibility of if you're patient and this is a big shame for the state of israel as any pupil country to have to have us with this medical situation now beyond that even cancer cases people don't 'd don't have very 'd pure therapy for the people and the only thing they are having chemotherapy so cancer patients i mean also i mean separate
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from. the people who suffer from the only medical cases can be transferred to receive medical care lifesaving cases which most of them come back to gaza and. come to. be because they go in very naturally to stages i'm sorry i want to say i'm sorry to interrupt you but we're very well roger i'm sorry interrupt you but we are starting to run on a time occasion and this is a sense of thanks and it looked to me like you might have wanted to jump in there or please go ahead we only have about a minute left so please go ahead. jerry's just surprised and now mr saran is retelling of what's going on in gaza that he completely ignores the in-fighting between the facts after the initial masts and the political problems going on in the palestinian authority which is largely responsible for the medical problems happening in gaza so i think that was played interesting that he admitted that all
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right we've run out of time for going to leave the conversation there thank you so much to all of our guests and hertzberg resort on the and william schabas and thank you too for watching you can see this and all of our previous programs again any time visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion you can go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me mohammed jim's woman the whole team here by finance.
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it's time for the. winter storm supply qatar airways hello there we haven't been able to say this for a while most of china is going to be dry wednesday into thursday there's where that plume of moisture is heading so let me show you the radar and temperatures now look at that precipitation the yellow that's heavier pockets of rain now over japan tokyo has a soggy forecast ahead but elsewhere for china dry air quality in beijing has improved over the last few days get you up to speed in tokyo now with a 3 day forecast potentially up to 50 millimeters of rain on thursday that's pretty close to about of the whole bunch total of april in just one day start to dry out by saturday $25.00 degrees which is actually above average for this time of the year for india we could see some strong storms spark up towards southern portions
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of the country rain for sri lanka as well but really the big story here continues to be that high heat pre monsoon heat 42 degrees for delhi on thursday also high heat across many areas of the middle east and we've got this we're dealing with for yemen as well as particularly unusual rains because it's so far north and east but the heat continuing for aleppo 34 degrees a high for you on thursday. sponsored by qatar airways it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our patients you're putting more money into the hands of someone 1st taking money out of the hands of other workers their own goes to their camp it becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is there.
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al-jazeera is news now the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox last analysis and opinions that have the world. subscribe of the conversation ready. you want you want to serve me so raman here in doha a reminder of our top news stories india has seen its worst day so far growing a virus with nearly 3300 more fatalities taking the official toll past 200000 more than 360000 new cases the global record has been confirmed in the past 24 hours in new delhi the neighboring states hospitals are running out of beds medical supplies and oxygen many people have been flocking to makeshift clinics like this sikh temple hoping to access some of its limited oxygen supply.


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